Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Accuses Bernie Bros of Sexism. Yes, That Bill Clinton.

Smearing Bernie Sanders for no reason at all.


Bill Clinton

Bernie Sanders' online supporters are an irate mob of sexist trolls is the smear that just won't die, no matter how many times it is disproven. Bill Clinton, of all people, joined the fray on Sunday, accusing the Bernie Bros of "vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane—not to mention sexist—to repeat."

That's right: the former president—who has been the subject of numerous sexual harassment allegations over the years—now says the real sexists are the people criticizing his wife's policies.

Fully committing to the patently false idea that Sanders' supporters are uniquely nasty, TIME reported on Clinton's recent New Hampshire speech thusly:

Clinton also called attention to a collection of male Sanders supporters dubbed 'Bernie bros' who launch vitriolic attacks on Clinton supporters online in solidarity with the Senator's cause. Though the Sanders campaign has distanced itself from the "bros," Clinton suggested that Sanders supporters made it difficult for women to speak freely about his wife's campaign online.

Bloggers "who have gone online to defend Hillary, to explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to repeat," Clinton said Sunday.

It's true that some pro-Sanders social media users are trolls—there are troll-ish members of every online political movement, fan community, and social group. Some are better, some are worse, but there's very little to suggest that Sanders' people—dubbed "the Bernie Bros"—are notably awful. In fact, many of the most prominent examples collapsed under scrutiny. One of the comments made by a Bernie Bro—and held up by the pro-Clinton media as an example of Sanders-on-Clinton harassment—was actually the work of someone impersonating a Republican troll. Another anti-Clinton comment was made, not by a Bernie bro, but by a flesh-and-blood woman, which is hardly surprising, given that Sanders is doing much better with female voters than expected—he is actually beating Clinton among young women.

Matt Bruenig notes that the Bernie Bros media narrative has shifted over time: at first, the bros were merely thought of as overly enthusiastic, then they began to draw scurrilous sexism claims, and eventually they were accused of outright misogynistic harassment. At no point was the evidence particularly compelling. Bruenig observes:

The problem with shifting explanations and shifting descriptions is that they are usually signs of motivated dishonesty. When you tell me someone is bad because he did A and then later you say he didn't do A but he did B, and then later again you say he didn't do B but he did C, the natural inference is that you just don't like the guy, but that you aren't being forthcoming about why.

It isn't surprising that Bill Clinton doesn't like Sanders—he wants his wife to win. The same can be said for Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright, who have recently criticized young women for backing Sanders over an actual woman (Steinem later walked her comments back a bit). These people are all, unsurprisingly, in the tank for Hillary. But they are wrong to pretend that women who make a different choice are traitors to their gender, or that men who make a different choice are all angry misogynists.

Perhaps it's even the case that some of Sanders' supporters are turned off by Hillary's long history of taking Bill's side over his numerous female accusers. Maybe that's not quite the pro-woman record Hillary would like to pretend it is.

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  1. Bill Clinton, of all people, joined the fray on Sunday, accusing the Bernie Bros of “vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane?not to mention sexist?to repeat.”

    Not sure this is even news. Bill wants to be president again. The only chance of that is another two-for-the-price-of-one moment.

    1. It’s not. Shameless pandering from Bill should not surprise anyone.

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          And Gennifer Flowers’ tale of woes
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          And Paula Jones, and those State Troopers
          Are just a bunch of party poopers

          I did not ask my friends to lie
          I did not hang them out to dry
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            1. I felt your pain…

              But did NOT inhale it!

              (Monica did that for me… And SOOOO much more!!!!)

    2. there was an article here the other day where Gloria Steinem was saying pretty much the same thing. But I’m sure there is nothing coordinated about it.

  2. That’s like Hillary accusing Bernie of not being a woman.

  3. Oh, and I appreciate you sticking your neck out there, Robby and not hiding behind the “Reason Staff” moniker. Takes guts and excellent hair.

    1. The “Reason staff” bylines are only being used for the teasers for print mag stories.

    2. You’re welcome.

  4. Huge fucking brass balls.

    I hate Bernie Sanders with a passion but one consolation of him getting the Democratic nomination is that we will never have to deal with the Clinton’s again.

    1. we will never have to deal with the Clinton’s again.

      Your optimism is boundless.

