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GWU Police Ordered a Student to Remove the Palestinian Flag from His Dorm Window

How the language of 'safe spaces' can be used to silence political speech.


Palestinian flag

At George Washington University, students can hang flags in their dormitory room windows—unless someone is offended. In recent months, GWU police ordered a student to take down the Palestinian flag because it's not "respectful of your peers," according to an administrator.

This incident should serve as a powerful reminder that right-leaning students are not the only victims of the crusade to criminalize offensive expression on college campuses. In fact, at many universities where pro-Israeli forces have institutional power, liberal pro-Palestinian students are often victims of egregious censorship.

Ramie Abounaja, a 20-year-old pre-med student, was visited by a GWU police officer in late October. The officer claimed he had received "numerous complaints" about the flag and wouldn't leave the room until it was removed. Abounaja complied, but later questioned whether he had actually violated any university policies. According to the student:

Then, on Tuesday, to my alarm, I received an email from the Graduate Fellow Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities stating that they "received a report from the GW University Police Department regarding [my] behavior" that I was "found to have had a flag out [my] window" and that the letter "serves as a warning that this behavior is a violation of the 'Code of Student Conduct and/or the Residential Community Conduct Guidelines.'" The letter also warned me to be "respectful" of my "peers" that "my behavior had the potential to leave a profound impact on the community." The letter (attached) did not provide any details as to which provision, article or rule I violated.

Though GWU is a private university, a blanket prohibition on flags in windows would certainly eradicate even the semblance of protected free expression for students. Surely the right to hold and share political opinions is among the most important rights all students should enjoy.

But GWU does not have such a prohibition. Indeed, The Intercept's Andrew Fishman noted that numerous flags can be seen flying in GWU dorm windows.* It would seem, then, the police are only dispatched to remove flags that have offended others.

This is almost worse than a blanket prohibition on flags in windows, frankly. It empowers students to use the language of emotional discomfort to selectively censor speech—relevant political speech, at that.

Abounaja is certainly a victim of viewpoint discrimination. This kind of censorship—censorship of pro-Palestinian speech—is common according to Fishman:

Campus free speech and so-called "political correctness censorship" have been vigorously debated over the last two decades. That topic received particularly intense attention from journalists and pundits this year in response to controversies at the University of Missouri, Yale and other campuses.

But notably, many of the loudest "anti-PC" voices are silent about threats to pro-Palestinian speech, even though that is the speech that is arguably the greatest and most common target for official campus suppression. Palestine Legal, a U.S. civil rights advocacy organization, reports 140 instances of suppression of Palestine advocacy in the first six months of 2015, 80 percent of which on college campuses.

Fishman cites two other noteworthy examples: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign fired Professor Steven Salaita for his anti-Israel tweets, and the University of California is attempting to label all criticism of the state of Israel as anti-Semitic hate speech.

I suspect it's true that some of the loudest anti-PC voices are less likely to denounce the all-too-common censorship of pro-Palestinian students. On the other hand, I have no idea whether pro-Palestinian speech is "arguably the greatest and most common target" of censorious forces on campuses.

But we shouldn't concern ourselves too much with figuring out who is the biggest loser in the campus free speech wars. If one person's free expression rights can be crushed underfoot by an overzealous administrator, campus security officer, or emotionally insecure student, then everyone on campus is in danger. Since "hateful" and "offensive" are relative terms, we cannot protect the kinds of speech we find agreeable unless we also safeguard the kinds of speech we utterly despise.

At the University of Michigan, a Jewish student was recently investigated by a student government ethics commission after Palestinian students took offense at him aggressively criticizing a pro-Palestinian display. Thankfully, the commission affirmed that the student had a First Amendment right to question the demonstrators, according to The College Fix. George Washington University should similarly affirm the right of Palestinian students to hang flags in their dorm windows, and universities everywhere should make it clear that the protection of feelings does not trump free expression for Palestinians, Jewish students, or any other ethnic, religious, political, or social group.

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*Fishman did not visit GMU himself, but students sent him photographic evidence of such flags.

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  1. Flags in windows are a useful indicator of “students I would not want to hang out with”.

    1. also a good indicator on who sells the best weed.

