P.M. Links: El Chapo Captured, Belgian Bomb-Making Site Linked to Paris Attacks, American Sniper Widow Taya Kyle Rejects Obama's Gun Control Push


  • Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper author Chris Kyle, is speaking out against President Barack Obama's new gun control push.
  • A 30-year-old man who shot a Philadelphia police officer on Thursday says he carried out the shooting in the name of ISIS.
  • "At least 18 asylum seekers are among 31 people who have been identified so far by the federal police as having played a role in a violent assault on young women in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve, the Interior Ministry said on Friday."

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  1. A 30-year-old man who shot a Philadelphia police officer on Thursday says he carried out the shooting in the name of ISIS.

    Philly officer safety is just… babytown frolics.

    1. Hello.

      The Romans were the original Jerry Seinfeld neat freaks:

      “…He rounded up literature from the past few decades that had analyzed remains at Roman sites for parasites and disease. The researchers had looked at samples like mummies, fossilized human poop, the contents of ancient latrines, cesspits, trash piles, combs and the soil around where skeletons’ intestines would have been.

      Mitchell then mapped the presence of those Roman-era scourges against the geographic presence at earlier sites dating to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

      “I thought we’d see a drop in the intestinal parasites that are spread by feces and poor sanitation compared with the Iron Age, when there weren’t any toilets. But, in fact, I didn’t see a drop at all,” says Mitchell.”


      1. Interesting. Thanks Rufus.

    2. Shit, I’m late. What I miss?

      1. Fashionably late might be a thing over in cosmo land but here in the heartland you’re just rude.

      2. Doyers, language!

    3. A 30-year-old man who shot a Philadelphia police officer on Thursday says he carried out the shooting in the name of ISIS.


      (too soon?)

  2. The Dow is off to its worst start ever this year.

    How does it know when elections are coming up?

    1. That’s so cute — you think it’s reacting to the upcoming election.
      It is almost certainly being manipulated by both of the ‘crony capitalism’ parties, each trying to push and pull the market into a condition they think will benefit them.
      The stock market only just barely qualifies as a market any more.

      1. Shirley, you’re not being serious.

        1. Yes I’m serious, and don’t…wait…

    2. I got a decent short in on this market in good time, for once. Makin’ some coin here. Yay me!

      1. Election years are generally positive, FYI. Not that it means anything

        1. Vote Hillary.

          1. Or Bernie. Definitely Bernie.

      2. I had a dead 401(k) rolled over to IRA four (five?) years ago that I use for gambling money. I bought cheese Chinese jewelry make FUQI and rode it 30%. Then I let just cash lay there for a year (FUQI went broke/indictments in that time) and bought TSLA at $29. Sold at $150 eight-or-so months later. Let money sit there for two years as cash again, then bought a bunch of gold and silver ETF’s this past October, and those are breaking even through that point now.

        I’d be totally loaded up on BTC if one could get it on actual markets in tax-advantaged vehicles (its value will explode once real tax-advantaged capital can legally reach it).

        Have no idea what to call such investment strategery (Booze-algol Black Box) but so far it works.

        1. Can I easily make enough to buy a Ford Fiesta in two weeks?

    3. Who gives a shit about the Dow anyway? It’s only 30 stocks. Why don’t people talk about the other HUGE indexes? S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000? Or the Wilshire 5000, which is probably the most representative of the whole market.

  3. 15-year armed standoff quietly ends outside of Dallas

    John Joe Gray was arrested in 1999 for assaulting a state trooper during a traffic stop. Gray said it was his God-given right to carry the pistol he had that day, without a concealed handgun license. When the trooper tried to arrest him, Gray admits getting into a scuffle and biting him.

    Gray was eventually charged with assaulting a public servant. But he refused to return to court, and instead, armed himself at home.

    The felony charge of assaulting a peace officer was actually dismissed in December 2014, when the district attorney left office. But for some reason, no one notified the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office or even the Gray family, until now.

    1. Wow.

      Talk about holding out for the victory.

    2. “Yeah. It takes pressure off people. And it may take pressure off them,” the sheriff said. “There’s always been the potential for something bad happening.”

      Nutt said he didn’t go get Gray because deputies could have died.

      “It wasn’t worth it,” the sheriff said. “Joe Gray has been in prison out there himself, in my opinion, for 14 years.”

      Someone isn’t getting invited to the surplus military equipment ball/auction this year.

      1. He shoulda gone Waco on his ass.

    3. Wait, the local police didn’t immediately burst in guns blazing?!

      1. They thought about dropping an incendiary device.


    5. A true patriot.
      *Waves miniature American flag*
      *Statue of Liberty sheds a tear of joy*

    6. I remember reading about that case.

      Kudos to the sheriff.

    7. Has there ever been a greater example of white privilege?!

      That’s pretty great that he’s gotten away with biting a cop.

  4. Who knows how to cook pork belly? I have 3, one is going to be made into tacos.

    1. Do you have a cast-iron skillet? 😉

      1. Yep. Assume I have everything that a restaurant does.

        1. Then have your chef prepare it.

          1. I’m the chef. (and my wife is the dishwasher)

            1. Well then, when you want to cook a leg of lamb let me know. I did one Tuesday that turned out really well. I’m eating a stew I made with the left over lamb now. Pretty tasty.

                1. Check these for your pleasure:



                  1. Yellow card for Jamie Oliver link…

                    1. Yeh but his travels cooking in Italy were wonderful. I loved how even he marveled at what he was seeing.

                2. Bedouin leg of lamb.

                  Dry rub: 1 1/2 TBS coarse ground black pepper
                  1 TBS caraway seed (fennel for substitute)
                  1 tsp ground cardamom
                  1/2 tsp saffron threads
                  1 tsp ground turmeric
                  2 tsp kosher salt
                  1 tsp sugar

                  Coat 1 bone in 5-6 lb leg lamb with rub. Rest at room temp 1-2 hours.

                  Split bed of charcoal approx 350 degrees

                  Rotisserie continuously or turn every 20 minutes on grill for 1-1.5 hours. Brush with olive oil every 30 minutes. Cook temp 125 to 135. Rest 10-15 minutes. I had couscous and green beans with mine.

                  1. “Bedouin leg of lamb.” What, are you one of those mooslims?

        2. Do you have a coke-dealing bartender?

      2. Whoops, that went right over my head. My memory isn’t very good when I’m sober.

        1. There’s an easy cure for that. It’s 5:00 somewhere.

          1. I have three clocks on my walls. None of them have batteries. All of them are set at 5:00.

            1. Good idea. *resets stopped clock*

    2. We tried this one, it came out amazing. I skipped the sage though -I hate sage- and added some garlic and smoked paprika to the rub.

      Roasted Pork Belly

        1. 450 for 1.5-2 hours???? This could get interesting.

          1. Everything’s better with smoked paprika. Especially Bloody Maries.

        2. They are correct that the more holes you poke the better. The fat drips in to the meat this way during cooking. We did two and the one we poked the most tasted the best.

      1. So, a belly rub?

        1. Yes thank you.
          *exposes belly*

          1. Who is a good Florida Man? WHO IS A GOOD FLORIDA MAN??? Awww, good Florida Man!

            /belly rub

    3. Who knows how to cook pork belly?

      I’ve had good luck slicing it medium thin, and putting it in a skillet. The skillet shouldn’t be too hot. Turn occasionally until cooked to taste.

      1. R C Dean’s recipe book:

        “Cook it in a pan”

        1. Better than:

          “1. Burn off hair.”

          “2. Eat.”

    4. Make a pork belly porchetta. Does it have the skin on?

        1. Heretic.

          1. It’s not something I work with often. I have to go to the “ethnic” market.

            1. I’m with Sexbot – porchetta rocks. Finding a good pork belly is the hardest part.

    5. Cracklins.

      cut into 1.5 inch cubes

      put into a big pot with water

      the level will depend on the slope of the pot’s sides. you can do a small batch to feel you’re way through it

      the water will render the fat and when the water evaporates the pork belly will fry in it’s own oil

      season to choice and enjoy

  5. Today is the incept date for Roy Batty.

    Still no hovercars.

    1. In honor thereof, here’s one of the greatest scenes in movie history: the “Tears In Rain” monologue.

      1. Chew, if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes!

    2. Still no hovercars.

      As XKCD says: They’re called helicopters.

    3. Thanks for that, rts.

  6. At least 18 asylum seekers are among 31 people who have been identified so far by the federal police as having played a role in a violent assault on young women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve…

    It’s like they don’t value women at all where they come from.

    1. Or they value them too much? I don’t know, that’s for the experts to decide.

      1. They would pay a good price for the right woman, how can you say they don’t value them?

      1. I can understand a trigger warning for Uranus, but for the Sun??/? Sunscreen alert, maybe?

        1. Um, even naked women wearing neon shoes deserve respect. OMG

          1. Crusty’s got a thing for the feet.

            1. Crusty’s got a thing for the feet.

              Duh. Bob, guys like us are the reason wikifeet exists.

          2. I’m as turned on as you are, lap.

            1. I’m only turned on by the message, just like all of the guys lurking in the background taking pictures with their smartphones

        2. Her tits are confusing me.

      2. She’s German and naked, so I just assumed that she’d be taking a dump too.

        1. I think you can guess what Playa’s got a thing for.

          1. I want the opposite of that. Which is why I don’t watch German porn. They hit you with the dookie scenes when you least expect it. Scheisse!

      3. Visible Boobies!!

      4. Looks like implants to me.

        1. Looks like implants to me.

          The nipples pointing in different directions seems to be a big clue. Pretty lady all of the same.

      5. Ugh. She is trying to explain calculus to fish.

        The people she is talking to are not civilized.

      6. Yeah, that’ll teach those Arabs not to rape German women

    2. Fake scandal?

      I mean, this seems like it has pretty serious implications for all sorts of issues that are of interest to libertarians. Reason has dipped a toe into the “refugee” migration issue; perhaps another article on how these fellows are assimilating Europe would be of interest.*

      *I know, I know, get your own damn blog blah blah,

      1. Reason is all about reporting on government failure, unless it involves the failure to protect people from immigrants. Then they don’t see any issues.

        1. “Failure to protect” implies a positive duty of government – which libertarians in general feel is bullshit… but by now nobody expects you to understand nuance

          1. An outfit that has monopolized some economic good or service, like basic security and law, does have a minimal duty to deliver the goods so to speak.

