SCOTUS Considers Public Union Dues, Freddie Gray Trial Postponed, Obama Preps for State of the Union: P.M. Links


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    A majority of the Supreme Court justices today appeared critical of the idea that public employee unions can require non-members to pay agency fees to support collective bargaining.

  • The trial of the driver of the police van in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore has been delayed while the court determines whether another officer can be compelled to testify.
  • Dozens of schools were closed in Detroit today due to a teacher "sickout." Teachers are upset about pay and large class sizes in a city that has been on the brink of financial destruction for quite some time.
  • Among the guests President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address tomorrow will be a Syrian refugee, a Mexican immigrant, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court's gay marriage case.
  • A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.
  • Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has recommended criminal charges against an officer who shot and killed an unarmed homeless man in Venice.
  • Progressive magazine The New Republic is up for sale.

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      4. he and Lou Reed are planning a tour.

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          Unlike most around here. I stick around and check and follow up on things here.


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  2. Progressive magazine The New Republic is up for sale.

    So if you have a bird cage…

    1. …you could hire ESB for cheap to sit in it in a bird costume?

      1. You people have some weird fetishes.

        1. You don’t think that would be hot?

        2. I want ESB to read to me from Laudato Si while I rub butter on her feet.

          I don’t know what’s weird about that.

          1. What’s weird is that you don’t use something better suited to exfoliation. Gotta make those puppies shine.

        3. It’s not a fetish when *everyone* is into it.

      2. ESB is currently googling “Brooklyn Temp Agencies”

        1. Nah. Progressives seem to really like her. Even if they boot her from TNR, she’ll find a new place to write. Plus her husband runs his own website, so she could become a contributor there.

          1. she could become a contributor there

            Maybe she could get some kind of profit-sharing deal there. What’s 13.5% of nothing?

          2. I have to ask what kind of a nut married her.

            1. The kind of nut who once wrote an article claiming burning down buildings in Ferguson is a good thing that will have a positive economic impact.

              “The media reaction to the rioting has thus far been uniformly ridiculous. As much as we all love AutoZone and Doritos, hysterically sobbing at the sight of the former being burned and the latter being looted is a tad over the top. A clip of bullets was unloaded into an unarmed black boy and then his killer was ushered through some sort of cop-loving kangaroo court, after all. Some charred car refreshers are hardly something to get worked up about in moments like these.”

              Note: Matt Bruenig claims to deeply care about the poor and here he is mockingly describing businessmen in a poor community watching their livelihoods burn down.

              1. I hope someone burns down their fucking apartment in an effort to increase economic growth in Brooklyn.

                People like that make you think ISIS has a point.

              2. +1 broken window fallacy

              3. Replace “police brutality” with “Versailles treaty” and it’s an eloquent defense of Nazi attacks on Jewish shops.

                Progs tend to think that any criticism of the rioters is anti-black. They don’t seem to understand that it’s not the brown *skins* of rioters which normal people object to, it’s the rioters’ brown *shirts.*

          3. I always say when in doubt convert to porn.

            1. Brilliant.

        2. Also, we know for a fact she’s read these comments in the past and I’m just hoping that one day she’ll post about how creepy she finds me on Twitter. A boy can dream.

          1. Hang in there Irish. She has spent years having only party approve feminist sex with her beta male Prog husband. Elizabeth just needs to get laid and her whole outlook will change. Your just the man to do it.

            1. Or turn her off men for good. I can see it falling either way.

              1. I know that attractiveness is subjective and everything, but… I just don’t get it. To me, she looks like Ferris Bueller after a sex change.

  3. A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.

    Pffttt…whatever, we already destroyed a hospital.

    1. Yeah, Putin’s an Ivan-come-lately to this particular game.

      1. He can claim this as revenge for Beslan.

    2. How long before Obama and Everytown climb upon the pile of dead bodies?

      1. Incredible. All the backcountry gates are open and I spent the past weekend in deep powder slashing my way down some elevator shafts. My home resort is the best-kept secret. Hell, even their website says the gates are closed. 90+% of the skier traffic stays on the groomers while even three days after the storm I’m snatching untouched snow in the glades.

        Looks like the weather is setting up to drop a steady 12-24″ this week just in time for Saturday. My only complaint is that the snow is moist compared to rocky mountain continental fluff. Sure it sticks to the steep slopes better but I miss the blower pow of Taos.

        1. The snow is a bit drier in Mammoth, but not much. I might sneak away to Mammoth (or June, a well-kept secret) in Feb.

          The only place that compares to Taos is… Taos. Driest snow ever. I’ve only had that squeaking sound when you walk on the snow a few times in CA.

          1. June was closed the past couple of years for not having any snowfall, no?

            1. Yeah. Low turnout and higher operating costs, plus you have to take the tram to even get to the base.
              But they’re awesome in good snow years, especially if you have kids learning to ski.

          2. I would venture to say that the cottonwood canyon resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton) can compare. The terrain in huckleberry bowl at Sierra definitely compares but has the distinct advantage of being overshadowed by the bigger resorts, notably Kirkwood and Squaw.

            I will be renting a cabin with a bunch of friends in February and we’ll do the Squaw/Alpine thing. But it sure is fun having 300 acres of double-diamond steeps I only have to share with a couple dozen other skiers.

            1. I grew up skiing the other side of Wasatch. Park City, Deer Valley, and Parkwest (or whatever it’s called now).

              I went over to Alta and Solitude a few times, and the snow is definitely better there. The Cottonwoods get the bulk of the snow from storms out of the West, and Park City gets the scraps. That, plus it has some Southwest and Southeast facing slopes that melt in the day and ice over at night.

              The best conditions I’ve ever had were at Mammoth. First one up in the morning, skipped lunch, and last one off the mountain at close. I think I got the Gondola, Chair 23, and Chair 9 combined at least 20 times.

        2. I miss the blower pow of Taos

          Me, too. But on the damned hills.

          1. You mean the cheap coke? Meh, I don’t need stimulants to ski.

  4. I am not sure who Frerik deBoer is. But my God are the people at the New Republic a bunch of ass clown thugs.…..ings-work/

    1. At first I read that as Frank de Boer.

      Soccer fans will know.

      1. Italy has the worst soccer in the world.

        1. I’M ONTO YOU.

  5. Among the guests President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address tomorrow will be a Syrian refugee, a Mexican immigrant, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s gay marriage case.

    In his continuing attempt to unite Washington.

    1. Clown really feels he’s free to be himself his last year, so his self-serving circus is going to be good.

    2. And a handicapped transgendered native american. You really can’t parody these people anymore.

      1. I read your post like

        As a handicapped transgendered native american, you really can’t parody these people anymore.

        which seemed to make sense because, hey, it’s 2016.

    3. More in the way Caesar united the Roman Senate.

      1. Attention Secret Service: I don’t know this guy^^^^^

        Just kidding, they’re probably thinking it too.

        1. +1 Praetorian Guard

    4. His acknowledged guest list was pretty awesome last year:

      January 20, 2015
      Rebekah and Ben Erler: A young couple from Minneapolis who saved money, worked hard, enrolled in community college, and eventually were able to save enough to buy a home and get well-paying jobs. Presented by the president as an example of a typical middle-class family he seeks to represent.
      Captain Scott Kelly: An astronaut who will begin a year-long stay in space as an experiment for a future manned mission to Mars.
      Alan Gross: A contractor employed by the U.S. Agency for International Development who was imprisoned in Cuba for bringing phones and computer equipment into the country. His release on December 17, 2014 is considered to be an element of the thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations that began that month.

      1. Playa Manhattan’s State of the Union special guests:
        Alan Gura, Christina Hoff Summers, Patrick Moore, both Koch Brothers, John Mackey, Thomas Sowell, and if there’s room, George Zimmerman and Bernhard Goetz.

        1. Me? It would be the cast of Taxi or WKRP.

        2. You could just cancel the event.

          Dear America, there will be no State of the Union Address this year. Fuck you all, read a newspaper and decide for yourselves where the country is at.

