Election 2016

Ted Cruz Wins the GOP Caucus in Iowa


Foter / Gage Skidmore

Ted Cruz looks like the big winner in the Republican presidential race tonight. The Texas Senator appears to have beaten out Donald Trump in the Iowa caucus, who had been running in first place in the state.  

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Cruz is leading with 28 percent of the vote, while Trump lags behind with 24 percent of the vote. CNN and other news networks have projected that Cruz will be the winner.

Marco Rubio also looks to be outperforming the polls: He was pulling in about 15 percent in polls over the weekend, but he came in third, and very close to Trump, with 23 percent. It's still possible that Rubio will ultimately pull out a second place finish.

Questions about Trump's ability to bring supporters to the polls, especially in Iowa, where the caucus process requires a bigger time investment than in a traditional primary, have dogged the candidate for weeks, with many wondering whether his commanding poll numbers would translate into real support from voters. Reports questioned the strength of Trump's ground game, which seemed to be missing in action. Tonight's results are a strong indicator that Trump's support isn't quite as strong as the polls suggest.

Cruz, meanwhile, built a formidable get out the vote operation in the state, and he seems to have effectively capitalized on it tonight. Tonight's win shows Cruz's strength as a political tactician, and his ability to plan and execute a campaign strategy. His victory also suggests the GOP's anti-establishment mood; Cruz is not a Trump-style populist, but he is a conservatively bomb-thrower who has consistently fought with party leadership. It's also notable that Cruz won despite his opposition to ethanol subsidies, and the fact that he was singled out by Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad for his stance on corn-based energy.

In some ways, though, it's not all that surprising that Cruz won: In addition to his strong organization, he's also a staunch social conservative of the sort that frequently performs well in the Iowa caucus.

Going forward, Cruz's victory, and Marco Rubio's much-stronger-than-expected finish, essentially make the GOP primary a three-man race between Cruz, Rubio, and Trump. Polls show Trump is way, way ahead in New Hampshire, which votes next week. So one big question now is whether Trump's lead there is big enough to absorb the losses that occur between polling and voting.  

NEXT: No Rand Paul Surprise in Iowa; Fifth Place, Likely 4.5 Percent [UPDATED and Corrected on County Breakdown]

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  1. Iowa is a terrible state. No one likes them. /Trump

    1. Iowa is a terrible state. No one likes them. /Badger Fan

    2. Amazing considering some of the statements he’s made about alcohol subsidies.

  2. This would seemingly further the recent trend where the biggest asshole running wins Iowa (i.e. Santorum and Huckabee).

    1. You forgot Hillary. (It’s a tie, but she’s claiming victory, of course).

      1. I’m watching the live poll numbers. They’re 4 votes apart now. 4, that’s not a type-o.

        If Hillary loses tonight and in NH, it’s over for her. Democrats will sense that she can be beaten and people almost universally hate her. She’ll never recover from it. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say that she’s already done, she had to win convincingly tonight and it’s not going to happen. This is going to fire up the Berntards. What support Hillary has is not at all enthusiastic.

        1. It just means that she wins 47 states instead of 48.

        2. LOL. Bernie can’t even clinch it in a state where the Dems are 43% socialist.

          Hillary had it locked up the whole time, unless someone serious like Bloomberg arrives.

          1. Yeah, pants shitting will ensue, but Sanders can’t win after New Hampshire.

        3. You’re smoking hopium. Iowa doesn’t end anybody’s campaign, it’s just a convenient foil for the candidates who were going to drop out anyway.
          I wish you were right, but I think the legacy media is so in bag for Hillary that she’s going to win the Dem nomination, and, quite probably, the Presidency.

    2. Not sure how Cruz comes out to be the biggest asshole in any race that includes Christie…

      1. Cruz is this year’s santorum flavor.

  3. 28% to 24% in a state with only 3 electoral votes and not at all representative of the nation as a whole is a “big win.” OK. Yeah. Sure.

    1. The GOP winner in Iowa lost the nomination last 2 times. Not that history is destined to repeat. But Cruz is a socon and Iowa loves it some socons. What is going on with Hillary and Bernie, I have no idea. I guess that’s a secret until they figure out how to make Hillary win.

