When Barry Met Sandy, Obamacare for Millionaires, Jets Settle Cheerleader Lawsuit: P.M. Links


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    Bernie Sanders met with President Obama at the White House today, saying he had a "constructive" conversation with the president.

  • Millionaires who retire early can take advantage of Obamacare subsidies.
  • The United Nations has invited representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition to peace talks at Geneva.
  • China has come out in support of a U.N. attempt to condemn North Korea for its most recent nuclear tests.
  • The New York Jets settled a wage suit filed by their cheerleaders.
  • Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

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  1. Bernie Sanders met with President Obama at the White House today, saying he had a “constructive” conversation with the president.

    About certain indictments?

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      1. Sugarfreed the link, Cliche.

      2. I’m in. I know I don’t have enough forum cred to be a worthy candidate, but I figured everyone needs a guy who can be feasted upon in their rise to power.

        1. Don’t worry I suck.
          looks like SOMEONE here though is pretty bad ass.


        1. I’m in. Never played before, but I’m generally good at strategy games.

          1. it is more a political game.
            all about alliances.

    2. About certain indictments?

      Quid pro something-somethings.

    3. Hello.

    4. That was my guess.

  2. Are Stoned, Hallucinating Coyotes Terrorizing California Drivers?

    Motorists in Northern California have been dealing with a new kind of road hazard: Overly aggressive coyotes who may have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    Pacific Sun reports that at least two coyotes have been staring down motorists on Highway 1 in Bolinas, a community in Marin County, and striding onto the road. When a driver stops to avoid hitting them, the coyotes usually sniff around the car before running off.

    Experts have ruled out rabies, the paper reports, as the incidents have been going on for weeks and the disease would have killed the coyotes by now.

    That leaves two other options: Either the animals are ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms and tripping as they chase cars, or they have been fed by people in cars and are hoping for more food.

    1. Sheesh, just get one of ’em to piss in a jar already!

      1. Overly aggressive coyotes who may have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms.

        I don’t think ‘shrooms make you overly aggressive. Now dancing goofy to a jam band, that’s a different story.

    2. Those are just cougars on the prowl.

    3. Carlos Castaneda lives!

    4. I read a theory once that the vampire legend evolved from rabid bats. Maybe the werewolf legend originated with shrooms and coyotes.

    5. …or they have been fed by people in cars and are hoping for more food.

      Yeah, I’m going to go with that. When you hear hoofbeats, don’t think zebras (unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa, anyway).

  3. Millionaires who retire early can take advantage of Obamacare subsidies.

    You want to means test a basic human right?

    1. Being a “millionaire” ain’t what it used to be, thanks to the Federal Reserve.

  4. Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

    In whiteface?

    1. Brando’s being played by a white?

    2. They wanted Idris Elba, but that dude is too “street” to play Michael Jackson.

    3. And yet you can make Alexander Hamilton black.

      1. Why stop at Hamilton?

        Make ’em all black, red, yeller and whatever!

      2. Was he the guy who played Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four?

  5. Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

    With the requisite wailing and gnashing of teeth, of course.

    Roles for African-Americans with albinism and facial disfigurement are hard enough to come by without the honkies snatching them all up.


      /shakes fist at clouds.

    2. Jackson identified as white, therefore only a caucasian can legitimately play him.

      1. A white woman, maybe. I could see Teri Hatcher in that role.

        1. Celine Dion has the voice; punch her in the nose, chop and dye her hair black…VOILA!

    3. My first thought reading the headline was, I wonder who has called this racist already.

    4. A couple of minutes ago Fiennes’s wiki page was altered and contained the words “his career will be over” in the first paragraph. It’s back to normal right now. Unfortunately I didn’t save the “hacked” version.

      1. Can’t you link to the Wikipedia edit history page?

        1. The link.

          Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes[1] (/?fa?nz/; born 27 May 1970) is an English film and stage black face actor.

          He is known for his portrayals of William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love (1998), for which he was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, Sir Robert Dudley in Elizabeth (1998), Commisar Danilov in Enemy at the Gates (2001), and for starring as Monsignor Timothy Howard in the second season of the TV series American Horror Story (2012-2013). (2016), he would play “Michael Jackson” in a film about something that never happen. His career will be over.


          Occupation Actor that plays black face.

