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Little Girl Suspended for 30 Days Because She Lent Her Inhaler to a Gasping Classmate

Choking on zero tolerance.


Fox 4

No good deed goes unpunished. Schrade Middle School in Garland, Texas, suspended a 12-year-old girl for several days—and has placed her in alternative schooling for the next month—because she lent her inhaler to a classmate who was having difficulty breathing.

According to Fox 4 News, Indiyah Rush was in gym class on Tuesday when she noticed another student gasping for air. Rush let her borrow her inhaler, and both girls were promptly escorted to the principal's office:

"I mean they punished her twice," said Monique Rush, Indiyah's mother. "They suspended her on top of sending her to alternative school. I mean how could you do a kid like that?"

The district says 30 days at alternative school is an initial automatic punishment for sharing a controlled substance including prescription drugs like inhalers—until there's a hearing to weigh all the facts. The final punishment could change and range from no days to the maximum of 30 days.

"It's a prescription and one students severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girl who let the other borrow hers and that could have resulted in some pretty significant issues," said Chris Moore, Garland ISD spokesman.

The school district is probably right that Rush shouldn't have shared her inhaler, but who can blame her for wanting to help? That said, there's an easy solution available to the school: just tell Rush not to do it again. That's it. Not every mistake requires a punishment. Sometimes, it's sufficient to correct inappropriate behavior without ruining a child's entire school year.

Unfortunately, Schrade's default course of action is to treat acts of kindness as attempted drug smuggling.

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  1. Why is the government just so darn good at running schools?

  2. “I mean they punished her twice,” said Monique Rush, Indiyah’s mother. “They suspended her on top of sending her to alternative school. I mean how could you do a kid like that?”

    Hey, man, is your kid a doctor? Is she qualified to be making decisions like that? What if that other kid had died?

    1. Exactly. She put that other kid at risk.

      1. What if the other kid died waiting for the school to administer aid?

        It sounds like a dumb mistake, she was 12. She should have asked the teacher first. It could have turned bad, but it didn’t. Have a conference with the parents to explain the situation, saving punishment for after a warning.

      2. And yet what is the punishment for school yard scuffles?

    2. She didn’t shoot her up. She loaned her an inhaler. She didn’t force it on anyone. I guess she should’ve just said too bad, so sad you can’t breathe. Not my problem and walked away. Would that be better? It was an inhaler. Not heroin.

      1. Its a slippery slope, my friend. First the inhaler, then meth.

      2. My youngest has asthma and his doctor has specifically mentioned that I can take a puff or two if I have a cold or cough. Inhalers aren’t a big deal … unless you’re a school district, and a kid shares her inhaler as an act of kindness, and no one gets hurt. That kind of behavior deserves punishment!

  3. and has placed her in alternative schooling for the next month

    Slow down, hyperventilators, they may have just done her a major favor.

    1. Alternative schooling is the polite term for an even more jail-like school where they stick the troublemakers and teen mothers.

      1. When my kids were going to school in Prince William Co, Virginia, they had three alternates
        1) the criminals, who were seriously threats to other kid’s safety
        2) trouble makers (loud mouths) and teen mothers, such as my daughter (on both counts)
        3) a few kids who did better in a small, technically oriented setting (which my niece did)

  4. Considering that Rush is black, she’s lucky she didn’t end up dead for this. Jail Alternative school is no surprise at all.

    1. Well, she wasn’t giving the other student mouth to mouth resuscitation, right? Had she been touching another (white?) student’s lips they would definitely have had to shoot her. We just can’t have this type of peer to peer contact and aid; it’s far too evasive of the established, recognized power structure.

    2. *BANG* Drop the *BANG BANG* inhaler! *BANG BANG BANG*

  5. That said, there’s an easy solution available to the school: just tell Rush not to do it again.

    Oh, Roberto. You just don’t know how to educate today’s youth.

  6. Of course every violation requires a punishment.

    It’s why zero tolerance was passed in the first place.

    If a white kid did something, he’d get slapped on the wrist. If a black kid did the same thing, he’d get detention, or worse.

    So, to make sure this racism was stamped out, they passed mandatory minimums. This way there is no question of the punishment not being known beforehand, and being evenly applied to everyone.

    If you get rid of it, things will go back to the way they were.

