All Anti-Feminist Talk Would Be Criminal 'Hate Speech' If U.K. Activists Get Their Way

Um, guys, a government allowed to whimsically bar people from coming to the country is sure not going to stop with preventing pickup artists from entering.


Roosh V/Facebook

American writer and "pickup artist" Roosh V is causing a bit of hysteria abroad in countries where citizens are even more likely than they are here to say that offensive speech is "dangerous." The trouble started when Roosh V—real name Daryush Valizadeh—announced the organization of 165 simultaneous meetups on February 6 for followers of his "neomasculinity" movement, including gatherings across American and in countries such as Australia, Canada, Chile, England, Israel, and Scotland. Soon thereafter, activists in the U.K. and Canada began protesting the meetups, which they have labeled as "pro rape" events. 

(Update: The meetups have all been canceled by Valizadeh) 

Granted, Valizadeh doesn't have the most progressive views on romantic relations. And in stories about his sexual exploits, he often crosses into consent grey areas. But being a brute or a cad isn't illegal, and neither is writing rapey tall-tales. Nor is meeting with like-minded people to express unpopular views. 

Of course, this is exactly the problem for some, who are calling on their governments to ban Valizadeh from even entering the country, to ban his fans from meeting up, and to criminalize all anti-woman "hate speech"—an impossibly broad category that seems to include everything from common insults to political expression at odds with feminism. 

As of February 3, more than 55,000 people had signed a petition calling for the Scottish government to prevent Valizadeh from entering the country. "Promoting rape is hate speech, and should be treated as such," the petition reads. 

Sandy Brindley of Rape Crisis Scotland has been organizing with other women's groups to protest Roosh V meetups in Scotland and pressure authorities to close the "gap in the criminal law" by designating "incitement of hatred against women" as a hate crime. "If what [Valizadeh] is doing is promoting rape then an incitement to hatred offence would enable us to deal with that," she told The National. But as a Scottish government spokesperson pointed out, making "threats of sexual violence" is already against the law in Scotland, as is harassment that would "be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm." 

Over in Canada, the mayors of cities where Roosh V meetups are planned took to the Internet to voice their displeasure. "Your pro-rape, misogynistic, homophobic garbage is not welcome in Ottawa," tweeted Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. Toronto Mayor John Torry tweeted that Roosh V "doesn't reflect the values of Toronto and his statements about women are demeaning and unacceptable." And Vancouver police have assured residents that they will be monitoring the Roosh V meetup there. 

All this for a dude with a blog and some self-published books? Or, rather, the fans of some dude with a blog and self-published books? I mean, look, I've been aware of Valizadeh since he blogged under "D.C. Bachelor" back in the mid-aughts, and I find his views as gross as his capacity for self-promotion is impressive, but … come on. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that either Valizadeh or his fans intend any sort of public spectacle during these meetups, let alone any violence or incitements to violence against women. The entirety of activists' "case" for keeping them out, or under the watchful eye of law enforcement, is that they simply do not like what these men believe.

And that's rather insane for anyone who claims to be sticking up for the rights of the vulnerable, marginalized, or oppressed. Because a government allowed to whimsically ban someone from entering the country or ban a group of people from associating based purely on dislike for the content of their beliefs is sure as shit not a government that's going to stop with pickup artists. Throughout history, limits on freedom of speech and association have come down hard on the left, because it's the left that most frequently challenges the status quo. Lip service to social justice goals notwithstanding, there's no reason to think that people in power are going to suddenly stop with this centuries-long tendency now. 

What's more, this sort of illiberal behavior from the left only enables those with views like Roosh V fans. As Charlie Peters writes at Spiked, "when you censor extreme views, you force them underground where they escape criticism and become even more radical. If our politicians will not allow us to debate Valizadeh, then how do they ever expect his brand of nonsense to be repudiated?"

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  1. Thank goodness modern society is so damn tolerant of differing views and refuses to use government to enforce its morality on people and believes that adhering to a moral code is more important that merely appearing to adhere to it.

  2. Modern feminism’s strength is in its victimhood. A paternalistic state is their salvation.

    1. Feminists believe in equality. I guess they figure a boot stomping their face is fine as long as there’s a man getting his stomped too.

