Nikki Haley Will Respond to SOTU, Hungry Militia, Tyga in Trouble: P.M. Links


  • Nikki Haley
    Wikimedia Commons

    Nikki Haley has been given the punishment honor of responding to President Obama's State of the Union address next week. Haley is widely considered a potential VP candidate for the Republican ticket.

  • The armed militia group that has occupied a remote federal outpost in Oregon may run out of supplies, warmth.
  • Rapper Tyga is in trouble for sending Instagram messages to an underage model, even though she told him she was 17 and the messages aren't particularly inappropriate. Moral panic, anyone?
  • Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick defended their propaganda film, The Hunting Ground, in a blog post for Huffington Post. The post accuses Harvard's law professors of retaliating against sexual assault survivors. Forthcoming Title IX investigation, anyone?
  • Forbes announced its 2016 "30 Under 30" winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of. (I may not have a master's degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I've got something.)

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NEXT: Chicago Provides Yet Another Reminder Police and City Lawyers Are Accomplices in Avoiding Accountability

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  1. Haley is widely considered a potential VP candidate for the Republican ticket.

    Trump knows this one is okay.

    1. I wonder if he’ll cry at the State of the Union.

    2. Hello.

      “…2016 “30 Under 30″ winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of. (I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something.)”

      Take a picture with your medal or trophy or ribbon or whatever way they shower you and send it to Anna. Better yet, invite her on a date to the ceremony.

      1. I’d watch the shit out of Anna/Robby show. It’d be like Moonlightning but with politics. And blackjack!

      2. ^This. Good one, Rufus.

      3. Meh, call me when he wins the Rolling Stone Magazine 30 under 30. Now that would be something.

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      4. I third the motion to have Robby ask Anna to be his date for the banquet! Do it in the Jezzie comment section!

      5. I third the motion to have Robby ask Anna to be his date for the banquet! Do it in the Jezzie comment section!

  2. “Here’s what hiring managers REALLY think of your tattoos”
    “ found that a whopping 37% of HR managers cite tattoos as the third most likely physical attribute to limit career potential, and there are currently no laws protecting people with tattoos from discrimination in the hiring process. ”…..445005.php
    Can we outlaw discrimination against those who don’t think an hour or two in advance?

    1. there are currently no laws protecting people with tattoos from discrimination in the hiring process.

      My elderly clients would totally love to be greeted by a reception person with a neck tat.

      1. Those neck tats are awful.

      2. The ex mayor of Houstom included that in her HERO ordinance that caused so much tears here.

        It was in the section that covered job discrimination and was one of the howling points for the business class against it.

        It was written to say that if a neck tattoed lip perieced transgendered person with blue hair didn’t get a receptionist job at a corporate law firm and filled a complaint with the city , the law firm had to prove that that didn’t affect their hiring decision.

    2. Third most likely?

      I assume the first two are uglies and fatties.

      1. 1. More attractive woman
        2. Unattractive man
        3. Tattoos
        4. Grossly unqualified

      2. I was going with race and gender, but maybe that’s just my privilege talking.

      3. I assume the first two are uglies and fatties.

        Even my 3 year old understands “no fat chicks.”

        1. That’s innate.

          My one year old won’t say hi to ugly people even if he knows them, but he’ll go sit in a strange hot chick’s lap.

          1. Truly, he is the Son of Playa!

            (I know, I know, it means Beach)

          2. What an asshole. Sounds like a real son of a beach.

      4. That is what I’m trying to figure out too. I’m dying to know. I’m guessing big tits are #1. Not because it is really a disqualifier, but because HR types are weasely liars who are just trying to throw the mob off their track.

        1. The sourcing is muddled but it appears to be piercings and bad breath.

          1. The sourcing is not only muddled but seems to have a lisp. “Bad Breaths” should have been Bad Breasts

      5. The way it’s worded is almost certainly not accurate. “37% of HR managers cite tattoos as the third most likely” probably means “37% of HR managers said tattoos limit career potential, making them the third-most-popular response.” Anyway, I can’t seem to run down the real sourcing, the infographic makes it a pain, but it looks like the two worse issues were piercings and bad breath.

        1. the two worse issues were piercings and bad breath

          Gotta keep that tongue barbell clean, yo.

      6. Face piercing, probably.

    3. Shorter Sevo link: GET OFF MY LAWN

      1. You’re just mad that he didn’t want to meet you for lunch.

        1. His loss, as anyone hear will attest.

          1. here*, new year, no edit button

    4. Who wouldn’t hire Fuck Cops Guy?

      1. I’d pay to watch video of that dude trying to talk his way out of a speeding ticket.

        1. Spoiler alert: it ends with dude getting a police dog up him.

    5. The people with tattoos who are obsessed with how others perceive their tattoos are going to love this story

      1. I dated a woman whose friends had face-tats, multiple face-piercing and dressed like gutter-punks. All that is fine, but they bitched a lot about how people kept looking at them.