        1. Yeah, that depends entirely on which flag it is. I wouldn’t bother with the Palestine fans.

          1. You might be surprised, in my experience.

            1. Yeah – there’s no law against hashish, only alcohol. This makes weed pretty popular in certain Muslim circles.

              1. You know who else in a Muslim circle used hashish liberally…

                1. Two guys named Mohammed who lived on my hall freshman year?

                2. Abdul al-Hazred?

                3. Rashid ad-Din Sinan??

                4. something something Voldemort Ackbar joke

                5. A not-insignificant part of the men in Parwan Province, Afghanistan?

                6. Assasins?

              2. And qat.

              3. Don’t forget about khat.

              4. All the more reason to prevent such displays, which can only foster the well-known baser instincts of college youngsters and more generally the insidious violence lurking everywhere in our land. Any form of trigger-speech should be suppressed as rapidly as possible, and this includes not only unduly provocative content, but criminally perverse formal triggers as well, such as deadpan “parodies” in which a well-connected academic department chairman is outrageously portrayed as admitting to the “minor failing” of plagiarism, and as justifying that “minor failing” on the grounds that “if I had given credit to this man, I would have been banned from participating in conferences around the world.” See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:


          2. you don’t know too many Palestinians.

            1. I was assuming that the kids hanging flags in their windows were dour lefty “political” types – tho I could be mistaken since I would never do such a thing under any circumstance.

              1. Add “white” to “dour lefty “political” types” and you’d be right.

            2. I roomed with one for a while in college. He was hilariously Americanized. He used hair straightener and slicked his hair back. He went to the gym to get all pumped up. All upper body. Wore club shirts half unbuttoned for any occasion. Listened to club music. Super nice guy. He was just so stereotypical though.

      1. Like a student with a WA, OR, or CO state flag? That’s going to be your best bet anymore.

    2. Flags in windows are the equivalent of a bumper sticker on a car? I dig it.

    3. Pretty much this.

  2. If only there was an Iron Law about this….

    1. Those who seek to rule never expect to be ruled?

      1. That is good.

        “You today, me tomorrow” sums that up, ne?

        1. It sums it up, true. I but a little too much I think. I’m going to start using this one instead. Maybe RC will pick it up. Or not.

          1. I go for pithy in the Iron Laws. The Solzhenitsyn version is a marvel of pith. You can use whatever version you want.

  3. it’s a college campus. That the action came from the right side of the political aisle may be the exception, but some action seems to be the rule.

    1. I don’t think being pro-Israel is automatically rightist.

      1. The thing is, Jewish Americans are mostly leftist. There are, thankfully, a respectable number of Jewish conservatives.

        But I wouldn’t assume it’s one of these conservatives behind the ban.

        In fact, it might not be a Jewish person at all, simply someone who’s offended on their behalf.

        1. Mostly like a white evangelical?

          1. Most likely not a white evangelical.

        2. “…someone who’s offended on their behalf.”

          There is a lot of that going around these days.

    2. Some ridiculously high number like 20% of the campus is jewish. Most those guys are from the north east. The place is also as left as they come. I went to school there a year ago. I know these things.

      The complaintent was probably liberal.

    3. Yeah everyone knows that GWU is a bastion of the right……oh….wait—

  4. Fuck the police.

    1. Fuck tha motherfuckin’ police, they don’t want peace they want a nigga deceased so he’ll cease to be a problem.

  5. Still can’t believe how little the US/Jewish media reports about this Messianic Jew who got in argument with gunman/ Muslim…..holocaust/

    1. And only a Gov office would put outspoken Jew and Muslim on payroll then hold a Xmas party

      1. Only a govt agency worried about being sued for religious discrimination.

      2. I know plenty of Jews who enjoy Christmas social events. Why wouldn’t they? I regularly attend some of the local Jewish public social activities. Especially this one annual Jewish buffet. Awesome food.

        1. It’s fun to celebrate Chinee New Year too.

        2. I as hardcore atheist as they come and I love Christmas.

          What is not to love?

          1. Little known fact:

            Christmas is not a Christian holiday (neither is Easter).

            Pope Gregory the Great knew full well that Jesus’ birth date is unknown. He was also savvy enough to realize that the German pagans were not in a million years going to give up the two big festivals, Yuletide (Odin’s three-day cycle of crucifixion, death a rebirth) and Easter (waking of Esther, fertility goddess).