          1. I want to know what it doesn’t say —

            Does he pronounce his name “Jayff”?

  6. Israeli vulture thought to be a spy arrested in Lebanon

    BINT JBAIL , Lebanon, Jan. 27 (UPI) — A vulture that flew across the border between Israel and Lebanon was captured on suspicion of being a spy.

    The vulture was attached with a tracking device from Tel Aviv University, raising the suspicions of residents of Lebanese town Bint Jbail who captured the bird.

    “[Locals in Lebanon] caught the bird for sure,” bird ecologist Ohad Hatzofe said according to CNN. “They were holding the bird in their hands.”

    Staff at Gamla Nature Reserve were able to track the vulture as it crossed the border but lost signal shortly after the bird entered Bint Jbeil.

    The bird had been allowed to fly freely in an attempt to increase the dwindling vulture population in Israel but residents in Lebanon sought to make certain there was no foul play considering the history between the two nations.

    1. That bastard was probably hoping to vaccinate the kids.

    2. You know who else thought Jews were vultures?

      1. You know who else was into both Jews and tracking devices?

        1. Daniel and Marty (The Enemy of both the Honored Matres and Bene Gesserit)?

      2. This is a tough one.

        I’ll go with the First Pogrom Leader?

    3. Jesus, first the sharks, now the vultures? Do those damned Zionists have no decency at all?

      1. I think a shark in the desert would be a bit suspicious.

    4. The jews were behind the shark attacks at Sharm el-Sheikh

      1. Aren’t they always?

        1. Well, my God, it’s practically there in the name… Sharm el-Sheikh. Sharmk el-Sheikh.

  7. “When you look at the actual hours worked versus what Krystal was paid, she only made $3.77 per hour,” Pierce said. “When you factor in the required hair, makeup and transportation expenses, the hourly rate goes below $1.50 an hour.”

    Still better than working for the Hillary campaign.

    1. That’s about the cheerleader article, right?

      So, how much fame can you cash in on as an NFL cheerleader?

      1. Come *on*, man! *Everybody* knows Krystal C!

        1. Yup. Krystal is White Castle’s main competitor for sliders.

      2. A lot, but they get paid with dick instead.

        1. I would like to volunteer to pay her salary for a few years, pro bono.

        2. A friend of mine was a 49ers Gold Rush Girl for a couple of seasons after college and I remember her saying that they didn’t make much of anything (luckily she wasn’t depending on it to support herself).

          Where did I meet her? We went to MIT together. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. But I don’t think she had much in common with the rest of the squad.

    2. Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have cheerleaders. Always liked that about the club, if nothing else – because I like nothing else about the Steelers.

      1. As of this year, seven teams have no official cheerleaders – the Packers, Bears, Steelers, Lions, Bills, Giants and Browns. Of these, the Bears, Steelers, Packers and Bills have had cheerleaders in past seasons. The Packers still have local college cheerleaders who perform at home games, but they aren’t considered “official”. The Giants, Browns and Lions have never had cheerleaders.

        1. It’s also very Fucking cold in those places too. Co-inkidink?

      2. Way to spin “couldn’t find 30 chicks that looked good in spandex shorts” to the good.

  8. Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson? Prepare for a shitstorm over that….

    1. Hey, his brother didn’t have a nose either when he played Voldemort.

  9. Bernie Sanders met with President Obama at the White House today, saying he had a “constructive” conversation with the president.

    I guess you could say that.

    1. Phew. I moused over that link before clicking on it. I’m sure I can’t even fathom the bullet I dodged.

      1. I name thee coward.

        1. Indeed. Subtleties abound, Fist.

          1. It was more nuanced that I had imagined, but the symbolism of the dong falling onto the floor? Is that the author’s trademark? Because I think I’ve read that before.

      2. I would say it was a heartwarming story with a happy ending.

    2. I’m so turned on right now.

      1. Well, shit. So am I now.

        1. You did that on purpose!

        2. Let’s just get into a big pile.

    3. I didn’t realize there were pictures to complement the prose.

  10. Overdue book from 1967 returned to library

    HOLLAND , Mich., Jan. 27 (UPI) — A UPS package delivered to Herrick District Library contained a book that had been checked out of the library since 1967.