  3. The armed militia group that has occupied a remote federal outpost in Oregon may run out of supplies, warmth.

    What kind of militia group can’t live off the land in a pinch?

    1. It isn’t their fault. The FWS scorched the earth for a mile around the federal outpost in order to deny them food.

      I wish the protesters would start using the slogan “Feel the burn” to protest the extra punishment doled out to the “arsonists” for no other reason that watching the butt hurt from the Sanders types.

      1. So, the FWS set a fire to punish people for…setting fires?

      2. Also, linky please, Jimbo.

        1. I’m the POPE! I’m INFALLIBLE! I don’t need to provide any fucking links. Those are for lay people.

          Especially since I was making it all up. Shit can we no longer lie here at H@R?

      3. “The armed militia group that has occupied a remote federal outpost in Oregon may run out of supplies, warmth.”

        Huh. One would think the Venn diagram of Preppers and Militia members would show a bit more overlap.

        1. I’d bet that taking the building was one of those spur of the moment things that nobody put a lot of advance planning into.

  4. Giant Mao statue appears in China’s countryside

    A 37m-high (120ft) gold-painted statue of Chairman Mao has been built in China’s countryside.

    The giant homage to the late communist leader was paid for by local businessmen, who spent nearly 3 million yuan ($460,000; ?313,000), reports say.

    Some villagers also contributed money to the project said The People’s Daily.

    The giant sits in farmland in Tongxu county, Henan Province. The province was the centre of a famine in the 1950s resulting from Mao’s policies.

    Millions of people died in the famine triggered by the campaign, known as the Great Leap Forward.

    1. Nice place you got here. Be a shame if anything happened to it… We’re collecting for this Mao statue. Donations would be ‘appreciated’.

    2. How long until Seattle gets jealous and orders one for themselves to go along with their Lenin statue?

      Incidentally, I may buy a powerball ticket and if I win the $400 million – I will buy that Lenin statue, allow people to defile it for a period of time, and then melt it down and have the scrap shipped back to Russia.

    3. I was wondering where I put that thing.

      1. Are we seriously done with “phrasing”?

        1. What? Does “giant Mao” mean something else?

  5. Hillary Clinton Vows To Investigate UFOs And Area 51

    Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is hoping to make history, not just as the first woman president, but as the political leader who is going to “get to the bottom” of the mystery behind UFOs.

    At a campaign stop in New Hampshire Tuesday, Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun reminded the former secretary of state that he had previously asked her about UFOs in 2007.

    According to Steer, “Back in 2007, Clinton had said that the No. 1 topic of freedom-of-information requests that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, received at his library was UFOs.”

    1. She’ll pander to anyone.

      1. She’s just not as slick at it as some folks.

    2. Trying to move onto Trump’s turf?

    3. More news about aliens. Will this bitching about immigration never end?

      1. Am I free to gambol across galaxy and star system?

    4. Since she claimed to have communed with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt during Bill’s tenure, I’m not surprised.

      1. Is communed a euphemism in this instance?

        1. Schlonged?

          1. Now, “schlonging the Roosevelt Ghost” is an excellent phrase. For what, I’m not sure. But, it sounds appropriate for our discussion here.

            1. Also, a great album title!

          2. Tribbed.

    5. She’s obviously going for the illegal alien vote.

    6. I’ve been assured she’s considerably less crazy than Donald Trump.

  6. Rapper Tyga is in trouble for sending Instagram messages to an underage model…

    At least tell me it isn’t Honey Booboo.

    1. It’s a “singer”. Represented by Gloria Allred.

      1. You put the scare quotes in the wrong place.

        1. I’m very surprised that she hasn’t been sued for malpratice. She disappears after the press conference every time.

        2. It’s a singer. Represented by Gloria “All” red.

          1. I haven’t checked to see if the carpet matches the drapes, and I don’t plan on it.


      2. Sic transit Gloria.

    2. Oh she said she was 17? I am not surprised.

  7. China celebrates the birth of the worst mass-murderer in history:…..171011.php

    1. Cultural appropriation. Both Hillary and Boehner have been wronged today.

    2. Instapundit cuts deepest: “The Clown Cries”

  8. Spanish OBGYNs create intravaginal speaker for fetuses

    BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 5 (UPI) — A renowned Spanish gynecology group has invented a speaker that transmits music to an unborn fetus through the mother’s vagina.

    Known as Babypod, the intravaginal speaker developed by Spanish-based Instituto Marqu?s introduces a new way to provide unborn babies with musical stimulation and encourage fetal development.

    “Music stimulates major brain structures in human beings, it improves their neurological development. Therefore, pediatricians recommend that children grow up in environments with many stimuli, including music,” the Babypod website reads.

    1. You know what else a buzzer in the vagina stimulates?

    2. Are placentas made of some super efficient sound-absorbing material I didn’t know of? Can’t babies just hear music from outside pretty well?

      1. Fat and organs muffle the sound greatly.

        1. “Fat and organs muffle the sound greatly.”

