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The federal General Services Administration spent $75 million on a building for federal law enforcement agencies only to be told they could not use it. The problem was that the GSA did not consult with the Federal Protective Service during the design of the building. Why? The GSA did not realize the building was for law enforcement. It thought it was for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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  1. I predict everyone involved will get a promotion.

    1. You mean promoted from the program office to business development at Lockheed? I predict you are right.

      1. Man I need more coffee. I thought this was a response to that thing below. I’m all over the place this morning. Just ignore me.

  2. The budget-busting jet that nobody but politicians wanted will be an expensive and potentially dangerous piece of shit for years after delivery.

    Program office response: Look, it’s fine! Stop being a little bitch!

  3. Maybe house Syrian refugees in it.
    Oh it isn’t up to there standards either?
    Also, we’ve found another building to name after Ronald Reagan.

  4. I can’t tell from the article why it can’t be used.

    1. No doughnut-delivery system

    2. Yeah. That is some terribly bad writing. The “Why can’t the FPS use the building?” seems like a question that would be really important to ask. I can’t really fathom why a building designed for the ACOE cannot be repurposed for the FPS.

      And did no one at any of the progress briefings for this notice that the GSA was constructing a building for the ACOE which the ACOE was not reporting they were expecting and the FPS was undoubtedly reporting that the building would come online in X days. There had to be a shit-ton of planning involved by the FPS for this. You don’t just wake up one day and go “Hey, we’re going to relocate a bunch of people and equipment to a new building!” There are meetings allocating space, people going and inspecting the areas to be occupied.

      Or none of this happened and I, somehow, need to plan a retirement which involves getting paid millions to deliver useless products to the government with no repercussions.

    3. no handicapped access or accommodation…doors had knobs not push bars, federal law enforcement personnel hopelessly stumped…

  5. This program is going to cost well over a trillion (with a “T”) dollars before considering cost overruns. Just keep that in mind.

    1. This also is a response to Trigger Warning’s F-35 post. Just ignore me. I suggest “reasonable” plugin for Chrome.

  6. Duh, If they cannot use it, why not sell it at public auction to someone who CAN use it?

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