      1. The best feminists are not the bra-burners of forty years ago, but the female judges of today, who have shown what can be done to stop those who deviously twist words to stir up controversy with inappropriately deadpan “parody.” We need to have very clear lines in our society, and the feminists have shown us exactly how to draw them. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:


    2. The psychic state of victimhood requires persecutors to survive. Without them it would not exist. Likewise victimhood invites rescuers who eventually change hats and become persecutors themselves (the Ottawa mayor in this case). Exchange roles, rinse and repeat and you have the entire model for 21st century media and social dynamics.

      1. And since they don’t have any real persecutors, they redefine language until they’re being “microaggressed” against all the time. Fascinating.

        Disgusting, but fascinating.

  3. One would think the guru of neomasculinity would possess something approximating a deltoid muscle, much less a tricep.

    1. Something something rationalization hamster something something.

      Now you too can bed all women everywhere.

      “Look, yes, I have banged hundreds of broads, internationally, but know this: I wrap my rascal TWO times ’cause I like it to be joyless and without sensation, as a way of punishing supermodels.”

    2. Something something hipster something something.

      1. Huh? Wha? *wipes sleep drool*

    3. Yaaay, like we need another date-rapey self-proclaimed PUA guru. They are just giving this assclown more validity. Instead, ridicule him and make his face well known, so women know to steer clear.

      The left and the right have both lost interest in debating the other side and trying to persuade and educate in order to reach some kind of consensus. Instead, they just want to shut the other side up. Thus, we will see more calls for censorship from both sides, and we will all loose in the process.

  4. So while going to Disneyland with my preteen cousin, there were a bunch of religious protesters out on the street entrance on Harbor waving signs about repenting and whatever. My cousin’s family is not religious at all and he said something about them not being able to be there, etc.

    So I had to tell him, “well if someone says they can’t protest because they don’t like their message, what would stop others from doing that to you? I’d rather live in a country where you can say what you want, even if we have to put up with stupid people ”

    This basic civics lesson is lost on all the progtards. They really think the gun will never be pointed at them.

    1. Look, there’s no problem with my rights. The problem is YOUR rights.

      1. “MY” rights are normal and the way rights should be for everybody. The privileges you think are rights are abnormal and require strict controls.

    2. “They really think the gun will never be pointed at them.”

      Plenty of time to worry about that when the gun isn’t in their hands. While it is, bang bang!

    3. “This basic civics lesson is lost on all the progtards. They really think the gun will never be pointed at them.”

      On the contrary, progtardation is a paranoid delusion that the gun is always pointed at them, that they’re the defenseless victim fighting back in a desperate struggle against the rich and powerful. This is true no matter how rich or powerful they might be.

    4. Yeah, the right would never try to limit speech and censor expression.


  5. What a bunch of cunts.

    1. No argument here, but they should still be free to spread their misogynist message to anyone who will listen regardless of what the British government thinks.

      1. A few dudebros and PUAs hardly compare to the cunts that would censor speech they disagree with as a matter of convenience.

        1. They’re silencing the voices of women by spreading hatespeech. They’re the real censors here, banning them from the country is just correcting an imbalance.


          1. It’s what they actually believe.

  6. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that either Valizadeh or his fans intend any sort of public spectacle during these meetups, let alone any violence or incitements to violence against women.

    Elizabeth, have you checked out any of the video of these events that have been uploaded to the internet so far?

      1. So Al Bundy founded MGTOW? Seems about right.

        1. that married with children clip treats “pick up artist”ry much more appropriately than any “legitimate” news source ive seen

    1. Dude, wouldn’t the D.E.N.N.I.S. System be more appropriate here?

      1. What’s the D.E.N.N.I.S. System?

        -Dr Mantis Toboggan

        1. Well, you need to drop a monster condom that you use for your magnum dong. That’s just the start.

          1. Well, there’s also this.

    2. “There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that either Valizadeh or his fans intend any sort of public spectacle during these meetups, let alone any violence or incitements to violence against women”

      The last time he was in the news, his feminist critics showed up at his “meetups” and attacked him

      I seem to recall this being used as justification for their claim he should be ‘banned’ = HE FORCES THEM TO ATTACK.

      1. He drew Mohammad?

        Wait, wrong religion.

    1. I prefer he click here instead.

          1. It involves pliers, three large pickles and a Mickey Mouse hat. It’s complicated.

            1. Go on…

  7. Granted, Valizadeh doesn’t have the most progressive views on romantic relations.

    Is the UK going to let Muslims in?

