Hillary's Emails Were Top Secret, Melissa Click Gets Community Service, Kicking Richard Dawkins Out of the Club: P.M. Links


  • Clinton

    Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.

  • Atheist Richard Dawkins was banished from a conference for skeptics. His crime? Sending a tweet that made fun of feminists. (He later deleted it.)
  • Amherst College has gotten rid of its problematic mascot, "Lord Jeff." But Lord Jeff is Jeffrey Amherst—and the college is still named after him, National Review points out.
  • Once again, yes, Hillary Clinton shared "top secret" emails.
  • Watch the full footage of the FBI shooting one of the people involved in the Oregon standoff.
  • From The Onion: "Dazed Marco Rubio Wakes Up in Koch Compound to Find Cold Metal Device Installed Behind Ear."
  • Tucker Carlson's take on the Trump phenomenon is a must-read. (Okay, take what this former Daily Caller staffer says with a gain of salt. But it contains this gem: "It's true you have better hair than I do," Trump said matter-of-factly. "But I get more pussy than you do.")


NEXT: Despite What Her Campaign Wants You to Believe, There Were Top Secret Emails on Hillary Clinton's Homebrew Server

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  1. At 4PM EST today, my wager with Palin’s Buttplug officially closed. To put it mildly, he lost. If anyone sees him commenting here at any point, please remind him that he is to make a donation to Reason. No donation, no commenting. I WANT PROOF.

    1. Hello.

    2. Remind us (me) of your wager?

        1. As long as he doesn’t squelch.

          1. Welch got mad at that. Our relationship is ruined forever.

        2. I took the liberty of calculating his results Here.

          1. One can only hope this rids us of him forever. Good job.

          2. The science is settled.

          3. Good job Playa.

            How did you do ?

          4. So if he invested 50K at 1.18, he’d have ~42,372 in options? meaning he turned 50K into 423.72?

            What about the SGY shares he paid 2.50 for? It’s down to 0.40, in which case he turned 50K into 8K?

            Maybe Maduro should hire him as an economic advisor.

        3. Thanks for the link. So how badly did you beat him? (I’m not so good with fancy investment talk. I’m happy buying and holding index funds.)

          1. As of close, I made 10%, and he lost around 100%.

            I’d like to make it clear:
            -I don’t work or claim to work in finance
            -I don’t have a coke problem

            1. Ayup, that’s a about like how the Bills and Broncos lose Super Bowls.

            2. -I don’t have a coke problem

              Someday you will get there.

                1. You can start by heading over to Spearmint Rhino befriending a few classy dancers.

                2. *slow, respectful nod to PM*

                  well done

              1. No, he doesn’t. He buys coke, he snorts it, no problem.

                1. High-level strippers greatly assist with the coke problem development.

              2. He just said he didn’t have a “problem”. He snorts coke just fine and dandy well skipper.

            3. first time commenter, and I created an account just to +1 you on this. Hilarious. The group of regulars here is outstanding.

              1. The group of regulars here is outstanding.

                Except Nikki. She is The Worst.

                1. She’s outstanding in her field, just like a farmer.

              2. first time commenter, and I created an account just to +1 you on this. Hilarious. The group of regulars here is outstanding.

                pkay225 has vaulted into my Top Five Commenters list. You’re out, Lorenzo Zoil.

                1. I can’t figure out why first time commenters keep throwing their panties at me. I’m not even trying.

                  1. I hope you’ll accept underoos.

                    I am one year into starting a business and when I need to relieve stress due to various schemes that protect incumbents this commenteriat hits the spot

                    1. Playa will accept anything that’s got a little stank to it.

                      Male or female ?

                      Not that he will discriminate, that’s not like him.

                    2. Male, but secure enough to have Wonder Woman underoos. Or these: https://youtu.be/nfjLZE6Pp5U

                      R2 is the real MVP, as you will see.

                  2. That’s right.

                    And don’t all of you get so down on Tulpa.

                    He will bounce back.

                    He’s just saving up the $20 so he can pay up.

                    Kinda like Cytoxic when he wouldn’t make a playful bet with someone the other day because he didn’t have any extra money.

                    But, at least Cytoxic wouldn’t make a $20 bet he couldn’t afford to pay

                    That says several things about him

              3. You must have us mixed up with someone or something else.

                I mean, no one with a properly calibrated mind would think this.

                1. calibrated is overrated

            4. *Sniff* This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen on this site. Thank you.

          2. Roughly like how the Bills and Broncos lose Super Bowls.

        4. I wish I had called him out this hard when he was going on and on about the gold price going back to $600 or whatever years ago.

        5. He will simply reappear as sock incarnation. Bristol’s Dental Dam perhaps.

    3. Congrats, buddy. Well-done.

      1. He beat a pathetic creature that has approximately the brainpower of an insect.

        I mean it’s better than being beaten by a cockroach, but it’s nothing spectacular. We humans are supposed to be smarter than nonsentient bundles of instinctive reactions.

        1. Tarran, why can’t you just be happy for us? He’s not going to show his face around here for a while.

          1. Shame doesn’t work on sociopaths.

          2. He’s not going to show his face around here for a while.

            First of all, it’s an “it”, not a “he”.