      1. Their spawn has been groomed to take over their criminal syndicate, so this ain’t gonna happen.

        1. Yeah, but she seems content with just being wealthy and aggrieved, I don’t think she’ll seek power.

          1. Already positioning herself. She has the hereditary cancerous ambition.

            1. The problem with being the only child of grifters and scavengers is that sooner or later, Mommy and Daddy will die and you’ll be left holding the bag for all the favors not yet rendered. Too bad about her personality, though.

    2. There is no denying that Hillary is an arch criminal. Bernie, however, is legitimately nuts. The guy is a complete loser. As much as I would enjoy seeing Hillary’s career finally end, I don’t want Bernie to even get close to the nomination. I don’t think he would have a chance in hell in the general, but I don’t even want to take that small chance.

      1. Bernie Sanders could beat Trump in the general. That’s the nightmare scenario – Bernie runs against Trump and gets the win.

        1. I don’t think so, socialism is still a nasty slur to plenty of people. I think Trump would win that contest.

          1. Yeah, I think using the word “socialism” is just baiting conservatives to a lot of people. They think Republicans are stupid for calling something socialist because they say Republicans don’t know what socialist really means.

            That’s different from really wanting the government to take over your bank and run it like the DMV.

            1. Sanders has no intention of taking over banks and running them like the DMV, he wants to take over colleges and run them like the DMV. He wants to take over banks and run them like the Post Office.

              1. I think deep down sanders would like to nationalize everything but knows he can’t come out and say it.

                1. Just as Americans don’t need 23 kinds of underarm spray deodorant, they don’t need a bank on every corner.

              2. He wants to take over banks and run them like from the Post Office.


                1. I don’t think Sander’s has the eye for talent that Vetinari did.

        2. “”Bernie Sanders could beat Trump in the general”

          What leads you to believe this?

          1. *note = for the record, i don’t think the scenario *matters* at all, because there’s no way bernie will win the nomination anyway. but just curious why you’d think bernie could theoretically win a general election.

          2. Trump’s huge negatives in addition to the fact a large number of recent polls have Sanders leading Trump by substantial margins.

            1. “”a large number of recent polls have Sanders leading Trump by substantial margins.””

              Yes, but Sanders is way behind in every major state where there are a significant number of delegates. She also crushes him across the deep south. Black people aint feeling the bern at all. Basically, he gets a few-states at best, and not even particularly significant ones.

              the polls you cite are based on a theoretical general-election that has very little chance of every happening.

            2. You’re funny. You’re a funny, funny man.

      2. Yep i worry that bernie would win signaling the rise of socialism

      3. The guy is nuts which is why I support him 1000 times over Hillary.

        Hillary is cold, calculating and ruthless. Bernie is tepid, fuzzy and mushy.

        I can manage the crazy mushies.

        But the cold calculators? You need a revolution to depose them.

        1. I don’t think she would kill the golden goose. This guy seems to want to try

          1. Really? There’s only a hair-width’s difference between Hillary and Bernie. Free college, single payer healthcare, mandatory family leave, mandatory pre-K. She wants to penalize “tax inversions”. Bernie wants the same thing.

            You seem to prefer being pecked to death in Hillary Clinton’s version socialism. But make no mistake – whether it’s Hillary’s way or Bernie’s way, the end is death.

            1. I don’t think Hillary will enact any of those things. Just like Obama hasn’t. They are robber barons who know where the bread is buttered.

              Sanders is so stupid it makes him dangerous.

              1. Oh, you foolish, foolish little man. Don’t kid yourself, cupcake. She is running on it. She wants single-payer because her CAUCUS wants it. She wants free college because her CAUCUS wants it.

                Bernie has been upfront and direct about what he wants. But ever Democrat since FDR has wanted what Bernie wants. This is in their political DNA.

        2. I’d take a cold, self-interested cynic over a well-intentioned lunatic any day. The good-hearted mushy lunatic would burn the whole world down and himself with it if he thought paradise would rise from the ashes.

          There are worse things than corruption, far worse things, i think.

          1. I’d only take the cynic if the cynic was actually competent. Clinton is one of the most incompetent politicians ever to come down the pike. She’s corrupt *and* stupid…whereas Sanders is a fantasist with terrible ideas of what he’d *like* to achieve, but he’s been a relatively pragmatic (and non-criminal) Senator.

