Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Seeks to Repeal Gun Law He Once Voted for


Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders will soon be co-sponsoring the repeal of a law that shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits that involve their guns—the law he voted for in 2005.

For years Sanders had defended the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) on the assertion that weapon providers have no control over how consumers use their products and therefore lack liability. Hillary Clinton has vowed to repeal the law if elected and routinely attacked Sanders' over his 2005 vote.

Gun control was our third worst moment from the first Democratic presidential debate. Check out our favorite highlights from the October debate below.

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  1. Socialisms work – see USSR comrade !! Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for life !

    1. But only one flavor

      1. And no sugar! Sugar is decadent tool of the capitalist indulgence-industry

        1. No milk either. Some people are lactose intolerant, and it isn’t fair that they can’t eat ice cream made with dairy.

          1. So ‘free’ ice?

            1. Bingo. But I bet they even had lined for ice in Sibera.

            2. That is unfair to people with sensitive teeth.

              1. That’s covered in the ‘free’ ‘health care’.

            3. Dirty ice. The workers at the Lenin #17 Ice Factory sometimes even add sand in just for fun.

            4. Yes, all the free ice you can cart away. No, we don’t have any ice. But when we do it will be free to you at the point of purchase.

        2. Unless sugar comes from Cuba where it is harvested by smiling frolicking peasants on holiday.

          1. It still discriminates against diabetics!!!!

        3. Wrong. Socialists nowadays have lost their nerve and are merely looking to continue the first world welfare state, which means taking the hard earned money of White hedge fund managers and giving it to Hispanic berry pickets and Black members of the New Black Panther party. Ingrates. Don’t they know how hard hedge fund managers work?.

          Welfare states have led to 0 instances of communist tyranny out of 2691 case studies in the 1st world, but give it time. Behind every Bernie sanders supporter there lies a willing dupe of the NKVD.

            1. I’m a troll? I hate wars of all types, reactionary assholes, pro-life busybodies, defense department spending, etc. I’ve applied for membership into the Sacred Order of Libertarian Thought, but haven’t received my card with the Ayn Rand visage on it. Probably got stuck in the mail, which I paid 48 cents for. Fucking asshole government and their mandates.

              1. But love you some Holomodor and Great Leaps Forward, huh?

              2. I’ve applied for membership into the Sacred Order of Libertarian Thought, but haven’t received my card with the Ayn Rand visage on it.

                You’ll never get one? Ayn Rand hated libertarians.

            2. American Socialist is not a troll. While we may not agree with him, he tends to post thoughtful comments that are sadly treated with derision and ad hominem attacks.

              1. he tends to post thoughtful comments

                … uh huh

          1. Making people live in a way that is contrary to human nature requires force. Socialism will always require force because open markets and free association are what humans do. Socialism seeks to take these, and other natural functions, away from people by force. Socialism is evil.

            1. “Making people live in a way that is contrary to human nature requires force. … Socialism is evil.”

              Cool story, bro … but insufficient, I think, as the reason for declaring socialism to be evil.

              Human nature has plenty of evil tendencies of its own (e.g., stealing, lying and violence). So when conscience alone fails to cause people to “live contrary” to those evil aspects of human nature, force (i.e., the threat of punishment) is ultimately required to keep people from living according to them.

              So why is it wrong to use force to prevent people from living according to some tendencies in their nature (i.e., the good tendencies), but not to prevent them from living according to others (the evil ones)?

              Seems to me that, rather than declaring an action “evil” because “it uses force to cause people to live contrary to their nature,” you need a basis for determining which aspects human nature are good (i.e., force may not be used to counter them) and which aspect are evil (i.e., force may be used to counter them).

          2. Sounds kinda racist of you amsoc

          3. They had to destroy socialism, in order to save it.

            They should stop calling socialism.

            Perhaps “welfarism”. Or “give us fee public shitism.”

          4. I’m glad you are back AMSOC. With Tony gone, Jackass only throwing up in climate change threads, and Buttplug in total disgrace, You are the last of your kind. =)

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        1. some of us have access to more (kinds of) ice cream than we can even understand


          1. ugh gangnam style didn’t inspire me to look any further into the genre for some reason. that slurping in the beginning was pretty tantalizing though.

    2. You mean “Ben’s Best” Ice Cream.

    3. Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for life !

      For Party Members only.

      Regular people have to line up for plain ice cream. Available in Washington, DC, only. Arrive early. Mostly people buy several and they sell out quickly.

      Be sure to pick up mustard so you’ll have something to serve them in.

  2. Say what you like about socialists; at least they’re consistent!

    1. How dare you compare Stalin and Hitler! Stalin was not nearly as evil as Hitler. he had good intentions. Errors in his rule were from minions, not the master himself.

      Scumbag anarchist; can’t even distinguish a true socialist from a mere pretender.

      1. And Mao loved his people,the young girls most of all.

        1. “the young girls most of all.”
          How else was he going to get rid of syphillis?

      2. “If only Stalin knew!”

    2. They always say, “It’ll work this time!”?

  3. This is the kind of law that annoys me for its needless specificity — why should it even be necessary in the first place, since it is just “common sense” that no manufacturer should be held liable for misuse of its products? But then this law itself why only gun manufacturers, why not all manufacturers, if the legal system has been abused so much that it was deemed necessary?

    Like having a zillion laws describing different kinds of theft and assault — the difference between embezzling $1M and mugging someone for pocket change should be handled by one law for theft, with severity depending only on how much was stolen, and a separate law for the violence involved, commonly called assault.

    Lawyers suck when they make such artificial distinctions.



      2. Sun’s out, guns out.

        1. When the Sun is up the gun is up on the shelf
          and all the runners up are thanking me for their health.
          Hoping that they’re not around when it gets dark outside.
          Sun’s going down; hear that bark outside?