          1. But Wolf Blitzer would be so disappointed!

          2. But Wolf Blitzer would be so disappointed!

          3. Omg, omg, omg WHICH NEWSPAPER!?!?!?!?!!!!!

        3. Speechwriters Stone & Parker? Pls?

    5. Why not Bowe Bergdahl, the hero Obama saved from the clutches of the Taliban?

  6. Wait, wait, wait… You can’t be compelled to testify at someone ELSE’S trial? Man, I wish every citizen got to play by cop rules.

    1. I’d like to see defense attorneys use this as precedent in non-cop cases.

    2. It’s because he has to be retried himself and his testimony in this trial might incriminate him in his own.

      They are trying to find a way to give him immunity for his testimony and tell him his judge will say that anything he says in the other trial can’t be used against him in his own.

      It’s like they are trying to tell him that some DAs can unhear things.

  7. I think I’d rather spend tomorrow evening in Warty’s dungeon than listen to the State of the Union.

    1. You are not kidding. It is the Black Jesus’ last shot at one. I don’t think I could make it through the first 20 seconds before I started throwing up.

    2. There’s more truth in Warty’s dungeon than in Obama’s speeches.

  8. Balmer is just gonna kick that fucking can down the road forever.

    1. Long enough for people to forget about it, at which point they quietly drop charges.

      1. Yeah, about 20 years or so should do it.

        1. Kinda like how the Japanese government handles things. By the time they got around to indicting the former Prime Minister for his role in the Lockheed bribery case he had been dead from natural causes for years.

  9. Among the guests President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address tomorrow will be a Syrian refugee, a Mexican immigrant, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s gay marriage case.

    It’d be something if one blew himself up, another was arrested by ICE, and another demanded to be served cake.

    1. Or less macabre, the Syrian starts dry humping Michele.

      And then he looks straight into the camera and says ‘wha happened?’

  10. Why did my PM links show up at 4:34pm? It was to my understanding there was no currency exchange with time!

  11. New atheists must become new vegans

    Philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, who has written extensively on morality and its inextricable link to the well-being of conscious creatures, recently addressed the fact that he eats meat. Speaking to psychologist Paul Bloom in a podcast in 2015, Harris admitted:

    “?the fact that I participate in a system that does this knowingly (animal factory farming) more or less condemns me as a hypocrite? We are two people who have admitted to participating in a system that is not only in some sense objectively bad, but perhaps so bad as to be the kind of thing that would be on the short list as to be an embarrassment to our descendants.”

    Happily, in a podcast released earlier this month, Harris has reported that since that statement he has been a “vegetarian? and aspiring vegan.” Given his position as a vocal and persistent champion of reason, I always suspected this day would come. Other than just providing a few more decibels to my small and intermittent efforts to encourage others to consider the implications of what they have on their dinner plate, this willingness to mercilessly introspect on the ethics of one’s own way of life is inspiring. What will my descendants be embarrassed about?

    1. Beganism really is the most tiresome mental illness.

    2. Is it me or do vegans get a tad too much attention than they deserve?

      1. The only upshot of giving vegans attention is that everyone of any race or political persuasion loathes them. Hating vegans is one of the few things that still brings us altogether.

        1. A vegan, an atheist and a Crossfitter walked into a bar. I only know because they told everyone within the first 2 minutes.

          1. And I told the man in the suicide vest there were hundreds of Joos in there.

          2. A vegan, an atheist and a Crossfitter walked into a bar. I only know because they told everyone within the first 2 minutes.

            You forgot the fourth person in the joke, “A guy who went to Harvard”

            1. 5th


    3. Even if I wanted to be an atheist, I couldn’t bring myself to be associated with these people. They are all so fucking earnest. They make me sick to my stomach.

      1. The dude sounds like he’s one life-changing experience away from becoming Born Again.

        1. Do any of you actually know who Sam Harris is because I suspect he’s not someone on the verge of becoming a Born Again Christian.

          Harris is the one who got in a fight with Ben Affleck and got called a racist for criticizing Islam. He also is in an extended feud with Glenn Greenwald over the exact same subject and had one of the greatest rants I’ve ever heard on Secular Talk.

          “Harris called Greenwald “an unscrupulous defamer of people,” “an asshole,” and “a moral imbecile.” He also said something I’ve always thought?that Greenwald rose to prominence by getting the political scoop of the decade merely because Edward Snowden chose to hand him all those NSA documents. The Greenwald role didn’t go much beyond exchanging a few emails with Snowden. Greenwald is not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination, as Harris noted. He’s on a mission and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it, acting as an advocate.”

          He’s on the right side of some pretty major issues and you guys are attacking him for saying one thing about Veganism.

          1. You can be on the right side of any given issue and also be a self-important moralizing twat on some other issue.

          2. No, I don’t really know who Sam Harris is, but I got a “this is what you should think” vibe from the passage above. I just kind of had a Penn Jillette reaction to it is all. Besides, I try to stay in shape by jumping to conclusions.

            1. but I got a “this is what you should think” vibe from the passage above

              And you never, ever got that vibe at Reason before. Nope. Never.

          3. You are right. I feel about Harris much the same as most of the commenters here. We agree on most things but on one or two issues we are worlds apart. Disagreeing in good faith is not a sin. It would be unfair to put anyone on the shit list for that. I reserve the shit list for people who cannot argue in good faith.

          4. “that Greenwald rose to prominence by getting the political scoop of the decade merely because Edward Snowden chose to hand him all those NSA documents.”

            Isn’t that about the same relationship that existed between DeepThroat and the two reporters whose name excapes me just when i need it ?

      2. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are both great, but that’s not really relevant. What is relevant is that I don’t know how not believing in God would force you to be associated with either Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins.

        Being an atheist is not a philosophy. You can not believe in God and have literally any philosophy outside of that that you want. There’s no orthodoxy.

        1. I meant loosely. And the last interesting and intelligent atheist died about 130 years ago. Dawkins is no better. He is a sorry thinker and a horrible totalitarian twit on top of that.

          1. Ingersoll?

          2. the last interesting and intelligent atheist died about 130 years ago.

            They’re not extinct. I’ve seen actual comments from one or two on THIS VERY SITE.

        2. “Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are both great”

          read something Dawkins has actually writ about evolution and you’ll have to re?valuate. My exposure to Dawkins was exclusively his more technical writing for some time, and I was kind of shocked to later see him speaking about more abstract topics and not being a total moron. But it doesn’t really alleviate the problem, as his expertise is supposed to be primarily in those technical matters, and if he’s a huge poser in that regard, it’s impossible to drum up much confidence or enthusiasm no matter how clever he is in rhetoric. Furthermore, it’s wise to strongly distrust anyone who demonstrates inexcusable stupidity in anything, even if he is able to say something decent elsewhere, all the moreso if there’s any suggestion of fraud, which the total absence of any understanding of the structure of evolutionary theory in someone claiming to be an expert on the subject shears rather close to. At the very best, Dawkins is retarded at a very rudimentary level of ratiocination and happens to have been taught to emit a behavior in response to certain stimuli that happens to superficially resemble the result of actual thought. Reasoning ability is not subject-specific. Its presence in one subject and absence in another in the same case either means the person’s obstructing himself in one subject due to neurosis or whatever or that he’s not actually capable of rational thinking and has just learnt to perform a skill very well.

      3. Not to be an Internet psychologist, but I think if you ever become an atheist you’ll go full Nietzche. And no way today’s New Atheist have the ability to withstand a proper Nietzchian (sp? fuck you, German) tirade.

      4. Much better to be associated with evangelical Christians, who are not so fucking earnest.

    4. This reads like a weird religious tract.

    5. Sam Harris is okay sometimes. He’s not much of a neuroscientist. He did crap fMRI for his PhD during those years when crap studies claiming to unveil “the neurological component of” music / religion / Republicanism / etc. etc. were still in vogue.

      1. You mean they’re not in vogue any more?

    6. As a catholic, i’ve always been more athiest than actual athiests.

      And this dude is just a twat. The “movement” athiests…the people who label themselves as such and fight with other fedora-wearing A+’rs or whatever they do…. they’re just another TEAM thing. I’ve never quite figured out why anyone should share things in common over what they “Don’t” believe.

