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Brown University Renames Columbus Day "Indigenous People's Day"

When will people stop taking the Ivy League so super-cereal?


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Rhode Island's Brown University has long been recognized as a punchline for virtually any and every joke about political correctness (its reputation as a safety school for the dimmer lights of the Kennedy clan also doesn't help people take it more seriously).

Now the school has officially renamed Columbus Day as "Indigenous People's Day." The school stopped using the term Columbus Day back in 2009. Yesterday, the faculty voted for the new name, citing the following reasons:

Prior to the vote, faculty discussed the following goals presented by NAB [Native Americans at Brown] when advocating for the change:

to express the need for opportunities to increase visibility of Native Americans and recognition of Native Americans at Brown; to celebrate the contributions of indigenous communities and cultures; and to acknowledge a legacy of displacement and oppression of Native American peoples.

Full account here (hat tip: Insider Higher Ed).

As a private university, Brown is of course welcome to do whatever it wants for the most part and the faculty's stated goals are all swell by me. Just 0.4 percent of the undergrad student body (and just 0.1 percent of the grad student body) identify as "American Indian of Alaska Native." But there's an irony here, too, that goes beyond simple political correctness, as the elite (read: expensive) educational institution is brushing aside one commemoration of ethinc aggrievement for another.

Columbus Day is far less a celebration of the New World's objectively racist and morally awful "discoverer" than it is a celebration of Italian Americans (the Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain, arguably the most brutal of the European colonial powers in the Americas). Although the first celebration took place in 1792, it only became a national holiday (and one fully attached to Italian Americans) in 1937, after intense lobbying by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization highly identified with Italians. In other words, Columbus Day is an ethnic-heritage celebration every bit as fake—and purely American—as St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo.

While Italian Americans have faced nothing like the systematic discrimination that Native Americans have, it's not as if they've been in the driver's seat for much of American history, especially when the nation's worst crimes were being waged against Indians. For instance, Italians were singled out not only as a reason for New York City's early 20th century gun-control laws (they come from the land of the vendetta, don't you know, and are really emotional!) and were targeted by explicitly racist immigration laws passed in the 1920s (Africa begins at Rome and all that, amirite?).

So while Brown's overwhelmingly wealthy students and faculty congratulate themselves for pushing aside one relatively powerless ethnic group in the name of an even more powerless group, they might at least give a nod to the idea that pitting groups against one another like this is exactly how the really powerful keep their own power from being challenged.

Take it away, Sopranos:

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  1. I am profoundly grateful that I had a couple of decades to profit from my Ivy League degree before the Ivy League decided to devalue its product so thoroughly.

    1. I thought all the value of attending an Ivy League school was in the connections you make, rather than the “education” you receive.

        1. The “connections”. Heh.

          1. “Connections” can be made at any school and are probably best made at the big state schools, rather than in the up-tight Ivy League.

            1. and are probably best made at the big state party schools

              1. Hey. That thing we talked about… It should work now. You know, that thing. Give it a try. That thing. Which totally isn’t sex-related whatsoever.

      1. An Ivy League degree used to be referred to as a permanent suntan; and pretty much a guarantee of getting an interview for any job you were remotely qualified for.

        As the Ivies have changed to social justice and state employee factories, though, I doubt that even the connections you make are nearly a valuable as they used to be.

        1. So then, the degree at least guarantees you a cushy government job with an early retirement and big pension? Still sounds like a pretty good deal.

        2. Of course, if “social justice” or “state employee” is your goal…

        3. There are a lot of people in my office that refuse to interview anyone with an Ivy League degree for entry level jobs.

  2. Columbus stole America, lol, these idiots are a parody of themselves.

    If you don’t like it, all you move back to Europe where you came from, or Asia, or Africa. You can do something! Get the fuck out of here, you psychopaths!

    1. Pretty much what I was thinking.

      Just like talking to a self-loathing trust-fund baby who goes on about the glories of socialism: fine, give your money away, but don’t demand that I do the same.

