FBI Treating San Bernardino as Terrorism, Reporters Enter the Crime Scene, Paul Krugman Says We're Doomed (Maybe): P.M. Links


  • Jeb Bush

    The FBI is now treating the San Bernardino mass shooting like a terrorist attack.

  • One of the suspects "pledged allegiance" to ISIS.
  • MSNBC and CNN reporters invaded the suspects' apartment, which outraged pretty much everybody.
  • Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.
  • Jeb Bush is still somehow in the race.
  • Paul Krugman: We might all be doomed, and it's the Republicans' fault.

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  1. One of the suspects “pledged allegiance” to ISIS.

    For which it stands.


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                  That’s what it takes.

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                  2. That’s some serious devotion, TZ.

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                      It is now quite killer for automating mobile websites on mobile device VM’s. Such to say, the challenge of Fist has made me a better coder…lol.

                    2. As I’ve bettered every life here in one way or another.

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    2. Hello.

      1. Ohh shut up!

        sulks off

        1. Hello.

          /large grin.

    3. I think I might have pledged allegiance to a flag one time.

      1. Do students still pledge allegiance? Did I? Thinking back now it all seems so surreal, like a vivid dream or that one afternoon behind the boat dock at uncle Paul’s lake cabin.

        1. Oddly, at my daughter’s public school they do not, but a friend has her kids in a private school, in Berkeley of all places, where they do.

          1. Back in the good old days, Christians would rather be thrown to lions than pledge allegiance to the state.

            1. I know! I wish Christians still had that spirit in them.

              True story:

              As a teenager my brother and I were members of a secret Masonic-affiliated youth conspiracy called DeMolay, named for the last Grand Master of the Templars who was found to be a heretic by Phillip IV of France when his debts came due.

              They always made us say a Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of meetings, and my brother got into hellacious trouble because he refused to say it.

              And then we would do a play where Jacques DeMolay gets tortured and executed for refusing to show allegiance to the king of France.

              Irony and self-awareness are not our strong suites in These Modern States . . .

              1. DeMolay…wasn’t there some type of female version of that too? I seem to remember a girl in middle school who was part of that…

                1. There are two: Job’s Daughters and Rainbow Girls. JD Christian, RG non-denominational.

                  I never understood why you would want to be one of Job’s daughters. Things didn’t exactly turn out swimmingly for them.

                  1. Although the Job’s Daughters were more fun to party with. Catholic schoolgirl syndrome, I think.

                    1. Rainbow girls! that’s the one. The girl in middle school always made it seem like a secret society.

                    2. “The girl in middle school always made it seem like a secret society”

                      That’s because it is, in fact, a secret society. If they’re as much like DeMolay as they seem, the “secrets” aren’t terribly impressive – it’s more about just having “secrets.”

                      The best upside of those organization is it meant lots of exposure to Masons. It didn’t seem like an upside at the time – quite the contrary – but now whenever I hear people ranting about Masonic conspiracies controlling, well, anything really, I just laugh. Those people can barely manage to tie their shoes in the morning.

                    3. Best of all, you get to wear formals.

              2. Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!

                1. Why does that line ring such a vague and distant bell in my memory? Is that from the ritual?

                  WERE YOU ONE TOO???

                  1. No. But I read the Illuminatus! trilogy several times.

                    1. My mom was a Rainbow Girl, I think, in the ’50s.

                    2. Right – Illuminatus! Thought it sounded familiar.

    4. And you can bet she said the words “under Allah” unlike those heathen Progressives who keep trying to get it removed.

    5. Wonder Woman used to act “By the power of ISIS…”

      This conspiracy goes deeper than I thought.

    6. So Reason is still sticking with the “suspects” jive.

      1. If they’re dead, it’s OK to call them terrorists.

        I mean, are you worried about tainting the jury pool?

        1. Tell that to the Welch and Gillespie.

      2. Obviously they are secret Muslims.

  2. Kugnuts sucks

    1. How would we know? The link is bad.

      1. psst. you aren’t supposed to read the articles.

        1. I was just uh, hovering.

            1. Every woman whose ever used a public restroom?

  3. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    No amendment is safe in this time of crisis.

    1. They tried to jettison the 1A after Benghazi. Why be surprised?

      1. Ever since progtards abandoned the free speech bandwagon, they have nothing to offer anymore. It truly is all authority, all the time with them.

