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Clint Eastwood on GOP Field: "Any One of Them Would Be Better Than What We Got"

Names "Outlaw Josey Wales" and "Unforgiven" as favorites among his own Westerns.


Clint Eastwood showed up recently on Extra to promote his next directing project, Sully, which stars Tom Hanks and tells the story of Chesley Sullenberger, who famously made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009.

The movie, which has one of the least-interesting summaries ever on IMDB, is due out next September.

Extra host Mario Lopez seems more interested in asking Eastwood about the Republican presidential field, which makes sense. Recall that Clint the Squint appeared at the 2012 GOP convention and endorsed Mitt Romney while conversing with an empty chair.

Eastwood says he's hasn't made up his mind yet about the GOP candidates but says that "any one of them would be better than what we got." He's gonna have to work to convince me on that. The great thing about politics—and Republicans in the White House—is that things can always get worse.

When asked about whether he's going to the Republican National Convention this time around, he quips:

"They might not want me this year because I'll be talking to chairs and doing something stupid."

The actor-director also says that The Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven are his favorites among the Westerns he's done (he starred in and directed both). Am I the only one who finds Bronco Billy to be among his very best Westerns? I sure hope not, but am resigned to live in a world that doesn't want to deconstruct its own myths or ever listen again to "Bar Room Buddies," his duet in the movie with Merle Haggard.

Would have been interesting to get his take on The Hateful Eight and The Revenant, two ultra-violent oaters in theaters now, but no such luck.

Watch vid and get more info at IJ Review.

And here's Eastwood's chair routine, which actually holds up pretty well.

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  1. “Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy. “

    1. Well, Mr. Carpetbagger we’ve got something in this territory called the Missouri boat ride.


  2. ‘He’s gonna have to work to convince me on that.’
    Well you voted for him.

      1. OT: Interested to know how the pastrami turned-out? I was planning to vac-tumble and old-school process versus sou vide, but may reconsider if the formula worked (cure seemed relatively high).

        1. Go with brining, and sou vide, and skip the dyeing.

          1. You you do want to dye you could use annatto.

            1. Does sous vide deliver from a taste perspective? I am OK to skip the color (personal consumption).

              1. It’s just a precise way of cooking, especially slowly.

                Especially god’s gift to man; beef short ribs.

                Here’s a basic primer on that.

          2. I think we’re confusing terms here. Curing will turn any meat pink, including poultry.

            I do use achiote for certain recipes of a latin persuasion.

        2. Outstanding. I still cured it for a week in a sugar/instacure #1 brine. Sous vide is just a method of slow cooking at a precise temperature without overcooking. Also, I cheated: liquid smoke. Weather wasn’t cooperating.

          My brother even “poor mans” it. Stock pot on low all night, liquid stays at 160 with the lid slightly ajar. Ziploc freezer bags are food grade and will work.

          My plan was to have some snacks for people on Christmas day, but my immediate family ate it all on the 24th.

          Not sure what you mean by “high”, but I went with a brine. It it was a dry cure, I imagine that the nitrite content would be far lower in the recipe. It had a decent pink hue, but nothing like corned beef…

          1. Thanks. I was specifically curious about whether sous vide would deliver without the smoking step. I glanced at the formula link, but didn’t back-calculate delivery in finished product (initial cure:meat ratio seemed high).

            We were planning to test brining via vacuum-tumbling to reduce curing time, then smoke, steam. Have used sous vide for other meat applications, but not cured products.

            Missing NY pastrami here in the midwest!

            1. If you’re vacuum tumbling, I imagine that you could cut down the cure time by at least 90%.

              The best fast food place around here, El Pollo Loco, vacuum tumbles their chickens for about an hour and 10 minutes before grilling. They add a bunch of ice to the tumbler in addition to the marinade, and I can’t find a reasonable scientific explanation for why that is. I even asked our resident chemistry PhD, Old Man with Candy, about that. Maybe it’s just a food safety thing, but I don’t see the point in the overkill. A brine is bacteriostatic enough, IMHO.

          2. “My plan was to have some snacks for people on Christmas day, but my immediate family ate it all on the 24th.”


            If I had a nickel….

            1. Nothing wrong with that. I want my family to like what I like

              1. I want my family to like what I like

                I imagine a group of people eating fine meats while wearing flip-flops and making Chipolte jokes. I respect that.

                1. You described my Christmas dinner perfectly.

              2. Same here. My momentary exasperation is more than mitigated by satisfaction.

                Yeah, the family is more deserving.