      1. Me, I’m staying, my DNA results confirm that I’m 1/64th native American! I’m oppressed, whiteys!

        1. I had always heard our family has Native American blood, but my DNA showed I’m slightly whiter than chalk.

        2. Here is 1/64th of a small pox infected blanket…

          1. Without the blanket.

    2. Go back to Germania!

      1. You know who…oh never mind.

  3. Don’t they already have a month?

    1. Yeah, give these people a month, and they’ll take a . . . day?

      1. Don’t confuse them with your euro-centric “calendars” and “numbers.”

        1. The Mayans had a perfectly fine calendar and base-20 numerical system.

          1. Their calendar didn’t have Columbus day on it. I’d hardly call that “perfectly fine”

            1. I think that is clear proof that the Mayans were a more progressive people.

              1. They invented Zero as a conduct score for not cheering at human sacrifices.

  4. Maybe Lisa should have actually looked forward to getting into Vassar.

    Ugh. Nevermind.

    1. There are normal people at Vassar, too. But yeah…

      1. Sooooo… Crusty went to Vassar? It doesn’t show.

        1. haha no. Let’s nip that in the hemp bud right now.

    2. You can’t fool me – that’s from The Onion.

    3. I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar-bashing!

      1. And I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar-deferens!

    4. That is awesome. I wonder which is a better way to die. Being shot by a rifle, or being eaten by a coyote.

  5. Eh. I don’t have much of a problem with this. It’s culture war nonsense. Columbus was a fascist religious cunt whose men committed rape and murder, so I don’t have much of a problem not supporting him.

    Of course, the indigenous peoples at the time were also fascist religious cunts who frequently cut the hearts out of virgins, so it’s not like either group particularly deserves to be honored. One group of fascist religious cunts just happened to have guns so they did a bit better than the other.

    1. It does bear repeating that indigenous peoples are pretty much universally awful when it comes to individual liberty.

      1. So are progtard college students, so I guess it makes sense.

      2. But . . . the gamboling!

        1. Don’t say that word three times into your monitor. You’ll summon…. it.

        2. No more. Now it’s just gambling.

    2. Well, considering it was spain’s central mission to spread the empire and its requisite Catholic teachings to every corner of the globe, I’m not sure Columbus bears some type of unique blame considering the times.

      Yes, I know, Paul. == worse than hitler.

      1. “Well, considering it was spain’s central mission to spread the empire and its requisite Catholic teachings to every corner of the globe, I’m not sure Columbus bears some type of unique blame considering the times.”

        It was Germany’s central mission to get lebensraum and kill the Jews, so does Goebbels not deserve some blame?

        1. Is there any evidence that columbus’s and/or Spain’s central mission was to systematically wipe out the world’a non-Spanish, non-Catholic population through a pogrom of industrial scale murder?

          1. Well, they didn’t waste much time turning all of South America into a gigantic slave plantation.

            1. Those Spanish monocles don’t Polish themselves, Irish.

              I certainly agree that there’s plenty of evidence columbus was personally a dickhead. The Spanish crown actually removed him for incompetence and general douchebaggery.

          2. Is there any evidence that columbus’s and/or Spain’s central mission was to systematically wipe out the world’a non-Spanish, non-Catholic population through a pogrom of industrial scale murder?

            Well, there is actually a great deal of correspondence from that era left by the conquistadors. They range from “We need to wipe out these fucking savages through blood, fire, and rape” to “God forgive us for what we are doing to these people”. While the views of individual conquistadors were diverse, as Irish alludes to, if there was an explicit mission statement held by the Spanish court, it was “make as much money as possible through slaves and plantation crops by any means necessary”.

            1. there was an explicit mission statement held by the Spanish court, it was “make as much money as possible through slaves and plantation crops by any means necessary”

              Which ultimately led to the ruination of the Spanish (and Portuguese) Empires and the present day second-world status of Spain and Portugal.

              For some reason, stealing wealth does not produce lasting prosperity…

    3. I would have no problem with it if they picked a different day to celebrate it. Like Gillespie implied, it’s more of a slam against Italians than anything else.

      1. I don’t think anyone really considers Columbus Day to be mostly celebrating Italians. Why not just create a St. Francis Day where we all sit around eating pastrami and drinking wine and pretending to be Italian? It works for the Irish.

        1. I don’t think anyone really considers Columbus Day to be mostly celebrating Italians.

          It most certainly is in NYC if the Columbus Day parade is anything to go by.