            The plan, as enshrined in his writings, was to “discover” that Jesus’ birth happened to coincide with Yuletide, and to merge Easter with the Resurrection.

            One of the most brilliant PR moves in history.

            1. Could you also explain how those clever Jews arranged the Exodus so that Passover would fall at the time of the pagan holiday of Easter, all so that Jesus could arrange to be crucified and to rise from the dead around Passover-time many centuries later, and so the Christians centuries after that could more successfully proselytize those Germans?

              1. What I said is in no way controversial. It is documented history of the Catholic Church. They own up to it 100%. This is why, for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter.

                I could explain how, coincidentally, basically every religion in the world has a God who dies and comes back to life in the spring, but somehow I think those explanations may be lost on you. . .

                1. Do those religions have a god who dies and comes back to life at the time of a festival celebrating his people’s delivery from bondage in a foreign country?

                  1. Um, I guess you got me on that one?

          2. Atheist here and I hate it. I don’t mind the Christmas dinner or having a Christmas party or wearing stupid sweaters, but the pressure to go out and buy everyone you know a fucking gift has got to go. I gave it up years ago. I don’t buy anything for anyone and I make sure no one buys anything for me. I’m much less stressed out this time of year and I save tons of money. Presents are for kids. Let them have it and leave the adults alone. I will say though, that I try to take advantage of the mega sales right after Christmas. The deals aren’t as good as they used to be though.

            1. You will be visited by 3 ghosts…

    2. Given that the Muslims killed a bunch of people, and the Jew just got in an argument, I’m not sure that much reporting about the Jew is called for at all.

      I mean, if we were going to have a slew of reporting every time a Jew into an argument, we wouldn’t have the bandwidth to report on anything else, would we.

    3. Really? The left has been all over it. Some of them even saying “he got what he deserved”.

      1. Are there really people who agree with that awful person who wrote the column about that guy? That was some despicable shit.

        1. Of course there are. Her boss probably poked around DU looking for the latest talking points and told her to put it in her column.

          1. That’s just fucked. I refuse to believe it.

    4. It’s been reported by KPCC.

    5. In this case a Messianic Jew is actually a Christian. For Jews the Messiah has yet to come. And is not expected for quite some time. So the argument is Christian vs Muslim.

  6. Just for the record, when the state is involved, the heckler’s veto is not part of First Amendment jurisprudence. Well, not unless you’re baking cakes or something like that.

  7. This incident should serve as a powerful reminder that right-leaning students are not the only victims of the crusade to criminalize offensive expression on college campuses.

    Also known as “fairness” and “content neutrality”.

    IF we are going to have these asinine rules, their shadow should fall on all students equally, should they not?

    But notably, many of the loudest “anti-PC” voices are silent about threats to pro-Palestinian speech, even though that is the speech that is arguably the greatest and most common target for official campus suppression.

    While I am sure that the pro-Palis catch some complaints, I believe their claim to be the primary victim is utter horseshit.

    1. Yeah, the Boycott Israel guys – BDSM or whatever they call themselves – are quite influential on campus.

      1. That was true when I was in college. Never have understood that.

        1. Networking for their post-college “careers”.

            1. There seem to be a lot of “activists” so yes?

              1. Then again, any nitwit with a twitter account can call themselves an activist these days…

      2. Uh, Eddie, you do know that BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline and Sado-Masochism, right?

        1. He knows, doctor. He knows.

          1. Supposedly in Ellison’s original story, it’s Spock that pushes Edith in front of the truck.

            1. “Fucking humans, I guess I’ll have to save the galaxy.”

              1. The original story also had them chasing a drug dealer from the Enterprise instead of a looped-out McCoy.

                1. A drug-dealer named Scotty.

                  1. SCOTCH IS NOT A DRUG IN THAT SENSE!

                    1. But maybe Saurian Brandy is…

                    2. Evil Kirk got all rapey after drinking some.

                    3. So did good Kirk.

                      And any Kirk gets rapey after a 2nd cup of coffee.

                    4. Remember the episode where Scott cuts his brandy with Klingon nerve gas? Ha-haw!

                    5. And there is that prohibition on Romulan Ale.

        2. So, Tonio got the joke!

    2. “While I am sure that the pro-Palis catch some complaints, I believe their claim to be the primary victim is utter horseshit.”