      1. That too. Like you almost don’t want to win Iowa.

        1. Grande boner ever bigger meow

      2. Did you see that she won a precinct by a coin toss — like no joke, an actual coin toss to break a tie.


    2. These early primaries matter only to the extent that they can knock other contestants out of the race. For sure, they are not picking the winners.

    3. Exactly. Iowa is Ted Cruz’ wheelhouse. Rubio is the big winner tonight.

      1. Rubio is the big winner tonight.

        He came in 3rd place. The anti-establishment “outsiders” took 75% of the vote overall and two higher steps on the podium.

        1. The idea that Trump is anti-establishment is probably the biggest piece of bullshit being shoved down people’s throats so far in this race. He’s establishment to the core in all the ways that actually matter.

          1. True, but his fans don’t see it that way.

          2. The GOP, K-Street,,Wall Street, CoC,Democrat, federal bureaucracy and Media establishment all say you’re fucking crazy.

            1. Actually they’re all cozying up to Trump. You’re FOS.

          3. I have made my peace about Trump. Sure he’s a self-absorbed bullshit artist and people accepting him as a serious candidate is a graphic indication of the infinite stupidity of the voters and the perilous state of the Republic, but his evil is less pure and refined than Hillary’s and if in this fucking waking nightmare of Campaign 2016 it comes down to Trump or Hilllary, I’m voting Trump.

        2. Yes but who do you think gets all the big money now?

          Will trump spend 10’s of millions to fight off Rubio with the funding of the RNC and all the big establishment donors?

          Rubio won’t win till nevada, and that’s when cruz will start to falter. Then a week to batter Rubio into the collective brains till march 1st, a day with a substantial number of states voting.

          At nevada it will only be rubio, cruz, paul, trump.
          and its 2012 all over again. Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich

          paul drops prolly march 9th.

          Rubio needs to have appeared to clinch by april 6th the day after wisconsin’s primary as New york and a group of east coast states is after wisconsin.

      2. Cruz survived the Trump storm. barely.
        Watch Rubio get pummeled in the next debate by everyone else ( especially Cruz and Bush ).

        1. Pfft please. Trumpo couldn’t deliver his poll numbers, and that’s pretty terminal for his chances. Cruz didn’t ‘survive’ he won pretty handily.

  4. So why is no one saying who won the democrat caucus?

    1. Different caucus procedures and it’s too close to call.

      Either way, Bernie needed to win big here and in NH to have a chance going forward, and that ain’t happening.

      1. I don’t see it that way at all. Clinton, Inc. had already been anointed the winner 6 months ago.

      2. Clinton was supposed to beat Bernie in Iowa. Bernie is up like 20 points on her in NH. The fact that it’s that close in Iowa is disastrous news for Hillary.

      3. Bernie is winning NH with no problem.

        Clinton’s lead in Iowa is in the single digits right now — like, not percentage points either; single digits as in votes.

        This is not a good thing for Her Royal Inevitableness.

        1. It’s not going to matter. Bernie is not going to beat her.

          1. You’re a scientist, Cytotoxic; look at the trends. Bernie went from someone who, six months ago, was a joke and a rounding error in a Hillary asskicking to damned near taking Iowa from her. Yeah, NH was always going to be strong for him; Iowa was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary, not a dead heat.

            I guess there’s a limit to the corruption and chicanery that even D voters would be cool with.

            1. Bernie has made zero inroads with minorities or moderates. He’s wholly a white-very-liberal phenomenon, and Iowa and New Hampshire are two of the states loaded with the most white liberals.

              He had to destroy her here to have a chance elsewhere.

    2. What are you talking about? There is only one democrat running. Don’t you watch the news?

    3. what difference, etc

    4. Because, at least according to the Forbes Caucus update I’m checking once and awhile, there’s currently only a 0.2% difference between Sanders and Clinton.

    5. Live updating

      CLINTON 49.8%

      SANDERS 49.5%

      7 0.5%

      1 0.1%

      0 0%

      1. Oh, I’m fucking uncommitted all right.

      2. those numbers… they seem to add to more than 100

        1. *blinks*

          Are you sure? I’m seeing 99.9….

        2. The last 3 have an extra digit showing the delegate count. Cut-n-paste fail.

          1. ahh, I saw O’Malley as 7%. Too bad, he’s a great candidate. God the Dems are stupid. I thought he had dropped out by now, good for him.

