The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


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University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek says a web post by the university's Office of Diversity and Inclusion urging employees to make sure their "holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise" has been "totally misconstrued." The post said parties should not hold "games with religious and cultural themes," such as Secret Santa or Dreidel. It also said food and décor for any party should be general and not specific to any culture or religion. Cheek says the post was in no way trying to dismiss the importance of Christmas and was simply trying to make sure parties were inclusive of all cultures.

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  1. While the 331-word post says that parties should not endorse a specific religion or culture, it also says employees should be encouraged to “reflect their personal religions, cultures and celebrations” during holiday parties.

    You start encouraging that, then the Muslim starts arguing with the Jew, and we all know what happens next.

    1. they start with the dreidel spinning and the hummus mashing then all hell breaks loose?

  2. Unchecked, eventually they’re coming for our Mexican food, our music, and our interracial porn… everything that makes life vital and interesting.

    When we borrow from other cultures it’s cultural appropriation; when other cultures borrow from us it’s cultural domination. In any case, you are wrong and need to be taken down a peg, or perhaps… disposed of.

    1. Then on to the Italian food, never mind the Irish & English fare…but what about the Chinese?

    2. Eventually was in April:
      “College apologizes for serving Mexican food during Sci-Fi night”…..i-fi-night

    3. Culture appropriation is how societies grow and evolve.

  3. The post said parties should not hold “games with religious and cultural themes,” such as Secret Santa or Dreidel.

    play stupid games
    that’s why they’re lame.

  4. Where are the balsy jerks I knew growing up. In my day this guy would have gotten a thousand responses of ” It is my party, I will decide what we do. Fuck off and grow a skin.”

  5. To make it inclusive, you think they’d do the Secret Santa and the dreidel-spinning, and whatever Muslims do for Christmas – instead of doing *none* of it.

    How is it inclusive to leave out all this stuff? So everyone gets equally bored?

    Hmmm…I think I’ve hit on what they actually want.

    1. And be careful which Muslims you invite to your parties.

      Too soon?

  6. Santa is a Christian? I thought he just worships cookies.

  7. There’s no war on Christmas.


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