Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Keeps Getting Worse

The former Secretary of State's home server contained highly sensitive U.S. intelligence


Hillary Clinton's home server contained Top Secret/Special Access intelligence information, according to an unclassified letter sent from the intelligence community's Inspector General to senior lawmakers. The letter was obtained by Fox News. Fox News reported that the information is so sensitive that even senior lawmakers who already have clearance must go through additional red tape to view the information she was allegedly sending. 

It appears that in this case, even Remy's DC Matic hasn't been able to help Clinton avoid public scrutiny. Originally posted March 13, 2015:

Do you run a government agency but hate complying with the law? Then you need DC Matic, the Hillary Clinton-approved email server!

Here's how it works:

First you select the government business you'd like to conceal from the public.  Then, simply use DC Matic's proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that! 

Having two email addresses is confusing and a terrible idea. And gone are the days of destroying hard drives or creating a fake male alias to secretly conduct business. You Need DC Matic!

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  1. Where is everybody? The entrance to the intertoobs must be buried by snow.

    1. It’s all a racist whitewash. Boycott this storm!

      1. What is all that “black ice”, chopped liver?

        1. It’s the chupacabra of winter weather. Everyone talks about it in hushed tones while crossing themselves, and supposedly it’s everywhere, but I ain’t never seen it.

          1. One winter evening when I was back home from college, I was tasked with driving my younger sister’s friends home. After dropping off friend #1, I headed for the four-lane road past the last few houses in the subdivision. I thought there might be ice, so I drove slowly and braked early. But nothing happened: I was just sliding toward the road, where I hadn’t even looked for traffic. Fuck!

            So while sis and her other pal are blabbing in the back seat, I break out into a sweat as the car slides in the road. I wanted to turn left, so I did that, drifting sideways. (I had to turn because it was a T intersection.) Luckily I stopped sliding in the inner lane, just as two cars whizzed past in the two adjacent lanes. I let out my breath and my sister asked what just happened….

            1. you’re supposed to leave your sister at home and drive her friends

          2. That’s how it gitsya.

            You never see it, you just wake up in the hospital and can’t remember anything after three days ago.

            1. So black ice is the holiday weekend bender of meteorological phenomena.

      2. Whitey’s keeping me down.

        1. Obviously, pollution control is racist. If everyone were burning coal, snow would be black and equality would be achieved.

    2. On the bright side, they didn’t recycle an old post and leave up all the old comments.

      1. When they do recycle an old post, they should leave up the old comments.

        1. Nah, they should say “click here for the comments from the last time.”

          1. I like the commentception. It’s a peek into the shared psychosis of our terrible collective history. Someday we’ll look back and wonder why everyone got so worked up about that reality TV retard.

            1. Which one? đŸ˜‰

  2. It was 32 degrees this morning in San Antonio. Another brutal South Texas winter.

    1. Yes, 39 here right now, with the forecast of 58.

      1. 73 with an expected high of 83 and low of 69. Sweater weather.

    2. In wonderful Webster,Texas we have a high of 58 degrees with a humidity of 50% and a bright and sunny cloudless sky.

      Perfect for loading the boat with beer to go and gather up some oysters on my favorite reef. The previous two days N wind has blown a lot of water out of the bay and I won’t even need waders..

      1. I headed over to Blanco Cafe for some Huevos Rancheros and a barbacoa taco. I think I’ll swing by Groomer’s Seafood and pick up some oysters and shrimp. This terrible winter weather here cries out for a pot of gumbo.

        1. The world’s best gumbo is made here in MD, by me.

          1. Why is there no edit function!!!

            Blue crab gumbo?

            I need to take a road trip up to visit my son and daughter in New Jersey and eat my way across the DelMarVa one crab shack at a time.

            1. Nope. I have 2 versions. One has chicken and shrimp. The other crayfish. I don’t put sausage in gumbo.

            2. If he is cooking blue crabs in MD there is a 90% chance the crab came from Galveston Bay where I live or from LA.

              Maryland over fished their crab years ago and they haven’t come back yet.

              They are flown live out of Hobby Airport several times a weel.

              1. Damn Yankees!

          2. Wrong. My wifes gumbo (recipe handed down for decades through her Creole family) is the best gumbo in the world.

            But today we will be eating grilled pork chops, beer braised sausage with cabbage, cauliflower greens, carrots and sauerkraut. Buttered red potatoes with shallots. Pickles, hard boiled eggs, olives, and tomatoes. Strawberry-pineapple milkshakes for dessert.

            Todays cocktail will feature bourbon, sherry, citrus, bitters. I haven’t named it yet.

            1. That’s only until your wife’s version runs up against mine. Then it will be the 2nd best.

        2. I’m surviving the storm over at a woman’s place (yay) who is a vegan (boo) who told me she was going to buy human food (yay) who didn’t (boo).

          1. Your taste in wiminz continues on a downhill slide.

          2. You are obviously way too susceptible to her feminine wiles.

          3. Hopefully, you found something non-vegan to feed her last night.

              1. Why? You’re “free range”, aren’t you?

    3. A brisk 85-90*F here in SE Asia.

      Hard to choose between a nice day on the golf course or a balmy swim in the sea.
      Hey, there’s time for both.

      1. Where in SE Asia are you if I may ask?

        1. The Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand corridor recently.

          1. Nice. If things go right, next year I’ll be spending half of it in Hue.

            1. That means you probably be flying through LA. Party at Reason headquarters!!!

            2. e tu, Hue?

  3. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  4. FAKE SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. +1 beat me to it

  5. Nothing else happened.

  6. The important thing is that all the 1s and 0s made it home safely to their families.

  7. Fox News reported that the information is so sensitive that even senior lawmakers who already have clearance must go through additional red tape to view the information she was allegedly sending.