            I actually think Hillary Clinton is so stupid that she’d steamrolled worse than Obama by every other world leader out there and has a greater chance of ending us up in a war. For all her bluster about her “strong” opinions, all she’s ever demonstrated in her political jobs is that at best she’s a waste of space and more often just a colossal fuck-up who consistently makes catastrophic choices.

            1. I think you’re wrong. Hillary would raise her voice and pummel her opponents into submission.

              1. Really? Putin?

    3. “One consolation of him getting the Democratic nomination is that we will never have to deal with the Clinton’s again.”

      Michelle Obama 2020!

      1. She may actually have less viability for national office than Hillary did when she was just Bill’s wife. And Hillary didn’t have much.

        1. Are you saying Michelle isn’t viable because you’re a racist, because you’re misogynist, or both?

          Michelle would start out like Hillary did. Running for Senator in some super safe seat. She could be the next mayor of New York.

          She could be the next mayor of Chicago, too, but who in their right mind wants to be the mayor of Chicago? The progressives there eat their own.

          1. She could be the next mayor of New York.

            Don’t even joke like that. Anyway she’d have to wait a while because we already have a far-left economic ignoramus. We’re due for another “moderate Republican”.

            1. We’re due for another “moderate Republican”.

              Bloomberg gonna run again?

      2. There seems to be a growing number of young, prog, bernie-supporting women (and their cuck, beta men) that are pushing the idea that of if you want a women president, Elizabeth Warren will make a great candidate after 8 years of feeling the Bern gonorrhea. Barring the ridiculous notion of 24 years of a (D) controlled White House, I’ll bet if Trump wins in 2016, Warren wins in 2020. Any way you look at it, we’re fucked.

        1. Warren will then be 75 years old. I think Warren is a free chit + very power hungry authoritatian. And Bern is a free chit, not understand economics and believes that the govt running programs would be best for everything else.

          It is sad that these are the two leading people from the left.

          1. Sanders is currently 74. Warren would be 71 if she were elected in 2020. Age is only a problem if the media tells you it’s a problem donchaknow? But I agree with what you’re saying about both of them.

            1. Oh yea i was assuming Warren in 2024 due to 8 years of feeling the Bern

          2. If you don’t think that we can afford universal healthcare as the right that it is in civilized portions of the world you have not been watching. When we spend double what the British do and triple the costs paid by the French, with poorer outcomes, the system needs change and the money is already there.

            1. really? I can’t. even.

    4. The Clinton’s are sitting on too much cash at this point to get rid of their influence for quite some time.

      1. Not really, their influence is the reason for their cash. They’re sellers, not buyers. If they lose their influence, they may just pull back and sit on the cash they have, since they lack any kind of skill or talent to generate revenue any other way.

      2. Unless a Republican like Ted Cruz wins the nomination and decides to make an example of the Clintons by prosecuting them for their illegal activity. I think most of the candidates in the race would decline to do so in the hopes of not poisoning the well (because RNC “leadership” is very cozy with the Dems behind the scenes). I think Cruz, who seems to be hated by both parties’ leadership and doesn’t seem to care about making enemies, would be very open to burning the Clinton political machine down.

    5. [W]e will never have to deal with the Clinton’s again.

      I wouldn’t be to sure about that. Chelsea is waiting in the wings.

      1. Speaking of people without charisma, yeah, there’s Chelsea Clinton.

        Sitting there.

        Chelsea is to charisma as black holes are to light.

        1. That has not been enough to make Hilary go away.

          1. Hillary didn’t have charisma in the 90’s. Things haven’t gotten better.

    6. The vile and amoral Clintons.

      If we ever invent a time machine, I’m going to take it to 1996 and smack my stupid, foolish, and youthful self in the head. What the hell was I thinking for voting for Bill Clinton in 1996?

      1. Meh. Bill wasn’t that terrible while he was in office. I think he got what he wanted, so he had fun while he was there. Hillary has 20 years of frustration because she feels like she should’ve been coronated back in 2000, and she will take her vengeance as soon as she has the ability.

        1. No, but a case can be made that it was the Bill Clinton presidency that created a “new” permanent Democratic majority. The GOP has lost 5 of that last 6 presidential popular votes.

          All because of Bill Clinton

          1. More because the GOP keeps nominating ideological blank slates like Romney and McCain to run against the Democrats.

    7. The vile and amoral Clintons.

      If we ever invent a time machine, I’m going to take it to 1996 and smack my stupid, foolish, and youthful self in the head. What the hell was I thinking for voting for Bill Clinton in 1996?