      It’s not *utter* horseshit, but I haven’t spent significant time on a college campus in 10+ years, so things may have changed. But when I was teaching (1996-2004) at a Northern CA UC, you had to be *very* careful about criticizing Israel on a college campus. That really was the main category of “hate speech,” and you could get disciplined for it on par with advocating a return to slavery. It was lumped in with holocaust denial as borderline-outright-forbidden.

      Like I say, things may have changed, but that’s how it was when I was teaching.

      1. Given the stroke and visibility of anti-Israel activists on many campuses (as far as I know based on news reports), I am surprised that being anti-Israel gets anyone disciplined anywhere.

        1. Like I say, things may have changed-they were already changing when I left. When I started it was still de rigeur to condemn Muslim societies for sexism and anti-Semitism and you didn’t mention Israel without the requisite screed on why it’s necessary to have a Jewish state.

          By the time I left, we were in a weird limbo where you were supposed to defend Muslims against bigotry, but you still weren’t supposed to criticize Israel. The stunning incoherence that resulted turned me off on academia in a big way.

          I find it easy to believe that there’s a significant faction that now *expects* you to criticize Israel, but you’re not going to lose the people who consider doing so to be a de facto hate crime.

          1. You got turned off from your job because you couldn’t criticize Israel?

            1. No. It was the vapid hypocrisy and naked intellectual inconsistency.

              1. Coupled, to be truly honest, with the realization that as a straight white male who is highly critical of Marxism, I recognized that my future in the field was pretty bleak.

  8. Why isn’t there a law banning assault-flags! For the children!

    1. You know? Certain colors and patters make some flags more dangerous than others! We need to quickly define these characteristics, and ban these banners of death!

      1. Pretty much anything with intersecting lines.

    2. Careful, you could end up banning the pan african flag if you lose the white.

    3. I just thank God they pulled this flag down before it went on a killing spree like the Confederate Battle Flag did ?

      I wonder what Ramie Abounaja thoughts were when the evil Confederate Battle flag was being taken down in many places.

      First they came for the ………

  9. In fact, at many universities where pro-Israeli forces have institutional power, liberal pro-Palestinian students are often victims of egregious censorship.

    Forces against those poor students? Woe.

    1. Only non-progressives should be censored.

  10. To be fair, it’s an ugly flag. Aesthetics principles are still principles!

    1. I think the U.S, should adopt a new flag, made of thousands of tiny lasers.

      1. With a giant Bald Eagle coming right at you!

        …Gripping a Hellfire missile and a can of beer.

        1. Naturally, it will be animated and three-dimensional.

          1. Oh, and it will broadcast “The Star-Spangled Banner” at 100 db. The Hendrix version.

            1. The best version

              1. Indeed. Easier to sing, too.

            2. Or alternately, “America, Fuck Yeah!”……


      2. Agreed.

        Pretty sure John Locke wrote about aesthetics. So it’s already basically in the Constitution.

    2. #aestheticprinciplesmatter

      1. We could just say.. The Substance of Style..

  11. Since “hateful” and “offensive” are relative terms, we cannot protect the kinds of speech we find agreeable unless we also safeguard the kinds of speech we utterly despise.

    There’s nothing relative about hate speech. Hate speech is whatever I say it is. The only source of relativity is whether my grievance quotient exceeds yours. If not, your speech is no less hateful but you’re assumed to be less culpable for having said it. Similarly, if I have a grievance quotient of 0 (straight, white, male, non-European), I am assumed to have the emotional fortitude to handle hate speech, including death threats. Those with higher grievance quotients are assumed to be less capable of handling even mild criticism. Sensitivity for those at the high end of the grievance quotient is so granular it must be measured in microaggressions.

    1. See, the unifying theory explaining social justice is that all speech is hate speech, and all speakers are hateful. It’s an overriding universal constant. What changes isn’t the severity of the speech in question, which is always hateful, but the culpability of the speaker, whose grievance (and its inverse, privilege) modifies the impact of xer statement. This is why seemingly innocuous statements containing no traces of racial, sexual, ethnic, or gendered content may in fact reveal hardcore bigotries, while death threats against entire categories of people may simply be harmlessly expressive affirmations of personal identity.

      1. There’s the answer–ban speaking.

        1. Of course you would say that. You just want to shut up pansexual genderqueers of color so much you’d be willing to shut yourself up, too.

