New Year's Eve Brings Clinton Email Dump, Carson Advisors Resign, Politwoops to Return: P.M. Links


  • Remaining secretive and opaque from the American people is one of those "Hard Choices."
    Credit: JeepersMedia / photo on flickr

    Well, of course New Year's Eve would be the day the State Department releases thousands more privately stored e-mails from former Secretary of State (and presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton. Expect more next week.

  • Two of Ben Carson's top advisors in his presidential campaign have resigned.
  • A massive fire broke out on the exterior of a 63-story luxury hotel in Dubai (is there any other kind of hotel in Dubai?). There don't appear to be any injuries. The city's New Year's Eve fireworks show went on as planned.
  • The Midwest will be ringing in the New Year with sand bags, not champagne toasts.
  • Twitter is going to be allowing Politwoops to return. Politwoops is a transparency project that kept track of tweets by public officials that were subsequently deleted. Twitter had stopped it earlier in the year, saying it violated an agreement with Twitter developers.
  • Martin O'Malley has failed to qualify for the Ohio presidential primary ballot.

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  1. The Year of the Millennial starts now!

    1. Hello.

      For you hockey folks, man oh man, watching the intro to that Bruins-Habs alumni game gave me shivers.

      Best rivalry without a doubt in hockey history and among the best in pro sports.


      1. Watching men in ice skates gives you shivers?

        1. Yes.

          Yes they do.

          I give myself shivers too when I lace up and go shoot the puck all by myself.

          Say, why don’t you send me a picture and I’ll use it as target practice.

          1. You want to “lace up” and use my picture as “target practice”?

            1. I think a safe word is called for here.

            2. Send it ASAP.

              I have a puck with your name on it.

          2. Do you shoot like this?


            1. That was literally cool.

      2. Yeah.

        I will say as a Blackhawks fan how pissed I am that they moved Detroit to the East, taking away the most natural geographic rival from the Original 6 for the Hawks.

        Also, now that I think of it- why the hell are 5 of the original 6 teams in the East? That shit’s retarded. Bring Detroit back west (although Jesus, like the Central needs Detroit vodoo devil magic this year. Christ, I knew St. Louis would be good and Minnesota tough, but it is crazy this year)

        1. While I miss Detroit-Chicago meeting up so much, Detroit makes more sense in the East. There were a number of years where they were the only Eastern Time Zone Team in the Western Conference. It wasn’t fun watching playoff games that took place on the West Coast and didn’t get done until after midnight on a weekday.

          1. Except for the fact that 16 teams in the Eastern Conference and 14 teams in the Western Conference make no sense whatsoever. Detroit is one of the 15 westernmost teams.

            1. And the new playoff format is awful.

            2. Move the Panthers to Seattle and rename them the Mets. Problem solved.

        2. I agree. They whiffed on that.

          Although any Original Six match up is special.

    2. Libertarian moment!

  2. Well, of course New Year’s Eve would be the day the State Department releases thousands more privately stored e-mails from former Secretary of State (and presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton.

    Well, at least it wasn’t a Friday afternoon.

  3. Two of Ben Carson’s top advisors in his presidential campaign have resigned.

    Their belt buckles deflected the doctor’s disappointment.

  4. The Midwest will be ringing in the New Year with sand bags, not champagne toasts.

    Could you be any more banal, flyover states?

  5. Martin O’Malley has failed to qualify for the Ohio presidential primary ballot.

    It’s Ohio. The ballots have already been counted and they’re all for Hillary.

  6. A massive fire broke out on the exterior of a 63-story luxury hotel in Dubai…

    Mrs. O’Leary’s camel.

    1. Mrs. al-Leeri.



          1. Yes, you can tell who they are by the burkas …

        2. A comedian is always supposed to play to the top, FoE.

          1. But everyone except me here is an idiot. Not you, of course, but the others.

    2. Just a little workplace violence between religious coharts.

      How could an accisential fire spread that quickly and so massively in a modern building I guess Dubai has some sort of building codes, at least sprinkler systems ?

      Only a few minor injuries ?

      Whaaat ?