          What? What?!

      2. Sure, but then you don’t get to put buzzy objects into vaginas. What is wrong with you?

    3. I remember this scene from Private Parts.

    4. Sure, everyone thinks of Mozart when they read stories like this. But what if the baby is fed a daily stream of Abba or Arcade Fire?

      1. Some of us are against abortion.

  9. Lesbians touch a penis for first time and compare it to Play-Doh and a hotdog

    Three lesbians took part in this awkward social experiment as they decide to touch a man’s penis for the first time in their lives.

    Aleks Malczewsk, who is also gay , agreed to strip for the trio who took it in turns to get their hands on his manhood.

    And their reactions were caught on camera for the video shared by singing duo BriaAndChrissy .

    The pair, who recently uploaded a similar clip of gay men touching breasts for the for the first time, say they use music and humour to entertain, share and promote equality.

    1. The West.

      She’s fallen and can’t get up.

    2. Gay men touching breasts for the first time? Were they literally locked in a closet? Every gay man I know loves breasts and most straight women like to show them to gay men. Often touching occurs.

      1. ^This. FWIW, it’s not sexual, it’s just…nice.

        1. Hey! You can’t have your dicks and eat the breasts too!

          1. I refuse to be judged, and labelled, and othered.

          2. Come on, man, access to boobs* is one of them natural rights. It’s more vital than owning orphan mines!

            *with consent, yes

            1. They consented when they signed the social contract.

        2. Dude, that is seriously unfair.

          1. Life is like that, Citizen. True Story: I know this very buxom straight chick who used to hang out at the gay bar all the time and would let you motorboat her if you bought her a drink. She never paid for a drink, and her husband was happy that she had a hobby and knew the gays would look out for her.

            1. Time is really flying. It’s been almost 9 months since I last motor-boated anyone.

            2. and……where’s this bar? Asking for a friend.

        3. Makes sense. Practically everyone was breast fed as a child. If you can think of something that would cause a better positive connotation than that, I’ll be surprised.

          1. Practically everyone was breast fed as a child.

            Even as recently as 2010, only 76.5% of mothers who had a baby that year breastfed it at all. And that’s with breastfeeding way more hip than it was when most people commenting on this board were infants.

            1. Even as recently as 2010, only 76.5% of mothers who had a baby that year breastfed it at all

              That’s still a pretty sizable majority – I thought it was way lower these days. ‘Course, there’s always the evolutionary neural circuit reinforcement explanation…

          2. I wasn’t. My brothers weren’t.

            I didn’t get to motorboat titties until I was 14.

            1. I would suspect that the bottle babies turn into the biggest breast men when they get older.

              1. Not me. Face and ass.

                When I was a freshman in college, there was a certain faction of guys I hung out with that were just obsessed with tits.

                I really tried to make sense of it, and I think I finally figured it out on parents’ weekend. Every one of their moms, without exception, was fat.

          3. I wasn’t. My mother called it “unnatural.” I turned out all right, didn’t I?

          4. I’m giving my 1 year old a bottle right now.

            I wonder if he’s thinking about my tits.

            1. He’s thinking you’re a boob.

      2. I bet Jesse has touched more pairs of tits than I have in the last 15 years.

        1. What happens in a rum-soaked haze stays in a rum-soaked haze, but yes, I can guarantee that’s true.

      3. If they have never touched a breast before HOW DO THEY KNOW THEY”RE GAY ?

        I mean what if they got to stick their thingy in a vgaygay for the first time ?

        For all they know they are settling for second best.

        1. Oops.

          For all I know so am I.

          Oh well, carry on fellows.

      4. Well I have never been locked in a closet …and I have never touched a woman’s breasts.

        Now indeed they are fascinating, but it is enough to observe a pair of titties from a respectful distance.

    3. This sounds like a Crusty Horse scam…

    4. So they found some lesbians whose sex lives don’t revolve around artificial male genitalia?

    1. Why are we supporting this worthless outfit?

  10. Canadian jazz star Paul Bley dies aged 83

    Canadian pianist Paul Bley has died aged 83. His record company ECM confirmed that the musician, who lived in the US, passed away at his home in 3 January. One of the jazz world’s greatest and most innovative artists, over a 60-year career he released over 100 albums, toured widely, and collaborated with jazz greats including Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Lee Konitz, Sonny Rollins and Evan Parker.

    He was a key part of the free jazz revolution in New York in the 1960s and an early explorer of the Moog synthesiser’s jazz potential, featuring electronics in his music from the late 60s.

    “Bley’s command of the keyboard, the density of his improvisations… and the breadth of his knowledge make him a massive figure in jazz – though not as widely celebrated as some,” wrote John Fordham, reviewing a solo show of his in London in October 1987.

    1. Canada died when Oscar Peterson passed on.

      1. oops didn’t see this comment before I made mine

    2. I might add Gil Evans doesn’t seem to get enough props for his contribution to jazz.

    3. “Canadian jazz”

      “jazz star”

      “Canadian star”


      1. Canuckian jazz?

      2. “Canadian star”

        There are shitloads of them.