            1. ok, lemme edit: I saw O’Malley as 7%, was pleasantly surprised, but numbers don’t add up. Oh, he got .5%. I didnt think he was still in it, good for him. Stupid Democrats, he’s a great candidate.

              1. O’Malley? Are we talking about the same O’Malley who was governor of Maryland?

                1. Uh, he was dog-catcher in Santa Rosa, I think.

                  1. damn, I’m buzzed. I was thinking of the other guy, who dropped out after the first debate. No,
                    O’Malley is not a great candidate

                    1. Webb. He was good and would have been an okay president and fine candidate.

                    2. Thank you. Yes, Webb. But he’s out. .5% for O’Malley, and Webb didn’t even get there.

                    3. He wasn’t insane and/or ‘inevitable’ enough.

      3. I think that’s actually .5% for O’Malley, not 70.5%.

  5. Most importantly: Jeb Bush lost.

    1. How ’bout they ALL do, ‘cept RP?

    2. Rand easily beat Christie and Bush, and Kasich.

      1. That’s pretty cool. If Nick writes another libertarian moment piece about it, I won’t even mind.

      2. And that guy “The Rent’s Too High!”, right?

        1. The rent guy endorsed Trump recently.

          1. The Huckster is gonna be his next big endorsement

  6. Good. Cruz, of course, generally sucks from a libertarian standpoint, but is better than any of the others with the exception of Rand. Hope the Berndog can pull out a win. I am looking forward to seeing a Hillary sad face.

    1. Nobody’s perfect, but how can someone devoted to the Constitution and limited government “generally suck from a libertarian standpoint”?

      1. He is certainly more amenable to limited government in many respects compared to the rest of the field. He is no libertarian though , and his speech and actions reflect that. He is probably the best liberty candidate save Rand and the LP choice. Not saying much but vastly better than the Felon and the Socialist.

        1. He is probably the best liberty candidate save Rand and the LP choice.

          I can’t disagree. I’d also agree that he’s not a Libertarian, but I think he has more small-L liberty tendencies than many give him credit for. Regardless, I think he and Paul are about the only candidates left who’ll give any consideration to, “Fuck you; cut spending.”

          Would that Paul could have done a little better. I don’t see him lasting past SC. Depending on his war chest, of course.

      2. Good: stood against EtOH subsidies even when Iowa’s asshole governor singled him out for it.

        Bad: scum-bag 360 on sentencing reform.

        1. I’d look at the details on the sentencing reform. If, and that’s a big IF, the proposal was for all future non-violent convicts for possession of MJ to be decriminalized to much less prison time, or halfway house/non-traditional incarceration, AND Cruz shot that down, then yeah, I agree that’s a really scummy thing to do.

          If, OTOH, the proposal was to let people out early, who may have plead to non-violent possession crimes, but might have also committed violent crimes too, I can see Cruz not wanting to hang a Willie Horton on his campaign during an election year.

          The details on the proposal he 180d on, are important.

          1. Cruz will get my primary vote on March 1 if Paul is out by then.

          2. I am quite sure it was the former. Mike Lee has been pushing it and Cruz supported him right until he stabbed Lee in the back.

        2. Hmmm…. I’m not criticizing, but just wondering how long folks have been saying “did a 360” when they mean “180”?

          I’ve seen it a lot in the past decade. Whatever. We know what you mean.

          1. Maybe you just don’t get it, you spaghetti-slurping cretin.



  8. Didn’t follow the betting lines; wasn’t Cruz favored?

    1. Predictit had Trump rolling .49/1 and Cruz ~.34/1. Ruby was ~.18/1.

      I’m long Rand .06/1 to win nomination; just as a trade scheme (he’ll do well in Iowa and/or NH I hope, bumping him to .1/1 or so).

      1. “Predictit had Trump rolling .49/1 and Cruz ~.34/1”
        But then I was surprised at the percent of Iowans who identified as ‘socialist’. That old-time populism may have staying power, as lame as it is.

        1. On Donky side, looks like its too close to call @92% reporting with Socialism 656 against Sociopath’s 667. Heck of a race where there shouldn’t ever have been a race. Hillary blows.