        1. Because jet fuel can’t melt stale memes..

      2. A massive fire broke out on the exterior of a 63-story luxury hotel in Dubai (is there any other kind of hotel in Dubai?). There don’t appear to be any injuries.

        Dubai Media Office ?

        14 minor injuries,1 moderate&1 heart attack case reported due 2 over-crowding&smoke; at the fire site,all received prompts medical assistance

        Al Arabiya reported that one person was killed during a stampede in the process of evacuation, however this information has not yet been confirmed by officials.

        1. I’m sure they meant “Of People Who Matter”

    3. As if women are allowed to own property there.

      You slay me, fisty.

      1. In Dubai, women are property.

        1. In Soviet Dubai, women own you!

          1. I saw that movie and its 18 sequels.

            1. a lot of loose butthole by the time you get to 15

              1. The whole Middle East is loose butthole.

    4. I guess we know who’s alone tonight.

      /pan to a lonely Fist blowing into a party horn while pouring a glass of milk out of a bag.

        1. Boom.

          Plus, I’m still at work.

          1. “work”

            You get paid to troll HnR?

            Good show!

        2. You’re all CANADIAN originally. We owned the hinterlands and extensive river networks while you were eating…whatever.

    5. Just watched the video. Yep. The ENTIRE side of the building is on fire.

      Somebody fucked up.

      1. This is totally bizarre to me. What, on the outside of a skyscraper, is so flammable? Don’t they build them out of metal and concrete and glass and maybe stone? I thought all the fire danger was the furnishings on the inside.

        1. Maybe they paint it with varnish twice a day. I’ve seen better uses of money in Dubai.

          1. No, you’ve seen worse.. Get it right!

  7. In October at Twitter’s annual Flight developers conference, CEO Jack Dorsey offered a mea culpa and hinted at a return for Politwoops.

    “We have a responsibility to continue to empower organizations that bring more transparency to public dialogue, such as Politwoops. We need to make sure we are serving all these organizations and developers in the best way, because that is what will make Twitter great,” he said.

    Sunshine in 140 characters or less.

  8. 2015 was pretty bad

    2016 will undoubtedly be worse

    2017 will see Mrs Clinton inaugurated as President.

    2018 who know’s maybe there will be a Robot Uprising to lighten the mood

    1. It is oft repeated that Trump can’t beat Clinton .

      Trump might just be the only one who can.

      Trump isn’t afraid of backlash by attacking Clinton. He will pull no punches exposing her every scandal through the years and we all know there is plenty there to work with.

      From the video of her laughing and bragging about getting the male rapist of a young girl off by attacking the girl on the stand, her getting fired from her first job for ehtics violations by another Democrat for trying to deny Nixon his constitution right to an attorney, Whitewater, Rose law Firm, FBI files lost in the White House, Vince Foster, and those are just some of the golden oldies.

      I’m not sure anyone else except perhaps Cruz, would not be afraid to bring it to the front..

      1. Academia is thoroughly behind her

        Corporate America is largely behind her (if only as insurance)

        The Wealthiest quintiles are behind her.

        The Media are devoted to her.

        1. But: the moderates and independents are not devoted to her. She’s a wooden campaigner. She’s got more baggage than an airport. She has severe health issues. (My prediction: she wouldn’t serve out one term, much less two.) Plus, one party rarely keeps the White House for three terms in a row, and it’s not as if the mood of the country is: “Let’s have four more years like the last eight!”

          Read Scott Adams’ blog on Trump. He’s convinced that Trump will beat her (or any Democrat) like a rented mule. He’s predicting 65% of the popular vote for Trump, which seems way high to me, but Adams’ predictions have been good so far.

          1. Oh, and I think Hillary’s pro-gun-control and pro-Syrian-immigration positions are going to fail to convince the average voter, to say the least.

        2. They still get only one vote each.

          Many may not be persuaded to vote for Trump but won’t go to the trouble to vote for Hilliary.

          I am not making any predictions.

          I’m just sayin…..

