Barack Obama Tells Americans to Fight Islamophobia, Rick Santorum Drops Out, African Mobile Company Hires Eric Holder to Fight Government Fine: P.M. Links



    Speaking during his first visit to a mosque as president, Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia, but did not talk about the role his terror policies might play.

  • Iowa caucus last place finisher Rick Santorum is expected to drop out of the presidential campaign tonight. Meanwhile, Rand Paul said he wouldn't endorse any other Republican presidential candidate during the primaries.
  • A Kansas man pled guilty to charges related to his attempt to bomb an army base in the state.
  • The United Nations stopped trying to organize peace talks with the warring factions in Syria as the government is advancing on the rebel stronghold in Aleppo.
  • MTN, Africa's largest mobile operator, has hired Eric Holder to help them fight a $3.9 billion fine being levied by the Nigerian government.
  • A mid-air explosion forced a plane to return to Mogadishu less than half an hour after taking off.

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  1. The United Nations stopped trying to organize peace talks with the warring factions in Syria as the government is advancing on the rebel stronghold in Aleppo.

    No money in it.

    1. Hello.

      1. Hi, Rufus.

    2. All the kids already have pimps

  2. Melissa Harris-Perry tells of “harrowing near-attack at Iowa Caucuses.”

    So, someone ranty and upset stands kind of close to H-P and talks, then runs away. Ms H-P is traumatized, traumatized I tell you, but luckily escapes unharmed. The derpbook whining is over the top. I deliberately linked to one of the more hyperventilating articles on this.

    1. If you were a rape survivor aurrounded by your class, which presumably includes at least one male of similar stature to the ranter, you’d be fearful, too.

    2. I’m sure she and her students needed to find a safe space after that.

    3. Were they yelling at her to ‘pay your fucking taxes you socialist bitch?’

    4. Hey, man, we have to break through our kind of private idea that broadcast journalists belong to their viewers or they belong to their networks and recognize that broadcast journalists belong to whole communities.

      1. Dear Melissa, you are invited to celebrate the next New Year’s celebrations in Cologne to get some perspective.

        1. ^This. But you know she’d somehow find a way to not blame the MENA perps.

    5. One of the tweets on that link says:

      Mellissa Harris-Perry narrowly escaped being attacked last nig…

      Paging Irish to complete the sentence

    6. “It was horrible. Just horrible. When I returned my apple pie because the time had expired the girl behind the counter looked at the box and then me as if she wanted to rub the hot pie in my face. This is what happens when a racist company like McDonald’s doesn’t pay a living wage.”

      And would.

      1. As long as she takes off the tampon earrings first. Those freak me out.

      2. Srsly, she said that?

        1. Are you saying my satire skills are pretty good?

    7. I do not believe this event happened as she describes it, if at all.

    8. The fact that my alma mater keeps her on its payroll is one of the primary (though far from the only) reasons I don’t support them.

      1. Still live in NC?

        1. She’s not at Tulane anymore?

          The school would definitely benefit from taking down her page on the faculty website, if that’s the case.

          1. Oh shit. You want to school with Tulpa?

            1. Tough to say, as there were a lot of near-illiterate assholes incapable of logical reasoning or independent thought but desperate to let you know their poorly thought-out political opinions. Very easily could have been Tulpa.

              This was over a decade ago, mind you.

          2. She’s at Wake Forest

    9. “He was boisterous. I had been raped in the past. I felt anxious. I complained to the world. I want a say your child’s upbringing.”

    10. I freeze. He speaks. And moves closer. Is there a knife under the coat? A gun? Worse?
      And I can’t hear all the words. But I catch “Nazi Germany” and I catch “rise to power.”

      “I didn’t hear what he said, but I’m pretty sure ‘Nazi’ was in there.”

      Where is the evidence that she escaped an attack? The guy didn’t take a swing or state any intentions.

      That said, the most unbelievable part of her account:

      I had little time to fret because moments later a dozen of my students came tumbling into the lobby, barely able to contain their enthusiasm, literally bursting at the seams with stories of what they had seen and experienced in their caucus locations.

      1. Ridiculous though it may be, my dominant fear was that if this man maimed or killed me my students would fail to achieve the learning outcome of the Wake the Vote program, which is charged with helping them hone tools of democratic deliberation, perspective-taking, conflict resolution, and civic engagement in diverse settings.

        Unless you are even crazier than I suspect, this was not your dominant fear, and you are a shameless blowhard who fetishizes victimization.

        1. She’s not crazy, she really is that selfless and committed to education!

      2. Yeah, I don’t know what could be worse than an Evul Gunz in the mind of a progressive.

    11. Gabriel Arana ?@gabrielarana
      Melissa Harris-Perry’s account of almost being attacked at IA caucuses is terrifying fucking ridiculous.

      Had to fix that for poor ol’ Gabriel.

  3. Irish recently infiltrated the home stadium of the Sacramento Kings, and put offensive anti-black shirts on all of the seats.

    Thankfully one of the players on the team saw the Klan propaganda and had the shirts removed.

    To cover their embarrassment at having been infiltrated by a hate-monger, the team claimed instead that it was an ill-timed celebration of Chinese New Year.

    1. I am like the Napoleon of racism.

      1. Nay, it’s like you’re a modern day Wild Bill Donovan, dropping in behind enemy lines.

      2. Irish, I commented with Tulpa. I knew Tulpa. Tulpa was not a friend of mine. Irish, you’re no Tulpa.

        1. I don’t know what makes you think I’m trying to be Tulpa.

          1. I’ve never seen you drink a Passover Coke.

            1. In all fairness, I buy it all as soon as it’s in stock.

      3. No, you’re like the Napoleon of Dynamite.

      4. I’d say you’re more like the Bilderberg Group of racism. Everywhere and all powerful.

    2. Gojira vs. Irish – is that an Ed Wood movie?

        1. You had me at “two strong, fit Irish Travellers”

    3. Can someone clue me in on the genesis of this “meme”? I tried searching for it the other night, couldn’t find anything. (meme may not be the right word but I’m too lazy to look up the proper one)

      1. The origin isn’t actually funny. The joy comes in the journey.


      2. What really sealed the deal, I mean really sealed it, was this.

        That’s when I knew that this meme was here to stay.

      3. This is the best thread of it so far, IMO.

      4. thanks all

    4. We all know that Irish hates Chinese New Year just as much as black people.

      1. I thought Asian people hated blacks as much as Irish. Not sure what black people have against the lunar new year.

        1. The sum total of my knowledge about that comes from Full Metal Jacket.

          1. Sir, does this mean that Ann Margaret isn’t coming?

    5. I was hoping for poop swastikas.

      1. I was hoping for poop swastikas.

        Call me – I know a guy.

    6. Year of Monkey Tees on 1 st day of Black History Month not a good look.

      JESUS! That was the objection?! Who the fuck but the most paranoid, thin-skinned ninny would even make a connection like that?

      1. All references to primates are racialized now?

        Were Jane Goodall’s studies just transference from wanting the big black cock?

      2. “ninny”

        This sounds racist.

      3. His name was joe. And that’s why he left.

    7. It’s a cultural miscommunication.

      When the Chinese say they’re celebrating the Year of the Monkey, this is what they mean.

      1. I got the bottle
        You got the cup
        Come on everybody let’s get f………

  4. …Santorum is expected to drop out…

    If I had a nickel…

    1. Where is shreek lately? He has spent the last four years telling us how Santorum was going to be the Republican nominee this year because he finished second in 2012 or something.

      1. I heard that he lost a bet.

        1. Yes but sadly he was back around today, babbling incoherently about energy markets and cocaine.

          1. Just briefly. One word replies seem to do the trick.


        2. He was in the AM links. I invite you to check it out.

          1. Once the PM links are here, the AM links are lost in the mists of time.

          2. The only reason he even showed up is ’cause the Dow came back about 180 points today so BOOM, take that Fed naysayers!

            1. I’m taking the week off. I might pop in on Friday before close to see how my Alphabet options are doing.

    2. LOL. And I’m ashamed that I missed that.

      1. Libertarian moment!

    3. Eww! Somebody is going to have to clean that up!

    4. They said “drop out”, not “ooze out”.

    5. The Santorum Super Tuesday Suprise came late this election cycle?

    6. Is there going to be a salty ham tears post?

    7. Iowa caucus last place finisher Rick Santorum

      Umm. Technically Gilmore was last.

      1. Matthew 19:30 ? “…But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first and NO RELATION

  5. Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working

    Goldman wrote: “We are always wary of guiding for mean reversion. But, if we are wrong and high margins manage to endure for the next few years (particularly when global demand growth is below trend), there are broader questions to be asked about the efficacy of capitalism.”

    Much derp ensued.

    1. Yeah, man, it’s the market’s fault your model is wrong.

    2. You know who else asked questions about the efficacy of capitalism?

      1. Mugabe?

      2. Obama?

    3. Translation:
      We might have to make the transition to full cronyism.

    4. I’d hazard a guess that the ever continuing barrage of regulations to market entry by the government and its cronies would lead exactly to the condition of uncharacteristic profit margins. When the barrier to entry is above a certain point you just don’t see hungry new competitors eating the profits of the big and slow entrenched companies. That’s not capitalism at fault though.