      1. Hey now – let’s leave the fedoras out of this. They didn’t do anything wrong.

    7. What’s hypocritical? They’re not humans, you don’t have to afford them the same kind of moral rules you do to other humans. They don’t afford you the same.

      What fun is atheism if you’re not allowed the nihilistic gluttony?

    8. “What will my descendants be embarrassed about?”

      Your descendants will doctor the DNA evidence to cover up the fact that they’re related to you.

    1. Related: Kevin Williamson’s piece on the state of the union from two years ago

      The first paragraph is superb:

      The annual State of the Union pageant is a hideous, dispiriting, ugly, monotonous, un-American, un-republican, anti-democratic, dreary, backward, monarchical, retch-inducing, depressing, shameful, crypto-imperial display of official self-aggrandizement and piteous toadying, a black Mass during which every unholy order of teacup totalitarian and cringing courtier gathers under the towering dome of a faux-Roman temple to listen to a speech with no content given by a man with no content, to rise and to be seated as is called for by the order of worship ? it is a wonder they have not started genuflecting ? with one wretched representative of their number squirreled away in some well-upholstered Washington hidey-hole in order to preserve the illusion that those gathered constitute a special class of humanity without whom we could not live.

      1. Maybe this is the year that he finally follows through on this.

      2. I’d almost be willing to vote for someone who promised that the SOTU would be a short document actually summarizing the fucking State of the Union that would be sent in writing to Congress, and that they (POTUS) would not actually show up to give a speech.

        1. “actually summarizing the fucking State of the Union ”


          It’s just campaigning for the job they already have. I don’t want to hear plans for the future or empty promises.

      3. Damn if he isn’t right. I never thought of it, but it has become American version of Throne Speech.

        God damn it people, you do not want Westiminster-style system of government! Trust me!

  12. “Dozens of schools were closed in Detroit today due to a teacher “sickout.” Teachers are upset about pay and large class sizes in a city that has been on the brink of financial destruction for quite some time.”

    Why can’t there be a clause in contracts that if over 10%-20% of your coworkers are out sick you cannot take sick leave without coming in and demonstrating sickness. First come first serve on the sick days. The sick leave policy is verifiably being misused and not in according to the contract by these sick protests, so this seems like a viable way to ensure both parties interests are persevered.

    1. Or make them pay for substitutes out of their own pocket.

      Police and fire aren’t allowed to strike (here, at least), but public school babysitters are?

    2. The kids learned more today than they would have learned in school.

    3. But remember kids, it’s school officials who are most inconvenienced by this, not the parents.

    4. Upset about large class sizes? And where will the money come from to shrink them?

    5. In the private sector, this is cause for termination, even in union shops. At the plant where I worked, we fired one goofball operator who called in sick to watch the Superbowl. Unfortunately for him, he decided to watch it at the same sports bar that a first line supervisor visited, and he was already on the shitlist for similar behavior in the past. His fellow operators didn’t mind a bit: one of them had to be called in to fill guy’s post during the phony sicktime.

    6. How you know I ain’t sick fuh real, doh?

  13. This Day in History

    1935 – Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

    1964 – The first government report regarding the dangers of cigarette smoking was issued by the U.S. Surgeon General, Luther Terry.

    1973 – Baseball’s American League adopted the “designated hitter” rule which allowed another player to bat for the pitcher.

    2002 – The first al-Qaeda prisoners arrive at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    2003 – Outgoing Illinois governor George Ryan cleared the state’s death row by commuting the sentences of 167 inmates.

    2011 – The Arab Spring movement begins in Tunisia when demonstrators take to the streets to protest chronic unemployment and police brutality.

    1. In 2011 I was such a Polyanna about the Arab Spring. I really projected all my ideals about democratic revolution and felt like it was a pivotal moment that would expand freedom for the middle east. I wanted to believe.

      1. Me, too. I learned. The attacks on women in Cairo were foreshadowing.

      2. You and several others here. No shame in it. Hell, I think that for even 15 minutes I might have thought it had a shot.

        1. It had a shot and made things better in Tunisia.

      3. Europe went through several convulsions that often had really awful unintended effects. The got it more or less right *eventually*. The Arab Spring may just be that. It is inevitable and necessary that the ME go through some hard change.

      4. I wanted to believe.

        +1 Fox Muldar

      5. You and a million others waffles.

        I wish I still had that kind of hope in my. It has all been replaced with cynicism. Before it began, when Obumbles was palling around with the Muslim Brotherhood I just kept thinking ” You can’t have liberty and a just system without a civil society, and the cultures in the ME are just not civilized. This won’t end well.”

        I wish you had been right and me wrong.

      6. I got over it shortly after the insurection in IRAQ.

        It’s curious what might have happened if Bremmer had not disbanded the Iraqi army. We could have had most all the bombers on our payroll for $20 a month.


      1. It’s over. You had your cake and ate it too. Now go take a dump on your throne.

  14. A South Carolina woman who was convicted last year of clobbering a fellow strip club employee over the head with a stiletto shoe was arrested yesterday after she bit off the finger of a Walmart employee who tried to stop her from shoplifting condoms, lubricant, and panties

    Wright was arrested after cops pulled her from a minivan in the Walmart parking lot. The car’s driver, a 71-year-old man, told officers that Wright had gone into the store “to make a purchase,” and that when she returned to the vehicle, she directed him to “Drive!” The man added that while “there was someone standing in front of the vehicle blocking his way,” Wright again demanded that he “Drive!”

    “She always seemed like such a nice young lady.”

    1. Very close to the line.

    2. Hot trashy ones always so crazy.

    3. “Condoms, lubricant, and panties”

      All on the same aisle, one would hope.

      FTR, if I worked at Walmart, I wouldn’t chase shoplifters. For $8 an hour, observe and report at most.

      1. They hire off-duty police to do it while in uniform where I live.

        1. They probably do it for free on the off chance they might get to shoot somebody.

          1. Nah, that’s where you’ll see them at their best behavior.
            Walmart has liability when the officers are on their payroll. Unlike the Gov, lawsuits and settlements actually come out of their bottom line.

          2. I cannot remember the hourly figure, which was extravagant (I want to say $50 an hour. It was something like that), but a friend was a local police officer who worked security at a local, large outdoor mall, and he was given cash in his paycheck for his services.

            1. If it’s through the city payroll, the officers get overtime. The city takes a (large) cut.

              We have a lot of movie and TV shoots here, and those are the most coveted. Do nothing, get paid, meet stars, and eat really good food from Craft Services.

    4. This didn’t happen in Florida? It’s a miracle.

    5. That walmart gets robbed at least once a week, usually twice. It’s in a part of town that’s basically nothing but light industrial, tattoo parlors and strip clubs.

  15. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has recommended criminal charges against an officer who shot and killed an unarmed homeless man in Venice.

    Knowing prosecutors will get a grand jury to go the opposite direction?

  16. Public kept in the dark about sexual harassment at youth festival

    According to Peter ?gren, who was heading the police operation this summer, one explanation as to why they did not talk more openly about this may be because the young men who were accused of harassing the girls, were mainly said to have foreign backgrounds. “Some times we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” ?gren told Dagens Nyheter, referring to the anti-immigration party in Parliament.

    1. This is for an even separate from the New Years one right?

      1. Well it’s Sweden, not Germany, but I imagine similar stuff happening all over Europe.

        1. Sweden had problems on New Years Eve as well.

      2. Unless they celebrate New Years Eve in the summer.

        1. Well, it’s Sweden.

    2. so they’re a bit like American Democrats with the willingness to put people in harm’s way in order to avoid offending some group with malicious truths.

      1. Wag the Dog

        The film was released one month before the outbreak of the Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan by the Clinton Administration

        Our wonderful pols would NEVER try to distract the public.

    3. Where is your socialist paradise now, huh.

    4. Some times we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats

      These predators targeted a *youth* festival and the Swedish authorities sacrificed their teenage girls rather than risk letting the opposition party score political points.

      I used to think I could understand the leftist mindset, I just didn’t agree. But I feel that way less with every new story like this.