    2. Hey, could you do that again, only with more buzzkill?

      1. I thought Libertarians were congenitally optimistic.

        1. As Nick once said – being Libertarian means being a short term pessimist and a long term optimist.

  9. Live Free or Die! New laws going into effect in 2016 in New Hampshire

    Some excerpts:

    Vehicular homicide

    The burden of proof in any fatal car wreck now shifts to the defendant. The state will not have to prove that the driver violated any motor vehicle laws, just that some “negligent” operation contributed to the crash.


    Mutilated Lobsters

    Any lobsters, “dead or alive, cooked or uncooked” that have been mutilated to make measuring by regulators impossible shall be deemed to be too small to be sold or processed. The state has strict laws regarding lobster processing, but will allow appropriately sized shell-on lobster tails to be processed on-shore in a state-approved facility.


    No Tans for Kids

    Tanning facilities will be barred from serving anyone under 18 years of age. Previously, tanning salons could serve minors with their parents’ written permission.

    I see no laws being repealed, though I note the homestead tax exemption is going up.

    1. Lobster laws? How many miles of coastline does New Hampshire have? 10?

    2. Mutilated Lobsters?

      Now I know what my rock band will be called!

    3. “but will allow appropriately sized shell-on lobster tails to be processed on-shore in a state-approved facility.”

      Well that’s awfully white of them.

    4. Well, negligence per se is a thing because no all negligence is the violation of a law. So this seems to be shittily reported. Would be nice to have an actual source.

  10. Trigger warning: CNN

    Bloomberg helping President Obama out on the best way to executive action some gun control. Don’t everyone get excited at once.

    1. Was just about to post something on that… Thanks!

  11. Man to appeal federal ruling in wrongful arrest case

    A Dover man who filed a federal lawsuit claiming Fremont police wrongly accused him of raping a mentally disabled woman is now taking his case to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

    In his latest legal maneuver, attorneys for Andrew Cullen have filed a notice indicating plans to appeal U.S. District Court Judge Paul Barbadoro’s order that tossed the lawsuit and another ruling in which he refused to reconsider his decision.

    Cullen is challenging his 2011 arrest by Fremont police on charges he sexually assaulted a then-21-year-old woman while she was staying at his parents’ home in Fremont through an Easter Seals program.

    A lower court judge dismissed the criminal case in 2012 after finding that police didn’t have probable cause to make the arrest.

    Cullen brought a federal lawsuit against former Fremont police Chief Neal Janvrin, former police Sgt. Adam Raymond, and the police department.

    Lawyers for the police department argued police had probable cause to bring the charge at the time, and that they have official immunity against malicious prosecution claims.

  12. If they just try the Drug War more harder, I’m certain they’ll win!

    A corrections officer at the Rockview state prison was arraigned Wednesday before District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker for allegedly bringing drugs into the prison.

    According to the affidavit of probable cause, Rodney Norval Stahl, 32, of Milton, attempted to bring synthetic marijuana, oxycodone, tramadol and laprazolam into the institution on Aug. 4.

    1. I wonder how much a CO can augment his/her salary by drug muling. 10X?

      1. Mine had kittens.

        Here, ear bleach:

        Prosit Neu Jahr!

    1. My daughter loves cats and has been busting chops to get one. I showed her the video.

      Loved it.

      1. Good! My work here is done.

        1. Yeh by making my job of resisting harder!

        1. She sounds like Jane from Coupling.

    2. Hey, Opey, you know what we ain’t got none of? We ain’t gots no cute kitty videos.

      Well, Bubba, you know what? I got some them vermits at my house.

      Well, Opey, go get em, I got my camera. Now when you get back toss em out into the water bout half way the boat.

      1. You’re harshing my mellow.

        1. Well, no one likes kitties more than me. But there has to be a reason why they’re swimming to the boat, and I think I figured it out.

          1. Well at least he didn’t use the gaff on them (or the fish billy either)!

  13. Best wishes to all for a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!

  14. Other than the year itself, of what are you most happy that is ending in 2015?

    1. A large bottle of Crown Royal. It’ll be done here by the end of the night.

    2. Peace in the Middle East and Chicago.

    3. My prime rib leftovers. 2 meals a day for 6 days.

      1. I have an 8.5 pound pork shoulder going right now to assist me similarly in my traditional New Years football coma.

          1. Smoker’s been at it for about 8 hours now, played around with a spicy rub to give a little more kick to the bark. Applewood chips, apple juice blend to keep the moisture up.

