SCOTUS Considers Public Union Dues, Freddie Gray Trial Postponed, Obama Preps for State of the Union: P.M. Links


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    A majority of the Supreme Court justices today appeared critical of the idea that public employee unions can require non-members to pay agency fees to support collective bargaining.

  • The trial of the driver of the police van in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore has been delayed while the court determines whether another officer can be compelled to testify.
  • Dozens of schools were closed in Detroit today due to a teacher "sickout." Teachers are upset about pay and large class sizes in a city that has been on the brink of financial destruction for quite some time.
  • Among the guests President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address tomorrow will be a Syrian refugee, a Mexican immigrant, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court's gay marriage case.
  • A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.
  • Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has recommended criminal charges against an officer who shot and killed an unarmed homeless man in Venice.
  • Progressive magazine The New Republic is up for sale.

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