          1. “Hillary blows.”
            Her blow-off of the questions regarding the top secret comm on her ‘private system’ this weekend were pretty blatant. I’m sure a lot of staff time went into the answers and they were still bullshit that took a true bleever to swallow; it’s down to ‘Who do you believe? Us or you lying eyes?’. It looks like beef sliced that thin is only gonna sell in, oh, San Francisco.

            1. Socialism 660, Sociopath 663 @94% reporting.

              Shrillary would lose to the Cubs.

              1. We can only hope!
                Hard to believe I’d cheer for Bern, but if he kicks Hillary in the slats, I’ll do so.

                1. Bern would be a much worse prez than Hillary. Crooks aren’t as bad as believers.

    2. He was down in the polls for about a week.

    3. I had heard that there were entrance polls done at the caucuses that had Trump solidly ahead (4 or 5 points). That’s a 9 point swing from the time the caucusers entered the fucking building. That is an unfathomable swing.

      That tells me the rest of the polls aren’t particularly reliable either. (Good news for thinking people)

      1. Not a surprise to me. In a caucus you often have to publicly justify your choice. Trump’s anger at everybody different plays well inside someone’s head and on TV. It triggers the impulsive and emotional. It doesn’t play well at all when you have to minimize his misogyny to your female neighbors or his xenophobia to the 1st generation immigrants who rent housing in your precinct.

        And now that a caucus has done its job, expect Trump’s polling numbers in NH to drop fast. Don’t know where it will stabilize before the NH primary. But NH voters are near the last group of primary voters where there is a chance of a ‘surprise’ that is at variance with the polls. Sadly, the polls themselves are reliable. And primaries almost never do anything other than just reinforce poll results.

  9. What a relief. Maybe this will deflate the Trump bubble finally.
    Personally I think Rubio ends up with the nomination.

    1. I know Cruz is no libertarian moment, but I would take him over Shillary any day. Also, the same holds for Rubio, and obviously Rand. But no (shudder) Shillary, Jeb, or Christy.

      1. I don’t think you have to worry about Christie after today, he barely got 1%. Jeb less than 3%.

        1. Good! Christy is a horrible person, exactly who Jefferson was talking about with his line about the tree of liberty being watered with the blood of patriots and jackboot polishers.

    2. Marco Rubio will be the 45th President of the United States. Team Stupid isn’t going to fuck up this one.

      1. Oh yes they are. You totally underestimate them.

      2. Marco Rubio is going back to sucking dick in Miami parks

      3. Team Stupid is as much a piece of shit as the progressives. That is all.

        1. Who do you want picking the next three supreme court justices?

          You want another three Kagans or Breyers?

          Libertarians are always jerking off about Scalia. What party appointed him again? And Thomas? And Alito?

          1. Which party appointed Kennedy?

            1. And Roberts saved Obamacare. Voting based on who picks the next Nazgul is not my idea of strategic voting.

              And I like Scalia, but his decision in Gonzales v. Raich was a disgrace. “WE MUST STOP THE EVIL POT! NECESSARY AND PROPER & COMMERCE CLAUSES RULEZ!!!!” The Right is quick to act as tools of the Left when expanding Government powers as long as they get to prosecute their pet causes.

    3. So then what happens to the Republican base that is obviously openly revolting?

      1. They’ll get their temper-tantrum out of their system and fall in line behind Rubio because he can actually win.

        1. I don’t know, I could see Trump going independent if he didn’t get the nomination

          1. Don’t even say that as a joke.

            1. If he really is a sleeper for Clinton, this is not only guaranteed to happen it’s guaranteed to work barring *another* indie fun run from the left.

              1. A Bernie-Bloomberg-Cruz-Trump run would be fucking hilarious though. I have no idea where that would even end up.

      2. You said it, they stink on ice…

      3. Fuck them. it’s the swing voters that matter.

        Give them a choice that is better than Hillary.

    4. Personally I think Rubio ends up with the nomination.

      I’ve said that for the past year or so. Wish I was wrong. I can’t stand the pandering fuck.

      I realize that “pandering fuck” is hardly a unique descriptor for Presidential candidates; still, there’s something about Rubio’s voting record and statements in speeches that just screams used car dealer, that he’d happily trade away every freedom we have for one more vote in Congress.