            1. I think the SC has ruled the opposite. State agents have no duty to protect citizens. If Obumbles has his way citizens will have no means to do so themselves.

              I looked into the situation in Sweden and read lots of people there complaining that the state is not upholding their end of the ‘social contract’. I asked a number of them to send me a copy of that contract so that I could read the details. It has been over a month and I have received nothing.

              1. I chuckled. I’m going to start asking people for that.

    3. I had read something originally where the end goal of the assaults were robbery.

      1. The latest seems to be that the robberies were just opportunistic.

  7. Somehow I have a funny feeling that lowlife slimebag Dave Weigel won’t be bragging about the stock market too much here tonight after this week.

    1. Yeah, its funny how trading whiz shriek hasn’t been boasting about his double-reverse naked short option on Dow futures. Its a little late now to claim to have seen this coming, and bet accordingly.

      1. What’s even funnier is that the dollar has actually fallen a little lately with commodities while gold rose.

  8. “Mexican drug kingpin Joaqu?n “El Chapo” Guzm?n has been captured.”

    What are the chances he gets turned over to the US this time?

    1. Isn’t he the guy who wants to kill ISIS?

      Maybe he can work out a *deal* with the U.S.?

      1. That turned out to be a hoax, as did the Donald Trump thing.

        1. Ah.

        2. So Trump’s not actually running for president?

          1. I’m still not quite sure.

        3. Aw… I was hoping Saving Private Perez would soon come to real life…

          1. More like the Dirty Dozen.

    2. This guy is rich and ruthless enough that I suspect his people might actually attempt to get him out of Florence.

    3. So, how long before he escapes again?

  9. Don’t mess with the Mexican Navy?

  10. It’s racist to blame Arab culture for sexual violence problems because sometimes Germans rape too.

    “Nobody’s denying that people with immigrant backgrounds or of the Muslim faith are also guilty of committing sex crimes. But to act as if their cultural background has “programmed” them to do so, while making all sorts of excuses and downplaying the crimes of white Germans, will always be racist rabble-rousing.

    The clearest thing to come out of the debate around what happened in Cologne as of yet is that Germany has a sexism issue and a racism issue. Both are deep-rooted and were not “imported.” It’s our responsibility as a society to move towards a culture that celebrates mutual consent and respects boundaries. And that applies to all people, because one sexual assault is one too many?no matter where it took place and who it involved.”

    Yeah, let’s not bother looking at the relative positions of German women versus women in the Arab world – because rape also happens in Germany sometimes, we must be relativists and pretend everyone is equally guilty and there are no cultural differences anywhere on Earth.


    1. I just got a concussion from my brain banging against the side of my skull while trying to escape after reading that.

    2. The comments are spitting that shit back in their face though.

    3. All men are responsible for rape but culture has no impact on propensity to assault and you’re a bigot if you say otherwise.

      “The anti-migrant lobby won’t compel their rightful disgust at Cologne’s events into combating the swinging cuts to domestic and sexual violence charities throughout the UK. They won’t support the actions of Sisters Uncut and other women’s groups fighting to put violence against women back on the agenda. They aren’t even likely to push for the most reliable solution to events like Cologne: a robust program of sexual and emotional education that comprehensively deals with rape, sexual assault and gender imbalance.”

      Since most sexual assaults are committed by men, we should behave as if all men are equally likely to commit such assaults and there is no difference between different groups.

      1. If they’re getting money from the government, they’re not charities.

      2. Maybe she could visit Saudi Arabia one time?

      3. combating the swinging cuts to domestic and sexual violence charities

        I have a feeling that these “charities” are government funded, so not proper charities. You can still be against rape gangs and take no position whatsoever on women’s groups.

      4. “Condemnation is an act of distancing, or signalling one’s own moral values in relation to an event, or in this case, a people. The North African and Arab perpetrators are not like us: they are symbols of misogynistic cultures in which the routine sexual assault and rape of women is normalised. Ultimately, they are different. ”


      5. No, of course a religion that requires women to cover their heads because men can’t be expected to not rape them at the glimpse of their hair couldn’t possibly create a culture where raping women is the moral equivalent of running a red light.

        1. But courts can declare the raped women guilty of a death penalty offense (at least in the countries of origin). So there is that.

        2. I am currently rereading The Pirate Coast by Richard Zacks..

          It’s a narrative non fiction of The US and Jefferson’s first war with the Barbary Coast Muslim Pirates.

          The guy who led the overland expedition who attacked Tripoli makes note of the Arab women working in the fields wore a covering that covered their head and eyes but was slit along the sides to allow free movvement to work the plow behind the donkey.

          He wrote in his papers that the women’s breasts were frequently seen hanging out of this slit and no one paid them any attention.

          He also wrote that at times the women would be surprised by the expedition and would raise their skirts over their heads to hide themselves from the men. The Arab men didn’t mind their women ding that as long as the women’s hair and face were covered.

          But they aren’t any different from us, not really.

          1. That solves the bag problem.

      6. So, shouldn’t they call it “rape gender” instead of “rape culture”?

      7. “They aren’t even likely to push for the most reliable solution to events like Cologne: a robust program of sexual and emotional education that comprehensively deals with rape, sexual assault and gender imbalance.”

        You know who else promoted a “solution” to a “problem” Germans were allegedly facing?

        1. Alex Trebek?

    4. I… I thought we were programmed to rape and ogle and harass and microagress. I don’t know what to believe any more.

    5. So Nikki writes for Vice?

      1. This is exactly what I thought.

    6. while making all sorts of excuses and downplaying the crimes of white Germans, will always be racist rabble-rousing


    7. Here they have evidence of a no-kidding rape culture, right in front of their eyes, and they have their fingers stuck in their ears while they chant “la la la la la”.

      1. Yep, I hope this causes them to lose credibility in the eyes of the general public.

      2. they have their fingers stuck in their ears while they chant “la la la la la”

        Just be glad those fingers aren’t stuff up one of your orifices.


    8. But to act as if their cultural background has “programmed” them to do so

      Well, it hasn’t. Individual human beings still have moral agency. Those men chose to reenact Tahir Square a few days ago; their cultural values just happen to validate their choices.

    9. Sometimes women rape so it’s sexist to point out that men are programmed to rape because of their gender.

    10. “Yeah, let’s not bother looking at the relative positions of German women versus women in the Arab world”

      Shouldn’t we be instead looking at the relative positions of rape in German and Arab society?? I don’t get how people say that we shouldn’t judge them for raping people because its a different culture: since their culture has some rather strict penalties for having sex with a woman outside of marriage, consensual or not!! Or do they selectively ignore that part of sharia??

      1. No – their culture doesn’t have strict penalties, the leaders of those countries do. The Saudis will whip you if you commit rape, but that doesn’t stop rich Saudis from raping their maids with effective impunity. Egypt has a serious problem with sexual violence too, and Sisi has tried to seriously clamp down on that issue.

      2. The Koran also does allow for sex slavery, which is rape. You’re not supposed to have sex with MUSLIM WOMEN outside of marriage, but go look at what the Koran says about ‘possessing’ sex slaves and it becomes pretty obvious it isn’t against rape.

    11. Stephanie and/or Anne are going to run into one of those guys in a dark parking lot one night and what do you want to bet that if they survive they make excuses for them?

      There is no peak derp.

    12. I reject this entire piece because I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence anything actually happened.

      1. Exactly.

        We weren’t actually there to witness it.

        So it’s probably just a bunch of anti immigrant nonsense.

    13. At least it wasn’t ESB…has a small sadz.

    14. According to German law, in order to get a conviction for sexual assault, the victim must prove that they resisted the violence.

      But that’s pretty fucked up though.

  11. Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper author Chris Kyle, is speaking out against President Barack Obama’s new gun control push.

    It’s like she doesn’t even know that Obama’s plans would have saved her husband.

    1. He also told CNN that it’s “easier and cheaper for teenagers to buy guns than books”.

      I await Politifact’s evaluation of that statement.

      1. Did he really say that?

          1. “And then there’s a reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book,” said Obama, in pushing his proposals for “expanded background checks” via executive orders.

            In “certain neighborhoods”. This sounds racist to me.

            1. What do you mean, “YOU PEOPLE”?!?

            2. Yeah, imagine if Trump said that. Nonstop outrage.

          2. What the hell?? Is it even worth spending the time to google library and book store densities and black market arms prices in different locations??

            The only case where I can think that might be true is a child in a family of frontiersmen somewhere in Alaska, who probably have guns readily available and book stores miles away.

            1. Amazon Prime delivers anything, including books, to Barrow, AK in two days at no extra charge.

      2. WaPo’s Fact Checker actually fisked that the last time he said it.

        1. And the relevant part of that:

          “It’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable’

          This is just a very strange comment that appears to have no statistical basis. Perhaps one can just shrug it off as hyperbole, but is this really something the president of the United States should say to college students? As far as we know, there are no areas in the United States where background checks are needed to buy vegetables.

          1. They’re being far too deferential, IMHO.

            1. Yeah. He’s lying and he knows it.

              1. There could be areas in the United States where background checks are needed to buy vegetables. We just can’t know for sure.

                1. To be fair, when Obama needs a gun, he can ask any of his Secret Service detail to hand one over. When he needs a vegetable, he has to call all the way to the white house kitchen.

          2. Bizarre exaggerations about both guns and “food deserts”.

            1. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story..

          3. This is totally true this time of year. My squash plants have all died, but my Glock tree is fruiting quite nicely.

            1. I got my Glocks at the used Glock store. 10 for $1.

              1. Address?

            2. Our greens are flourishing and I even get a couple of tomatos each week.

          4. He was talking about Fallout 4, CLEARLY. Weapon vendors everywhere, but ya gotta trek all the way to Vault 81 just to get some fresh tatos!!

          5. That’s part of the whole “food desert” crap the left is pushing.

            Urban poor are fat because they only have fast food, not vegies

        2. “odd” series of gun claims. Odd… odd way to describe lies.

          1. Well, the lies were pretty odd. No one not in complete fantasy land could believe most of it. Maybe “odd series of lies and false claims about guns” would be better.

        3. Also interesting that the WaPo took on this task “after a reader” asked them to. I guess Reporters don’t question the president on their own?

          1. Unemployment doesn’t pay nearly as well…

      3. According to Chicago’s Fr. Michael Pfleger: “It’s easier to get a gun in my neighborhood than it is a computer”

        I suppose once one gets a gun, though, it’s relatively easy to get a computer too.