          1. Yeah, what the fuck is Anne Murray, chopped liver?

            And then there’s… umm… wait… I’ll come up with something…

            Hmmm… Maybe tomorrow.

        2. Rush. Gordon Lightfoot. Who else?

          1. The Stampeders.

            /What?? I like one-hit wonders..

          2. The Guess Who, Red Rider, ummm…umm…

          3. Go back to the early days of Hollywood starting with Pickford and Fairbanks as well as producers and directors – and move forward from there. There’s a shit-boat load of Canadians (Christopher Plummer, Raymond Burr are another two) who have left their mark on American pop culture. I dare say we punch above our weight.

            1. Cheech & Chong.

              Anyway, there are a lot.

              1. Don’t forget The Shat.

          4. Alanis Morissette, Justin Bieber…

            1. Morrissette and Bieber in the same sentence? Now THAT’s ironic.

          5. Celine Dion.

            Man, Canada has cranked out almost as much bad music as the US.

    4. Was it an overdose of Pountaine or whatever ?

  11. LCD Soundsystem to Release New Album This Year, James Murphy Explains Reunion

    LCD Soundsystem are 100% back. Following yesterday’s confirmation of the band’s Coachella headlining spot, James Murphy has posted a lengthy note to the band’s website detailing their return. He confirmed that the band will tour beyond Coachella, and that they plan to release a new record in 2016. Read the note here.

    He also addressed the fans who “feel betrayed by us coming back and playing,” which he said he hadn’t thought about after “clearly” anticipating a more cynical response. “if you cared a lot about our band, and you put a lot of yourself into that moment (or anything about us you chose), and you feel betrayed now, then i completely understand that,” he wrote. “to you i have to say: i’m seriously sorry. the only thing we can do now is get back into the studio and finish this record, and make it as fucking good as we can possibly make it.”

    LCD Soundsystem released three excellent albums between 2005 and 2010. They called it quits after a final Madison Square Garden show in 2011.

    1. I saw them when they opened for Arcade Fire in 2007, pretty awesome.

    2. If they were so damn good why would their fans be pissed they are getting back together. People are stupid.

      1. They have lots of retarded hipster fans who hate when their bands become successful

        1. According to Google Music, ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ is their top song. I just listened to it. I may have to join the protest that they’re coming back…

          1. Hold that. I only listened to the first 3:17 of the song. Hoping it picks up before the 9:00 minute mark.

            1. 9 minutes? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

            1. Okay. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

    3. I’m delighted at the idea of another album, but it is kinda lame to break up and then reform a few years later. Not that that really matters, and this is great news.

      1. it is kinda lame to break up and then reform a few years later

        At least it was years instead of weeks, like Death Grips.

    4. “”if you cared a lot about our band, and you put a lot of yourself into that moment (or anything about us you chose), and you feel betrayed now, then i completely understand that,”


  12. Elected Pa. Official Refuses Township Seat at Swearing-In

    A Democrat who won a seat on a Pennsylvania township’s board of supervisors declined to serve at her swearing in.

    Colleen Unroe says she doesn’t have time for the job in Ferguson Township, and she now concedes she wasn’t eligible for office because she hadn’t lived in the township for a year when she defeated the Republican incumbent in November.

    The township and the ousted incumbent, Drew Clemson, had sued to keep Unroe from taking office. The township dropped its lawsuit after she refused to be sworn in Monday night.

    Clemson claims in his lawsuit that he should still be supervisor because he got the most votes of any legal candidate.

    But Unroe says she thinks the board should pick her replacement because voters rejected Clemson.

    1. Ah nope, if a new election can’t be held in time her competitor won the seat as he had the most votes of any legitimate candidate.

    2. Is there anything democrats won’t do to fuck the electorate?

  13. This Day in History

    1896 – A German newspaper reported German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovery of X-rays.

    1914 – Henry Ford introduced the $5-a-day minimum wage.

    1925 – Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first woman governor of a state (Wyoming).

    1972 – President Nixon ordered the development of the space shuttle.

    2000 – INS Commissioner Doris Meissner ruled that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez must be returned to Cuba.

    1. 1972 – President Nixon ordered the development of the space shuttle.

      And to think it was Watergate that brought him down.

      1. “Open the cargo bay doors, Dick…”

    2. 2000 – INS Commissioner Doris Meissner ruled that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez must be returned to Cuba

      I guess the Democrats are actually opposed to some immigration.

      1. So Elian would be 21 now. I wonder how he feels about being sent back?

  14. Forbes announced its 2016 “30 Under 30” winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of.

    Wake us when Rapper Tyga starts sending you inappropriate Instagram messages.

    1. Whatever Tyga sends Rico wouldn’t ‘ve 10% as inappropriate as what the H&R commentariat would send him.

  15. Prince George baker Karl Haus sentenced for ‘obsessive’ gun collecting

    But in this case there was no danger, no damage and no one was harmed, said [Judge] Keyes.