      It’s probably the same sort of thing that turns people off from Cruz, but I don’t get much of that vibe from him.

      1. sure, Rubio is a pandering, lying, piece of politician. He, along with Cruz, are also the only credible options to a President Hillary.
        What’s your vote?

        1. This is the problem. They all suck, but imo Rubio Cruz Hilldog.

          1. Um, that’s a ranking of the terrible candidates.

            1. WTF? Cruz is easily the best candidate after Rand, and in no way worse than Rubio.

        2. Paul, Cruz, then… I dunno, Johnson. Probably whoever gets the R nom, instead of Colloidal-Silver guy, Hillary, Sanders, Warren or Biden. I see little difference practically between Rubio and JEB!, as much as pundits like Mark Levine may disagree.

          If, and only if, Webb and been picked for the D’s, I’d have voted for him, after my first three. Probably a holdover from my love of “Fields of Fire.”

          Christ, what an irascible asshole he’d have been in the Oval Office.

          1. And it’s Mark Levin, not Levine, damn you autocorrect.

      2. I don’t even know anything about Rubio. That’s why he’s going to win.

        He’s a complete blank slate. He seems competent and at least not corrupt or insane. That’s going to be enough this election season.

  10. I’ve been putting my (theoretical) money on Rubio for awhile now (since Bush crashed) and I think this confirms for now.

    1. Wait, aren’t you from Houston? Aren’t you honor-bound to support Cruz?

      1. No, being an Houstonian I already knew he was a slimey politician from his senate primary campaign. Of course he was running against that sack of shit Dewhurst.

        And I’m not voting for any of these fucks unless Rand recovers by magic.

        1. I’ve been looking at election signs as I drive around in Plano going about my daily life, making a game out of trying to find one endorsing a democrat, for anything. So far, no luck.

          1. Not an issue for me, Sheila “Queen of the Aisle Hogs” Jackson-Lee is my congresswoman.

        2. What I think is funny from the “slimey politician” angle is that the person I know who used to be the biggest Cruz supporter is now a huge Trump fan. For the life of me I can’t figure out how she can go from one to the other, but…let’s just say I now have a great negative indicator of candidate value.

      2. The GOP establishment are putting their money on Rubio also.

    2. Yep, Rubio is the nominee. BANK ON IT!

      1. Considering the alternatives, I can live with Rubio.

        1. I hope you like moar war.

          1. ‘You vote for Goldwater, you’re gonna get WAR!’
            Prolly true of a vote for RP or whoever is the L candidate.

          2. Than Hillary? I’m not so sure, she’s got the biggest warmonger of them all.

            I mean he’s a steaming pile of dog crap, but I think he has the upside to be something of just a regular establishment guy who doesn’t fuck up anything to catastrophically like a Bush 1, vs. Hillary, Grandpa Gulag, or Trump, who would be unmitigated disasters.

        2. He’s absolutely horrible. He’s pretty much worse than anyone left in the race outside of Hillary.

          1. Come on, Trump and Bernie are worse (and Christie, Huckabee, and Santorum but I don’t know if you are counting them as still “left in the race.”).

            1. I’m not counting the three in parenthesis, they’re effectively out.

              I disagree that Trump or Bernie are worse than Rubio. Rubio is the GOP establishment’s hand picked wonder boy. What you will get with him is 4 more years of Bushbama. With Bernie and Trump there’s always some chance they will do ‘something’ good along with the bad. With Rubio, it’s 100% assured all bad.

              1. Trump is 100% garbage so I don’t know about that. It’s kinda true about Sanders but I’m watching his speech right now and its goddamn awful. His free shit advocacy is the focus of his campaign, not the places we might agree.

                1. Apatheist gets it.

              2. My 2 cents is that the portion of Republicans that are revolting are not going to line up behind Rubio because he is the establishment guy. They are behind Trump because he is not an establishment guy. My humble prediction is that if he is the nominee, they are going to stay home or something more chaotic potentially handing the election to Bernie.

              3. This is the most important election of our lives.

                1. Well it is probably the most important election of our lives with regards to the First and Second Amendments.

                  1. So we should vote for a Republican instead of a libertarian…cuz Democratz!

              4. What you will get with [Rubio] is 4 more years of Bushbama.

                This, completely. He’ll be Term 5 of their administration. Enjoy our next war with either Iran or China, or both.