        1. And yet it is still essentially illegal to own a gun in Chicago.
          But he’s right. In Chicago there are probably way more fun stores than Best Buys.

          1. *gun stores*

            Fuck me

            1. It’s not as if Best Buy is very fun.

            2. No, you had it right the first time. A store that sells firearms is loads of fun.

          2. Turns out there are zero (0) gun stores in Chicago.


            Same as Beijng, as it happens.

        2. “I suppose once one gets a gun, though, it’s relatively easy to get a computer too.”

          “This is a robbery, gimme one of your computers. And make sure it doesn’t have Windows 10 installed, or I’ll put a cap in your ass.”

      4. What the fuck? Really?

        I have no direct experience, but I imagine that a black market gun costs quite a lot. And it harder to find than a bag of weed or something. And teenagers aren’t buying them legally.

        1. Depends. Most cops will quickly tell you that the most common guns found used in crimes and found in evidence lockers are “saturday night specials” with duct tape on the grips, High Points, and other various and sundry cheap-o firearms which have been cut on, ground on, duct-taped and screwed down in hasty repairs.

          This notion that it’s all sophisticated high-power assault rifles is, as we know, utter bullshit.

          1. I wouldn’t have thought that lots of high quality pistols were being used in street crime. But I’d expect that people who aren’t likely to be passing any background checks pay a pretty good premium for a used, cheapo pistol.

            1. Yeah. Several hundred dollars cash on the black market.

              You can get a new Hi Point for a fraction of that.

              1. So I should be flipping hi-points in our new economy?

                1. You’re a CRNA, right?

                  I’d stick to that. Much less chance of federal prison, and you probably make more money.

                    1. And I’ve only had 3 sips of beer.

          2. The better specimens never make it to the evidence locket?

            1. True story.

              A guy I went to HS with winds up a deputy sheriff. One day he picks up a nice revolver at a crime scene, sits on it a bit, then sells it to the Sheriff of a neighboring county. To the buyer’s credit, he runs the SN. Stolen. Former classmate now former cop and currently incarcerated. Idiot.

          3. http://www.hi-pointfirearms.co…..fault.html
            “The Hi-Point of Service
            Damage, age, and plain old wear and tear – these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point customers enjoy a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. And lifetime means just that – free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third.”

            Or 33rd?

        2. I mean, a nickle used to run about $5, and you can get a used paperback for $1 or less. And I’m talking about in Baltimore. So yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit.

          And hell, if I’m wrong, I’m in the market for a Sig P226 and I’ve got a shelf of hardcovers I’m willing to trade.

      5. First they have to weigh in on all the “imaginary fiction” being spouted by the NRA

        FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — President Barack Obama mocked conspiracy theorists and tore into the National Rifle Association for pushing “imaginary fiction,” as he described his plans to tighten gun control rules as modest first steps toward tackling gun violence in America.


        It is funny that he condescendingly calls out the NRA for making things up while trotting that “fact” out.

        1. I saw in obama’s first term when he says such obvious bullshit as that he isn’t addressing the country as a whole.

          He is speaking directly to his base of belivers and they take his eery word as true.

      6. WORD DESERT!11!!

    2. She’s a WILF for sure…

      1. Wolf?

        1. An uncommon way of saying MILF.

  12. Did we ever figure out what Waffles’ new handle is? I thought we had to guess. Why aren’t we guessing? Who do I blame?

    1. We get it, we get it: you’re waffles.

      And, yes, would.

      1. I’m Kurt Russell. Gosh.

    2. Palin’s Buttplug.

      Waffles has been playing the long troll.

    3. I don’t know Stank Taint.

    4. I think Waffles is just busy enjoying the slopes. We’ve gotten over 3 feet in the last 2 weeks. It’s an epic skiing year in CA.

    1. Why that’s a felony! What do we do? What do we do?

      1. Immunity, duh!

    2. How many obvious felonies have the Clintons committed over the years? Nothing will happen. You know this.

      1. But, … but isn’t *Trey Gowdey* on the case?

      2. The most that will possibly happen is that Obama pardons her. And while we’d all like to think that’d torpedo her Presidency chances, I think we know it won’t do shit. 43 percent of the American public is inclined to vote for her no matter what she does, or what we find out.

        The only reason Obama pardons her is that he can’t stay out of jail himself if she lets fly with the dirt she has on him.

    3. Not like they charged Sandy Berger.

    4. Meh. If it ain’t Trump bloviating, nobody cares, amirite?

  13. Let me see if I’ve got this right:

    Hilary Clinton appears to have invited her aide to violate the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual, and possibly, federal law by telling the aide to remove markings identifying the information as sensitive and to send it via unsecured fax.


    So this friend of Bill Clinton and large donor to Hilary Clinton committed statutory rape on multiple victims (some as young as 13) and his punishment was 13 months of having to sleep at the jailhouse ? but could live at his Palm Beach mansion for 16 hours a day, and that’s it? – (Mr. Epstein also pals around with Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos)


    Clinton Foundation fraud ?

    Hilary’s unsecured servers ?

    Etc? etc? etc?

    I mean, how is this not leading the six o’clock news every night ?

    1. I mean, how is this not leading the six o’clock news every night ?

      Two words: El Ni?o!

      Seriously, read Sharyl Attkisson’s book “Stonewalled”.

    2. Oh, there’s no “possibly” about it. Its a violation of federal law to strip, or induce another to strip, security headings from documents.

      1. Pfft. That law was written by racist white men years ago in Olde English (or possibly Hi Karate).

        1. I’m putting myself down for fucking that up.

    3. Because the legacy media are all-in for Hillary.

    4. “I mean, how is this not leading the six o’clock news every night ?”

      Because she’s not a Republican of course.

  14. Belgian investigators say they have identified an apartment in Brussels where explosives used in the November Paris attacks were made.

    And promptly held an orgy there.

    1. [golf clap]

      1. actually [vagina clap]

        1. Orgies and clap really shouldn’t be mentioned that close together.

    2. I have to say, Belgium never previously had a reputation as an orgy capital. This may help their international reputation.

  15. Greek Bronzes and the Rise of Artistic Realism: Power and Pathos Exhibition What rare Hellenistic statues tell us about the ancient world and 21st-century America. By Meredith Bragg

    If you’re in DC (eww, I know), go see this. It is truly extraordinary.

    1. I would love to go. They look so familiar; it’s amazing they’re more than 2 thousand years old.

    2. Huh. Thanks! I’ll go tomorrow!

  16. Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper author Chris Kyle, is speaking out against President Barack Obama’s new gun control push.

    What would you expect Adam Lanza’s widow to say?

  17. CNN finally got around to reporting that the gun used by the Philly shooter was a stolen 9 mm, still no mention of where the gun was stolen from or whether it was reported stolen before or after the shooting. Between the provenance of the gun and the “emptying the gun at point-blank range and hitting the target 3 times in the arm” if this ISIS-inspired Muslim terrorist assassin ain’t a Philly cop he’s doing a damn fine impersonation.

    1. The cop wouldn’t have hit the target more than once, even at point-blank range.

      1. Why are they such good shots when the person is unarmed, innocent, prone and 40′ away?

    2. It was a stolen police gun.

      1. Which amusingly undercuts the “only the police should have guns” argument.

    1. Breitbart has become so fucking awful since Andrew Breitbart died.

      1. Was it ever really good? Andrew hired some of the psychos running it today.

      2. Sorry, I’m not seeing how “awful” this piece is. Seems like legit reporting to me.

        1. That’s just you and your odd number of chromosomes.

          1. So, Cytotoxic, explain to us how Germany must have recently “redefined” sexual assault and robbery, because it couldn’t possibly be that immigration is ever a bad thing.

            1. Would you care to connect this babble to a salient interesting data point?

    2. See?!? The birthers weren’t racist….just stupid

  18. I think the reason why the political left is going down the gun control road is because for one they are stupid but also because they want to rile up the base before the elections. Think about it, they no longer have gay marriage as a wedge issue and no one gives two shits about the manufactured, “War on Women”. So since they no longer have those tools to beat their opponents over their heads with, they are fighting for increased gun regulation. That’s why they try to frame this as a fight between those who are evil and want our children dead and the good who will do everything to protect them.

    1. I would call that a gross miscalculation on their part

    2. “” they want to rile up the base before the elections. “”

      Duh. All the gun control hoo-ha is nothing to do with any desire for “policy”. Its pure theatrics to avoid having to debate actual issues like “Why is Obamacare so Fucked Up?”

      1. “actual issues like “Why is Obamacare so Fucked Up?”

        Is there ANYTHING he’s done that wasn’t fucked up?

    3. ” and no one gives two shits about the manufactured, “War on Women”

      Given their plans to increase the importation of rape culture and put a rapist (possibly a minor-sex-slave-rapist) into the White House, they had best hope not.

  19. What rare Hellenistic statues tell us about the ancient world…

    That the pervs liked to show their wieners.

    1. Which is brave, as they didn’t have much to show.

      1. Size doesn’t matter!!!!


    2. “What rare Hellenistic statues tell us about the ancient world…”

      That most of them had their arms chopped off.

      1. They needed a good eye doctor.

  20. When Veterans Declared War on the Police

    The men demanded the officials turn the building over to them.

    The officials refused and gunfire lit up the night. Shotgun blasts pockmarked the red brick building. Rifle and handgun bullets ricocheted off the pavement. Homemade molotov cocktails arced through the air. But the fighters mixed them wrong. The fires didn’t catch. But it didn’t matter.

    Dynamite was on the way.

    1. At 3:00 p.m., a deputy fired the first shot of the day. An old black farmer named Tom Gillespie stepped into the 11th precinct building to cast his ballot. Deputy Windy Wise turned the man away and beat him with brass knuckles. When Gillespie fled, Wise shot him in the back.

      The gunshot started a chain reaction.

      After seeing the concentration camps and/or how the Japanese treated POWs, much less the Chinese, I figure they lost their taste for ol’ Jim Crow.

      1. Great stuff. Shame more of the deserving weren’t killed.

    2. “The sheriff and his deputies received a fee for every person they booked, incarcerated, and released; the more human transactions, the more money they got,”

      The more things change…

  21. I read this a few days ago. It’s worth the time. I love what he claims the CIA asked him in his job interview.

    I had spent the days prior to the interview reading about Lenin’s train and Stalin’s prisons, the width of the Fulda Gap, the depth of the Black Sea. None of the study was called for. Instead of being asked about the treaties of Brest-Litovsk or the October Revolution, I was asked three questions bearing on my social qualifications for admission into what the young men at the far end of the table clearly regarded as the best fraternity on the campus of the free world:

    1. When standing on the thirteenth tee at the National Golf Links in Southampton, which club does one take from the bag?

    2. On final approach under sail into Hay Harbor on Fishers Island, what is the direction (at dusk in late August) of the prevailing wind?