          3. Also, I cheated: liquid smoke

            More an abomination than a “cheat”

        3. Oh, and the most important part:
          After smoking the pastrami, I usually steam it for several hours. That means tons of delicious fat dripping away unused.

          With sous vide, it essentially poaches in its own fat.

    1. “Any man that don’t want to get killed better move on out back.”

  3. “The actor-director also says that The Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven are his favorites among the Westerns he’s done (he starred in and directed both). Am I the only one who finds Bronco Billy to be among his very best Westerns?”

    I’m going with The Outlaw Josey Wales and High Plains Drifter.

    “Among his very best” (within the constraints of his having directed them himself) means you can only pick two and one of them has to be The Outlaw Josey Wales, amirite?

    1. I have this piece of rock candy, but it’s not good for eating. It’s great for looking though.

      1. “Endeavor to persevere.”

        1. “I wore this frock coat to Washington before The War. We wore them because we belonged to the five civilized tribes. We dressed ourselves up like Abraham Lincoln.

          You know, we got to see the Secretary of the Interior. And he said, “Boy, you boys sure look civilized.”

          He congratulated us and he gave us medals for looking so civilized.

          We told him about how our land had been stolen and how our people were dying. When we finished he shook our hands and said, “endeavor to persevere!”

          They stood us in a line: John Jumper, Chili McIntosh, Buffalo Hump, Jim Buckmark, and me ? I am Lone Watie. They took our pictures. And the newspapers said, “Indians vow to endeavor to persevere.”

          We thought about it for a long time. “Endeavor to persevere.” And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.”


          It’s pure genius.

          1. One of the best ever.

      2. I didn’t surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender. They have him pulling a wagon up in Kansas I bet.

    2. Yes Ken you are correct that one must be ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’, but only with that. Eastwood is correct that ‘Unforgiven’ is the other one.

      1. High Plains Drifter is thoroughly libertarian.

        It should be one of the first movies in the Libertarian Film Festival.

        The first one should be the original Rollerball.

        1. We may not agree on many things, Ken, but Rollerball is perhaps the most libertarian of movies.

        2. “High Plains Drifter” is a phenomenal Western, but it does not fit the profile of libertarian ideology or advocacy. The narrative’s backstory is that the corrupt town’s corrupt mining company was illegally mining on government land?”a technicality” in the words of one of the company bosses. The movie’s main character, and the film’s overall perspective, does not view the mining company as a victim of federal or governmental predominance. Rather, the protagonist and movie view the company and its bosses as dishonest and unethical.

          Moreover, the main character, played by Eastwood, delights in stripping a bunch of business owners of their goods and freely giving them away, without compensation, to disenfranchised denizens or using them for a common purpose.

          If anything, the film is radical on every level and severely condemns capitalist or burgher mentalities.

          Of course, if you possess a different perspective, I am certainly open to hearing more about it.

      2. I have to agree with Clint but many great movies to pick from. High Plains Drifter certainly one of my favs as well.

        1. It got terrible reviews, but I love The Eiger Sanction particularly if it’s on in HD, Great scenery, non-PC as hell, and extremely cynical about politics.

          1. “The Eiger Sanction” is certainly an underrated film. Not only is it amazing visually, but it offers a subversively scathing and shockingly blunt critique of Cold War geopolitics and American ‘patriotism.’ As you noted, the movie is extremely cynical?and rightfully so. And its parodic social humor is amusing and contributes to the film’s sense of pleasurable eccentricity.

    3. I’ll go with Broncho Billy,

      “Do you understand what Bronco Billy and the wild west show are all about? You can be anything you want. All you have to do is go out and become it!”

  4. Isn’t the Outlaw Josie Wales about a former Confederate guerrilla? And written by the guy who wrote George Wallace’s “Segregation Forever” speech?

    1. Well obviously if it’s about a Confederate soldier, then it can’t be a good film?

      Have you seen “Letters from Iwo Jima”?

      1. That was a good movie. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of anything of his I didn’t like. No. Wait. Firefox. That sucked balls.

        1. Firefox was no Blue Thunder, I can tell you that much.

          1. I remember that one. It was cool when I was like ten.

            1. Warren Oates was in the movie so of course it’s cool.

        2. Firefox was awesome…but you must think in Russian.

        3. “Space Cowboys”…?