            1. *nods in approval*

              I’m cheating. Everything has foil. I had all 3 kids today, and I couldn’t get the smoker going.

    4. Everything terrible now is going to be worse next year.

    5. My Christmas trip with the family to Phoenix and Las Vegas.

      Five days with the brood and shit ton of driving took it out of me. The highlight though was seeing Penn & Teller’s show right before we left.

      Par for the trip, the pic the wife took of me and Penn after the show was completely blurry because wife refuses to wear her granny glasses.

  15. The Myth of Silicon Valley Libertarianism

    Depressing but not that shocking — we all knew that the coasts are increasingly the purview of the ultra-rich who social signal by supporting liberal programs, and poor people who become wards of the state thanks to these programs.

    1. Honestly, I think the problem is that, for a variety of reasons, many people think “left wing progressive politics=cool”. I think it’s kind of a snowball effect- celebrities and public intellectuals were left wing, and partly due to discrimination in those fields against more conservative types and partly because new people coming in to the field wanted to emulate the old, it has basically become an ever renewing tree of the “cool” singers, writers, actors, musicians, promoted by the similarly liberal “cool” journalists who all are left wing.

      So, New Rich types who come up and want to fit in with the “cool” people and hang with celebrities and get love on social media go left wing if they weren’t strongly political before going in.

      1. Of course, the right wing does everything is seem not cool as humanly possible, so maybe the left wing gets to coast by unexamined.

        1. But as libertarianism is not right wing, why don’t Y’all get a look in?

      2. So, New Rich types who come up and want to fit in with the “cool” people and hang with celebrities and get love on social media go left wing if they weren’t strongly political before going in.

        It seems that just about anyone who isn’t strongly political and decides to be for social signalling purposes seems to go left by default. It take far less thought power to arrive at leftoid conclusions afterall. If libertarianism were obvious for most people, there’d be a lot more of us.

      3. People want to think it’s “hip” to have the intellect of an 18-year old. It probably is, until you’re 25. Then it’s a sign of idiocy.

        1. But judge, I’m a marketer, and those 18 year olds are going to develop so much brand loyalty to my shitty, watery beer! They totally won’t just buy the cheapest one!

          Seriously, is there any truth to the brand loyalty thing? I mean, the only big one I notice with myself is I liked Pepsi as a kid and I like Coke more as an adult, Pepsi being purely sweeter while Coke being more syrupy. So, given the choice at the store or whatever, I buy Coke, but I don’t exclusively drink it. Like, I have the brands I like and prefer, but I don’t feel rooted to them or totally tied to them and I don’t feel my choices were that influenced by advertising aimed at me and my demographic (Like, I buy Everyman Jack Bodywash. Because I saw it at target, and it comes in sandalwood and cedarwood, and its pretty comparable pricewise to its peers).

          In fact, the only branding that really comes to mind is negative stuff. Like how everyone over a certain age has a horrible impressio of anyone who uses Axe body spray.

          The only one I can think of where advertising has really aided branding and therefore brand loyalty is Apple, at least in the 20-something demographic (maybe cars too).

    2. the unregulated market idealism that’s so rapidly remaking the Bay Area region


      1. Someone suggested that rent control wasn’t the best idea ever, therefore they are 1 step away from being renamed San Kochcisco

  16. Passive voice overload.…../78122072/

    I wonder if he’s gonna get preemptive paid leave.

    1. Leave was paid.

      1. What was done there is seen.

        1. What was done there had allegedly been seen.

      2. No mention of te charges he is facing or what his bail was. Hmmmm.

        I’m sure it was a simple omission and will be highlighted in the follow up before the trial.

    2. FTA: The department tells local media outlets that the wife of Winston-Salem trainee Nikolaos Tish was shot once in the stomach just after 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. Police say that Tish was holding a gun near his wife when she was shot and that he personally owns the gun that was fired.