            It isn’t sentient. IT has repeatedly revealed it has no comprehension of the concepts encoded in the character strings it spews into comment boxes.

            I know you probably don’t think it’s a big deal, but I feel compeled to make you face the fact you are wasting many man hours interacting with a creature that has the mental capacity of an insect. It’s like being proud of defeating an ant in a chess game!

            I’m happy you didn’t lose your money. I’m happy you lost less money than if you had followed the ‘advice’ kicked out by the randomized blathering of something that can’t comprehend securities markets.

            There, you happy? 🙂

            1. Sort of. I think your expectations might be too high.

          3. “Tarran, why can’t you just be happy for us? He’s not going to show his face around here for a while.”

            PM, you did great with your 10% gain. However to tarran’s point, you could have spent the entire $100K on a 30 day long keg party to end all keg parties. Then at the end of the month returned all the kegs for your deposit and still beat the moron’s stock pick.


      1. Depending on what he did with his SGY calls, he might have $20 left over from his initial $100,000 investment. Might.

        1. That’s assuming he had $100K in the first place.

        2. If he paid Comcast, do you assume he’s lurking? I think he’s too sad to even visit.

    4. What was the wager?

      1. Nvm. I found it in the links above.

  2. Once again, yes, Hillary Clinton shared “top secret” emails.

    She did try to wipe the classified parts off those emails first, but her cloth wasn’t absorbent enough.

    1. You lost to Playa.

      Of all people.

      1. Seriously, Eugene, that puts you on the same level as shreek.

      2. I made my donation to Reason already.

      3. Playa didn’t get an official first (YRMV) since it wasn’t an article related post. But I trust that even Fist would yield his place of pride for one day in honor of this happy occasion.

      4. Do you know who else lost to Pl?ya?

        1. The Santa Maria?

        2. The big wigs over at Chipolte?

          1. I just imagined an E. Coli burrito wearing a powdered wig.
            Not sure what to make of that.

            1. And now you know the secret ingredients.

        3. Buttplug!!

          Come on, everybody!

        4. Snoop Lion?

    2. You’re a towel!

  3. Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time.

    Hopefully she can find some muscle to help her out.

    1. That does seem fair (given that no one was really hurt), so long as she has a criminal record.

      1. ^This. That way we she’s not made into any more of a victim in the eyes of her supporters. Yes, the criminal record for assault is going to follow her.

        1. she can’t drive for Uber now but she can probably get a hack license.

          1. She could work as a rickshaw puller….no background check for these guys.

            1. She can get a job as an unwanted erection nullifier.

              1. *winces, begins slow clap*

    2. She should have to clean up some VFA club and overhear all the triggering Vietnam horror stories.

  4. You guys suck.

    1. And quite well, I’m told.

      1. *stands to begin thunderous applause and throw garlands to the conqueror*

  5. Man offers sex with his robot – as long as he can watch

    An engineer who claims to have built a robot with women’s private parts is seeking someone to have sex with it in what might be the most bizarre advert ever.

    What’s more, the man says his offer comes with one creepy condition – whoever has sex with his machine has to let him watch them doing the deed.

    Describing his AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot, he says it features “a vagina”.

    He explains that he can’t have sex with it because, as its creator, he’s “like its dad”.

    1. So, fucking your kids is wrong, but pimping them is fine? How very moral.

      1. You are just going to have to get used to the new morality of sexbot parenting.

        1. Small Wonder did it 30 years ago.

          1. And Brett learned nothing from it.

      2. Is the sex bot of age ?

    2. A cuckbotmaker?

      1. Nice tie in….damn, this thread is good.

    3. So fucking his robot “daughter” is too weird for him, but watching “her” get fucked by some random stranger isn’t?

      That said it does bring up one interesting thing.

      We all pretty much agree that sexbots are an inevitability, that means that there is going to have to be somebody in the quality control department to test out the new models before they are shipped to customers.

      So how do I go about getting that job?

      1. Sorry, you’ve been replaced by a robot that can do what amounts to days of testing in just a few seconds.

        1. Yeah that’s true, it does take me a good 30 – 40 minutes to test one out thoroughly

      2. to have to be somebody in the quality control department to test out the new models before they are shipped to customers.

        Can you imagine the pshchology of a man who has the courage to be a test-fucker of robots! I doubt even the Mercury astronauts would be willing to risk their dicks on an untested machine.

    4. AI = Artificial Intercourse, in this case.

    5. I’m surprised it’s taken us this long to get sexbots.

      Aside from complaints from the space pope, having some sex bot brothels would all but eliminate sex trafficking.

      While the initial start up cost for a sex bot brothel would be high, the owner could basically sell fleshlight vaginas to customers for their individual use, then hose off the hooker bots for the next customer. So $275 for the first time, plus $100 an hour, no extra charges for oral or anal.

      There is a whole lot of kind of gross behind the scenes handling required, but it is would not that hard to make it sanitary with some latex gloves.

  6. (He later deleted it.)

    That’s his greatest crime, thinking the feminists were too delicate to take it.

  7. San Francisco park reopens with new outdoor urinal

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? San Francisco’s iconic Dolores Park is now home to the city’s first open-air urinal, the latest move to combat the destructive scourge of public urination in the City by the Bay.

