5 Ridiculous Products Advertised at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Sum poosie energy drink, anyone?


OK, so yesterday I assured you that my Adult Entertainment Expo updates would be serious and substantive. And some are! But this brief post I submit to you for purely juvenile-snickering purposes. Behold, some of the beautiful, absurd products advertised in AVN's main program book… 

Sum Poosie Energy Drink

Now available in 8.4 ounce cans! 

ENB/AVN Expo book

Sure Fuck Cologne (For Men) 

The women, obviously, wear "Fuck Me." 

ENB/AVN Expo book

Star Whores: Force Rising

Feel the force rise within you.

ENB/AVN Expo book

MISS On the Go 

"A new Kegel device complete with social media app." Because who doesn't want to connect with friends over vaginal strengthening exercises?

ENB/AVN Expo book

2 Girls Teach Sex

Complete with stellar tips like "If you give your woman orgasms, she will never leave you." 

ENB/AVN Expo book