      That’s one pretzel of a paragraph.

      1. It’s probably taken straight from the police report.

      2. I think we can use this for a template in the future. Lemme give it a shot:

        The department tells local media outlets that the wife of internet blowhard Sloopy was shot once in the vagina just after 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. Police say that Sloopy was holding a penis near his wife when she was impregnated and that he personally owns the penis that was ejaculated.

        1. That sounds about right. Except the “once” part.

          1. Another example of the media over exaggerating things?

        2. The thing just spurted!

          1. Hey. Don’t laugh.

            My penis went off one in the shower one day all y itself.

            It seemed like an immaculate ejaculation.

  17. Martin O’Malley has failed

    All else is commentary.

  18. I am making fondue and getting drunk. And then going to the hospital for cheese burns.

    1. What’s the beef equivalent of fondue?

      1. Is there one?

        I’m making creme br?l?e with my daughter so I can try out my new monster torch.

        And barbacoa going all day. Plus football and booze.

          1. Benzomatic TS4000. I decided against the 8000 because it has to use MAP Plus. And that stuff is shit for value. Cost 4x what propane does and only burns 100? hotter.

            1. Shopping now. I have big plans for my new torch.

              1. Did I convince you to step up from that butane cigarette lighter you had been using?

        1. What kind of container do you put the brulee in when torching?

          1. You leave,it,in the ramekins you cooked it in. Coat with granulated sugar and light,it up.

      2. Pot-au-feu comes the closest. Or maybe shabu-shabu.

        1. We did have a Shabu Shabu lunch with some of the So Cal Reason peoples. Not nearly as satisfying as I would have thought. It was only about 1/3 as much meat as I would expect for a light lunch.

          1. That’s not right. Shaba-Shabu is about killing yourself with a meal. It you don’t walk way cursing the entire nation of Japan they are doing something wrong.

            1. Sauerkraut and pork, of course. Happy New Year to all of you guys that are still back in 2015.

    2. Ummmmm…while it’s quite legal to love fondue, I don’t recommend overdoing it.

    3. “Everyone’s laughing, and riding, and cornholing except Buster.”

      1. “The Tennessee Titans have agreed to a set of performance-based incentives this season for defensive end Jevon Kearse.”

        No fondue for you Jevon !

    4. Wait. You have fondue at your house already? Why in the world would you need to go to a hospital just to have some doc with a fancy degree give you cheese burns? Couldn’t you just stay home and do it yourself? Like our hardy forebears?

      Another example of credentialism run rampant!

      1. Why go to the hospital for cheese burns ?

        What ? You want him to have to go to some back alley cheese burner ?

        whay don’t you believe in a man’s right to cheese burn freedom ?

        What’s next ? You gonna start firebombing cheese burning clinics ?

  19. Last year, I failed in my New Year’s resolution to go to the gym. That makes 12 years in a row now.

    1. It’s not a gym you need.

      1. He needs Planet Fitness instead

        1. Well, all it takes is a little sni

        2. Aw, fucked up the joke with an early post.

          Anyway, I think Planet Fitness is too tough.

          What Playa needs is Curves. He’s just a little snip-n-tuck away!

          1. I’m 6′ 180. No need for a gym. Besides, Curves is Crusty Juggler’s turf. I wouldn’t out of respect.

            1. Well, ya gotta stay fit for jesse.


              I kid. But seriously, Playa, with the amount of shenanigans you two get up to, I do think you’re wife would start to worry if she didn’t know jesse personally.

  20. How do you say Happy New Year in American?

    1. I say Happy New Year’s just to piss off Quebeckers.

    2. “The following new laws will come into effect….”

  21. Is this the official New Years thread? Wait, no Trump, what?

  22. Happy New Year from the land of General Order No. 1, Reasonites. Have fun, may your monacles be bright and your orphans downtrodden.


    I thought yesterday’s version of the story was actually funnier, where Rouhani asserted that any US Sanctions were now “Illegal” because Iran now possessed the Obama Permission Slip of Magic.