        2. I have never thought of it as an Italian thing and never realized it was until I saw that episode of the Sopranos.

        3. But pastrami is Jewish! Oh wait, so is corned beef. Never mind.

          1. Oh my God, pastrami isn’t Italian?!?

            I just assumed it was because I am a racist and think everything ending in an I must be from Italy.

            1. Well, I know that it’s Jewish delis that are famous for it, and according to Wikipedia it was introduced the US by Romanian Jews. I just thought it would be funny to have both Irish and Italians celebrating their ethnicity with Jewish food.

              1. I’d like to have a National Latke Day. Damn those things are like crack.

            2. Damn, I thought it was Italian too.

        4. Like Zeb, I didn’t really make the connection until that episode of Sopranos, and I’m half Italian.

          But we’re fully white people now, so we don’t need any honorary days.

      2. Meh. I don’t think the average college student gives two shits about Italians one way or the other. I doubt the idea has even crossed their little minds, as most are indoctrinated into lumping all white men into one homogenous group.

        This is just another incidence of your standard ZOMG DEAD NATIVZ IZ TEH BAD! proggy social-signaling.

        1. True, you can substitute “white people” for Italians and see where they’re coming from.

          1. Yeah but True Whites don’t consider Italians white – to close to Africa.

            1. “You see this watch?”

    4. Were people in the Caribbean cutting out hearts?

  6. When will people stop taking the Ivy League so super-cereal?

    For fuck’s sake, Nick! Are you, outside of the confines of your nuptial chambers, a 12 year old girl? No? Good. Now stop with this shit.

    1. Hey old man, he is speaking directly to us millennials. If you don’t like it you can gtfo. l8er, dood.

        1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    2. Nick needs to learn from Welch. Matt Welch writes like a grown-up, Nick seems to be desperately refusing to do so.

      1. Nick’s hoping the hot millenials will stop calling him grandpa.

    3. Gotta agree here. It’s getting annoying.

      1. Would you say it’s not okay?
        /bites Paul’s lip

        1. That, and problematic too.

          1. Totes problematic.

  7. Also:

    “For instance, Italians were singled out not only as a reason for New York City’s early 20th century gun-control laws (they come from the land of the vendetta, don’t you know, and are really emotional!)”

    This reminds me of the Slate article that basically said it’s okay for people in rural Missouri (read – white hicks) to have guns because they don’t shoot each other, but it’s bad for St. Louis to have guns because of DRIVE BYS AND DRUG WARS, OMG.

    We can’t trust blacks with guns so I guess we should jail them all if they possess firearms was the basic argument. Gun control arguments get pretty racially problematic when you dig deep enough.

    1. You know who else is a racist?

      1. What was that? Sorry, I was distracted by my hatred of everyone hailing from outside the British Isles.

        I still don’t consider Italians to be white, incidentally.

        1. British Isles? Go back to Ireland.

      2. Woodrow Wilson?

      3. Margaret Sanger?

  8. “Native American” is at least as bad as “Indian”. Just sayin’.

    1. “Native American Indian” it is then.

    2. Can we bring back “abo”?

      1. And “squaw”?

    3. I’ve never met any American Indians who were offended by being called “Indians”. If you want to be all correct and respectful, call them by the name of their actual tribe (if they have one). It’s not as if American indigenous peoples were one unified culture by any means.

      1. I think it’s mainly the Elizabeth Warren Native Americans that get upset when referred to as Indians

      2. I live in Oklahoma, know many literally card-carrying tribe members, and nearly all of them use the term “Indian”.

    4. I think that the Canadian “First Nations” name is the silliest.

      They aren’t the first nations. They were the last nations before the Europeans took over.

      1. You and your whitesplaining.

        1. It’s just my western, patriarchal notion of linear time.

  9. I am ok with getting rid of Columbus’ name. We should be living in the United States of Vinland right now anyway.

    (Having said that, people forget that Leif Erickson was a *gulp* Christian, unlike his father who held on to his ancestral Gods.)

    1. If we’re going down that route, in actually we should be living in the United States of Fusang right now anyway. And people forget that Zheng He was a Muslim eunuch too.

      1. Point is, there are many “claims”…all retarded.

        1. I know, I just like stirring up shit when this whole Columbus thing comes around. 😉

      2. Shouldn’t that more appropriately be the Warring States of America?

      3. The difference is there is no evidence Zheng He ever crossed the ocean in this direction, but we did find Vinland.

    2. “God bless Vespuciland!”