    The package also included a note that explained the sender was a student at Hope College at the time and was possibly researching World War II when they forgot to return the book.

    “Somewhere along the way it got mixed up with my personal things and put into a trunk and shipped back to New York,” the unidentified man wrote. “I have moved the trunk many times but until recently never opened it. Upon doing so, I found your book.”

    The man also included an undisclosed amount of money to make up for the overdue book fees he would have accumulated throughout the years.

    “Please accept the book and my modest donation to cover what I am sure is a tremendous fine,” he wrote.

    1. I think there was a Seinfeld about this, but I’m too lazy.

      1. +1Tropic of Cancer

        1. Bookman is far and away my favourite Seinfeld character

          1. In my day we didn’t know anything about the librarian’s personal life – we didn’t want to know about the librarian’s personal life. The librarian didn’t *have* a personal life!

    2. I thought that at some point the fines just get transformed into replacement costs.

      Otherwise that would be quite a fine by now.

    3. Robert Walpole’s daddy’s ghost laughs at this tardiness.

  11. Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

    Outraged a real Martian didn’t get the part.

  12. Cops in Chicago spend a lot of time breaking their dashcams.

    Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo has called Escalante’s punishment of the rank and file over dashcam video disrepair an attempt to deflect blame away from the Police Department and City Hall.

    “How they determine that it’s purposely caused damages, I’d like to know,” Angelo said last month. “How they can figure out what is mechanical or what is human error, I’d like to know.”

    I sincerely bet he would. How else can he help his members avoid getting caught in the future?

    1. Dashcam forensics. Probably a bit easier than human forensics.

    2. Still waiting on Warty’s subscription request but he’s nowhere to be seen.

      1. I think he’s tied up for the whole week.

    3. 2 dashcams. One focused on them, and one focused on the dash cam.

    4. Obviously he was trying fix it with that ball peen hammer.

  13. Jaden Smith Shirtless In A Skirt Is A Gender-Fluid Dream Come True

    The former “Karate Kid,” part-time philosopher and son to Will and Jada has basically been giving the middle finger to gender norms since he started wearing dresses back in 2015.

    Now, a shirtless photo of Smith wearing only a black skirt, accented by bright blue nail polish and a red flower, has got our attention.

    The 17-year-old captioned the photo shot by Peter Ash Lee for Vogue Korea, “Just Come Here,” and he doesn’t have to ask twice.

    Louis Vuitton tapped the young actor to be the face of their new womanswear campaign in January.

    In a series of snaps posted on LV’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesqui?re Instagram account, Smith rocks another skirt and a leather jacket alongside female models like it’s no big deal … because it’s not, actually.

    We are so on board for this gender-neutral clothing trend. Sex and gender aren’t binary, so let’s all stop dressing like they are.

    1. Um, we’ve already had a gender-neutral clothing trend. It was called the sixties, and everyone wore jeans and t-shirts.

      1. Apparently “gender” just means clothes.

    2. part-time philosopher and son to Will and Jada has basically been giving the middle finger to gender norms since he started wearing dresses

      Oh, FFS! Get a life!

      1. Middle finger? Sexist!

    3. part-time philosopher

      Seriously? Isn’t he only, like, 16 or something?

      1. It’s a joke about his incoherent Twitter stream.

        1. 03/23/2013 – Most Trees Are Blue

          05/01/2013 – How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real

          08/07/2013 – If A Book Store Never Runs Out Of A Certain Book, Dose That Mean That Nobody Reads It, Or Everybody Reads It

          09/12/2013 – If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth

          09/19/2013 – Trees Are Never Sad Look At Them Every Once In Awhile They’re Quite Beautiful

          09/29/2013 – Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!

          10/10/2013 – You Would Have To Eat 5 Apples Today To Get The Same Nutritional Value As An Apple From 1950. #Fallow

          03/03/2014 – You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!

          04/02/2014 – Green White And Blue Make Dreams Come True.

          05/10/2014 You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands

          9/19/14 I Build Pyramids Constantly

          11/2/14 Anyone Born On This Planet Should Have A Planetary Citizenship Enabling Them To Freely Explore There Home

          11/3/14 I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.

          1. He’s got nothing on Agile Cyborg.

            1. +1 sticky wet supernova in the black hole of a celestial streetwalker.