          1. The Rookie, a terrible movie co-starring Charlie Sheen, is the worst.

            Kelly’s Heroes is one of the best.

            1. For me it’s a tie between The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Dead Pool. As for bad Clint films, I think that Every which way.. and

              1. Any Which Way are proof enough that Clint can make bad movies.

                1. “Every Which Way but Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can” are not, in my opinion, bad movies. Are they weighty films? No. But as entertainment pieces and lowbrow comedies, one can fare far, far worse.

              2. As for bad Clint films, I think that Every which way.. and

                “right turn, Clyde.”

              3. You consider “The Dead Pool” arguably Eastwood’s best film?

                … intriguing to find an unconventional opinion. Personally, I consider “The Dead Pool,” while not a bad film, to be by far the worst of the five Harry Callahan movies.

            2. I would consider “Kelly’s Heroes,” which Eastwood’s company did not even produce, to be one of his worst: a noisy, tonally inconsistent sprawl. Of course, Eastwood’s contributions to the film, beyond playing his character, were minimal.

              “Kelly’s Heroes” is popular, though.

          2. That one too.

          3. “Space Cowboys” is an underrated film where Eastwood ingeniously found the sweet-spot between homage and parody.

        4. “That was a good movie. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of anything of his I didn’t like.”

          Point was that if you can make a movie about Imperial Japanese soldiers without condoning the Rape of Nanking, you can also make a movie about a Confederate soldier without endorsing . . . whatever.

          I dunno. Maybe Winston was being sarcastic, but in that case, I’m gonna cite Poe’s Law.

      2. Well, my negroes, the problem with this election is that his films fall into a dozen different categories. It’s like saying, “What are the two best Alfred Hitchcock/Jerry Lewis/Atom Egoyan films? Like you could easily set up a ranked listing from that selection. Same fucking thing with Mr “Eastwood”. So it’s stupid as fuck. And fuck China also.

    2. Save your reviews for movies you have actually seen. Seriously. It’s a good movie with some libertarianish themes, though I imagine you wouldn’t see them because of the prejudice you showed in your above comment.

    3. And written by the guy who wrote George Wallace’s “Segregation Forever” speech?

      I had not heard of Asa Earl Carter before your post, so thanks Winston. The Outlaw Josey Wales is problematic.

      1. The fake Indian guy

        1. Lizzy Warren?

      2. You Know Who Else judged art by their author’s views?

      3. The Outlaw Josey Wales is problematic.

        Why? Because a bad person wrote a good story?

    4. I was being sarcastic by referring to the anti-CSA purge following Dylan Roof’s murders.

      1. Also Deforest Kelley played a Confederate soldier in Raintree County so we ought to ban Star Trek. I’m sure Mr. Tarantino would agree.

        1. Is it just me, or does Gary Sinise (CSI New York) look like he could be Deforest Kelley’s son?

          1. Why yes, he does. You must be incredibly talented, smart, and astute. I bet you are really good looking, too.

        2. In case you’re wondering Tarantino once gave an interview condemning John Ford for being in The Birth of Nation and how that was proof of Ford’s racism.

          1. Ford’s movies probably reminded Tarantino of the father he never had.

    5. Therefore the movie is racist and anyone who likes the movie is racist?

      1. Are you saying that only white people like that movie?

        1. It was a response to Winston’s comment. I misunderstood him.

    6. … yes and yes, but those facts do not reflect the nature of the film at all. Josey Wales fights for Confederate guerillas after his family is murdered and his home is destroyed on the Kansas-Missouri border, but he is a simple man caught up in the war, not a pro-slavery advocate. At one point, he says about an Indian squaw who had been sold into slavery and that he rescued, “Look, you tell her I don’t want no one belongin’ to me.” The line indicates Wales’ war-influenced misanthropy and fear of human connections, but it also may constitute a rebuke to anyone who suspected that Wales approved of slavery just because the war had pushed him into a Confederate guerilla outfit.

      Moreover, the film ends up as far away from the message of segregation as one can get. Wales eventually leads a new community that is multiethnic (including whites, Native Americans, and Mexicans), multicultural, and socially heterogeneous, featuring both former Confederates and those who supported the Union. In a sense, the community is akin to a hippie commune?displaced or marginal people from different backgrounds who come together in the countryside and live on their own self-sustaining basis. But in Eastwood’s hands, this development feels utterly organic and historically natural rather than imitative of a modern movement (he shot the film in 1975).