      3. TO ARMS! Let’s blow the head off of the next ATF agent we see. Hail Amon bundy!

        1. Hey assfuck, in the Oregon standoff, tell me which side had someone die by gunfire: the ranchers or the state.

          Government is the people we kill together, amirite?

          1. You mean the guy reaching into his pocket to pull out a gun to shoot at a cop was shot at by a cop? Poor anti- government nutcase. Shoot straight next time.

    2. Right. I’d support getting rid of government protection from liability. But only if I could be reasonably sure that the courts will make “common sense” decisions. When people win lawsuits against lawnmower manufacturers for putting their fingers too close to the blade and getting their fingers cut off, I’m not sure that common sense prevails in the courts.

      1. I’m not saying te rif of statutory protection from frivolous lawsuits. I’m saying why just guns? Why not cars, knives, food, everything?

        Or better yet, why not loser pays, and those who have outstanding verdict debts would not be allowed to file any complaints for less than what they owe. Thus any fool who sues McDonalds for $10M and loses could no longer file prety much any complaint, including theft, kidnapping, possibly even death — they would be old fashioned outlaws in practice, without access to courts, as proper punishment for their abuse of courts.

    3. why not all manufacturers,

      Cuz we like the manufacturers we like and we don’t like the manufacturers we don’t like…

      …and we like the lawyers who help us get rid of the manufacturers we don’t like.

    4. But then this law itself why only gun manufacturers, why not all manufacturers, if the legal system has been abused so much that it was deemed necessary?

      Because these kind of lawsuits don’t get filed against other manufacturers. You don’t see people running to sue Ford because some drunk was driving one of their models when he killed a family of six.

      They were brought by anti-gunners specifically to bankrupt gun manufacturers, and there were a bunch of patsy judges going along with it instead of doing their jobs and throwing the suits out like they would have against any other manufacturer.

    5. S&WCR;,

      I’m afraid your post seems part of a pattern of certain libertarian commenters.

      FIRST, some anti-freedom zealots propose a specific attack against a certain area of freedom.

      SECOND, those who oppose the anti-freedom zealots adopt laws to repel the latest attack

      THIRD, certain commenters complain in the name of libertarianism that “we should be defending freedom all down the line, not just in this one area.”

      OK, but once you’ve got that off your chest, you’re still faced with a direct threat to freedom and a bill specifically tailored to address the threat. It shouldn’t be hard to rally around the latter, while simultaneously explaining that you’d support an even broader sphere of freedom.

    6. you can sue the company that made your car if you get in a crash, right? how are guns any different? [sarcasm off: im not sure i see anyone making a distinction. guns are just pretty controversial anyhow so it’s a decent place to start seeing how much freedom we’ll happily give up if you play on our emotions properly. quite a bit, apparently]

      1. You can sue the auto manufacturer if your accident resulted from their negligence–not just because they made the car. What I understand Clinton and Sanders want is for survivors of one killed by a gun to be able to sue the manufacturer for the fact that their product was used in the murder.

        1. Homocide, not just murder.

          1. Homocide

            Wait, killing fags ain’t legal?

    7. it’s not the lawyers,it’s the JUDGES who refuse to toss out the frivolous lawsuits and punish the lawyers from bringing them. that means that gun manufacturers have to bear costly legal defenses, And the anti-gun crowd intends this to happen. Thus it became necessary for Congress to restrain the courts from allowing this. it’s part of the separation of powers,each section of government exerting restrain on the others,when government is functioning properly. Right now,we’ve been seeing Congress stalemated and unwilling to do their part in governing the government.

    8. Under what logic can someone sue a gun manufacturer for one of their guns being used in a crime? How does that even make any sense? I can understand if, say, a barrel blows up and kills a user, but that is not even close to what the anti-gun nutjobs are talking about. Can you sue a brick maker if I use one of his bricks to brain someone? Totally preposterous.

      1. The logic of “we hate the gun companies and want to bankrupt them using marginally-legal methods”.

  4. So if this bill ever comes up for a vote, put something in it that includes auto manufacturers. Let’s see who has principles.

    1. Problem is the Progs might spin off that idea and make traveling by train only required.

  5. Clearly Bernie thinks he now has a chance at the nomination, so he’s willing to bend his principles for votes. Or maybe that’s what he was doing all along when he was running for office in Vermont.

    1. Career politician

      1. To be fair, he’s never been good at anything else. He’s not good at this either, but definitely not anything else.

    2. Getting elected is more importnt to Democrats than principles. This is about infringing on the rights of Americans and violating the Constitution of the United States.

      1. The Constitution of the United States infringes on the rights of Democrats to elected office.


    It shows the true greatness of a man to change his opinion to swing with the right fear-mongering memes.

    Come on you people.

  7. Wouldnt this effectively make the gun manufacturers not want to make guns available anymore?

    Seems like a huge attack on the 2a

    1. That’s the idea. Government rarely says to the people “You may not buy this.” They instead tell sellers and producers “You may not make or import this.” That’s what they did with light bulbs. As they do this they claim that they are protecting consumers from greedy businesses, and most of the time people buy it.

      This is basically the same thing. They will claim that they are protecting the people by making manufacturers responsible for what people do with their products, with the intended result being manufacturers refusing to sell their products for fear of being sued. They don’t have to make it illegal to own, sell, or make a firearm. All they have to do is, in the name of protecting the people, make it so risky that no one will do it. Then they get their way, and claim to be heroes in the process.

      1. Also i think the dems are there to enrich their lawyer buddies

        1. That goes without saying. I would heartily support anything that prevented lawyers from being legislators, because more often than not they use their power simply to force people into hiring lawyers. Legislation should not require a translator with a law degree.

          1. absofuckinglutely

        2. Frank is on the trail.

          Foundation repair companies might do business under the same dba for years but change corporate ownership ever 3 to 5 years to avoid liability accumulate during that time span. It is almost impossible to truly repair a concrete slab it can only be repaired so they get sued often.