          1. See? Speech leads to pain, suffering, and anger. Silence is better.

        2. “Would you prepared if gravity reversed itself? The only thing I can’t figure out is how to keep the change in my pockets. I’ve got it. Nudity.”

        3. Could we please do this? I’m really antisocial and this would make my life way easier.

  12. “Though GWU is a private university”. End of discussion. And, any mention of the 1st Amendment in regard to this story is irrelevant.

    1. Ctrl-F “First Amendment”

      Only found in the article with respect to the University of Michigan, which is a public university. But please, continue to argue with your straw man.

      1. Xe was preemptively dismissing an argument nobody had made… yet, shitlord. It’s not xer responsibility to educate you of that fact.

      2. Why are you still discussing, JB? Skyhawk has already declared the end of discussion. It’s as if you think there are means of social control and influence beyond the letter of the law.

        1. Well put. Folks seem to forget that shaming is a hell of a motivator for most.

      3. 1) It was the GWU police, which I bet are a local governmental authority, and not just merely security guards hired by the university.

        2) They used a bunch of different terms such as:
        -protected free expression
        -the right to hold and share political opinions is among the most important rights
        -free expression rights
        -the right of Palestinian students to hang flags
        -free expression for Palestinians

        1. GWU police are paid and employed by GWU. They patrol inside dorm buildings, and if they catch you with alcohol they’ll just tell you to pour it out (at least if you’re in the honors/engineering freshman dorm). If you lose an item on campus the lost and found is located in their GWU owned building also on campus. You have to call a special number in order to get ahold of the GWU police, 911 will route you to the DC police.

      4. This story I referred to (if stating it in the first sentence escaped your excellent comprehension skills) is about GWU, a private college, with their own private police force. But please continue to display your utter ignorance.

    2. Quite relevant since they have their own police department.

      A lot of private universities have an actual police department – typically they get some sort of commission/deputation from the local police/sheriff’s department.

      1. Its pretty weird, but its also pretty standard for private universities to employ actual LEOs with arrest powers and everything.

  13. Shorter version:

    Student makes ever so slightly provocative display of something.

    University hates dealing with students who bitch about it.

    University forces removal of item in question and blames it on triggering.

  14. Saying “Bless you” after a sneeze is truly annoying.

    We had to “train” a colleague into halting her blessings as she would then admonish us for not thanking her after the blessing.

  15. Equal opportunity whiners fuck the stuffing out of chill. Bitter nit-pickers aren’t intelligently disturbed by shit that deserves the status of fucking being disturbing. Idiosyncratic or cultural quirks and mores might irritate your head space but if this shit truly disturbs you to where the mighty millennial municipal ban scream is evoked I just want your belly button brutally raped by truckloads of filthy lint thugs.

    1. I hate it when there are truckloads of filthy lint thugs raping my belly button. Especially the multicolored ones.

      1. You forgot ‘brutally’. Filthy lint thugs don’t mess around, dear.

      2. Well maybe your belly button shouldn’t be acting so slutty and basically asking for it

    1. I identify as a trans-lesbian genderfluid black-Tibetan 3-year-old fuzzy trans-homeless muppet.

    2. There are crazy people out there.

      It will be interesting if the “six year old girl” goes to the playground and gets teased by some 7 year old boy shitlord, and kills the kid with her fists.

  16. I can’t believe it, the way you look sometimes
    Like a trampled flag on a city street, oh yeah
    And I don’t want it, the things you’re offering me

    1. An actually good song. For once. I’m shocked.

  17. This incident should serve as a powerful reminder that right-leaning students are not the only victims of the crusade to criminalize offensive expression on college campuses.

    I’d be disappointed to learn this wasn’t right-leaning students giving left-leaning students a taste of their own medicine. MAD may be the only thing to stop this assault.

  18. Light bulbs, cars, and computers make humans more comfortable- but none of this shit has goddamn improved us. Humanity innovates on nature and its funky molecules and constructs all of these wonderful objects to piss better, dream deeper, deliver babies safer, live longer, jump higher, and fly farther but where are the improvements on the cognitive ethos of humanity? Creating places where actual humanity gels in a fashion that allows for the coalescing of even vast differences without banning or assaulting the other? Peripheral paradises are nothing without bliss within. And not the fucking cheesy shitty bliss. Enlightened clarity of thought where existential data resonates across boundaries and philosophies promoting not just harmony but a conscious acceptance of shit truly and desperately different.