    You seem to be wanting a system in which punishments are decided based on common sense, all the time, for every one.

    That is not an option on the table, because there are so many unconscious racists in the school administration. You’re ONLY two options are, 1) racist unequal enforcement of rules violations which disproportionately hurt black kids, or 2) mandatory minimums where there is no discretion.

    Discretion is bad when the people doing the deciding are racists.


    1. This is an easily solved problem: get rid of tax supported schools. In other words, privatize the schools. Administrators will be loathe to discriminate against blacks when those blacks are paying to attend their school, and should they nevertheless do so, black students (and their parents) will find a school run by blacks or other non-discriminating administrators. School choice solves many, many problems.

    2. This is interesting.

      Mandatory minimum sentencing and zero tolerance policies were created because black people thought that white people were favoring whites. They demanded them in the name of racial fairness.

      Some years later black people are suffering under the mandatory minimums and zero tolerance policies–they’re sure that white people are using them to favor whites. They demand they be removed in the name of racial fairness.

      And the marching morons get in line behind them once again.

      If both discretion and preset punishments give the same result–the problem is not with discretion OR preset punishments. The problem is with the recipients of those punishments.

      1. There’s a lot of truth to this. Zero-tolerance policies are a monument to “be careful what you ask for.”

        American parents demanded that the public school system take over the rearing of their children. They demanded that wholesome, custom-tailored meals be provided, for both breakfast and lunch. They demanded the schools be responsible for preventing their extreme-allergy-suffering child from coming into contact with allergens. They demanded that schools take over the job of keeping drugs out of their kids’ lives. They demanded that schools be responsible for transporting their children to and from school, with zero risk tolerated. They demanded that indifferent, lazy, absent, and outright stupid kids get the same medals and laurels as the smart and achievement-oriented kids. They demanded that schools do all the work to protect their child from “bullying,” which today means even the slightest unpleasant remark. They demanded that standards be lowered so that precious Snotleigh never has to carry a backpack, do homework, remember anything, take tests, or read/see/hear any viewpoints that challenge his own beliefs or limited understanding of the world.

        Any time schools failed to do any of these tasks, parents have sued and won. Schools responded by offering to be The Big Parent, at twice the price to taxpayers. It’s garbage, and all kids learn from it is that being a perpetually-butthurt victim is cool, and you can make a career out of it.

    3. Problem: Punishments are being handed out unfairly in some cases.
      Your solution: Let’s punish people unfairly every single time.

      That’s absolutely brilliant. Why bother making the situation better when you could just make the situation worse for everyone?

  7. They could have placed her in a maximum-security prison, but her extensive cadre of drug lords and their underlings would have quickly freed her, using some sort of elaborate network of tunnels.

  8. there’s an easy solution available to the school: just tell Rush not to do it again.

    But where’s the fun in that?

    /Sadistic School Superintendent

  9. …and by this time next year Indiyah will be criticized for her apathy.

  10. I blame her parents (if she has any). If she had received a proper upbringing, she would know that when a fellow person is in need, she should not try to help them, especially if that person suffers from the same issue she suffers from. She should have found an adult, preferably a fellow teacher (even more preferably, a female teacher), or the school nurse. She could have killed that girl! She should be ashamed of herself, and honestly, I do not think sending her to a different school is going to help, because now an entire new group of students has been put in danger. This girl should be behind bars, where her cellmate will probably be named Indiyah as well. She sickens me.

    1. I think my sarcasm was much more concise and scathing.

      1. No one likes a horn tooter.

        1. Sorry, I was channeling the anointed one’s ego.

          1. You leave Donald Trump out of this, sir.

            1. I can’t, I’m envious of the hair.

  11. more like Zero Intelligence Policy

    1. I’m gonna use that:

      “So, you’re telling me you have no choice, that under your zero intelligence policy, you have to impose these penalties?”

      See if they catch it.

  12. the government does not like competition from people who can solve their own problems, punish them and they will succumb to the dependency state

  13. The insanity must stop!

  14. I’m starting to think that mens rea may be dead…

    1. Is she the one that was gasping for air?


  15. “Wait… they didn’t strip search her? Darn it!”


