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Cop Says Kids Who Take Nude Selfies Are Sex Criminals, Not Victims

The sex offender registry is not an appropriate punishment.



The latest sexting scandal comes to us from Peters Middle School outside of Pittsburgh, where police are examining kids' cell phones for nude photos.

Why? Seriously: Why? It sounds like a giant swath of middle school kids and teens have naked pictures of themselves and others on their phones. Naked selfies are a bad idea, to be sure, but why on earth should the police should the police be investigating or prosecuting them?

 Peters Police Chief Harry Fruch certainly isn't shedding much light on the matter:

"If the photograph was taken by the individual, male or female between the ages of 12 and under 18, she's as much a guilty party as the person who received it. She is not a victim in this case or he is not a victim," he said.

But if there is no victim, why prosecute the matter in the first place? Why ruin these kids' lives by placing them on the sex offender registry (as is often the punishment in cases like this)?

I have no idea if the authorities will go in that awful direction. But the fact that other young people have been prosecuted for the same behavior just means that everyone who has sent naked pictures is in danger—not just because the pictures are embarrassing, but because the cops consider them child pornography.

It would be nice to see state legislators make the decision to protect their children and grandchildren from the true threat—criminal prosecution—by repealing such ridiculous laws. Kids who send selfies should be punished by their parents, not the police.

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  1. Mutual sexting by kids two perpetrators. Two drunk adults having sex one – male – perpetrator.

    Apparently legal/enforcement theory has now established that women are worse than children. Well, less accountable.

  2. The latest sexting scandal comes to us from Peters Middle School outside of Pittsburgh, where police are examining kids’ cell phones for nude photos.

    What was the basis for the warrant to be able to search their cell phones? Do thery have one, or is it an illegal search? Too bad the article doesn’t say.

    1. They don’t have full fourth amendment rights because they are minors. They will be prosecuted as adults. Sound legal reasoning if you ask me.

  3. Why? Seriously: Why?

    So they can find something to fap to. Why else?

  4. It’s Frucht.

  5. So,if they masturbate their a phedophile?

    1. Uh oh.

    2. Yes. And a homosexual.

    3. Yes, and a sexual abuse victim.

  6. Criminal porn producers whose wares must be examined closely by law enforcement professionals!

    1. Up close and personal?

    2. I’m going to be taking this evidence laptop to the bathroom for 30 minutes of, uh, analysis.

      1. WHAT-ysis? Officer down, we need backup!

        1. Holey shit, Hank! Stop cracking jokes about this!

          1. We’re already the butt of too many jokes!

            1. something something asshole something

            2. Yes, this whole thing is completely assinine!

  7. go on… /pedobear

  8. It would be nice to see state legislators make the decision to protect their children and grandchildren from the true threat?criminal prosecution?by repealing such ridiculous laws. Kids who send selfies should be punished by their parents, not the police.

    And their *parents* should be punished by the police. Got it!

  9. How can any person, especially if they have children of their own, come to the conclusion that a 14 year old taking photos of themselves is a sexual predator? I can’t think of any way in which deciding to prosecute is not counter intuitive. Fourteen year olds are not responsible for their own behavior to the degree that adults are, it egregiously violates the principle of self-ownership, placing them on the sex offender registry destroys their lives before they have even started.

    Harry Frutch, you are a sadistic, jack booted fuck. Do us all a favor and fuck off.

    1. They’re condemning them to the sex offender’s registry out of concern for their well being.

      1. “If it might help save just one innocent child from those possible potential predators, aren’t we obligated to try?”

      2. Plus they don’t get to vote or own guns.

    2. How can any person, especially if they have children of their own, come to the conclusion that a 14 year old taking photos of themselves is a sexual predator?

      “When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.” -Bastiat

      I lost my respect for the law a long time ago. I assume that people who come to the conclusion you describe have no moral sense. They are law enforcement after all. If the law/procedure/policy says it is OK, then that is all that matters. They have absolutely no moral sense at all.

      1. Humans are great at rationalization.

        1. Lacking ratio.

    3. Because it’s one of the few remaining types of pornography prod’n they can prosecute, so they do.

  10. Kids who send selfies should be punished by their parents, not the police.

    Why? Is their photography really that bad? How about some constructive critique? “Lizzy, you really need to balance your color tones in the future. Also, remember to stage the subject appropriately. Clean up your trash and clean the bathroom before taking boob shots in the mirror. Lastly, I think you should consider a series in black and white. That might be classier.”