    5. Continuous bailouts, zero percent interest rates and record debt hasn’t kept our profits high. Capitalism is in our sights.

  6. Emerson student could face disciplinary action after renting out his dorm room on Airbnb

    Jack Worth, a 19-year-old sophomore studying visual and media arts, listed his room on Airbnb in January. Now, he’s facing potential disciplinary action from the college after Emerson officials say he violated the school’s residential policies.

    “Emerson is a fantastic location,” Worth told “There’s a high level of interest of travel in this neighborhood because it’s so centrally located. I saw this as a way to make some money, but also help some people out.”

    Worth said that Emerson became aware of the listing late last week and told him to remove it Friday. After deleting the page, Worth said he was fined $150 by Airbnb.

    1. The college doesn’t like subletting.

    2. It was very clear in my dorm contract: You can’t sublet, especially to non-students.

      Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.

    3. I wonder how much he made off the subletting. Was it enough to just continuing this practice even while the school takes a $150 cut?

      I wonder, but not so much that I will bother clicking the link and reading the article.

  7. Muskegon couple arrested for Silly String fight in Walmart

    LUDINGTON, Mich. ? A Muskegon couple got themselves in trouble for being “silly” in a Mason County Walmart.

    The Mason County Sheriff says that Samantha Christiansen, 26, and Derek Gomez, 24, are free on bond after getting into a Silly String fight in the store and then leaving without paying for the “multiple” cans that they used in “multiple” aisles.

    After employees demanded the couple pay for the Silly String, which runs about $3 per can, the couple left. The employees called police and a deputy responded and arrested the duo for retail fraud.

    1. Arresting seems like overkill

      1. No, I think in this case it is justified. What they did was no different than shoplifting.

        1. Not just shoplifting. The idiots we offered the opportunity to pay for it and they refused. That’s some deep level derp.

        2. And property damage to a limited degree. There’s going to be a pretty big cleanup effort.


    2. They weren’t arrested for a silly string fight. They were arrested for using a product and then, after being given a chance pay for it, refusing to.

      1. Yeah, it sounds to me they were arrested for theft, which is properly illegal.

        1. I’d be OK with a vandalism charge too.

  8. Iowa caucus last place finisher Rick Santorum is expected to drop out of the presidential campaign tonight.

    Honestly, I’d forgotten he was even still running. Sorry, Eddie, I know this hurts.

      1. Come on, you knew who. That name is now impossible to forget.

  9. MTN, Africa’s largest mobile operator, has hired Eric Holder to help them fight a $3.9 billion fine being levied by the Nigerian government.

    Something something it takes a corrupt politician to know one.

    1. That’s…interesting. I’ve always heard that black Africans are not as impressed by black Americans to the degree to which the Americans think they should be. Also, Holder is, AFAIK, trained in US law, not Commonwealth Law. Don’t know what it takes to register to lobby over there. Suspect he’ll get a good shakedown from the locals.

    2. They’ll finally root out the endemic racism in the Nigerian telecom regulatory industry.

      1. I hear that they’re cowards.

  10. So who is more delusional: Nick Gillespie or Ernst Thalmann in 1932?

    1. Nick isn’t delusional, just very dishonest.

      1. Oh come on, he’s neither. His job is to cheerlead libertarianism, and that’s what he does. Granted, sometimes he doesn’t have much to work with, but hyping things (up to a point) isn’t dishonesty or evidence of delusion.

        1. I see your point, but how would you characterize Debbie Wasserman Schultz then?

          1. I’ll grant you that Nick probably has a 30 IQ point lead on her.

          2. I’d say Debbie is just a partisan mouthpiece, so yeah, that’s dishonest and/or deluded. But Nick isn’t like that.

          3. Really fucking ugly with a dash of stupid…

        2. Granted, sometimes he doesn’t have much to work with

          He’s speaking to an audience of 22 people, some of whom vote. Who? Whom? Which? that? Fuck it.

  11. Vermont tattoo shop offers free Bernie Sanders tattoos

    WINOOSKI, Vt., Feb. 3 (UPI) — A tattoo shop in Vermont is offering free tattoos to allow visitors to express their support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Aartistic Inc tattoo shop in Winooski is offering a free tattoo that shows the outline of the top of the socialist Senator’s head for anyone who requests one.

    “We wanted to support him someway and with the caucus coming up there was a rumor that there’s a shop in New Hampshire that’s giving away Donald trump tattoos … and we just couldn’t have that,” owner Tyre Duvernay told News10.

    1. I fully support all attempts by idiots to advertise that they are idiots, so that i may more easily avoid interacting with them.

      1. Hopefully they make them get it on the neck or face, so that it is readily visible.

    2. I’m going to New Hampshire and getting Trump tattooed on one ass cheek, then I’m going to Vermont and getting Bernie tattooed on the other ass cheek.

      1. And just leave Paul Ryan in the middle?

        1. That’s where his 1040 long form goes.

          1. Get it sideways, with your ass crack as the mouth.

      2. Get them positioned so that when you flex, they kiss.

    3. You know who else gave out free tattoos?

      1. Mr. Roarke?

    4. “Can you use it to cover up this ‘Hope and Change’ tattoo…?”

      1. That’s racist.

    5. Vermont tattoo shop offers free Bernie Sanders tattoos

      Aren’t Bernie tattoos a human right?

    6. So who’s giving away free Hillary tattoos? Just asking for a friend.

    7. Ironically, it’s the Citizens United case that ensured their right to do this. If Burnie got what he wanted, they could face legal action for having done this. The irony is just so sweet.

    8. I saw someone on facebook asking for people to donate to Bernie Sanders. I wanted to reply “I think someone else should pay for that.”

      1. I dont have derpbook but was wondering if someone has derpbook friends or use a troll account on the BS fbook page….if they could ask why Bern needs all that campaign cash when children are starving in this country?

  12. Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia

    That’s at least a microaggression against Hindu-Americans. What do you call the next higher form of cultural insensitivity?

    1. Given that the most violent Islamaphobes in the world today seem to be Muslims, are we supposed to fight Islamaphobia by killing the Shia or the Sunni? Or do we just alternate on an odd/even schedule?

    2. Women in the World: Op-Ed Says President’s Mosque Visit Is ‘Tacit Acceptance’ of ‘Gender Apartheid’

      The op-ed posted on the New York Times-affiliated site said Barack Obama’s Wednesday visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was “a step backwards” because of gender segregation at many mosques.

      1. The imam is also vehemently against any sort of reform movement within Islam, stressing in particular that the worst thing for Muslims to do in response to homosexuality is just say “It doesn’t bother me.”

    3. I just hate the PC terms “Islamophobia” and “xenophobia.” It’s not an “irrational fear” when someone really is out to get you, nor is it irrational to not want your country swamped by poor illegal aliens from the Third World.

      But if we are going to have such terms, let’s have some of our own. “Libertyphobia,” that sort of thing.

    4. Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia

      So he’s urging us to possibly kill people in the name of religion?

  13. A mid-air explosion forced a plane to return to Mogadishu less than half an hour after taking off.

    Goddamn libertarians!

    1. Somehow this will also be the fault of poorly maintained roads.

  14. Obama is always and forever about looking down on Americans and lecturing them. Of course Americans have to “fight Islamiphobia”. Obama has never once said Muslims bear any responsibility for doing something about the extremism in their religion.

    1. Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

      A reading from the Religion of Peace? – Quran (9:29)

      1. 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
        10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
        10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
        10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

        1. This is fun:

          Bukhari (52:73) – “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords’.”

        2. Big difference between that and a call to attack non-believers.

          When Peter used the sword, Jesus castigated him.

        3. How long have you been sitting on that particular misleading bullshit?

    2. I’ve constantly heard from progs that the biggest victims of Islamic extremists are Muslims. So what are Muslims doing that is so Islamophobic?

      1. Islam is a violent cult. When there are no kaffirs around, they turn on each other in purity disputes. Kind of like Libertarians in that regard.

        1. I was thinking college progs.. we get along here, we yokels and cosmos. Reasonably well.

          1. But seriously fuck the People’s Front of Judea!



      2. Being a victim doesn’t mean taking action to improve your life, Mazakon. Being a victim is about whining for other people to feel bad and give you free stuff.

        For God’s sake, did you even pay attention in Prog 101?

    3. It is very odd isn’t it? He seems to get more pissed over perceived “Islamophobia” then he did over the Paris terror attacks.

      1. Or Fort Hood or what happened in California.

    4. Well look at how many Americans openly supported those foreign Islam haters Charlie Hebdo last year.

      If it is wrong to distrust Muslims in general for the violence their militant coreligionists get up to then it is equally wrong to hold Americans in general responsible for whatever may have occurred to Muslims. You can say it unjust to collectivize guilt for one demographic while proclaiming another guilty. The habit of using “__-phobia” is poison pill rhetoric. It must stop.

      1. Are you phobiaphobic?

  15. …Rand Paul said he wouldn’t endorse any other Republican presidential candidate during the primaries.

    He’s going to filibuster the primaries instead!