    The concrete circular urinal is out in the open, though plants and a screen offer some privacy. It’s a welcome addition for the park that had just three toilets, which led many to relieve themselves in bushes and on buildings.

    “Honestly, we were ready to go pee anywhere,” San Francisco resident Aaron Cutler told news station KNTV. “So any facility is better than none.”

    The park now features 27 toilets, including the outdoor urinal, thanks to more than $20 million in renovations. They were the park’s first upgrades in 60 years. San Francisco Recreation and Park Department spokeswoman Sarah Madland said she wasn’t aware of any other cities with a public urinal.

    Aren’t they all over the place in a lot of European cities?

    1. My favorite urinal ever is right against the wall of the cathedral in Antwerp.

    2. In Europe, they’re called “streets”.

      1. True. But there are slightly more piss soaked areas called urinals as well.

      2. My faves are the urinals along the canals in Amsterdam. They drain straight into the canals.

        1. +1 coin diving orphan – Olongapo City

          1. That river smells awful!

        2. My favorite is the wide open mouth of Megyn Kelly.

          1. Wow. This thread has really gone down hill.
            Although, now that I think about it, I am getting slightly hard thinking about doing that to Ms Kelly.

    3. Aren’t they all over the place in a lot of European cities?

      Yes, but you usually have to pay to use them.

      1. They seem to cost less that they used to, though.

  8. “Atheist Richard Dawkins was banished from a conference for skeptics. His crime? Sending a tweet that made fun of feminists. (He later deleted it.)”


    1. I’m not a person of Faith, but Dawkins has always seemed pretty much a complete tool to me.

  9. US and UK ‘hacked into Israeli drones and planes’

    US and UK agencies reportedly hacked into Israeli drones and other aircraft as they gathered intelligence, in an operation dating from the late 1990s.

    It enabled Israel’s allies to monitor information acquired by its reconnaissance missions, Der Spiegel and The Intercept website reported.

    The website said the information came from material leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

    One Israeli minister said it was disappointing, but not a surprise.

    “We know that the Americans spy on every country in the world and on us as well, on their friends,” said Yuval Steinitz, a cabinet minister and former minister of intelligence affairs.

    He said Israel had not spied on the US for decades.

    1. Sorry, bitches. We’re paying for your defense and you still owe us for the USS Liberty. Oh, and Pollard, who we should have hanged.

      1. Works both ways. They’re our Bulgaria.

          1. Jews are perfidious, you dumb halbshvartza.

            1. Well, I know someone who isn’t getting an invitation to my daughter’s Purimshpiel this year.

              1. I’ll be following the command to be too drunk to distinguish between Mordecai and Haman.

          2. Blue on Blue usually involves one unit firing on another for a few minutes, Israel managed to have multiple units firing for over an hour at a target that was clearly marked

            1. Your ideas interest me. How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

            2. Tell Pat Tillman ( his survivors that is ) about that.

              1. FUCK. I was a bit north of that clusterfuck when it went down… f’in 75th Ranger BN….

                *claws at glass of whisky*

                1. I been clawing at a bottle of gin and dreaming about taking shots of everclear whenever I sleep. Sometimes seems like I been an unfairly common number of times just a few miles off, a few minutes late, for some kind of murderous clusterfuck. It wears on a person. Thankfully, I’m such an insensitive rsehool so no survivor’s guilt. If only I were a bit more of an insensitive arsehole, I wouldn’t find myself huddled in the trailer furiously smoking and laboriously drinking, trying to think how I can get down the street to the art shoppe for some more paint without going off on everybody or if maybe I can’t just make the sky green in this picture, the same three albums (MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, BERLIN BABYLON, and Elvis’ SUN SESSIONS) playing over endlessly behind, trying to cover up that other strange music like some madman on a karillion channelling all the hate and rage and none of the restraint of Mozark’s ZAUBERFL?TE and all those [censored]

    2. Get back to me when we sink one of their ships and strafe the survivors in the water.

      1. You guys still haven’t forgiven Spain for the Maine, have you?

        It isn’t a coincidence that the guys over at Stormfront love to talk about the Liberty, too.

    3. Yeah, but did they hack into Israel’s turkey vulture?

    4. He said Israel had not spied on the US for decades.

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today.

      1. Let’s be honest, on the international stage, spying is like masturbation, everybody does it, and everybody pretends to get embarrased about getting caught.

        To the extent that anybody feels guilty, they’re only sorry they got caught. When they swear that it won’t happen again, they just mean they’re going to try to not get caught doing it again.

    5. He said Israel had not spied on the US for decades”

      They haven’t gotten cought in decades.

  10. “Atheist Richard Dawkins was banished from a conference for skeptics. His crime? Sending a tweet that made fun of feminists. (He later deleted it.)”

    Pussy. Never delete. When feminists attack, you laugh in their faces and then they go away because they’ll realize they can’t bully you.

      1. But, the damage is done and they still got told off.

  11. I don’t understand why State has to go through these emails before releasing them.

    Hillary’s staff took out all the stuff she was worried about, and she has repeatedly said there was nothing classified on her server.

    How about releasing all the fucking emails *now*, and *unredacted*? Let’s get this over with.