          Lawyers are needed to transfer ownership from one corporate entity to another and then the owners drain the first of assets making a lawsuit toithless.

          1. Yep. They are the party of lawsuit lawyers…people be damned. See the recent regs in nyc regarding gender pronouns

    2. Do you seriously not know that this law was one of those “reaonable, common-sense” compromises that the gun manufacturers agreed to – they’d be more restrictive in who they sold guns to in return for protection from lawsuits a la the tobacco companies. The government got the gunnies to effectively impose some gun control laws on themselves by threatening to sue them to death if they didn’t. The gun manufacturers held up their end of the bargain, the governments end of the bargain is now up for negotiation. We just need some reasonable common-sense compromise on the issue.

      1. what a load of garbage. Gun manufacturers have little control over who buys their products,those rules have been determined by FEDGOV,mainly ATF,aka “F-Troop”. In fact,if you refuse to sell some products now,you’re open to lawsuits for not selling them,as in the “public accommodation” laws.
        Besides, gun manufacturers only sell to distributors,who then sell to local gun dealers. Deciding who to sell a gun to is FAR from the gun manufacturers control.

        1. But … But I hear all the time that automatic assault weapons with the high-capacity clips* are freely available to anyone at anytime! And there’s so much more mass murder now; I just read it in Mother Jones. We must do something!!!!!!!!!1!!11!111

          *the thing that goes up.

    3. I’m think that might be true of American manufacturers. It’ll be great for foreign companies? maybe Chinese companies most of all. Sovereign immunity, baby!

  8. All this means is that Bernie has an open mind, unlike stubborn ideologues who stupidly stick to stupid principles.

  9. Re: the picture – why does everyone have to put on these big-ass fake smiles on these occasions these days?

    I mean, look at those two assholes. Bernie Sanders has nothing to smile about. Kids are starving while the KKKoch Brothers and their ilk deodorize with at least 23 different scents while feasting on minority-children veal. And Hillary is participating in a sham – IT’S HER GODDAMN TURN TO BE PRESIDENT, THAT’S ALL – and yet they do the primaries, the caucuses, and the debates anyway. It must suck pretending to be happy about it.

    Why can’t these fuckfaces just shake hands cordially, say a couple of words to each other before and after the event, then move on? Nope, gotta show America how pleasant and fun they all are.


    1. “minority children veal” made me laugh out loud in a class I’m helping teach. Thanks Jr, now I look like the jerk.

      1. “Mr Drew, do you have something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”

        1. Amen. Awkward moment. I usually try to introduce Reason H&R to the unsuspecting more gently than that.

  10. OT: my LQ Flatron computer monitor keeps flickering from normal brightness to slightly darker at an irregular frequency, but once it starts it likes to keep going for a while. Any ideas?

    1. LG not LQ

      1. Tell your wife to stop using the microwave while you’re trying to compute. Especially if the microwave is made by LQ. That’s a knockoff brand.

        1. Like Sorny.

          1. Or Toshibo.

    2. Your power supply is fucked. Plan on buying a new monitor soon.

      1. I have 2 of these connected to my iMac in my office. I can’t say enough good stuff about them.

        1. i also have 2 of those monitors. very good deal for the money.

          isn’t the imac the stupid thing with the computer built into the display?

          1. My stupid thing is better than you.

            I modded it with a 1TB SSD, 20 gigs of ram, and an 8TB thunderbolt Raid 0 drive for media.

            1. So, you took an already overly expensive soon-to-be-obsolete machine and put rims and a spoiler on it. Sweet

              seriously though, can you actually upgrade the processor on those things? or will you be transferring your high-octane extras into an entirely new box in 2 years?

              1. It’s a 2011, and I bought it refurbished for half off. I’ve already gotten 5 years out of it, and it still has a couple years left. Considering that I burn through a windows laptop in 9-12 months, it’s held up very well.

                Yeah, I’ll take the extras with me when it’s time.

                1. I’m just busting your chops

                  i didn’t even know you could actually add drives to those things, or that they had more than 2 ram slots. i thought the whole point of them is that they were designed for people for whom the idea of opening up the computer and replacing components was frighteningly plebian. Its like asking a Prius driver to change their own tires/oil.

                  i had a brief sideline gig around 2000 building DAW-pc’s for people… and ever since then the idea of “buying a computer” has felt like a horrible ripoff. Tho i did just that last year. the cost of a good off-the-shelf box was so cheap i couldn’t be bothered to piece something together.

                  1. You can’t really DIY upgrade the drive without special tools. I had to remove the glass on the display with 2 high tension suction cups. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can really fuck it up. Best done in a clean room.

                    RAM is really easy, just a torx. 4 RAM slots.

                    Lots more connections than you might think for a box the size of a monitor. 4 USB, 2 Firewire, gigabit ethernet, display, and thunderbolt.

                  2. designed for people for whom the idea of opening up the computer and replacing components was frighteningly plebian

                    Probably 90% of people don’t want to fiddle. I used to tear open my desktop and replace various parts – now I use an all-in-one and don’t miss it one bit. It helps that I don’t perceive the need to upgrade so often any more.

                  3. and ever since then the idea of “buying a computer” has felt like a horrible ripoff

                    You can split the difference if you go to Cyberpower. You can customize your components for performance and price, but they build it for you, thereby removing potential hardware conflicts from you and putting it on them. I built my gaming rig, including a serious nVidia graphics card, for $725 (I also got free shipping).

                    I used to build my computers for myself, but Cyberpower is WAY simpler.

          2. Thank you both gentlemen. That looks like a seriously nice monitor but I think I’ll buy used for now. When I build my own computer or have Cyberpower or someone do it for me I might get an expensive monitor.

