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Credit: Håkan Dahlström / flickr

Police in Stockholm, Sweden, have been ordered not to include race, ethnicity, nationality, skin color or height in any descriptions of criminal suspects it releases to the public. Officials say they don't want to appear to be racist.

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  1. “Be on the look out for a suspect, skin color somewhere between Seal and Seal’s teeth.”

    1. be on the look out for someone, somewhere, who might have done something…no details to follow.

    2. Suspect is wearing a hat and is under the sun right now.

  2. Lol, all suspects are now transparent. 😀

    1. is weight ok or do we not want to fat-shame the criminals?

      1. I mean the innocent until proven – guilty persons of interest

  3. Better to appear stupid rather than racist I guess.

  4. “We have a 10-24 in progress on the corner of Knickerbocker and Schpopple street.”
    “Description of suspect?”
    “Well uh, you know, he’s not a Swede…”
    “I see. Patrols be on the lookout for a Fauxslim man, Pseudobrown skin, who is most definitely not a Migrant.”

  5. How is height racist? Unless we’re talking about pygmies…

    1. Perhaps it’s because Swedes are relatively tall on average compared to many other nationalities, and if the suspect is short, it singles him (or her) as potentially non Swedish? Or perhaps the idea is not to give any helpful information at all, so people can’t take any precautions? I should stop looking for rationality in irrational policies.

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