Why Porn Industry Legal Experts are Terrified of a GOP President

The porn industry "will suffer greatly if a Republican is in the White House."


AVN Adult Entertainment Expo/Facebook

"If a Republican is elected this year, all bets are off," said J. Michael Murray, speaking Wednesday from a panel of porn-industry lawyers at the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo—all of whom seemed to agree that a GOP president would be bad, bad news for the business. 

Specifically, the panelists—including Murphy, a partner with Cleveland, Ohio, appellate law firm Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan—worry that a President Trump or Rubio would mean more investigations and prosecutions under U.S. criminal code 2257, which governs record-keeping requirements for all sorts of pornography producers. Murray is currently representing the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a trade group for the adult-entertainment and pleasure-products industry, in a challenge to these requirements, which say that any sexually-explicit content producer or distributor must "create and maintain individually identifiable records pertaining to every performer portrayed" or face up to 10 years in prison.

FSC has been fighting the regulations since they took effect in 2005. In 2014, it succeeded in getting the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to say that requiring producers to make 2257 records accessible to law enforcement for any reason, without a warrant, was a violation of producers' Fourth Amendment rights. 

Under the Obama administration, said Paul Cambria Jr., there have been far fewer people in the porn industry being "prosecuted, harassed," and intimidated by federal prosecutors vis a vis the record-keeping requirement. But Cambria—a partner at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria who has represented Larry Flynt, DMX, and Marilyn Manson—worries that "if a Republican becomes president we'll see all the [obscenity-related] laws that we haven't enforced in a long, long time enforced." 

Even if they don't care much on a personal level, Republican politicians will always crack down on porn to "throw that bone" to their evangelical base, said Allan Gelbard, a California-based First Amendment and intellectual property lawyer. Gelbard drafted legislation on behalf of the Free Speech Coalition that later became state law and allows businesses whose records are seized under a search warrant the possibility to obtain copies of the records through the court. 

The panelists also emphasized that it's not just section 2257 they would worry about under a Republican administration—there will also be Supreme Court justices and federal judges to appoint. Overall, the porn industry "will suffer greatly if a Republican is in the White House," Murray said.

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  1. Just like Obama has been absolutely terrible for the firearms industry.

    1. Cruz is gonna say something about family values? Stroke harder, boys!

    2. Funny, I don’t think people are gonna run out and buy so much porn that stores literally can’t stock it if Cruz gets elected.

  2. Strange considering the crackdowns that are occurring regularly here in Progressive Utopia regarding “protective equipment” for adult performers (now required in Los Angeles, and on a ballot initiative statewide this November) and Operation Choke Point. Seems like both sides are bad for business at this point.

    1. Yeah, I plan to get into that more in depth later. So far, seems to be a lot of feelings here that GOP will screw with porn industry if it gets the chance, and Dems won’t, but… I’m not sure all the evidence points that way.

      1. If anything the evidence points the other way.

        A Republican administration may jump on a high profile pornographer to appease that segment of the base – a Democratic president would work to emplace multiple regulations that negatively affect *all* of them.

        An indictment can be thrown out – Stagliano’s was – regulation is forever.

        1. And other than not being able to use underage girls and the whole LA condom thing, just exactly how is porn even regulated in this country? I can’t think of how. Can you? At least not for internet porn.

          1. For example – that internet porn? Even if its legal in the place that is streaming it, it may not be legal in your home jurisdiction. Yes, even in the United States.

            Stuff that might be legal to have in CA might be illegal in TX.

            As for the Age verification – turns out that that has almost no impact whatsoever. Until the GWB administration the DoJ had never, in the law’s 10 years of existence, done a single record inspection. Even then they checked around two dozen pornographer’s records in LA and . . . that’s it. The *Democratic* condom law has had a greater negative impact on the industry that that regulation.

            But, in general, you’re correct – there’s not a whole lot of regulation other than ‘its obscene/not obscene’ stuff. And other than the record-keeping requirement there’s really no federal involvement except going after ‘obscenity’ – and the Stagliano prosecution shows the sorts of stuff they have to target in order not to get laughed out of the courtroom immediately (let alone in the press).