  5. The only reason that Bernie even wrote that women fantasize about being gang raped is because Bill told him they did.

  6. He thinks nothing of accusing Republicans of sexism. Why should anyone be surprised he will do the same for the half witted socialists opposing Hillary?

    i say go Bill go. The pathetic feminist toady beta males in the Bernie movement have no doubt spent most of their short adult lives accusing anyone outside the Prog hive of being a sexist and racist. It will be a good teaching moment for them to see that those charges can be used against anyone these days.

    1. Yeah, the notion that Bernie’s male supporters are PUA lunkheads is laughable on its face.

      1. In fairness, I think pajama boy might be one of the few people on earth who could benefit from some PUA instruction. It couldn’t make him any worse.

        1. God no. You might make a monster out of him and then we’d have to deprogram him the other way.

        2. “You’re not very good at cutting the crusts of my pb&j, maybe you could take some lessons from my mom”

      2. Apparently not to Hillary supporters. But, their grasp on reality is tenuous at best anyway.

  7. “there are troll-ish members of every online political movement, fan community, and social group”

    Thank goodness we don’t have that here.

    1. One man’s troll is another man’s online freedom fighter.

      1. Tony will never, ever be mistaken as anything but a troll. Not even by his own protard side.

        1. Pro-tard or Progtard?

          1. Progtard. Thanks! I pulled a Tony.

      2. You got it John.

    2. I took that statement personally.

      1. You are an online freedom fighter Crusty.

        1. Hell yeah. I’m coming for you, freedom.

  8. Smearing other people for what they themselves are accused of is standard Clinton playbook.

    They did that the whole time they were in the White House the first time.

    People on the left think the audacity of accusing other people of something you did yourself suggest that you’re not as guilty as people on the right say you are–and the same audacity makes people on the right sputter. And from the left’s perspective, if what you’re doing makes people on the right go apoplectic, then you must be doing something wonderful.

    It’s been like this with every Clinton scandal since Travelgate. This is to be expected.

    If Bill Clinton is accused of lying about infidelity, then the woman he was with is a lying whore.

    If Hillary Clinton put together a real estate partnership that funneled the taxpayers’ money by way of the RTC into Bill Clinton’s campaign fund, then what we need is campaign finance reform to stop money from influencing crooked politicians.

    This is their standard playbook. Accuse everyone else of what you’re accused of.

    1. Accuse everyone else of what you’re accused of did.

  9. This is the first I’ve heard over Bernie’s Bros. Update of War on Womenz?

  10. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Pass the popcorn.

  11. I don’t think berniebros exist….but his followers really are a cult that attacks anyone who dares question his policies

    1. Hillary’s followers are more of a cult than Bernie’s. Bernie fans support Bernie because they like his prog policies. Hillary fans like Hillary because she has a vagina.

      The latter is more cult-like than the former.

      1. Perhaps a bigger cult i should say in seeing him as some sort of messiah. The enthusiasm for Hillary seems to be way less. Any negative comment regarding bernie on other sites seems to be met with a bunch of bernie-bots. Hillary on the other hand i see negative comments going unresponded.

      2. I thought Hillary’s fans liked Hillary because she has enough blackmail material to make anything else dangerous.

    2. Is that not true for every politician running? We’re talking about Internet responses.

      1. True. But i really think they are in love with the guy. For instance i never really see anyone fawning over the pubs…they just dont like the left.

      2. Ron Paul certainly had his share.

        1. Oh i don’t disagree

        2. But Bernie has a shot with all his “free” stuff being offered. Free stuff is easier to selll than limiting government

        3. That’s because a lot of Ron Paul supporters were bizarro conspiracy theorists who were only ‘libertarian’ in the sense that they were worried the government was destroying male fertility with fluoridated water as part of an Illuminati plot for population control.

          Paul-bots back in the day were horrible. Very few of them had actual principles in favor of limited government. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the hardcore Paulites were Sanders supporters today.

          1. ” I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the hardcore Paulites were Sanders supporters today.”