  16. North Korea besieges South with balloons filled with used toilet paper as propaganda war turns dirty

    North Korea’s propaganda war with the south has taken a turn for the dirty after the Kim Jong-un -lednation launched a wave of vile ‘poo bombs’ at his bitter rivals.

    The Supreme Leader is thought to have told authorities to send the balloons filled with used toilet paper, cigarette butts and dirty tissues.

    Equipped with a timer and an explosive device, the muck-filled balloons are designed to blow up and drop their filthy load in South Korea.

    The dispute escalated after North Korea carried out its fourth underground nuclear test on January 6, prompting the South to send balloons carrying propaganda.

    1. Biological warfare?

      1. Bragging that they’ve got so much toilet paper they can afford to just throw it away after one use.

        1. Venezuelans are jealous of the rich bounty of TP the Norks possess

      2. Technically, yes.

      3. I don’t think the Norks’ feces have enough nutrients to support any bacteria.

    2. Is Ron Paul and Raimondo have a happy.

      1. Fucked that up.

        Ron Paul and Raimondo have a happy.

    3. So an actual nation-state is engaged in an activity that could well have been a scene out of Van Wilder.

      Almost makes me like those silly NorKs.

    4. So even North Korea can beat Venezuela in the TP department?

    5. I didn’t know they had toilet paper in Tonytopia.

    6. I’m picturing the meeting where Kim’s advisors are brainstorming and somebody comes up with this one.

      1. Dear Leader does not allow brainstorming as no brain is capable of storming like Dear Leader’s. This was obviously his own magnificent perfect genius idea of all time.

  17. Am I to understand that MTN fell for a 419 scam and then went to Eric Holder to bail them out? If I have to pive in Stross’s world, why couldn’t it be the Eschaton universe?

    1. Fun fact: Stross canned the planned sequel to Rule 34 after Ed Snowden obsoleted its plot several years early.

    2. The answer to your first question is yes. As for your second, I have absolutely no idea what you said.

      1. As for your second, I have absolutely no idea what you said.

        Two book series from Charlie Stross. The Eschaton universe is space opera set post-Singularity. Loads of fun and worth your time. Too bad there won’t be any more set there.

        He has the best settings—the gigantic flat water world of Missile Gap, the Eschaton, the Cthulhu-mythos inspired A Colder War—that he uses for one or two stories, then tosses them away. I don’t get it.

  18. Pornhub’s New Strip Poker Website Takes Care Of All Your Vices At Once

    A popular porn portal is thrusting into a new venture — online gambling.

    On Monday, officially opened the aptly named Pornhub Casino, an online gambling casino where participants can play roulette, Blackjack and even strip poker.

    Most of the croupiers are Costa Rica women, but occasionally well-known porn stars like Monique Alexander or Dani Daniels are expected to fly down and work the roulette wheel or blackjack tables.

    The idea of combining sex and gambling is a long time coming for Pornhub, according to vice president Corey Price.

    “Our users know a thing or two about having a good time online, so when a casino company approached us with an opportunity to blend gambling with porn, we had to consider it seriously,” he said by email. “We decided to take a gamble –pun intended — and go ahead with the idea.”

    1. I don’t know about you but I don’t really want to play strip poker with the typical person who frequents porn hub.


        1. Good. That makes two of us.

      2. Likely it will be a few girls and mostly users. If the girls lose they have to take off clothing while the users lose money if they lose.

    2. You’re a porn company and the only pun you can come up with relates to gambling?

      What a bunch of wankers.

      1. They shot their wad.

      2. No kidding. That pun sucked even harder than this one did.

      3. Something, something, liquor in the front, poker in the back

    3. Visionaries…and some of their porn is ok.

  19. http://captaincapitalism.blogs…..ftist.html

    Sad but depressingly true post.

    1. I’d go see “White Shaft” in the theater.

      1. Me too. That would be awesome.

        1. You can already rent it. It is called Roadhouse.

          1. *claw clap*

          2. Richard Widmark is underrated.

    2. Is it any real surprise? Companies don’t want competition. Regulations keep competition down (if not out entirely).

      Or a free labor market – they’d rather have the government make up the difference between the wages they pay and what a person needs to get by one, with the government paying for worker’s food via food stamps and health care via Obamacare (or socialized medicine).

      1. Where does the government’s money come from?

  20. Something must be done to get millennials into national parks……..illennials

    1. Top comment:

      “Jerome Santiago ? 3 hours ago

      Nope. You either like Mother Nature at face value, or it’s not meant for you. Do the Parks system a favor, stay home, slap on some skinny jeans, rub in some beard oil and continue drowning yourselves in room temperature narcissism. For the females, curl up on the couch and bury your faces in your cell phones while you text the person sitting next to you as you throw out two fingers and duck lips for a never ending reel of forgettable selfies, and leave the woods to the grownups.”

      Which one of you misanthropes is Jerome Santiago?

      1. That is like the comment of the decade so far.

      2. Nope. You either like Mother Nature at face value, or it’s not meant for you.

        Or visiting a National Park is just one of many possible recreational activities you can engage in, which some people are passionate about but most are not.

      3. Thank you, Mr. Santiago. The only thing the National Parks need less than more millenials is more aging boomers desperately attempting to appeal to millenials.

        1. more aging boomers desperately attempting to appeal to millenials

          Isn’t that what is for?

          1. This, I can peruse a few fetching young things, but most won’t actually fuck me.

    2. “alan9074 ? 7 hours ago
      Sorry, but millennials are too busy working for low pay, no vacation days, and\or paying off tens of thousands in student debt to drive a car which they may well not even have to go to one of your precious national parks.
      1 ? Reply?Share ?

      Joch C. alan9074 ? 6 hours ago
      All of these smart academics, politicians, economist, corporate leaders don’t seem to realize, discretionary time and money is the only way to make an economy operate. Trickle down, trickle up, makes no difference to me so long as I have something to spend. Millennials are merely being trickled on, and it aint rain, if you know what I mean.”

      This is some high level retardation.

      1. I especially love the second guy. No, I don’t get what you mean, your incredibly clever urination joke flew right over my head.

      2. I am indeed too busy to drive my non-existent car.

      3. As a millenial with a decent job that allows significant time off and pays for a functional car, I enjoy national parks, forests, etc. And these people don’t speak for me. But maybe choosing the accounting degree over the art appreciation degree put me on a different path than some of my peers.

    3. They should encourage millennials to take selfies with wild animals. Millennials will be unable to resist.

    4. Nope sorry, can’t compete with Fallout 4. Just straight up not interested in the monument dedicated to the first black west point graduate.

      1. You know who else isn’t interested in the monument dedicated to the first black west point graduate?

        1. the first latino west point graduate?

    5. That article and the comments would be the basis of a good argument for privatizing the parks.

  21. Italian actor in coma after hanging scene misfires

    (CNN)An Italian actor is in a coma after he was injured when the hanging scene he was performing went wrong, according to Italian police.

    Raphael Schumacher, 27, was performing in an experimental production when a member of the audience noticed that the rope around his neck was so tight it was actually killing him.

    Schumacher was wearing a covering on his head, but the spectator — a female medical graduate — saw him trembling and realized something was wrong. She ran to him, loosened the noose, and with the help of another spectator, lowered him to the ground.

    He was taken to hospital where he is now fighting for his life.

    Police have launched an investigation into the incident and say that investigators are verifying if proper safety procedures were in place.

    1. A FEMALE medical student.

      1. It was probably the wet spot on the front of his pants she noticed. David Carradine would know what I mean.

      2. Now I’ve heard everything.

      3. That’s how you know the story is fiction.

    2. Italian actor Raphael Schumacher

      A fine Irish name.

      1. german bro

    3. “an experimental production”.
      So now autoerotic asphyxiation is being performed for crowds?

      I think Estelle Costanza was onto something:
      “Why don’t you do THAT for a living. You could be a BIG STAR! You could sell out Madison Square Garden!”

    4. The film industry did not learn their lesson from Back to the Future III.

    5. Police have launched an investigation into the incident and say that investigators are verifying if proper safety procedures were in place.

      Like not actually putting a rope around his neck, like in non-experimental productions.

    6. This might be the best method actor alive, displaying unparalleled authenticity whether he’s portraying suicide or playing at being a vegetable. Keep an eye on this actor, he has a bright future.

  22. Alleged phony priest arrested for pope-trip swindle

    LOS ANGELES (AP) ? A man who allegedly posed as a priest and officiated at Masses, funerals, confessions, and at least one marriage was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of selling thousands of dollars in phony tickets to see Pope Francis during last year’s U.S. visit.

    Erwin Mena, 59, declined to comment to the Los Angeles Times ( as detectives escorted him in handcuffs from police headquarters. He remained jailed, and it was unclear whether he had an attorney.

    Mena faces about 30 charges, including grand theft, perjury ? for filing a marriage license he signed as a priest ? and practicing medicine without a license in connection with offering “a system or mode of treating the sick,” according to an arrest warrant.

    Last year, Mena allegedly posed as a priest at St. Ignatius of Loyola parish in northeastern Los Angeles and sold tickets to a pilgrimage to visit New York and see the pope during his Philadelphia visit in September, prosecutors said.

    1. But in the great scheme of things his pious mutterings had exactly the same effect as those of a church-approved mutterer.