      2. Their suspicions seem to be pure partisan fearmongering to me.

        Has Trump or Cruz actually said or done anything that threatens the porn biz? If not, the only reason to be “oooh, scawy Wepublicans” is insensate partisanship.

        I’d say “fuck ’em”, but they’d probably send me a bill.

        1. Lawyers, huh?

      3. The religious right is a shell of its former self and puritanical left wing feminism has become a thing again.

      4. GOP will screw with porn industry

        Very subtle there.

      5. Any data on the political affiliation of members of the industry? Do they differentiate, or do particular matters (e.g. right to choose) command their loyalty?

      6. I’m not sure any of the evidence points that way. What’s the point of being a moral scold if you have no one to scold?

      7. The feminist/social justice wing of the Democratic party is poised to do FAR more damage to the porn industry than any GOP president would dream of. These are people who are against the very idea of free speech, and what they have planned for our new progressive utopia will make these producers dream of the days when 2257 requests were all they had to worry about.

        Frankly, it is not at all unreasonable for pornographers to keep 2257 records and produce them on request. I used to be in the adult entertainment business myself and it was literally no trouble whatsoever to simply keep a photocopy of a drivers license in a file with a model’s release. Big fucking deal. Especially since there is so much underage material out there now, it really doesn’t hurt to simply be cautious.

        The industry people who are complaining are looking for a scapegoat for why the porn industry as a whole is on the verge of collapse. Fact is they have an unsustainable business model; it is nearly impossible to get users who are willing to actually pay for porn content anymore, and the link-trading/advertising ponzi scheme that’s kept the business afloat for the last few years isn’t going to last forever. Since all these companies are privately owned, it’s impossible to get real numbers, but from what I know as someone who was in the business, the clock is ticking rapidly, and everyone knows it.

        1. The smart move is to to capitalize on VR software while it is in its infancy. Get actresses and actors to license their animated persons in the way the video game industry does; buy silicone stock for biological feedback from the VR; and get to work on simulating all the other sensations that are lacking.

          Pictureshows are the past. Mobile Pictureshows are the present. Simulation is the future.

          Or, be content with amateur uploads and live camera shows; you know, so people don’t see the Cheetos fingers and the unwashed wife-beater while you beat your wife meter.

        2. All good points. Additionally, the talent in the industry isn’t getting paid what they used to either. There is so much talent available now since porn has become more tolerated that it’s driven the pay way down. Simple supply and demand. Free porn and inexpensive talent will have more of an impact on the industry. It will definitely change porn, but I’m not sure what porn 2.0 will look like.

          1. It’s going to be smaller producers selling individual, semi-customized and niche content to a specific audience on an alacarte basis; basically Clips4Sale or MyFreeCams. That along with mid-size companies that have a good reputation for premium content (i.e., the newest and prettiest girls, HD/4k video, etc.), but they will operate on MUCH tighter margins than they’ve ever had to before.

            Everything else is going to just be self-produced and free, like the ten million pornographic Tumblr blogs and SubReddits that already exist. There’s no shortage of teenage girls who are willing to get naked for little more than internet attention and upvotes.

        3. The industry people who are complaining are looking for a scapegoat for why the porn industry as a whole is on the verge of collapse.


          It’s ironic, but the internet is killing and will kill porn and, frankly, considering the context of the first pr0n shared on the net, more people should’ve seen it coming. Further, as much as pornographers *love* to bash conservatives, whether they realize it or not, the conservatives are responsible for the ‘value’ that is injected into porn. Social liberalism means nobody pays premiums for sex/sex fantasies.

      8. If anything, I’d bet Hillary Clinton running as a strident feminist would mean she will be far more anti-sex worker than recent male democrats.

        Bernie Sanders would probably continue a legacy of salutary neglect, but to women like Clinton, ‘all sex work is violence against women’… though really they just hate the idea of a man being made happy for a moment.

        I think the left in America has reached its zenith when it comes to sex positivism and is now on its way down, as sex-negative feminism takes root, per the standard trajectory of gender ideology in western countries; a la Sweden, the most ‘progressive’ nation on earth, where prostitution is still illegal – because ‘progressives’ insist on keeping it that way. I admit, Denmark is a little better. And I have no idea what these countries’ porn laws are like.

