Marshals Might Be Coming After Student Loan Debtors, The Onion Goes Pro-Hillary, Trump Trolls Jeb: P.M. Links


  • Hillary Clinton

    The federal government is allegedly dispatching U.S. marshals to track down people with unpaid student loan debts.

  • Behold: the most loathsome pro-censorship column ever written. (Plus: the would-be censor's smug, self-indulgent bio.)
  • Donald Trump acquires
  • Remember when The Onion was purchased by a major Hillary Clinton backer? Well…
  • Uh oh, a comedian told a non-PC joke at the BAFTA Awards.
  • The International Students for Liberty Conference is next week. Members of the Alumni for Liberty can vote for the 2016 Alumnus of the Year. Go here to check out the nominees and cast a vote. (Yes, I was nominated. As a friend said, "The only time I thought I'd see Robby Soave listed next to Ross Ulbricht would be on an FBI Most Wanted poster.")