    1. Of course. That’s different.

    2. Several such countries apparently didn’t let Chris Brown enter, because of domestic violence. I don’t know whether that extends to all criminal offenses, or if that one’s “privileged”. The media attention is a kind of privilege already. Well, we’ll get to see this play out when the US implements its sex offender passports: http://tinyurl.com/j3y2pnc

      1. Hmmm. Can we change American laws to keep Chris Brown from entering the country?

  8. Can’t these people tell they’re being trolled? Or do they not care because the lure of jackboot stomping is too tempting?

    1. Jackboot-happy humorless pieces of censorious shit are spectacularly bad at realizing when they’re being trolled. Having absolutely no sense of humor will do that to you.

    2. I’ve thought about telling my Canadian friends who are in a tizzy about this that they’re just making these guys look more important than they are and giving them attention, but …

      They wouldn’t understand, any more than they’d understand “no, this is not you being a friend of civil liberty, this is you enabling censorship and repression”.

      It seems incomprehensible to them that “hate speech” and “intolerance” bans are exactly what’ll be used against them and their side the next time the political winds change.

      1. Political winds will never change because they are on the side of History and the Millenials.

  9. Broads and betas are just scared that Roosh will teach the world the truth. You can’t stop us!

  10. EB: “Throughout history, limits on freedom of speech and association have come down hard on the left, because it’s the left that most frequently challenges the status quo.”

    Apparently we have an anomaly here. Progressivism is the status quo. (Anyone still denying that?) This undermines a premise it still relies on: its lack of power. Clearly it wields oppressive power on par with whatever it ascribes to some nebulous structure, “patriarchy” or whatever. Why the fuck does the system serve them?

    1. That does beggar belief, doesn’t it? Somehow the most influential broad political movements among upper class whites is supposed to be an edgy philosophy constantly on the verge of being wiped out. Meanwhile, thoughcrimes against the left barely conceived of 30 years ago are ruthlessly enforced as the new orthodoxy.

      But, I guess some backwoods church saying something nasty about gays that one time is on that same level. Yep.

      1. Interesting one. When the left’s (pretending there a historically constant one) speech was suppressed, did those in power rely on a concept akin to microagressions (microspeech), or has the contemporary left innovated tools?

      2. “Broad” political movements?


  11. Neomasculinity. Sigh.

    1. The “neo-” part means they support Israel, right?

      1. They don’t even lift, bro

          1. Although there’s definitely something weirdly off about his facial hair.

            That shit is just unnaturally dense. Its like he needs to shave his cheekbones to prevent himself from turning into Captain Caveman

            1. He’s Persian. There’s no chance his beard wouldn’t have the density of a virgin rainforest.

              Though considering my own hirsuteness, I should stop talking.


      2. No, it means that straight men look like homosexuals. It’s very confusing.

    2. Morpheus was more masculine.

  12. Toronto Mayor John Torry

    It’s Tory. And what is the Toronto Values he spiels about?

    1. Alcohol and drugs?

      1. Sorry that was his predecessor Rob Ford…

  13. I have no idea what a “pickup artist” is and something tells me I don’t want to know.

    1. It involves insulting women so they will have sex with you once.

      1. So…negging?

        1. That’s what they call it

      2. Wouldn’t having sex with them once be the insult?

        1. The final insult

        2. I’m sure the women feel bad afterwards, but it’s not clear whether that part of it is intentional.

        3. A small, barely felt insult


  14. 55,000? Seriously?

  15. First they came for the rapists…

  16. http://wgntv.com/2016/02/03/pr…..g-chicago/

    Steve Smith is now hosting a convention.

  17. Daryush Valizadeh


    1. I know! I always think he’d be much happier back in Iran.

  18. I think this guy is sort of the opposite to someone that hates women. Fuck, if he come round here, I’d have him thrown right out of the local womanhaters’ club.

    1. “Hate” might be the wrong word. But I don’t think it’s the opposite of hate either.

  19. Roosh… really isn’t manly. Neither is PUA. The whole point of the movement appears to be developing characteristics that mimic what women value on the sexual marketplace, which is neither manly nor unmanly unless manliness = notches on the bedpost, in which case go home: Justin Bieber and Prince have got Roosh beat.