          2. Are we sure this isn’t Ralphie Wiggum?

            1. “I’m learnding!”

          3. No wonder his parents would rather talk about the Oscars.

    4. since he started wearing dresses back in 2015.

      Radical! He’s been doing it for almost a month at least!

    5. I saw his quote the other day — They gave me 10 million dollars. I can be gay for 10 million dollars.

    6. I want to know about the ivory in their living room.

    7. Sex and gender aren’t binary, so let’s all stop dressing like they are.

      Why? Are you saying I have to start wearing a fuckin’ skirt? I wear jeans and shirts because they’re damn comfortable and I don’t look horrible in them. I’m pretty sure I would not look good in a dress or a blouse. And no one wants to see me in yoga pants and Uggs.

      1. Look, people can wear whatever the hell makes them happy. But I still reserve the right to make fun of them!

      2. And no one wants to see me in yoga pants and Uggs.

        I think there’s a rule that finds fault with your claim.

    8. Did people forget about Glam Metal already?

  14. Ex-TV personality ‘Mr. Wonder’ arrested

    (CNN)A former Louisiana children’s TV show personality known as “Mr. Wonder” was arrested in California on charges that he sexually abused children at a camping retreat in 1979, police in central Louisiana said.

    U.S. Marshals and San Diego County authorities arrested 76-year-old Frank John Selas III on Monday at his home in Bonita, near San Diego, after he had been on the run for nearly four decades, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Lt. Tommy Carnline said.

    The sexual abuse accusations date from a camping retreat in Kisatchie National Forest in Gardener, Louisana, in June 1979. Some children who had attended the event told their parents when they got home that Selas had sexually abused them.

    1. The sexual abuse accusations date from a camping retreat in Kisatchie National Forest in Gardener, Louisana, in June 1979. Some children who had attended the event told their parents when they got home that Selas had sexually abused them.

      It took them 37 years to get home? I had no idea Louisiana was so big.

    2. Nothing to wonder about any more I guess

  15. My wife and I just started watching Veep this week. We’re about seven episodes in. So far, I like it. It hits all of my preconceptions about Washington (some of which I gained by living there somewhat briefly). In terms of realism, it seems much closer to the mark than House of Cards.

    Does it get better? Should we stick with it?

    1. It hits all of my preconceptions about Washington

      The characters are mostly smarter than actual politicians, though.

    2. It’s practically prescient at times. It’s a great show. Stick with it.

    3. Yeh, House of Cards is a little out there especially on the murder side.

      Mind you….

      1. You’ve never seen Hillary’s basement. And you don’t want to.

        1. It gives Warty a run for xe’s money.

    4. You’re a salad spinner of fuck.

    5. It gets better every season. Though I’d entertain the argument that season 3 is superior to season 4.

      It goes to a whole new level when Kevin Dunn joins in season 2. Definitely stick with it.

    6. Definitely stick with it. Veep is one of the best shows on TV. I imagine the level of governmental incompetence the show dramatizes is disturbingly close to reality.

    7. I found it unwatchably bad.

  16. Newegg sues patent troll that dropped its case

    A patent-holding company called Minero Digital seeks to exact royalty payments on a wide range of USB hubs, suing more than two dozen retailers and manufacturers last year. But the “non-practicing entity” dropped its East Texas lawsuit against Newegg subsidiary Rosewill within days of getting a call from the company’s lawyer. It’s not going to be easy for Minero and its president, Texas lawyer Daniel Perez, to walk away, though. Yesterday, Newegg filed its own lawsuit (PDF) against Minero in Los Angeles federal court, asking a judge to rule that Rosewill products do not infringe Minero’s patent.

    Minero wants to tax every USB hub sold, but it will skip Newegg’s house brand.
    Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng says the move is necessary since Minero dismissed its Texas lawsuit without prejudice, meaning it can refile the case at a time of its choosing.

    “We just don’t believe Rosewill’s products and customers infringed on valid patent claims,” said Cheng. “Minero’s case does not have merit, and its patent is not only expired but would suck even if it wasn’t expired. Now that they have started the litigation, it would be irresponsible for Newegg to not finish it.”

    1. May Newegg murderize him in court

    2. I sincerely hope Newegg wins.

    3. Excellent. This is another reason that I really love Newegg.

      Fingers crossed that they never start charging me sales tax.