    More like Faux Scandal News

    1. “Well, this just shows the problems with overclassificaton!”

      /Hillary Drone

    2. Also, it’s pretty obvious that Hillary is above the red tape that the senior lawmakers are subjected to and therefore already our queen. Can we just elect her already?

      1. “no one is too big to jail” – Hillary Clinton

        A tweet that will go down in history

        1. Please let that admittedly noble statement be her legacy.

          1. Yes, the only thing that would make that hag look better is an orange jumpsuit.
            Is Barry gonna pardon her? Is the DOJ even going to indict?

            1. I think her get out of jail free card is win the Dem nomination. If she fails to do so, she’s toast.

              1. It’s going to come down to the dem base.

            2. “Yes, the only thing that would make that hag look better is an orange jumpsuit.”

              I work at a women’s prison (although it’s state, not federal) and the thought of Hillary trudging through the yard and getting bullied by butch lesbian convicts makes me positively giddy.

        2. That one, and “sexual assault victims should always be believed,” make me think of these possibilities:

          1) She is such a narcissist that she doesn’t realize how these comment apply to her.

          2) She’s had a stroke, and doesn’t realize how she’s shooting herself in the foot.

          3) Her advisors are so in the tank that they don’t realize the implications.

          4) Her advisors are actively trying to sabotage her campaign.

          1. Or Team Blue don’t care.

            1. Or, the end justifies the means.

  8. What are the odds she’ll face any amount of punishment for this?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    1. She’ll be “punished” in some lame, symbolic way that probably involves a public non-apology and a donor-paid fine. Then the rest of us get to be punished for the next 4-8 years (or longer depending on how much of the Constitution still remains).

    2. Oh, I don’t know. It’s getting too big to ignore. There are too many FBI agents on this. Not all of them are going to keep their mouths shut if they’re told to suppress things. And there’s the possibility that Obama wants her to go down.

      1. This.plus it grown to include bribery related to hard to ignore State Dept.decisions that benefitted forge in governments or interests and timely donations to the Clinton Family Slush Fund Foundation.

        Try the be know I bet she can’t sleep at night without her doctor.

        Bill has already begun distancing him self with public states of “hey, I just work here”

        Bill is gonna drop this all on her and that’s the thanks she deserves for covering up the sex assault charges made against him.

        1. My thinking is, why would Bill want her to win? If he’s the First Husband, it crimps the babe-chasing and overshadows his own legacy.

          1. Why would Bill want her to win ??


            They made so much with her as Sec State who can imagine how much they can make with her as POTUS ?

            bill only wrks at the Clinton foundation Slush fund so he get all the goodies but none of the legal liabilities.

            He’s a psychopath who is willing to let her go to jail as long as he gets paid and walks free. She is in over her head with Bill and he has used her their entire marriage and it’s all coming clear.

            1. They already have more money than they can possibly spend. And either can just give a speech for $250K any time they want some extra. So I don’t think he’d want her to win for monetary reasons.

  9. You know, a non-stupid opposition party could use this to convince the voters not to elect her. If only there were one of those…

      1. Don’t be silly. They aren’t a *real* party.

      2. Unfortunately, no. I vote LP as much as possible, but damn they are stupid.

        1. It doesn’t help when they nominate the Blue Man.

          1. So…you’re hating on a guy because of his skin color?


    1. I suspect that The Donald will make a lot of noise about it if he faces her in the general election. But the republican party’s not likely to.

      1. this is a trueism

  10. She’ll be fine. FakeSkandul!

    O’ look, Bloomberg wants to be Emperor!

  11. Hillary Clinton e mail dump. Given her server was in the bathroom, that’s just disgusting.

  12. It’s hard to tell how much snow is on my deck. It’s about 3 ft deep in places and 3 inches in others, the wind is blowing it around.

    Here’s a pictures from Frederick, MD this morning:

    Frederick snowpocalypse

    1. That kind of makes me miss Minnesota. We’ve had barely any snow in Kansas, just cold.

      1. Wait, are you really Miss Minnesota?!

          1. Sorry. I thought maybe we had actually found a female libertarian.

            1. Female libertarians are like bigfoot, they only exist in someone’s imagination, yet people keep looking for them.

            2. Less likely than Hillary getting indicted.

            3. I used to think I was a female libertarian, but I know now that I don’t exist

              1. Come here for the commentary, stay for the existential crisis.

                1. And Robby’s hair.

              2. You exist for the moment, until you change your mind, until sometime later today when you change your mind again.

                1. My wife is a libertarian at least 6 times a day.

            4. Hi! Female libertarian and 3 1/2-decade Reason reader here . . . I don’t post often, but I love reading.

              1. ^^^^ This is a trap ^^^^

                Make sure to give “her” your credit card number.

              2. Well, you better start posting more if you want anyone to believe that there are really female libertarians. Occasionally there is a sighting, but no one has ever been able to confirm it was real, (:

          2. Let me guess. You were really Walker, MN’s Miss Eelpout?

      2. This is our first snowfall this winter. And when I say first, I mean there were not even flakes falling before yesterday. It’s been in the 50s – 60s for high temps pretty much all winter until now. It’s not that cold now, upper 20s I think.

        I lived in the upper midwest not far from Chicago for 15 years. Sometimes I wouldn’t see the ground for months and temps would stay in the single digits in the daytime for weeks at a time. Screw that shit, I’m moving farther south as soon as I can.

        1. I left the Toledo, Ohio area as soon as I could to head south for the warmth – unfortunately I thought Georgia was warm enough and didn’t realize I should have kept going until I hit Jamaica. There’s a little dusting of snow on the ground here and I’ve heard there’s a small patch of ice on the road a few miles from my house, but that report has not been confirmed.