    1. Yeah. Basing your entire life and self worth around obtaining the approval of women strikes me as the ultimate form of submitting to the dominance of women. Lying to achieve it doesn’t make it manly.

      1. IMT is right. It isn’t about obtaining the approval of women. One of their acronyms is ZFG: Zero Fucks Given. That is, the antithesis of getting approval of women. What it is about is sticking you dick in a vagina. That, and that alone is the measure of success. And it is true that the techniques they articulate don’t have anything to do with manliness. At least not the definition of manliness that I would use. It is about what works. And what works is, apparently, acting like a machiavellian psychopath. There is a reason why Charles Manson has a fan club and women get in line have Trump initial their tits, and short, whiny pos of shit like Prince has pussy falling into his lap vs. an introverted, scrawny, short “nice guy” fapping to porn.
        I find it hilarious how much this guy pisses people off. There is an obvious sexual pecking order and this guy sales pitch it teaching you how to get up the ladder.

        1. Hybristophilia.

    2. all true, however prince being better than you at something is hardly a reason not to do it. that would lead me, and almost everyone else, to a life without, at least, music and sex. also wearing clothes.

  20. Of course, this is exactly the problem for some, who are calling on their governments to ban Valizadeh from even entering the country

    Are feminists progressives and if so, by extension are they anti-immigration?

    1. The irony is that if he were an Imam who preached that adulterous women should be stoned and marital rape was acceptable, the feminists would demand his admission into the country.

      1. +1 “But the US has always believed in freedom of religion!!”

      2. What is fucking ironic is that there are Muslim rape rapist rape raping from Sweden to Greece. But it is a guy pointing out how recognize indicators of interest, negs, and all the other crap they preach that is getting their panties in a bunch.

        1. Maybe they are angry for continuing to fall for it.

          1. Yeah. Guy drags you into an alley and rapes you with ten of his friends, you know with all confidence you’re the Victimest Victim. You get suckered into bed with a PUA, you might still claim victimhood publicly, but in your heart of hearts you know you’re just fucking sad.

        2. You are right,Roosh is anti rape and so he should be as he has been very successful with the other sex.So he decided to earn a few bob out of trying to give male losers some of the esteem that women have been given for decades.
          Nobody likes to explain how women have been gaming men for centuries,nobody says the lies have to stop,nobody says let reality set in,everybody is happy that women run circles round males and then all of a sudden Roosh comes along and he’s the biggest criminal since Bluebeard

  21. Stop making him so popular, stupid feminists.

    1. Can we stop talking about Trump for one threat at least.

  22. Ah, now I know why someone on Whisper was claiming that my local BART station was going to be the site of a “pro-rape rally.”

    1. If there are any two groups who deserve each other it’s puas and feminists.

      1. No. Fucking Amanda Marcotte is worthy of two notches on your belt. Three if you keep your eyes open.

        1. There aint enough room on my belt for enough notches to be worth it.

  23. I only know about Roosh V because Irish would attack him. Which means opposing Roosh V is incredibly racist.

  24. Before claiming someone is “pro-rape” shouldn’t you consider that this makes you sound crazy?

    1. From one of the links

      The National asked Roosh V for a comment, sharing some of the concerns of our readers. He simply said: “Whoever contacted you is an idiot, and you yourself are an idiot if you believe their hysterical and false claims.”

  25. Hey Elizabeth, where’d your article about Bernie being “bae” go? Did you just realize how stupid it made you sound and take it down or what?

      1. Look at his handle! It’s a millennial!

          1. 1 B?/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
            Bae I love u so much

            Brian, my bae

            I just made a b?

            2. The most fucking annoying way to say girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or any other sort of significant other. Commonly used by ghetto folks, swagfags, and annoying fucktards
            Yo Yo she’s my bae
            Jesus Christ, this person is fucking retartded.

            Ok then.

            1. I am pretty qualify under the “annoying fucktard” clause.

              1. Undoubtedly

    1. Serious question: What is the “89” supposed to signify?

      1. A lot of times… or should I say… alot of times, it’s the hand owner’s birth year.

        1. handle.

          I’m now pouring kerosene on this keyboard.

        2. I was guessing “intelligence quotient”.

    2. “bae” = ?

      Short for “baby”? “A baby”? “A crybaby”?