        1. They have tolerance at the end of a bayonet.

        2. The only times they take free speech seriously is when they are trying to silence others, or demand free stuff.

      2. That ambassador was killed in his workplace, lest we forget.

        1. Are you suggesting workplace violence is the problem here?

          1. Yes! Precipitated by the use of gender specific pronouns and the mention of Christmas.

          2. All those people in the Twin Towers were at their workplace. Seems like we’ve got this figured out.

            1. The Weathermen were in their workplace when they blew themselves up too. Seems you found the key.

    2. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    3. Note that all of the guns in the whole affair were paid for by government employees. Therefore, guns must be taken from everybody who does not work for the government. Fairness and security.

  4. The FBI is now treating the San Bernardino mass shooting like a terrorist attack.

    Workplace terrorist attack, please.

  5. “MSNBC and CNN reporters invaded the suspects’ apartment, which outraged pretty much everybody.”

    Wait, I just realized. Did Fox manage to avoid this faux pas? Oh, I bet they are rubbing it in the other guys faces.

    1. the other networks should be making a shitload of hay out of this.

    2. Fox was experiencing technical difficulties that appear to have spared them this embarrassment.

        1. Ah, that would explain the lack of crowing. Looks like they broke in too. Wonder if they managed to avoid showing identify information of innocents?

        2. Click to go inside HOUSE OF TERROR

          “Step right up, folks, it’s only a click! The very house that has been scaring your friends and family all over the country!”

          1. I was a little terrified at their housekeeping skills, but considering a million people have been inside the last few days, I’ll give that a pass.

            1. A warrant was served as well. I’m sure the cops put everything right back where they found it.

      1. This is the media, since when has the we would have done it too given the chance stopped them from pointing and laughing at others mistakes?

    3. Fox already knows this was Islamic terrorism. They didn’t need to gather any new facts.

      1. [golf clap]

      2. MSNBC was looking for links to Climate Change.

        1. Angry ethnic people who aren’t white and they’re angry. What else but climate change could explain it?

        2. Then they need to hire Bailey.

    4. I would have thought better of CNN, but was obviously mistaken.

      1. Everything would be so much easier if you just lowered your expectations.

        1. You mean dropped them altogether?

          1. It’s improved my sex life dramatically. Did I mention I’m into blindfolds and breath play now?

            1. and breath play now?

              ?!! I’m not googling that.

              1. I’m guessing it means holding your breath until the other person agrees to sex.

                That’s actually how [name of celebrity omitted] died.

                1. No, he was jerking it by himself.

                  1. I was kidding.

      2. The network that had a satellite interview between two people in the same parking lot?

      3. The network that’s been hitting the Campus Rape Scare with such aplomb as to run a propaganda piece?

        1. Ads don’t sell themselves.

        2. I left aplomb out in the sun, and it turned into aprune.

            1. Sun in your eyes?

    5. From the way it is presented, sounds like it the anchors expressing outrage at their own camera people in the field.

  6. Jeb Bush is still somehow in the race.

    Slow and establishment wins the race.

    1. Hey, is McConnell running now?

  7. “MSNBC and CNN reporters invaded the suspects’ apartment, which outraged pretty much everybody.”

    I blame Fox News.

    1. As I elude to in my above comment to Nikki, if you go to Fox News’ website they are late to the party, but they still have their own inside look of the home.

      So in other words, even after knowing the backlash, they did the same.

      1. I just want to know who in the fuck was eating the popsicle.

      2. Doh.

      3. The truly impartial journalist misbehaves, then reports on their own misbehavior.

  8. “I think it’s important that as we again talk about the importance of free speech we make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not America. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted,” she concluded.

    Whew. For a minute there I was led to believe Lynch would be prosecuting *talk*, not *actions*.

    1. Actions such as the opening and closing of the lips and the expulsion of air through the diaphragm, as well as working one’s fingertips across a specialized input device and causing visual elements to appear to others who, having witnessed such a display, might form violent opinions whereupon they commit heinous acts.

      But this totally isn’t a threat of prior restraint.

  9. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    Glad we’re focusing on what’s important here.

    1. Yeah, she really should have realized that wasn’t going to play well right now. Even leftist are going to squirm about that kind of talk a mere day after a terrorist attack.

    2. How the fuck does that work?

      OK, maybe rhetoric could include something rising to the level of incitement to violence or a criminal threat. But it’s generally more, uh, rhetorical. And aren’t those generally state level crimes anyway?

  10. “The FBI is now treating the San Bernardino mass shooting like a terrorist attack.”

    Hang on a minute. Let’s wait until the facts come in.

    1. You people truly are sickening. It was clear it was postpartum depression…for both of them.

        1. Climate. fucking. CHANGE.

          GET IT RIGHT

        2. I heard that Jewish coworker spewed anti-Muslim rhetoric.

          1. You know who else was triggered by Jewish rhetoric?

            1. Pontius Pilate?

              1. +% usury?