      1. Oddly, many infringement cases from patent trolls are started in that district. Favorable jury pools, apparently.

        1. Favorable rules, very plaintiff friendly, Judge Gilstrap has tons of expertise. It’s the place to sue for infringement.

          We have NPEs recruiting at SMU fairly consistently. The “podcasting” NPE is set up about 2 miles east of my house. It’s a thriving little ecosystem here. When you squash one NPE, 10 rise up in its place.

        2. Not jury pools. The circuit court is troll friendly and the patent office is overly accomadating.

    4. Lee Cheng is apparently pretty based. He’s also teaming up with Ron Unz, Steve Hsu, some other guy, and … Ralph Nader to make Harvard free and end affirmative action.

  17. This Day in History

    1880 – Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his incandescent light.

    1944 – The Soviets announced the end of the two-year siege of Leningrad.

    1945 – The Russians liberated Auschwitz concentration camp, where the Nazis had killed over 1.5 million people, including over 1 million Jews.

    1951 – The U.S. Air Force started atomic testing in the Nevada desert.

    1967 – The Apollo I fire killed astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral.

    1973 – Vietnam War peace accords were signed in Paris.

    1. #1 is the not. Incandescence existed long before edison patented his light bulb.

    2. Oh, and RIP Grissom, White and Caffee. That was such a senseless death for so many reasons.

      1. If you ever get the chance, watch the Moon Machines episode on the command module. Engineers who worked on it during Apollo talk about the accident.

      2. My college named the dorms after them.

  18. Sheldon Richman should write for Jacobin. Burn the Constitution

    “It is a measure of our current ideological morass that liberals, in their own enlightened and open-minded way, still masochistically embrace a throne-and-altar orthodoxy that subordinates the people’s will to a virtually unalterable diktat handed down by an ancient council of aristocratic, semi-deified lawgivers. At this very moment, when expansionary monetary policy and debt relief for homeowners are demanded by the Left to address the ongoing, grinding social crisis, it should not be forgotten that “a rage for paper money” and “an abolition of debts” were precisely the sorts of “wicked project[s]” that James Madison, writing in Federalist No. 10, specifically hoped his Constitution would rule out.

    You would almost think Madison had been listening to Glenn Beck.”


    1. Best part is when he whines that America wasn’t as radical as Europe…after World War I.

      You know – the kind of radicalism that eventually lead to Jews getting fed into ovens and Polacks getting their brains blown out in church courtyards and Soviet apparatchiks disappearing in the dead of night. Oh, if only Americans had been as radical as enlightened Europeans, we too could have started a global conflict that killed 50 million people.

      1. There’s still time, Irish. There’s still time… 🙁

      2. The dreck progressive imbeciles of that author’s ilk produce is always at its stupidest when comparisons between something American and its European, or occasionally Asian, counterparts are made. Such exercises in analytical retardation perfectly showcase moral bankruptcy, gratuitous self-delusion, and an absence of even the most basic comprehension of the subjects mentioned.

        It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that fucktard sincerely believed a century of bloody, genocidal brigandage and warfare between the proponents of slightly variant flavors of socialism across the entire landmass made Europe a better place than the United States.

        1. Exactly. It’s amazing how stupid these people are that they hold up INTERWAR EUROPE as a place America should have emulated!

          There was the constant threat of war, street fights between communists and fascists, hyperinflation, and the rise of multiple totalitarian states. Yeah, too bad America missed out on that.

          1. Yes, but the bruschetta (pronounced broo-sketta) was divine.

            /locks jaw.

            1. Europe’s culinary aptitude and supremacy would never have been possible if it were not for the refinement and perfection of oven technology during Hitler’s tenure!

              /Fucktarded leftist.

          2. Life with an American version of the Freikorps would be much more exciting, you have to admit.

      3. Irish,

        The magazine is called JACOBIN.

        Stop acting like you’re surprised.

        1. I’m not surprised. It’s just hilarious to see such stupidity on open display.

          1. Keep in mind that once that article was published, the author likely discussed it with his friends and colleagues, who then systematically masturbated each other, in both rhetorical and literal ways, over the sheer intellectual colossus gracing them with the divine gift of his company.

            They’re all self-congratulatory retards. Without exception.