        But something tells me that Donald Trump isn’t going to lead a crackdown on the porn industry if he gets elected.

      9. Depends on the candidate, not the party. Bernie probably wont, Clinton almost certainly will, most Republicans not named Paul will, though it’s easier to see Hera doing it than the Donald.

    2. “Operation Choke Point”


    3. i doubt we need laws to make people not want to get stds, but what i really dont understand is why anyone aside from the people actually making it cares about condoms in their porn (im a straight guy, so i can only speak for most porn consumers, but an unimpeded penis view is not really an important part for me)

  3. As much as they are worried about legal troubles from a Republican they need to be even more worried about a Democrat will eat into their already shrinking profit margins with significantly higher taxes and has at least a 50 – 50 chance of going after the porn industry even harder than the evangelicals on feminist war on women grounds.

    1. The women who prefer gang bang videos 2 to 1 over men will be very disappointed.

      You Can’t Lick Pornography

      1. That’s not a problem – those women are obviously suffering from false-consciousness and this must be done for their own good.

        1. I think the women who are most vocal in opposition to porn are the ones fantasizing about gangbangs.

          1. Grab it’s leg

            1. Ahem – I believe you meant “Grab its MOTHERFUCKING leg”

  4. So am I to understand that the porn industry has not been guaranteeing that their performers are of age and eligible to work in the US? You know who else gets fucked by employment law? Everyone else who employs people. My heart is not breaking. Try running a vegetable farm.

    1. (Completely off-topic)

      “You know who else gets fucked by employment law?”

      Not people that hire illegal immigrants, that’s for sure.

  5. I’d point to Bush and Bush and Tipper Gore.

    I’d say that, given the *actual* historical record, A Republican president is far more likely to ignore issues of obscenity than up prosecution – especially compared with the Democrat record.

    You need to go back to Reagan to find an Edwin Meese while Stagliano was indicted in 2008 – admittedly just prior to Obama taking office, but the Lightbringer certainly never felt the need to tell the DoJ to back off.

    1. Lightbringer certainly never felt the need to tell the DoJ to back off.

      Stare into my decisis eyes.

  6. So, what your saying is that, President Clinton would be good for the Porn Industry. Well, Bill has made a lot of money the last couple of decades and I’m guessing he’s a pretty big Tipper.

  7. Even if they don’t care much on a personal level, Republican politicians will always crack down on porn to “throw that bone” to their evangelical base, said Allan Gelbard, a California-based First Amendment and intellectual property lawyer.

    Well, now that we’ve Established that the First Amendment only protects porn and not political or other forms of speech, he may be correct.

  8. Yawn, another post trying to justify ENB’s absurd trip to hang out with sex workers by writing about politics as if it’s at all relevant.


      1. Semi? No lot lizards!

    2. Nicole, your sarcasm game today is on point.

      1. Aww!

        1. Unlike your eyebrows.

  9. There seems to be a real lack of specifics here. I agree that the records issue is bad 4th Amendment law. But how does having to show the records proving your models are not minors bad for business?

    And the rest of it seems to be a general “Republicans are bad so it will be horrible” assertion. The porn industry seems to have done pretty well under Bush. Seriously, what would a Republican President do?

    1. That’s actually pretty easy – since the law doesn’t specify what *form* those records have to be, other than ‘individually identifying’ it can be a compliance nightmare to an investigator with a hair up his arse.

      1. I used to be in the porn business — I ran a talent agency for adult models/actresses. You just need a photocopy of the model’s ID, and a photo of her holding it up next to her face. That’s all it is. It’s literally zero hassle.

        If a girl can’t produce a valid state-issued ID, then you don’t work with her. And anyone who does is a moron.

    2. Eh. My brother runs a corporate burrito restaurant. I imagine he has to have proof of age for all of his employees and any direct contractors. I don’t really think that this is a particularly onerous law. Does it mean 19 year old runaways can’t work because they don’t have ID? Yeah, but that’s not a problem just for porn. They can’t work at McDonalds either. The only thing different is the need to keep those records indefinitely, which is not particularly more onerous.