  10. When will President’s Day be renamed to Old White Slaveowner’s Day?

    1. Don’t be giving them ideas….

    2. Probably replace it with Josef Stalin Day, so we can honor a real hero of the powerless.

    3. Well, since it is a combo of Washington and Lincoln, it’s only half that.

      1. “Old White Racist’s Day”

        1. Well, that’s pretty much every holiday, isn’t it?

          1. Do Jewish holidays count?

  11. In other academic news – this guy wants someone (he isn’t clear) to pay his bills:
    Rationale for the Omnibus American Reparation and Restitution Bill

    1. This guy makes my Bambi-loving Vassar grad sound perfectly sane. Well done.

    2. $10Trillion for “root shock”?

    3. I suspect black people wouldn’t end up particularly well off under that scenario given the massive economic damage that would be done by paying out 15 times the national budget in a single year for reparations.

      Plus, this would hurt everyone else in the country so much that black people would then owe reparations to everyone harmed by the mass inflation black people caused. We could just have competing reparations forever and ever.

      I also love how he comes to his numbers basically out of nowhere. He just makes them up.

    4. $10 trillion for 70 million bales of cotton = $142,857.10 in labor cost per bale. That seems high to me.

    5. If a person has been enslaved, I full support their receiving reparations from the people who enslaved them.

      I wonder how many people in the world don’t have an ancestor somewhere in the past who was enslaved.

  12. Like the Washington Redskins controversy, I have a difficult time understanding when Columbus Day became a travesty. It is really just privileged, bored white people fighting a cause against either an unsympathetic, or fairly apathetic, adversary?

    1. Why don’t these people spend their time and money to help improve life on Indian Reservations?

      1. Because the government isn’t forcing them to, duh.

      2. That would involve more effort than sitting at a computer all day. Who’s going to do that?

      3. No need to get their hands dirty. They are voting for Bernie and he will make someone else pay to improve reservation life.

      4. My wife was a garden-variety progressive until she went to teach on a reservation. She became more of a liberaltarian after three years there–her basic observation was, “They get a ton of government money and all sorts of programs, and they can’t produce anything like a functional society.” It wasn’t hard to show her the direct connection between the government providing everything you could ask for and how it infantilizes a population, particularly one that was never fully equipped to adapt to European-style societies.

        Oh, and Tecumseh, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were xenophobes on the wrong side of history.

    2. I understand there are longstanding rivalries between Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans on some of these issues.

      If the school district is going to give kids Columbus Day off, then the Irish parents aren’t going to send their kids to school on St. Patrick’s Day. I hear it’s like that.


      My understanding is that certain Italian-Americans see Columbus Day as their St. Patrick’s Day, and who’s to argue with them? Can you imagine what would happen if they started declaring St. Patrick’s Day racist?

      I’m happy to see progressives alienate key constituencies. I don’t cheer when Obama forces nuns to pay for birth control any more than I’m glad to see him violate anyone else’s Constitutional rights, but when stuff like this happens, maybe it’ll wake these people up.

      Hey Knights of Columbus! The progressives–the people you vote for–they’re calling you a bunch of racists.


  13. Changing the name of Columbus Day is bigoted against Catholics and racist against Irish-Americans and, especially, Italian-Americans.

    Oh, and changing the name of Columbus Day is also pro-Ku Klux Klan.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_of_Columbus #Persecution_by_the_Ku_Klux_Klan

    Also, I’m not sure, but remembering 9/11 may be bigoted against Muslims. I mean, if it isn’t already, it soon will be somewhere.

  14. “Fighting terrorism since 1492”. HA

    The Iroquois and the Algonquins were fighting each other as far back as any evidence survives. The Iroquois also fought the Huron (and several other “proto-Iroquoian” tribes).\

    Hell the Comanche owe their name from the Ute language kimantsi which means…….enemy.
    The Comanche pushed out the Lipan Apache and defeated them in a nine day battle in 1723.

    The Navajo and Apache both migrated into the SW US from Alaska, Canada and the Pacific NW only between 400-600 years ago (depending on the source) They pretty much just pushed out or “assimilated” those other indigenous tribes that lived there before they did.

    Europeans came to this continent and were assholes a great deal of the time. Just like everybody else. They just had the technology to do it relatively fast and in a very large scale.