  16. Lucky she wasn’t charged with drug trafficking.

  17. She is TWELVE years old. It was innocent. It wasn’t an 18 year old senior sharing his percodan.

    1. Then she’s plenty old enough to start obeying the authorities. Plus, who knows? She could have been trafficking ibuprofen in her cooter.

    2. The title calls her a ‘little girl’, but even though she’s 12, that pic looks like she’s nearly as big as I am.

      1. Bless your tiny little heart.

  18. My daughter would LOVE a 30 day suspension. She’d probably progress more than her classmates.

  19. I don’t know about Texas (although I consider everything south and middle of this country to be Texas), but in NY we have good samaritan laws that protect people from such prosecutions.

    1. ” I consider everything south and middle of this country to be Texas”

      *slaps Dave hard across the face with leather gloves*

      At dawn. With pistols.

    2. Well, that’s dandy, but Texans are pretty certain about what does and does not constitute Texas, and they have better gun laws than you do.

  20. Did you really mean to write an article about this without mentioning that inhaler abuse has become a recognized problem? I sympathize with the girls if it was all on the up-and-up, as the article suggests, but I doubt the writer knows whether this happened as described. I’m not feeling like it’s an honest article (or maybe the author just didn’t do sufficient home-work) without recognition that there’s some reason, even if just generally, to treat this as it was treated. If a competent investigative journalist wants to get into it, then give it your best. I’m just more than a bit tired of irresponsible provocative articles on the Internet.

    1. Lick those boots roger, lick ’em good.

    2. Then give her some educational talk, NOT a suspension. That’s overkill.

    3. Hahaha, sure… hey everyone, didn’t you know that gasping for air is actually the code signal for “anyone have any drugs?”

  21. Children must be severely punished for the sake of THE CHILDREN!

  22. Remember, kids: “Government” is just the word we use for things we do together, like punishing children for failing to show depraved indifference to human suffering.


  23. Inhaler abuse? Albuterol rescue inhalers? WTF. They use that as a placebo for critical care patients. I seriously doubt it is going to harm some 12 year old who takes a puff.

  24. Fascinating. A study of adolescents that determined 10% have used an unprescribed inhaler did not differentiate between abuse and self medication.…..MC2376804/

    1. That’s weird. It’s almost as if the government considers recreational drug use and thoughtful use of drugs to treat a condition as the same thing for some reason…gee, I wonder what the common thread is…

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  26. Would the girl have been rewarded for standing there and doing nothing? Letting the classmate suffer? What is this world coming to? Screw zero tolerance! That rule needs to be scrapped. Was the student that used the inhaler better? Was she injured? Give these kids some credit. You don’t punish a child for acting quickly and helping a fellow student to BREATHE! The only people needing punishment is the school itself, for being too rigid in their policies and promoting an attitude of apathy. The sick girl had the choice to use the inhaler, it wasn’t forced on her. Is she in trouble too. What has happened to common sense? Anybody ever use that anymore?

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  28. What if she had performed CPR on a student having a heart attack? Would he have been punished for that? What if they were in the cafeteria and she gave the Heimlich maneuver to a student who was choking? Would she have been punished for that? How is this different?

  29. Then people wonder why many parents don’t support the school administration.

  30. I had a feeling the derp would eventually end up in my backyard. Time to kick some school board members out of office.

  31. Inhalers shouldn’t be prescription in the first place. Many people were well served by over the counter rescue inhalers such as Primatene but our own government banned them because the propellant contained a trivial amount of CFCs. Most people with asthma have it for a lifetime, their prognosis rarely changes, and forcing them to pay someone every few months just to authorize them to continue to breathe is insane.

    Insulin was recognized as vital to life for diabetics and at least the older insulin and syringes are available without a prescription so someone doesn’t need permission to live. Either more types of inhalers should be made available over the counter or the ban on previously existing products such as Primatene should be lifted so they can be manufactured again. No one should need permission from the government to live.

  32. I sincerely wish that articles such as this included the names, salaries, and contact information for the authorities involved. This is critical public information, if only so that the taxpayers of the district can know exactly how much they’re paying for ‘professional administrators with the experience and good judgement’ to run a school or a district.

    If the policies are such that no professional judgement is needed, then get rid of these overpaid fsckwits and replace them with a database of infractions and punishments.

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  35. What is the teacher’s name? She needs to be named and shamed.

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