    3. Does Muffy Hamilton wear a slip?

    1. Will read to find out if Muffy Hamilton wore a slip.

    2. Read Legacy of Ashes sometime. It tells the actual truth about the CIA. It was from the beginning an organization filled with Ivy League twits who could fuck up tying their shoes.

      1. I think that’s hanging out on my sister’s bookshelf at my parents’ house. I should grab it next time I’m visiting.

        1. You should. It is a good book. Some of the stupid shit they did was so bad it is funny. In the early 70s they bugged the bed room of the US Ambassador to some Latin American country. I forget with one. They were hoping to get blackmail material and thought they had hit pay dirt as they got all this tape of her sweet talking someone with a female name. They thought for sure she was a lesbian. The problem was when they went to try and blackmail her, she told them to stick up their ass. Her alleged “girlfriend”, Joanie, I think it was, was actually her beloved Yorkshire terrier. No shit. It was an organization of the worst idiot sons imaginable. The kind of inbred retards that end up working in journalism or in Congress today.

          1. I imagine it’s nothing like the movie The Good Shepherd.

            1. Won’t ask, won’t look up.

      2. Yeah, it was all rich kids who didn’t even need to work.

        1. You leave William F. Buckley, Jr. out of this! What did Skull and Bones ever do to you?

        2. “You know my father”


          1. Worked for Justin Trudeau.

            1. If Justin Trudeau had his same intellect but been lightspeed ugly, he’d have been laughed off as Trudeau’s dimwitted backroom sprog.

              1. Yup.

          2. “You *are* my father.”


    3. 1. When standing on the thirteenth tee at the National Golf Links in Southampton, which club does one take from the bag?

      One doesn’t take one’s own club from the bag. One accepts a club from one’s caddy. If it does not result in a good drive, one beats one’s caddy with it.

      2. On final approach under sail into Hay Harbor on Fishers Island, what is the direction (at dusk in late August) of the prevailing wind?


      1. And … AND?!

        1. Oh, alright:

          3. Does Muffy Hamilton wear a slip?

          Not when she is wearing her clam diggers, you cad.

          1. Thanks, R C. 😎

    4. Blowing My Cover: My Life As A CIA Spy” is also damning, and chock-full of unintentional comedy. The first time I read it, I thought it had to be disinformation.

      I’d read it first in one of Tom Clancy’s books, and who knows who he stole it from, but I thought the idea of staffing the CIA with street cops/detectives had some merit. Get people who are at least used to talking to people who lie to them.

      Lapham’s Quarterly looks like they’re trying to bring back the old Harpers, when it was good.

      1. I just watch Mike Baker stammer nothings on Fox News to learn all I need to know about the CIA.

      2. YEah, they fucking hired a stupid sorority girl to be a spy. How the hell did that woman get hired?

      3. The Navy would sometimes let Tom Clancy on board submarines for a short voyage and give him access to the unclassified parts of the boat, since his books were good publicity for the military. The sailors would give him all sorts of misinformation about how stuff worked and what things were, to see if it would end up in his book. Not that it has anything to do with the CIA, I just thought it was funny.

        1. He had some howlers in his books after Red October and probably Red Storm Rising. The one that first comes to mind was a bit in Clear and Present Danger about how cell phones were popular with drug dealers because the police couldn’t overhear conversations on them. Even as a fifteen year old, snot nosed kid, I knew that was bullshit. Oh, and how moral and clean living the guys in the 7th Light Infantry Division were, when we’d see them trying to pick up high school chicks, while they were drunk off their asses, cruising on S. Main in Salinas, Friday and Saturday nights.

          Not surprising if some of the multitude of military guys he listened to, were leading him down the primrose path. I’d never thought of the similarities between a cop’s running CIs and a case officer’s running of foreign nationals before I’d read that in one of his books though.

    5. I stopped reading Lewis Lapham a few years ago when he claimed Patton had crossed the Bridge at Remagen. He can’t even keep his historical facts straight in his grandiose analogies. He’s the more-literate version of same dumbfuckery that James Howard Kunstler appeals to.

      1. e.g. see bottom of 7th paragraph

    6. Amusing. Confirms everything I’ve heard anecdotally. I live pretty close to the Farm.


  22. This is the story of how Ancel Keys and the AMA and AHA and whole bunch of other sheisters cooked up the fat/cholesterol scare in the ’50s and NEVER STOPPED EVER. This is required reading. One of the best write-ups about the proliferation of bad science with the help of government and non-profits you’ll ever read.


    1. N=1 is worthless and everything, but it’s worth noting that I eat at least half a dozen eggs a day and have for years, and when I got my cholesterol taken for a life insurance policy a few months ago, my total cholesterol was 152. I forget what the breakdown of that was, and I know the total number is almost worthless, but there you go. Eat more eggs to save on your premiums, children.

      1. I eat like shit. Worse than anyone I know. After my life insurance physical, I got the triple platinum rate, which only 2% of applicants qualify for. My wife’s rate is 3x mine, in spite of being younger, female, and a healthy eater.

        Eat whatever you want. You can’t fight genetics.

        1. You can’t fight genetics.

          That’s what SHE said!

        2. Eat whatever you want.

          The “don’t be sedentary” is implied.

          1. Of course. Calories in, calories out.

            There’s no room for fatties on the beach.

            1. You know better than to pretend complex systems are linear. Restating the laws of thermodynamics tells you precisely nothing about how to eat.

      2. Why do you eat so many eggs? That must cost a lot. They aren’t bad for you: dietary cholesterol just doesn’t seem to matter.

        1. Eggs are one of the cheapest sources of nutrition.

          1. Eggs are the worlds most perfect food and they come in their own packaging.

            1. 2 of my favorites (and I’m not just talking about breakfast):
              -Julia Child’s slow scrambled eggs
              -Huevos Rancheros with tomatillo and jack cheese

        2. What? No. Eggs are incredibly cheap.

          1. Maybe not in America Junior.

            1. Don’t they all work on collective farms? No wonder food is expensive.

            2. 2.25 a dozen ?

              That’s pretty cheap.

              Or you can pay for labels such as “cage free” which means the chickens have an extra 6 inches of room.

              my favorite is ‘vegitarian fed”.

              vegitarian eggs are bland as can be.

              I buy local yard bird eggs for $2.50 and the yolks are orange and stand tall.

              I eat a couple of dozen a week.

              1. $4.49 a dozen here and for the reasons Cytotoxic cites below.

                It’s a controlled racket.

                Then again, Canada is but a controlled racket.

            3. No, not in Canada. We have this horrible POS policy called ‘supply management’ that enforces a quota on production of eggs and milk and chicken and few other minor things. I am hoping synthetic biology will give us the weapons we need to break the system. Look up ‘Muufri’ for an example.

          2. Not in CA any more, since the pussies passed a law about being extra-nice to chickens. At my local Safeway they’ve been $4/dozen or more for months.

            1. That’s what I pay for the large free range eggs with the bright orange yolks. Well, the cheap kind. At Whole Foods they’re $6 and up.

    2. “Cholesterol: How a now discredited diet theory became a national mania”

      It’s amazing how much power a discredited study with obvious flaws has. Think the vaccine-autism link thing. The author admitted it was flawed and yet people still believe it.

      Another example is from 2005 in the LA Times when an interesting article appeared titled, ‘Roe Ruling: More Than Its Author Intended’.


    3. Whew, I checked the article and am relieved AHA did not refer to the American Historical Association.

    4. The AHA is a bunch of whores? I’m shocked.

      Interesting article. Thanks.

  23. Legal Insurrection looks back at the 08 Washington Post endorsement of Obama. Trigger warning, it will induce nausea.


    1. Mr. Obama, as anyone who reads his books can tell, also has a sophisticated understanding of the world and America’s place in it.

      Good Lord.

      1. “You mendacious bastard – I read your book!”

        1. Magnificent, Crusty!

        2. Audacious, but beautiful.

        3. Nearly choked on my vape pen.

      2. “Mr. Obama, as anyone who reads his books can tell, also has a sophisticated understanding of the world and America’s place in it.”

        Holy goddamned fuckin’ shit. Of all the sentences ever composed in the history of mankind that is the single worst one with regards to its relation to truth. President Peace Prize has certainly ushered in post racial america.

        As per my suggestion yesterday, if you voted for this guy run a piece of rusty barbed wire up your ass. Do it now.

        1. He’s playing 7 dimensional chess.

          You guys just don’t get it.

    2. The Ron Bailey and Tim Cavanaugh endorsements were bad enough. I’m not going to read that.

      1. Cavanaugh was drunk at the time.

    3. Worst president in 30 years. Worse than Carter even.

      1. Yep. Worse than Carter.

    4. The perceived U.S. tilt toward Iran has inflamed Sunni jihadis, contributed to the meltdown in Syria, and has made regional sectarian conflict hotter and more dangerous than ever. What’s more, the U.S. has lost leverage over Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and Israel?without gaining leverage over Iran. As a result, the U.S. is both less able to persuade the Sunni powers to refrain from steps that could inflame regional conflict and is completely unable to persuade the Iranians to moderate their behavior in the interest of regional peace.

      The President has a nuanced understanding of America’s place in the world. He’s an analytical guy. And he gives me a thrill up my leg I don’t feel very often.

  24. Rationalwiki really hates libertarianism. The whole page is just about how stupid and unworkable the idea is.


    1. Goddammit, JJ, this is stupid and you smell. Post a link to the old Critiques of Libertarian page next, you stupid asshole.

      1. And don’t start on the name of this very magazine…

    2. Isn’t that part of the Pharyngula and friends crowd?

      1. Yes. PZ Myers is amazing because he’s now roundly despised by almost everyone since most atheists hate how he race baits over Islam.

    3. My favorite is their page on Alan Greenspan where they claim the Fed controls Fiscal policy and is responsible for banking regulations.

      They are so fucking smug but can’t tell the difference between fiscal and monetary policy and also don’t know that banking regs are enforced/written by bureaucracies outside the federal reserve. They blamed Greenspan for the repeal of Glass-Steagles, which he had no power to do.