  15. So Lifetime Network is doing a TV movie of the Agatha Christie Novel And Then There Were None or as it was originally titled “The Ten Little Indians”. The original title is also the title of an English nursery rhyme. In the trailer for the show the narrator recites the nursery rhyme except it has been changed to “Ten Little Soldiers”, because apparently even saying the word “Indian” is just too much for the modern ear.

    The whole thing is fucking pathetic. I have known and dealt with Indians my entire life and I have never ran into one who didn’t call himself an Indian. The only people I have ever met who were offended by the term were stupid white people who had never met a real Indian in their lives.

    1. Umm why are you watching Lifetime?

      1. That’s what I was thinking.

      2. Because sometimes I have to embrace my famine side. Is there anything wrong with that?

        Actually, I saw the trailer on the History Channel War and Peace, which is running right now. Apparently, War and Peace is also running on Lifetime and the two networks are shilling for each other’s shows during it.

        1. “Because sometimes I have to embrace my famine side. ”

          Your posts are the best.

          1. Do you know how fat those shows make you feel?

        2. You can try fasting to get in touch with your famine side. I highly recommend that over watching Lifetime.

          1. You are just a hater.

            1. I admit it.

      3. I think he watches because he knows “curvy” women watch it.

    2. It was actually originally published with the title Ten Little Niggers. “Indians” seems like a good compromise.

      As far as I can tell “Indian” is a perfectly acceptable term, in the US at least. Canadians seem to be weird about it.

      1. I didn’t know that Zeb. And Indian is not very acceptable in Washington. People look at me like I dropped an N bomb when I use the term. Not quite that badly but it is definitely not used.

        In Oklahoma, where there are actual Indians, in contrast, the term is totally acceptable.

        1. And Indian is not very acceptable in Washington.

          I’m sure. I was thinking more of among actual Indians and normal people.

        2. Oklahoma resident. Can confirm.

      2. And Then There Were None was actually the first title used for US editions, according to Wikipedia.

        So perhaps the name change isn’t so egregious. Though I think more people do know it by the Ten Little Indians title, so I would have stuck with that.

    3. John, if you do not have a wife in the house and you actually have the channel on Lifetime for more than the nano second it takes to channel surf past it, we are deeply concerned about you. I hear there’s a support group for guys who have started watching Lifetime.

      My wife watches that sometimes, and it appears to be the same 2 films all of the time. In one of them an evil guy is oppressing a saintly woman who tries to escape. In the other one, an evil corporation is trying to steal Christmas, but a saintly woman is trying to stop it. That’s pretty much it.

      1. You are forgetting the other Lifetime standard; the innocent woman sent to prison movie. Maybe they have changed but it seems like every time I have ever flipped by the network the show involved an innocent woman in prison.

        And as I say above, they are running War and Peace along with the History Channel and shilling their shows during the History Channel airings.

        1. I think that one is on Pornhub not lifetime. And I don’t think she is all that innocent.

        2. I stand corrected, there is the saintly woman goes to prison one.

      2. As best as I can tell, Lifetime is pretty hard anti-feminist. The show my wife always ends up watching is the one about the poor, down on her luck woman who finally manages to snag a rich husband to save her. There are approximately 30 versions of that show.

        1. Don’t be such a hater. She deserved to marry someone for their money, because equality.

      3. John, if you do not have a wife in the house and you actually have the channel on Lifetime for more than the nano second it takes to channel surf past it, we are deeply concerned about you.

        I’d still worry even with a wife.

    4. Do they at least keep the original ending? The movie I saw changed it so it had a happier ending and it was filmed over half a decade ago. Filmmakers have had a low opinion of the intelligence of filmgoers for a long time

      1. Since it is a murder mystery, they don’t give away the ending in the trailer. Since it hasn’t yet, aired, I have no idea.

  16. *Technically* speaking, Chris wasn’t Italian-Italian given Italy hadn’t consolidated its power (even though its merchants/bankers pretty much bankrolled exploration) when he was around. He was Genoese as Nick points out and back then that shit mattered to them. Genoa and Venice, for example, were mortal enemies and fought for trade route supremacy.

    1. Didn’t Dante’s Inferno have its tortured characters represented by officials and leaders from rival city states in Italy?