      1. in the days that the movie was based many communities were more ethnically blended then they are today. People have self segregated since then but i think that was in part to the governments jim crow laws that caused much of the separations.

  5. The great thing about politics?and Republicans in the White House?is that things can always get worse.

    How can things get worse when the Libertarian Moment is upon us?

    And do Democrats get better?

    1. “…things can always get worse.”

      That didn’t happen when the D’s gained the White House. Nope, totally didn’t.

      I try to like Nick, I really do. He is good on a lot of issues but frequently the inner proggie shows through.

      1. I would argue that things have gotten much better under Obama, and there is plenty of empirical evidence to support that conclusion.

        Matters are far from perfect, but the issues stem from long-term structural problems with both the political system and the economic system. The fact that Obama only ended up being able to control Congress for a quarter of his presidency has also played an enormous role.

        1. The fact that Obama only ended up being able to control Congress for a quarter of his presidency has also played an enormous role.

          And is also an indictment of his policies.

  6. Clint apparently likes -8.9% GDP, trillion dollar deficits, $140/bbl oil, $2 trillion lost wars, and financial collapses.

      1. Dammit. Missed. I need another drink.

        1. I got homemade Hard Cider from King Tut’s. Pours Sarcasmic a glass.

          1. Thank ye kindly. You a Mainah?

            1. Refugee from southern New Hampshire. =)

              1. Still a Yankee though. =)

              2. I’m a West Coast kid, though I’ve been a Mainah for half my life. Ayuh. Youbecha!

                1. Pours sarcasmic a second glass.

                  1. Hey now! Add that to the Bushmills I’m chasing with session ale that I brewed last month, and I may not make it to work tomorrow!

                    1. Work Smork !!! =D

                    2. *goes to bed*

    1. Monomania is boring.

      1. It is amazing that someone of Clint’s stature is so fucking stupid. Any rabid GOPer should be forced to shut their idiot mouth for at least three administrations after the Bushpigs wrecked everything.


        Just shut the fuck up you TEAM RED idiot because I remember 2001-09.


        2. While I am on this subject the Reason editors should publish an apology for printing that idiot goldbug Peter Schiff’s drivel for years here.

          1. The only apology they should write is one for letting you post your incessant drivel. But, being libertarian, they let idiots like you have a voice that would not be tolerated by those who call themselves “tolerant.”

            1. Just as light needs dark and genius needs stupid, we need shreek’s idiocy to contrast the comments and insights from people who can think.

          2. Sorry PB. =( The Organ Grinder that Reason bought you from will not take you back. Apparently flinging poo at the customers is bad for business.

            1. Well, for certain business models its a value-add.


          Why must you be a failure at everything you do?!?

          1. Good question. Oh… I thought you were asking that question about yourself.

            1. Dammit I thought you were PB !!!!!

              1. I’ll have what you’re having.

                1. Listen, ghetto LA, the US Dollar has been strong as death (you should know that) up an astounding 25% since 2008.

                  I see a great contrarian trade for 2016. And I am in it, nigga.

                  1. “Listen, ghetto LA, the US Dollar has been strong as death (you should know that) up an astounding 25% since 2008.”

                    Hmmm. 2008? Did something happen in the year you picked?
                    What a fucking pathetic cherry-pick, turd.

                  2. I’m just a guy sitting on 750 CMG puts. What do I know?

                    1. I’m just a guy sitting on 750 CMG puts. What do I know?

                      What was your strike? 500?

                    2. *facepalm*

                      The strike is 750. Which is why I said “750 CMG puts”.

                      Are you sure you’re not a janitor?

                    3. “Are you sure you’re not a janitor?”

                      Pretty sure; he claims to ‘work in finance’, and no one with a lick of sense would let him do anything other than empty the trash.

                    4. Not strike – what did you pay the puts? $200? $50?

                    5. $14. Shortly after the close of 3Q.

                      Ghetto LA is smarter than you, and I don’t work in finance.

                    6. Disclosure: I sold those after the 1st crash. When things got crazy, they got more expensive. I’m still ahead a few Ferraris.

                    7. HEY WHERE DID BUTTPLUG GO?!? I WANT TO PLAY!!!

                2. Pours Playa a glass of Hard Cida. =)

        4. You had *two terms* and your boy not only didn’t make the slightest attempt to ‘fix’ anything ‘Bush broke’ but continued on and doubled down with the EXACT SAME POLICIES.