          1. I usually leave the door to my office open. Usually.

              1. Now HM is something I can get into.

        2. Funny, I was just looking at their 1440 25″ monitor.

    3. First question – is your home buried on top of an native-american burial site?

      Second question – have you updated your bios with all the NSA’s latest embedded spyware?

      1. Don’t be silly; they update it for you.

      2. “is your home buried”- ? fuck me. built

        1. Canada. Could be buried in snow….

          1. Or poutine.

    4. I would give you a thoughtful and helpful reply, but the last time I did that you were a total dick.


      Ha ha! Asshole’s monitor isn’t working! Ha ha! I hope it catches your house on fire!

      1. I probably wasn’t and if I was you probably deserved it.

        In any event it doesn’t matter I got what I needed from people vastly less tedious than you.

        1. If you have a cat, I hope it licks your toothbrush and gives you something terminal.

          1. Ha like I’d ever own a cat.

            Looks like there’s nothing to save the yokels and peacenazis from getting cytopwnd in perpetuity.

            1. Well if you do not own a cat, what else are you going to stroke while you bomb brown people back into the bronze age ?

              1. His “Little Objectivist”

    5. How old is it? LED backlight or the older fluorescent tube type?
      It could be the power supply capacitors are failing. that’s a common problem in monitors.
      With the older non-LED backlit displays,the tubes wear out,then it’s time for a new monitor/display.
      Or it could be bad solder joints.

      1. I bought it used so I don’t know exactly how old this one is but the model came out in 2009 according to a review. It’s a discontinued product. I can’t tell if it’s non-LED but it has a ‘Flatron F-engine’.

    6. That’s what you for buying Goldstar.

  11. OT: hey HM I don’t know if you can see this but I remember a while back you expressed knowledge in Dash (the anonymous crypto). Have you heard of Zerocash? What are your thoughts about it compared to Dash?

    1. I’ve heard of it, but I never really kept up with it. Sorry.

      1. You should look it up I think you’ll find it interesting. It’s a crypto that will be launched for the profit of those creating it.

  12. Why does bernie need all that campaign cash when children are starving in this country?

    Why does 1 guy bernie sanders have more wealth than millions of americans combined?

    Can some post these things to sites with a lof bern supporters and watch their heads explode

  13. Sanders is certainly unprincipled–he’s a lefty. But the bigger issue here is the chilling effect that they hope to bring to gun manufacture. Making gun manufacturers liable for the crimes their customers commit, of course stifles gun manufacturing. Many manufacturers will merely move out of the country, and then the democrats will complain about them taking jobs away from Americans.

  14. I really don’t see Bernie an evil Stalin type, more just ideological idiot that we screw stuff up enough where the left will call for a Stalin type to fix it.

    1. All socialist are evil at heart. They have to use men with guns to make their dreams come true.And they know that to be true. They also hate property rights.

      1. They also hate property rights.

        No they don’t. What’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs as well. They love property rights where their property is concerned. It’s protections of your property that they abhor.

        But you are right that they are evil. Their only guiding principle is that might makes right. Since government is might, they seek to use government to do things for them that would be criminal if they did those things themselves. Then it is “right” in that no one can do a damn thing about it, since the injustices are committed by the very people who are duty-bound to right injustice. That’s social justice in a nutshell.

        1. At a party meeting, a Communist party officer is drilling a local worker. He asks him:

          “Comrade, if you had two houses, would you give one to the Communist Party?”

          The worker responds “Yes, definitely, comrade, I would give one of my houses to the party!”

          Then he asks “Comrade, if you had two cars, would you give one to the party?”

          Again, the worker says, “Yes, I would give one of my cars to the party!”

          Finally, the officer asks, “If you had two shirts, would you give one to the party?”

          The response “Nyet!”

          So the officer asks “But why? Why won’t you give one of your shirts to the party?”

          The worker says: “Because I HAVE two shirts!”

      2. Oh,it’s also a good idea to disarm the citizens first,just in case.

  15. Who can out crazy the other in order to get the dem nomination. Maybe Hillary can come back with universal price controls.

  16. I was just reading about OJ Simpson recently. Something really jumped out at me.

    Nicole Brown Simpson looks A LOT like a certain debate moderator.

      1. I have never understood what that linked video was supposed to be.

          1. Ah.

            a similar youtube meme is “Looks like socialism to me!“, which i am seeing as a comment to everything from ‘kittens playing with one another’ to ‘man wins slam dunk contest’

            I believe it is meant mock-seriously. or not! which is its very utility. Someone tells you, “uh, no, socialism looks like this” and they go, “UH JOKE STUPID”. Its sort of a win-win.

    1. would

      not kill

      1. No mater how hot a women is,some where,some guy,is tired of fucking her.

        1. tired of fucking her cutting that bitch’s head off.

          1. ^THIS IS WHY HIT ‘N RUN EXISTS!^

            1. To type while drinking?

        2. I used to have a poster, a super cute young chick rollerskating directly at the camera in a bikini.

          The caption at the bottom said: “Somewhere, someone is sick of her shit”

      2. You guys, Postrel’s gonna get mad.

    2. Do you know how to say Nicole Brown in German? That’s right, Eva Braun, give or take a word.

      1. “I’d rake her sandtrap”

        1. With your putter?

          1. “i’d sandblast her confederate memorial”

            1. That’s just sick.

    3. Well, that puts a new twist to the ‘blood coming out of her whatever’, doesn’t it?

      1. Geez. I make the most insensitive, tasteless joke of the week and hours later this is all I get? One ‘ouch’?

        You people sicken me.

        1. I liked it, Suthen. Maybe they’re giving you the silent treatment over the threading fail.

          Speaking of weirdly-placed responses, where has P Brooks been?

    1. gerg meant to be reply to playa.

