Friday A/V Club: Barry Goldwater Campaigns in New Hampshire

A ghost of primaries past


With New Hampshire voting in just a few days, here's some footage from a much earlier Granite State primary. In 1964, the folks at the Goldwater for President Committee produced this film of their man campaigning in the state:

To the extent that there's a policy focus here, it's on the candidate's hawkish foreign policy views, with occasional side trips to reassure voters that Barry Goldwater does not want to dismantle Social Security. His libertarian streak does pop up a few times, though, most notably at the 10-minute mark.

My favorite part of the picture comes at 13:35, when we get some scintillating footage of the candidate taking a nap.

Bonus movie: For a much more lively artifact of that election, check out the wild campaign film that Barry Goldwater disowned.

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