    2. Palin’s Buttplug|12.27.15 @ 9:07PM|#
      “Clint apparently likes -8.9% GDP, trillion dollar deficits, $140/bbl oil, $2 trillion lost wars, and financial collapses.”

      No, turd. He OPPOSES Obo.

    3. Are you referring to the Obama years? Because, other than the exact GDP figure, Obama is as bad or worse. So, I don’t get your point.

      Maybe you’re just saying: “but Boooosh!!11!!!!!”

  7. The older I get, the more I like his movies.

  8. Clint’s a good director but he was at his best in films created by Don Siegel and Sergio Leone, imo.

    1. Sergio Leone’s epic was ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ with Robert DeNiro and James Woods. Mobster film. See the long version though – the film edited down to 2 hours for the US was a disaster and insured its failure here.

      1. I now know why everyone here hates you*. Sergio’s epic is and always shall be ‘Once upon a time in the West’ The opening scene is better than 99% of everything anyone else has ever done. Woody Strode, Jack Elam, and Al Mulock should receive lifetime achievement awards every year for their performances, and I’m not even gonna mention Chuck.

        *I actually already knew.

        1. “I actually already knew.”

          I trusted your judgement…

        2. +1 the best amateur music video on youtube, imo, uses clips from that movie

    2. “Clint’s a good director but he was at his best in films created by Don Siegel and Sergio Leone, imo.”

      That’s a hard fucking comparison, because Mr “Eastwood” makes totally different kinds of movies to them. The ones they did with him are magical works of fantastical art, like if Bu?uel got raped by Hitchcock and the baby was raised by Jeunet’s Jewish grandmother. It’s more than being a different category of movie. It’s more like two very different forms of art, which both happen to use vidoegraphic media.

      1. I stand by my statement. The Beguiled is a much better picture (to my taste) than The Unforgiven yet both are very good.

  9. Guess we all had that coming.

    1. We’ve all got it coming, kid.

  10. “”any one of them would be better than what we got.”

    My very own words spoken a thousand times in discussions about the GOP field. Every person I have said that too has agreed.

    “He’s gonna have to work to convince me on that.”

    If you aren’t convinced at this point you never will be. Sounds like you are ready for Hillary to me Gillespie.

    1. I’ve got to admit, I’d have to think long and hard about Trump vs Obama. Rest of them, even though I never want to see most (read: all who have a chance) of this field as President, would be better than Obo.

      1. Trump could be bad but probably not worse. I don’t hear Trump talking down this country or its citizenry. He is not a professional divider and shit stirrer and he doesnt hate American ideals. He would have to work pretty hard to be worse than Obumbles. At worst he would be neutral on principle and engage in an orgy of cronyism. He is a selfish man but I don’t sense malice in him the way I do with Mr. Rewardourfriendsandpunishourenemies.

        The only person I can think of that stands a decent chance of being worse than Obumbles is Hillary.

        1. ‘The only person I can think of that stands a decent chance of being worse than Obumbles is Hillary.’

          no contest

          1. Um, Bernie?

            1. Bernie is probably too inept to do all that much damage (although, given the amount of damage that our current inept POTUS has done, this may be optimistic).

              Hillary, though . . . she has that combination of malice and calculation that can actually get shit done.

              1. Simon’s Law:
                It is unwise to attribute to malice alone that which can be attributed to malice and stupidity.

        2. “He is not a professional divider and shit stirrer and he doesnt hate American ideals. ”

          Yes he is and does. Again, you live in a world separate from our reality, where Trump does not shit on the US Constitution day in day out.

      2. I’d prefer Trump over any of the establishment candidates. He could surprise to the upside (say on drug legalization and pubsec rif) and worst case scenario he breaks the grip, at least temporarily, of the the one-party state.

        1. “He could surprise to the upside (say on drug legalization and pubsec rif)”


          “worst case scenario he breaks the grip, at least temporarily, of the the one-party state.”


    2. Oh shit, David Duke’s spawn from Bayou Country is here. No doubt wearing his fucking Duck Dynasty bib and hat.

      1. This is because they didn’t wish you ‘Merry Christmas’ back when you posted in the comments the other day, isn’t it? You has a sad because the only people in the world who pay attention to you just make fun of you all the time.

        1. Just back away slowly Ag….dont make any sudden moves or it will shit in its hand and throw it at you.

        2. “You has a sad because the only people in the world who pay attention to you just make fun of you all the time.”

          That and his daddy don’t luv him!