                Though Sanders would be worse—who looks at our country, and thinks the problem is that we need to spend 150% more money, and raise taxes to 133%?

                1. Term 8. don’t forget 2 Bill Clinton terms and 1 George HW Bush term.

              5. Rubio is for more war – Assad must go kind of stuff , his slogan “New American Century” bring back bad memories of the neocon PNAC .

                Bernie and Trump are for single payer healthcare. With the ongoing implosion of Obamacare , that may end up passing .

                So it boils down to choosing between 8 more years of GWB or 8 more of Obama.

                1. Meh I think Congress might be skeptical of either measure but particularly of more war. And I’m not convinced Rubio has the guile or commitment to really go head-first into another war.

                  Rand needs to start taking pwnership of the senate.

          2. Which is the point. He can beat Hillary. Hillary must not become president. The precedent of someone with her baggage assuming the mantle of Caesar would pretty much signal the end of anyone even pretending to give a crap about the rule of law any more.

            1. Nixon looks pretty good compared to just about every president who came after him, no? Not even in the same league as Hill.

              1. no, Nixon had many faults, but his criminal activities happened after he was president. For the American people to knowingly elect a person with such moral turpitude as Hillary Clinton to the presidency would signal, to me at least, that the lights are going out.

                1. Exactly my point. From Watergate to Iran-Contra to Whitewater to BenghazimailIRSgate, it keeps getting more and more corrupt.

                  1. Iran-Contra wasn’t that bad. Realpolitik and so forth.

                    It barely registers next to the Obama/Clinton nonstop parade of criminality.

            2. Most Important Election Ever!TM

            3. the rule of law any more.

              That ship has already sailed. Long ago.

        3. I can’t think of anything positive about Rubio. He’s completely off his rocker when it comes to the military and foreign policy and has a serious hard-on for the NSA.

          He’s basically Jeb! only authentically Hispanic.

          1. He’s basically Jeb! only authentically Hispanic

            Exactly this.

          2. I dunno. I think he’s more pro gun than Jeb. Bushes never were very pro gun.

        4. Due process is waaay overrated.

  11. So the best that can be said is Hillary got handed a ‘damning with faint praise’, and the Rs continue with ‘who doesn’t stink up the place?’.

  12. “Rocky Giordani, 63, who is registered to vote in Winterset, the birthplace of John Wayne, but who lives in California now, flew home for the chance to support Mr. Trump.”

    What the flying fuck? Is that legal?

    1. If you can store national security information on a server in your bathroom…

    2. “What the flying fuck? Is that legal?”

      Pretty sure FDR used to travel to near his estate on the Hudson to vote for himself; “Legal Residency”. So I can’t see denying it of the proles.

  13. I endorse early-70s Van Morrison for president

    he seems sincere, and has great hair

    1. Light the birther signal!

    2. Of course he wrote a song that was covered by Tiffany, so he comes with some baggage.

      1. Damn it, it’s late, and I haven’t been drinking! That was Tommy James & The Shondells.

        Van Morrison wrote Brown-Eyed Girl, the scourge of every bar in every college town.

        1. You should never judge a person’s work by their worst fans.

          though i agree with you on that specific point.

          1. yeah its a little different when you drink straight from the bottle

            1. That’s still the greatest live performance I’ve ever seen. Just kills it.

              1. I think he’s easier to understand when you realize he’s a frustrated saxophone player

                he wanted to be a tenor jazz-honker

                but instead he ended up doing it with his voice. he’s a short ballsy white irish guy with a chip on his shoulder who can rock a crowd like james brown even though he can hardly cross more than one octave with his voice. he does it all with guts and nuance.

                1. The tenor-jazz thing makes sense – Van’s timing is so unconventional. Half the time he sounds like he’s part of the horn section. And he comes off as authentic, like he’s just letting his voice sing whatever the hell it wants.

                  Man, I’m gonna go down the rabbit-hole know.

                  1. *now

    3. he seems sincere, and has great hair

      1. touche

        it was thinning even then. but you can’t fuck with how he rolled.