          1. I’m looking at Carolina or Tennessee. I can handle that much winter. MD is a tropical paradise compared to Chicago or northern Ohio for sure.

            1. I marvel at how you guys seemingly just pick up and leave. It’s almost cavalier. Oh yeah, I’m gonna just leave X-Town and presto I’m in Y-Ville.

              You make it sound so simple. We’d like to leave Quebec but we have so much invested it’s very hard.

              1. I’ve lived in every part of the country, except the northeast (thank god). I could move anywhere in the world and not feel not at home, since I really do not know where home is, I never stayed long enough to find out.

              2. You think you have so much invested. All you have is the comfort of today.

              3. You think you have so much invested. All you have is the comfort of today.

              4. I hear ya. My wife and I made the decision to move from Calgary to the Lower Mainland back in April of 2014, and I feel like we still haven’t completely moved. It was a long and expensive process, with a lot of uncertainty involved.

                But it seems we had good timing.

        2. “It’s not that cold now, upper 20s I think.”

          Not that cold ….. ummm…. uhhhhh….. yeah…. ok then.

    2. Looks fun. I’m tired of winter, already. I shoulda worn shorts today.

      1. So much fun I’m not going outside today.

      2. The mountains are getting another snowfall today! Almost up to 3 feet this month at copper.

        1. Great. That’s where the snow should be, at the resorts.

          1. Leave the front range alone!! It’s going to be warm, can’t wait to work on my truck.

            1. Yeah I’m “working”. Ok, I’m at work. Show of hands, who thinks I should get something done, and who thinks I should keep drinking coffee and screwing around?

                1. I may go fix a gate. My welding skills are still poor, but improving.

                  1. What do you do for work DenverJ?

                    1. Ah, I’m in the service industry as a locksmith. I can’t weld yet either but the gate caught my eye.

    3. Damn it, I want your snow. I hate these storms that dump all the snow on people who don’t appreciate it.

      1. I know. I own a snowblower that can handle 30″ at a pass and it aint left the garage this year.

        1. I live where wearing khakis and an aloha shirt is business wear. People who wear a suit are known as “the defendant.”

          I just came back from a swim in the ocean to start the day. The politics are fucked up, but you can’t complain about the weather.

          1. lol Nothing that glorious here but one year i did mamage to not wear long pants the entire year.

            I’m on the water on the Gulf Coast so that gives us about 5 degrees more than the inland areas.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out: Is the story of the Petraeus demotion a sign that since they went after him they’re going after HRH next, or is the Petraeus whack-down a pre-emptive argument that the decision not to go after her can’t be because she’s too big to nail – because hey, look, we nailed Patreus to the wall, didn’t we?

    1. If anything, the former. If Obama were prepping to cover for Hillary, they wouldn’t be doing things to bring negative attention to Petraeus.

  14. I listen to NPR on my daily commute (I like to yell at the radio) and yesterday was the weekly news roundup segment of The Diane Rehm Show with an open discussion for topics brought up by callers. Caller from Alabama (how he got past the screeners is a mystery) asked pointed question about why highly sensitive, classified emails on unsecured server story was still being ignored/downplayed by media at large. Host passed question to panelist with a verbal eye-rolling and panelist proceeded to give a 60 second reply that was remarkable for its lack of an answer to the question. A verbal tap dance tour de force.

    Unless she’s shown on live TV holding a smoking gun and straddling the freshly dead, bullet riddled body of Bernie Sanders, she is the left’s anointed successor to our current monarch and anything that doesn’t support the narrative of “her time” is willfully ignored.

    1. The only thing that gets you in trouble in Washington is a sex scandal. Obama could strangle puppies during a press conference, and people would come out of the woodwork to defend him. Adultery, though: that’s impeachable!

      1. He’d get away with strangling whitey but not puppies. People love to scream and cry about animals more than humans.

        1. I take it you’ve met humans?

          1. /gives perplexed look.

            I’m not sure anymore.

          2. Highly overrated. I try to avoid as many of them as is…humanly….possible.

            1. Indeed. There’s a reason why the old prayer “Lord, please help me to be half the person my dog already thinks I am” brings a smile to so many dog owners’ faces.

        2. And I fear that she wouldn’t even be hurt in a sex scandal either. I know, I know … gross.

          But if she’s with some dude: she’s just getting even with Bill.

          And if she’s with some woman (*cough cough, Huma Abedin*): more progressive cred.

          1. I looked up Abedin on wiki:

            “Hillary Clinton has been described as a mentor, and a mother figure to Huma. In 2010, at Abedin’s wedding to Weiner, Clinton said: “I have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would (be) Huma.” During a trip that Clinton and Abedin made to Saudi Arabia, Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, said to Clinton: “Hillary, you have spent more time with my daughter than I have in the past 15 years. I’m jealous of you!”

            1. Hillary Clinton has been described as a mentor, and a mother figure to Huma

              Oh, so that’s the terms for munching rug these days.

          2. Saw a funny on the internet. Over a collage of pics of Bill skeezing on women, the caption:

            Bill always chose someone other than Hillary. Shouldn’t you?

    2. I have the feeling that Hillary is going to suffer the same fate as Bush: the inevitable, well-funded, establishment candidate who the voters just won’t vote for.

      Look at her poll numbers. They are crashing just about everywhere. Her campaign stops are failures. She is imploding right now, before our eyes, and I just don’t see how she’s capable of reversing that. Now, Bernie can certainly screw up his own campaign, but short of that, this is shaping up as an anti-establishment election across the board. Maybe she can game the Iowa caucuses for a technical win there, but she’s going to get blown out in NH, and the South isn’t breaking her way either.