    3. Well, quite frankly I don’t see Trump or Christie as being an improvement – they’re both big government, go-to-war-at-the-drop-of-a-hat types.

      1. Trump is all paleocon/old right on foreign interventionism. Christie is lockstep with Marco, Jeb!, Lindthy, Hillary, Carly and Kasich.

        1. “Trump is all paleocon/old right on foreign interventionism. ”

          He is whatever feels right and appeals to the retards that support him.

          1. I didn’t know you supported him.

            1. Cyto likely supports the “bomb the fuck out of them” plank of Trump’s platform.

              Its the “don’t admit adherents of a murderous ideology” bit that the objects to.

    4. if Mr. Gillespie needs convincing, why doesn’t he take one of those objective issues matching surveys like the one at Project Vote Smart, & report how he matches up w the candidates. All the Republicans are better than any of the Democrats.

      I’m afraid that those who are afraid of Trump are judging by cocktail party standards rather than objectively. Their friends are afraid of someone who’s a non-politician, & they loathe someone who shoots from the hip.

    5. While I voted libertarian, the rest of the voters correctly concluded that the shellshocked napalmer, the mystical bimbo, and the religious fanatic were all worse choices than the lying Kenyan. Cowards get the governments they deserve.

  11. Gillespie’s on Cosmo-Fire

    1. I am pleasantly amused to learn that Brit cosmotarians refer to themselves as “trotskyists”.

      And that they seem to be somewhat more pro-liberty than Nick Gillespie.

      1. Trotskyists don’t get invited to the cocktail parties obviously.

      2. Kind of funny when you consider that the neocons have also been called trotskyites.

        1. Weren’t the original Neocons Trotskyites pissed at the Dems “anti-war” attitudes?

          1. These RCP UK 78 Trotskyists are strong anti-interventionists. Brenda O’Neill’s contributions to Reason stack up well, particularly compared to the statist shit Gillespie phones in.

          2. A little background on Irving Kristol who many consider one of the founders of modern day neoconservatism.


    2. If he’s going to go all Cosmo then couldn’t he at least not be lazy and shitty?

    3. “Gillespie’s on Cosmo-Fire”

      *low chuckle*

      I think it has been smoldering all along. Occasionally it flames up.

  12. Did anyone know that Poppy in Seinfeld was Dirty Harry’s partner in the first movie?

    1. De Georgio: Harry hates everybody: Limeys, Micks, Hebes, Fat Dagos, Niggers, Honkies, Chinks, you name it.

      Gonzales: How does he feel about Mexicans?

      De Georgio: Ask him.

      Harry Callahan: Especially Spics.

  13. Its a sad day when the Empire must choose between Darth Hillary and Jar-Jar Trump…

    1. Libertarian Moment!

    2. I vote libertarian, and get ten times the repeal per ballot as you whining herd animals and social insects.

  14. So how do libertarians explain Europe? Portugal is now ruled by an “anti-austerity” Socialist government with Communist support and Jeremy Corbyn supports weed, ass-sex and immigration.

    1. The standard of living in any European country is lower than that of Mississippi. They are broke. Every European country is orders of magnitude less free than the US. Europeans are lorded over by the EU, a bunch of greedy, power hungry and unelected bureaucrats. Their class structures are rigid and economic liberty is practically nil for the average individual. Their gun laws are as horrible as expected from collectivists and authoritarians.

      I can explain Europe in two words: They suck.

      1. Particularly when you talk about the PIGS which includes Portugal.

      2. I smoked hash, purchased blow jobs, and drover over 100 miles an hour around Europe. You did have to deal with them dirty German shop being closed on all those holidays. I bought a used Mercedes for $400.00 1987 dollars. The trains on time, and inexpensive. I saw a bunch of shows frankfurkt festhalle after getting some smoking material from the Turks across the street from the main train station. I saw Ac/Dc. Cinderella, Dokken, the Scorpions, Pink Floyd, 1987 LTD twice, Nazarath (where I think I lost a certain amount of my hearing), Deep Purple, Ratt, A couple of Monsters of Rock all day things.

        1. I t was the most libertine part of my life and I loved it.

        2. Libertine is not Libertarian.

          You are left alone to indulge yourself there as long as you pay the high taxes, don’t show signs of being a boat-rocker and let the top men make all of the big decisions. Whatever freedom you enjoyed there you enjoyed at their pleasure, and they can easily take it away.