      I must have had an extra helping of derp for lunch

    2. Needs more va-jj

    3. It’s not just the look. It’s the eye shape and bone structure

      1. No, you definitely nailed it.

        but its still sort of “stereotype manly-blonde uberbitch”

  17. In response to rising homelessness, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, the Seattle City Council, and King County Executive Dow Constantine have increased shelter space, but are still struggling to meet the need.

    Overall crime Los Angeles last year rose to its highest level since 2009 because of higher gang activity and homelessness, the Los Angeles Police Department said Wednesday.

    The District may have a particularly high number of homeless LGBT youth because it is seen as more welcoming than other places, Ruby Corado, executive director of Casa Ruby, said. The census did not ask where the homeless youth came from, but she estimated that 70 percent come from outside the District.

    In recent years, homelessness in New York City has reached its highest levels since the Great Depression. In October 2015, the Coalition for the Homeless estimated over 59,500 homeless in New York City alone, including over 23,000 homeless children.

    The number of homeless students attending public school in Pennsylvania increased by 18 percent between the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years ? an increase more than double the national average of 8 percent, according to statistics reported by the U.S. Department of Education.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like I’m seeing an uptick in the reporting on homelessness. You know what that means.

    1. Gangs of brown children are going to fondle our white women?

      1. That makes me think of Blazing Saddles,

      2. That makes me think of Blazing Saddles,

      3. That makes me think of Blazing Saddles,

        1. I don’t believe you.

          1. Don’t make me say it again.

            1. Well, sheesh, Adans — end with a period!

    2. Politicians have basically outlawed unskilled labor and cheap housing, while claiming credit for forcing employers to pay a living wage and landlords to conform to building codes?

      1. Why yes,they rid the country of low wage jobs and crappy housing.Two problems solved.

      2. Tenants share a bathroom?? That’s a health risk! We would much rather make them use a convenient and sanitary sidewalk or alley.

        1. what difference, at this point, does it make?

      3. Don’t forget rent control.

    3. What does it mean? Sorry i am not following

      1. Homelessness is only a problem when there’s a Republican in the White House. Looks like some people are getting ready for President Trump.

        1. Sorry can you elaborate more. I am a bit slow at times ubderstanding things that i am not too familiar with

    4. “, homelessness in New York City has reached its highest levels since the Great Depression”

      This statement seems wildly misinformed…. and just baseless.

      first off, the peak of homelessness in NYC was in the 1980s.

      second, its still very very low. I don’t buy the data i’ve seen slung around that suggests that its been skyrocketing to an all-time high. Where the hell are they?

      1. It’s like the war on cops and the drug scare of the week.You just have to believe it’s so.

        1. The NYT itself was skeptical back in october… posing it as a question, and throwing some random stats against the wall

          What it seems like to me is that there have been shelters in NYC for a very long time since the late 1980s, and they were rarely used since the mid 1990s, because of the long economic boom.

          And in the last 10 years, those shelters are seeing far more use (and re-use, as many note that the population using them are recidivist and repeat customers) and the City Department in charge of these things has been pumping the shit out of their data in effort to raise a lot more money for themselves under Mayor Sugar-Daddy De Blasio

          1. And yet you don’t see them all over the place like you do in say SF or Seattle – even when it’s warm. I find it hard to believe that NY homeless are more likely to use shelters than in other cities so my completely off-the-cuff guess is they’re cooking the books.

            1. “my completely off-the-cuff guess is they’re cooking the books.’

              I think their stats on things like “Right-Wing Terrorism” are probably far more rigorously-bullshitted.

              they’re not just cooking the books, they’re turning long-term decline into “growth” by under-counting past homelessness, and pretending that increases in “Shelter attendance” (never mind the increase in shelter-beds, and the expanded range of things defined as “shelters”) reflects an actual growth in the underlying ‘homeless’ population.

              They tried the same exact argument 10 years ago.

              1. And it doesn’t help that the NYPost is jumping on the “most homeless ever” bandwagon purely out of spite against the mayor.

              2. So, the tactics they are using to sell global warming are tactics they learned selling other left wing lies. I have a surprise face on.

      2. Where the hell are they?

        The Secret Underworld, a place one-percenter’s like you don’t know about because you don’t want to know about.

        1. It’s called Detroit.

      3. +1 campus rape epidemic

  18. Im more worried about the bern than hilldog. I want hilldog to win d nom

  19. Sanders explained …, “Look George, if you have a small gun shop owner in Northern Vermont who sells a gun legally to somebody and then, you know, something happens to that guy, he goes nuts or something, and he kills somebody, should the gun shop owner be held liable? I think not. [But] I am absolutely willing, as I’ve said for many, many weeks, if not months, to take another look at that piece of legislation.”

    “To think, or to think not, that is the question. But I feel *ammunition* manufacturers should be held to an even more stringent product liability standard.”

  20. Well, hell, ya learn something new every day. Why have I not seen this before?

    The Billy Doe rape story was so sensational it attracted the attention of crusading Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely. She described Billy Doe in a 2011 story, “The Catholic Church’s Secret Sex-Crime Files,” as a “sweet, gentle kid with boyish good looks” who had been callously “passed around” from predator to predator. According to the charges recounted by Erdely, two priests and a Catholic schoolteacher “raped and sodomized the 10-year-old, sometimes making him perform stripteases or getting him drunk on sacramental wine after Mass.”

    1. It has been mentioned a number of times that Erdley has published at least 3 ‘questionable’ rape-stories. jackie, the choir boy, and the petty-officer blumer one

      1. Well now don’t I look foolish – I wasn’t aware of the third one, either. In my defense, the timestamp on Rico’s story is 2:35 and that’s when I pick the kids up from school – I guess I need to get my priorities straight and make the little boogers walk home so I can stay here and monitor the breaking news.

        Speaking of breaking news, did you guys know David Bowie has cancer? I hope he gets better.