          2. I know you’re not. But again…JACOBIN.

            These people named their publication JACOBIN WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

      4. I eagerly await the advent of a new trend of college kids wearing shirts with Felix Dzerzhinsky’s face on them. Those college radicals thought Che was dreamy? Just wait till they learn more about Iron Felix!

        1. Don’t even fucking start. When I went back to Russia a few years ago to visit some relatives, there was a massive parade of Stalinists waving around Felix’s — the real-life General Grievous — portrait. They were pretty much all teenagers.

          Stupid, retarded fucking children. They’ve got no idea what they’re clamoring for.

          1. But, see, Felix only killed counterrevolutionaries, spies, saboteurs, and wreckers. He wouldn’t kill fine young Russian patriots like them!

            1. Yes, if there’s one thing Poles are known for, it’s sparing Russian patriots!

              /old joke about how Felix was the greatest Pole who ever lived…

              1. Heh….now that’s a good one. Knew a Polish -born dude in the Marines who taught me how to curse in Polish. Wish I could remember then now. He also got us to drink some kind of Polish grain alcohol he was overjoyed to discover being sold in a store in Okinawa. It’s the only time in my life I’ve truly been blackout drunk, to the point of having absolutely no memory of what happened the night before.

          2. You Russian bra? Know Pavel Bure?

            Speaking of hockey, where the heck is Tundra?

            1. Russian-born American, dual-native Russian and English linguistically.

              Not big on hockey personally, but I remember kids used to stake American cigarettes on recess hockey games in winter at Russian schools. The teachers didn’t give a fuck. It was funny, because thinking back, the sort of supernova-grade pants-shitting that would induce in modern progressives in the United States would be a sight to behold.

              1. No shit.

        2. Last week I looked him up, and in his mug shot from 1909 he looks like Hawkeye from Avengers movies.

          1. Man, he aged like 20 years between 1909 and 1914.

        3. Anytime I see someone with a Che t-shirt, I wonder if his Himmler and Beria t-shirts are in the laundry.

      5. You know – the kind of radicalism that eventually lead to Jews getting fed into ovens and Polacks getting their brains blown out in church courtyards and Soviet apparatchiks disappearing in the dead of night.

        Oh, don’t act like that’s not a goal of progressives of that type.

        1. The author’s name is Seth Ackerman so I suspect killing the Jews is not something he supports very strongly…

          1. You don’t read Richman articles?

            Replace ‘Jews’ with ‘Israelis’ and Richman would crank out a support piece post-haste.

      6. Hilarious considering that the European countries that were the least fucked during the Interwar period were the UK, Switzerland and Sweden which were hardly hotbeds of the radicalism he wants and the latter two have received a lot of criticism for their behavior toward the Nazis

        1. Two of those were ‘neutrals’ but had no problem scoring some profits off the war.

          1. So ignoring those two means that Seth Ackerman loves him some Stanley Baldwin?

            1. Nah. Re-read your comment and mine was misplaced.

              1. Well I mean if you exclude Switzerland and Sweden for making war profits of the Nazis then the only European country that wasn’t fucked during the interwar Era was…the UK which during that period was dominated by Stanley Baldwin. Something tells me that “America needs to be like Stanley Baldwin’s UK” is not what he had in mind.

    2. Because nothing says “enlightened” like worthless pieces of paper and a breakdown of basic trust between people.

    3. You would almost think Madison had been listening to Glenn Beck.

      “Federalist no. 127: On the caliphate-controlled media”

    4. Krugabeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. So these people are explictly hoping to return us to an economy where debt is only taken on by the desperate and super rich. While also inducing hyperinflation. What could possibly go wrong?

    6. Sheldon Richman should write for Jacobin

      He hasn’t? Surprised. The Jacobin probably has some communist writers that vaguely sound like some obscure 19th century writers.

    7. Also has Corbyn invited Richman to stand in 2020? Or is Corbyn’s renationalization not radical enough for Richman?

    8. Seth Ackerman (the above author) explains the War on Terror to us

      (*note = he looks like he’s 20yrs old)

      The short summary of his argument … well, is nothing. he blathers for 6 minutes and says almost nothing.

      Well, he does say, “you can’t find any actual muslims who supported the 9/11 attacks”. Which i thought was funny.