      1. Make no mistake Medical Physics Guy they are evil. They are wrong and know they are wrong and they tell lies to push their agenda which is never what they say it is. They are evil.

        Remember, when asked about it the Swedish foreign minister muckity muck laughed and made light about the rape epidemic they are suffering from. Evil.

      2. well you see MPG… those little girls were already sacrificed. Can’t turn back the hands of time now can we. No reason to make it worse by heling the evil anti party can we ?

        We do what we must to move progress ahead. the girls were no longer virgins so how can we fix that ?

        FORWARD 11!!1111!!

        1. Fucking swedes didn’t even have a word for virgins and had to mangle the german.

        2. There’s some account, I forget who, by an early missioner to one of the northern Germans, where he relates the difficulty he had getting across the concept of virgins to the German folk, that it kept getting reduced to “young lady” or something equivalent in the languages and the distinction between virgins and unvirgins getting lost in translation. Seems like the account was in Latin.

  17. FedEx delivers tumor sample instead of man’s Kindle

    BRISTOL, England, Jan. 11 (UPI) — A British man expecting delivery of his new Kindle was shocked when he opened his FedEx package and instead discovered a tumor specimen meant for a hospital.

    James Potten, 37, of Bristol, England, said he thought the FedEx package delivered to his home was his new Kindle electronic book reader, but the package actually contained a box labeled, “patient tumor — specimen enclosed.”

    The package came from a California address, Potten said.

    “Wow @FedEx. You’ve swapped my new kindle with a tumor specimen. Still waiting for collection #FedExFail #notmykindle,” Potten tweeted Saturday.

    1. *** Ahnold voice ***

      “It’s not a Kindle!”

      1. “Get to the oncologist!”

  18. Downtown Eastside residents worse off despite costly programs, SFU study finds

    Costly programs designed to benefit residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside aren’t improving their lives, according to an SFU study.

    Despite all the programs available to them, it says their lives have actually become worse.

    1. This is my shocked face.

    2. Program feature, as it paves the way for calls to increase funding.

    3. You know. I’m convinced libertarianism/classical liberalism is the act of sitting on the sidelines waiting for the retards to smarten up.

    4. Paging anyone from Baltimore. Anyone from Baltimore, please pick up a white courtesy phone.

    5. “Just think how much worse off they’d be without the programs” will be the most charitable response here (more likely – evil capitalists bring fake study).

      DTE is genuinely a shitty place, and damn if I know a solution for it. Rest of the city is..ugh… Everyday anti-Chinese racism is starting to get on my tits.

      Fuck it, at least we don’t get snow.

    6. +1 Fox Butterfield

  19. Man robs bank armed only with a Bible

    NASHVILLE, Jan. 11 (UPI) — Authorities are seeking to identify a man who robbed a Nashville bank while armed only with a Bible.

    The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said it is working with the FBI to attempt to identify the man who walked into a Bank of America branch about 2:30 p.m. Friday while carrying the holy book.

    The man, whom police said did not display a weapon, handed a note demanding cash to a teller.

    The suspect fled in an older-model red car. Police said he dropped his Bible on his way out of the bank.

    1. You don’t need to have a weapon to rob a bank. There is a strict bank policy of if they receive a note saying “this is a robbery” they are to hand over the cash in reach and push the panic button.

      1. Do you have to add “Any of you fucking pricks move, and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of you”?

      2. It’s the same for being confronted by cops, you don’t have to have a weapon to get shot.

      3. “I have a gub…”

    2. We need common-sense religious text control! Also imagine the damage he could have done with a Koran.

      1. Nobody needs more than seven of the Epistles.

    3. Thou shalt not steal.


    5. I buy it. Denzel killed like 50 people with a bible in that book of Eli movie*.

      *My memory is hazy on the plot

      1. it was a good movie. ( that means whomever writes that liked it )

        Eli was a blind courrier who carried a Bible through bad guy territory to the good people. He was a little Kung Fooish and kicked some ass along the way.

        Bad gys kept trying to steal the book and finally one did.

        Turns out he had memorized it anyway and the bad guys could read the one they stole.

        1. could not read

  20. With few exceptions, immigrants are less crime prone than natives or have no effect on crime rates. As described below, the research is fairly one-sided.…..earch-says

    1. Oh cool, a study that’s making no distinction for country of origin, method of immigration, or education. Sounds very relevant to the current conversation.

      1. They touch on this. You should try reading it.

        Some immigrants from certain countries of origin may be more crime prone than others, as Spenkuch finds above. To test this, Chalfin used rainfall patterns in Mexico to estimate inflows of Mexican immigrants. The idea is that lower rainfall and a decrease in agricultural productivity in Mexico would push marginal Mexican immigrants out of Mexico and into the U.S. labor market. Mexican rainfall patterns and the subsequent immigration had no effect on violent or property crime rates in major U.S. metropolitan areas.

        1. “””he idea is that lower rainfall and a decrease in agricultural productivity in Mexico would push marginal Mexican immigrants out of Mexico and into the U.S. labor market. Mexican rainfall patterns and the subsequent immigration had no effect on violent or property crime rates in major U.S. metropolitan areas.””

          So dry Mexicans don’t cause crime in the US according to CATO?


          2. According to the study, if rainfall patterns can predict the arrival and departure of Mexican agricultural works in the USA, then crime rates didn’t rise when there were more likely to be more Mexican agricultural workers in the USA. And this tells us everything we need to know about non-agricultural immigration from the entire rest of the world.

            1. So Mexicans get rained on and become [ethnic slur omitted]?

              1. And shame on you if you know the word which I deleted, you racists.

        2. “To test this, Chalfin used rainfall patterns in Mexico to estimate inflows of Mexican immigrants.”

          Did he confirm that rainfall actually had any reliable predictive power regarding the inflows of Mexican immigrants, or did he just slap a giant question mark into his study thoughtlessly?

      2. “Oh cool, a study that’s making no distinction for country of origin, method of immigration, or education. Sounds very relevant to the current conversation.”

        Forget it. You will make no headway talking reasonably like that.

    2. so ignore what’s happening in Europe. You tried that argument over the weekend and it was just as weak then.

      1. No, but nice strawman. Again with data vs anecdotes.

        Using a weird sex attack thing to stop immigration is exactly like using a mass shooting to take away peoples’ guns.

        1. The summary of the data that Cato collected on Mexican agricultural workers is exactly as valuable as anecdote when you are trying to extrapolate anything about non-Mexican, non-agricultural immigrants. Jesus Christ but you’re a retard. And you marinade in your ignorance, confusing it for profundity.

          1. Really? Are Mexicans a separate species? Also, I never did any extrapolation I just made a post.

            1. I know they all look alike to you, you patronizing asshole, but actually, yeah, not all brown people are exactly the same (or even white people, for that matter). Some folks even like to travel abroad specifically to take in and appreciate the differences and varieties among people and cultures. Human beings aren’t fungible.

              I assumed you meant to extrapolate your data snippet to non-Mexican, non-agricultural immigrants since it’s a meaningless factoid otherwise, but if I was mistaken then I’m sorry.

        2. “A weird sex attack thing…”

          Thats right, it was an anomaly. You dumb son of a bitch, it wasn’t weird, it is the norm for those people. That is their culture. Cytotoxic, the level of denial and delusion you display is positively psychotic. Even Merkel is telling Germans they will have to change the way they live because of the invaders which is a tacit admission that they are scum. Overtly she still lies and says all will be well.

          I look at the crime rates in England, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia today, look at who is filling their jails and think back on when crime was a rarity in those places. I don’t need to look at that bullshit study. It’s bullshit.

    3. What does that have to do with Europe?

      1. I wasn’t really addressing Europe with that post. Others are bringing it up. That being said I don’t really have much reason to think poor Arabs are more crime-inclined than poor Mexicans.

        1. “I wasn’t really addressing Europe with that post”

          No one is complaining about mexicans in the US.

          “That being said I don’t really have much reason to think poor Arabs are more crime-inclined than poor Mexicans.’

          You have no reason not to. You have no evidence of anything either way. Well, except for all the recent assorted anecdotes of crime in Europe associated with immigrants.

