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Elsa, Disney
"Frozen," Disney

In California, officials at Ethan A. Chase Middle School encouraged students to dress up as Disney characters for a school spirit day. Then, Austin Lacey, 13, showed up dressed as Elsa from Frozen, and the principal ordered him to take off the costume. Romoland School District Superintendent Julie Vitale says the principal was acting solely to stop a disruption. Other students say everyone wanted to take a photo with Lacey but there was no disruption.

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  1. Lol, well done kid

  2. And Disney didn’t sue? Beware the mouse.

  3. So the principal wanted to stop a disruption on spirit day where everyone was dressed as a Disney character. Makes perfect sense.

    1. Yeah, in my experience, school administrators trying to prevent “disruptions” usually cause more of a disruption than whatever they were trying to stop.

  4. Speaking of special fairy princess snowflakes, I just flipped on the TV and there’s a newsclip of Obama saying one of his biggest regrets of his tenure was not being able to end the polarization and the meanness in the political discourse. I felt so bad for the poor guy, all those nasty evil greedy stupid racist Republicans who adamantly refused to compromise with Obama and give him anything and everything he wanted. Well, except for the higher taxes, the higher spending, the more regulations, the bigger government.

    1. When he comes on TV,I change the channel He is self righteous,dismissive of other views and lacks any empathy.And those are his good traits.

  5. What struck me is how this happened in California. Going by the stereotypes, it’s the sort of thing you’d expect in a raw-meat Red State, rather than in the land of politically-correct fruits and nuts.

    But I expect it was plain apolitical stupidity on the principal’s part, rather than any sort of dark, unPC transvestite-phobia. The school administration was so accustomed to dour, apathetic, inmates students, browbeaten and drugged into submission, that they couldn’t tell the difference between normal enthusiasm and a riot.

    1. stupidity respects no boundaries!

    2. It happened in Menifee which is almost Orange County.

      We know it’ll get blamed on Republicans and libertarians even if the faculty is 110% Team Blue.

  6. Could be worse. Could have been Man-Faye.

  7. Other students say everyone wanted to take a photo with Lacey but there was no disruption.

    Nothing is more disruptive than selfies. They should have made him take the costume off because monarchies are un-American.

    1. I don’t know about that,Trump and Hillary seem to be running for the crown.

    2. Were I the kids parents, I would complain more that the principal asked the kid to take off the dress while they were alone in the principal’s office and the principal told the kid to take the dress off slowwwwwly while he dimmed the lights and turned on some Barry White.

      1. Paging Old Man With Candy.

  8. The more people reference it, the more I’ve come to regard that movie as a blight on the cultural landscape. The principal was in the right, the kids should not be exposed to such content.

    1. It’s not a Disney character, but he should have dressed up as Norman Bates’ mother.

  9. If you don’t crush spirits on spirit day when and who will toughen these kids up?

    1. I’d say the college they get into, but that’s less and less likely as the years go by.

  10. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t they have a “teaching day” where the faculty dress professionally and actually try to get the kids to learn a thing or two.

    I know. I know. It’s a California public school where the STAR test is the entirety of the curriculum. But a father of two kids stuck in that system can dream.

    1. Stop Take A Rest?

      1. I think it stands for “Show Teachers Aren’t Retarded”. And the pass rate is still well below expectations in most districts.

    2. I’m still dismayed that your old display name was “sloopy in ca” and not “sloopy inca” as I read it.

      On topic, the union would never go for it. expectations of teachers – preposterous!

      1. I used to post on some sites as sloopyinga when I lived in Augusta. I broke a few guys hearts when they found out I was a dude that recently moved to California.

  11. “I wore it for fun because I’m just one of those people,” Austin told KTLA. “I like to go all out.”

    What do you mean, “those people”? Anyway, you’re “out” now.

    In a statement issued on Friday, Vitale said: “At no time was there an indication that the student was expressing any particular message by his actions”

    He was obviously mocking transgendered individuals.

  12. So California is caught between “express yourself as however you happen to experience yourself” and the mighty grip of “athoritae!”?

    And bravo to Icetrey above for pointed out that the principal was trying to stop a “disruption” on spirit day when everyone was dressed up as Disney characters.

    1. KILL THE MOUSE!!!

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