        1. You have actual Jerry’s kids?

          1. I thought it was Jerry skids.

  21. In case this hasn’t been posted yet: LOL

  22. Libertarian Moment!

    1. that’s new

  23. I missed this

    the NYT, while endorsing Clinton… also offered an endorsement for Kasich on the GOP side

    I’m surprised they didn’t suggest someone less-competitive.

    “We think a choice between Hillary, and this recently-squashed muskrat we found on the side of the road, present America with the healthiest range of policy alternatives”

    1. They’re setting up their “once again the Republicans rejected the moderate voices in their party and chose extremists so now despite our sincere desire for a responsible Republican candidate we are reluctantly compelled to endorse a Democrat” narrative.

      1. I’d love to see the number of times the NYTimes uses the phrase “right wing extremist” versus “left wing extremist”. This, in a paper where I remember an Op Ed using the phrase, “Obama, who is left of center…”

    1. Latest video comment:

      I AGREE with Michael Moore ethnic cleansing by a REPUBLICAN MAYOR THE LEGACY OF RACIAL HATRED The legacy of savages, with inhuman tendencies

      Needz moar froth.

      1. Id assume this has to be parody as it is so over the top

    2. Never misses a chance to score political points

    3. One of these reporters that are giving Moore the time of day should ask him what the fuck, exactly, he has to do with Flint.

      He cares so much for those people screwed over by Republicans and big business that he moved the fuck out of there as soon as he started making some money from his propaganda films. He lives in Travers City and, instead of doing this in his ‘beloved’ Flint, he started a film festival and comedy festival that are held annually in Traverse City(where the rich people are) – not Flint (where the poor people are, think of how many jobs and the tourism money he could have brought in).

  24. Sign the MoveOn petition:

    “A group called the Center for Individual Rights, which the American Prospect recently revealed has been funded by the Koch Brothers, other right-wing one-percenters, and even white supremacists, is trying to make it even harder for public service workers ? teachers like me, as well as nurses, social workers, firefighters and others — to band together at work in order fight for benefits and wages we can use to provide for our families

    “This Koch Brothers-backed group is asking the Supreme Court to impose the same kind of radical agenda we’ve seen hurt everyday people in states like Wisconsin and every state in the country. Worse yet, just like in Citizens United, this all-out attack on everyday Americans would be enshrined in the Constitution….

    “Tell the Center for Individual Rights: Enough is enough! It’s time to stop attacking working people — the teachers like me and other public service workers who work to make our communities better.”

      1. It’s cute you think that means something.

      2. Does this guy realize how stoopid he looks on a consistent basis?

          1. I’m detecting sort of theme in your links…

        1. You must be new, Frank. Realizing how stupid he looks would require the very slightest shred of self awareness.

          His moniker says it all.

    1. So much derp packed into nine lines.

    2. What are they talking about here? That case from cali?

    3. fight for benefits and wages

      What “fight”? You get everything you ask for – it’s not like those of us paying for it have any say. And when you don’t, you just wait for another Democrat to get elected who will give it to you retroactively.

      1. The thing is people dont have to accept if they feel they are being screwed. But yet this is about forcing others at gun point to give to them.

        Ive come to find proggies are the most greedy and selfish people there are

  25. So, if my kid in elementary school gets killed by a paranoid mass shooter, who bought her gun from a manufacturer that made increasing profits from fear-mongering about government agents coming for private citizen’s guns, I shouldn’t be allowed to sue the gun manufacturer? Who says? The government? Fuck off, slaver.

    1. Sanshi yue changpian shanren sanshi nian!

      Xiao cui shenhuoguo ne ge hao zhe me zhe meiyuo yang ren me ren bing zhong.

      Sanshi nian qian zhao buzhao jintian zhaozhele jintian zhaozhe xiao guniang bushi wo de yo.

      Ke x ile ke xi liao bushi wo de yo.

      Ke xi le ke xi liao bushi wo de yo!

      1. So Agile Cyborg knows Chinese, and he’s also Terry Gilliam?

        1. So Agile Cyborg knows Chinese, and he’s also Terry Gilliam?

          That’s this song.

      2. They all want cake?

      3. Are you speaking Chinese? 😀

    2. What would this mass shooter buying a gun have to do with fear mongering about govt agents?

      1. Let’s make it simpler, because I so stoopid. If I can make a case that a gun manufacturer is responsible for harm done to me and a jury agrees with me who is to say that I shouldn’t be able to collect damages? I thought the central tenet of libertarian philosophy was that we don’t need laws or regulations because I can take people to court and sue their ass.

        1. Well in your scenario the gun manufacturer didnt do you harm so not sure what you are talking about.

        2. Yew r so stoopid, but that is beside the point.

          People have made cases that gun manufacturers were responsible for harm done to them and they have collected damages. Those people showed that faulty manufacture through negligence, faulty design, etc. caused the harm. I have no objection to any of that.

          Your hypothetical, however, is ludicrous.

          “So, if my kid in elementary school gets killed by a paranoid mass shooter, who bought her gun from a manufacturer that made increasing profits from fear-mongering about government agents coming for private citizen’s guns, I shouldn’t be allowed to sue the gun manufacturer? Who says? The government? Fuck off, slaver.”

          1. Manufacturers do not sell their guns to consumers, they sell them to distributors.
          2. Gun manufacturers make a very small profit. Most of them are on the verge of bankruptcy most of the time.
          3. Gun manufacturers do not propagandize, as far as I know. If there is fear mongering it is done by other parties.

          1. Im no lawyer, but i knot so stoopid as u. I know that to collect damages, generally, you must show fault. To show fault you need to show agency of some kind. Gun manufacturers have no agency with regards to gun owners/users. They have no control over who the final owner of their product is. They make the guns and sell them to distributors, say Bass Pro. Bass Pro is responsible for vetting the gun purchaser, and they do that by calling the local cops and running background checks on the perspective purchaser. If the cops (government agents) say the perspective buyer is ok to buy a gun, then Bass Pro takes their word for it and sells the gun.