      Unless something big changes, I think its going to be Trump v Sanders.

      1. The Berninator is going to crush her in NH.

        1. Great, so the general election is going to be The Commie versus The Hair?

          1. The Commie vs The Fascist. At least that’s the way FoxNews will spin it. MSNBC and CNN will spin it as the Savior of all Mankind(we’re all socialists now) vs the Fascist.

          2. Honestly, I think that’s better than a dynastic struggle between a mediocrity and a sociopath.

            1. Sadly, I am uncertain who falls under each label.

              1. I don’t think it matters, right?

                1. Why can’t it be both? Now to find a mediocre sociopath…

          3. Joe is standing by holding the coats until the two combatants destroy each other. Then, with O’s blessing, he steps in to save the Party. He probably loses the race but not as badly (or with the same long term consequences to the Dems) as Sanders would.

      2. Here’s the way I see it. When GOP voters said ‘No more Bush, no more Clinton’ they actually meant it. Bush was never polling above 10% and now he’s around 4%. Still kept on the big stage although only polling around 1% higher than Rand.

        When Democrat voters said ‘No more Bush, no more Clinton’ they actually meant ‘We’re going to goose step to those polls and pull the lever for whoever the nominee is’. But Hillary is so horrible and so totally unlikable that she’s going to lose to an aging socialist. I think she would lose to anyone, someone, people don’t like her and nothing can change that.

        In the recent Drudge poll, Trump won and Bernie was 2nd. Hillary was at less than 1% along with Santorum and O’Malley. That’s how popular she is. Unless people disappear and people are frog marched to the polls with a gun to their head, she cannot possibly ever be POTUS.

        1. I agree. I never thought she had such a lock on 2016 as some people have been saying for years.

      3. I heard a decent analysis by Krauthammer the other day.

        1 – Bernie can and probably will win NH and IA. And lo, there will be much rejoicing by the proggys.
        2 – And then…..

        …nothing. because every other state after that which has any significant delegates are already 100% sold to her.

        He’ll get enough primary victories to remain in the news. And she’ll co-opt some of his promises. But he will get blown out in the end because he doesn’t have the Dem establishment. He has the liberals. and they don’t realize how they’re just the noisy activists who don’t have any real power.

        1. because every other state after that which has any significant delegates are already 100% sold to her.

          I don’t know how delegates are sold to her before the elections themselves.

          I know there are super-delegates, which have promised to back her. Non-binding, non-enforcable, promises.

          If the Dems jam her through to the nomination over the objection of their voters, their turnout is going to suck massively, and she will lose in a landslide.

          She’s done. I don’t think she gets the nom. If she does, she loses the general.

          1. She won’t survive 3 debates against Trump. And I don’t mean because Trump is a good debater, I mean because he’ll troll the shit out of her and no one will be able to stop it. She counted on an easy walk against Bush where she would see nothing but softballs and a kind gentle opponent. She’ll have a stroke or a nervous breakdown. By the time the debates are over if she does survive, she will have aged another 40 years, she’ll look like Yoda.

            1. I still think Clinton’s ‘health problem’ from awhile back was way more major than they’ve pretended it was. Might have had a minor stroke or something.

              As much as I hold absolutely disdain for the women, she was very intelligent in her earlier years and wrote a substantial amount of essays on politics. Public speaking wise, in the 90s she was coherent even when she was constantly lying. Now? She stumbles all over herself and can barely handle even softball questions from sympathetic journalists. The woman bloody oozes negative charisma.

              1. I’m with you on the health problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be the reason she loses/drops out.

                1. Yes, I’ve been thinking that her health is extremely questionable.

              2. She had a dural sinus thrombosis. I don’t know how extensive it was, but it can certainly cause brain injury. They made it seem like it only resulted in a bad headache, which is certainly possible, but they would every reason to downplay it.

            2. I’m starting to like the idea of this Trump character !

      4. R C: I didn’t think Sanders had a chance, but now I think you’re right.

    3. “Unless she’s shown on live TV holding a smoking gun and straddling the freshly dead, bullet riddled body of Bernie Sanders”

      Even then the Left might deny it and try to explain it away. Remember Mumia Abu-Jamal?

    4. Unless she’s shown on live TV holding a smoking gun and straddling the freshly dead, bullet riddled body of Bernie Sanders

      “The video doesn’t show everything.”

      /police union rep hired by the HRC campaign

    5. I listen to a lot of NPR, but Diane Rehm is where I draw the line.

      1. It’s the propaganda de jour of my drive to work. It’s laughably, reliably, proggy douchebags all the way down but they do occasionally let a token non-believer on the panel and then it’s fun listening to the host try to walk back something not in the playbook that said non-believer has uttered. Other times I reach my limit for listening to stupid people be stupid and switch over to the the college jazz station. There…that’s better.

      2. I accidentally heard her a few years ago, and couldn’t believe that voice was on the radio. When I got home I Googled her and found out about her voice problems. I know she had a career before that, but sheesh, it’s like keeping a TV anchor on the job after they are horribly mutilated in a fire.

        But I haven’t heard her in years. Maybe her voice recovered…?

        1. She has voice treatments every couple of months which may or may not involve bathing in the blood of virgins.

  15. Thanks Amanda for not leaving us hanging with that stupid abortion thread.

    1. DON’T!

  16. I can’t decide if I want to waste the day with Fallout 4 or Dragon’s Dogma.

    1. My home computer is incredibly ancient and incapable of modern gaming.

      But, if I had a decent computer, this is how I would be wasting my days:


      I played the original back in the day. Its still one of my faves.

      And, they just released an all-new expansion pack prequel for it.