            I believe that’s probably right.

            the article a few days ago on “why rand’s campaign sucked” touched on this. People kept thinking ‘if only he were a re-run of Ron, he’d have done waaaaaay better”. Which i think is entirely wrong. Ron attracted a bunch of fringies who had little real interest in the sort of ‘libertarian-lite’ small-govt conservative stuff, and were more interested in 9/11 truther conspiracy theorist-Paul, who’d undermine the bilderberg group and dismantle the imperialist empire or whatever.

            1. Yes — Trump and Bernie voters.

            2. Judging from the Paul-bots, bank-hate usually gets some anti-Semite action along for the ride as well. There’s probably some Protocols readers out there who supported Paul and now support Bernie, completely unaware he’s Jewish.

    3. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a made-up phenomenon. Bernie supporters not only do not seem disproportionately male, they are generally lazy stoner types who will readily agree with anything the nearest man-hating feminist says even for just the slightest chance of getting a look at her unshaven lady parts. This is even more fabricated than the superbowl rape crisis or the campus rape crisis or the whatever statistically disproven rape crisis is in vogue today.

    1. Ha! That trap will never work on a libertarian site. We know there is no such thing as a free lunch.
      /sprints away

    2. Where free is a desperate marketing plea to eat their food after they made a bunch of people sick.

      I’ve already had Chipotle food poisoning once in my life. NEVER AGAIN

    3. If they drop the non-GMO, I’m gonna be so pissed.

      1. Why? They were never actually non-GMO in the first place.

        1. Because non-GMO soy is so hard to source for a national chain, that going non-GMO means they’re eliminated soy from everything.

          They used to cook with it.

          It used to be in their tortillas.

          The only thing that has it now is the sofritas (tofu), but I don’t have to order that. It’s the only fast food type restaurant I can eat in with confidence and not have a reaction.

          Otherwise, I have to make everything myself. I have to make my own damn pizza dough. Do you know how lucky people are who can call up a pizza place, order a pizza, have it delivered, and eat it?

          I went to a restaurant the other day with some people. The only thing they had that I could eat was streamed rice and spinach.

          1. Pardon my ignorance but what on earth is soy doing in any of that? What is it replacing?

            1. Oh never mind, I see you elaborated below.

    4. “Sorry we weren’t around to serve you today – we were busy learning how not to poison you. Come back soon!”

      1. They weren’t trying to poison people.

        They were trying to defeat soybean and soybean oil–something I like to call The Great Satan.

        It’s the bane of my existence. There I was, a young aspiring foodie. Full of innocence and wonder. Then people started using soybean oil in everything–and I mean everything. Kept getting sicker and sicker. Turned out I was allergic to soy. The next time you’re in a grocery store, try to find some bread that doesn’t contain any soy–any kind of bread: sliced, white, wheat, hamburger or hot dog buns, tortillas.. . .

        I was so sad and lonely. Had to make everything myself for a while. And then Chipotle came into my life. When they got rid of GMOs, they got rid of the soy! (except for the tofu). It isn’t in the tortillas. They don’t cook with it!

        I remember all my life
        Raining down as cold as ice
        A shadow of a man
        A face through a window
        Crying in the night

        The night goes into morning,
        Just another day
        Happy people pass my way
        Looking in their eyes
        I see a memory
        I never realized
        How happy you made me

        Oh Chipotle
        Well you came and you gave without taking
        But they sent you away,
        Oh Chipotle
        And you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
        And I need you today,
        Oh Chipotle

        1. Soybean oil is stripped of all protein markers. It’s just oil.

          1. I’ve heard that so many times.

            Bull fucking shit.

            My reaction to eating nothing for a day and then swallowing a spoon full of soybean oil proves otherwise.

            Incidentally, I also react the same way to peanuts, peas, and garbanzo beans.

            It’s legumes. I’m allergic to legumes. Peanuts and soy are so molecularly similar that someone that reacts to one will often react to the other.

            It’s true that some people have stronger reactions to some forms of soy than others. I don’t react as strongly to soy lecithin–but I do get reactions to that, too. It’s fine under a certain dosage (1,000 ml is typical), go over whatever your tolerance is (through one meal or multiple meals over the course of a day), and it’s “‘say hello to my little friend’.

            Also, there are two tears of reactions. Even smaller amounts will cause internal bleeding and other forms of gastric distress. Give me over 1,000 ml and things get really exciting.

            1. [tiers]

              You know what I mean.

            2. I think anyone would get sick on a liter of soybean oil 🙂

              1. Did I screw that up?

                Yeah, I screwed it up.