      1. Video quod hoc fecisti. Amen.

    2. Father Guiod Sarducci lives!

    3. A case for Fr. Suspicione of the FBI (Father’s Bureau of Investigations).

      1. You mean the Church Police?

        1. Inside of my head….

    4. Sounds curiously like the plot of 2009’s Pope Trip Swindle, starring Rob Schneider.

  23. Chipotle: Restaurant Chain Says Scope of Its Federal Criminal Probe Broadens Amid Declining Sales

    The Mexican chain said the investigation has expanded beyond a single restaurant in California after an E. coli outbreak. Chipotle also said its sales declined by 36 percent at locations in January.

    And some folk just know it’s corporate bioterrorism

    1. Ah, Natural News. It’s quite possibly the dumbest site on the internet tubes.

    2. Party at Playa’s house!

      1. All of that is already priced into the stock. I’ve already milked as much as I can.

  24. So isn’t “socially liberal and fiscally conservative” a bunch of reactionary nonsense, an appeal to a non-existence past where the Republicans were good on fiscal issues and the Democrats good on social issues?

    Almost as bad as Richman complaining about the Gilded Age while using some obscure Victorian-era writer to claim that he is a Radical Left-Liberal Progressive Socialist.

    1. No. See Barry Goldwater.

      1. Good one. Though his Cold Warrior attitudes isn’t the sort of stuff libertarians like today. Not to mention he you know lost big time to LBJ.

        1. Well, we’re not faced with a cold war, now. And Goldwater was far more libertarian than anyone who has since gotten the nomination of a major party.

          1. Yeah, the paranoid notion that socialists could end up running this country is a little far fetched at this point.

      2. But what about his opposition to the 1964 CRA that gets him pilloried as a racist? Not exactly what brings to mind modern social liberalism. Not to mention I don’t think Reason will find that view to be politically expedient.

        1. I feel about that pretty much the same way I feel about Washington and Jefferson being slavers – regrettable by today’s standards, but they were products of their times.

          1. Opposing a law that laid waste to freedom of association was not regrettable then or now. Goldwater supported prior civil rights legislation that did not intrude on the 1st amendment and was not by any measure a racist. Comparing his views to owning slaves is beyond insulting.

            1. Comparing his views to owning slaves is beyond insulting.

              Intellectual shallowness and whiny emotionalism duly noted, PMS.

              But, surprisingly, you do raise a good point about Goldwater and the CRA. I’m not hugely familiar with Goldwater so didn’t know that. Many people here do manage to carve out an exception to absolutism on things like ending Jim Crow. I’m not sure how I feel about such an exception, and don’t feel the need to take a position on that since it’s far in the past.

              That wasn’t to insult either Washington or Jefferson, but to acknowledge the banality of evil wrt slavery in the US. Because while those men may have been morally flawed by today’s standards they created the framework for liberty and self-ownership that eventually led to the abolition of slavery, though at great national cost. Also, this deleted, anti-slavery passage in the Declaration.

              1. What exception would be required to end Jim Crow? The CRA should’ve been restricted to federal, state and local governments not being able to treat people differently based on the color of their skin, and it would’ve been perfectly constitutional and keeping with freedom of association.

              2. Intellectual shallowness and whiny emotionalism duly noted, PMS.

                When you’re wrong, it’s perfectly okay to just admit it without being a cunt. It’s not like you really had anything invested in your idiotic comparison since you freely admitted your ignorance of the subject in the next sentence, right?

                Goldwater’s opposition to the CRA of ’64, which is an abjectly deplorable piece of legislation from a libertarian perspective and should rightly be opposed by anyone with even a passing interest in individual liberty and freedom of association, was simply not a historical artifact of the racist era in which he lived like the founders’ ownership of slaves.

                1. Here’s Goldwater in his own words, if you’re actually interested in learning something:

                  There have been few, if any, occasions when the searching of my conscience and the re-examination of my views of our constitutional system have played a greater part in the determination of my vote than they have on this occasion.

                  I am unalterably opposed to discrimination or segregation on the basis of race, color, or creed, or on any other basis; not only my words, but more importantly my actions through the years have repeatedly demonstrated the sincerity of my feeling in this regard.

                  This is fundamentally a matter of the heart. The problems of discrimination can never by cured by laws alone; but I would be the first to agree that laws can help–laws carefully considered and weighed in an atmosphere of dispassion, in the absence of political demagoguery, and in the light of fundamental constitutional principles.

                  For example, throughout my 12 years as a member of the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee, I have repeatedly offered amendments to bills pertaining to labor that would end discrimination in unions, and repeatedly those amendments have been turned down by the very members of both parties who now so vociferously support the present approach to the solution of our problem. Talk is one thing, action is another, and until the members of this body and the people of this country realize this, there will be no real solution to the problem we fact.

                  1. To be sure, a calm environment for the consideration of any law dealing with human relationships is not easily attained–emotions run high, political pressures become great, and objectivity is at a premium. Nevertheless, deliberation and calmness are indispensable to success.

                    It was in this context that I maintained high hopes for this current legislation–high hopes that, notwithstanding the glaring defects of the measure as it reached us from the other body and the sledge-hammer political tactics which produced it, this legislation, through the actions of what was once considered the greatest deliberative body on earth, would emerge in a form both effective for its lofty purposes and acceptable to all freedom-loving people.

                    It is with great sadness that I realize the non-fulfillment of these high hopes. My hopes were shattered when it became clear that emotion and political pressure, not persuasion, not common sense, not deliberation, had become the rule of the day and of the processes of this great body.

                    One has only to review the defeat of common sense amendments to this bill–amendments that would in no way harm it but would, in fact, improve it–to realize that political pressure, not persuasion or common sense, has come to rule the consideration of this measures.

                    1. I realize fully that the Federal Government has a responsibility in the field of civil rights. I supported the civil rights bills which were enacted in 1957 and 1960, and my public utterances during the debates on those measures and since reveal clearly the areas in which I feel Federal responsibility lies and Federal legislation on this subject can be both effective and appropriate. Many of those areas are encompassed in this bill and to that extent, I favor it.

                      I wish to make myself perfectly clear. The two portion so this bill to which I have constantly and consistently voiced objections, and which are of such overriding significance that they are determinative of my vote on the entire measure, are thoe which would embark the Federal Government on a regulatory course of action in the area of so-called “public accommodations” and in the area of employment–to be precise, Titles II and VII of the bill. I find no constitutional basis for the exercise of Federal regulatory authority in either of these areas; and I believe the attempted usurpation of such power to be a grave threat to the very essence of our basic system of government, namely, that of a constitutional government in which 50 sovereign states have reserved to themselves and to the people those powers not specifically granted to the central or Federal Government.

                    2. If it is the wish of the American people that the Federal Government should be granted the power to regulate in this two areas and in the manner contemplated by tho bill, then I say the Constitution should be so amended as to authorize such action in accordance with the procedures for amending the Constitution which that great document itself prescribes. I say further that for this great legislative body to ignore the Constitution and the fundamental concepts of our governmental system is to act in a manner which could ultimately destroy the freedom of all American citizens, including the freedoms of the very persons whose feelings and whose liberties are the major subject of this legislation.

                    3. My basic objection to this measure is, therefore, constitutional, but in addition I would like to point out to my colleagues in the Senate and to the people of America, regardless of their race, color or creed, the implications involved in the enforcement of regulatory legislation of this sort. To give genuine effect to the prohibitions of tho bill will require the creation of a Federal police force of mammoth proportions. It also bids fair to result in the development of an “informer” psychology in great areas of our national life–neighbors spying on neighbors, workers spying on workers, businessmen spying on businessen, where those who would dharass their fellow citizens for selfish and narrow purposes will have ample inducement to do so. These, the Federal police force and an “informer” psychology, are the hallmarks of the police state and landmarks in the destruction of a free society.

                    4. I repeat again: I am unalterably opposed to discrimination of any sort and I believe that though the problem is fundamentally one of the heart, some law can help–but not law that embodies features like these, provisions which fly in the face of the Constitution and which require for their effective execution the creation of a police state. And so, because I am unalterably opposed to any threats to our great system of government and the loss of our God-given liberties, I shall vote “No” on this bill.

                      This vote will be reluctantly cast, because I had hoped to be able to vote “Yea” on this measure as I have on the civil right bills which have preceded it; but I cannot in good conscience to the oath that I took when assuming office, cast my vote in the affirmative. With the exception of Titles II and VII, I could wholeheartedly support this bill; but with their inclusion, not measurably improved by the compromise version we have been working on, my vote must by “No”.

                      If my vote is misconstrued, let it be, and let me suffer its consequences. Just let me be judged in this by the real concern I have voiced here and not by words that others may speak or by what others may say about what I thick.

                    5. My concern extends beyond this single legislative moment. My concern extends beyond any single group in our society. My concern is for the entire Nation, for the freedom of all who live in it and for all who will be born into it.

                      It is the general welfare that must be considered now, not just the special appeals for special welfare. This is the time to attend to the liberties of all.

                      This is my concern. And this is where I stand.

                    6. An informer psychology can be part of a healthy distribution of knowledge. Adam Smith saw such need. Our very participation on this thread seems to confirm its utility.