      1. I’ve looked at that a few times. If you like space games, I have Rebel Galaxy, Starpoint Gemini 2, X Rebirth, and Elite Dangerous. Rebel Galaxy is really great, but it’s more of a RPG and not a space sim. Elite Dangerous is good also, but it’s a cockpit style space battle game, and it’s awesome in that aspect, and also more of an RPG than games like Homeworld.

        I don’t think you need much horsepower to play that game, certainly not nearly what you need to play Elite Dangerous.

        1. What stands out in my mind about Homeworld is the music, and the story. I found it very involving. The gameplay is fine, and now the graphics are awesome, but its the way it drew me in that makes me want to play it again.

          My horsepower problem is basically this: I have a Mac that is so old it can’t run the newest OS, and hasn’t been able to for years. Its basically useless for almost anything other than websurfing. I’d have replaced it years ago, but I mostly use my home computer for the internet, and I mostly go to the internet at home now on my tablet.

          Basically, the only reason to get a new computer is for gaming. And I just can’t quite justify the outlay for a decent gaming computer. We’ll see how the bonuses pay out this year . . . .

          1. I have a Mac


            Rebel Galaxy has the greatest soundtrack in the history of gaming. Check out some Youtube video. Gaming is one of my hobbies, and I need a powerful PC anyway since I’m a software engineer. I mean I don’t need high end SLI GPU for work, but for gaming it’s working. So I use work to justify my PC budget and then splurge on some extras, including this 27″ 144hz gsync monitor ( I have 3, but only the center one is gaming, the other 2 are just for work, although the surround is nice for some games too).

          2. When my last laptop died, I was working online. I used the wife’s computer for a while, but it wasn’t set up for all the stuff I need, stop I went to ebay. Took me about a week, but I found a machine with more RAM and a newer dual processor than the old one, for about $50 plus shipping.
            That machine it’s still running. My girlfriend is using it for her job.
            I suppose Macs are probably more expensive, but still, you might want to check it out.

          3. What stands out in my mind about Homeworld is the music, and the story. I found it very involving.

            The Keeper is aware. The Keeper understands. The Keeper has seen the enemy.

      2. Good game. Deserts of Kharak is on my wishlist, but I plan on purchasing X-COM 2 first.

        1. I’m still trying to eat all the pellets on Level 7. By that time the ghosts have gotten really fast and I can’t get past them.

        2. I want Farcry Primal, just so I can have a sabertooth pet.

          So how’s The Secret World? I’ve been shying away from MMOs for the most part.

          1. So how’s The Secret World? I’ve been shying away from MMOs for the most part.

            Good story if you like modern-day horror/conspiracy. What’s unique about it is that it breaks the 4th wall in that a certain genre of mission requires you to do real-world research and cryptography stuff. It is impossible to solve the mission completely in game. For example, one mission requires you to learn how to decode Code 39 bar code by eyeballing it. The end game is currently pretty weak. Combat is like City of Heroes, which is an either you love it or hate it affair.

        3. I really like how the developers of X-Com 2 went ‘well, steam says over half the people who bought X-Com never finished it or lost, so that’s canon now.’ Probably better then just going underwater like the original sequel.

          I’m still annoyed that gene mods and MECs probably aren’t going to be in the game.

          1. Also, holy shit, X-COM 2 is bloody eighty bucks on Steam up here in Canada. Thanks Canadian dollar. Apparently the Australians are paying over a hundred bucks for it.

            1. The miracles of socialism, it never ends.

              1. It really cracks me up when I hear EUtards bitching and moaning on Steam about the price of games in Eurotardia. The same fucksticks who are always bitching about what an awful horrible wasteland the USA is.

      3. I nearly pulled the trigger on a new gaming rig in the ~$600 range last month, and besides FO4, HWR was at the top of my list of reasons why.

        But now I have tuition installments coming up, so… maybe next year.

        1. I have $700 in only GPU, one monitor that was $500 and $300 in an SSD. I think I’m right around $2500. Time for another upgrade of my CPU and MB though. That makes it a lot more manageable since I upgrade in cycles. My MB and CPU are now the oldest things in my system, along with the RAM. RAM is dirt cheap these days though. Just never buy the latest CPU, always go for the next oldest at half the price.

          1. FO4 is great btw, and Bethesda just released a nice new graphics improvement beta.

            1. I meant to thank you for your advice last month. I had a rig built and ready to go on PC part picker based mostly on your suggestions.

              1. So I assume new PC is working out well?

                1. No doubt somewhere, someone has the spiritual and physical equivalent of the rig I wanted to build, but that someone is not me just yet.

                2. Also, what monitor did you go with? I was looking at 27-29″ IPS ultrawides (I like the colors I get better than the high refresh rate).

      4. Why don’t you spend your day building a new computer?

        1. Is that reply to RC?

          1. Yeah. If he’s got a shitbox, just go to Fry’s and piece a new one together. It’ll take an hour.

            1. I think he’s just not justifying the $$$. Like I was saying, I justified about 2/3 of my rig because of my work.

              1. Yeah, this. I’ll drop $3K on it when I pull the trigger, so. . .

      5. Deserts of Kharak is not a Homeworld Expansion – its a new standalone RTS.

        1. It would be a pretty shit sequel.

          “Okay, I just built my first desert transport, now wh–”

          *planetary bombardment obliterates world*

  17. I think the real “news-story” here is that….

    …if the accumulated evidence of willful misconduct so far has not affected Hillary’s poll #s in any significant way…
    …and if the accumulated evidence so far isn’t sufficient for the DoJ to issue an indictment…
    – particularly the email specifically instructing subordinates on how to evade/bypass confidentiality protocols –

    … then the story isn’t about “hillary” anymore, and is more about the public’s diminished appreciation for rule of law.

