Election 2016

Why Cruz Won't Touch Trump With a 10-Foot [fill-in-the-blank]

Matt Welch talks GOP primary on MSNBC


Last night I appeared on MSNBC's All In to discuss Ted Cruz's strategy vis-à-vis Donald Trump, and the panicky impotence of the GOP establishment:

The Ted Cruz effect

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  1. Cruz doesn’t want Trump questioning his natural born status.

  2. Ten foot penis?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. Ten foot schlong.

  3. If it wasn’t for the media reporting every time Trump farted he would have 1% of the vote. He has not come up with one concrete plan to do anything and during the debates he just stands around making stupid faces. If Jeb Bush spent less time running down Trump and more time actually saying something important he might actually rise in the polls. I have only two criteria for President. One he can’t be a lawyer and to he can’t have his head stuck up Corporate America ass.

    1. “Why won’t this damn fire extinguish?”
      “I don’t know! Throw more gasoline on it!”

    2. So who, Sanders then?

      1. he can’t have his head stuck up Corporate America ass

        He wants to have his hand stuck up there, isn’t that close enough?

    3. Maybe people are rejecting the plans that the establishment politicos are throwing out there, or, remembering the last mid term lies to get in power, don’t believe them. Trump isn’t saying anything concrete and no one believes what the others say they will do. This last group that got in promised a lot, then they just rolled over and gave the wannabe president for life and the dems all they wanted. Want more of the same? There’s a lot to choose from still in the running.

  4. Trump 2016: The Shlonginging.

  5. I’ve said before Cruz’s strategy seems a fairly smart one. He’s setting himself up as the #2 choice, not just to Trump, but to just about every non-establishment GOP candidate running. He makes nice with pretty much each of the wings (even the libertarian wing) of the conservative camp within the GOP and he uses guerrilla tactics against the media to keep himself in the attention of GOP conservatives as a guy fighting for them.

    I would not be surprised in the least to see him get the nomination. In the election, I think he’d be starting at a disadvantage. The GOP Establishment is still suffering a good deal of butt hurt over his uncooperativeness in the Senate. So, they’re not going to be terribly eager to help out in the general. In addition, he’s going to be going into it with a media happy to smear him at any opportunity. That said, I think the debates won’t be a blowout in favor of Cruz. They’ll be a massacre in favor of Cruz. I think that might put him within striking distance. The key question for him is what his ground game looks like.

    1. Trump picks off the bottom feeders, then gives all support to Cruz, Cruz wins and trump owns him like he said big money does when they give support to a candidate. Unlike all the other donors who will be there with their hands out, the only one left will be Trump. Not only will he get the man he wants, if Cruz becomes president, he will also have knocked off all his donor competitors. He’ll be the money and power behind the president.

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