            2. Sheldon Richman?

            3. Pizza the Hutt?

        3. lupus…its always lupus

          1. I think you meant Crohn’s disease.

            1. What is celiac, chopped liver?

            2. i seriously typed gluten at first but the House reference won out.

              1. In that case, it’s never lupus.

        4. Pseudo-Bulbar Affect.

          Enter laughing!

  11. MSNBC and CNN reporters invaded the suspects’ apartment, which outraged pretty much everybody.

    Mostly Fox News, which doesn’t like to be out-uncouthed.

  12. The Star Wars Libertarian Special: May the market forces be with you. By Austin Bragg & Meredith Bragg

    I may be easy to please but I thought this was actually pretty funny. “Free to Chewbacca” had me cracking up at work.

    1. “Tomorrow’s Hearng: Jabba the Trump’s plan to build a Dyson Sphere around Naboo and make the Gungans pay for it.”

      That’s good stuff. And it’s nice Bernie Maxsmith from Fox Business Human Resources is finding work.

      1. I knew I recognized him from somewhere! Good catch.

  13. Er, Robby. Re the Krugman link. A word with you please?

    /slams door with Anna Merlan poster shut.

    1. is that you, CJ, posting under Rufus’ name?

      1. No, it’s me. Rufus The Canadian Spartacus.

        1. I am Spartacus…

          1. I am iron Man

            1. I am a free man!

              1. I.

                1. THIS IS NOT SPARTA!

          2. Kirk Douglas’ 99th birthday is next week.

          1. Doesn’t have the same ring. I don’t think the Romans would have reacted to that.

            1. I am Biggus Dickus!

            2. It’s not as if anybody would want to be Rufus anyway.

              1. YOU WISH YOU COULD BE ME!

                /pushes hair back.

    2. Paging Link Dr. SugarFree, please pick up the green beat-the-shit-out-of editor phone. Link Dr. Sugar-free.

    3. i was under the impression that Paul Krugman believes we’re all doomed because of Jeb Bush

  14. Ladies and gentlemen of libertarian persuasion, if you wish to read the following, I suggest you sit down. Please hold onto your top hat, monocle and dickey as they may, respectively, flip, pop and flap upon reading the following shocking news:

    Venezuelan healthcare in collapse

    My word, just linking such a thing shakes me to a core – I shall need a strong cordial to fortify myself.

    1. Weren’t all the doctors immigrating to other countries where they could actually get paid a while back. I think they also had a problem with their Cuban slave doctors running away.

      1. I was under the impression the Venezuelan government wouldn’t release the degree information to would-be foreign employers.

      2. Who needs those wreckers? As a hard-working Party Member explains:

        Seated against the railing of a park overlooking one of Caracas’s working-class barrios, Mr Villegas, wearing a party-embossed blue shirt, said “perhaps in that hospital there are issues”.

        But the bigger point, he said, was the vast improvement in primary health care, particularly for the poorer sectors, such as the “23 de Enero” barrio, which loomed over his shoulder. “Today, thousands, millions of Venezuelans get healthcare, can exercise their right to healthcare.”

        See – not only do millions get health care, they do it the healthy way, by exercising their right!

        1. Venezuelan oil is crappy (regarding purity). It contains contaminants that only one refinery (in Louisiana) can distill out. “Their” wealth would be worth nothing if a single distillery in Louisiana stopped working.

          1. Aha! We’ve found the real wrecker!

          2. Don’t give people ideas. Or do. It’s a free country.

    2. *succumbs to the vapors*

      1. Somebody, I need fresh orphan tears for this man!

      2. My understanding is that “vapors” when it was used in the Antebellum south, meant flatulence. After a big meal, the women didn’t want to fart in front of everyone so they would excuse themselves to go outside by saying they had the vapors. Somehow, its meaning evolved into being something akin to feeling faint.

    3. What they need is a good dose of public health CANADIAN STYLE.

      1. If they serve fish from Nova Scotia, I’m in.

        Best fish I’ve ever eaten.

      2. What they need is a good dose of public health CANADIAN STYLE.

        You forgot the “good and hard” part, mang. Here in glorious Canuckistan, it’s always Good. And. Hard.

      3. How about some love.

    4. Every time I read the latest story of Venezuelan collapse my mind goes back to strident affirmations from a decade ago that Venezuela was a shining bulwark of functional socialism against the dark forces of American/Western/capitalist imperialism, blah blah blah.

      It’s real socialism, until the inevitable collapse. See also: the Soviet Union.