    Watergate and the impeachment of Bill Clinton were notable because they showed a high-sensitivity of the American public for the principle of “everyone follows the same rules”. No, its NOT legal when a president does it. And even if fingerbanging your interns isn’t a crime…lying about it IS. We’re not supposed to make exceptions.

    Until we do. and then anything goes, really. Because at that point, “law” is just ‘what you can get away with’.

    Side note =

    If she weren’t running for president do you think there would be MORE or LESS chance of an actual indictment? I suspect her status as a candidate is probably protecting her in many ways. There’s also the question of how the rule of law will be perceived in any situation where that status changes. Say she loses – will a Republican DoJ come after her? Say (fantasy i know) some other Dem wins…. would they protect her?

    1. if the accumulated evidence of willful misconduct so far has not affected Hillary’s poll #s in any significant way

      I think it is affecting her polls. They are in a freefall, and its hard to see what else could account for that.

      1. I think what accounts for it is the voters proggie friends mob shaming them into voting for the real commie. If there’s anyway I can help them out with that, I’m totally willing to.

        1. I’ll just go ahead and say what I’m really thinking. I want that old bag gone and I never want to see her lying ugly face again, ever.

          1. I think it’s to that point, too.

            She can’t stop herself from being a corrupt piece of shit–not even when she’s in the public eye. I fact, she seems to think being corrupt in front of the cameras somehow makes her immune–as if committing an armed robbery were okay by virtue of being committed in broad daylight.

            1. And what, in her experience, contradicts this notion of immunity from open corruption? Exactly fucking nothing.

          2. The only good thing about her being President might be that because she is so corrupt–and couldn’t stop being corrupt even if she wanted to–that her Presidency would be constantly hamstrung by investigations.

            Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have that problem.

            1. her Presidency would be constantly hamstrung by investigations.

              By who? Her DOJ and FBI? Ha.

              Congress? Puh-lease.

              Who else?

              1. We’d bring special prosecutors back in a big way.

                They’re appointed by Congress.

      2. I kinda figured it was her horrifying personality. Her handlers seem to try to keep her away from the public whenever possible.

      3. “its hard to see what else could account for that.”

        I don’t think it has anything to do with her email thing. It has to do with the fact that she’s just unlikeable. But she’ll still win the nom.

      4. “R C Dean|1.23.16 @ 11:36AM|#

        I think it is affecting her polls. They are in a freefall, and its hard to see what else could account for that.”

        This chart does not show ‘freefall’ at all. Her lowest poll #s (low 40s) were in October. She hasn’t broke below 50% since then. Yes, they’ve trended down from a recent high of 55%. But – as noted – these really only reflect the high-concentration on IA & NH.

        Neither of those states are significant to winning the nomination in anything other than ‘symbolic’ ways.

        she’s got the delegates locked down. There’s not a single big state that will go to Bern. And all the south will go hillary.

        1. Linky be SugarFree’d.

          Her polls aren’t as bad as thought I had seen. Still, she peaked in December, and coughed up 7 points in just over a month. She dipped below 50% briefly.


          Her campaign has been based significantly on “inevitablity” and the lack of opposition. If she loses the first couple of primaries, she loses a big part of the reason to vote for her. It may come down to her Super Tuesday firewall, but that is showing cracks with Sanders closing fast.

          1. Got a decent, easily usable source for Super Tuesday states?

            1. they’re not polling in significant amounts on individual state levels (or at least the news media aren’t – i’m sure the campaigns themselves are)

              The best you can find are these @ RCP, but they are thin and inconsistent so far. That will change in the next few weeks obviously.

            2. I just did some surfing and I found polls in state newspapers etc., but nothing for the day as a whole.

              Interestingly, one link I found was to a Slate article from August that declared “Bernie Sanders has a Super Tuesday problem” while another link was to a Jan article at HuffPo which declared “Hilary Clinton has a Super Tuesday problem.”

              1. Sounds like Super Tuesday has a candidate problem.

      5. You’re off on this one. This is like the 5th smoking gun, and nobody except political junkies cares. I never hear anyone in real like talking about this, not even the people who hate her.

        Her poll numbers are down because she was wheeled out to the public a few times recently, and she can’t hide how utterly unlikeable she is. The same thing happened when Kerry ran – when he showed his face on TV his poll numbers would go down.

        She’ll go back in her hole while her minions attack Bernie and the Repubs, and her numbers will go back up.

    2. …if the accumulated evidence of willful misconduct so far has not affected Hillary’s poll #s in any significant way…
      …and if the accumulated evidence so far isn’t sufficient for the DoJ to issue an indictment…
      – particularly the email specifically instructing subordinates on how to evade/bypass confidentiality protocols –

      The low information voters that would vote for someone like Hillary, don’t pay attention to things like that. They have to see it on CNN before they’ll know. So when is CNN and MSNBC going to talk about these things?

      1. When it’s a Republican who does them.

        1. I think that’s the only correct answer.

    3. It’s all a matter of who controls the narrative. I think only one side has grasped the fact that “truth” is a highly-malleable concept, the other still clings to the out-dated concept of absolutism.

      Case in point: the “Monica Lewinsky scandal”. The truth of the matter is that the whole thing should be properly identified as the “Paula Jones, et al scandal”. Once you internalize it as the Lewinsky scandal, it was all just about Bill getting a little strange. The idea that Bill lied under oath about his relationship with Monica specifically as a defense against Paula’s charge that he had a regular pattern of sexually harrassing subordinates just doesn’t come up and therefore the idea that the issue of whether or not he had sex with Monica is not the point, not the end of the matter, but only the beginning is a non-starter as well. Ask somebody whether or not Bill had sex with Monica and they’re going to tell you, “Yes, but…” and then launch into some argument as to why Bill committing adultry is no reason to condemn the man. Interrupt them long enough to ask “Okay, since we’ve established that Paula Jones was telling the truth, where should we go from here?” and they’ll just give you a blank stare because they really have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. “What do you mean where do we go from here? Bill admitted to having sex with Monica so the matter is settled, what difference at this point does it make?”