    It also revealed that its missile program was completely kosher because, while ok fine they ARE “Nuclear Capable”, why…. in reality, they were never “Nuclear Intended”, therefore they are perfectly innocent and why would anyone even start to get upset??? I mean, they PROMISED they don’t have or want nukes? So why complain about some completely intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are used for …well, i’m sure people use them for…. no?….. well if there’s not any current non-nuclear purpose to lobbing giant rockets a few thousand miles at a time…. well who’s to say they won’t think of a good one soon?! Iran wants peace and they totally signed a piece of paper saying so, therefore Yay!

    1. Obama is the Chip Kelly of politics.

  24. Robert Redford is Not Dead

    Sorry to ruin everyone’s holiday.

    1. Could he just stop making preachy liberal movies and go be nice and retired?

      Or, y’know, star in something well written and use his considerable acting talent to elevate it, possibly gaining an Oscar nod?

      I know he thinks he’s doing the latter, but the critics are basically handing him the award equivalents of pity fucks at this point.

      1. How about Redford vs. Eaastwood in a cage match to the death PPV ?

        Who’s in ?

    1. Uhm, Like that’s interesting and everything but I read the New York Times and they explained that the issue is actually that Germany is being infested with like Modern SuperNeoRacists

      “Among pictures of cats dozing on window sills looking onto neat gardens, German “Biederm?nner” (and “Bieder-frauen”) are indulging in violent fantasies of “rebuilding” concentration camps, of killing immigrants with hand grenades, axes, flames.

      Who the haters really are, however, we don’t know; there are no representative studies, just random hints. Since the summer, several Germans were fined or fired after hateful comments they posted online were reported by the news media or exposed by activists. Some of them certainly seem like “Biederm?nner”: a nurse for the elderly from Thuringia, a trainee at Porsche in Austria. But on closer inspection, many already had clear extremist affinities: They had “liked” bands and shared videos associated with the far right long before the current mass migration movement started.”

      See, no one can possibly have a difference of opinion on policy or listen to Rammstein without being a Nazi-Cyborg,

      1. Reminds me of the line about how liberals think rape is so widespread at college but they still want everyone to go. If Germans are so racist, why are the migrants being punished by sending them there?

        1. Meanwhile cops in Munich are warning the (very drunk) public “There’s an imminent terror threat… but we don’t know what… or where. So just keep getting drunk, but DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID”

          That should end well.

      2. hateful comments they posted online

        OMG not that!

    2. I’m not sure how letting that many people in is even supposed to be helping them if the country can’t afford to take care of them and no one wants that huge influx.

      1. What makes you think the people behind it plan to help anyone other than themselves? Raymond Cocteau didn’t thaw out Simon Phoenix out of compassion.

      2. Well, not doing it at all systematically because they in no way planned, predicted, or accounted for the sheer number of people they would get is a great start.

        Seriously, just to catch up to what they have in the borders it sounds like it would take a several month moratorium to really properly process and set people up they have in right now, let alone deal with new ones.

        God, I would HATE to be a teacher in Europe right now. I don’t know what their SLA paradigm is exactly over there. I know more people are bi or tri lingual, but that is generally another Euro language and English, so it will be a French speaker who also learns German and English, is my understanding. So, do they just do straight transition or do they try to keep kids with knowledge of their FL so that they can access the culture and all the other theory stuff that goes on behind that in the US?, but I’m guessing even if it’s a good one it wasn’t prepared to handle the numbers. Oh, and the kids are from a war zone, so like, psychological shit is going on with them that can manifest in all kinds of nasty ways- either inward or outward harm. So fistfights or suicide attempts, so that is fun. Oh, and change ALL of your lesson plans if you want to be culturally authentic… to the Syrian war zone.

      3. Sure they can afford it and as for wanting them there who cares FYTW.

  25. Valve Corporation: Company Issues Statement After Information of About 34,000 Customers Exposed

    The Steam Store was the target of a denial of service attack on Dec. 25, but exposed data did not include full credit card numbers or user passwords, Valve posted on its website Wednesday.