        2. My recollection of his opposition was that it was not within the power of the Federal government to impose the CRA. It was a State’s Rights issue rather than a racial one.

          … Hobbit

    2. No see Mark Sanford. And STFU

      1. Hello, Toxie.

      2. And STFU

        Well that’s helpful.

        1. You’ll find that Cytotoxic is always helpful and polite around here.

        2. Thanks, miles-per-gallon, but it’s like water off a duck’s back. Also, I’ve been known to drop a few insults here, so it’s all good.

  25. Dr John Christy’s written testimony for his recent appearance in the Senate is a must read:

    It is a bold strategy in my view to actively promote the output of theoretical climate models while attacking the multiple lines of evidence from observations. Note that none of the observational datasets are perfect and continued scrutiny is healthy, but when multiple, independent groups generate the datasets and then when the results for two completely independent systems (balloons and satellites) agree closely with each other and disagree with the model output, one is left scratching one’s head at the decision to launch an offensive against the data. This doesn’t make scientific sense to me.

    1. You sfed the link.

      1. What, you want me to enact your labor?!?! 🙂

        Here it is is

        1. You can’t fool me into clicking your isis links


  26. This Day in History

    1468 – Johann Gutenberg, German printer and inventor, died.

    1870 – The 15th Amendment (black suffrage) passed.

    1913 – The 16th Amendment, establishing federal income tax, was ratified.

    1917 – The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.

    1959 – Rock singers, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and Big Bopper died in a plane crash.

    1995 – Col. Eileen Collins became the first woman to pilot the space shuttle when the Discovery blasted off.

    1998 – Texas executed Karla Faye Tucker, the first woman to be executed in the United States since 1984.

    1. Printing and music died on the same day? Wow.

      1. +1 Don McLean

    2. #1 is the Not. That printer’s name was Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg.

      1. Besides which we all know old printers never die, they’re just not the type.

    3. 1917 – The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.

      The day the seeds for WWII were sown.

    4. #3 is the not, America was founded on saying no to taxation without representation. What’s that? It’s true!? *fires up woodchipper (figuratively)

  27. Is teabaggerphobia still ok?

    1. It is not a pretty sight to wake to, so yes, I believe so.

  28. ” Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia”

    I’m going to do my part by making a bunch of 1st grade kids watch ISIS beheadings. I expect they’ll stop having nightmares by the time they’re in 6th grade. Islamophobia = Cured.

  29. There has recently been a very interesting study that identifies the key mechanism that causes schizophrenia. The normal destruction of brain cells and their connections that occurs during adolescence (mediated by the immune system and marker for destruction expressed in brain cells) goes haywire because that marker is overexpressed.

    This is fascinating because more and more evidence indicates that autism is caused by a lack of ‘synaptic pruning’ ie too little destruction of neuronal connections probably due to mTOR over-expression. Are autism and schizophrenia opposites?

    1. this was covered in the NYT (and in the links) last week

      ” Are autism and schizophrenia opposites?’

      What do you even mean by ‘opposites’? its possible both stem from different errors in the same biological process, but that doesn’t make them ‘opposites’ so much as (maybe) ‘vaguely related’ in their origins.

      1. I don’t know. Autism is a spectrum disorder. What if Autism and Schizophrenia simply lie on opposite ends of the same spectrum?

        1. I’ve always thought the two were related, but I disagree.

        2. “Autism is a spectrum disorder. What if Autism and Schizophrenia simply lie on opposite ends of the same spectrum?’

          I don’t even know what this means.

          Schizophrenia is defined by a host of key symptoms. (hearing voices / disembodied thoughts, delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech)… which typically emerge around the late-teens early 20s, coincident with a psychotic episode (or “break”). Its possible for people to suffer horribly for a few years and then recover slowly (tho never completely normalized), or for people to get progressively worse throughout their lives.

          Autism is typified by reduced emotional affect, and abnormal behavioral patterns, which can begin early in life and remain persistent.

          Both have “spectrums” ranging from ‘mild’ to ‘requiring permanent hospitalization’.

          As said above = there may be (and its all just speculation at the moment) some shared biological process which influences both. but i’m not sure what significance that really has.

      2. One is immediately caused by too much neuron connection destruction and the other by too little. That’s what I refer to by ‘opposites’.

      1. Great minds think alike.

    2. that identifies the key mechanism that causes schizophrenia

      Good grief you’re worse than the science press. That is not what the study claimed. But it is an interesting study.

    3. The one guy whose opinion I value on this subject is out of the country.

      C. Anacreon, if you’re here, chime in.

    1. John will be in his bunk for the duration of the year

    2. Thanks for ruining yoga pants for me.

      1. DOn’t let him take that from you.

      2. There are plenty of sites with hot chicks in yoga pants for you to wash your eyes out.

  30. “A Muslim cleric who counseled Booker before his arrest said at the time that Booker was acting strangely in the days leading up to it.”
    -He could never remember to connect the red wire first. He will never make it as a suicide bomber.

    1. Ah, the “Kansas man.”

  31. “Speaking during his first visit to a mosque as president, Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia, but did not talk about the role his terror policies might play.”

    Speaking of what role Barack Obama might have played in spreading Islamophobia, did the President apologize for blaming the inability of Muslims to handle a YouTube video for what happened in Benghazi?

    Because when Barack Obama used Islamophobia to distract people away from his own incompetent behavior, mere weeks before his reelection, that was truly shameful.

    Or is Obama still not owning up and taking responsibility for his own role in promulgating Islamophobia?

    1. Once Obama apologizes for his exploiting bigotry against Muslims to win the White House, maybe the healing can begin.

      1. Your mendacity on this issue knows no bounds.

        1. Maybe you missed it but Obama blamed the Bengazi attack on the natives being riled up by a video. He got people to ignore his incompetence by playing on people’s belief that Muslims are just a bunch of animals who will go berserk over a youtube video. Everything Ken said is true.

          1. Yes but that doesn’t mean he was using ‘bigotry’. He was blaming the video maker not Muslims.

            1. He blamed the Muslims for not being able to handle a video!

              It was a lie, and they knew it was a lie.

              Did Shrike steal Cytotoxic’s handle?

              1. No he blamed the video maker. Just stop.

                1. Can you be any more mendacious? He blamed the video and the only reason that made any sense is that people assumed that the Muslims are such animals they would kill people over a video.

                  1. There were hearings over this very point!

                2. No dipshit.

                  He blamed the video. He said the Muslims rioted because of the video but didn’t blame the Muslims for rioting because of a video few people had ever seen.

                  He jailed the video maker on unrelated issues.

        2. Are you being facetious?

          1. No. You’re being exceedingly dishonest in pushing this ‘Obama exploits bigotry’ narrative. He blamed the video not Muslims.

            1. I guess you have never heard of the bigotry of low expectations.

              Why would Obama and Clinton blame the video for the violence, if not without the implication that the Muslim crowds would commit the violence once they saw the video?

              1. Toxic is not bright enough to grasp this.

            2. Holy crap. Obama blamed the video for attacking the consulate? I was always under the impression he blamed the video for inciting Muslims to attack the consulate, you know, because Muslims are like little 4 year olds that haven’t yet figured out the purple dinosaur isn’t actually talking to them personally. You can’t blame the poor little heathen what don’t know no better than we’s asupposed to use our words instead of our fists when we want sumpin’.

            3. It isn’t dishonest in any way!

              He blamed Muslims for overreacting to a video.

              And that was horseshit, and everybody knew it was horseshit.

              Some of the Clinton emails even showed that everybody knew it was horseshit.

              In fact, the day after the Benghazi attack, the people of Benghazi rioted alright. …and they burned down the headquarters of the terrorist organization that perpetrated the attack–and they chased that terrorist clique out of town.

              It started with this demonstration.

              Read the signs!


              Later that night, the protesters–protesting against the terrorists that attacked our embassy–chased that terrorist group out of town and burned down their headquarters.

              That was the day after the attack on our embassy.

              It was a few days after that Obama (and Clinton) started blaming it on the video.

              You’ve been hoodwinked.

              1. Some of the Clinton emails even showed that everybody knew it was horseshit.

                Hence, Diane Reynolds (Paul.)

              2. Here, look at these pictures:


                That’s from the day after the attack, the day after Stevens was killed.

                Look at the sign that says, “Sorry people of America, this is not the Pehavior of our Islam and our Profit” [sic].

                Look at the sign that says, “Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans”.

                This was a spontaneous public response of the people of Benghazi–and these are the people Barack Obama smeared as unable to handle a YouTube video. Barack Obama’s behavior was understandable (coming, what, two weeks before his reelection?) but disgraceful all the same.

                It should be noted that we entered the Revolution against Gaddafi, ostensibly, to save the people of Benghazi from slaughter. It was Gaddafi’s promise to slaughter the people of Benghazi for protesting that prompted us to act–and the people of Benghazi knew it. They really were dancing in the streets when it was announced that we were going to save them. Barack Obama turning around and smearing them as wild-eyed Muslims who can’t handle a YouTube video was promulgating Islamophobia like nothing else any other public official has said.

                Barack Obama is a disgrace for what he did. Look at the people he smeared. Look at their faces.

