Donald Trump

Friday Funnies: Donald Trump's Cronyism


Donald Trump Crony Capitalism

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  1. Antivenene is usually produced by milking the snake, so thanks for that image Chip. Thanks a lot.

    1. Ooh-la-la! Look at fancy french guy over here with his antivenene! (Antivenom has been the WHO-preferred term for 30 years. But I’m an old geezer and antivenin still looks right to me.)

    2. I don’t get it – how is Trump the antidote for Trump? Also,

      Happy slap-ass Friday, everyone.


        1. *slap!*

      1. Combed-over hair of the dog?

          1. +2 golf clap

  2. I don’t think Chris Farley’s mirror works right.

  3. ‘Snake oil’ another term for ‘fuel from corn’ .Keep Iowa great.

    1. Make Amerika Hate Again! Trump Heil!

  4. HEY! Bok learned to Cut-and-Paste this week! Good for him.

    1. * Copy-Paste

  5. I’ve often argued that a principled libertarian can still work within the system, so long as you’re also actively trying to change the system. That’s why it’s okay for libertarians to use roads, take social security and even work for the government. If you aren’t allowed to opt out of the costs, then you don’t have to opt out of the benefits.

    But Donald Trump is not a principled libertarian. He’s also a known liar. So he doesn’t get to use this defense.

    1. You misspelled “principal”. Sure, you can be “principled” and say, “but I am going to ACT just like everyone else while claiming what I do is evil”?

      How in the fuck does this work? You ACT just like every statist that comes down the pike and talk a different game and this makes you principled? See, it seems to me that it makes you a “hypocrite”. You don’t believe in wealth transfers is a principle. You will take wealth transfers because two wrongs make a right is about “principals” namely yourself. Two wrongs make a right is also not usually considered being “principled”.

      I concede that not eating refined sugar, for instance, because the government subsidizes it’s production is extreme. Avoiding corn products would also be pretty extreme but cashing wealth transfer checks? Actually working for government agencies which we claim shouldn’t exist?!!!

      Actions make up principles, not bromides that you don’t even attempt to follow yourself.

      The Libertarian moment will never occur because the majority of self-proclaimed Libertarians say “you first” when it comes to actually having principles as opposed to spouting supposed principles out their pie holes.

      1. I agree. If you’re of a classical liberal bent philosophically, you don’t seek out a job that reinforces the welfare state. There are other ways to ‘work’ with the system but that’s not one of them.

        1. Certainly we should expect a principled libertarian to believe that some agencies should exist, even in libertopia. Otherwise we’d be arguing about principled anarchists.

      2. I didn’t realize I was a libertarian until I spent a few years working for local government. Eye opening. I found myself helping permit applicants get around big authoritarian egos. Not a way to make friends at work.

      3. I concede that not eating refined sugar, for instance, because the government subsidizes it’s production is extreme.

        Ah, so some exceptions are okay as long you personally don’t think its a big deal. Got it. How long is your list of what would be extreme? Do you use roads? You obviously use utilities, including information networks. It’s nice to be able to draw an arbitrary line in the sand right at your own feet and say “everyone on the others side is an unprincipled hypocrite”.

        Actually working for government agencies which we claim shouldn’t exist?!!!

        Is okay to work for one of the agencies you think should exist? Remember, we’re talking about libertarians, not anarchists.

  6. Here is a picture of Donald Trump furtively carving his own face into the side of Mount Rushmore while being attacked by a pair of eagles. Enjoy

    1. Did you paint that? Why not submit to Reason?

      I get the message even without… MORE LABELS!

      1. If only. It’s the work of Jim’ll Paint It (send him an idea, he’ll create it in MS Paint)

        1. Jim’s great! Thanks, ifh!

          ‘The true meaning of Christmas’ is sublime. Right, Mr. Lizard? 😉


  7. Hillary is really going downhill.

  8. I took a dump this morning that looked more like Trump than that scribble. It was UUUUGE!

  9. So, um, Trump is the “political outsider” who’s going to clean up crony capitalism and those who benefit from it, people like…Donald Trump? And here I thought he was just another anti-immigrationist warhawk. Kudos to Trump if he’s ever mentioned the term “crony capitalism”.

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