      1. Do you have any friends in the industry you can put me in contact with? I’m not looking for a job, just looking to do some ‘volunteer work’…

  10. I’m a little confused by this. I haven’t heard any of the Republicans even talking about the subject. Not only that, but Trump in particular would not give a flying fuck about enforcing anti-porn legislation. He’s a loon, but he’s the polar opposite of a social conservative.

    Plus, the most recent attacks on porn have been a) Britain banning things like face sitting, which was basically a bipartisan law supported by lots of lefty Labourites and b) California passing all sorts of laws related to condom usage which is driving the porn industry out of the state. I’d say in 2016, there are an equal number of attacks against porn from the left as from the right. Iceland has tried to outright ban internet porn and that law was supported 100% by left-wing feminists.

    Seems shortsighted. I can easily see Hillary Clinton being much more gung ho on laws regarding the porn industry than Trump would be. The porn industry should be supporting anyone with libertarian leanings on that subject, not making enemies with one political party when both parties have launched attacks on porn relatively recently.

    1. I’m a little confused by this. I haven’t heard any of the Republicans even talking about the subject. Not only that, but Trump in particular would not give a flying fuck about enforcing anti-porn legislation

      You remember the 2012 election, right? Where the porn industry was going apeshit over the possibility of a President Romney, who was sitting in the wings, just sharpening his anti-porn knife set?

    2. Isn’t the current Mrs Trump a former Penthouse Pet? /afraid to google this at work.

      1. bikini model

    3. “”I haven’t heard any of the Republicans even talking about the subject. “”

      Your a liar its just like “reversing gay marriage” which they also talk about constantly… if you dont believe me why i’ll just point you to interviews where they’re asked why they aint reversing gay marriage PROOF BURN.

        1. I know it was like a centerpiece of the last few debates how they were all promising to replace the supreme court with a room full of homophobic mullahs.

        2. and that’s why Mike Huckabee is totally in the lead.

            1. no seriously one time one guy said some vaguely anti gay stuff to appeal to a jesus freak audience which totally means the GOP is going to reverse the supreme court somehow. Its a thing and your a yokel for thinking thats stupid.

              1. Why not – one time before the 2012 election Obama said something about how drug offenses might not need to be the highest priority of the DoJ and that surely meant that he was going to end the War on Drugs in his second term.

                He also said some not-insulting things about gay marriage in the run-up to that election which meant he was totally on board with it.

          1. Look, the question wasn’t “are Republicans going to overturn Obergefell?” It was “why do gays think Republicans don’t like them?”

            1. Only if gays are so stupid that they think Huckabee represrnts a signigicant portion of tepublicans.

              1. A significant portion of teapublicans aren’t opposed to gay marriage?

                1. Foley, The Tea Party, relying on 2010 NYT and CBS polls: 65 support abortion; 16 in favor of legal gay marriage; 46 in favor of civil union (total 57). Note that 53 are against Roe (while 65 support abortion). So opposition to gay marriage might be a matter of constitutional principle.

                  1. When I ran for NY senate in the last decade, I was said by Planned Parenthood to be anti-abortion. I couldn’t figure out how they came to that conclusion based on the survey answers I gave them, including several about abortions. I could figure only 2 possible reasons: (1) because I was endorsed by the Conservative Party, (2) because I disagreed w the reasoning in Roe. If you ever read the Roe opinion, you’d see it had practically nothing to do with either US law or the US Constitution.

                2. “”A significant portion of teapublicans aren’t opposed to gay marriage?””

                  I’m sure they are. I’m not sure how much the “opposition to gay marriage” matters now that its the law of the land.

                  I think there are probably some legitimate RFRA issues people care more about, which will still be widely described as “opposition to gay marriage”.

                  e.g. I don’t think the “Sweet Cakes’ Oregon baker should have been sued for X hundred-thousand bucks, for example. Do i ‘oppose gay marriage’?

                  1. I think you’re right. It’s just like progs and guns. No matter how many times both sides get shot down in the courts it panders to their respective bases. It’s their red meat so the stupid will continue.