                We’re talking a milliliter (or so) –and not necessarily of the oil.

                Regardless, there are two tiers of reactions. One under and one over the threshold. Not everyone has the exact same threshold, and not everyone gets internal bleeding and gastric distress under the threshold.

                But I do. And it sucks.

                And there are more and more of us all the time–allergic and becoming aware of it. Soy is one of the most common allergies. I was hoping more restaurants would follow Chipotle’s lead.

                Incidentally, things seemed to have become worse when the government started pressuring restaurants to get away from animal fat. They started using hydrogenated soybean oil, especially. Now they’re trying to get them away from transfat entirely.

                Regardless, soy is always going to be the cheapest. As I understand it, soy is grown mainly to make soy meal for animal feed. They used to toss the oil they pressed out making soy meal. You have to do some scary industrial shit to it to make soy oil edible for humans. (This is different from fermenting or making soy sauce). The only way to beat something low priced like that in the market is through qualitative preferences and product differentiation.

                Suffice it to say, I hope Chipotle is wildly successful and their competitors follow suit.

        2. They were trying to defeat soybean and soybean oil

          I think what they are actually trying to do earn a larger profit off people who are willing to pay more for smug.

          Any benefit to your insides is incidental.

          1. The benefit to my insides isn’t incidental to me.

            And guess whose perspective I’m looking from?

            And like I said, soy/peanut allergy is among the most common food allergies.

            It seems to be fairly well known among the millions of Americans who suffer from those allergies that Chipotle is safe.

  12. Robbo,
    You really need to step up your game on the alt-text. For example this one you have of Slick Willy should read “Bernie doesn’t love women like I do, nor as often.”

  13. I take umbrage with Robbie’s suggestion that Bernie supporters aren’t particularly awful. They may not be guilty here. I don’t know or frankly care. But they are sure as fuck awful in every sense of the word.

    I’ve seen a lot of anti-SJW and gamergate culture warrior type young males who are in fact supporting Bernie. They will sit there and tell you that Bernie has nothing to do with SJ, feminism or anything. It gets really old hearing people who have suddenly realized the importance of individuality completely collectivize every economic matter.

  14. So was “berniebros” invented by the Clinton camp, or did they encounter it and exploit it?

      1. Ah, OK. The term was at least independent.

      2. “Four months ago, I coined the term “Berniebro” to describe a phenomenon I saw on Facebook: Men, mostly my age, mostly of my background, mostly with my political beliefs, were hectoring their friends about how great Bernie was even when their friends wanted to do something else, like talk about the NBA.”


        “Immediately, I started getting emails: Why did I hate progressivism? Why did I joke about politics? And how dare I generalize about every Bernie Sanders supporter?”

        Man criticizes Bernie Sanders supporters, intrepid Sanders supporters go out of their way to prove all of his criticisms 100% correct.

  15. Hopefully Sanders’ young progressive voters are enjoying having leftist identity politics turned against them. Maybe one or two will even stop and think about it…

    Of course, it’s funny now, but can you even imagine what awaits the Republican nominee a few months from now? Every word they utter will be a sexist, misogynistic offense against Her Highness in some way.

    1. Leftists (and liberals) have been fighting about identity politics for decades, and the fight has intensified with respect to current US politics over the course of the past year. The only reason you don’t think they’ve spent plenty of time thinking and arguing about it is ignorance.

      1. Fighting amongst themselves you mean?

        1. Yes.

      2. Only in the sense in which communists argue about the manner in which to implement socialism. The dominant paradigm of the US left is foursquare in favor of identity politics, even if they think some of their comrades take it too far. With these disagreements, conflict is inevitable — am I supposed to feel bad that one of the inquisitors is feeling the bern of his own stake?

        1. Did I say you should feel bad they were arguing with each other?

        2. The dominant paradigm of the US left is foursquare in favor of identity politics, even if they think some of their comrades take it too far.

          Also, you’re just wrong about this. SJWs are just now learning they are not the “left.”

          1. I agree with SJWs becoming their own entity independent of the left, Obama’s presidency being the demarcation line when it ‘grew up’ and moved out.

            I also see that very much in Obama’s own sycophants and political operation – they are his alone, not integrated with the Democrats in any meaningful way, and he will take that faction with him when he leaves.