      1. “”you can’t find any actual muslims who supported the 9/11 attacks”.”

        LMAO, brilliant.

        1. He went and asked at the local VFW, and none of the mooslums there supported it.


      2. Gilmore, dude, you probably just doxed Cytotoxic.

        1. Congrats you’re a moron.

      3. This guy is just a big fat liar. The only true point he makes is that the US government supports undemocratic, or non-democratic, governments that the radicals are trying to dislodge. But even this statement is a problem because these radicals don’t want to replace their current secular governments with democracy–as this dumbshit suggests–but instead they want to replace it with an Islamic dictatorship.

        I don’t understand how people can listen to such ridiculous drivel.

    9. Oh the Jacobins were the original Radical Left and Richman loves the original Radical Left so yeah he should write for them.

  19. Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

    There is soooooo much wrong with that. Mainly “British TV comedy”.

    1. Apparently you’ve never seen “Yes, Minister”.

      1. My favorite TV show of all time. Hasn’t lost an iota of relevance, despite being made in 80s.

    2. British TV generally. It’s viciously awful shit.

      1. No it’s a lot better because I’ve only seen episodes of Downtown Abbey and Doctor Who.

        1. “Downtown Abbey.”

          … starring Kurt Russel.

          1. Dammit….

          2. Is that the sequel to “Big Trouble in Little China”?

      2. So Fawlty Towers was an exception, huh? Too bad.

      3. Then you have never seen Peep Show.

        1. Peep show, Darkplace, it crowd. Darkplace being my favorite. Favourite?

          1. Darkplace is amazing.

            “Dagless: The cabin crew suggested we all go out and club it. I had no option. It was that or one of their B&Bs;. I figured it’d be safer on the streets. For the first time ever I saw the Scotch in their natural habitat, and it weren’t pretty. I’d seen them huddling in stations before, being loud but? this time I was surrounded. Everywhere I went it felt like they were watching me; fish-white flesh puckered by the Highland breeze; tight eyes peering out for fresh meat; screechy, booze-soaked voices hollering out for a taxi to take ’em halfway up the road to the next all-night watering hole. A shatter of glass; a round of applause; a sixteen-year-old mother of three vomiting in an open sewer, bairns looking on, chewing on potato cakes. I ain’t never going back? not never.

            Sanchez: My aunt lives in Scotland; she says it’s quite nice.

            Dagless: Well, she’s wrong.”

            1. “Garth Marenghi: Greetings traveler. I’m Garth Marenghi, horror writer. Most of you will probably know me already from my extensive canon of chillers, including Afterbirth, in which a mutated placenta attacks Bristol. Back in the 1980s, I wrote, directed and starred in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, a television program so radical, so risky, so dangerous, so goddamn crazy, that the so-called powers that be became too scared to show it, and gypped me. Much in the same way women have done ever since they sniffed out my money.”

            2. No love for Red Dwarf? What kind of cishet shitlord basement dwelling libertarian nerds are you guys, anyway??

      4. -1 Rumpole.

      5. The IT Crowd was wonderful.

    3. Also see Blackadder and Red Dwarf. Why noone has locked Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis in a room and produced another Blackadder series set in more modern times is beyond me. Maybe they just can’t choose among all the material available.

    4. Black Adder

    1. Thanks that looks good. I learned a lot about schizophrenia. I didn’t know that it was correlated with thinning gray matter and that the immune system was involved.

      A lot of brain diseases became the province of psychiatry decades ago and were left as psychiatric “turf” with non-brain aspects of the presentation ignored. Now that we are looking, we are seeing a lot of immune and GI related correlations to psychiatric disorders, which should unlock a lot of new insight and treatments.

      1. BTW, WaPo appears to have a stupid new firewall. AFAICT it can be avoided simply by using an incognito window. Even less trouble than the cookie reset required for the Telegraph.