    And yet…

    In the end on Monday, Keyes sentenced Haus to a six-month conditional sentence, meaning the jail time could be served in the community.

    He’s allowed to go to work, but Haus has been slapped with travel restrictions, a curfew and ordered to give a DNA sample.

    Furthermore, he had to forfeit his entire gun and weapon collection and won’t be allowed to own guns again for a decade.

    1. Gotta love the anti-US xenophobia in the comments.

      1. Its impossible to be Xenophobic against the United States because the USA has more power, duh

    2. He got off lightly, given the size and the composition of his arsenal.

      But the article has the following delight in the comments:


      As a longtime competitor in the shooting sports, I am glad that the court came down pretty hard on him. (So very, very stupid and irresponsible to possess such firearms…and to keep them LOADED!?) BUT, I think that a lifetime ban on firearms ownership would make more sense. He’s shown himself untrustworthy and irresponsible with firearms. He shouldn’t be part of our “owners’ club” anymore IMO.

      This makes us all look bad, and does nothing but detract from the FACT that licensed firearms owners in Canada are, essentially, the most law abiding group of people in this country, and the FACT that our firearms very rarely involved in any crimes. (And if you don’t believe that, then pls look at the numbers from Stats Can.)

      This is a very good exhibit of what Canada is like.

      1. So he did no harm to anyone, but it’s great that the court came down hard on him?


        1. You heard him. They’re in a club, and this guy was making them look bad.

        2. It’s called hoser logic.

        3. Man broke the law. So punishment must happen. It’s how Canada works (unless law is disliked by the left, of course).

          I can actually understand what the guy fears. Remember, there is no second ammendment in Canada. If you want to own a firearm of any kind, you must beg for permission. If that firearm is a hunting or bolt-action rifle, you’ll probably get it. Handguns, short-barrel arms and other arms are either Restricted or Prohibited. You have to demonstrate a need to own Restricted, and you have to register your fiream. Under Liberal government, non-Restricted arms also had to be registered (every year, or they take them away). Conservatives scrapped the requriement, but Liberals are back. They promised not to re-introduce registration. They also promised police will know where every firearm is, too.
          Stuff like above will be used to introduce more restrictions on firearm ownership in order to ultimately ban it completely. So commenter’s terrified that it will rebound on all firearm owners. And I don’t think he’s wrong.

          1. Good point.

            I have to ‘demonstrate’ to the fucken masters why I want a gun. I’m probably more sane that some cops.

      2. Yup. Canada.

        I won’t bother wading through the comments. I bet it’s filled with the usual ‘yeah but we’re not American’ drivel.

        Canadians don’t seem to grasp that whenever they engage in anti-American rhetoric it’s the epitome of arrogance.


    3. “But in this case there was no danger, no damage and no one was harmed, said [Judge] Keyes”

      But we took his property away anyway.

      Also in other news from Prince George today officals from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the RCMP announced a forfitted asset sale today and items for sale include numerous highly collectible firearms and assorted ammunition.

    4. Wha? I guess that would be “an arsenal” in Canada. Two machineguns, seven rifles, three pistols, and two shotguns. In Arizona that would be a starter kit.

    1. I didn’t bring an umbrella to work, because I don’t own one.

      1. Get on my level, Doyers.

        1. Pretty colors! Wait, what are you getting at?…

          1. *wiggles eyebrows seductively*

    2. -21here.


      1. +1 John Smedley!

    3. Nor Cal drivers panic! 2″ of rain in spots!

      1. We had a little flooding here. I snapped a few pics.

  16. Forbes announced its 2016 “30 Under 30” winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of.

    Shackford? I kid, Robbie, I kid. Congratulations. And nice work-in of Columbia J-school.

  17. I see who Rico got the honor. BUTTON YOUR SHIRT YOU’RE NOT A GIGILO.

    1. If you like his chesticles so much then why don’t you marry them?

    2. Needs a natural smile.

  18. ‘ (I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something.)’
    Robby’s consolation degree is in ????? from ???? university.

    1. He has a degree in Up Yours from How Many Forbes Recognitions Did *You* Get University.

  19. Forbes announced its 2016 “30 Under 30” winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of.


  20. Man, next time SWHC goes under $20 I’ll buy and wait until Obama opens his mouth again to sell. Guaranteed 10%+ every time. Why didn’t I see this before?

    1. There a pretty clear pattern. I’ve been dabbling in their options lately.

      1. I need to get permission to trade options, but something tells me I’d lose my ass quick. I try to understand all the IV and theta, etc. I get it, but I don’t know how to use it.

        1. Graph it. Etrade and Ameritade have free tools.

          If you’re worried about losing your shirt, limit your account to Level II options trading. Don’t write them under any circumstances.