            They think Obama is their savior, but he is the long-term ruination of the Democratic party.

          2. Hmm, I think it’s a matter of priorities. The ‘economic left’, socialists and whatnot, and SJWs apply much the same paradigm, only the former to economic class, the latter more to gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Now, almost everyone on the political left agrees in principle about all categories; hard to find a socialist who doesn’t also identify as a feminist, or a feminist who isn’t left of center on economics; but, the socialist thinks economics is most important (he’s right, but in the wrong way) and focusing on anything else distracts from the real goal; meanwhile, feminists view gender as the main battle line, and so on.

            For conservatives, it would be feuding over national security vs. cutting taxes, or whatever; but that doesn’t make anti-tax conservatives and foreign policy hawk conservatives two distinct movements; they almost always go hand in hand, just with different priority rankings.

            I’ll admit, btw, that there are some socialists who are decidedly anti-identity politics and SJW nonsense. But they are a rarity and from what I’ve seen, that’s a sure way to get ostracized from the garden-variety socialists who are also into the SJW nonsense.

  16. From Bernie’s campaign site:

    Many of the achievements that have been made for women’s rights in the 20th century have been under attack by the Republican party ? denying women control over their own bodies, preventing access to vital medical and social services, and blocking equal pay for equal work[…]

    Sen. Sanders has consistently fought against Republican attacks on the fundamental rights of women to control their own bodies[…]

    As president, Sen. Sanders would end the international embarrassment of the United States being the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid leave to workers. The Republicans talk a lot about “family values.” Well, it is not a family value to force the mother of a new born baby to go back to work a few days after she gives birth, because she doesn’t have the money to stay home and bond with her baby. That is not a family value. That is an insult to everything that we know a family is about

    So color me unsympathetic that the man’s supporters are hoisted on his petard.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Wait since when was paid leave guaranteed before so how can it be an attack on women? Why does he only assume women would need paid leave?

      I also get a chuckle regarding him thinking equal pay for equal work isn’t already a law. As if the paycheck fairness act would solve the difference.

    2. denying women control over their own bodies

      So I guess the only legitimate control a woman can have over her body is getting an abortion. At least in my corner of the universe, the ability to take drugs and get whatever medical treatment they think is appropriate regardless of whether the FDA agrees to name just two things are also pretty essential to someone having “control over their own bodies.” And last I looked the Democrats had no interest whatever is granting that sort of control.

      This is why support for abortion on demand is a fools errand for Libertarians. If abortion on demand were one part of a larger movement towards respecting people’s right to control their own body, it would make sense for Libertarians to support it. Abortion on demand has proven to be nothing like that. Its legalization hasn’t lead to the expansion of personal autonomy in any other areas. Worse, instead of fostering increased respect for personal autonomy, it has in fact just helped further erode the culture of personal responsibility. Legal abortion in this country is not about respect for personal autonomy. If it were, it would have lead to such respect in other areas. No, legalized abortion is all about allowing women to easily avoid the consequences of their own actions and irresponsibility.

      1. From reading his site…he really is a dishonest career politician that has grown into a populist demagogue.

        I guess i have a hard time understanding why people feel he is honest or authentic seeing him peddle this crap.

        1. Considering who he is running against, he is honest and authentic.

          Clinton – a progressive who “gets things done”.
          Sanders – a progressive who “whats a revolution”.

          Dude – there’s no difference.

  17. Bill’s just pissed because Bernie is siphoning off the hot starry-eyed younguns.

  18. I really can’t wait until Sanders goes away.

    1. OT: do you guys think bern wins the nom and if so does he win the general? The pubs aren’t exactly putting together a good lineup

    2. Well, he’s old as hell and not all that healthy-looking, so he can’t have more than a decade left in him. Substantially less, if Hillary gets desperate enough.

      1. I am talking about him leaving the limelight so his “ideas” at least die for the time being

        1. Sadly, I think Bernie’s rise is almost entirely due to his ‘ideas.’ He doesn’t strike me as the least bit charismatic; it seems he’s become the champion of socialism in spite of his actual personality, not because of it.

          For that reason, once he’s gone, the socialists may as well flock to a cactus for their next posterboard and it would probably have even more personal appeal. Bernie’s popularity, truly, is not about Bernie, but about what he stands for; that is not going away, unfortunately.

