School Choice

Nebraska Keeps Killing School Choice Bills

Hundreds of parents rally for change.


Hundreds of restless parents and kids rallied outside Nebraska's state capitol last week to widen the options their state's public school system . Nebraska is one of seven states with no charter schools, no vouchers, nor any other publicly funded alternatives—and it's been this way for a while.

"For four years now I've had a bill that would give [Nebraskans] choice," said State Senator Bob Krist, "this year it's back up again."

Krist's bill, LB26, is waiting on the Revenue Committee's approval to move forward. If passed it would incentivize donors to create private school scholarships for low-income students by providing a tax credit. However, the legislature has killed previous school reform bills before, such as last year's LB616, that would have created a charter school program in Omaha.

Check out Reason TV's coverage of Thursday's National School Choice Week rally in Nebraska below.