            4. “Videos don’t kill people; ….”

            5. Here’s the story about the email Hillary Clinton received after the attack–showing that she knew the video story was bogus despite blaming it all on Muslims overreacting to a video.


    2. LOL, Islamophobia. We’ll be lucky if he doesn’t join Al Qaeda when he leaves office.

      1. If you believe that Obama is secretly a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer, then that would make his throwing Muslims under the bus even worse.

        That means he’d say anything to stay in the White House–even indulge in promulgating Islamophobia.

  32. Ever wonder how Sanders plans to pay for his 50%/year federal spending increase? Wonder no more: courtesy this unintentionally hilarious page from his campaign site, he’s got that shit figured out:

    Rebuild America Act: Sen. Sanders has proposed a $1 trillion plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and put 13 million Americans to work.

    Paid for by making corporations pay taxes on all of the “profits” they have shifted to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens, which the Congressional Research Services estimates may currently create losses that approach $100 billion annually, and other loopholes.

    College for All: Sen. Sanders has proposed making public colleges and universities tuition-free and substantially reducing student debt, in a plan that would cost about $75 billion a year.

    Paid for by imposing a tax on Wall Street speculators that would generate about $300 billion in revenue.

    Expand and Extend Social Security: Sen. Sanders has proposed expanding Social Security and extending the solvency of this program until 2065.

    Paid for by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000 so that the wealthy pay the same percentage of their income into Social Security as working people.

    1. Sen. Sanders Lyndon LaRouche has proposed a $1 trillion plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure


      1. Wow, there’s a blast from the past. Is he still around? I may have actually met him, once. His people always used to have booths at the county fairs in Virginia, and he was often there himself, IIRC.

        1. In the last five years I don’t know. But, every so often when I lived in NYC his followers were on Broadway, keeping the faith. The highlight for me was always that Queen Elizabeth was the kingpin of the international heroin trade. I wish I had an imagination on that level.

          1. They come out of the woodwork every now and then in DC too. There used to be a news box with a free LaRouche tabloid style newspaper by our old place in SW. It would have a monthly paper in there with all kinds of kooky shit.

          2. I read that book. I forget the name – Heroin or Drug Inc. was it?

            It was a blast.

          3. The highlight for me was always that Queen Elizabeth was the kingpin of the international heroin trade.

            Yes, that’s what convinced me, even as a lad of tender years, that the LaRouche people were fucking nuts.

            1. Well at one time the King of England was the kingpin of the Opium trade in China.

              So there is that.

          4. But if you study the history of the drug trade it is not so far fetched.

      2. I used to have a fun time talking to his supporters when they would pass out literature on Colorado in Pasadena.

    2. “Paid for”

      ::checks math on first two entries::

      Yeah, even if he was correct on how much revenue those two policies would bring in (he isn’t), and even if it didn’t have a deleterious effect on the economy (it would), I’m not sure that math checks out.

      Then again, Bernie and his followers are of the “debt doesn’t matter” POV, so I’m sure that’s just to stick it to those fat-cats on Wall Street instead of bringing in government revenue.

      1. And one will be paid for by ending “handouts” to big oil. What are those “handouts”? You guessed it, tax breaks. And probably not actual tax breaks, but tax deductions for shit like amortization and equipment repair that all corporations get.

        1. Oh yes, jack up production costs for domestic oil companies. No way they just get priced out of the market with foreign producers taking up the slack. Oil isn’t a fungible commodity with a well developed global distribution network. How hard could it be?!?

        2. One of my favorite pieces of prog idiocy is when they claim the government building roads is nothing but a hand out to the oil industry and that our building roads justifies subsidizing green energy as a way to even the playing field.

          1. You can drive a car that doesn’t run on gasoline, but everyone that buys gasoline is paying a tax for that road and you aren’t.

      2. How does one even tax speculation?

    3. ” a tax on Wall Street speculators that would generate about $300 billion in revenue.”

      I love it when these communists look at markets and say,

      “Why, we can simply lop of huge chunks of the profits here, & impose massive new fees/costs, and all that money will just keep doing what its doing while also paying us our parasitic vig! FAIRNESS!!”

      All that money would NEVER simply go off somewhere else, to ensure more efficient return on capital.

      Its so deliciously naive.

      1. It’s mind boggling to me that they don’t see it. Or they just hope that their followers don’t see it. But a 10 year old can figure that shit out.

      2. Yup. Cut open the goose laying the golden eggs to get at the eggs.


      3. Sanders’ plan does have that “Baby’s First Planned Economy” feel to it, doesn’t it?

        1. “My First 5 Year Plan! = A Communist-Regime Game For Kids”
          Gulag/Playpen Not Included

    4. “profits”


    5. 1) So 1T infrastructure plan paid for by 100B “saved” by taxing offshore profits?

      2) Making university tuition free costing 75B, offset by 300B in revenue from taxing Wall Street “speculators”? Does he even know what that word means? By Odin’s eye how does one define who the “speculators” are? The ones who got lucky when they shorted the right commodity? Aside from the fact that the very act of speculating is nothing more than investing for the future. Never mind the offset of the offset by reduced economic activity.

      3) Social Security is bankrupt. So lets EXPAND it!!
      “We lose money on every deal.”
      “But we will make it up on volume!”

      1. Don’t forget that Medicare is bankrupt, so it should cover everyone.

    6. Also, would someone tell me exactly where is all this $1T of “crumbling” infrastructure??
      Are our sewer systems crumbling? Isn’t that part of paying for sewer service from the city or state? Fresh water problems? Municipal or County regulated utilities. Why not raise the price of water by a couple bucks a month.
      Roads? While I might complain about my state DOT, the fact is that the roads aren’t crumbling. And gas taxes should be used for that. Bridges? Are there $1T worth bridge repair that need to be done? And again, why Federal?
      Cable companies don’t seem to have a problem stringing new fiberoptic cable in many areas (and the problems that do occur, happen because they are a regulated utility).

      1. Flint, Michigan.

      2. A summary

        – there’s no “crumbling infrastructure” that the Federal Government is needed to fix

        “”Infrastructure that actually does qualify for self-liquidating investment is overwhelmingly local in nature?-urban highways, metropolitan water and sewer systems, airports. These should be funded by users fees and levies on local taxpayers?not financed with Washington issued bonds and pork-barreled through its wasteful labyrinth of earmarks and plunder.””

        – there are already systems in place to pay for existing infrastructure; gas taxes, road/bridge tolls, etc. There’s hardly any already-extant infrastructure that doesn’t have some co-incident means of perpetual funding.

        – often, the places where money is ‘missing’ is where those self-sustaining revenues have been diverted to more politically-popular ends.

        see = Money-losing Mass Transit, stupid “green” projects that have wasted $100bn over the last decade. See how gas-taxes are constantly being used for ends other than road-upkeep

        all the stats people quote about things like “decaying bridges” are enormous bullshit.

        “the overwhelming bulk of the 600,000 so-called “bridges” in America are so little used that the are more often crossed by dogs, cows, cats and tractors than they are by passenger motorists. They are essentially no different than local playgrounds and municipal parks. They have nothing to do with interstate commerce, GDP growth or national public infrastructure.”

        1. Kind of what I thought.

          But I think you SF’d the link.

      3. Cable companies don’t seem to have a problem stringing new fiberoptic cable in many areas

        Didn’t the federal government pay them lots of money to do this very thing?

        $200 Billion Broadband Scam

        1. That is a very good point. Of course, if local and state governments didn’t “regulate” them, they probably wouldn’t need Federal handouts to do what there is already a demand for.

  33. An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton


    It just gets tastier from there. Moar infighting like this and libertarians may run out of popcorn.

    1. Literally guys


    2. This is going to be so great. The Democrats are fucked. No matter who wins the nomination the other candidate’s supporters are going to be butt hurt and bitter beyond belief. Good luck to whomever wins the nomination unifying the party and motivating them to turn out and vote.

      The Democratic Convention this year is going to be an orgy of schadenfreude.

      1. Meh. There was the PUMA movement in ’08 that really didn’t go anywhere. Unless there’s a third party (Bloomberg?) to push the Dem voters apart, it won’t matter. Especially given the unlikelihood of Team Red putting forward someone that people will be excited to vote for.

        1. It is not that they will run into the arms of the Republicans. It is that they will not vote at all. If you really look at what Obama did in 08 and especially 2012, he won by using social media and advanced information metrics to get every single one of his base supporters to show up and vote. Romney meanwhile was busy being moderate, taking his base for granted and trying to get the independents and moderates to vote for him. Romney to his credit accomplished that. He won independents and moderates by over 10 points. He lost the election because while the got the moderates who voted to vote for him, moderates are very difficult to motivate to vote. Meanwhile, Obama was out getting every moonbat in existence to vote. Obama won because he spent his resources getting his base motivated and since the base is easier to motivate, that translated into more votes than Romney, who spent his time trying to motivate moderates.

          A long and bitter nomination fight between Sanders and Hillary is going to be make it very hard if not impossible to repeat what Obama did in 2012 because a large segment of the base is going to be pissed off and demoralized and hard to motivate.