  17. I am native american. I have been lurking here at reason for a few years . Some may remember me as Blogmi Dei and the infamous “tow/toe the line” incident. However, Indian, IS considered offensive to every native I know.

    What I would like to say is just this: There are a lot more Natives than most people think. 25000 Tlingit in my tribe alone up here in Alaska. I know that just my tribe is a small demographic compared to the rest of America but it is terribly noticeable how Euro-Centric most of America is.

    I know many wanted us to not exist, BUT WE FUCKING EXIST assholes (asshole to the mass of people that enable and continue the meme that the American Indian / Native no longer exists and is only a history book / disney character.)

    I am trying hard to be a Libratarian. Help me along?

    1. Hey man, I’m on your side. Columbus was a statist slaving monster. Solidarity.

      1. Thanks Irish, but Columbus day Shlamumbus day. Just please quit thinking that the aboriginal people of pre-columbus america are gone. WE LIVE.

        We Live, We Enlist (11 years overseas Navy), We work (Information Technology 25+ years) and we vote.

        Irish, Nikki, Fist of E, Gilmore, and many others are very fun reads here by the way. The comments ARE what brings me back to REASON. And that can be taken more ways than one.

        1. Don’t trust Irish when he offers you blankets. He has quite a reputation.

          1. Irish is a person that gives something and then they’re dissatisfied and
            they wish they had, had never uh …give, given it to the person that they originally gave it to.

            1. So how does that work with scalps?

              1. Painfully.

    2. I’m from Indian country – just outside the Red Lake Rez – and they tell me they prefer ‘Indian’ if one is unaware of their tribal affiliation.

      1. Man, there are lots of Indian countries. Just look at ALL of ALASKA.

        1. If Indian is offensive, why refer to yourself or the region you’re from as Indian?

          If Indian is offensive, why do you not offer what you would prefer to be called?

          What is a Libratarian?

          1. What is a Libratarian?

            Someone who lends books.

            1. You’re thinking of a librultarian.

            2. I thought it was someone who fucks up hyperlinks.

              1. That’s just one bullet point in the job description. Or arrowhead, whatever.

        2. There’s Indian country and then there’s Indian country : the Red Lake Rez (The Seven Clans of the Ojibwa ) are quite militant. It’s a sovereign nation within the US.

    3. I knew an actual Tlingit who preferred “Indian” to “Native American”, (I think his name was Vince, so you probably know him) perhaps he was an anomaly.

      1. Yeah! I know Vince. He said he was fucking wrong and now hates the nomenclature “indian”

        1. Forgot the /sarc tag sorry

          1. Damn it! You had me there.

    4. I don’t want anyone to not exist, but I don’t like the notion of special rights. The political handouts need to end now. If natives want to be their own nation with their own rules, fine. Negotiate a deal with DC for territory and cut yourself off the teat. Determine your own tax structure and laws. If you want the rights and protections afforded by the US Gov, fine. Cut yourself off the teat and be an American with _____________ ancestry like the rest of us. I’m sorry, but your ancestors’ lands were conquered by foreign powers a long time ago. It’s time to move on.

      1. Naturally, nothing above should be construed as implying that natural rights don’t exist without FedGov.

      2. Yes we have already our own nation and land. Maybe you should go back to where your FATHERS FATHERS FATHERS FATHERS bones are buried.

        Last american hero. you are a cock sucker.

        No need to reply or e-mail.

        I am in the wrong place. And Reason I am sorry for that. I really laughed and enjoyed most of the comments here.

        1. Methinks somebody needs to hit the peace pipe a bit more.

    5. Pfft, I mean, Alaskan natives don’t count. We’re talking buffalo-eaters, not whale-eaters.

    6. I know you’re in Alaska, but just FYSA, “Indian” isn’t considered offensive by.. Indians.
      Granted, it’s stupid how it’s applied to people who aren’t from actual India, but down here people have bigger fish to fry.

      I grew up in Ohio, which has no reservations and extremely little tribal presence at all (a casino did just open in Dayton). So the perception of Indians “no longer existing” is compounded by the lack of physical evidence (IE: live and in the flesh) of Indians, especially among the North/East/Midwest areas where historically almost all natives were pushed out 200 years ago.