      In warfare, the victors write the history.

      1. my point re: the Slick Willy scandal was not the political fallout (or lack thereof)

        but rather that Bill C. was still charged with perjury, and regardless of whether one cared or not about that, it was still seen as a ‘red line’ and ‘the law is the law’. Yes, people thought Ken Starr was on a witch hunt, but when he caught Bill in perjury, no one said, “its ok to lie sometimes”.

        whereas the issue in the case of Hillary, where the violations of law are apparent, multiple, blatant… there’s no similar perception of how “the rules” apply. Petraeus nearly went to jail over lesser infractions. But he lost his job and was publicly disgraced.

        1. They didn’t say that?

          1. Not to my recollection.

            No one suggested that “lying to federal investigators” wasn’t in fact illegal in the same way that many, many outlets are still currently insisting that Hillary’s willful-evasion of Federal Transparency/Security protocols are somehow “OK” and not a big deal.

            1. Your memory is off.
              “Lying about a blow job? Who cares?” – That’s what I remember, and it’s still what the left says.

              1. “Who cares” is not the same as claiming “its not against the law

                People thought ‘what he was *lying about*’ was trivial. no one suggested that lying to federal investigators ‘was not a crime’

                people continue to assert that Hillary’s conduct as Sec.State was ‘A-Ok, normal, totally within the rights of a senior diplomat, etc’… even after similar conduct resulted in prosecutions only very-recently.

                I know what you mean about the partisan tenor in the news being very similar. the distinction i’m making is with respect to the idea of law itself.

                Under Bill Clinton, i think there was some willingness to downplay the crime because the underlying facts were ultimately ‘personal’ in nature, and inconsequential. i.e. everyone knew the ‘lie’ was a crime, but for fucks sake… “fine!! he’s a philanderer! So what? lets move on!”.

                The situation with hillary is different because the underlying behavior is actually more-serious and speaks far more of her inherent corruption as a political figure.

                So instead of downplaying the acknowledged crime while admitting the fault (as in the case of Bill), you get a situation where they’re DENYING the law exists in order to prevent any questions about the underlying behavior.

                1. Point taken. Back then, some might at least have admitted it was a crime even though they didn’t care, whereas now it’s not even a crime.

            2. I heard a lot of “Everybody lies about sex” back then.

              1. That was my point – ask a Democrat about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and that’s all you’ll hear, the GOP was going after Bill because he had sex with an intern. They know in some vague way that Paula Jones was connected to the issue, but only in some tangential way. Try telling them Paula Jones was the central issue and Monica the tangential and they have no idea what you’re talking about.

                Hillary is going to lay down a smokescreen a la “vast right-wing conspiracy” and “fake scandal” and point to some minor issue that the media is going to dutifully concentrate all their attention on and then that issue will become the central focus of the question as to whether or not Hillary did anything wrong.

                1. Like Benghazi – did she lie about the movie being the cause of the attack? If you can prove she did, she’s a monster. If you can’t, well, you’re just trying to smear her and you lose the argument. But whether or not she blamed the movie isn’t the important part – as SOS it was her job to keep Benghazi from happening, so how did it happen? What difference, at this point, does it make? It matters because we might like to think we can prevent it from happening again and if you don’t know what happened and why and how it happened – and it’s your goddamn job to know what happened and why and how – how are we – how are you – going to stop it from happening? “What difference, at this point, does it make” is what should be sinking Hillary, she’s saying finding out what exactly happened is of minor importance when it’s not just pretty important, but it was her job to find out what exactly happened.

                  1. The emails prove that she lied about Benghazi.

  18. Gonna flog this one more time:
    Does anyone else see some charitable donations being used to polish an image right about here?

    “PGA Tour TV Commercial, ‘Clinton Foundation'”
    “Bill Clinton’s voice-over talks about non-governmental organizations can have a large impact on changing the future.”

    Yep, Bubba on voice-over with a cameo of the fugly kid, and (I didn’t listen),I wonder if Hillary gets some mention?

    1. If only Hillary could get all of this money out of politics!

    2. non-governmental organizations can have a large impact on changing the future

      Well, I mean who doesn’t want unelected fucksticks controlling policy decisions? At least the EU got it right.

    3. Ummm… how is this anything but “image polishing”? Nobody with more than two brain cells seriously believes the Clinton Foundation is all about helping the poors or whatever it’s supposed to be doing – the Clinton Foundation is all about the Clintons helping themselves by helping hemselves to whatever isn’t nailed to the floor. And they’ll steal that, too, it just takes them a little longer because they gotta go steal a clawhammer first to get the nails out. And don’t think they ain’t gonna stick the nails in their pocket, either.

      1. Could be pre-emptive battlespace prep for the bribery scandal which nobody has really pursued yet.

        Yet another issue that an intelligent campaign/party could flog the Clintons on is their foundation – how it never seems to give money to actual worthy causes, how it fucked over the Haitians, etc. Again, pretty sure the Repubs aren’t the intelligent campaign/party to make this a higher profile issue.

  19. I don’t think this issue resonates with people unless they already don’t like Hillary Clinton, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    I’d still like to think people would want to throw her in prison for accepting donations from foreign governments to her private foundation while she was the sitting Secretary of State. If the American people got upset about her email server instead (rather than her selling out to foreign governments), that might drive me completely insane.