  12. “Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.”

    She’ll be making “Muscle” workout videos.

    1. *jacks furiously*

      1. You and I need to hangout.

        1. +2 “rock out with our cock out”

      2. ” jacks furiously”

        Whaaaat ?

        have you seen her pics.

        I suppose it would require a furious jesk to get the blood flowing.

        1. It is like you have never seen our CJ?

  13. Dr. Bennet Omalu Believes O.J. Simpson Has CTE

    Dr. Bennet Omalu was the first person to discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of deceased football players, and while it cannot be conclusively detected in the living, he strongly feels Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson may be suffering from the disease. […]

    The former USC standout was famously acquitted of murder charges in 1995 in relation to the deaths of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

    Omalu’s belief is that concussions may have played a role in Simpson’s actions, which is a defense he initially used prior to his 2008 conviction.

    1. I vote we cut OJ’s head open to find out for sure.

    2. But Simpson was found not guilty of those murders. Maybe whoever did do it has CTE.

  14. “Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.”

    I once got 100 hours for using a fake-ID.

    While i think “jail time” would be some epic bullshit, i think the woman should have been fired.

    1. Gilmore McLovin.

      1. +1 sexy hamburger

    2. Well, she’s been suspended. Well, a paid suspension, so more like a vacation, really.

      That’s learn her.

  15. So what did Jeffrey Amherst do that was so bad?

    I always thought it was hilarious that there were sports teams called “the Lord Jeffs”.

    1. Oh, he’s the smallpox blanket guy. Which was pretty shitty. But war is pretty shitty.

      He did conquer New France, so he can’t be all bad.

      1. Apparently it was only a suggestion. Truman’s reputation is less tarnished having authorized dropping a nuclear bomb in the middle of a city full of civilians. Just sayin’

        I’ve heard that Lord Jeffery Amherst distributed smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians during the French and Indian War. True?

        It is accurate to say that Lord Jeffery Amherst advocated biological warfare against Indians, but there is no evidence that any infected blankets were distributed at his command. For more about Lord Jeffery Amherst’s military career, see Professor Kevin Sweeney’s article “The Very Model of a Modern Major General.” For a detailed examination of Amherst’s role in the Fort Pitt smallpox episode, see “The British, the Indians, and Smallpox: What Actually Happened at Fort Pitt in 1763?” by Philip Ranlet.

        1. Are there any colleges with Truman statues? I bet they’d want them down too.

          War just sucks. Everything that everyone does in wars is shitty and evil, though sometimes necessary.

            1. Huh. Who the hell would go to Truman College?

              1. Missourians: Truman and mules are our only claims to fame, unless you count Ferguson too. Any suggestions on how to make a statue to THAT?

          1. Are there any colleges with Truman statues? I bet they’d want them down too.

            Yeah, probably.

            I’m a “commit to total war or don’t bother” kind of person, so I’m not in the “Truman was a war criminal” camp. It’s just that hyperventilating about a guy suggesting infecting the natives with smallpox 200 years ago, but not actually doing it, seems lacking in perspective compared to the scale of destruction and depravity going on right now, let alone in the last century.

            1. I’m more just annoyed and disgusted at the idiotic squabbles of tyrannical nation states kind of person. But, yeah, if you are going to do war, you have to do it all the way. There is no such thing as a good war (obviously self defense is necessary sometimes, but you are still killing innocent people if armies are fighting each other), but if you have to do it you do what you can to win and that’s it.

              1. +1 Sherman

            2. But Truman was a Democrat. So he gets a pass.

        2. These Indians of which you speak ?

          Be they Casino or Call Center Indians.

          Could be both you know.

        3. yeah, well, either the citizens are the ultimate source of all powers and authority and so legitimate targets or else the citizens are soulless embodiments of the will of their god king and so legitimate targets. Offhand, I don’t see a third way. It’s not like they dropped the bomb on cities full of a motivated opposition that was striving to overthrow the despised usurpers that were lawlessly forcing Japan to persist in the war.

  16. From The Onion: “Dazed Marco Rubio Wakes Up in Koch Compound to Find Cold Metal Device Installed Behind Ear.”

    A robot controlled by the KB would probably be a better president than whoever we end up with.

    1. “A robot controlled by the KB would probably be a better president than whoever we end up with.”

      So, you’re saying: vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016!

  17. Sundance 2016: Under the Gun explores firearms in the US

    The Sundance documentary Under the Gun dives into the debate about guns in the US, and hearing that description might make you think you don’t want to see it. Mass shootings, background checks, gun shows, the National Rifle Association: those buzzwords ? do they ever leave the news feed? ? can, by now, be wearying.[…]

    Under the Gun reveals that the system, in other words, is engineered to operate in slow motion. It’s designed not to work. Stephanie Soechtig, the director of Under the Gun, takes us inside the NRA, and for perhaps the first time in any film we get a full sense of their psychology ? the secret vulnerability that drives their give-me-firearms-or-give-me-death stance. Soechtig stages a group therapy session with NRA members, and what they reveal is the anxiety behind their absolutism: the fear that if they ever backed down and allowed one rule that restricted guns, the government would bust down their doors and take away their weapons. They defend their Second Amendment rights, but what Under the Gun reveals is that guns, to the NRA, aren’t just a right. They’re the key to identity. We see citizens in supermarkets with machine guns slung across their backs, and the message is, “I pack heat, therefore I am.”