  21. Good afternoon, all. I’m very excited to announce to this group of strangers with whom I exchange sarcastic comments on politics and current events each day, that Mrs. Derp-o-Matic 5000 and I are expecting our first child in August.

    Please feel free to celebrate by consuming excessive amounts of bourbon.

    1. Congrats! Name?

      1. Derp-o-Matic 6000?

        Seriously, we’ve got our list down to a few, but still deciding. Wife wants to wait to find out the sex. I don’t see the point of waiting, but there’s no harm in it, either, so whatever.

        1. Be a dick, name your child something like Lucretia, and then just call her Lucy. Old woman names are super hip right now.

          1. Lucretia MacEvil is such a great song. You could also name her Delilah.

            1. Cruella.

          2. Damien is popular right now. Or maybe Wyrmwood.

        2. Dude, find out in advance, or all of the shower gifts are going to be unisex and you’re going to have to paint the nursery green.

          1. That’s dumb. Paint the room whatever you want. The baby isn’t going to develop a gender identity crisis because he or she was in pink/powder blue footie jamjams and had unicorns on the wall.

            1. You’re dumb.

              Blame it on Babies R Us, not me. Baby shit comes in blue or pink, and it won’t match a yellow or green nursery.

              The colors are for the parents anyway. A stranger calling a daughter “he” or “it” (and vice versa) is one of the many things that will send a hormonal new mother over the edge, and is best avoided at all costs.

              I played with unicorns, and I turned out OK.

              1. Have Derp-o-Matic be the change you want to see in the world, Playa.

                I played with unicorns, and I turned out OK. [citation needed]

            2. That’s dumb. Paint the room whatever you want. The baby isn’t going to develop a gender identity crisis because he or she was in pink/powder blue footie jamjams and had unicorns on the wall.

              Pfft. By the time that kid is born, there’ll be no such thing as ‘gender’ any more in the USA anyway.

              Paint the room in a combination of Pomegranate and Puce, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

              1. Oh, and congratulations!

                And one thing — believe everyone who tells you how fast the kids grow up, because it’s true. Early on, it seems like it will take forever, when they wake you up in the middle of the night, or won’t go to sleep after three bedtime stories, or cause you to miss something you really wanted to do. But then you wake up one morning and your kid is in high school with a mustache, and you wonder how he could have been sitting in your lap just what seems like a few days ago.

                1. And one thing — believe everyone who tells you how fast the kids grow up, because it’s true.

                  ^^^ THIS.

    2. Congratulations. Nine minutes of passion for you; nine months of work for her.

        1. Heh. Doubt my 3 combined took 9 minutes.

    3. What is the starting bid on Naming rights?

      Put me down for 20.

    4. Congrats. And in the libertarian spirit, may it be a rebellious hellion that gives you an ulcer.

    5. Did you bring enough cigars for everyone?

    6. Ohh and don’t steal my thunder man. I commented first today, compared to my two children being born…???

      Truly though congrats and enjoy sleeping while you can, seriously. I mean it. Take extra naps now.

    7. Congratulations.

      Mrs. Derp-o-Matic 5000

      Pics when she gets to 8 1/2 months? Thanks.

      1. I’ll video the birth just for you, Crusty

        1. That is going too far. Good luck with everything else.

    8. Congratulations!

    9. Congratulations. You are braver than I.

      1. Vaginas are not that scary, Cytotoxic.

        1. An episiotomy is. Everything you’ve ever loved is destroyed right in front of you.

            1. I have a fishing buddy who tells a story about a time when he was in highschool and did something really really really stupid.

              His father was furious.

              His father screamed at him ” I let your mother ruin her pussy for the likes of you ” ?

          1. *has flashback*

        2. Children are.

          1. Sure, if you’re an immature teenager living in your grandmother’s basement.

    10. Congrats. Write on a small piece of paper “Good for one Proper Night’s Sleep”, place the paper in a box, bury it in the backyard, deep. Cover it with a cement slab, build a cinder block toolshed on top of it using jbolts to hold down the frame.

    11. Please feel free to celebrate by consuming excessive amounts of bourbon.

      As a recent fellow parent, I celebrate your luck noting you can now kiss the bourbon-when-you-want shtick goodbye.

      1. Yup now it is “Daddy’s medicine”. Mine is scotch, unfortunately so is my wife’s. So we are always running out of scotch.

      2. kiss the bourbon-when-you-want shtick goodbye

        Fully aware that this chapter of my life is coming to an end, I’m putting in extra effort in the final months

        1. I advise against it. It’s even worse than doing it when the baby comes.

          Never drink booze or eat sushi in front of your pregnant wife. Unless you hate yourself and like getting nagged, in which case go right ahead.

        2. The whole wife as DD works great until the baby comes and she says OK GOING OUT WITH THE GIRLS FOR THE NEXT 9 MONTHS. PAYBACK IS A BITCH ASSHOLE, PICK ME UP AT 11:00

          1. Did you marry my wife too?

      3. Openly, sure. Time to invest in a flask.

    12. Congrats. First one is life changing. Resist the urge to do it again.

      1. 2-3 years from now your wife will say things like “but he/she is growing up so fast” and “do you remember how cute he/she was when he/she was little?”

        At which point the full on newborn amnesia has set in.

        1. Yep. My wife said things like that, and I agreed to the 2nd one.

          3rd one was a whoops, but at that point, who cares?!? The lifestyle is already cramped for the next 18 years anyway,

        2. Record the baby at peak colicky screaming. Whenever the wife gets nostalgic for babies, play it through the loudest speakers in your house until she stops.

            1. Baby, why are you lactating!?

    13. Congrats.

    14. Congrats, Derp.

      I can still remember the day my first was born……Browns lost to the Jets.

  22. Half marathon update:

    Up to 8 miles now, and only about $1000 short of the fundraising goal (which will be covered once I submit for matching donations from my company). I am having a bit of tendinitis issues, but it’s mild enough that I can do the long weekend runs as long as I skip most of my normal weekday gym routines. I taped it this weekend, which seems to have helped a bit so I’m going to see how working out tonight goes.

    1. Good luck. I am of the opinion that running as a form of exercise does more damage to the body than good. I consider myself an starry-eyed optimist.

      1. It’s proven much less friendly than either of my usual 6+ hours a week of cross training or 100+ miles of hiking.

        Also, it still sucks. Much easier to run, but still super boring.

    2. Stop the training at 10 miles so you don’t know how painful 13 is.

      My wife stopped her marathon training at 19 miles, iirc.

      1. Yep. I’ve found that training up to 80% distance is all it takes to finish comfortably for either race.

  23. Man Vows On Live TV To Spend Powerball Winnings On Hookers And Cocaine

    Maybe honesty wasn’t the best policy for this Powerball player.

    Ophelia Young from Las Vegas-based Fox 5 traveled to the town of Primm, which straddles the border of California and Nevada, to report on the long lines of people trying to buy Powerball tickets ahead of Wednesday night’s drawing. Many Nevada residents cross the California border to buy their tickets because Nevada doesn’t sell them.

    She picked one unnamed patron from the queue and asked him how he’d spend the $500 million jackpot if Lady Luck shone down on him.

    He revealed he’d blow it on a “bunch of hookers and cocaine.”

    Which one of you was it?

    1. While undoubtedly significant, hookers and cocaine, are not a central tenet of libertarian politics.

      1. Jacob Sullum and Gillespie have a sad.

    2. There are worse things to spend money on.

      1. That Der Spiegel video you linked to earlier. Gist of it?

        1. I did not understand most of the German. My ability to understand spoken German is passable, I do much better with written German. The report is about a New Year’s celebration in a Berlin neighborhood. Some of the pointers to the Spiegel video indicated it is a few years old… filmed in 2013.

    3. Man Vows On Live TV To Spend Powerball Winnings On Hookers And Cocaine

      Make sure its the Wal-Mart finger-biting hooker and cocaine. That would be a good thirty-seven hours or so before the heart attack.

    4. He was also numerate enough to correctly identify his odds as “slim to none.” And he sounded really high. All in all, a strong probability of being a Reasonoid.