          1. I’m at Level 1 right now so I sell covered calls and that’s it. I love doing that so far. I’m with Fidelity though and I think I need a certain number of trades per month or something like that to move up a level. I think they are more cautious than other brokers. I’d never sell puts, but I might buy them slightly out of the money as a hedge on a stock I just bought.

          2. What’s a good “Investing For Dummies”-type website to read? My current financial plan is “die in extreme poverty” and I’m interested in other options.

  21. My wife saw Haley speak at OTC and was pretty impressed. At a minimum I wouldn’t mind looking at her over other potential candidates for 4-8 years.

    1. I met her at a ground breaking ceremony a couple of years ago.

      She seemed pretty nice, for a politician. Definitely easy on the eyes, especially when compared to the Bern or whichever crazy Hillary might pick as her VP.

      1. Who is she going to pick? You’d think there would be more talk about this given that Team Blue decided to have a coronation rather than a primary this time around.

        1. They’re saving the talk to closer to the election to gin up support for Team Blue.

        2. I thought Castro (either the one in San Antonio or one of the ones in Cuba) was the most likely choice.

  22. I give our State Broadcaster a lot of shit, but whoever came up with the headline for their latest piece of pap is a genius:

    In 2016, Donald Trump will either be fired or hired by Republicans

    That’s some John Madden-level genius right there.

    1. I could read or not read that article all day.

        1. That’s where I stole it from. That line manages to make it into a conversation with my wife at least once a day.

  23. Good on you Robby!

  24. I am eagerly awaiting the in-depth expose Reason will run on this:
    Gang assaults on Women in Cologne

    The scale of the attacks on women at the city’s central railway station has shocked Germany. About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.
    City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime”. The men were of Arab or North African appearance, he said.
    Women were also targeted in Hamburg.

    1. #NotRealMuslims

      Come on, “gang of youths”

      1. And definitely not any asylum seekers.

        1. Also, muslims aren’t allowed to drink alcohol so obviously if they were drunk they weren’t real muslims.

      2. I think there ought to be a new entry into the dictionary for definition of “youths” to be a technical journalistic term referring to anyone from a protected religious or ethnic group that commit crimes.

        1. See also: “thugs”, a technical right-wing journalistic term referring to anyone from a protected (by the left) religious or ethnic group on the receiving end of summary execution by the state.

      3. drunk and aggressive

        Yeah, drinking isn’t kosher in Islam.

    2. We have been assured, right here on these pages, that none of that is occurring. There is no crime wave in Europe being perpetrated by invad…immigrants. Despite the figures presented by outside organizations, figures presented by the Swedish government, testimony of victims and testimony even of perpetrators, there is no rape epidemic in Sweden.

      Immigration is an undiluted good, regardless of who is immigrating or why or in what numbers.

      *Just typing that stupid out made my head hurt.

      1. Look, Suthenboy, “sexual assault” is such a bullshit so-called crime! It’s just because feminists ruined the words that it’s even an issue. I mean, what are we talking about here?

        One man described how his partner and 15-year-old daughter were surrounded by an enormous crowd outside the station and he was unable to help. “The attackers grabbed her and my partner’s breasts and groped them between their legs.”

        See? Nothing to shit pants about. Happens everywhere all the time.

        1. Needz moar goatz.

          1. Actually, I’m in favor of more goats because they are cool animals. Downsides being the smell and the fact that they’ll turn anything into a wasteland. But they are hardy, smart and independent animals.

            1. If you could teach them not to shit in the house, pygmy goats would be decent pets.

          2. If Germany had more goats for them to rape, they’d rape less women. It’s their own damn fault.

            1. Goats are probably stronger and liable to offer more resistance than an average German, though.

              1. And don’t even get me started on the insufferable bleating of German women.

                1. Well, I don’t think any amount of bleating would help the German police notice anything untoward happening.

        2. I recall reading a wife’s letter to her Confederate soldier husband that told him he had better desert and get home quick because Yankee soldiers were “violating” women in the streets. Reading further, it turns out the “violating” and “outrages” were the Yankees stopped tipping their caps to ladies on the street after a number of ladies spit on them or “cut” them.

          1. More or less the same as a pack of savages ripping women’s clothes off and feeling them up so aggressively they sometimes left bruises, to be sure.

    3. But Merkel is DISGUSTED! She may even deploy a frowny face!

      My favorite part of that BBC article is lead-in paragraph:

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel has voiced outrage over the sexual assaults and thefts that male gangs inflicted on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

      Those male gangs, waging the War on Women! Disgusting!

      And there’s the awesome quote:

      Police were deployed outside the station because of the crowds on New Year’s Eve, but failed to spot the many attacks, according to reports.

      Well done, German police.

      1. Here is a new German word for you: Verhaltensregeln.
        Basically the Cologne mayor says women should adjust their conduct during Carnival because it’s really their fault if they get groped while wearing a miniskirt.

        1. Sounded better in the original German oh wait…

      2. Political correctness is just a euphemism for being nice and respectful*.

        *to gang-rapists.