    1. Ah.

      Skeptical antennas raise…

    2. Besides the sneering condescension, there are a few good points.

    3. The secret vulnerability? Does that make them relatable to your average gungrabber? Did they find the chink in their armor.

      1. I didn’t think we were allowed to say “chink” anymore.

        1. Why so niggardly with the vocabulary?

          1. Because I welshed on a bet and someone gypped me.

            1. Say that again and I’ll wop you in the face.

    4. If Soechtig “sees citizens in supermarkets with machine guns”, she’s hallucinating.

      1. Well, unless the SWAT stopped off for an hors d’ouevre tray on the way back to the station from a dog shooting, anyway.

      2. Must be one of those people who thinks that black semi-autos are all machine guns.

    5. What if I changed the word “gun” to “abortion” in that paragraph? Do you think they’d learn anything?

      1. But “Under the Abortion” just doesn’t work as a title.

      2. What if you changed it to “children”?

        1. No argument from me. My children are a large part of my identity. So is camel toe, for that matter.

          1. Exactly.

      3. Of course not. Stated principles never work across the board.

    6. Soechtig stages a group therapy session with NRA members, and what they reveal is the anxiety behind their absolutism: the fear that if they ever backed down and allowed one rule that restricted guns, the government would bust down their doors and take away their weapons.

      OK, that sounds about right. Especially when it comes to things like registration and expanded background checks.

      to the NRA, aren’t just a right. They’re the key to identity.

      I suppose I know some people like that. But even for pretty hard-core enthusiasts, it’s usually not the main thing in my experience.

      I own a pretty good number of guns. I used to be an NRA member before they annoyed me with their constant fund raising appeals. And I think the right is essential. But I wouldn’t call gun ownership a major mart of my identity.

      1. The NRA’s constant cop-sucking gets pretty annoying too.

        1. Yeah, that didn’t help either.

    7. Gun grabber propaganda.

      Without seeing it I can say with confidence that it is a lie. Deception and slander.

      1. I certainly enjoy the way gun owners are portrayed as delusional for thinking that “compromise” always involves just giving up *some* of their rights.

        And they’re paranoid for thinking that gun confiscation is the end-result even when Hillary says in a public forum that it would be a good plan.

        Sounds like just the kind of film Sundance would love.

      2. Have you been watching the Historical Documents?

    8. Man, it’s been painfully obvious that Owen Gleiberman is a pussy, but this just takes it to new depths.

    9. Replace gun with abortion.

  18. From The Onion: “Dazed Marco Rubio Wakes Up in Koch Compound to Find Cold Metal Device Installed Behind Ear.”

    Poorly written. It veers too far from a news item.

    1. This article from the same issue was much funnier: “Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers”


  19. This Day in History

    1802 – John Beckley became the first Librarian of Congress. He was paid $2 a day.

    1845 – Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven was published.

    1850 – Henry Clay introduced the Compromise of 1850 to the Senate.

    1861 – Kansas became the 34th state in the United States.

    1886 – Karl Benz received a patent for the first successful gasoline-driven car.

    1936 – Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson were the first players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

    1963 – Poet Robert Frost died in Boston.

    2002 – In his State of the Union address, President Bush labels Iraq, Iran, and North Korea an “axis of evil.”

    1. #8 is the not. I’m sure he said “axes of evil” and threw in strategery for good measure.

      1. No, no, no. The 1850 compromise was probably not in 1850. They just called it that to throw us off the scent.

        1. +1 Red herring.

  20. Arrest of youth on Vancouver Island sparks controversy

    The incident happened on Saturday in the town of Cumberland after an officer apparently approached a youth for riding a bike without a helmet.

    The video, posted to social media, contains different cellphone camera angles edited together.

    It shows the officer sitting on the youth while a woman in close proximity yells at the officer.

    Witnesses accused the officer of using excessive force, but the Comox Valley RCMP claim in a release that the youth “allegedly refused to identify himself and become (sic) verbally abusive with the officer.”

    It’s for your own safety, y’know.

    1. If they really cared about safety, kids would be required to wear a helmet at all times.

    2. You should always wear your helmet in case some overzealous cop decides to crack you upside the head.

      1. chronic traumatic encephalopathy

    3. I hope the cop gets eaten by a mountain lion.

    4. I think when 4 people surround a cop and scream at him simultaneously, they’re just exacerbating the situation.

      What he’s doing is wrong, but they’re sure not helping.

    5. Imagine if he had had an unlicensed cat.

    1. I’m surprised you’re so attracted to women who look like Chewbacca.

      1. “Nobody claimed it was a *perfect* technique!”

          1. IT’S A TRAP!

    2. Dude, sick!

    3. Click baiting?

    4. I’m flattered Rich, and yes I will allow you to perform that act on me.

    5. No comment from Warty?

    6. So they’ll be able to tell whether I’m thinking about Jessica Alba or Mila Kunis at any given moment?

    7. I WILL LOOK DEEP INTO THE INNERMOST RECECES OF YOUR MIND, AND I CAN SENSE, dude seriously be glad your mom can’t read your mind. I’m out.