                3. That was a typo for republican. Phone typing sucks.

            2. Was it? I recall just saying that there’s not much of a “gay vote” in reality (sub-3% of the pop?) and that other demographics were probably more significant to how they vote. I don’t remember how we got to the claim that GOP candidates were making much hay pandering to homophobia

              1. In 2012 we were about 5%. In years prior it’s normally 3-4%.

                As to why we think GOP candidates dont’ like up much… let’s go over the front-runners, Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

                All oppose gay marriage.
                Trump and Rubio are on the record as opposing adoption by gay couples.
                Rubio, in the Florida legislature, opposed letting gay couples adopt in Florida.
                Cruz has said he wants to overturn Obergefel v. Hodges, though he hasn’t been specific how.
                Rubio has said he doesn’t want to ammend the constitution to overturn Obergefel v. Hodges as that would acknowledge that marriage equality was in the constitution to start with. He did say he would appoint justices that would overturn it.
                While still in Texas, Cruz appealed the divorce of a gay couple.
                Cruz has attacked Dallas’s mayor for daring to march in a Pride Parade.
                Cruz has said he’d be willing to bring back DADT.
                Rubio campaigned on his support for DADT.
                Rubio and Cruz both supported DOMA and whined a lot when it was struck down.

                Sadly, none of them was big on the scene when Lawrence v. Texas was decided, so we don’t have any of the really juicy quotes like we do for Santorum and Huckabee.

                But hey, let’s pretend it’s just gay people’s imagination, eh?

                1. Dude, the courts have settled the matter, just like abortion and progs trying to grab guns…at this point getting worked up over culture war bullshit is pretty pointless.

                  1. If you want to tell someone they shouldn’t get “worked up over” something, you probably shouldn’t compare it to abortion and guns, seeing as those obviously aren’t settled and are still being fought over to different amounts of success and failure. How many cases are on their way to the SCOTUS over those two issues?

  11. in a challenge to these requirements, which say that any sexually-explicit content producer or distributor must “create and maintain individually identifiable records pertaining to every performer portrayed.”

    Serious question: If we take a specific market… let’s pick one at random: Los Angeles, who’s done more direct, measurable damage by passing interfering laws regarding Pornography? Which political group is probably more responsible for new paperwork and records-keeping in say, the last eight years?

    1. Doesn’t matter, in the popular culture the Republicans will always be seen as a bunch of bible thumbing puritans regardless of what laws they support.

    2. The thing is, porn was held back by bush. Once bush was gone, everything was smoother.

      Ergo, republicans = bad

      1. Ugh. That was terrible.

  12. “Porn Law Veterans”

    i’m thinking of a ‘purple heart’… only, its not, exactly.

    1. For service above and beyond the call of duty resulting in injury we award you this purple mushroom.

      1. With clusters…

        1. Nobody ever likes getting the medal with clusters.

  13. Is the Republican that is going to crack down on porn the same guy who is going to put blacks back in chains, outlaw birth control, and put arsenic in our water?

    1. and put arsenic in our water?

      Lead. Get your meme right.

  14. If I was to look around for a group that has the motivation, mindset, and political stroke to go after the porn biz and make it stick, I think “movement feminists” would be at the top of my list.

    Wait until they extend their sex trafficking moral panic from prostitution to the porn biz. Its coming, you know it is.

    1. Found, pinched and spent. Perhaps you missed the NetFlix doc, Hot Girls Wanted.

      1. Yup, thanks Rashida Jones for that one.

    2. Will the pornographers submit to the feminists’ demands and accept their punishments?

  15. Do they at all worry about appointments that are sympathetic to the MacKinnon kind of reasoning (porn is hate speech, is violence, is sex discrimination, does increase violence)? Try asking. I’d say the left is pretty receptive to that.

    1. Recall Strossen, Defending Pornography.

      1. And MacKinnon, Only Words, Harvard UP, 1993.

        1. “”MacKinnon, Only Words””

          Does it have pictures?