  26. re: “Gun Control by Decree”

    “”The president has made clear he’s not satisfied with where we are and expects that work to be completed soon,” he said.”


    i love how they call “obama releasing a memo declaring new, unilateral regulatory impositions… sans even the hint of ‘debate’ or, ‘input from affected parties’ = “Work”

    Its like he labors deep into the early morning hours, refusing to pause and rest, saying, “I CANNOT = MY PEOPLE NEED ME”

    1. When a Republican president inevitably takes office at some point or another and issues a bunch of executive orders, and the progs complain about executive overreach, I’ll be delighted to throw all of Obama’s EOs right in their faces.

      1. That will be an exercise in futility.

        Do you see any of them complaining about his war mongering after Bush ?

        Tey will simply hand wave it away.

  27. Quentin Tarantino: Filmmaker Sued for Copyright Infringement Over 2012 Movie ‘Django Unchained’

    The lawsuit, which was filed Dec. 24 in Washington, D.C., claims Tarantino infringed on the copyright of a screenplay titled “Freedom,” written by Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin.

    The lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Washington, D.C., maintains that the duo “provided the heart, bones and muscles to develop the unique idea that eventually would be transformed into Django Unchained.” They even used Tarantino’s past words against him, quoting him as saying “I steal from every single movie ever made.”

    They are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

    1. “””Before Django Freeman, there was an escaped slave named Jackson Freeman who desired to purchase his family’s freedom from a malevolent plantation owner,” the suit reads, according to TheWrap. “Before Dr. Schultz, there was Samson, another white man, who would assist Mr. Freeman in his efforts to rescue his loved one(s) from slavery.””

      What they just described was a generic cookie-cutter “Slave Movie”

      Which, yes, Tarantino superimposed on a generic, cookie cutter Spaghetti Western. Voila = Tarantino-souffle

      I haven’t even seen Django. I watched the first 1/3 of Hateful Eight just last night. Its… not doing what i thought it would so far. Its less “Hitchcock meets John Ford” in Act 1 than…. the same thing Jarmusch did in Dead Man. Its sloooooooow and the characters are corny. I do like JJ “you keep imagining me in Rush, don’t you” Leigh’s character.

      1. I saw Tarantino’s movie “Deathproof” over at a friend’s house, and I vowed never to watch any of his productions again. I just can’t trust him not to totally waste ~120 minutes of my life.

    2. Presumably they’re insulted that QT took their shitty screenplay and then made an even worse movie out of it. What the hell happened to this guy between Basterds and Django?

  28. Fort Morgan, Colorado: About 150 Muslim Workers Reportedly Fired From Plant After Prayer Dispute

    The workers, most of them Somali immigrants, left work at Cargill Meat Solutions earlier this month to pray. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said most of the workers were fired on Tuesday.

    1. Good riddance

    2. I’m just calling it right now: the Left will attempt to spin this as “workers fired by KKKorporation just for praying at work”.

      1. And if they do I wonder how they’d feel if Christians prayed at work.

    3. While normally I would side with the workers (its a short break for someone to practice their religion, don’t be a dick), it seems like the dispute is over “different praying times based on season” (I assume because Muslims use a lunar calendar?) v “set praying times”… like, I don’t feel that is unreasonable of the company. Like, you are still praying 5 times daily, and if one of the prayers falls in, like, 2 hour range, does Allah really give a fuck?

      1. Not that the break should be 2 hours, but if the prayers always happens from say, like, 2-4 pm, depending on the season, and the company makes the break start at 2:45… I mean, you still get to pray. I hate to tell people their theological business, but Christ believers- believe in a God who will forgive you for having to bend to the whims of a devilish and secular world or whatever contortion you need, but live in the fucking real world.

        1. Well, that’s the point of Islam. They want the world to conform to them.

          Jesus was essentially a street preacher. Mohammed was a warlord.

          Granted, Christianity got co-opted by governments, firstly the Roman Empire then later kings, but the NT clearly separates church from state.

  29. Happy New Year, ya filthy animals.

  30. Good riddance to 2015!

    2016 can hardly be worse, unless Hildebeast gets elected.

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