  21. Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.

    I would like to know what she is actually going to do to get her 20 hours completed.

    1. Her not showing up to work would be a community service.

      1. “I didn’t threaten any journalists yesterday. There, done!”

    2. I had do some community service several years ago. I sat at the local red cross and shredded documents for 3 hours twice a week.

      1. But were they *top secret documents*?

    3. Make her hand wash every pair of Pam Geller’s panties.

      1. 8th amendment violation.

        1. Fine. Have her carve “Freedom of the Press” on the blackboard 100x with her yellowed fingernails.

    4. She’s going to give free counseling at the Pusillanimous Uprising for Safe Spaces in Yemen (PUSSY).

      1. *gaze narrowed*

        *golf clapper claped*

        *one handed clapper claped*

        You win the trifecta !

        *slow clapper clapped*

        Plus the bonus round.

  22. A Danish girl defends herself with pepper spray.

    So the criminal will be held to account: “”It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will probably be charged,” local police head Knud Kirsten told TV SYD.”

    As for the assailant:

    “The girl’s report to the police comes in the wake of several incidents in S?nderborg, in which some asylum-seekers from the local asylum centre have found it difficult to behave properly towards women while out on the town.

    “It is unknown whether the man who allegedly violated the 17-year-old girl is an asylum-seeker.”

    1. Pepper spray is just one among many “weapons” that are illegal to own in Denmark. It’s the way of a civilized socialist democracy. No-one needs wrist rockets, pepper spray, or unlicensed baseball bats. And obviously you may only use force in equal measures to your assailant to protect yourself, no punching if the rapist didn’t punch first.

      If you want to be protected from rapists and murderers, you should call the police.

  23. Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.

    If you accept what she did was criminal. I’m not sure I do. I feel it simply plays into the hands of the every-unwanted-touch-is-rape crowd. Yeah, I know this is [deserved] blowback for that sort of thing.

    Now, I’d have definitely supported firing her from her job, because she clearly lacked the fundamental skills to even understand her own position.

    1. Under the classical definition of assault dating back centuries, she committed an assault. I’m satisfied its criminal, at a misdemeanor level.

    2. She prevented his free movement. You can call that a misdemeanor and do something about it, or just let them get punched in the face for that with no charges either direction. Either is fine with me

  24. Panic on SECOND American Airlines flight as mystery fainting illness hits passengers and crew

    Serious question: Who here has ever had an episode like this while flying?

    *** raises hand ***

    1. Did they all eat the fish?

      1. Fish? What is it?

        1. It’s an animal that swims in the sea, but that’s not important right now.

          1. Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get de help.

          2. Hope the co-pilot got inflated in time.

          3. Ah yes, I remember, I had the lasagna.

      2. TED! We’re counting on you!

    2. Nope. They need to check the bulkhead seal.

    3. Isn’t fainting a pretty common mass hysteria?

  25. “Hillary Clinton shared “top secret” emails.”

    Speaking of people losing their jobs…

    How many other people have been fired and subsequently prosecuted for far lower-grade violations than Hillary? I can think of at least 2 off the top of my head (David Patreaus, John O’Neill)

    And here’s a story of another one. And another one.

      1. Deutch left the CIA on December 15, 1996[1] and soon after it was revealed that several of his laptop computers contained classified materials designated as unclassified.[clarification needed] In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution. She did, however, recommend an investigation to determine whether Deutch should retain his security clearance.[7] President Clinton pardoned Deutch on his last day in office.[8] Deutch had agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for mishandling government secrets, but President Clinton pardoned him before the Justice Department could file the case against him.[9]”

    1. Until they find the ones where she’s corresponding with Paula Dean, she’ll be fine.

  26. IF there are Dems who believe Clinton will go down for this e-mail business would they want it to happen now so they have more time to get a new candidate going? Or do they wait until after the primaries and before the convention to save the new candidate from having to campaign?

    1. The don’t believe it. They’ll just scream that it’s a republican plot the whole time.

    2. Actually the problem is if they do it now they will almost certainly be handing the nomination to Bernie.

      However, If she can at least go into the convention with a significant lead over Bernie and then is forced to drop out for “health reasons” it would be possible for them to push through some alternative candidate. The risk there however is if the criminal charges come too fast Bernie might just lock up the nomination before the convention.

      1. Joe Biden is kicking himself right now. O’malley with the long con?

      2. Sort of like a Mel/Jean Carnahan thing.

        I always did find it funny that voters chose a dead guy over John Ashcroft.

        1. Missourians don’t have many claims to fame, but they DO have a quirky sense of humor.

  27. “Watch the full footage of the FBI shooting one of the people involved in the Oregon standoff.”

    No thank you. Did he wave the confederate flag and shriek “Sic Semper Tyrannus!” before he opened fire with his assault weapon?

  28. ” “It’s true you have better hair than I do,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “But I get more pussy than you do.”

    I think this is possibly true. Tucker Carlson is reportedly both terrible in bed, and not a billionaire.