          1. Hehe. One, of her on a couch, smilingly watching something in the distance. I suspect it’s a pole dancer.

        2. Yeah but, see, they only want to throw men in jail, so it’s not as big a deal. Republicans want to throw both men and women who engage in sex work-related activity in jail, which is clearly sexist.

          1. To some extent, that’s true, I think. I’m pretty sure MacKinnon supported anti-John laws (A Feminist Theory of the State), while not punishing women. Interesting to note that this is an area where conservative and progressive legislative preferences coincide.

  16. Their fear arises out of the fact that president Obama was always willing to throw the porn industry a bone.

    Thanks folks ill be here all week.

  17. “Let’s vote for Democrats to avoid burdensome record-keeping requirements on our businesses!”

    1. In fairness, that is a sound point for specific businesses that Republicans think ruin the culture of America or something.

      Democrats are generally for recordkeeping for all businesses.

      Democrats and Republicans get together in favor of recordkeeping for specific businesses when “national security” is involved.

  18. Are Republicans trying to control the Internet?

    1. That’s the FCC’s job. Separation of powers.

      1. The FCC will have to pry amateur, tumbler porn from my calloused, crippled hands.

    1. “Receive Chuck Norris’ commentaries in your email”

      So. Signed. Up.

      1. They had me at “Receive Chuck Norris.”

    2. “In Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed how 10 times more U.S. minors than foreigners are trafficked in the U.S. But are many of them trafficked into the legal porn industry?”

      LOL. Let’s ignore the sex trafficking hysteria and bask in the fact that Chuck Norris apparently doesn’t care about sex slavery so long as it only happens to foreigners.

  19. I read an article recently because Gail Dines approvingly posted it where someone argued Fifty Shades of Grey violates the anti-torture prohibitions in the Geneva Convention.

    Dines herself argued that violates the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

    “ is in violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. The International Council for Rehabilitation for Torture Victims states: “Some of the most common methods of physical torture include beating, electric shocks, stretching, submersion, suffocation, burns, rape and sexual assault.””

    “The usual defense of is that the women signed a contract and hence agreed to the acts. But as attorney Wendy Murphy of the New England School of Law argues, “torture doctrine is not hampered by concerns about consent because, as a matter of law and policy, one cannot consent to torture.” ”

    This has nothing to do with the subject. I just think it’s hilarious.

    1. “torture doctrine is not hampered by concerns about consent because, as a matter of law and policy, one cannot consent to torture.” “

      Ok… so I… So there’s… You know I really think that…

      I got nothin’.

    2. Fifty Shades of Grey is torture for anyone who watched that poorly written piece of shit.

    3. So – all sex is rape then.

      Because one can not consent to rape, and rape involves sex.

      1. Reminds of a commercial from last weekend saying to the effect that we must not blame rape victims. The problem being that If the rape victim was responsible in whole or in part for what happened, then what happened was not rape, by definition.

    4. “one cannot consent to torture” That’s because lack of consent is a necessary definitional feature of torture itself. Consent isn’t (merely) justification, nor excuse. The same, by the way, goes for sex and consent.

    5. Wendy fucking Murphy, a throwback to the Victorian Era….what a vile bitch.

  20. “If a Republican is elected this year, all bets are off,” said J. Michael Murray, speaking Wednesday from a panel of porn-industry lawyers at the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo?all of whom seemed to agree that a GOP president would be bad, bad news for the business.

    This is why the right wing always loses the creative people.

  21. Hardcore feminists and their proggie friends are more likely at this point to cause legal hassles for the porn industry. LA is doing its best to move the insustry to Las Vegas with its condom law.

  22. Obscenity is a shitty reason to limit the First Amendment. It’s a completely subjective standard.

    1. It’s also ridiculous to apply the notion of a “community standard” to something at the federal level, leaving aside the question of whether such a restriction is justifiable in the first place. There is no 50-state, 350M person, continent-wide “community” such as would have a common understanding of public decency and obscenity and whatnot.

  23. But how does having to show the records proving your models are not minors bad for business?

    Having to maintain accurate records indefinitely is expensive, especially given that the vast majority of porn producers are small businesses or self-employed.