          1. Not to mention: Hillary ain’t Obama, in charisma, political skill, or popular support.

          2. This. 1 million fewer people voted for Romney than McCain. Meanwhile 5 million more voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008. And assuming Romney won more “independents and moderates” than McCain (which I find highly likely) then it is obvious that Romney didn’t motivate the base. And considering the base wasn’t exactly enamored of McCain, that is pretty striking.

            1. This is completely wrong. The margin of Obama’s victory was smaller in 2012.

              1. Correct. Obama got 5 million fewer votes in 2012.

      2. No matter who wins the nomination the other candidate’s supporters are going to be butt hurt and bitter beyond belief.

        I don’t think Hillary’s supporters will matter much. My future in laws are Hillary supporters, and I can tell their heart isn’t in it; their rare political facederp posts are entirely mocking attack on Trump.

    3. I like how he doesn’t actually oppose what Bernie advocates but only says that the theocrats at Fox News will be mean to Hillary if she said the same thing.

    4. Oh, that’s almost as delicious as the pro-bernie derpbook posts from one of the most financially well-off people I know. She doesn’t realize that she will be taxed right out of the middle class if he gets his way.

    5. I waded into the comments. I’d like to say it was an informative experience but…

  34. Burger King: Fast-Food Chain Offers Extra Long Cheeseburger With Butter

    The sandwich began rolling out at the beginning of this week and GrubGrade reports seeing it at a Minnesota outlet. There is also a nationwide limited-edition run of jalape?o chicken fries, but…come on…butter burgers.

    1. Crusty would.

    2. For fuck’s sake! I’ve mentioned before that the Mid-West is where food goes to die, but this is ridiculous!

      1. There are lots of good cooks in the Midwest, you just have to be related to them to get them to make you something

    3. Butter Burgers are good.

        1. Miller High Life, on the other hand, is rancid rat piss.

          1. Miller High Life, on the other hand, is rancid rat piss.

            The Champagne of Beers?!?

            (Nostalgic for me cuz my grandfather would slip his bottle to me under the table when I was 7 or so)

            1. The butter burger looks good, beer snobs.

          2. “Champagne Of Beers”

            I generally agree with you. Tho, for $1 a pop, i’d often get them as back-up to a very-large Makers Mark on the rocks.

          3. I was shocked at how awful it was when I first tried it. Not a snob, but wow, so bad.

      1. Culver’s has the best fast food burgers in my opinion. I have not had In N Out while sober, nor many other places I’m sure are good, but Culver’s is up there.

  35. Even more “Bernie pays for his shit” campaign website goodness, for all those fiscally conservative socialists out there. Can you count the economic fallacies?

    Youth Jobs Program: Sen. Sanders has proposed a $5.5 billion youth jobs program to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans.

    Paid for by ending the carried interest loophole that allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses and truck drivers.

    Paid Family and Medical Leave: Sen. Sanders has proposed at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to all workers.

    Paid for by a payroll tax that would total $1.61 a week for the typical American worker. According to Sen. Gillibrand’s office, this would be “a self-sufficient program that would not add to the federal budget.”

    Protect Pensions: Sen. Sanders has introduced a plan to prevent cuts to the pensions of over 1.5 million Americans.

    Paid for by closing two tax loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid taxes on money they inherit and expensive artwork they collect.

    Who knew that taxing expensive artwork was the key to closing the budget deficit? I sure as hell didn’t, damn those Republican Nazis for stopping this shit from getting taxed.

    1. Can you count the economic fallacies?

      I tried, but my calculator said something about not being able to go over 1 x 10^99.

    2. Paid for by closing two tax loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid taxes on money they inherit and expensive artwork they collect.

      How about taxing congresscreatures on the loopholes they construct? That ought get us free shit for a good while.

      1. *to*

        *** gets coffee ***

    3. Paid Family and Medical Leave: Sen. Sanders has proposed at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to all workers.

      Paid for by a payroll tax that would total $1.61 a week for the typical American worker. According to Sen. Gillibrand’s office, this would be “a self-sufficient program that would not add to the federal budget.”

      $1.61 x 52 x 50 / 12 = Just under $350.

      Pay $1.61 per week for 50 years and you can get 12 weeks off and still get $350 per week.

      But I’m guessing old Bernie ain’t talking about 12 weeks off over a 50 year period.

    4. Just what we need. ANOTHER jobs program. How many are there now?

      1. Bernie plans to start a jobs program specifically tasked with counting how many others are out there.

      2. Do we have full employment yet? No? Then we need another jobs program.

    5. Paid for by closing two tax loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid taxes on money they inherit

      If Bernie was smart (I know) he would abolish the estate tax. People who inherits property takes the decedent’s basis in the property instead of a step up. This would raise a lot more revenue then the current system.

    6. Paid for by ending the carried interest loophole that allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses and truck drivers.

      The discerning palate knows that seed corn tastes best.

    7. One of you high-energy types should run a Vermin-Supreme campaign in which you promise all Americans a literal free lunch for the length of hisorher term.

      Figure $3 per lunch (economy of scale), and that’s only about $300-400B a year. Which we could easily get by closing tax loopholes on rich people who collect daguerreotypes of 19th-century robber barons.

  36. Russian military officer killed in Syria.…..a-36695675

    1. I bet Tom Selleck is in Syria…

      1. Observing and enjoying the sunrise no doubt.

  37. So…this is first item:

    Speaking during his first visit to a mosque as president, Barack Obama called on all Americans to fight Islamophobia, but did not talk about the role his terror policies might play.

    Followed by, among other things…

    A Kansas man pled guilty to charges related to his attempt to bomb an army base in the state.

    The United Nations stopped trying to organize peace talks with the warring factions in Syria as the government is advancing on the rebel stronghold in Aleppo.

    A mid-air explosion forced a plane to return to Mogadishu less than half an hour after taking off.

    So much Islamophobia!

    1. That Kansas guy was the typical low-functioning rube that the FBI set up to do the crime. Everything is facilitated and provided by the FBI, including the fake bomb. Every single one of these “they stopped terrorism!” stories is like this.

      Fucking liars creating fear out of nothing to increase their power.

      1. It seems FBI does not find right-wing rubes like this for fake-bomb hijinks. And you know current regime would love to bust a wingnuttery terror scheme – invented or not. For some reason they’re not getting takers.

  38. American Truck Simulator: SCS Software Releases Driving Game Ahead of Schedule on Steam

    Czech developer SCS Software released the game early in order to monitor the game during the day as it released in the U.S. The game simulates driving cross-country and costs $19.99 on Steam.

    1. Euro Truck Simulator is surprisingly addictive.

      1. Russian Truck Simulator is just a crude clone of Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein. But with more vodka.

      2. I heard the final level, the Calais map, features roving bands of Muslim vandals and hijackers that the player will have to thwart without running afoul of European self-defense restrictions.

    2. Desert Bus already did it.

      Also, the max anybody is going to spend on a novelty game is around $10, if Goat Simulator is any indicator.

      1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 – $22.99
        Farming Simulator 15 – $24.99

        Both insanely popular. Get with the times, [a lot of people say “What’s That?” It’s] Pat.

    3. That is the second most boring thing I’ve ever seen.

    4. Why buy this when it’s so much more fun to do the real thing?

      I mean…I guess for Euros, they gotta deal with the passports/Schengen passes/sky high gas prices/etc…..

      (target audience?)

  39. Gary Neville relishing “special night” at the Nou Camp as he returns to historic stadium for first time

    The rookie manager will look for respite from his side’s horror league results in a huge Copa del Rey semi-final first leg away at Barcelona , and Neville admitted that such a big game is an early highlight in his young coaching career.

    “I cant wait,” he smiled in a press conference.

    “These are the moments you live for as a coach, as a player.

    *checks score* . Muahahaha.

  40. “[Barack Obama] also acknowledged how Muslim Americans must routinely swear off the actions of one extremist, while other ethnic and religious groups don’t have to answer for what one person in their community does ? such as when white South Carolina man Dylann Roof killed nine black parishioners at a church last June.”…..ce-n510296

    Did you guys know that whites, Republicans, gun owners, and libertarians don’t have to routinely swear off the actions of one extremist?

    That’s news to me!

    Just for the record, Dylann Roof isn’t typical of whites, Republicans, gun owners, or libertarians. Can’t believe none of us have ever had to say that before!

    1. And no one ever said Tim McVeigh or Eric Rudolph was typical of white Christians

      1. Isn’t there some Dem hack who said that they used McVeigh to attack Gingrich and Limbaugh?

    2. It’s not like there was a huge backlash against a flag that Roof had in some pictures…

    3. Well, all those people don’t belong to an organization based on peaceful books like the Koran and Hadith.

      Bukhari (11:626) – [Muhammad said:] “I decided to order a man to lead the prayer and then take a flame to burn all those, who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.”

    4. I don’t blame all Muslims for terrorist attacks. I just think it would be nice if every time there was a terrorist attack based on pictures of Mohammad, supposedly ‘moderate’ Muslim organizations didn’t push for anti-blasphemy…er…hate speech laws to stop people from being allowed to draw those pictures.