          This weekend I am bbq’ing and trap shooting with my son, my brother and my two nephews in the back yard without asking anyone’s permission or any special dispensations. I can’t do that in Europe.

          1. “don’t show signs of being a boat-rocker and let the top men make all of the big decisions”

            Europe is full of democracies, you know, and their democracies can certainly be as vibrant and dynamic as ours, if not more so.

            1. You aren’t starting from the same premises that we are. First of all, “democracy” can be just as shitty as any monarchy or oligarchy. Mob rule STILL installs “Top Men”. It is just that these Top Men buy the votes from different people. The kings of old, bought the loyalty of the nobles and the Church. The prime ministers of today buy the votes of their crony businesses and the “consumers” (as opposed to the true producers).

              And the words “vibrant” and “dynamic” are meaningless. If by vibrant and dynamic you mean cool social life and culture, then yeah. There are parts of Europe that are a blast. There are also parts of Europe that are shit holes completely devoid of fun. Just like anywhere. However, if you mean economic mobility and wealth CREATION, than you are completely wrong. No other country in the history of the world has had the level of economic mobility and innovation that the US has had (and continues to have). That is why people will travel across oceans, and put themselves in great danger to get to these shores.

        3. The trains on time, and inexpensive

          You do knows those trains are operated by government-controlled railways? And I don’t think being a tourist is the most accurate reflection of what real life is like. Quite a few people who visited Maoist China and Stalinist Russia were convinced they were free places too.

        4. You purchased all that with dollars earned and taxed elsewhere.

        5. I hear tourism to Cuba is quite nice, as well.

    2. Portugal decriminalized all drugs… much like the libertarian party platform. Don’t forget that little detail when you next piss in a Dixie cup to grovel for a job.

  15. “any one of them would be better than what we got.”

    Talk about damning with faint praise.

    1. Would that we had a choice worth more than that.

  16. A Republican President working with a Republican Congress is far more apt to be able to Get Things Done than an Obama (or a Hillary) bogged down and stalled by that same Congress. If you can’t imagine that DC Getting Things Done has a high probability of being worse than doing nothing, you have no business calling yourself libertarian. Any of the GOP candidates has a good chance of being worse than Obama.

    1. Any of the GOP candidates stands a much better chance of appointing (even accidentally) relatively pro-liberty federal judges and I say this as one who refuses to be complicit in electing them.

      1. TEAM RED has shown up to show off how delusional they are.

      2. A lot of what you call “pro-liberty” is “anti-liberty” …

  17. i still think romney’s team misplayed their hand on eastwood’s chair routine. it was political gold, but they had no idea what to do with it…much like the rest of his campaign.

    1. … no, it was political poison for a simple reason: it clouded Romney’s big night and thus failed to sell any of potential virtues (real or imagined).

      Romney ran a poor campaign, as evidenced by the fact that they called on an iconic movie star to speak just before Romney spoke. After Eastwood’s stunt, hardly anyone could even pay attention to Romney.

      1. i understand it clouded his big night, but i think that’s largely because it was mishandled. when the democrats pounced, they did so by calling eastwood old, senile, and a lot of other things. if you can’t create a political victory out of democrats calling a senior citizen with a higher approval rating than the president senile, then you shouldn’t be in the business of politics.

        not to mention that pointing out the hypocrisy of it all is simple. if eastwood had said those same things at the dems convention, they would’ve literally given him an honorary oscar. romney’s speech mattered, but eastwood’s chair routine transcended politics and had the democrats playing right into their hand. although i will agree it should’ve been on a different night.

  18. fucking Myspace clouds and shit, man. Like what the goddamn fuck happened to this thing. It got all shitty and wetty and nasty and crap. I fucking thing the internet gerbils are atomic ass eaters and I just want to smash my big bock cock into the face of this puke place called modern weird sticky hell of bullcock ass.


    Can we put Nick and all the yokeltarians in a cage, and bury it?

    1. Sober up before posting. Red ‘Plug.

  20. Is there any U.S. military intervention in the past 25 years that Hillary hasn’t endorsed? So she’s slightly less hawkish then Graham, but more hawkish then Trump, Rand, and Cruz, so kind of a tie on the whole starting wars thing. Plus, you know that that the endangered War Protester will make a roaring comeback once there is a Republican in the White House. So that there might be some questions for a Republican president about why the U.S. is blowing up places without getting a Declaration of War first.