    Imagine if, say, a bar not only had to card people to screen out underage drinkers — which some might say is reasonable — but maintain a record of everyone who has ever bought a beer there, on pain of fine or imprisonment if they lose track of the information. Think that would have a negative impact on even the most law-abiding and responsible bars? I sure do.

    1. Pretty sure that used to be Utah.

    2. “Imagine if, say, a bar not only had to card people to screen out underage drinkers — which some might say is reasonable — but maintain a record of everyone who has ever bought a beer there, on pain of fine or imprisonment if they lose track of the information.”
      Ten years ago… yeah, that’s be a burden.

      Now? Eh, I don’t know. Your credit card receipts are gonna cover most of it, and the NSA can cover the people using cash.

      Seriously though, with modern technolgy (and the ease of storing digital records in multiple places) that probably wouldn’t be *that* much of a burden. The bigger concerns (for me) would be privacy, not expense.

      Which isn’t to say it’s a good law, just that the “burden” part is becoming increasingly harder to justify.

      1. Not to mention driver’s licenses are just like credit cards these days… swipe it through a machine, and your info’s right there on the government worker’s device.

  24. This Cambria character?had some list he was frantically waving about?. 15 or so years ago?.making the charge that anyone enjoying sexual pleasure was going to end up incarcerated via Bush.

    It never happened.

    The “porn” folks in California are being harangued into using condoms. Someone should point out to Cambria that Republicans are non-existent in that state.

    Sounds like Cambria is a modern day Joe McCarthy, as well as a hardcore leftist: Communism is okay, as long as you can fornicate on Main Street.

    1. “The “porn” folks in California are being harangued into using condoms. Someone should point out to Cambria that Republicans are non-existent in that state.'”

      Yeah, its sort of like the “Devil You Know versus the Devil You Don’t” argument.

      Like people in Michigan claiming their problems are all due to their “AUSTERITY CORPORATE GOP GOVERNMENT” which is 99% democrats, with a little red governor-cherry on top.

  25. “if a Republican becomes president we’ll see all the [obscenity-related] laws that we haven’t enforced in a long, long time enforced.”


    Because the only way we’re getting them off the books is if they’re enforced and challenged.

    “Lots of laws only enforced rarely, against whoever the State wants to Get, while everyone else can ignore them” is … bad, isn’t it?

    I want those laws removed – and the only way I see that happening any time soon is by enforcing them so they can be challenged.

    (I’m also, really, with AlgerHiss on this – The Great Republican War On Porn has been mostly mythical for a long, long time.)

  26. I seem to recall being told the very same thing about Republicans and medical marijuana, and how area forward-thinking Democrat like Barack Obama was going to be completely different on that issue. Look how well that turned out.?

  27. I’m always baffled when I hear people complain about California’s condoms-in-porn law.

    Apparently straight boners are very easily turned off.

    1. +1 fan-of-condoms-gay-man

    2. I’m always confused when I hear lefties defending laws that violate individual sexual liberties… not really of course, spent enough time at the university to know what closet puritans they are.

  28. I’m seriously disappointed that nobody has taken the time to talk about how awesome Mercedes Carrera (middle) is.

    1. Bangs! WTF is wrong with you? Also, (in the “I wouldn’t kick her out but…” sense) her thighs never looked great and her ass has always had the bad kind of ‘sculpted’ look to me.

  29. Somehow I can’t see Trump as either anti-porn himself or throwing a bone like that to evangelics. Just my intuition. In fact it’s hard for me to imagine Trump’s throwing bones to anyone, and I don’t see evangelics as part of his base.

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  31. If you think the GOP is ruff on porn wait until Hillary is elected.

  32. I don’t know what he can do actually. It’s not like he could close sites like pornhub, livejasmin, or chaturbate. He can make just some laws that will make them change their tactics but they will still be there.

  33. This is just more BS from the LEFT…..

    The Porn Industry is here to stay and what endangers it more than Republicans is the amount of free stuff out there…

    This is just another example of how the left divides people up by there different interests and then points to the Republicans and conservatives as boogeymen.

    Examples abound: The War on Women, Gay Marriage, Black Lives Matter, Global Warming, Occupy Wall Street, Southern History, and I bet you can add many to my list.

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