            Gun manufacturers have no knowledge or agency in any of that process. Bass Pro has to take the word of the government that the purchaser is eligible to buy the gun. If you want to point fingers, assign blame, it lies completely on the government.

            1. Suing someone who has no control, no knowledge, no agency over the actions of others is a can of worms I would think even a brain damaged retard like you would not want to open.

              Should the families of people murdered by socialist governments be able to sue your stupid ass because you shill for murderers?

              Should people injured in car accidents be able to sue car manufacturers because of some other driver’s negligence?

              Should family members be able to sue rope/knife/drug manufacturers or architects because their loved one committed suicide?

              Speaking of which, that is a stellar idea. Why don’t you go kill yourself.

          2. If somebody used gasoline to set a building on fire and blocked all the exits, should people be able to sue Exxon?

        3. if the crazy guy deliberately drove his new Hummer through your house and killed your family,would you sue AM-General for allowing him to buy the Hummer?
          Or,sue Amoco because the crazy guy bought their gasoline that he used to torch your house with your family inside?

          How can you hold a manufacturer responsible for what a person does criminally with that product,once the product is out of the manufacturer’s control?
          You’re not rational.

        4. So you’re saying that if I’m hit by a car the I can sue the car manufacturer?

    3. So, if my kid in elementary school gets killed by a paranoid mass shooter, who bought her gun from a manufacturer that made increasing profits from fear-mongering about government agents coming for private citizen’s guns, I shouldn’t be allowed to sue the gun manufacturer?

      Correct. You may not be as stupid as I thought.

    4. You should be allowed to *try* to sue. Then you should get laughed out of court and pay for the whole stupid thing.

    5. You would sue Izhmash?

  26. If you’re as angry as Michael Moore, sign his petition

    “Sign the petition. #ArrestGovSnyder

    :Dear Attorney General Lynch:

    “We, the undersigned, call upon you to investigate and, if warranted, arrest and prosecute the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, for violating the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations in cutting off clean drinking water to the city of Flint and making the citizens, instead, drink polluted water from the Flint River; for fraud and political corruption; and for covering up the criminal actions of his administration. The children of Flint, already amongst the poorest in the U.S., will now have to endure a life of pain, irreversible brain damage and lower IQ’s because of Governor Snyder’s actions. There is no way to totally reverse the effects of lead in a child’s blood stream. At the very least, justice must be served ? and other elected officials must be put on notice, by the actions you will take against the Governor, that people’s lives are more important than balancing a budget.”

    1. Funny he fails to mention flint deciding to go with the kwa and having a contract terminated with detroit. And forgetting to add phosphates.

      But as we all know michael moore doesnt care…it is all about giving him attention

      1. Seeing how he is telling private companies not to provide good water…his concern falls on deaf ears

      2. The Flint engineers suggested adding phosphates. The EPA discouraged it.

        1. Damn. It makes his statements look even more like “look at me”

    2. “The children of Flint, already amongst the poorest in the U.S., will now have to endure a life of pain, irreversible brain damage and lower IQ’s ”

      Wasn’t Michael Moore a child in Flint? Looks like this problem started a long time before the current water problem.

      He doesnt mention that if said investigation were to be started the vast majority of people going to jail would be Dems. He would scream bloody murder then.

      Fat boy needs to go ahead and die from pancreatic cancer. What a vile piece of shit.

      1. He really is a piece of shit…deny them water so i score political points against a governor who didnt have much to do with it

      2. Wasn’t Michael Moore a child in Flint?

        He likes to say that, but it’s bullshit. He grew up in Davison, in an affluent neighborhood.

    3. I’d never sign ANY petition generated by Michael Moore.

  27. Mobilize the people against the profiteers and wreckers, and don’t forget to buy services from those profiteers and wreckers or the IRS will slap you with a penaltax:

    “To the U.S. Congress:

    “The pharmaceutical industry is out of control. As they rake in record profits and avoid paying their fair share of taxes, the American people are struggling to afford our basic needs.

    “Last year, nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population ? 35 million people ? did not fill a prescription because they could not afford it. At the same time, Pfizer ? one of the world’s wealthiest drug companies ? has $140 billion in untaxed profits stashed offshore.

    “It is time for Congress to step in and protect the American people against this greedy, reckless behavior. It is time that Congress hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable.

    “SIGN HERE:”

    1. Careful, Eddie. You’ll overload the servers with all that derp.

    2. They always make these claims about record profits which im not sure is true or not.

      I like how their basic needs are forcing others to provide them stuff. What if drug companies cease to exist?

      1. youre thinking way too far ahead. besides, we have the most advanced technology in human history and you’re worried about if we’re gonna have more or not? when is it gonna be enough for you to be willing to share?

        1. And that “most advanced technology in human history” came for free? It didn’t cost any of the “record profits” to create?

          1. I think Eman was being sarcastic.

      2. “What if drug companies cease to exist?”

        If these people have their way, they will. They won’t expect that, and will blame it on others, but that is exactly what would happen.

        1. Market failure! Greedy capitalists!

          1. Nope – its that ‘bad luck’ from the Heinlein quote.

    3. If it’s “stashed offshore”, wouldn’t that be because it’s foreign revenue they haven’t repatriated, i.e. revenue from medication sold to people outside the U.S.? And wouldn’t it be $140 billion total, not just for the most recent year? It’s almost as if they’re being deliberately misleading…

      1. Progs being misleading no way!

      2. Progs being misleading no way!

        1. You can say that again.

    4. Well, they actually have the point.

      However, the solution should be reforming patent law, the FDA (its rules on generics), and the whole medical lobby. And we should be able to buy prescription drugs from overseas

  28. I hear michael moore is a total dbag

    1. To clarify i know he is the epitome of limousine liberal but rather i meant people who work with him says he is a complete dick and only cares about money. Definitely not a hypocrite!