      “Biggest asshole ever”?

      A sheep?

      Poop? A turd?

      “Bitch ain’t educated”?

      1. barely apparent erection.

  26. “making ‘threats of sexual violence’ is already against the law in Scotland, as is harassment that would ‘be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm'” is not their objective “to close the ‘gap in the criminal law’ by designating ‘incitement of hatred against women’ as a hate crime.”

    Yes, such a broad proscription would most definitely empower such self-styled activists to bring down the weight of criminal law upon anyone who offends, annoys, or even just has the temerity to simply disagree with them.

    At the age I am, I find it incredible that anyone in modern society would even entertain such draconian notions; but there it is, and it seems they are becoming more strident over their respective concerns and agendas and are increasingly gaining a forum for this.

    Anyone who is not concerned about this is a total fucking moron.

  27. Yes, fucktards, I’m a millennial. I’m 26 and the “_89” represents my birth year. For the record, I know what “Bae” actually means. Shit. I didn’t use the word and never do. It IS stupid! Elizabeth Nolan Brown used it in an article she posted earlier. It was right underneath with the article titled “Two Cheers For Rand & More” and now it’s gone. I suspect it’s because the author realized how retarded it made her sound. Oh, and for the love of doughnuts, please stop lumping an entire generation together as if we are all the epitome of “Little Boxes”. We’re not. Don’t get the reference? Go watch Weeds.

    1. He watches Weeds! Millennial! I bet he also drinks IPAs!

    2. B- trolling. You over-egged the pudding with too many “tells”.

    3. Have you been polled yet? Millennials like polls, or so I’m told.

        1. Both are fine.

    4. I’ve met millenials with little boxes. Do you have a little box or a big gaping one?


    5. “Yes, fucktards, I’m a millennial. I’m 26 and the “_89″ represents my birth year.”

      (runs through “internet translator”)

      hmm… this says, “i’m a lonely middle-aged woman”

  28. The song, however, does define the two generations before our’s quite well.

    1. Towelie, you’re the worst sockpuppet ever.

      1. … You wanna get high?

  29. Yes, fucktards, I’m a millennial. I’m 26 and the “_89” represents my birth year.

    pimpin’ ain’t easy…

    Oh, and for the love of doughnuts, please stop lumping an entire generation together as if we are all the epitome of “Little Boxes”.

    Hey, I got lumped together… YOU get lumped together. We ALL get lumped together.

  30. You can stop wondering why millennials run from the Libertarian Party…we’re constantly mocked and downplayed by the same Libertarians that whine because they didn’t get our vote.

    1. Are you related to P Brooks?

      1. I think he’s related to Tulpa, actually.

        1. Yeah, but because of the threading…you know…okay, you are right.

    2. I’m 22. I’m not running.

    3. I share your birth year, yet lack the constant penchant for whining. Maybe you should crawl back to your safe space.

      1. How is stating facts whining? Reason HAS been extremely critical of millenials and they HAVE turned around and wondered why we don’t vote Libertarian. They HAVE written pieces supporting the notion that many of the current “major party” candidates should be voted for by Libertarians with noses held and then turned around, yet again, to say the same candidates are enemies of Liberty. They talk out of both sides of their mouth, so to speak.

          1. You should, considering millenials will be in control of governmnet at all levels within the next 20-30 years whether you like or not.

            1. Also, all this in fighting and inconsistentancy within Libertarian circles pushes people away from the Party. Don’t you want a Libertarian government or are you just here to read the comments?

              1. I don’t want any government.

                1. Wow…so you want The Purge to be an everyday reality. Idiot.

                  1. ” all this in fighting and inconsistentancy within Libertarian circles pushes people away from the Party. “

                    Ahh. “the party

                    1. Elvis Presley is only one of the many people on that list I would like to hang out with.

                    2. Yeah, between Elvis and Jacob “I’m 18, and I’m running for public-office” Mosier we could have a pretty wicked hacky-sack session.

                    3. Speaking of hackey-sacks, in case anyone’s been wondering how Augustus Sol Invictus campaign for US Senate was going?…

                      He released his “LSD Journals” a few days ago…which i presume is part of a “getting to know your candidate”-effort

                      “Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, is an Orlando lawyer who earned some fame as counsel to accused neo-Nazis, then filed to run for the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian. He drew more notoriety last summer for claiming to have drunk goat’s blood as part of a pagan ritual.

