Brickbat: Something Is Rotten


Credit: Fort Bragg / photo on flickr

Danish police say they will likely charge a 17-year-old girl who used pepper spray to fend off a man who knocked her to the ground and tried to remove her clothes in Sonderborg. It is illegal to possess or use pepper spray in Denmark. 

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  1. Most of the Europeans have come to believe that only the authorities have the right to use violence; the concept of the individual doing so in self defense is alien to them. Why do you suppose most US lefties are so against guns? They can’t stand the idea of having to actually defend themselves; it’s the ethical equivalent of “hate speech.” Only, in this example, it’s hate action ?. using pepper spray to defend herself ? the bawdy wench!

    I’ll bet for possessing a pair of brass knuckles one goes to prison. What does a switchblade get ya’?

    1. diced carrots?

    2. A fight with sharks?…

    3. Just like New Jersey.

    4. It’s not just Europe. As you suggest, it’s a widespread view in the US as well, and the fight between the “self-defense is a crime!” and “self-defense is a right!” factions is a big part of our current cold civil war. Look at zero-tolerance in the schools: A big part of its purpose is to ensure that kids who fight back against bullies get properly punished, despite the “wreckers” among teachers and administrators who would let those kids off the hook by unofficially allowing self-defense to be a justification for throwing a punch.

  2. So kinda like Boston.

    And now thanks to open borders, with 10000% more muslim rape gangs.

    1. The description was “dark skinned English speaking man.” Nothing about “immigrant.” So I’m guessing Heroic Mulatto.

      1. Speaking of him, I do recall telling him to follow STEVE SMITH’s example and start wearing safety glasses.

  3. NYC isn’t much different, if at all. I know a girl who got her keychain pepper spray confiscated by the NYPD. Heroes!!!

  4. tried to remove her clothes in Sonderborg. It is illegal to possess or use pepper spray in Denmark.

    Is it legal to forcibly strip women in Denmark?

    1. If you claim the religious exemption, you bet.

    2. Is it legal to forcibly strip women in Denmark?

      The article says the assailant fled and has not been charged.

  5. The only weapon legal in Scandinavia is an Allen wrench.

    1. You’re just full of great ikeas.

  6. “It is illegal to possess or use pepper spray in Denmark. ”

    This sounds redundant.

  7. Further homage to Denmark:

    “The lady doth protest too much”


    “Get thee to a nunnery”

    1. or something’s rotten in…

    2. “To rape, or not to rape ?.”

  8. I’ll contrast this with a bit of prosecutorial discretion from Atlanta, GA in the 1990’s.

    Apparently some 15 year old girl got raped in the College Park area. For a couple of weeks the police couldn’t find the assailant. The story had been on the local news. There was quite a bit of frustration as the name of the assailant was known. Well, in the middle of the afternoon one day he is “found” in the middle of a main street in College Park. Stripped naked and having been dragged down the middle of the very busy street by a pair of vice grips attached to his man-parts.

    They interviewed the police representative on the radio and interestingly enough, nobody saw anything. Apparently about 7 of her brothers and cousins went and found the guy and deposited him in the street. But since nobody saw anything, there was nothing the police could do.

    Everybody was pretty much OK with it. Rape a 15 year old girl, well, you kinda had it coming.

    But fend of a rapist and we have no choice but to charge you. Seems kinda Saudi Arabia of them.

    1. Perhaps they are being sensitive on this matter; the perpetrator is probably feeling shocked that a woman would defend herself. But not to worry, the authorities are doing everything they can to make sure this culturally insensitive behavior does not continue to occur.

    2. I admire their restraint. If a relative of mine had been raped, the rapist would never be seen again.


  9. As with some of our own States [New Jersey, Connecticut, and a few others come to mind] this is a poignant lesson on the perils of progressivism.

    [I seem to be awesomely addicted to alliteration these days].

  10. The man who attacked the 17-year-old fled from the scene and has not been charged.

    Well, as long as someone’s charged…

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