    5. How do we know this person was being serious?

      REPORTER: Hello, sorry to annoy and inconvenience you, but it’s my job. So how will you spend your money if you win?

      PERSON IN LINE: On your mother.

      REPORTER: OK, and you?

      PERSON #2: I’d buy up all the breath freshener you haven’t been using.

      REPORTER: And what about you?

      PERSON #3: Hookers and blow.

      REPORTER: So…breath freshener, necrophilia and cocaine orgies. Thanks, guys, I’ve got my story!

    6. I’d buy 5,000 New Republics.

      1. Here’s change for your dollar, sir.

  24. A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.

    Unpossible, Russia is America’s enemy and therefore can’t possibly be guilty of anything since neocons.

  25. There are apparently some area trogs that do not understand the difference between data and anecdote, so I’ll post this.

    Anecdotes vs statistics ? it isn’t a fair fight (first appeared in InfoWorld)

    1. Of course, it goes without saying that a data set describing one group of things when applied to a completely different group of unrelated or tangentially related things is just as useless as anecdote. Statistics is hard. For everyone.

      1. “Completely different”

      2. Also again I wasn’t describing anything. I just made a post.

  26. “Progressive magazine The New Republic is up for sale”

    I’m not surprised they can’t find a way to make, “Obama’s right, you’re all a bunch of stupid rednecks” more interesting.

    It’s even worse when all the other competing websites, magazines, news programs, and opinion shows on cable are all saying the same thing. Choices are:

    1) Obama’s right, you’re all a bunch of stupid rednecks.

    2) You’re all a bunch of stupid rednecks. Obama’s right!

    3) Shut up, you stupid anti-Obama redneck. You’re wrong.

    4) How do we explain to the stupid rednecks that Obama is right?

    But I’m gonna subscribe to, 5) Scientists say you’re a stupid redneck, support Obama?


    1. Make it in HTML blink text, and I’m in.

  27. It’s hard out there for a Minister of Defence.

    1. Reggie White has been dead 11 years already.

  28. So coming up to work, I saw a university student with Bernie 2016 badge. Which wouldn’t be odd, except that WE ARE IN CANADA!

    Seriously, I get signaling, but who is the intended recepient of the signal? And why Bernie, when we have PM Zoolander, St Elizabeth of the Green Party AND an entire fucking Socialist party in parliament. Compared with that lot, what is Bernie? How many Canadians are even aware that he’s doing the run?

    1. They’re just hoping for a more Canadian America, which they’d eventually hate because then they’d have to be different from the more Canadian America by being more American.

      *goes back to watching Little Mosque on the Prairie*

      1. You actually watched that show? I’m Teh disappoint.

        1. Good Lord, no. I know that it exists, which seems to both delight and deeply worry Canadians. “Oh you actually pay attention to us, we just wish you weren’t taking upskirt shots of our retarded aunt.”

          I would never actually *watch* something that bad though.

    2. Anti-American Canadian leftists are the biggest fans of American leftists.

      1. Misery loves company.

    3. Might be someone studying abroad.

      1. I’ve studied many broads, but what’s that got to do with supporting Sanders?

    4. He probably still votes here.

      1. I’ll try to be kind and say the student was presenting as female. I’ll not venture any guesses past that.

        Which, from my pig perspective, is good – it helps when outside matches the inside.

        1. She probably still votes here. Possibly as a he, or a dead senior citizen, or both.

    5. Fellow Canadian here.

      I have seen similar.

      Best way to make their heads explode is point out Bernie’s positions on guns. Watch their mental gears grind to a halt. It’s good fun.

    6. Seriously, I get signaling, but who is the intended recepient of the signal?

      The same audience that got all dreamy when hearing reports on NPR that Canada has it’s first political dynasty (reported as a good thing, btw, just in case you didn’t grok that– that a political dynasty is what people want… to be clear, in case you’re not following).

      1. What is BC Social Credit, chopped liver? And the Johnsons of Quebec?

        1. Shut up, shut up, NPR noticed us! Don’t RUIN IT!!!!!

          1. And PEI’s Ghizs and Ontario’s Nixons.

        2. speak english

      2. Justin should go to work with a puppet. The puppet would be an enhancement or a hedge against his stupidity.

    7. I know.

      It’s nuts.

  29. So on behalf of the city of Seattle, I’d like to offer sincere thanks and heartfelt condolences to Blair Walsh of Minnesota. I’ve never been to Minnesota, but I’ve watched the show Vikings to familiarize myself with their customs, and my understanding is that tradition requires that Mr. Walsh be subjected to the blood eagle as a penance. May Odin greet him in Valhalla or whatever, I’m not clear on how that works.

    1. Man. I don’t know who gets more breaks. The Seahawks or Steelers. Only the Steelers get 15 years for breaking a rule.

      1. yards.

      2. The Steelers got all the calls against the ‘Hawks in the Hasselbeck/Holmgren Super Bowl.

      3. As a diehard Steeler fan, that ending was stomach-turning. It made me not want to watch football anymore. I think both teams deserved to lose, but it my totally biased opinion Burfict deserves to be taken out of the league.
        The Steelers won, but the level of violence was beyond sportsmanlike and well into savagery. In my heart I know Boswell could have kicked the 50-yarder.

        1. To be fair to the Steelers, they did cause the fumble; even though did I hear right the hit to cause it was dirty too? Or was it another play? I’m already all confused.

          1. The refs seemed to call “defenseless receiver” in a very inconsistent way that favored Pittsburgh.

            1. If you watch a lot of football it’s pretty simple. Once a player has the ball, sets their feet, and changes direction they are now a runner. The only gray area is whether Shazier (or any other player) deliberately led with head and aimed for the head. On some of these plays the contact is actually shoulder but it still causes concussions and the head whips back.

              1. You don’t have to lead with the head to get flagged if you aim at and hit the head. (in the refs opinion)

                You can lead with the crown of the helment and hit anywhere and get flagged or you can aim with the shoulder or anything at the head and get flagged.

                It’s all fucked up.

        2. What about Shazier?

          1. Shazier played right on the amazing/dirty line right there with Burfict. But he’s on my team so his hit was OK. Seriously he drilled Bernard unconscious and the no-flag set the game up to be an all-out brawl in the 4Q. Shazier played the best game of his career. Maybe Burfict did too. It all gets overshadowed by the one hit that turns the other player’s brain into putty.

            1. Shazier’s hit on Bernard seemed at least as egregious as the hit earlier in the game on Bryant (I think) that was called a penalty against the Bengals (Bernard did not see Shazier coming and Shazier led with the crown of his helmet high centered on Bernard, while Bryant lowered his shoulder into the hit).

              Part of the game gettingoutof control was the poor officiating.

      4. It is not so much a rule as a guideline.

  30. The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

    This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.

    “The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” one source said.

    The development follows press reports over the past year about the potential overlap of State Department and Clinton Foundation work, and questions over whether donors benefited from their contacts inside the administration.…..tcmp=hpbt1


    1. If they can’t find any overlap, then they’re blind, deaf, and dumb.

      How can she have accepted “donations” from foreign governments and it not be corrupt.

      If she robbed a bank in broad daylight, it would still be bank robbery.

      How can it not be corrupt for the sitting Secretary of State to accept cash from foreign governments

      I don’t care whether she did it in public or not.

      1. Unlike many parts of government, there are still people in the FBI who are loyal to the institution. If Hillary isn’t indicted, the FBI will be seen as a partisan joke. The FBI realizes that. Yes, Obama and Lynch can tell them to fuck off and refuse to indict Hillary. And in return the FBI can leak every embarrassing fact they have uncovered and also any dirt they have on Obama and Lynch. How many bodies does the FBI know where are buried?

        And who in the Democratic Party wants the FBI to feel the need to go after Democrats to restore their credibility after letting Hillary walk? This is going to be so much fun over the next few months.

        Make no mistake, they have got her. If she were anyone but Hillary, should and all of her closest advisers would be talking plea bargain and hoping to keep the prison time under a decade. This is not going to go away.