                      Now there are his LSD Journals, which contain writings full of pathos, philosophical meditations, classical references, anger and descriptions of imagined violence. The set of writings posted on his campaign website late Sunday evening ends with the words, “Let the Earth be drowned in Blood.”

                      “‘Beneath the silk & steel, the slick hair & friendly eyes Zagreus there lurked. This downtown elegance is all part of the packaging I’ve been using to smuggle in All this Wild F- Culture The veil is now lifted ? the trap is now sprung.’ ‘I am the suburban time bomb detonating downtown at full cultural capacity.'” he stated.

                      So, there’s that.

              2. all this in fighting and inconsistentancy within Libertarian circles pushes people away from the Party

                Not enough circle-jerk. Why can’t you people be more like progressives and give each other blowjobs all day?

            2. So it’s our job to kiss your asses so you’ll inexplicably vote for a powerless, crippled party that you don’t believe in?

              Millennials don’t vote libertarian because they are, by and large, like all preceding generations, not libertarian.

    4. What’s a fucktard?

      1. It’s a bit like a dicktard or a shittard.

    5. Hey, if you got choked on all the smug, do some squats.

    6. Wah wah wah WAH!

    7. You can stop wondering why millennials run from the Libertarian Party…we’re constantly mocked and downplayed

      So you are part of the “millennial collective” when you want to be, but nobody should dare lump you together with those millennials? You make no sense.

  31. The infantilization of British society is at such a thorough extent, and so obvious, that Britons’ totalitarian inclinations outclass any desires our own budding slavers harbor. They expect the force of law to shield them from the displeasure of being exposed to stimuli — be it music, movies, political speech, social commentary, fiction, nonfiction, or whatever else — whose content they find disagreeable, unattractive, or counter to their own convictions.

    Essentially, they’re psychoemotionally infirm, petulant, immoral busybodies. Their only imaginable utility is as organic feed for cattle.

    1. It is hard to believe that these pussies gave the world Syd Vicious, Johnny Rotten, and the Rolling Stones.

      1. As a society becomes more repressive, people who resist that repression become more visible and more extreme. There are always a few.

  32. OT, I’m thinking about buying a handgun when the state gives me some of my money back. Leaning to a model 60, 3 inch barrel. I know some of you fuckgoofs have some taste when it comes to guns and would like some advice. It would be to carry. Not sold on revolvers, just enjoy that simplicity.

    1. A revolver with a 3″ barrel is a good option for carry. I prefer calibers that start with a 4 though. A buddy of mine – really knows guns and how to use them – carries a Taurus in 44 Mag. You can download to 44 Spl if the recoil from the full house loads is too much for you. Do be sure to get a few speedloaders too.

      1. I’ll probably try to shoot a 44 before a purchase, but I’ll look into the Taurus. Thanks!

    2. @colera: Seriously, the first two questions you need to ask of yourself before investing in a gun are:

      1. What am I going to use it for?
      2. How much do I want to spend on it?

      There is an increasing plethora of choices out there, in all price ranges and applicable purposes. I agree a revolver is simple, reliable, and hard to mess up. I carry a Ruger LCR[evolver] whcih can be had for around $330 internet prices [not retail gun store which will run you $400+]. I use the .38+P as a .357 magnum is just too much power for such a small weapon–it would hurt to shoot it and therefore diminish your desire to practice and become proficient with it, which defeats the purpose [although a .357 will also shoot .38 special, if you did not already know that].

      Other choices include semi auto pistols; Guns & Ammo did a review of a bunch of single stack concealed carry pistols last September and the winners were Glock, Walther, and Taurus for consistent reliability [1000 rounds and no failures]. Taurus is a great buy as you can get a 709 Slim or a Millenium G2 for $200 [again, internet prices, use Slickguns.com and search the website for best deals]. I bought the Millenium for my daugher last June and it is very easy to shoot, reliable, and reasonably concealable for $200, 12 round mag [X 2] 9mm.

      Hope this helps. And stay safe and practice.

    3. A revolver is a fine choice. I like my single-action assault revolver in .45 -snark about gun-hatin’ aside, I side with Tejicano’s liking for calibers that start with .4, but I prefer non-magnum rounds. Taurus does make some nice pistols, as does Smith & Wesson. I am also heartily on board with trying to shoot any firearm you are planning on purchasing, prior to purchase.