    4. Sounds like a gang of Florida State recruits.

      1. Not enough punching the mouthy ones.

  25. Forbes announced its 2016 “30 Under 30” winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of. (I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something

    And it’s Robby from the top ropes! With a folding chair!

    1. I love it when the big guy waves his success in “Split Ends” Merlan’s face.

  26. Were your accolades worth more eye rolling from the spousal unit?

    1. Don’t get me started on her. Jealous much, amirite?

  27. I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something.

    You’ve got me, and together we are unstoppable.

  28. Donald Trump fires back after Samuel L. Jackson accuses him of cheating at golf……html?nf=1

  29. Any gun owners care to comment on this?

    But here’s what just happened that Obama won’t brag about to the media; the ATF just eliminated chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign off from the NFA process, making it easier to acquire silencers, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and items classified as “any other weapon.” CLEO sign-off has been a major impediment in many states where owning NFA weapons is perfectly legal, but anti-gun sheriffs and police chiefs have been able to block their citizens from obtaining NFA items by simply refusing to sign-off on their acquiring items that they were otherwise qualified to own.

    This arbitrary roadblock has now been eliminated.

    While there is still much to be figured out in the days to come, it appears that Obama has eliminated most of the need for NFA trusts for most people, and it should actually be easier to acquire machine guns and silencers for more people across the country.

    Thanks, Barack. you screwed up and did something right.

    1. There was already a way around that: NFA trusts.

      But I have no idea if he eliminated it.

      1. Needed court order which could often add a couple hundred in legal fees was my understanding. Hard to believe the left would take away money from lawyers. Needed eliminated though. There was no good reason for it since it constitutionality could not be denied if you passed the nfsa check.

        1. I have not heard that it was dropped either

  30. Forbes announced its 2016 “30 Under 30” winners, which included a certain libertarian journalist you may have heard of. (I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something.)

    Apparently they didn’t read your most recent turd.

  31. I notice that Maria Hasankolli, the woman charged with “risk of injury to a child” because she overslept while her stepson walked to school, is due to appear in court tomorrow.

    Earlier, I had expressed the hope that some celebrity lawyer like Gloria Allred would show up, but apparently Allred is busy with some rap guy.

    As I understand it, they don’t really use grand juries to indict people in Connecticut, so even though Hasankolli is charged with an “infamous crime,” she can be brought to trial without a grand jury looking at her case.

    The Fifth Amendment requires grand juries, but that particular clause hasn’t been applied to the states. The rest of the Fifth Amendment *has* been applied, just not this part. It’s in the FYTW clause.

    1. Hmm. I don’t see the “does not apply to states” clause in the 5th amendment. I do see where the constitution says it’s the supreme law of the land.

      1. Long story.

        Short version: “Because we said so.”

      2. The Amendments don’t all automatically apply to the states. The judicial doctrine of “incorporation” started applying them to the states piecemeal. I think 2 or 3 of them still don’t apply to the states. Good attempt at being snarky though.

        1. The doctrine of incorporation started after the court basically gutted the 14th Amendment in the Slaughter-House Cases. Frankly, that decision should have been completely overturned decades ago and the 14th Amendment completely reinstated, but they’ve been doing it in a piecemeal fashion ever since.

  32. Didn’t Obama cry today or something? Why is that not in the links?

  33. Man finds “revenge dildo” in shopping cart after leaving negative Amazon customer service review

    1. “revenge dildo”

      Band name (of course).

    2. “Revenge Dildo” is now officially a thing.

    3. This sounds an awful lot like “finding” a mouse in your Coke can.

      1. This sounds an awful lot like “finding” a mouse in your Coke can beer bottle.

        /tomato, to-mah-to

        1. I know, eh?

          (note to the guy’s lawyer – I don’t actually know who did what)

          1. We could even say he was a ‘hoser’, eh?

    4. (Assuming everything transpired as told)

      Man is subjected to highly unprofessional but ultimately harmless prank. Receives 100 euro gift card as apology. Goes to press anyway.

      What a dildo.

    5. And then he ordered one for himself and each of his co-workers. Happy ending!

  34. In more Canadian news, Liberals continue the fine tradition of promising shit, then not delivering.

    The Liberal government faces substantial work on the international stage before it can follow through on its promise to legalize marijuana.

    That includes figuring out how Canada would comply with three international treaties to which the country is a party, all of which criminalize the possession and production of marijuana.

    Much like his “25,000 refugess by New Year” promise, this was one of many obvious obstacles, and also not mentioned until now. So anyone who thought they are geting legal pot, sorry. It does give me hope he’ll break all his pre-election promises, and let the country run on auto-pilot while he preens and postures.

    1. IIRC these treaties can be legally *denounced* (repudiated) with about a year’s notice. It’s in the treaties themselves.

      They can denounce the treaty and re-ratify with a reservation to allow legal marijuana.

      Even the Bolivians were able to do it – for certain traditional uses of the coca leaf – and Canada wants us to believe they’re dumber than Bolivians?