      1. also don’t know that banking regs are enforced/written by bureaucracies outside the federal reserve.

        Looks to me like the Fed has quite a few regulations:


    4. It starts off OK:

      Libertarianism is, at its simplest, the antonym of authoritarianism.

      1. Yes, but the rest is a bunch of derp about how heartless and terrible we all are.

        OT: a coterie of smug young people from Connecticut and one from Nepal just knocked on my door asking me to donate money to their environmental scam, and tried to scare me with how everybody is going to die from global warming.

        I politely listened to their spiel and declined to offer my financial support.

        Couldn’t even find any native Texans to do this work. One of the chicks wasn’t even sure which city she was in. FUCK YOU Connecticut, keep your goddamned communists in the north, where they belong.

        1. We really are terrible and heartless…since you know we dont solicit a 3rd party to rob peter to pay paul. Only if we did this we would be enlightened!

          1. I find the whole notion that if you don’t want to force everyone to do what you think is right you are heartless rather offensive and insulting. But I suppose that’s not necessarily unintended.

        2. Yeah, I couldn’t even make it through the introduction.

    5. It’s pretty funny to see a place dedicated to rationalism so extremely against libertarianism. Like us or not, we’re part of the rationalist tradition, buttholes.

      Hence Reason.

      1. All the “reality based” stuff makes me think they are saying “rationalism” when they mean “empiricism”. But even then they aren’t doing a very good job.

      2. Spend one minute reading there and you will realize that their definition of ‘rational’ is not the same as yours.

    6. “the reality-based community tends to realize that one cannot just yank economic theories out of the air and magically expect them to work.”

      You can’t just yank the theory of gravity out of the air and expect it to work!

      You can’t just yank the laws of thermodynamics out of the air and expect them to work!

      1. Yeah, what have free markets and capitalism ever done for anyone?

      2. Their lack of self awareness is amusing

    7. The contrast to their article on socialism tells you all you need to know about their biases.

  25. The next metal superstars are the Children Medieval Band

  26. I watched (most of) Chuck Norris vs Communism the other night. Recommended.

    1. I had not heard of that before. I love stories like that.

  27. The five best liberal excuses for the German NYE rape fest.
    1. It was a false flag operation designed to discredit innocent lovely immigrants
    2. You can’t talk about these things because it encourages the ‘Far Right’
    3. Rape is only a ‘thing’ when white people do it
    4. Ooh look some cute kids! And they’re Syrian refugees!!!
    5. Nothing to do with Islam. It’s because all men are rapists, obviously


    Further proof there is no such thing as peak retard.

    1. At least the “Sign this NDA or we won’t treat you for rape” rumor is looking to be false.

      Whatever happened to the fearsome Polizei I was warned about when I visited in 2000? Those guys that, from hearing second hand stories from Army guys, loved nothing more than to crack heads first and arrest GI’s second?

      1. They did. But the German government is so PC that apparently they are not allowed to do anything if the perp is a sacred Muslim. I am reading where vigilante groups are forming. That is completely to be expected and is not going to end well. I suspect the refugees will wish the police had done something.

        1. Problem is native Europeans who engage in such activities will get in trouble.

          1. With who? The police can’t even handle outsiders, they’re going to stop a native mass movement that, deep down, they probably sympathize with?

            1. Wait, I’m feeling some deja vu here…

              1. Is the mass movement against people who not only did no harm, but actually improved the areas they were in, and were still the recipients of centuries of concerted hatred, libel and pogroms, followed by a paroxysm of direct attempts at extermination?

                Otherwise, I’m not seeing it.

                1. It doesn’t exist yet (it’s a movement, but not mass). It will. I can’t see away for the authorities to keep order in places like Germany and Sweden, and the consequences of that failure are going to feel an awful lot like losing a war — rape and pillage and fear. That’s going to create the mass movement.

                  Islam, on account of having violent supremacist attitudes hard-coded in, just doesn’t do a very good job living in equitable peace with others unless there is a non-Islamic superpower there to force everyone to play nice. Do that for generations and you can develop a large enough class of MINOs that the pious ones are on the defensive rather than the liberal ones, but there’s still always a risk of recurrence once things get hard and people start turning to their faith for answers. And since that’s always going to be in the cards, probably best to have as few people as possible following the faith that says the answer is “you’re the master faith and everyone else is subhuman filth, so feel free to rape them to death, eat their flesh, and sew their skins into your clothing — if they’re generous to your people, repay that kindness by making sure to do it that order.”

        2. “That is completely to be expected and is not going to end well.”

          Depends on what you consider “ending well”.

    2. It’s unclear that this has anything to do with Islam. It’s probably more of an Arab thing.

      1. Is that supposed to be better? Hey, why criticize a vicious ideology of hate when we could just be racist?

        1. Culture-ist, not racist. Arabs aren’t a racial group.

          I tend to think that it probably didn’t have much to do with Islam beyond the general pervasive influence on culture and the low regard Islam has for women’s rights. Which isn’t nothing. But most Muslims manage at least not to rape or grope strangers. And if the rumors of the mob being drunken are true, then they aren’t terribly by-the-book Muslims.

          1. This. Sexual repression is just a spoke on the wheel of Arab cultural backwardness that I think contributes more to the ME’s problems than Islam itself.

            1. Seems hard to disentangle it — Arabs invented Islam, so it would have reflected their cultural values at the time, and their culture today is influenced by 1400 years of Islam.

        2. This is racist. Just wait till my transvestite mother, Brian, gets here. He’ll tell you how you’re microaggresing.

    3. This morning I turned on the news. Two refugees had been arrested, one in california and one in texas, for being isis supporters/combatants. A guy shot a cop in philly in the name of allah. Cops discovered a bomb making operation in belgium linked to the paris attacks.

      I can’t wait for all the widows and orphan refugees to arrive.

      Now, someone tell me what a racist yokel I am.

      1. Charged =/= convicted

    1. The movie was good at least.

      1. Sorry, it wasn’t like the last one where if you didn’t like the music, you could bate to the picture.

  28. The Vikings stadium is the that keeps on giving.

    US Bank gave the Vikes a ton of money for naming rights. Unfortunately Wells Fargo built two new office buildings near by and are “photo bombing” them because the signs on the roofs of the Wells Fargo buildings will mar the view of the Vikes stadium.

    The Vikings claim the signs would permanently “photo-bomb” the image of “iconic” U.S. Bank Stadium, which they emphasize is a public investment to be protected.

    I await judgement on this until I see how it affects my cut of the profits from the new stadium. Yeah right, like I’m ever going to see a cent of that “public investment”.

    I can’t believe how fucking tone deaf Wilf (the owner) is. Even the local sports radio bobo’s are making fun of him lately.

    1. I hope he gets sick from being in the cold this weekend.

  29. We are #1.

    Suck it Portland! You may edge Minneapolis out in the vaunted bike friendly city surveys, but we have the first vegan butcher shop!!!!!

    1. Are the hipsters that live in Minneapolis there because they have to live there?

    2. Owner Kale Walch

      Given name or changed his name?

        1. Apparently. I think I see a weird little mustache in the photo.

    3. Vegan butcher? That’s not a thing.

  30. New Years Resolution #22: Become more social and less abrasive and confrontational. In that vein, I will not mention anything about the sincerity of Barack Obama, won’t talk about how right-wingers use gun politics and social issues to distract poor people from engaging in a socialist revolution, won’t talk about how right-wing politicians use victimization rhetoric to advance their careers, won’t talk about collusion between politicians and special interests, definitely won’t talk about my mortgage or my stellar credit ratings, and most definitely won’t make any jokes about Asian stereotypes in any way, shape or form. Nono!

    Can I still talk about what cunts every one of these Republican candidates are. I was talking with my good buddy, Gilmore, last night and he said it was ok. Let me know if I’m microaggressing,ok? It’s a brand new year and I want to do better.

    1. “won’t talk about how right-wingers use gun politics and social issues to distract poor people from engaging in a socialist revolution, won’t talk about how right-wing politicians use victimization rhetoric to advance their careers, won’t talk about collusion between politicians and special interests, ”

      Project some more bitch.

    2. It’s a brand new year and I want to do better.

      I’m pretty sure you’re too stupid to do better. There’s only so much you can do with a sub-90 IQ.

      1. OK, that almost cost me a mouthful of apple cider.

      2. He probably thought is was pretty clever to say something and then do the exact opposite. Kind of like my 4 year old.

        1. “definitely won’t talk about my mortgage or my stellar credit ratings”

          Are you gonna bad mouth Trump for his business reorganizations ? No ? Not now huh ?

          Well anyway we now know that good credit dosen’t always equate to good character.

    3. Re: American Stultified,

      New Years Resolution #22: Become more social and less abrasive and confrontational.

      I guess becoming more rational, less envious of others’ fortunes and less childish is simply beyond your capabilities. Marxian to the bitter end.

    4. …poor people from engaging in a socialist revolution,

      “Fucking poor! Why are they so stoopid! Why can’t they just realize their inherent socialism?!? Self defense is bupkis! They have no business caring about their society!”

      Preach it, AmSoc!!

      1. If I’m 62 years old and have 20k in the bank for my retirement (a not-so-unheard-of predicament) you’re saying its intelligent for me to vote for a Republican who says he’ll slash my Social Security benefit because he gets beet-red in the face about obummer?

        1. No, but thanks for playing!

          What I was saying is that your shitty belief that poor people are going to lead us all into some kind of government-run utopia (via revolution), is as bad as your claim that these same “poor” are somehow easily distracted from that goal by other issues.

          Sounds to me like you were just plain stupid with your finances, with an underlying belief that someone owed you something and would…”mother” you when you felt it was time to stop working.

          If you had only decided that your finances were your responsibility, and behaved as such, you would probably be better prepared for retirement. Hell, you might have even voted for people who would have stopped the government from confiscating your money, and had more to invest/save.

          But, shoulda-woulda-coulda. You chose the behavior, you chose the consequences.

          P.S.- I like how you made the idea of cutting government theft all about someone’s emotion meltdown. No wonder you think I was telling you to “vote Republican”.

          1. Jesus. The 13th Amendment is supposed to prevent people from getting owned like that.

        2. I’ve been working hard to plan for my retirement so I don’t have only $20k. Why do the progressives keep taking away (and demanding to take away more) of that shrinking sum that I have saved?

          Or is that the goal. To eviscerate everyone’s savings forcing them into SSN as their only option?

