Star Wars

Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trigger Fans? At Least One.

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: "…I spent the whole day talking about the Darth Vader situation."


You may have already heard MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry's feelings on Star Wars. From Mediaite:

"I know why I have feelings — good, bad and otherwise — about Star Wars," Perry explained. "…I spent the whole day talking about the Darth Vader situation."

"The part where he was totally a black guy, whose name was basically James Earl Jones," she said. "While he was black he was terrible and bad, awful and used to cut off white men's hand, and didn't actually claim his son. But as soon as he claims his son, goes over to the good, takes off his mask and he is white — yes, I have many feelings about that."

It's with that in mind that Reason TV came up with its own "Star Wars Trigger Warning" for those of us that may not know what we are getting into once we sit down in a movie theater this weekend:


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  1. Oh come on. She didn’t say that. R- right?

    1. She’s a retard, that’s all you need to know. The funny thing is, the whole “Darth Vader thing” was covered by Kevin Smith in Chaning Amy, but apparently this dumb cunt thought he was being serious.

      1. thought he was being serious

        I’ve never watched her but from what’s I’ve heard that’s entirely possible.

  2. There are times I wish the Mongols would invade and ride across the lands raping and pillaging all so proggies could learn what actual pain is.

    We are truly a vapid and decadent society where the meaningless feelings of idiots are actually taken seriously. People are being slaughtered all over the planet and we worry about something offending. Truly pathetic.

    1. She should just go stare At her office picture of slaves picking cotton.

      That woman is a total loom and we should stop wasting electro

      1. slaves picking cotton.

        woman is a total loom

  3. I assumed she was joking. There is plenty of real outrageous race baiting going on at MSNBC but I don’t think this was that.

    1. Maybe? I can’t tell anymore.

  4. I’m far from the biggest Star Wars fan in the world but there was never a time when Vader “didn’t actually claim his son”, was there?

    1. Of course not, not that Melissa Harris-Perry cares a whit for the truth of the matter.

    2. Yeah, in fact he is actively seeking out his son.

  5. She’s crazy. The best part of Revenge of the Sith was when Hayden Christensen turned into James Earl Jones

    1. I had to look up weaboo. I think we used to call it orientalism?

      Anyway – yes, that is remarkably beautiful.

  6. I once dated a chick who told me that her favorite political commentator was MHP. That was the exact moment I realized running for the hills was the only option.

  7. I have a great comment but someone would tell me it’s a spoiler even though it isn’t. Err on the side of caution.

  8. “”The part where he was totally a black guy, whose name was basically James Earl Jones,” she said.”

    Only his voice was a black guy, everything else was a white guy named David Prowse.

    1. Don’t forget that they showed him as white in Ep V when they showed his helmet being put on. It was foreshadowing for the “I am your father” scene, but they went out of their way to show that the evilest fucker to that point in the story was as white as Powder.

      Harris-Perry doesn’t care to know that. And she doesn’t care to know that the black dude in the original trilogy was a good guy. Hell, I can’t think of a single black villain in the entire Star Wars series.

      1. Aye, even at Lando’s worst he was shown as really having no choice to do what he had to for his employees. Once it became clear that he had been double crossed by Vader, he immediately turned to the rebellion to make up for the damage that he had helped do and clearly felt guilty.

  9. MHP is a raging racist of the worst sort. She sees everything in black and white.

    I knew a dude like that once. No matter what the subject was the conversation inevitably turned to race inside of one minute.

    The US is the least racist country on the planet but they just can’t quit.

  10. This woman is intelligent. Therefore the only reasonable conclusion is that she is a racist.

    MLK would be ashamed that this woman is a leading “black” voice were he alive today. Because all she sees is the color of everyone’s skin and substitutes that for the content of their character.

  11. It was also only when he was “basically a black guy” that the audience liked the character. Everyone hated the character when he was angsty whiny white teenager. I wonder if that ever fit into her analysis.

    Oh and fuck her for reducing one of James Earl Jones legendary roles to a fucking microagression!

  12. All I can think about is that she must be the most miserable human being alive. Seriously, who the hell gets offended by Star Wars. You have to actively be looking to be offended in this situation. Hell even the most offensive part in the entire trilogy, Leia in the metal bikini, ends with Leia killing the slug who forced her into the demeaning situation.

    Besides, she misreads the Luke/Vader relationship. Vader never abandoned Luke as James Earl Jones. He didn’t know about him and once he did became obsessed with finding him. As a black man he wishes to rule the Galaxy with his son. As a black man, he sacrifices his life for his son. It’s only when he’s dying that he wishes to see his son with his own eyes. Have you seen Mark Hammil? Dude’s white as can be, so it would be stupid to show him a black dude when her removes the helmet.

  13. This is joke, right? This woman just ripped off a scene from Chasing Amy. She can’t be serious.

  14. Dear Mith Mewitha Hawwith-Pewwy:

    I am so very glad you had feeling about that.

    Now STFU you effing moron.

    Have a nice day.

    /Everybody in the World

  15. Is she black? She doesn’t look black, maybe a bit off-white. Maybe she’s a black wannabe like that other idiot chic.

  16. Star Wars 7 was just amazing. Stop conplaim on everythings fans, just be happy.

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