      2. If she robbed a bank in broad daylight, it would still be bank robbery.

        She didn’t rob the bank, she just withdrew her money an unorthodox way because two bank cards = pain to carry around. Jeesh, lay off the Koch.


  31. So can we blame Wilson for bringing back the actual SOTU speech?

  32. “A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.”

    I am more than a little suspicious of that.

  33. Court okays barring high IQ cops

    Don’t think I need to add anything.

    1. You can’t fool us MedPhysGuy, that article was from 1976, and has been very effective at screening out above average pigs.

  34. “Among the guests President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address tomorrow will be a Syrian refugee, a Mexican immigrant, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s gay marriage case”

    I think i knew this joke, but i thought there was a polish guy and a jew involved as well.

    1. The audience will all wish it was at a bar.

  35. I am upgrading my computer. I have some questions:

    1) My Motherboard RAM speed is 1333 MHz. Is it okay to install RAM with higher speed? I ask because 1600 and above is so much more readily available.

    2) I am definitely getting an SSD. Right now my HD has just under 250 GB of stuff on it. Should my SSD be bigger than that, or can I just move the gaming stuff onto the SSD?

    3) One of my fans is noisy. Should I just unplug the one I suspect and let it run? I just don’t want my computer to melt down.

    1. 1) My Motherboard RAM speed is 1333 MHz. Is it okay to install RAM with higher speed? I ask because 1600 and above is so much more readily available

      You are fine with the faster RAM.

      3) One of my fans is noisy. Should I just unplug the one I suspect and let it run? I just don’t want my computer to melt down.

      If it is case-fan, one could experiment. CPU fan is not optional.

    2. Keep the SSD for programs and larger drives that aren’t SSD for data. I have a 256 GB SSD and about 4 TB of external drives.

      1. If he’s only storing 250 gigs I don’t see why he should deal with the annoyance of having (a) separate drive(s). A 500 gig Samsung 850 EVO is only $160.

        1. If he has a tower what’s the hassle? Demote his old drive to slave secondary, install windows on the new SSD master primary drive and put media on the secondary. Although I’m dicking around with an mSATA setup which lags on drive size compared to 2.5″ drives.

          1. It’s not difficult, it’s just irritating (to me) to have to remember / decide what you put where and whatnot. If I had as little data as him I would gladly pay that small premium to be rid of that annoyance.

            Of course, maybe he’s not as neurotic as I am.

            1. I lean toward your solution. I just wish the ram were cheaper. 16 GB DDR3 = $100.

              I forgot to mention it’s DDR3 RAM.

    3. Same-gen RAM of a higher speed is fine

      Keeping OS, programs and games on the SSD will see the most benefit. If you’ve got a lot of stuff where access times aren’t crucial, like videos, pictures, music, etc, park them on a spinner and just keep the stuff on the SSD where read and write speeds are more important.

      Fans are practically free, replace it. More airflow is always better than less.


    It took four days before an officer with the federal police force put into writing what, from Wohlfahrt’s perspective, really happened that night. The author makes it clear that the escalation that took place prior to the clearing of the square was caused by “persons with migration backgrounds.” Later on in the “deployment report,” it says that an identification of the perpetrators “was unfortunately not possible.”

    ‘Serious Injuries or Even Deaths’

    Regarding the situation on the square in front of the train station: “Women, accompanied or not, had to run a literal ‘gauntlet’ of heavily intoxicated masses of men of a kind that is impossible to describe.” There were fears that “the situation we were confronted with (chaos) could have led to serious injuries or even to deaths.”

    The report mentions deliberate attempts to provoke the police. One example is of someone who “tore up a residency permit with a smile on his face, saying: ‘You can’t touch me. I’ll just go back tomorrow and get a new one.'” Another example mentioned in the report was an unidentified man saying: “I’m a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! Ms. Merkel invited me.”

    Aren’t open borders grand? These people should be proud to suffer so that multiculturalist Progs and half witted Libertarians can feel good about themselves.

    1. The perpetrators dance up to their victims in a pretend celebratory mood, rub up against them and rob them. Those who try to defend themselves are insulted, threatened or even hurt.

      No Deterrent Effect

      In Cologne alone, more than 11,000 people have been robbed in this way in the last three years. According to police, all of the perpetrators have been male and in the majority of cases, they have come from North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria. The authorities are also investigating groups of men from central Africa and Kosovo. One person involved in these investigations has said most of the men have been in Germany for quite some time but only have a “tolerated” immigrant status, meaning officials could not confirm their country of origin due to missing travel documents. This milieu has little to do with the refugees who have arrived in Germany recently after fleeing places like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

      A German jail is better than where these people come from. So, no amount of police efforts is going to deter them. The only way to deal with the problem is either expel them from the country or start resorting to harsher punishments they will understand.

      Since it is a pretty bad idea to take law enforcement tips from the Assad family, expelling the entire lot of them from the country seems to be the reasonable answer.

      1. On South ? most of our villages, which is near to the border with Greece and Turkey are colonized by Islamic invaders, a few are families, most are alone young men . Every day they take over uninhibited homes, one by one, village by village. The local people are forced to move away, because of their brutal acts of violence, which are not shown in the evening news. Now the wave are knocking on our door, soon or later the knocking would become that powerful, that the door would destroy. And then, than Europe will be flooded by an unknown culture, a different one, that refuse our way of live, believes and dreams. I spent my time, writing this with a hope that my scrabbles would alight to person from your redaction, who has the authority, courage and will to show Your People real situation via news, news that we refuse to see. Let them take the decision , not the politics ? should immigrants remain permanently in Europe? Now we have legislation, canons, mores, which we continue to follow in order to keep the calmness, standard of life and prosperity that make us progressive.Now I suppose you call me xenophobe, but before that, ask yourselves following questions : What would you do if one day when you wake up, the world you know has no longer exist? May the Lord protect us. Regards, Lyuben Kostov

        1. Cool story Brostov

          1. It doesn’t fit your fantasy narrative of no Muslim anywhere doing or meaning any harm, so it must be true. Why haven’t you moved the Middle East? Clearly Muslims are superior to any native population in the West. It seems you would be happy living among such wonderful people.

            1. He hates them in the Middle East. He loves them once they cross the border of western country, since those borders are magical and change the person’s character and culture instantly. In fact, the more of them you get crossing a border at one time, the more magical it becomes.

              1. They all just want to drive for Uber and open organic food trucks.

                1. It took four days before an officer with the federal police force put into writing what, from Wohlfahrt’s perspective, really happened that night.

                  Heh-heh. A guy named Wolf Fart.
                  Bet he’s popular around the old Hofbrau.

            2. How about showing us some proof instead of random internet comments no one else but you and your Yokels United club give a shit about.

          2. What Lara, Jeanette and Paul experienced in Cologne wasn’t unique to that city. Police reports indicate that a large group of men also gathered along the famous street in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district known as Grosse Freiheit, most of whom were probably of North African descent. These men committed a series of “property thefts with sexual components.”

            Jeanette and Lara, the two students from Bonn, went to the police six days after New Year’s to file complaints for sexual assault. “We want this to be documented,” Lara says. It makes them furious to read in the newspaper that what happened in Cologne came from the pickpocket milieu. The way Lara sees it: “We were systematically sexually harassed.”

            By the time Jeanette, Lara and Paul boarded the delayed train that would take them back to Bonn on New Year’s, it was 2 a.m. During the ride, they met a young Syrian who told them about his flight from Damascus through Lebanon and Turkey and eventually by boat to Greece. From there, he continued on foot through the Balkans and on to Germany. Afterwards, they told him about their night in Cologne. He was horrified, they say.

            Is that a cool story too? Isn’t is great how those women experienced the benefit of open borders? Are they lying or is it just another example of you expecting other people to suffer for your ideas?

            1. This isn’t a cool story because this isn’t some random internet comment you dug up. Difference.

              These women are experiencing the horrors of a disarmed society with chronic economic dysfunction. Open borders have never hurt anyone anymore than the 2A has, your lies notwithstanding.

              If I had to choose between being unfree and being free with some people getting hurt, I would definitely choose the latter. I’d impose freedom on anyone I could in addition to myself.