          1. “Or is that the goal. To eviscerate everyone’s savings forcing them into SSN as their only option?”

            I guess it would depend on the current status of my 401k. If I had 3 million dollars in my IRA I might argue as you do. Since I know something about spreadsheets and retirement planning and 529 plans, I know that I live better if I elect people who keep Social Security around instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires. I never bought that Atlas Shrugged horseshit like you did.

            1. “Since I know something about spreadsheets and retirement planning and 529 plans, I know that I live better if I elect people who keep Social Security around instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires.”

              You’d be better off still if you had 1) been allowed to invest your own money instead of having it stolen for SS and 2) weren’t a retard at financial planning.

              Your need is not a moral claim to what others have.

              1. This.

            2. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 8:01PM|#

              “Or is that the goal. To eviscerate everyone’s savings forcing them into SSN as their only option?”

              I guess it would depend on the current status of my 401k. If I had 3 million dollars in my IRA I might argue as you do. Since I know something about spreadsheets and retirement planning and 529 plans, I know that I live better if I elect people WHO STEAL FROM OTHERS SO I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS.

        3. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 7:21PM|#
          “If I’m 62 years old and have 20k in the bank for my retirement (a not-so-unheard-of predicament) you’re saying its intelligent for me to vote for a Republican who says he’ll slash my Social Security benefit because he gets beet-red in the face about obummer?”

          No, you should voter for someone who will slash your social security because you’re not a lefty thief like commie kid.
          BTW, did you pay your mortgage yet, or are you still free-riding on honest people?

          1. I’d like to explain american socialist’s philosophy for you:

            “Gimme Gimme Gimme Mine Mine Mine Gimme Gimme Gimme.”


            1. “Gimme Gimme Gimme Mine Mine Mine Gimme Gimme Gimme.”

              You mean like I vote for people who promote my middle-class economic interests and don’t vote for politicians who say they’ll keep the gay away. Guilty as charged.

              1. I vote for people who promote my middle-class economic interests

                american producerist

              2. people who promote my middle-class economic interests

                Why are others having to deal with your interests?

                Oh, I get it-just farming out the violence to others so you can finance your life.


              3. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 8:05PM|#
                ‘You mean like I vote for people who STEAL FROM OTHERS SO I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS? Guilty as charged.

          2. Hi sevo,

            God, I’m no good at resolutions I guess. I was going to mention my mortgage to the commenter above who said I should take responsibility for my financial decision– assuring him/her that I did in discharging a debt. I didn’t respond to the plaintive wailing of right-wingers who laid the blame on poor Black people and said that people in underwater mortgages should bootstrap themselves to crooked contracts made with crooks at BofA– among many.

            1. I didn’t respond to the plaintive wailing of right-wingers who said that people shouldn’t finance things they can’t afford in their current financial state, and that if something is too good to be true, it usually is, regardless of other parties involved.


              Oh, and this gem:

              I should take responsibility for my financial decision– assuring him/her that I did in discharging a debt

              Not paying what you agreed to… Moral high ground, there.

            2. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 7:55PM|#
              “Hi sevo,
              God, I’m no good at resolutions I guess.”

              AFAICT, you’re not worth shit at most anything, other than repeating whiny left-wing tropes.

          3. Honestly, it’s not that hard to save 20k. My grand mother collected a tiny pension for 25 years and managed to save 48k.

            Saving your money and proper management can be learned and achieved. If you choose not to, it’s by choice. Blaming circumstances can only go so far.

            1. “Proper management”


              Do you think it’s better to pay money on an underwater mortgage or contribute money to a 529 account to pay for your kids’ education. I cry everyday about the fate of BofA CEOs and stockholders, but somehow I make it through the day. One at a time.

              1. Not sure I follow.

                Stop looking at them and do your job as Belichick says. Lefties obsess over the dumbest things and obsessing over CEO’s as if it actually impacts your pay is lunacy.

                1. I know all that about how CEOs are the greatest, but my main question was whether or not its a better financial decision to put $30,000 into a 529 account or pay $30,000 on a home loan where the house is worth $150k, but the loan is $230k

                  1. Which did you sign a contract for?

                    1. Tulpa doesn’t know how much houses cost in CA.

        4. Work longer? Why were you stupid with your money and now expect others to pick up the tab?

        5. If I’m 62 years old and have 20k in the bank for my retirement (a not-so-unheard-of predicament) [….].

          If you seek investment advice, ask shrike.

          1. It’s pretty unheard of for responsible non-idiot adults.

        6. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 7:21PM|#

          If I’m 62 years old and have 20k in the bank for my retirement


        7. TIL expecting a SS check after paying into the system for 40 years is a “socialist revolution.”

    5. Maybe you should build some kind of camp this year. And then, if you don’t like someone, you can invite him to spend some time in your camp. And while he’s in your camp, he can learn all sorts of new things and unlearn some things that he’s mistaken about. That sounds nice.

      1. Pfft, now you are stealing Hilary Clinton’s “fun camp for adults” idea! He’s a Bernie man!

    6. right-wingers use gun politics and social issues to distract poor people from engaging in a socialist revolution

      LOL, that’s it. Socialists couldn’t get anything done back in the early 20th century, but it would happen now, if only Republicans would stop talking about guns and gays!

      I don’t get it, though… if that’s what’s tripping up your glorious revolution, why don’t you embrace it? Or are you admitting that socialism cannot allow the proles to be armed, or tolerate a pluralistic society?

    7. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 6:40PM|#
      “…Can I still talk about what cunts every one of these Republican candidates are.”

      Knock yourself out, slimeball. I’ll be happy to read the same about the D candidates; the criminal and the brain-dead socialist.

      1. Speaking of the brain-dead socialist, apparently he’s up big in NH.

    8. Holy shit AmSoc. That is some epic projection or trolling there.

      1. I’m trolling? Where? I’m talking about right-wing Republicans. You know… Douchebag corporatists, warmongers. And Jeebus freaks. This was mainline libertarianism some 30 years ago before being a libertarian meant inhabiting some low rent ideological position to the Right of the RP. You guys have been had going from Murray rothbard to rand Paul. What a joke.

        1. As opposed to your party of….douchebag corporatists, warmongers, and government freaks?

          Spare us. The only joke is that you think you have some sort of moral high ground here.

          1. darn your fast fingers, T-P!

        2. american socialist|1.8.16 @ 8:51PM|#

          I’m trolling? Where? I’m talking about right-wing Republicans. You know… Douchebag corporatists, warmongers. And Jeebus freaks

          Yes, projection, slimebag:
          Lefty douchebag corporatists, warmongers. And mud-mama/gov’t freaks. Opposing both is still pretty libertarian, unlike slimebag Ds who only oppose the R statists.

        3. “I’m trolling? Where?”

          Well, if you’re not….

          ….then you’re confessing that you are so unbelievably stupid that you’d try argue that the Golden Gate Bridge was *actually* a great example of Federal Infrastructure Spending… and that Obama’s greatest accomplishment as President was “bringing troops home from Iraq

          Either you’re sincere, and a combination of bone-stupid and ignorant….

          …or you’re just a douchebag troll.

          No one really cares which, if you hadn’t noticed. You’ll be treated the same regardless.

          1. “Golden Gate Bridge”

            Hey Gilmore buddy, can you show me where I said that the GG Bridge was built using federal funds? It has, since, received plenty of money from the Department of Transportation, you know, right?


            It would have been better that we elected John McCain. Withdrawing from Iraq was a settled issue in 2008. Just listen to what the RP was saying about it in 2008.

            1. You make a good point = its entirely possible for you to be BOTH a complete fucking moron, AND a mendacious little puke of a troll. Thank you for clarifying the obvious 3rd option.

              1. Uh huh… It’s coming back to me… I think I said the GG Bridge was built by Howard Roark or Steve jobs. I forget which.

                Gil, buddy, I thought it was ok with you if I criticized Republicans, but gee whiz, man, when I do you get downright unpleasant. I can’t win with you and then I start to feel blue and sad.

            2. As a reminder of how unbelievably dumb you are, you here pretend that you can’t remember actually making the claim… AND you try and modify the claim you know you already made, inadvertently conceding you remember exactly what i’m referring to.

              Has no one ever pointed out to you how unbelievably incompetent you are at basic-argument? You obviously persist at it only because you have such an undeservedly high-opinion of yourself… but you’re a complete disaster. You can’t score a single point on matters of fact, and your capability for wit is even worse.

              You’re not smart, and you’re not funny… but you possess a psychotic desperation for attention? The only possible conclusion is you desire to be abused. Because anyone else, after the years of repeated decimation of their idiotic attempts at argument, would have grasped that maybe they need to either improve, or choose another game. But you persist. Which means you enjoy the abuse. Which only inspires revulsion and disgust from people.

              Maybe now you better understand why no one likes you at all? Its not the politics at all. You could be (like the Bo Cara incarnation) an ‘actual’ libertarian….and people would still reject you. Its who you *are* that’s so repulsive.

        4. Keep using that dance to detract from the fact a 62 year-old should have much more than 20k saved.

          When I started my business I carried a lot of debt and didn’t pay myself a salary. Then, slowly, I began to prioritize and pay it down, pay myself and start saving.

          You should be able to amass 20k EASILY.

          Jesus. What is wrong with people? It’s not that hard. No matter how much you earn. Then again, there’s probably a ‘savers’ gene because some people seem to be better at it than others. There are people who are able to say ‘hey man, I’d like that Land Rover but I can afford a Honda…for now’ and adjust their finances and expectations accordingly.

          The people with 20k at 62 years-old usually didn’t want to defer luxuries choosing to take them up front – likely on credit- when they probably shouldn’t have.

    9. Shut the fuck up you racist.

  31. Jonathon Kay is the former editor of the National Post, a formerly interesting paper that he turned into a bland piece of crap. He is now editor of The Walrus (no really). Angry milqetoast douche.

    Challenge: find anything in this anti-NRA screed that is grounded or well-thought out. Anything at all.

    1. Kay went derp?

      Robert Fulford is a fine writer I enjoy.

      1. He always sucked.

  32. “At least 18 asylum seekers are among 31 people who have been identified so far by the federal police as having played a role in a violent assault on young women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.”

    Tell me more about how we shouldn’t fear refugees, Usul.

    1. There were a Serb* and a United Statsian among those 18, Old Mexican! Respectively the foreman/bruiser and the leader of the operation, no doubt (we know the brains are safely across the sea, in Tel Aviv). The rest were just told that women are possessed by jinn and were trying to help chase the spirits away – heroes, really!