      “Moderate” Muslim organizations do have a somewhat disturbing propensity to push authoritarian, anti-secular laws on behalf of their religion. Especially CAIR, which once argued a teenager should be jailed for 5 years on hate crime charges for throwing a Koran in a toilet.

      1. I think Muslims have the right to protest whatever they want and advocate whatever they want–and I think we should be free to shout whomever down for their freedom hating ways.

        I also think Barack Obama is an asswipe for saying that other groups don’t have to defend themselves because of what one person does.

        How many times has Barack Obama blamed an entire group of people for the actions of one person?

        1. “I think Muslims have the right to protest whatever they want and advocate whatever they want–and I think we should be free to shout whomever down for their freedom hating ways.”

          This is in no way inconsistent with anything I said.

          1. I don’t blame all Muslims either. But what pisses me off is the lying. Time and again various Islamic leaders in this country say with a straight fact that Islam does not have a terrorism problem and it is bigoted to associate it with terrorism. That is just a bold face lie.

          2. I was more or less agreeing with the spirit of what you said.

            I was just adding that Barack Obama is an asswipe for being a total hypocrite.

            He’s the king of the social justice warriors, and he’s all about using the actions of the few to attack the freedoms of everyone else he can tarnish with the same brush.

            That’s his M.O. His prime directive.

            Strategy #1.

          3. I don’t blame all Muslims

            Just the brown ones?

            1. I am pretty sure the ones who set off the bomb in Boston were white.

              1. Get with the meme, John, Irish grades his Islamophobia on a color scale.

                1. Did Irish go full Dark Enlightenment HBD and I missed it?

                  Someone please link to his pro-monarchist comment.

                  1. “Did Irish go full Dark Enlightenment HBD and I missed it?”

                    I’ll send you my 20,000 word screed on what a mistake women’s suffrage was.

                    Big, big fan of Thomas Carlyle, too. My 70,000 word explanation of the brilliance of Sartor Resartus is a masterpiece.

                    1. The common denominator with the NRx does seem to be autism level pedantry and that pesky racism. Their diagnosis isn’t too far off the mark, although their prescriptions are retarded.

              2. Since there are no Africans there, the term “black” in Russia is used for people from the Caucasus, like the Tsarnaev brothers.

            2. I blame Muslims who commit terrorism and Muslims who support terrorism for Muslim terrorism.

              I blame other Muslims for other shit Muslims do that annoy me. Then there are Muslims like Maajid Nawaz who I have no quarrel with because they’re actual secularists who support liberal values. I’d take Nawaz over pretty much anyone currently running for US president, personally.

            3. /sticks finger in hummus bowl and licks. Narrows gaze.

        2. You’re obviously just a bitter clinger.

          1. Directed at Ken’s comment

      2. Especially CAIR, which once argued a teenager should be jailed for 5 years on hate crime charges for throwing a Koran in a toilet.

        They don’t like uppity kaffirs,

  41. I can’t get the link, but Apple’s phone sales are softening as that market saturates. Seeing as how Apple basically owes everything to selling phones, now would be a good time to dump that stock.

    1. Well, they do have control of the tablet market despite saturation there, and they’ve gained a larger portion of the home computer market as well.

      * Posted from a MacBook Pro, with an iPad Air 2 sitting next to it on my desk. Yes, I am a consumer whore. (the phone on the other side of my computer is a Samsung though)

      1. (the phone on the other side of my computer is a Samsung though)

        Well there’s your one good sensible purchase.

        1. I can’t go back to PCs for computers. Been using Mac for a decade now.

          Work bought me the iPad.

    2. LOL, people have been saying “sell APPL!” for 20 years. Those people were all wrong.

      1. Until Steve Jobs died. Now they’re right.

        1. Ah, but Steve spent many years teaching people how to do things. I think the idea that they are floundering or coasting is incorrect. But we shall see.

  42. “Iowa caucus last place finisher Rick Santorum”

    It wouldn’t be Santorum if he didn’t finish in the rear

    1. So,you hate Catholics too?

    2. It wouldn’t be Santorum if he didn’t finish in the rear

      This made me almost choke to death, trying to hold in the laugh.

    3. *stands to applaud*

  43. The head of the Miami Police union, last seen bashing a woman who posted a video of police brutality on Facebook, has now turned to smearing and doxxing the woman who pulled over the speeding cop in Miami.

    The second article notes that the doxxing was removed from Facebook, but he re-posted it.

    1. I think that is technically known as “Doing Your Job” when you’re the head of a union

      1. He needs a redder nose to be a better clown.

    2. “I simply “shared” information posted by another poster,” Ortiz says. “Ms. Castillo is all over the media voluntarily stating that no one is above the law. Clearly she has a double standard for herself.”

      This is why woodchippers were invented.

      1. I thought woodchippers were invented to chip wood?

  44. Paid for by ending the carried interest loophole that allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses and truck drivers.

    We could always just reduce the marginal rate on earned income, right?


    *laughs morosely*

  45. EasyJet: British Airline Announces Plan to Use Fleet of Hybrid Planes That Run on Hydrogen Fuel

    EasyJet said instead of buying new aircraft, its planes would run on hydrogen fuel cells, which can save up to 50,000 tons of fuel and cut carbon emissions. Trials are expected to start this year.

    1. How much carbon does is used to make fuels cells and make hydrogen?

      1. No, no, no. We don’t talk about that. We only start counting where WE want to.

    2. This may not turn out like they think it will.

    3. Hydrogen and aircraft – what could go wrong?

      1. Oh, the humanity.

      2. Oh, the humanity!

        1. You win because the exclamation points ads a certain something.

        1. As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly?

        2. Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

        3. Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

    4. Except hydrogen is an energy storage method not an energy source (you make hydrogen from hydrocarbon fossil fuels or use electricity ( which may be generated from fossil fuels) to crack water.

      1. Well,they’ll just use wind and solar to make it see. Unicorns and rainbows will will be the bi product.

    5. How does this not require them to buy new aircraft?

  46. A few days ago someone posted an interested post from I think the National Review pointing out that there have been plenty of Republican caterwauling about Trump and him not being a conservative from the likes of the National Review but not much in the way of Democrats complaining about Bernie and him being a socialist.

    That is a good point. Judging by DWS inability to state the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist I don’t think too many Clinton really disapprove of what Sanders actually advocates.

    1. I’m sure they agree with Sanders and wish he wanted to ban all guns too. Well,except for the agents of the state.

  47. Interesting fact: What is the only state to not hold its state elections on the first Tuesday after the First Monday in November?

    1. *** scratches head ***

      Quintana Roo?

    2. New South Wales?

    3. Anyway the answer is Louisiana which has elections on the third Saturday of October and November (for the runoff if required).

      1. Ah. “Ain no lections lack Cajun lections!”

  48. Sen. Sanders has proposed a $5.5 billion youth jobs program to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans.

    Doing WHAT, exactly?

    Are they going to wash windows? Split firewood? Print Federal Reserve Notes? Manicure the lawn of the fucking White House with cuticle scissors? Restore space craft at the Smithsonian?

    What a maroon.

    1. Lighten up, P. They’re going to train people to be job counselors for disadvantaged young Americans.

    2. $5.5 billion/1,000,000 = 5,500 dollars

      So at most this would let you pay each of them $5000 a year (which is virtually nothing and well below a minimum wage job) and that doesn’t count the overhead. This plan would end up paying ‘disadvantaged youths’ like $1.00 an hour.

      1. “LIVING WAGE!!1!”

      2. You hater. When government pays people a pittance, they are helping that person with job skills, people skills, and life experience. How could you be against something so wonderful?

        When a private employer does the same thing, he is ruthlessly exploiting these vulnerable people. Therefore, government has to do it.

      3. $5.5 billion/1,000,000 = 5,500 dollars

        So at most this would let you pay each of them $5000 a year (which is virtually nothing and well below a minimum wage job) and that doesn’t count the overhead.

        Fixing all the broken windows from a $5.5 billion Cash-for-Clunker-Broken-Window-Glass program should keep millions employed for years. This is just a public-sector investment to spur private sector innovation.

  49. Does anyone find interesting that Woodrow Wilson and FDR were able to get the black vote and the segregationist vote? Or that Adlai Stevenson only won Southern States?

  50. Seltzer: Fizzy Water Beverages Containing Carbonic Acid May Wear Away at Teeth Enamel, Report Says

    The carbonic acid in most seltzer beverages like La Croix and Perrier “can gradually wear away tooth enamel” even though the general level of acid is weak, according to a report in The Atlantic.

    1. This is why I drink scotch neat.

      1. That is the ONLY way to drink it. (But I also drink diet Pepsi by the bucketloads, so this isn’t why)

        I have never understood people who add water to their Scotch. I can maybe see a couple of drops, but anything more and you just dilute the flavor. And if you don’t like the flavor, drink bourbon. (Or that horrible Canadian shit).

        1. What’s wrong with bourbon?

    2. Ban all the fizzy drinks and let God sort them out.

  51. Oh speaking of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. The original title was Ten Little Niggers but even in 1939 that was too hot for the US and the title was changed.

    As for the end well the version in most films is of the Play which was written by Christie herself.

    1. I laughed out loud.

    1. It’s a trap!! Someone go frist and report back.

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