As Cold as Ice


ABC News

When Marc Kohn's daughter Melanie, a Washington Capitals fan, died last summer, he decided to honor her by building an ice skating rink on property he owned in Maryland and opening it to the public. It has proven very popular with local families. But Montgomery County officials have said Kohn will have to close the rink. They say he never got a permit to build it and and the rink is on property zoned for agricultural use, not a public venue.

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  1. Start making bureaucrats run for election and see how long this shit keeps up.

  2. Montgomery County, MD is where the Meitiv family was put through the wringer for letting their kids walk home from the park. Montgomery County must be a terrible place to live.

    1. It’s a terrible place to live because of those damned free range kids, no doubt visiting that free range ice rink. Hooligans the lot of them!

      The bureaucrats and politicians are doing their best to tame this wild wild west frontier chaos, and you’d think they’d be more welcomed.

    2. Montgomery County is on the outskirts of DC. It elects a lot of SJW’s then they are surprised when their farmers markets get shut down by a lack of permits.

      We finally have a republican governor and he’s been stemming the tide of progressive policies choking us out.

  3. All your property are belong to us.

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