      *back in the news, bitches! Though I’m willing to bet 50-50 that the guy was not actually a member of the ethnicity that comprieses 83% of Serbia’s population. Violence, robbery and misoginy are all in character, but I’d be surpised by lack of racism that would have him team up with Arabs to grope white women.

    2. At least in the US we (mostly) have the advantage of being legally permitted to defend ourselves. I think that makes such an event much less likely.

      1. -1 Puerto Rican Day Parade

      2. But the Lightbringer is hard at work as we speak trying to bring us equality with the enlightened citizens of Europe. We just need to check our Constitutional Privilege.

    3. No more OM..

      That problem is settled.

      Obama just authorized an official and acknowledged 1,800 troops into Syria to fight the JVs.

      The Middle East will soon be a paradise.


    4. Tell me more about how we shouldn’t fear refugees

      Well, we shouldn’t. I haven’t heard of any rape gangs of Hmong men terrorizing the streets of Minneapolis. I’ve never seen in the news a story of a Rwandan shooting a Philadelphian police officer in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

      There seems to be a hidden variable.

      1. Are you suggesting human beings aren’t interchangeable widgets? That they may carry or believe some cultural norms or values that are less than..ideal?

        That must be racist or somethingist. YOU ARE A FUCKING COLLECTIVIST.

          1. Yeah? Well, at least I ain’t basic.

            Ooohhh…I was so sure you were going to link this.

            1. That’s one comfortable with his sexuality dude.

              1. I’m not sure that one has a sexuality.

              2. I’m not sure that one has a sexuality.

                1. Well, he’s said he wants to bugger ol’ Bieber, so ……I can’t think of a way to finish that sentence.

          2. Goddamn you, HM!

            *collapses to the floor weeping*

            1. Don’t feel that bad! There is hope if you follow the correct rehabilitative regime!

              1. Sure, sure. Next you’ll be telling me my pole dancing class is totally basic too.

                1. You left him speechless. He was asking for pics.

      2. We should not fear them.

        We should keep them out of our society but if they are going to be here i say don’t fear them

        Treat them they way the way the terrorists at the draw Mohammed contest in Dallas were treated.

        1. “We should keep them out of our society”

          Why? Because you’re afraid? Tough shit. It’s not ‘our’ society or yours. You don’t own it.

    5. I’m still not fearing them. To be afraid over a few incidents is silly. Refugee crises aren’t pretty in the short term.

  33. NY Times keeps stumping for HillDog.

    On a humid summer day in 1972, Hillary Rodham walked into this town’s new private academy, a couple of cinder-block classrooms erected hurriedly amid fields of farmland, and pretended to be someone else.

    Playing down her flat Chicago accent, she told the school’s guidance counselor that her husband had just taken a job in Dothan, that they were a churchgoing family and that they were looking for a school for their son.


    “It was dangerous, being outsiders in these rural areas, talking about segregation academies,” said Cynthia Brown, a longtime education advocate who did work similar to Clinton’s.

    She added, “We thought we were part of the civil-rights struggle, definitely.”


    1. “The local real-estate agents, the bankers, the Baptist pastors and even the elected officials encouraged new families ? if they were white and Christian ? to consider Houston Academy, the new private academy just outside town that was *able to operate* because the IRS *gave* the school tax-exempt status, according to former students.”

      So it’s a scandal because the IRS “gave” the school the same tax break as other nonprofits, and thus the school was “able to operate,” when presumably if justice had been done it *wouldn’t* have been able to operate.

      But wait –

      “…Houston Academy, now an elite college preparatory school.”

      So it’s a tragedy that the IRS “gave” this school the right to operate.

      Oh, I found this, which I guess shows Houston Academy *is* dangerous:

      No Common Core for Houston Academy says headmaster

      “”It’s a one-size-fits-all approach to education,” he said.”

      1. Remember how in the 1990s, Hillary and Bill sent their daughter to the predominately black public schools in the District of Columbia rather than to some religiously affiliated, majority-white private school?

        1. Google is so awesome – I just found this from 1993:

          “Chelsea’s just one of the gang at Sidwell Friends

          “…Chelsea Clinton’s classmates giggled as they told how the presidential daughter portrayed a fortune-teller at a school carnival.

          “She was reading palms,” recalled Sarah Sommerkamp. “She said I had a long life line. Then she said I would marry early and my husband would have affairs.””

          1. “She was reading palms,” recalled Sarah Sommerkamp. “She said I had a long life line. Then she said I would marry early and my husband would have affairs.””

            Art imitates life, huh?

    2. “Playing down her flat Chicago accent,”

      Ooh ooh which of her many accents did she use ?

      The black civil rights one ?

      “I ain’t no ways tired” ?

      That one never gets old.

  34. “In the same way that we don’t eliminate all the traffic accidents but, over the course of 20 years traffic accidents get lower … over time, [gun] violence gets reduced, and so families are spared,” he said.

    Does anybody have any context for this statement? Does Obama have any context for this statement? He wants new “common-sense gun safety” laws to incrementally reduce gun violence the same way we have incrementally reduced traffic accidents by…….. by what, exactly? Have we only recently required car drivers to be a certain age, to be licensed, to pass a driving test, to register their vehicles, to carry liability insurance, to be penalized for careless or reckless use of their cars? Have we outlawed high-capacity vehicles, automatic transmissions, cars with fold-down rear seats or the thing in the front that goes up? Somebody help me out here – what is Obama referring to with regards to the new common-sense car safety laws we’ve passed in the last 20 years that account for the reduced number of traffic accidents?

    1. If gun deaths were 99% “accidents” then there’d be some point to the word salad. Unfortunately, he’s comparing accidents and oranges. Cars kill people generally unintentionally. Guns rarely do.

      No matter what you think of gun violence, comparing it or attempting to address it the same way we addressed car accidents is not only silly, it’s disingenuous.

      1. accidents and oranges.

        Boom, I’m keeping that.

    2. We have fewer traffic accidents because we have safer, better cars, better roads and drunk driving has become much less socially acceptable. The only thing there you can really give the government any credit for is drunk driving, but I think that changing social attitudes have done more than cracking down on DUI in that case.

      1. Do we have fewer traffic collisions? I don’t know, and I’m too lazy to look it up.
        Survivability is way up, and injuries are way down, but are there actually fewer collisions?

          1. I like two of those things.

  35. I wish the US would mind its own effin business for a change.


  36. Sweet Baby Jesus! is the beer for tonight.

    Any threads from today I should skip? It was a busy day at work.

    1. Tulpa was back under “Ugh”.

        1. No, “Ugh.”

          1. Who’s on first?

      1. Could Tulpa be Mary?

        1. I ask because I haven’t kept up with the latest troll theories.

        2. I really don’t know. The rage isn’t there, but the crazy is.

  37. Over on NeoGaf there is an interesting report about at teacher threatening to call child services over a kid playing Halo 5


    1. Afraid he could be bored to death?

      1. Did I see that you live in Torrance, or is that a different SusanM?
        (one of Lenore’s contests)

        1. I’m from sunny Philadelphia.

          1. There’s an imposter!!!
            From the most recent Lenore contest:
            “Shampoo (originally from the Hindi), now called follicle edulcorate. — Susan M., Torrance, CA”

            1. At least she’s kinda funny.

              1. And informational! I had no idea Hindus washed.

                1. Apparently, there’s a river.

                  1. oh, I knew about that, but that’s the dirtiest river on earth. I thought that was like their version of “Freaknik” or something. or like a dare.

    2. In that teacher’s head is a little voice praising her for not turning a blind eye to poor parenting. I’m trying to plant a little voice in my 7 year old’s head that says, “Do not trust this teacher, school or any government employee”. Pissing off my wife, but it’s worth it.

  38. Where’s agile? I’m a good way through a battle of lagavulin and looking for more laughs

    1. Mmm, Lagavulin.

    2. AC does come and go; I think he requires a drying out now and then. I sure as hell would.

    3. Good way through a battle? Yes you are.

  39. OK. American Socialist is Tulpa. 100%. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

    Thanks for “adding to the discussion”. I’d rather you talk about my dumps, though.

    1. Well, that was a long con. Sorry bro.

    2. Not sure, unless tulpa is really a ‘flexible’ personality. The insulting stupidity is there, but it’s missing the self-righteous pomposity.

      1. He does.

        1. The moment where he slips.

    3. Tulsa or not, it’s still a genuine racist pile of shit.

      1. I love you, mobile autocorrect.

  40. Question: Do ranchers who claim to own their lands – like the Hammonds – actually have a right to them? I was reading a comment on NPR where someone claims no legal rights to claim ownership in places like Utah and Oregon.

    1. I think it depends. The Federal government owns a huge amount of land in the west which some ranchers lease, but there are ranchers that own their land.

    2. Some of the land is owned outright by the ranchers (or their banker). But quite a bit is leased from the fed gov as grazing land.
      So, it depends, but lefties tend to conflate the two in discussions in the hopes the audience doesn’t know that.

    3. Ownership and land rights are different things, so it depends on the particular circumstances.

      I own my house. I own the land underneath. But I do not own the mineral rights. Those were forfeited as part of the CC&Rs; of the HOA. They don’t want somebody erecting an oil derrick in the neighborhood.

      Grazing rights and water rights are similar.

      1. “residents in states like Oregon and Utah have zero legal rights to the land they are trying to claim. The act declaring Utah’s statehood, for example just like legislation granting statehood to other territories in the 19th and 20th centuries stipulates that its Legislature “forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands.” In fact, the land that these ranchers call their own belongs to the entire country to school teachers in New York and shipbuilders in Virginia as much as to ranchers in Oregon.”

        That’s the comment.

        1. The writer sounds confused. There is private land which people actually own and there is State and Federal lands that people may lease for specific purposes, such as grazing. It is true that the State and Federal lands are open to the public for the purposes of (most) recreation without the permission of the leasee.

          1. In this case, do the Hammonds own or lease their land?

            1. My understanding is both; they own some, lease the rest.

            2. The Hammonds own their land straight up (or their lien holder).

              1. Yes, but they were busted for burning brush on land they leased.

                1. That’s not my understanding, but I won’t stand by that. Lemme look into it.

                  1. I been wrong before….

            3. From what I’ve read, and like most ranchers in the west, they do both.

              Read this, if you haven’t.