      1. Ah yes, the so-called Third Way idiots.

    5. I’d hold my dickey if this site had better pictures.

    6. WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED ? ! Truly this was unpredictable.

      1. Inconceivable.

    7. Venezulea might just be a splendid place for someone with not a lot of US Dollars to retire in comfort.

  15. “Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

    See what happens when you give country musicians jobs in the government!?

      1. No, no – he was in Johnny Quest

        1. And the little dog’s name was “Bandit.” Coincidence? I think NOT!

          1. NOW we’re getting somewhere!

    1. She’s standing by her (Muslim) man.

      1. Isn’t that Tammy Wynette?

        1. Here is Loretta Lynch telling Carly Fiorina to back off Obama.

  16. “Terrorist attack” means Religious Warfare.

  17. I’m not Roadz Scholar, but the Krugman link is kind of lacking in anything related to Krugman.

  18. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    Go back to England, you cant.

    1. You can never go home.

    2. Is that a typo? You mean cunt, right? Right?

      1. It’s a reference to… something. Something I watched or listened to recently had someone misspeaking cunt as cant, with later call backs of people as real cants.

        I dunno, it’s Friday.

  19. There is no evidence that the Islamic State directed Ms. Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, to stage the attacks, law enforcement officials said.

    Especially after this afternoon’s media contamination of the apartment.

  20. “Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech,” she said. “but

    Didn’t read past.

    1. What comes after is the only relevant part.

    2. No, no. You ignore the part before the “but”. “I’m not racist, but…” “I believe in gun rights, but…” “I believe in free speech, but…”. All those types of statements.

      1. But some one is going to get it in the butt. And it is not going to be them. They hope.

      2. I used to be a libertarian, but…

    3. FoE and Juvenile:


      1. Like big buts and I cannot lie…

  21. This might be a positive for MSNBC. I mean, their reporters should be able to get them great footage for their prison documentaries.

    1. According to the WaPo article, the FBI was just fine with that. Apparently they had finished with the scene. So, no federal charges. They might still be chargeable with B&E or trespass, but only if they didn’t have permission from someone to be there.

      1. Landlord pried the door open.

        1. Except that the landlord doesn’t have the right to invite anybody else in without going through proper legal channels. At best the landlord could check the place for damages. If the landlord actually invited the press in he can look forward to paying for the kid’s college fund.

    2. “Locked up, Inside Edition”

  22. “Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

    Go hump a woodchipper you loud mouth’d shnook.

    1. Interestingly, despite her standing behind James Comey with a cattle prod, he said absolutely nothing about concerns over anti-muslim rhetoric in the wake of the SB attacks.

      I think she was trying to slip something like that in, but he was like, “uh, no”

    2. That’s racist, straight up. smh

  23. OK, got a call that X outfit is willing to represent me in an action brought by ‘the federal treasury’ before ‘the federal magistrate’. For anyone who really wants to screw up their boiler-room, the phone is 202-754-8175. I’ve called them enough that my number is now obviously blocked; no one was willing to give me an address to have them served.
    But it seems that is fraudulent and assuming the government really wishes to protect the population from such activities, it seems there must be an agency I can contact about this; I can find none. Any ideas?

    1. I only know of private sector solutions: 1-800-CALLSAM

    2. Shorter = you want to get on a No-Call list?

      1. No, I want to get ’em busted.
        I’m not gonna fall for it, but some poor schmuck who isn’t so sure is gonna end up getting stabbed; I want them busted.

        1. Chances are the number terminates in an office somewhere and is auto-forwarded to an offshore call center. The most they could do is seize some telephone equipment and the phone number.

        2. Its almost impossible to bust people for phone-fraud

          if they are already on a complaint DB, you can file an online complaint at FTC, or …fuck i forget… there’s some other agency which hammers these people, especially if its to “senior citizens”. My dad wanted to sue some cold-calling dicks for a while. They were based out of the Caribbean tho.

          1. There’s a lot of VoIP scam bullshit out of the Caribbean. Same area code system as the United States, so people can’t tell the difference.

          2. T&G,
            I guess it’s no surprise that slime balls are far better at skirting the laws than the gummint is at catching them.

        3. 1 less Ted Cruz or Hilary voter. Sounds like they’re doing us a favor.