    2. Justin did what he had to do to get elected by looking snazzy and will continue to do so accordingly. THIS is his shtick.

      And Canada is retarded for hitching its governance to international treaties. We should govern according to our realities.

    3. Tell the other signatories of the treaties to get stuffed and ignore those provisions? What are they gonna do, send in the UN to occupy Canadaland?

      1. Or pull a Bolivia – see above.

      2. That would happen if they were serious about legalizing pot. They clearly were not, so it will be one of excuses why nothing will happen till next election.

      3. You have to understand. The Liberals campaigned on not being Harper or mean conservatives. They can’t just eschew such treaties lest they come out looking bad. You can’t have that with this bunch. Even if they’re/we’re getting raped and sodomized they will pretend to be honorable by sticking to some treaty so as to not offend nations because America.

        1. Sure nothing is going to happen but promising it made Prime Minister Zoolander feel good about himself. Don’t you know what is important Rufus?

  35. It was Robbo’s hair that truly won. Congrats vidal sassoon.

    1. It was Robbo’s hair that truly won

      It is important that the boss feels like he won on his own.

      Congrats vidal sassoon.

      Do you think I am the result of some WalMart bullshit like vidal sassoon?

  36. Rapper Tyga is in trouble for sending Instagram messages to an underage model, even though she told him she was 17 and the messages aren’t particularly inappropriate. Moral panic, anyone?

    You misspelled “shakedown”.

    1. Unless he directly propositioned her for sex, what is the issue? I guess they want to make it a felony for any adult to speak to anyone under the age of 16. That will help build a healthy society I am sure.

      1. guess they want to make it a felony for any adult not employed by the state to speak to anyone under the age of 16.

        With that adjustment, you’re right on. Obviously, children need to talk to cops, teachers, doctors and other qualified, approved personnel.

        1. And no kid has ever been in danger of being molested by a cop or teacher. Never!!

          1. Qualified! Approved! Personnel!

  37. Gives a whole new meaning to the Flying Nuns!

    Onward and upwards, sisters!

    They’re not a part of any official religious order, but Sister Kate and Sister Darcey refer to themselves as nuns and claim they are producing marijuana products as part of a spiritual quest to heal the sick.

    Now, the “nuns” are fighting new regulations from the state of California and the city of Merced threatening to shut down their business.

    Maybe I should start such an order of Monks. Hmmmm…..

  38. “The armed militia group that has occupied a remote federal outpost in Oregon may run out of supplies, warmth.”

    Heat could be a problem if they didn’t plan for it, which seems nuts, but there is a greater abundance of forage in the area than anywhere else I ever been. Of course, it’s possible they have no fucking clue how to identify or seize it. I’ve noticed that survivalists frequently have some huge blind spots in that regard, either relying on stored rations of some kind or else focussing on things like big game while ignoring forage that delivers much more energy proportional to the amount expended in it. As far as dead animal flesh goes, they could easily subsist on quails and rabbits, with almost no expenditure of time or effort in the foraging, and there is tons of vegetable forage round about the vicinity that also provides a lot of nutrition for minimal effort, compared to trying to live off the land anywhere else. When I go out in the desert round here, I don’t even bother to bring any food with me, and I’ve never gone hungry. Fuck, there were times when I wasn’t camping that I found it less of a bother to go forage in the desert for a couple hours and lay a few snares than to go shopping for food in town.

    1. I don’t bother with the deers, but a person could probably take them with a club; in fact, I’ve wondered if they weren’t blind or something since they don’t seem to show any response if I’m moving silently. Also, they’re easy as fuck to lure if a person learns how to call. I’ve called them right up into slugging distance before.

      The quails are also pretty easy to call, and they employ a sort of ballistic flight, so if they start off wrong or hit a bad wind, they go slamming into a snow bank or whatever, after which there’s a minute or two in which a person can just walk up and fetch them. They do this all the time. And the rabbits are actual rabbits, living in huge colonies, running the same fucking runs every day like clockwork. Seems like there’s been a couple times I laid a snare I didn’t get something in a day or less, but it’s not often. In the winter the quails cluster together and a person can take pretty much as many as he pleases every day, limitted only by the number of snares he wants to set.

      And I’ve never got any trouble from Fish and Game bout fetching wild food because I’m always careful to cover my tracks and set huge fucking bush fires and incinerate the countriside when I’m finish with it.

  39. “I may not have a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, but hey, at least I’ve got something”


    From the comments in the classic Jezebel article “Maybe the Rolling Stone rape story didn’t really happen, says idiot”. Hundreds of comments on how its all just white male privilege in assuming that because the author was a woman she probably didn’t do good journalism and corroborate her sources. Leading to the capper as the Jezebel author snidely waves her Masters Degree in Journalism from Columbia as proof that she KNOWS that the sources were corroborated because she is an investigative journalist herself.

    Followed, of course, by an uncomfortable silence as the story completely fell apart over the next 48 hours.

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