              It says both fires were started on private land. One spread to public land and burned 127 acres (i.e. next to nothing).

              1. (i) In the early fall of 2001, Steven Hammond (Son) called the fire department, informing them that he was going to be performing a routine prescribed burn on their ranch. Later that day he started a prescribed fire on their private property. The fire went onto public land and burned 127 acres of grass. The Hammonds put the fire out themselves. There was no communication about the burn from the federal government to the Hammonds at that time. Prescribed fires are a common method that Native Americans and ranchers have used in the area to increase the health & productivity of the land for many centuries.

                (j) In 2006 a massive lightning storm started multiple fires that joined together inflaming the countryside. To prevent the fire from destroying their winter range and possibly their home, Steven Hammond (Son) started a backfire on their private property. The backfire was successful in putting out the lightning fires that had covered thousands of acres within a short period of time. The backfire saved much of the range and vegetation needed to feed the cattle through the winter. Steven’s mother, Susan Hammond said: “The backfire worked perfectly, it put out the fire, saved the range and possibly our home”.

                1. That’s what I was headed to look up, but then it was story time.

              2. “burned 127 acres”

                Proggies in NYC are AGHAST!

        2. “That’s the comment.”

          Arm-waving, misdirection, flat-out lying. The left’s equivalent to the so-con claim ‘you don’t really have to pay taxes; it says so right here!’

        3. I know very little about the statehood of Utah. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

          In re: Oregon, my understanding is that the feds reneged on their end.

          And that doesn’t take into account that the federal government shouldn’t own any land at all, out side of critical constitutional functions.

          1. Re: Oregon. Partly. A certain amount of land (“O&C” land, mostly in the southern Willamette Valley and Southern Oregon) were to given/sold as an incentive to build a north/south railroad. There was (unsurprisingly) a lot of fraud associated with it, mainly it was supposed to be sold to individuals (presumably for small farms) but it was more valuable for the timber on it so several connected people managed to acquire large tracts. The federal government retook the land under the claim that railroad failed to meet the deadline. The Supreme Court ruled that the railroad (now controlled at that point by Southern Pacific) did meet the deadline but that the federal government could still take back the land as long as they paid SP for it.

            Those now federally owned lands (supposed to be private tax paying lands that would support local schools and governments) were treated differently than continuous owned federal lands and under the theory that they should have been private, Congress passed a far more generous revenue sharing split from timber harvest revenue in the 1930’s. Those revenues peaked as federal harvests went batshit crazy in the 1970’s and then plummeted in the 80’s and 90’s. Environmental restrictions were the proximate cause, but the harvest levels were just not sustainable and the overall wood market was changing too. So congress agreed to pay cash in lieu of those lost timber revenues to those counties with O&C lands.

        4. More:
          Any landowner in the western states (AFAIK; maybe eastern) has to pay for a ‘title search’ at the time of deed transfer to make sure there is no former claim on the land, and this for the safety of both the buyer and the mortgage lender. If there was no clear title, there would be a ton of banks in the west hoping no one EVER figured it out.
          If you want to see some of the historic ownership squabbles in CA, try “The Age of Gold” (Brands). The Spaniards and Indians got screwed left and right, but the resulting ownership is legally recognized. Mine, too.

          1. I had to do that for a timeshare resale in Palm Desert. It’s ridiculous. You’d think I could take the word of the other 49 owners.

            1. You didn’t have to pay for it in the Village?

              1. Not sure what the Village is.

                1. Oops.
                  I thought your place was in what Bing Maps calls Manhattan Village.

                  1. Oh, yeah. That’s where I live. Most people don’t know the local lingo. I’m happy to do a title search on my primary residence, as there’s a lot of money at stake. That’s how I found out that I couldn’t drill for oil.

                    I was confused, because there’s also a resort in Palm Desert called “The Villages”. I find it ridiculous that title searches are standard for timeshares. If you can’t guarantee title, you shouldn’t build the resort.

                    1. If there is a mortgage involved, I’m pretty sure any deed in CA needs a title search. Wife, in a former life, bought Sierra foothill acreage for cheap, but the lender made it a condition.
                      Every place I’ve bought, paga.
                      But the point remains: If lefty talking head claims the feds own all the land in the west and there is no fee-simple, said talking head is talking out of his/her ass.

                    2. Lender? Fine, I have no problem with that, it’s a sound business practice. I had to do that back when I had a mortgage.

                      Timeshare? ridiculous.

                      For the record, I bought my timeshare on Ebay for a $1k. Retail was about $39k at the time, but I bought it resale from some asshole who actually took out a loan to buy it.

                      So $1k quit claim, and $300 for a title search, as if BP or Exxon had a lease to drill in my villa during the week I was there.

                    3. Playa, if you think I’m defending the practice, you’ve got it wrong. I’m just reporting what I’ve found.

                    4. This just makes me more suspicious. You’re in on it, aren’t you?

                    5. I been busted!

        5. This statement by itself is weird and wrong and possibly stupid . The statehood rules for the western states basically said as a condition of joining the union all unclaimed land became federal government property to dole out as homesteads or Indian reservations or railroad right-of-way or whatever. This is why the federal government owns half the land in half the western states. The federal government does not own the land that was claimed and settled at the time the relevant state was admitted to the union. So to say that “residents in states like Oregon and Utah have zero legal rights to the land they are trying to claim”, well that depends on what land it is they’re trying to “claim”. If the land in question was settled prior to statehood and they’ve come to legally own it then it is their land, there’s no “claim” to their claim any more than I “claim” I own my own house.

          If you want to be charitable and assume the poster is speaking of the actual federal lands, well, I don’t know that any of the ranchers are actually claiming that’s their land, they’re just claiming they have grazing rights to the land. The poster seems to not know what the hell they’re talking about – the federal government does not own the entire state of Utah or Oregon and the parts the federal government owns nobody’s disputing they own it, they’re just disputing whether or not there’s a contract of some sort that allows the use of that land.

  41. Cool guys. So…

    The U.S. government (under the Bureau of Land Management agency) used a terrorist law (Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act 1996) – enacted to fight terrorism to reneg on a deal and charge ranchers (who admitted guilt and accepted a lawful plea thanks to a sensible judge who sought fairness and a sentence proportional to the actual crime and resulting damages) and imprisoned them for five years for setting a ‘burn’ (to kill parasites to protect grazing not to mention increase land value) only yo accidentally spread onto 139 acres (and later in 2006 ONE ACRE) in 2001 on a land area with perhaps tens of thousands of acres causing less than $100 in damages.

    Sound about right?

    1. “Sound about right?”
      It saddens me to say: Yes.

      1. You are welcome to make jokes about Ameristan; there is nothing in that narrative that should do other than embarrass those who hold US citizenship.

        1. I would love to (and probably will to tease) but my rational senses remind me Canada would be the same if we had a similar population. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have to repeat the simple fact the U.S. is 10x times the size with 10x the occurrences which expands, distorts, scrutinizes, exaggerates things 10x.

          But Environment Canada is no EPA and we don’t have a war on drugs and the ATF, DEA and BLM and all sorts of armed agencies banging down doors and killing people in the night.

    2. The ‘damages’ are highly questionable given the ecological benefits of burning.

    1. Oh, that kind of all-white. “Genius”!

  42. Oh, right, the min/wage has no effect on employement:

    “Black Oak Books in Berkeley to close its doors”
    “Cornell added that turning a profit would be even tougher with Berkeley’s recent minimum wage increase to $11 an hour. Black Oak Books has four full-time-equivalent employees.
    “It means my expenses would go up 50 percent over the next five years, and to be honest, that just wasn’t in the cards,” he said.
    “Don’t get me wrong,” Cornell added. “I’m not against the increase in the minimum wage, but people have to be aware that it’ll probably change the mix of stores that you’re going to get. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

    It’s only a bad thing for the 4 full-timers and how ever many PT folks worked there.

    1. it’ll probably change the mix of stores that you’re going to get. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing

      So… banks and drugstores? Yes, nobody ever complains about too many of those.

    2. I love how the proposed circumstances basically deep-dick this guy’s business, and he sort of only fleetingly disappointed, like he didn’t win the lottery or something.

      1. Yep. And Comrade Stalin, if he only knew what was going on, would release me from the Gulag.

        1. People like this are a cancer on the business community. “Sure the minimum wage is the single straw that will break the camel’s back, and I’ll have to close this brick & mortar location. Meh, worse case, I’ll just fall back on my generous professor’s pension and university health bennies even if the online part goes away.”

          1. I will say that he’s one of the few who do actually see the connection. I get tired of progs who demand that the US should have employment laws similar to France. When you point out the long-term double-digit youth unemployment that look at you like you’re insane to suggest there is any connection.

            1. When you point out the long-term double-digit youth unemployment that look at you like you’re insane to suggest there is any connection.

              How could there be a connection? Employment laws are not intended to create unemployment, so how could that possibly be the result? Why do you oppose their good intentions? You must have bad intentions! You must be evil!

            2. France’s (and Italy’s) highly restrictive labor laws are PRECISELY the reason we’re seeing them flee/escape those countries.

              It’s almost as if I’m witnessing a new wave immigration from those parts. I see more and more at my place.

            3. Raven Nation|1.9.16 @ 10:33AM|#
              “I will say that he’s one of the few who do actually see the connection.”

              But he sure soft-pedaled it, I guess to keep his Berkeley cred. He neglected to mention the stores that can afford that BS are the big-box outfits that give Berkeley commies heat attacks

            4. Moral preening is cheap and easy; giving thought to economic reality is hard.

              Libertarians have to really work for our preening material, and we don’t get to lord it over nearly as many people as the progs, as they rarely understand what we’re saying when we bring up the damage caused by price fixing.

    3. He sounds greedy. He was probably intending to buy a yacht, and he’s furious he has to be fair to people, and now he’s taking his ball and going home.

      1. If he is unwilling to pay a living wage, then he deserves to go out of business! People before profits!

  43. Where’s the a.m. lynx? Probably over in Syria not being boots on the ground. THANKS, OBAMA!

    And why are there two AFC games today and two NFC tomorrow? Shouldn’t there be one each on each day? So who benefits or who gets screwed by having a Saturday game instead of a Sunday game or vice versa? I’ll bet it helps the Pats by somehow screwing whoever it is they gotta play. Belichik’s rigging the goddamn play-offs.

    1. Where’s the a.m. lynx?

      You asked for it, you got it.

  44. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me.

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