    1. I don’t think this issue resonates with people unless they already don’t like Hillary Clinton

      Maybe not. But, we are learning she had the kind of intel that identifies deep cover sources on that server. If any of those sources got greased, it could make this whole kerfuffle a lot hotter, even if you can’t prove her crimes led to the source’s death. First, of course, we need the correlation of a source who got killed with a source whose cover she blew.

      1. Even then, swing voters are as likely to vote for her because we’re being mean to her for blaming her for someone’s death than they are to vote against her for being an incompetent jackass that got someone killed.

        Meanwhile, she took money from Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, among others, while she was the Secretary of State.

        https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/ foreign-governments-gave-millions-to-foundation -while-clinton-was-at-state-dept/2015/02/25/ 31937c1e-bc3f-11e4-8668-4e7ba8439ca6_story.html

        She took money from Saudi Arabia while she was the Secretary of State, and while she was Secretary of State, the State Department made the biggest sale of weapons in history (over $60 billion) to the government of Saudi Arabia!

        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Saudi_Arabia?United_States_relations #2010_U.S._arms_sale_to_Saudi_Arabia

        1. An intelligent party/campaign gunning for Hillary would be sitting on that Post article until right around or right after the convention. Then, having (intelligently) done a lot more research, drop a giant steaming bribery turd right on her nomination. Put up a website with all the info, buy ads, force it into the MSM coverage.

          Because that really is by far the worst thing she’s done. The email scandal is just the coverup for that, and I think we all know it. The good news is, bribery is easily understood, so it would make a good campaign issue.

          But, I’m about 98% sure the Republicans are not the intelligent campaign/party, and have absolutely no plans or intention to make this an issue.

          1. Ah, but post-Citizens United, anyone can do that. And before the election, someone will. Lots of people will. And all the people who aren’t paying attention to politics now will see it.

  20. Every election I think that it can’t get worse.
    Every election I’m wrong.

    1. Just relax and enjoy the carnival. This is the most bizarre presidential election in a century, if not ever. It’s hilarious in a dozen ways.

  21. Sending TS/SCI over unsecured channels is a major fucking offense. I would go to jail for such a thing. Sheesh.

    1. But but but it’s her turn!

        1. If she’s not in jail already, I doubt she’s going.

          1. And we’re talking about someone who as Sec of State, sat around while people at the US Embassy in Libya were murdered, because she was too busy getting her story down on how the attack was caused by a cartoon.

            If there’s anyone in politics who should go to prison, it’s her. The fact that she has the support she has from Democrats is all the proof needed that the party is completely morally bankrupt.

            1. You could build Trump’s wall if every corrupt act/criminal offense of hers were bricks.

              1. That’s just the shit that we know about.

                1. Yeah I don’t think the only motive for the cover-up was the election. They know their voters don’t hold them accountable, there was more to it than that.

                  1. Wasn’t that outpost coordinating the moving of weapons and supplies into Syria? Or something like it?

                    What if they purposely armed ISIS to fight Assad? That would explain why ISIS so suddenly became a viable force. And it would explain why the place was attacked.

                    1. Gunrunning was supposedly involved, yes.

                    2. re: Gunrunning

                      The Benghazi report provided some amusing detail on this question.

                      They provided a conclusive “NO” to two questions no one asked.

                      1 – Was the annex storing weapons? NO.
                      2 – was the CIA directly shipping weapons to Syria? NO.

                      In the footnotes to explaining their “no” answers, they clarified that… yes, the CIA operation was there mainly to deal with weapons…. and yes… many of those weapons were ones we previously supplied to Libyan rebels as well as arms stolen from Ghaddafi’s army (SA7s, MANPADS)…. and yes, the people we were ‘buying weapons back’ from were also involved with shipping some of these weapons elsewhere (could have been Syria? sure, why not) …. and yes, there were other intelligence agencies there as well (UK, Egypt, Saudis) who were also involved with buying/shipping weapons… and yes, part of the CIA’s job was to “Monitor” these activities….

                      …so obviously that is a clear and obvious denial which clears everything up.

                      All the media printed was the first line = “No! No weapons at the annex. Case closed”

                    3. Between Obama, Hillary and Holder, 60 Minutes would have to change their name to 24/7 if this were a Repub Admin.

                    4. I’ll bet El Chapo didn’t have piles of drugs in his house, either.

                    5. I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped facilitate the attack, to be honest.

                2. She blatantly couldn’t give less of a fuck who knows so far as I can tell.

  22. It’s only been one generation since the “appearance of impropriety” has been a thing.

  23. OT: The county health department is running anti-camping ads. Fucking nannies.

    1. It’s for your own good. You’re not qualified to decide whether you should go camping or not.

    2. WTF? Why? Lyme disease…?

      1. WTF? If the bed wetting about camping was this bad 200 years ago the US would stretch from Atlantic to the Appalachians. In our histories we would read about the brave Lewis & Clark opening a day care for trans pre-schoolers and fear invasion from the big bad Cherokee Nation.

    3. Fucking auto-correct! That should have been anti-*vaping* ads.

      1. It was funnier when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

      2. This is awesome. We will believe any silly gov’t related thing at this point. ie that Executive Order mandating we all held our breath for one minute every hour in order to reduce carbon emissions

      3. I meant to say “please pass the sugar, honey” but it accidently came out “you’ve ruined my life you horrible bitch”.

        1. An old married couple was having breakfast in the hotel cafe.

          They were surrounded by several newly wed couples. One new wife said, “Pass the sugar, Sugar.” Another new husband asked his new wife to “Pass the honey, Honey”.

          The old wife turned to her husband and said, “Why don’t you ever say romantic things like that anymore?”

          The husband thought about it for a while and then said, “Pass the bacon, Pig”

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