  19. What’s funny is, while Reason has been diligently searching for a libertarian/millenial moment, it turns out what’s really been happening is a socialist/millenial moment.

    The biggest and most important development has been the massive support among the new generation of voters for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his open embrace of socialism. In Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, which ended with Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie, young people opted for Sanders at an almost inconceivable rate of 84-14. In 2008, Barack Obama won this segment, claiming only a 57 percent majority.…..eople.html

    1. We are so screwed

    2. I didn’t RTFA but doesn’t “the new generation of voters” always skew socialist? Who was the explicit socialist running in 2008?

      1. Any cross-campaing comparisons are always apples and oranges, no argument there.

        To me, its the raw number that is frightening. 84% in Iowa, which admittedly has some of that weird upper-Midwest labor socialism still hanging around. Still – the socialist gets 84% in his primary, the closest thing to a libertarian gets single digits in his primary.

        1. I remember being a “young person” (however they are defining that). The numbers don’t surprise me at all. Why do you think the Dems keep pushing for lower voting ages.

          1. My friend’s daughter is starting to get into politics and is a raging #BernVictim, constantly hectoring her parents and their friends about how awesome Bernie is and what a great president he’d be.

            She is eight.

            1. Yeah, when they get to him as young as 8, there’s probably not much chance of deconversion down the road.

    3. If Libertarianism is all about the culture war and pot, nothing in that article contradicts the idea that we are having a millenial libertarian moment.

      1. If freedom really means freedom from responsibility, then yes, we are definitely trending toward more freedom.

        1. See my 1:39 pm post regarding abortion. Reason is constantly suckered by progs into supporting illusory gains in personal freedom that come at the price of eroding personal responsibility and the long term prospects for freedom in general.

          1. I wonder how much that has to do with the shift in emphasis* in recent years toward culture war issues rather than economic issues. Culture war issues may lend themselves more toward tunnel vision, perhaps, whereas economic issues tend to put the question of knock-on effect and who has to foot the bill pretty clearly.

            *That’s my perception, anyway. Could be wrong.

    4. Snark aside, Reason misinterprets millenial mistrust of the current government to be mistrust of government in general. The youths may not trust this government but they still totally believe in the power of government if only the right people are in charge.

      1. What was the Earth Healer? Chopped liver?

        1. America was just too racist to listen to him. We need an old cranky white guy so America will listen.

  20. can you even imagine what awaits the Republican nominee a few months from now? Every word they utter will be a sexist, misogynistic offense against Her Highness in some way.

    Exactly. The lies they told about Romney made Simon Legree look like Ted Kennedy.

  21. “for no reason at all.”

    You know the reason, reason. Because penis.

  22. Well, he would know better than anyone, wouldn’t he?

  23. a flesh-and-blood woman, which is hardly surprising, given that Sanders is doing much better with female voters than expected?he is actually beating Clinton among young women

    You know who else did much better with female voters than expected?

    1. Bill Clinton in 1996?

  24. He can trash talk the Sanders crew now, because 95% of them will vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee.

    And barring an indictment, she’ll be the nominee. Once the primaries shift outside the flyover-ish zones, the game will be likely over for the Bern. That’s where the Obama coalition and the wall street dem donors are.

    1. ‘and barring an indictment’… well, there’s the rub, isn’t it? Hillary is not electable if she’s indictable and everyone who has been paying the least bit of attention is realizing she’s indictable. The FBI reportedly has 150 agents looking at not only the emails and the server, but the confluence between State Department business, Foundation donations and Bill and Hillary’s speaking engagements and fees.

      Funny that almost no one here is discussing the article, which was about Bill Clinton claiming that Sanders’ supporters are sexist and misogynists. Since he came out punching along with an astonishing group of ‘supporters’ of Hillary that includes the disgustingly reprehensible Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger, he just doomed her, if the FBI investigation doesn’t. And it will. Nothing like calling attention to what was worst about the Clinton days and the endless scandals they managed to create by their own actions. Now that he’s out ‘campaigning’ for her, Obama may just remember that he can’t stand the old coot either.

  25. Having Bill Clinton lecture others about morality makes about as much sense as hiring Charles Manson to babysit your kids.

  26. Maybe Bill finds Bernie sexy and not sexist.

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  28. I don’t think so, socialism is still a nasty slur to plenty of people. I think Trump would win that contest.


  29. Stand by your may-un, eh Hillary?

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