It Was a Big Week for Big Talk on Guns

But will it solve anything?


Even though Americans are way more scared of government than guns, it was a big week for talking about the latter. On Monday the White House released a factsheet on new executive actions to reduce gun violence.  Obama followed up Tuesday with an emotional (but not psychopathic) press conference, and wrapped up the week with a town hall moderated by Anderson Cooper on Thursday.

The problem with it all, as Jacob Sullum noted earlier, is that none of the executive actions Obama mentioned would have prevented the kind of mass shootings that have gripped headlines in recent years.

Brian Doherty's feature story, You Know Less Than You Think About Guns, in Reason's February 2016 issue surveys the current state of social science about gun prevalence, gun deaths, defensive use of guns, and whether gun laws make us safer or not.

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