      Now, having moved to Oklahoma, it is abundantly clear that Native Americans are present. I’ve even worked contracts for some of the tribes, my wife at a couple casinos. They’re huge employers here, both casinos and federal contracts. Things might be more low-key up there for you, but not down here.

  18. I can be ignorant of things, but I have not ever heard of a Native that does not know what tribe they are. Unless it is one of the Warren people that are 1 part per billion native. I am a tribal member (Tlingit and Haida “Indian” Tribes of Alaska)

    I am sorry people. I just realized that my own tribe STILL has the Indian word in our offical tribal name.

    Everyone native I know still does not like Indian (all the India mistaken identity stuff and all)


    Indian Shmindian Just remember we and I (HOOO HAAA HAAA HAAA) Still exist.

    1. http://ccthita.org/ for anyone’s reading pleasure.

    2. Can you settle a bet for some of us who have been commenting here for some years:

      Do you and/or your tribe in fact gambol?

    3. I think he means if the gringo doesn’t know the native tribe, then he can use the term “Indian” until he has the opportunity to learn the correct nationality.

      At least that is what I learned from my yoga instructor in the sweat lodge.

      1. If a feather and a dot have a child, what would it be called?

    4. My step-mom is Indian (her biological mother lives on the reservation) and she doesn’t mind. It seems like you are taking the opinion of yourself and your social group and assuming it applies to everyone. Plus, Indian is no worse a term than Native American. I’m seven generations native American. Nearly everyone in this thread (excluding the Canadians) is a native American. When people talk about the native population in the immigration debate they aren’t just talking about the Indians.

      I see no reason to cede the native term when I have no more claim to another country or land than you do.

      1. “Autochthonous” is too hard to pronounce.

    5. I know AST, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Lakota, and some others I don’t recall offhand. All use “Indian” and don’t care that white folk do.

  19. Live between two reservations, they call it “Indigenous Peoples Day” and take the day off from school/headstart. And they sell shirts with that “Homeland Security” picture on it. One tribe has “Indian” in there school name.

    Anywho, one of my friends who is Indian had a long talk with me about how government programs on the reservations ruin the people by making it too easy to get by without trying, we agreed on that. However his solution was that government needed to give them more free shit to fix the problems the other free shit caused. He acknowledged the dissonance, but said he still FELT they were owed the free shit. At that point I kind of let the conversation just drift along to another subject…

  20. I know a girl who has a Homeland Security T-shirt like that, except that it has a different picture of Geronimo’s band.

    I live in Oklahoma, by the way. ‘Indian’ seems to be the most commonly used term here, although I’ve met several who call themselves ‘Native’ (and many use both terms). I’ve never heard anyone call themselves ‘Native American’.

    Since I never bring up the subject, I don’t really know which term a lot of people prefer, since I’ve never heard them say one way or another. And often I’ve only heard them refer to their specific tribe. And around here, that can get confusing, since so many people have mixed ancestry. Someone might call himself Otoe one day, and Iowa on another. (That’s pronounced ‘I-owe-way’, by the way. They don’t like it if someone pronounces it like the state.)

    1. The American Indian Movement called themselves American Indians (their name being a give away), so I figure that’s what I should use.

    2. Nice to see someone else in this state who isn’t a religious fascist.

  21. I thought June 26 was Indigenous Peoples Day.

  22. “For instance, Italians were singled out …”

    Surprised no mention made of the biggest lynching in American History. Some dozen of so Italians in New Orleans were the lynchees. That was over a century ago when the Italians, like the Irish and Jews were not considered White. That didn’t happen until some time in the 20th century.

    “that pitting groups against one another”

    Shrill nonsense. The author presents no evidence that either the aboriginal or Italian Americans share any ill feelings towards each other.

  23. While the wisdom of observing Indigenous People’s Day can be debated endlessly, the statement that Brown’s students and faculty are “overwhelmingly wealthy” is grossly inaccurate. In fact, 44 percent of Brown’s undergraduates receive need-based financial aid with an average award of more than $44,000. That leaves 56 percent paying full tuition. Who would consider 56 percent an “overwhelming” proportion?
    Median faculty salaries range from $93,000 for an assistant professor to $166,000 for a full professor. A comfortable salary, sure, but hardly one that screams wealth. This data is all publicly available on Brown’s website. A little research would make your writing a lot more credible.

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