        1. Oh.. I get it… you mean put the browser in porn mode.

      2. Now if we could only define schizophrenia…

  20. http://www.tulsaworld.com/busi…..ac5e2.html

    Legislator introduces forfeiture reform package

    Sen. Kyle D. Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, unveiled the details of his legislative efforts to reform Oklahoma’s civil asset forfeiture laws.
    In May, Loveless introduced Senate Bill 838, the Personal Asset Protection Act. The bill has been the subject of intense debate during the interim.
    “I have heard a lot of concern from district attorneys and from some in the law enforcement community about my fight to protect private property rights and due process,” Loveless said. “This new language is an attempt to address some of those concerns while not compromising my goals for reform.”
    The bill package includes three stand-alone bills and one omnibus reform bill.
    “The new language still requires a criminal conviction before the government can forfeit property, but it provides for five exemptions to this requirement including the death of the owner or the owner was given immunity as part of a plea agreement,” said Loveless.
    “The government currently has the ability to forfeit personal property without proving a crime was committed in a court of law. My legislation corrects that but leaves the authorities with some flexibility.”

    1. “The new language still requires a criminal conviction before the government can forfeit property, but it provides for five exemptions to this requirement including the death of the owner or the owner was given immunity as part of a plea agreement,” said Loveless.”

      Incentivizing the killing of suspects? Excellent.

  21. Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.

    So, um how long until he has to drop out?

    1. Over-under is 1600 GMT tomorrow.

  22. I’d much rather see Ralph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson as a posh Englishman.

  23. Woman assaulted by boyfriend. After boyfriemd goes to jail she’s raped by an off duty cop she origanally ask for help.


    1. She’s bad luck.

    2. What a slut

  24. “Joseph Fiennes will play Michael Jackson in a British TV comedy about Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip from New York City to California after 9/11.”

    I, for one, am already on pins and needles and can’t wait for this. Sounds like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” meets “Thelma and Louise” meets “On the Waterfront”.

  25. Camille Paglia sexistly declares Hillary too childlike to know the difference between fantasy and truth

    But surely that overwrought action-adventure tale was a strange flashback to an episode from Hillary’s youth, as reported by Mr. Bernstein: the usually stingy Hugh Rodham had once treated his wife and daughter to a shopping spree at a New York department store. Under tight time pressure from Hugh, the two women pulled off their shoes and ran laughing and barefoot together through the store. The non-existent Bosnian sniper fire may have been a shadowy memory of the strafing dictates of an authoritarian father, against whom mother and daughter were united in conspiratorial defiance.

  26. No self-defense allowed.

    A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in S?nderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant.

    1. I can’t find the link, but some guy in Denver might face charges for shooting at a burglar who stole his car (he scored and hit, and the perpetrator died soon after).

      1. I saw that. The burglar actually tied the guy up. However, the burglar was in his car and driving away when the homeowner got free and shot him.

      2. Still, it’s one thing to kill someone who’s leaving, and another altogether to punish someone for using nonlethal force to try to stop an ongoing assault. That’s fucking disgusting.

      3. Legal in texas if after dark.

        1. …or during daylight hours if you wait a while before calling the police

  27. Oh look, Uber in trouble in France again.

    The app-based taxi service Uber is reported to have been ordered by a French court to pay ?1.2m (?911,000) to a rival taxi group after a complaint that drivers were breaking the rules.

    The court ruled that Uber drivers were unlawfully collecting fares waiting in the street, the AFP news agency said.

    This can only be done by taxi drivers who pay more for their licences.

    The ruling comes on a second consecutive day of protests by taxi drivers angry over the impact of Uber.

    1. Uber in France should just say, “Fuck this”, and arm all of its drivers with automatic weapons and anti-personnel explosives.

      1. Step One – rename self to al-Uber…

        1. Step Two: Choose a leader named Akbar, and yell “IT’S A TRAP!” whenever cabbies show up to burn your shit before you mow them down with your belt-fed machine guns.

      2. We just came home from Paris yesterday. We went to the airport at 5am Tuesday morning, four hours before our flight, and the cab drivers were already out trying to block traffic and building bonfires in trash cans. Our limo driver had been smart — he had left his regular vehicle home and brought his personal little Toyota, and had me sit in the front seat so it looked like I was his friend or relative rather than his fare.

        We managed to talk our way past a taxi-thug checkpoint and got into the airport. Then the French air traffic controllers went on strike. 50% of flights were canceled, but fortunately our big-body international flight continued and we took off — and we made it home ok.

        My wife loved the trip, and I did enjoy it as well, but those last few hours were quite scary. Fuck the French and their greve.

        1. I really don’t understand how they put up with that shit – and it’s constant.

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