    1. Yep. Human nature hasn’t changed a bit since we stepped out of the cave. We just have more toys.

    2. That’s why the Markovians recreated the universe before committing mass suicide. They found their materialist utopia to be an empty existence, and their culture had missed something critical during its evolution that could not be attained afterword. (Well World Saga reference)

  19. Everything is a fucking microagression. Even “black lives matter” could be considered a “microagression” by the prevailing PC narrative? It does imply that non-black lives don’t matter. I suppose “life matters” could be a microagression against dead people?

  20. Everything is a fucking microagression. Even “black lives matter” could be considered a “microagression” by the prevailing PC narrative? It does imply that non-black lives don’t matter. I suppose “life matters” could be a microagression against dead people?

    1. And Wymyn exercising their constitutional rights!


  21. “This incident should serve as a powerful reminder that right-leaning students are not the only victims of the crusade to criminalize offensive expression on college campuses.”

    GWU is extremely extremely liberal. They literally danced in the streets when Obama was elected. They are also something like 20% Jewish. These Jews are no less likely to be liberal than their peers as most originate from New York and the rest of the North East. It is more likely that this incident was prompted by a left leaning student than a right leaning student.

    1. And it’s possible it was a non-Jewish student offended on Jewish students’ behalf.

  22. I feel compelled to insult, in the most vile language imaginable, anyone who advocates banning offensive speech.

  23. Yeah but GWU banned Israeli flags last year after Pro-Palestinian students complained. So they can dish it out but not take it? Hypocrites. Besides the flag was taken down for hanging outside the window which is a violation of campus rules, not for what it was

    Steven Salaita was not fired for anti-Israel comments, it was for actual antisemtism he said all Jews in Israel needed die, and openly called for the genocide of all 6.3 million Jews there and that American is secret controlled by a Zionist cabal.

    Palestine Legal is a political activist group, not civil liberties, and if you look at their list of suppression of Palestinian support they include allowing Pro-Israel speakers to speak on campus as a violation. Further it’s head Dima Khalidi has promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories including that the US is secretly under the control of the Jewish Lobby, wrote articles defending a terrorist who blew up a supermarket killing two and wounding many as a “resistance fighter” and a “heroine”, And there is so much more on her

    Maybe next time do some research before taking a fringe political activist, who has been directly involved in antisemitism herself and has a history of fabricating facts and been directly connected to suppressing pro-Israel groups on campus and trying to get pro-Israel groups banned and suppressing free speech, at her word.

    1. I know, right? I’m going to chalk this one up as the execrable Sheldon Richman doing Robby a solid by ghostwriting an article for him while Robby when out for a sandwich or something. It’s the only explanation.

      1. Look, I’m sure Robby wrote equally impassioned piece on the subject last year. Just can’t be bothered to check (or to verify that indeed the Flag of Zionist Entity was removed).

        Actually, I tried googling, but all I get is page after page about how they made Palestinian flag go down, so useless without effort, which I’m not wiling to invest.

  24. Though GWU is a private university, a blanket prohibition on flags in windows would certainly eradicate even the semblance of protected free expression for students.

    Funny. You’re kidding, right? This assertion is too ridiculous to take seriously. There would be nothing wrong with a *blanket* prohibition against hanging flags in windows on private property.

  25. The officer claimed he had received “numerous complaints” about the flag and wouldn’t leave the room until it was removed.

    “Oh, *that*? That’s my pet cop.”

  26. GW does in fact have a prohibition on hanging things from windows. This took about 40 seconds of Googling to find:

    “We encourage students to share their rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences and views with their peers. GW has not banned any flags from its campus; however, the university’s Residential Community Conduct Guidelines prohibit the hanging of any object outside of a residence hall window,”…..g-removal/

  27. I like the girl at 3:17. She sounds four years old.

  28. If one observed that “things seem to be going to hell in a hand basket”, they might be more right than most people realize of would be willing to admit, so it appears to me.

  29. Displaying a Palestinian Flag is basically an admission that you support terrorism. Take his flag down, boot his ass off campus, and report him to the FBI.

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