      1. I bet he’s totally consistent…he wants money taken out of the hands of Republicans.

        1. Yep money for me not for thee…since they have the correct thoughts

  29. The liberal talking point seems to be that they are more well off than conservatives. If so wouldnt this mean they are driving inequality?

    1. No, you see, the conservative movement is a bunch of filthy 1 percenters at the top using their citizens united money to make politics corrupt so they can fool the poor rednecks that it’s in some way not in their interest to vote for Democrats.

      The left are all middle class small-business owners or organic farmers or crusading lawyers freeing innocent people from Death Row. Plus teachers working 30 hours a day to bring education to the masses, exploited workers, peasants and people of color who see through the Koch brothers lies, and of course artists.

      1. Lol nice.

        The funny thing is the dems appear to be the actual party of real big money (billionaires), lawyers and entertainers. Id say the pubs are higher income folks like small business owners and biz executives who have high salary but they aren’t really big players

        The amount of paternalism from the dems is staggering. They are the ones that determine what others best interests are!

        1. 7 out of the 10 wealthiest Congressional districts elect Democrats.

  30. I don’t live in the ghetto per se, but I live in a city so it’s close enough. I feel like the value of my property is lower than it should be so I’d like to be able to sue gun manufacterers for my losses. I’m pretty sure, given the episodic gun violence that plagues our country, I could get a jury of my peers to go along with me. You know… To send a message. But effing effing eff, fucking libertarians think that’s bad because suing someone infringes on the 2nd amendment. What the eff.

    HM, I don’t speak Chinese so can you tell me how to spell “crony capitalism” in mandarin? Does it begin with an ‘X’?

    1. Gun manufacturer’s have nothing to do with gun violence you retard.

    2. I don’t live in the ghetto per se, but I live in a city so it’s close enough.

      God you’re a fucking asshole.

    3. “I don’t live in the ghetto per se, but I live in a city so it’s close enough.”

      Just what the Ef is this “per se” supposed to mean as expressed?

      “I don’t live in the ghetto but I know about how far away it is from where I do live”

      No, not “close enough”. Not in any sense that makes it worth bringing up.

      1. It’s his usual passive-aggressive “look at me I’m a libertarian” trollery.

    4. I feel like the value of my property is lower than it should be so I’d like to be able to sue gun manufacturers for my losses.

      You really are pathetic. But you’re typical of many socialists that I’ve run into on the Internet. Socialists blame others for their misfortunes and expect others to repay them for their suffering even if the socialists brought that suffering upon themselves. Has it ever occurred to you that your worldview and you’re blaming of others rather than taking responsibility for your own actions is the reason that you can never find a true solution to your problems?

    5. Don’t be so hard on AMSOC. He is the last of his kind. Let’s put him in a Zoo, or a Museum. Like an animal that is going extinct, or a piece of parchment that will fall apart with the slightest touch. He is like salvage from the trash bin of history. =)

    6. Technically, it’s “tuan2 huo3 zi1 ben3 zhu3 yi4“, but in China it’s “What, there’s another kind?”.

      The Chinese govt is very open about using their regulations to boost local businesses at the expense of foreign ones. They tax the hell out of iPhones so people will buy Huawei (it doesn’t work). They refuse to allow Apple Pay because it would compete with AliPay. That’s just a couple of examples. The American government is really no different, aside from using fig leaves of things like “safety” to make it a little less blatant.

    7. AmSoc, you’re really goose-stepping along to that leftist it’s-the-gun-manufacturer’s line, aren’t you?

      1. Well, Hillary told him what to believe. Gots to follow orders!

  31. Pssstt !!! Hey kid. You want to buy an angle grinder, and a power drill ?…..-sten-gun/

  32. Would like to hear amsoc go into more detail about these people he lives near? Me thinks from what he wrote has a race angle. Also not sure what your property values have to do with gun manufacturers…unless they made a plant right next to you.

  33. lol US POlitics, best politics money can buy!

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  35. Marxist and Islamists who infect our federal government plus the media whores who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States..

    Second Amendment foes lying about gun control – Firearms are our constitutionally mandated safeguard against tyranny by a powerful federal government. Only dictators, tyrants, despots, totalitarians, and those who want to control and ultimately to enslave you support gun control.

    No matter what any president, senator, congressman, or hard-left mainstream media whores tell you concerning the statist utopian fantasy of safety and security through further gun control: They are lying. If their lips are moving, they are lying about gun control. These despots truly hate America..

    These tyrants hate freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and private property. But the reality is that our citizens’ ownership of firearms serves as a concrete deterrent against despotism. They are demanding to hold the absolute power of life and death over you and your family. Ask the six million Jews, and the other five million murdered martyrs who perished in the Nazi death camps, how being disarmed by a powerful tyranny ended any chances of fighting back. Ask the murdered martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto about gun control.

    American Thinker

    1. Their single agenda is to control you after you are disarmed. When the people who want to control you hold the absolute power of life and death over your family, you have been enslaved. The hard-left Marxist and Islamists who infect our federal government plus the MSM media whores who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States into becoming an unarmed population. Unarmed populations have been treated as slaves and chattel since the dawn of history.

      Will we stand our ground, maintaining our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights, fighting those who would enslave us?

      American Thinker

  36. Since progressives like to talk about equality, this law should apply equally. If you get in a car accident, you should be able to sue GM. If a drunk driver hits you, you should be able to sue Coors and Ford. If you are injured by a cop or a family member is killed because you didn’t pay for Bernies free colleges and healthcare, you should be able to sue Bernie.

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