          3. It is only when this kind of shit gets reported on to the extent that it cannot be denied that you will admit it happened, and then you call it ‘a weird sex thing’ implying that it is an anomaly.

            I think you are trolling us cytotoxic. It is simply not possible for a person to maintain that level of delusion, denial for this long. It is straight up mendacity for provocation.

            1. “implying that it is an anomaly.”

              And the proof it isn’t is…what? The mythical Swedish Rape Epidemic?

      2. expelling the entire lot of them from the country seems to be the reasonable answer.

        If you’re a fascist.

        1. And you are a fucking half wit who isn’t smart enough to understand the meaning of national sovereignty. And you are also a thief who thinks the German taxpayers should pay for their own destruction.

          1. I’m not any of that, but I’d rather be that than the fascist you are.

    2. Interesting comment on the article. I don’t know if it is true. If it is, I have no doubt the western media would refuse to report it and it seems likely to be true.

      Dear Spiegel Magazine, I’m a young European man from a contradictory and sometimes not very well accepted country ? Bulgaria. A land, which is populated by an acient EUROPEAN race by over a thousand and three hundred years. During centuries somehow ? we have been survived till nowdays. However, I will miss the overture. I’m writing you to share something. I know, I could do this in Facebook, Tweeter and etc., but I haven’t them. The social medias, social are you sure? My work is connected with travelling in homeland and abroad. And everything was okay, was settled, till one invitation, made last year, which become into wave, a monstrous immigrant wave. And this is only the beginning. I’m not only watch the news, I travel and I can see the situation ? we face The Great Migration for the second time, but now it would be the Great Replacement.

      1. Seems like that’s not the only letter this guy sent.

        Dear Penthouse Magazine, I’m a young European man from a contradictory and sometimes not very well accepted country ? Bulgaria. And I never thought that any of the letters I’ve read in your magazine could happen to me. But just the other night, an amazing, sexy and pleasantly vulgar thing happened, and now I feel I’m from the well-accepted country of Vulgaria!

    3. John uses specious arguments, news at 6.

      1. 4000 thousand roberies in one city alone.

        If your comedy act didn’t represent real world stupidity doing real harm, it would be even funnier than it is. We were really hoping you were in that bar the Jihiadists shot up in Calgary last night. Why weren’t you out doing your duty and taking a bullet so Muslims can roam Canada free?

        1. “Jihiadists”

          Facts not in evidence. John lies, news at 6.

          There is no hard evidence that immigration causes crime.

    4. There’s a journalistic M.O. at work here that should be noted =

      “A lot happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, much of it contradictory, much of it real, much of it imagined. Some was happenstance, some was exaggerated and much of it was horrifying. In its entirety, the events of Cologne on New Year’s Eve and in the days that followed adhered to a script that many had feared would come true even before it actually did.’

      You will find that whenever there’s a case of an inconvenient narrative for the left….. that suddenly that issue is “extremely complex” and that passing judgement of any kind is ‘oversimplifying things’ and that “Everyone is to blame!”.

      They seem to think that the fact that Right-Wing people “wanted this to be true” makes the reality less awful… because its just too-convenient.

      Its the same reaction the left had with San Berdoo in the US. Instead of simply accepting that it was ‘what it was’… the reaction was, “ISLAMAPHOBES REJOICE”. And they fell over themselves pointing out that Terror Isn’t Just a Muslim Thing

      Its bizarre. If a group of college kids had molested 1 or 2 women at a party, there would be a National Conversation on Rape Culture that would necessitate tears from the president and a host of editorials blaming Toxic Masculinity or something.

      By contrast …1000 arabs can grope/rob/rape 100 or so women in public… and the ‘conversation’ is more about EU Right-Wing Xenophobia

      1. Yes it should. But if you don’t quote a properly left wing source the various open borders types on here scream about the source as a way to avoid the facts.

        Yes, these people make Cytoxic seem sane and honest.

        1. “But if you don’t quote a properly left wing source the various open borders types on here scream about the source as a way to avoid the facts.”

          John translated: “There is nothing nutty or suspicious about the fringe sites I dwell on! is legit!”

      2. When confronted on their non-reporting and non-prosecution for these sorts of crimes, the authorities always claim that they did so because otherwise, icky right(ish) parties might become more influential. So apparently preserving ones place in the political hierarchy is more important than truth and the basic security of the indigenous population your supposed to protect or legislate on behalf of. Their naked ambition for holding power can’t get anymore naked than this. And people act like it’s reasonable.

        1. “When confronted on their non-reporting and non-prosecution for these sorts of crimes, the authorities always claim that they did so because otherwise, icky right(ish) parties might become more influential. ‘

          Yeah, there’s a creepy, vicious cycle at work in the media’s attempt to “tone-down” the accusations against immigrants.

          The fact that witnesses to the crimes had their comments deleted from media sites… and police reports were cleansed of references to immigrants… Its exactly this kind of Thought-Policing that CREATES a rabid-right-wing reaction.

          The EU left really fails to appreciate the degree to which the xenophobic right-wing is entirely a product of their “Mandated Multicultural Perspective” which censors certain kinds of opinions and tries to bury misconduct by these immigrant populations.

          We have less of this kind of violent nativism here (*even including the Trump-style Hurr-durr fest) because we have a more-open media environment and a less-PC-obsessed culture. if that’s even believable.

          i.e. – im basically saying that free-speech and media-pluralism means people are actually more-tolerant in the end. its basically the argument that “hate speech” is free speech… because repressing it means you will simply allow REAL HATE to fester and spread and become more powerful.

          1. Yeah, so far at least Americans can find information the authorities (if they had their druthers) would want suppressed.

            Stay tuned….

          2. Gilmore speaks The Truth.

      3. By contrast …1000 arabs can grope/rob/rape 100 or so women in public

        Its over 500 victims, BTW:

      4. By contrast …1000 arabs can grope/rob/rape 100 or so women in public

        Its over 500 victims, BTW:

        1. I’m not sure we’re talking apples/apples, or that it matters much.

          but the initial ‘event’ in the train station in cologne (K?ln) had about 120 complaints last i checked.

          That news item you’re citing specifically says, “the number of criminal complaints filed after the events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne has risen to 516“…. which suggests that they broadened their scope of inquiry to things outside that specific incident in that specific place.

          e.g. “Similar attacks to those seen in Cologne were also reported in Hamburg and in Stuttgart on New Year’s Eve. In Bielefeld, hundreds of men tried to force their way into nightclubs, Die Welt reported (in German).”

          e.g. they’re reporting a Net-Net of “everything” across germany.

          1. Thanks Gilmore. The importance of this kind of context is lost on the area yokels.

            1. You’re right, it’s totally ok now that it’s 500 women attacked in several incidents instead of just one.

  37. The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

    While officers raced to a recent 911 call about a man threatening his ex-girlfriend, a police operator in headquarters consulted software that scored the suspect’s potential for violence the way a bank might run a credit report.

    The program scoured billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep Web searches and the man’s social- media postings. It calculated his threat level as the highest of three color-coded scores: a bright red warning.

    Apparently he commented on Reason HnR.

  38. Well that’s terrifying.

    1. Reply fail. Was a reply to BigT.

  39. “A Russian airstrike in Syria allegedly hit a class full of children, killing many.”

    One sees things like this, as though there’s no possibility any of those children were terrorists.

  40. Arizona to criminalize filming cops.…..-in-public

    1. I doubt it will pass, and if it does, I doubt it will survive court review.

      Remember, Arizona just put Clint Bolick on its Supreme Court.

  41. OT Fox News ( I know I know..I heard it on the radio and.they are just the first if this is true and I didn’t want to wait to see if others pick it up )

    Fox News just broke a story that the FBI investigation of Hilliary has expanded into public corruption charges not just classified emails.

    Supposedly 100 agents full time and 50 on part time duty.

    Even if not true this thing has gotten so big that a successful cover up cannot happen. A cover up may happen but it can’t be compelety successful. At this time any non charges will have to be based on the FYTW princial not the hush hush she did nothing wrong method.

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