    1. Apparently, he insists on keeping his bow tie on.

      1. Would.

        1. Tucker Carlson? To each their own…

          1. I’ve had a thing for Tucker since I was in high school.

            1. “Do you have any smug prick in you? Would you like some?

            2. I’ve had a thing for Tucker since I was in high school.

              Then it’ll pass momentarily.

              1. Studies have found that “bow-ties + establishment-conservatism” can combine into an overwhelmingly powerful aphrodisiac.

                I mean, George Will has been fighting the bitches off with a rake for like, 30 years. you can’t fake that.

            3. “I’ve had a thing for Tucker since I was in high school.”

              You’re broken inside.

              1. “Did i mention he has a partial lisp?” (shivers) “Oh god its incredible”

              2. Man I love that I can still surprise you guys. Keeping it fresh!

                1. I knew there was a reason I stood you up that one time. I could just sense that if I went to that bar you would have spent the whole time talking about how sexy you found Tucker Carlson.

        2. I never thought you were the worst until now.

      2. But he does have like, 10 kids or so.

        1. What is he? Poor?

    2. I thought the guy was a pretty solid family man. Trump may get more, but I doubt it is of the same quality.

      1. Man, have you not seen current Mrs Trump? She’d be the finest First Lady in a loooong time.

  29. Watch the full footage of the FBI shooting one of the people involved in the Oregon standoff.

    Last I heard, the FBI shot him because he made a furtive movement.

    Oh, also, I played NPR for 10 seconds while I ran out and grabbed some lunch, and I heard something that made me want to light my car radio on fire.

    I’m looking for the audio now and it might not be up, but they were apparently discussing the issues surrounding the occupation of the wildlife refuge in oregon. One of the local voices sounded a lot like our former one-term mayor, Mike McGinn, and he got ruffled when they were referred to as “protesters”. He said they didn’t deserve the term because protesters were (I’m paraphrasing as closely as I can remember) were people who peacefully demonstrated and attempt to get arrested for their beliefs”.

    I think he unwittingly cut out a whole lot of actions that he undoubtedly agrees with that were formerly referred to as “protests”.

    1. occupy a main street in a city and block traffic on purpose? A-OK!
      occupy a federal building not in use in the woods?- TURRURISTTT

      1. According to [McGinn] they used guns and were threatening federal officers. Ixnay on Rotesterpay.

        Black Panthers are definitely out.

        1. I bring up the BP a lot when talking with my moronic friends. No one seems to be fucking able to view facts objectively at all. They’ll even agree with me, and then the very next sentence is “well, but…”

          1. Let’s see
            Black Panthers, white ranchers. Which would the progressives try to help out…?

  30. But what do Millennials think of Hillary Clinton?

    Hint: To their credit, not highly enough, apparently.

    1. The author thinks millennial feminists are hating on Clinton for not being up-to-date in her feminism.

      I’m not going to fault Hillary for *that.*

  31. NHL player thanks hockey fans for telling him to shoot the puck

    Voicing the gratitude of many professional hockey players, the Edmonton Oilers’ Andrew Ference thanked hockey fans who yell, “Shooot!”

    “Sometimes I get the puck right in front of the other team’s net. Their goalie falls down, I’m all alone and the net is wide open, and I think, ‘What do I do now?'”

    1. It’s annoying to hear fans scream ‘shoot’ especially in today’s NHL where all shooting lanes are blocked and stacked with bodies.

    2. Hit Gary Bettman over the head with your stick?

  32. Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair.

    I hope part of that community service includes an explanation of the seemingly ironic example of a communications professor attempting to prevent communication from taking place. Specifically, the part where it’s not ironic at all. This is how “media” work – control the message, control the narrative, control the truth. This professor was acting as a gatekeeper, not allowing some student journalist to see for himself and draw his conclusions as to what was going on – if you want to tell people what’s going on you’re going to have to tell them what we tell you to tell them. The Truth flows from the top down, we will tell you what to believe and it’s not your place to question it. Much the same as the Catholic Church discouraged reading the Bible on the grounds that you were liable to be confused and misunderstand The Truth and better just to let the Church tell you what was in there. Now we’ve got this damn internet thing that allows everybody to feel free to express an opinion on The Truth and everybody to feel free to read all these various opinions and decide for themselves what is The Truth and the gatekeepers have to fight hard and fight dirty to maintain their authority.

    1. “Much the same as the Catholic Church discouraged reading the Bible…”

      It’s a bit more complicated than that.

    2. Why would you go and light the Eddie signal like that?

  33. i miss the days when the onion was just ludicrous nonsense… not ludicrous nonsense with a very political opinion.

    1. While I agree, The Onion still does bash on everything. Unlike the Daily Show, which became entirely unwatchable in 2009

    2. The Onion did run this article.

  34. Atheist Richard Dawkins was banished from a conference for skeptics

    Skepticism of feminism has no place at this conference.

    1. The entire skeptic movement is a bit of a joke since it mostly means ‘atheists.’ Left-wing issues are not something you should ever be skeptical about, however.

      1. I have often noted the irony of the hardcore progressive thread that runs through the skeptic movement. They are very well versed in the cognitive biases and logical fallacies that allow people to believe in nonsense like reiki and cupping, yet are quite frequently found to be neck deep in their own morass of self-deception designed to keep their progressive planets aligned.