        1. hell, who am I to talk? I keep my hair short so that the growing bald spot is less noticeable. I take pride that I realized the mullet was a fad, and didn’t carry my high school with me until now, when I would look like an idiot with a mullet with a bald spot. You know how many boomers I knew growing up that had a pony tail and a bald spot?

          1. Look, if you can have women claiming their baby is yours when you’re in your late 60s? Your hair doesn’t matter that much.

            Also, i think it would be nice to have a candidate who exuded a little rhythmic competence. 1970s Van had that “just casually look around”-and-change-everything sort of influence. James Brown would have had to accept that he had no monopoly.

            1. I agree, the Rock Gods of old are still Rock Gods

    4. Wait a minute!
      “* * DAN GURNEY * * Car and Driver Candidate FOR PRESIDENT large Bumper Sticker”

    5. I hate his voice

      1. as far as level of annoyingness, it’s up there with Rob Thomas

      2. Wait , what? really?

        1. i just listened to about 30 seconds of something by “rob thomas” and i’m very upset with you.

          no, really. how can you not like Van’s voice? he has so many moods. I think Astral Weeks (the album) is usually the best sales pitch, if if that doesnt work, Tupelo Honey

          If you can’t accept that’s a “good singer” after that stuff? then there’s no point debating.

  14. Ted Cruz is garbage. His wife has sent me several emails even though I have never shown any interest in her husband’s campaign. I responded to her last email that I believed her husband to be less than satisfactory and if she were to present me with a Jefferson or Paine then I would vote for them but until then to not send me any more emails. Apparently she didn’t understand as she keeps sending me more emails.

    1. perhaps she is stricken with love, and knows not how else to approach thee

      1. Would be awesome if Hillary’s mail server was part of Cruz’s wife spam botnet.

  15. Other: 117 votes

    Jim GILMORE: 12 votes

    Funny and sad.

    1. no relation

    2. What’s sadder to me is that the Democrat votes had 0 “other”. They’re like the Borg

      1. Didn’t they have 1 undecided, lap? Still, they only had a pool of 1200 votes or so, and we’ve seen with previous O elections, that 100% of the pool can vote for their guy.

        Christ, Kim Jong Il didn’t even try to stuff the ballot box as badly as some of the hardcore D precincts in 2012.

  16. Best strategy: see how Congress is going, then vote the other way for Prez. It sucks that gridlock is the best option, but it is the best realistic option.

    1. If Cruz is the nominee I’ll vote for him. If the Democrats had nominated Jim Webb then I might have voted him, but no way I’ll vote for Hillary or Bernie. I agree that Bernie fighting with a Republican Congress wouldn’t be terrible, but actually voting for him, nah I’ll stay home or vote LP.

  17. It doesn’t surprise me that Rubio placed stronger than expected. I’m glad Trump lost. Overall they all suck including Cruz, the libertarian struggle goes on.

  18. There’s been talk of Rubio’s 3,2,1 strategy. 3rd in Iowa, 2nd in New Hampshire, and 1st in South Carolina. Right now Cruz is in second in New Hampshire if Cruz can hold on there in 2nd then he could potentially deny Rubio a victory in SC when the other Establishment candidates drop out. I’m not a big fan of Cruz but I’ll take him over Rubio in a heart beat.

    There is nothing even vaguely libertarian about Marco Rubio. His foreign policy is a Bill Kristol/Weekly Standard wet dream. He’s a big cheerleader for NSA spying, and such a staunch drug warrior that he agrees with Christie about ending pot legalization in Colorado in his first week of office which shows they’re both liars or both delusional. And he’s a supporter of subsidies, sugar in particular, which doesn’t bode well for his general views on markets. There’s just nothing good him about other than he used to be supportive of immigration reform and now he’s not.

  19. Sorry to admit this, but I live in NJ.

    “Undeclared” voters must declare in order to vote in a primary… and it took too long to get OFF the “Republican” roles when I voted for Ron in 2008.

    So I can’t vote in the primary.

    For the General… if I was allowed to vote ten times, none would matter. The state will go to Hillary. In fact, I think the results have already been printed and in some storeroom somewhere.

    So I guess I’ll go for Johnson if the Republican sucks… and they will.

  20. so tc has the white evangelical vote. ok. so tc does not have the Hispanic vote. hmmmm. i don’t know of any ethnic Libertarians that are voting for him… should be interesting!

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