  11. When I was a minor the Moral Majority constantly harassed kids to register for the draft, submit to humiliating searches but NOT be allowed to vote. The emergence then of the LP and now of a Bernie Babes movement demonstrates how christianofascist bullying can backfire. The LP should distance itself from religious fanaticism and gratuitous coercion. I’d bet money bootlicking “good faith” plank in the current platform does not bring in ten mystical supporters for every thousand potential votes it alienates. It is as dumb as the anti-vaccination and anti-electricity movements that surround us. I hope Bernie crushes and impoverishes the entire GOP, and that the LP learns a valuable lesson from watching that happen.

    1. Long Playing records?

      1. The umbrella term is “grooved audio disc.”

    2. “good faith” plank in the current platform

      Which plank was this again? Government-out-of-abortion plank?
      Since when does the LP change its principles when it might alienate potential voters?

    3. …christianofascist…

      Apparently, being ordered to “do unto others”, “love your neighbor as yourself”, and “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your hands” makes you a ‘fascist’. Then, it means that it’s better for everyone to suffer under a Socialist in order to ensure that these ‘fascists’ are correctly punished.

      1. Well, the man thinks “The Moral Majority” dictated policy for decades, so I wouldn’t take his opinions on things as anything other than inane ramblings.

  12. The authorities are power addicts. Without a “criminal” to go after, they can’t get their fix. So they insist on these kids being “criminals” no matter how Orwellian or Kafkaesque their reasoning has to be.

    1. Everyone is a criminal until they submit to a search and prove otherwise. And even then they’re still just a criminal who got lucky.

  13. Back in my day us teens were not curious about each other’s bodies. We were raised to be polite and respectful, not to look at the wieners and coochies of our peers. These little monsters must be stopped. Sexting is a gateway to sex, and you know what happens after teens have sex…

    1. They have babies who start taking nude selfies while they’re still in the womb?

      1. Great, now OMWC is going to be even more turned on.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk.

          1. +1 Jayne Cobb

      2. *** sends Super Bowl commercial idea to Doritos ***

  14. Time for someone to look exactly why police want to make criminals of people at every turn. A peaceful society is not a profitable one. Cui bono?

    1. Yesterday someone, maybe you I don’t remember, described the CJ system as a fleecing mill. That sums it up nicely I think.

      1. I’m not smart enough to come up with that analogy.

      2. It’s pretty sick in the head to want to make criminals of kids when you think of it.

        1. Why yes, yes it is. Remember the cop that wanted to photograph a kids erection as evidence in one of these cases? Eventually everyone started scratching their heads over that. I think they looked into the guy and discovered he was collecting a lot of ‘evidence’ himself? I suspect there is a lot more of that at play here than the cops are admitting to.

      3. A couple of years back I was having a drink with a lawyer buddy and in passing I asked him if anyone had ever argued that defendants cannot receive a fair trial if the court stands to collect money upon conviction. “What are my chances of acquittal if the court gets paid upon my conviction?” is how I put it.

        He became very flustered and mumble mumbled something that did not answer my question. I assumed the answer was no and that the lawyers are all holding their breath hoping no one will try that.

  15. I am fully in favor of underage nude selfies. Just thought I’d make that clear.

    1. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

    2. “Fully” in favor, eh?

      1. He means “full of flavor,” like you find in the satisfying crunch of Doritos brand corn chips.

        1. I find that offers of Skittles are more efficacious. Kids prefer sweet to salty/crunchy. But YMMV, especially for diabetics.

          1. You’re an asshole.

  16. Look, kiddies need to stop doing this electronically and snap nude polaroids of themselves like we did in the olden days…

  17. I think this thread has petered out.

  18. If this wasn’t criminals, the pigs couldn’t look at all that evidence…..All that evidence they take home with them over the weekend to ….ahem….review.

    There really is only one explanation, pigs are generally pedophiles. Didn’t the FBI have it own child porn server for a couple of weeks recently?

  19. It’s the new target as the drug war winds down. What else are they going to do all day? Have some compassion. Not every police department wants to seem like Mayberry.

  20. If they don’t prosecute the kids, then they’ll start sending nudes to teachers they don’t like. Then the teachers will get prosecuted.

    This way it is the TEACHER who is a victim.

  21. “Criminal” activity needs to have a “victim”. A nude selfie doesn’t make one’s self a victim.
    Therefore… No crime was committed.
    No crime = Illegal search.

    This is EXACTLY why I counsel my son not to EVER give up his unlock code… EVER!

  22. That’s right, if we let kids see other kids naked there will be rampant rape and general mayhem just like what happens in family nudist colonies. Hey totalitarian rulers and religiously-driven citizens, we’re all naked under our clothes and nudity, per se, isn’t, or shouldn’t be sexual. It only becomes sexual because of your religious-driven fears and disgust over anything that shows the human body as it is.

  23. “Kids who send selfies should be punished by their parents, not the police.” You got that right. These police don’t have anything better to do?

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