        The skeptic/atheist – feminist feud is a real thing though. There has been a hard split over the agenda of some feminists. There are a lot of well-intentioned people who want to broaden the appeal of the movement to women – some of whom have been working to eliminate some overtly sexist behavior from conferences. They have been joined (or usurped) by a group of hard-left feminists who pretty much seem to be wielding feminism as a cudgel to obtain power. There have been dozens of dust-ups over slights and perceived slights so minor that they didn’t deserve a moment’s thought. But you can’t reason with a permanently aggrieved class. And you certainly can’t expect them to be reasonable – particularly when they feel they have an advantage to press.

    2. Skepticism of skepticism doesn’t exist.

      1. I’m not sure about that.

  35. I was wondering how long it would take for the Abortion:Zika articles to begin. Hillary and Bernie will probably campaign on this over the weekend…


  36. Good job, man. Buttplug is a real pain.

    1. I know! When I use…

      Oh, you mean “Palin’s ButtPlug”. Yeah, he’s a pain too.

  37. “Indeed, as late as 2013, conservative state legislators were trying to pass laws that did the exact opposite and forbid teachers and educators from even discussing homosexuality with some school students.”

    I’m going to call BS on this piece of moral equivalence.

    The bill referred to here has to do with what can be taught in the government-school curriculum. Unlike the California bill, it would not second-guess parents about what to teach their kids. On the contrary, a key lefty criticism of the bill is that it allows *too much* parental involvement.

    “(a) The general assembly recognizes that certain subjects are particularly sensitive and are, therefore, best explained and discussed within the home. Because of its complex societal, scientific, psychological, and historical implications, human sexuality is one such subject. Human sexuality is best understood by children with sufficient maturity to grasp its complexity and implications.

    “(b) At grade levels pre-K through eight (pre-K-8), any such classroom instruction, course materials or other informational resources that are inconsistent with natural human reproduction shall be classified as inappropriate
    for the intended student audience and, therefore, shall be prohibited.”

    1. The bill also allows school personnel to counsel students if they think the students’ behavior could endanger themselves or others, or involves ” urgent safety issues involving human sexuality.” If they give such counselling, the schools must tell the parents (unless there are indicators the parents are abusing the child).

      If these parts of the bill are to be criticized, they should be criticized because they *still* don’t allow enough autonomy for parents – school staff can provide counseling and have conferences with parents based on behavior the parent might not have a problem with.

      Though in reality, in what situations are school staff more likely to abuse these powers – to hassle a gay student or to hassle a student with a gun-shaped Pop Tart?

      1. unless there are indicators the parents are abusing the child).”

        Are the children allowed to walk home from the park across the street from their house ?

  38. Canada to now consider blowback as a factor in military policy.

    Canada must factor in the “ripple effect” new decisions could have on security around the world as it considers future contributions to the fight against Islamic extremists, says Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, who is conducting a full review of the country’s defence policies.

    “Some of our development strategies of the coalition partners early on in Afghanistan helped create the corruption that fuelled the insurgency,” Sajjan said on Friday.

    Cytotoxic hardest hit?

    1. I thought he was the Defense Minister.

      1. Quite a few commenters have called on Cytotoxic to put his money where his mouth is and volunteer for the army. The U.S. military will take foreign nationals, so far he has declined to sign up for bombing people.

        1. He would but he doesn’t have the extra $20 bucks for a bus ticket to the recruiting center.

          Is he old enough to join the US military ?

          1. Meh. Maybe.

            I done enough fightin’ fer both of us.

            So, consider his operational opinions pre-empted by mine. If he objects, maybe I could could jam my BSM down his throat?

            1. You’re going to jam you’re Bachelor’s of Science in Media down his throat? That just seems unnecessarily cruel. At least let him get a useful degree.

    2. The barrage from those three canoes of the Canadian Navy can cause some real boo boos.

      1. Oh sorry you didn’t hear about the defense cuts? There’s only one canoe and a pair of kayaks now.

  39. “His crime? Sending a tweet that made fun of feminists. (He later deleted it.)”


  40. Dude thats like the craziest thing I have ever hears.


  41. Melissa Click got 20 hours of community service and no jail time?!! And keep her job? f— this shit. This country is full blown proggy fascist run.

  42. Hello Resonoids. I’ve been lurking here for a long time. I am a recovering Republican. I am watching the rerun of the Repub debate from the other night; it’s the first one I’ve actually watched this time around. This debate has convinced me that I am no longer a republican, nor a “conservative” (as the R team defines it). Rand is the only person that even comes close to making any sense. The amount of war boner being waved around is stunning. Five years ago I would have loved hearing about the war boner. No more. All we hear from these assholes is how much they will help us. FUCK OFF. Leave me the fuck alone. Leave my neighbor the fuck alone. Leave my parents the fuck alone. Leave… just leave us ALL the fuck alone. We don’t need a fucking “leader”. I am tired of you all.

    Let’s all write in for Almanian!

    He probably won’t make things worse.

    *I’ve seen talk that he’s really ill. I am dead serious when I say I’ve been lurking for a couple years, and Almanian was one of my favorites. It’s a fucking shame…*

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