Obama Wants Funds to Fight Zika, Candidates Prep for Primary, Canada Ends Airstrikes Against ISIS: P.M. Links


  • "This is what normal, friendly human interactions look like, right? I'm just like everybody else!"
    Hillary Clinton's Twitter

    President Barack Obama wants $1.8 billion to help fight and develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, but also doesn't want people to panic over it.

  • Candidates running for president are making their last-minute cases to voters in New Hampshire before tomorrow's primary.
  • Canada will be ending its participation in airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and will instead expand efforts to train local forces.
  • NYPD Officer Peter Liang, accused of gunning down Akai Gurley in a public housing stairwell by accident, took the stand today and cried while describing what happened.
  • Today was the day that Chipotle restaurants across the country all opened late so that they could have a national staff meeting about their food safety problems.
  • India's government has banned a Facebook plan to help low-income residents gain access to the Internet for free because it limits access to some sites and not to others and therefore violates the concept of "net neutrality."
  • Michael Bloomberg says he is considering running for president because he is distressed by the "banal" nature of the debates, which he thinks is an insult to the voters. Keep in mind this is the guy who tried to ban large sodas.

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