      1. It’s been a while since I’ve gone near anything starting with that .4. I know I’d need to shoot it again to be sure I can practice with it. Thanks for the advice guys.

  33. “And that’s rather insane for anyone who claims to be sticking up for the rights of the vulnerable, marginalized, or oppressed. ”

    “Claims to be ” does not equal “is actually”.

    There is nothing insane about lying about your motivations. It’s quite sane if most people would find your motivations repellent.

    People have got to stop playing along with the rationalizations progressives make for their crimes.

  34. I am 99% certain that the “pro-rape” comment was a deliberate troll, or a Swiftian hypothetical.

  35. Wait, now UK feminists want to keep pro-rape Middle Easterners out of their country? I wish they would make up their minds.

  36. Meh, we may as well pass this law in the US and be done with it. I’m pretty much a thorough-going defeatist at this point; I wholly expect there to come a time in my lifetime when I will dispute the so-called ‘wage gap’ and this will result in a call to the police and me getting hauled off to federal rape dungeon for ‘anti-woman hate speech.’ Meanwhile, a gender studies ‘scholar’ can endorse the mass castration of men ad get tenure for it. The world we live in.

  37. A little background that the article doesn’t give-

    The hysteria stems from a widespread belief that Roosh and his followers are “rape advocates,” due to an obvious troll entry on Roosh’s blog suggesting that if rape were legal on private property, women would be more inclined to exercise caution in whom they went home with. He since clarified that the post was a thought experiment and not a literal policy proposal, but the idea stuck that he and his followers advocate for rape.

    There’s some obvious bitterness and whacky political views among his ilk, no doubt, but ultimately what these SJWs are getting hysterical about is some guys meeting up to have a few beers and talk about trying to get laid.

  38. 1. Proggie SJWs bitch and moan about a non-issue I never would have been aware of. 2. Said bitching and moaning causes Reason to run a piece highlighting the idiocy and hypocrisy of the left on this issue. 3. In attempt to make up my own mind on the matter, I Google the chauvinist shit lord in question. 4. I determine that it is in my rational self interest to spend $20 on his product purporting to teach men how to have sexual success with women, primarily just to vote with my dollars and stick it to these Damn libtards. 5. In addition to supporting a cause I never would have known existed without the sanctimonious self-righteousness of the young left, I now am less of a hopeless loser with lady types. 6. Shit…did proggie SJWs just get me laid??? 7. Transmogrify myself into a socialist. YOU WIN THIS ROUND, CHAIRMAN

  39. ..followers of his “Neomasulinity” movement.

    Neo-LowIQ, Neo-NotGoodAtAnything, Neo-WastesOfOxygen.

    Complete dipshits, unaccomplished in anything worthwhile… including getting laid (how could they need a support group of fellow failure males otherwise?)

    & I thought in Israel you can’t just misrepresent yourself or pretend to be someone else (ie Jewish) to get laid? Over there, that’s statuatory rape, or was..

  40. Ironically, the word “cunt” would probably be left alone, as it’s directed at both men and women over there.

  41. Ban Feminism

  42. Have any of those queermo Canadian mayors ever been inside, say, a hockey dressing room?
    It would probably put this jagov’s rapey talk to shame.

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  44. Ever since women have taken ownership of their bodies and stopped covering them, men have been shaming them into shaving their body hair, reasserting the power-dominance by forcing women to present as pre-pubescent, hairless children. Men have gone so far as to claim that it is not only aesthetically more pleasing, but also more “sanitary”, even though male body hair is never even indirectly considered UNsanitary. The creepy implication that men want to fuck women who look like children aside, we are forced as a society to deal with the other side of the coin: the open display of male body hair. It wasn’t enough to force women to shave. The power dynamic had to be highlighted by unbuttoned shirts displaying hairy chests and the prevalence of tank tops whenever weather permits. And of course, the main offender – beards. Not only do men display body hair in general to assert dominance, the beard is culturally regarded everywhere as the ultimate symbol of toxic, violent “masculinity”. Beards are microaggression.

    Okay, guys, here’s the fun part: Parody? Bet you can’t tell. It’s a Poe’s Law Party!

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