    As for the budget, it will still go up whoever is elected. President Clinton will spend it on welfare issues, whatever Republican will spend it on the military. Either way, the cronies still get their payout. Nobody is about to cut off things like ethanol mandates, and Ex-Im will continue to be harder to kill than Jason Voorhees. So another tie. Maybe a few Tea Party folks can demand concessions to cut spending, but that’s just going to nibble around the edges.

    1. So onto weed, Mexicans, and ass sex.

      Weed is still going to be illegal. Rand would be for it, but it’s not a hill he’s about to die on. Trump may or may not be for it, and most of the rest are all for keeping it Illegal. Hillary has argued that weed should be reclassified from a schedule 1 drug (Highly addictive, no legit medical use, like heroin), down to a schedule 2 drug. (A legit medical use, but a highly addictive drug like Cocaine, Meth, and methadone.) So that’s some slight progress, I guess. For consideration, Oxycontin is a schedule 3 drug, and the DEA has been going after docs for over-prescribing it. Expect to keep seeing that happen Again, a tie for Hillary and generic Republican.

      Onto Mexicans. Donald hates the Mexicans, Jeb loves them. Honestly, there’s no generic Republican response here. Some of the base hates Mexicans and immigration, and others, especially the chamber of commerce types love it. It’s probably the biggest schism in the Republican party at the the moment. Hillary will probably continue with Obama’s immigration policy, but I can’t just say what a generic Republican policy will be, since there is no generic Republican policy on immigration.

      1. As for Ass sex, that fight is over. Gay marriage is the law of the land. (I would prefer that the fight was won at the ballot box instead of the courthouse, but that’s nitpicking.) At best, the Republican candidate could appoint a few judges who appreciate the right of association, so maybe no more folks forced to bake cakes for gay weddings.

      2. Actually, Oxy is Schedule II. And now, so is hydrocodone (Vicodin). Up until about a year ago, Vicodin was Schedule III. So doctors would give Vikes out like candy, while saving the Oxy for post surgery or pain specialists etc. Now, alot of docs are getting tight with the Vicodin as well.

  21. When I first saw Mr. Eastwood do the routine with the chair, I thought “Interesting exercise, but nor real practical application.” Then I saw Episode VII: The Force Awakens. One of the actresses had to do an emotional scene with a robot which could only ‘toot’ in response. She actually pulled it off. Must have spent a lot of time in a closet somewhere practicing on that chair. I suppose she’ll be playing Michelle Obama next?

  22. The link to Eastwood’s chair routine is missing.

  23. but says that “any one of them would be better than what we got”

    That’s not a very high standard. A drunk living on a heap of rags in an alley would be better than what we got.

  24. Clint should observe that whut we gots TWICE beat the bloody stool out of the boodling mystical bigots the Geezer Oaf Party tried to farm off on the public. I’d lay heavy odds on the current looter winning again, except that the prohibitionists whose religious regime made FDR President-For-Life after repeal passed a two-term crybaby rule.
    I sure am glad Kurt Russell has some guts and integrity…

  25. “Play misty for me” is Eastwoods worst movie ever. I’ve had my say for the day.

    1. “Play misty for me” is Eastwoods worst movie ever.”

      Not even close. Am a great admirer of Eastwood, very, very talented guy. “Play Misty For Me” is great little movie, Clint’s first time out as a director as well.

      If you want something that’s pretty awful from his work check out “White Hunter, Black Heart”, what a piece of dreck, boring and pointless, nothing much happens with Eastwood trying to ape John Huston. Astonishingy, some critics think it’s among his best work!

      Agree with Nick, “Bronco Billy” is one one Eastwwod’s little gems. It’s also one of Eastwood’s favorites:

      “In a French interview, Eastwood spoke about the film’s financial reception, “It was an old-fashioned theme, probably too old fashioned since the film didn’t do as well as we hoped. But if, as a film director, I ever wanted to say something, you’ll find it in Bronco Billy”

      Bronco Billy also has this classic piece of dialog amongst many others:

      Antoinette Lilly: Have you ever been married?
      Bronco Billy McCoy: Sure. A long time ago.
      Antoinette Lilly: Did you love her?
      Bronco Billy McCoy: With all my heart. Sometimes that just isn’t enough.
      Antoinette Lilly: What happened?
      Bronco Billy McCoy: I caught her in bed with my best friend.
      Antoinette Lilly: What did you do to him?
      Bronco Billy McCoy: I shot her.
      Antoinette Lilly: What! What about him?
      Bronco Billy McCoy: He was my best friend!

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