    3. BTW, the people who answer are now claiming to be the “US Treasury”; that ought to get some interest.

      1. Impersonating a federal official. Maybe wire fraud.

      2. Recommend starting with your State Attorney General – they typically have a department that handles fraud issues.

      1. Better call, Saul that’s what.

      1. I wonder if they only answer from numbers they’ve called to avoid getting calls from the AUTHORITIZES!

          1. Thanks anyhow. I might keep wasting their time now and then.

            1. I used to input the numbers of those types of calls into every free on-line fax service I could find.

    4. In Virginia the State Corporation Commission does something with this; don’t know if that’s universal. Also, the Federal Trade Commission handles the Do Not Call list (which is a joke as it is ignored by telemarketers).

      There are a number of private sites that let you report these calls (as in publicize them), but the sites take no action and don’t say anything about who they are. whocallsme dot com, etc. Suspect that these may be actually run by telemarketers.

      You could try the local PD but they’re unlikely to be able to do anything other than point you to the correct resource and shoot your dog.

      FBI is the most generic federal LEO, but this is small potatoes.

      1. As glibertarians, would we rely on the FTC in good conscience?

      2. “FBI is the most generic federal LEO, but this is small potatoes.”

        And fat chance I want my name anywhere in the FBI files…

      3. Do Not Call seems to have worked for me, mostly. Of course it does nothing about companies you’ve done business with, pollsters, fundraisers and magazine selling scams and other fraudsters who don’t care.

      4. If the NSA wanted to get back into the good graces of the American public, they’d use about 0.1% of their resources to detect and eradicate this sort of scam.

        But the fact is that the NSA doesn’t care about the welfare or the good graces of the American public.

    5. Is this the one where they will gladly accept payment via your credit/debit card over the phone to resolve the issue?

    6. You need a politician on your side. Even just a city or county official. i.e. status in the machine. The recent shooting may have some effect on county government.

    7. OK, so I get my name in a file someplace with pretty much zero chance of having any real positive effect? Hmmm. Sorta sounds like the reason I don’t much favor the gov’t.
      Thanks. We’ll hope that poos schmuck doesn’t get on the hook for much…

      1. I reported it 9 months ago. The Do Not Call list is basically a list of valid numbers for telemarketers to call.

      2. Try this Sevo. It worked for me once.

        For some reason some telemarketers phones won’t hang up and disconnect the call. Maybe the boiler rooms don’t trust their employees to finish the call.

        So anyway don’t be the one to hang up. Keep the employee on the line way past them having any chance to make money off of you. Don’t hang up. Keep them talking way past their alloted time per call average.

        It makes them furious and they won’t call you back

        1. When normal folks call, it usually conects right off, soon as I answer. If it’s a telemarketter, there’s invariably a several seconds delay, long enough for me to say, “Hello,” twiced. This was very consistent, so I was able to rapidly identify calls as legitimate or not. I took to breaking the conexion if there was no response by the time I had said hello twiced. On rare occasions, it’s a legitimate call, and whoever it is calls back and actually starts speaking like a white man. At any rate, since I ceased actually speaking to telemarketters in entire, as I always hang up before a human operator gets on the line, I almost never get these calls. They tapered off over a few months, and now I get maybe one every three or four months. And for what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that people who instead actually talk to the person for a minute or two till they realise what the call is about and then order the operator not to call them ever again before hanging up, that these people tend to get hit by deluges of these calls. So it would seem that any expected level of engagement encourages them, whilst excessive, fruitless engagement or near total refusal to engage, either one, actually discourages them. Which would make sense, if the system were controlled by some sort of intelligence.

    8. I’ve gotten that call like 5 times. It’s a dude with an Slight Indian Accent.

      1. So it sounds like Elizabeth Warren?

          1. 1/32nd

    9. Would they give you an address if you offered to mail a check?

      1. this is a good question

      2. I’ve tried and anytime “address” is mentioned, the line goes dead.

    10. In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

      1. Curse, now I have that theme song running through my brain!!!

        1. Here’s 10 hours of the theme song on repeat

          you know, because anybody has any use for that.

    11. Call Preet the AG from NY.

      He’s ambitious and looking to gain some name recognition.

    12. I have a couple of TCPA class actions going on right now so I have some experience with this. I get a lot of calls from people about scams like this, and almost always the callers are using a proxy to make phone calls with U.S. area codes from some boiler room in India or what not. Bottom line is, it’s nearly impossible to catch them. Trace the number all you want….good luck serving a civil or criminal complaint in some Mumbai slum.

  24. Apparently, it’s like a garage sale or something. I guess tour busses are next..

  25. Looks like Rico dropped this blogpost and then went to lunch and isn’t answering texts or voicemails.

    1. *incoming text message*

      From: Nick G.
      Fix UR fucking links Robby! I told u I’m not fixing them for u!

      1. LOL having Midori Sour and artisanal bacon heirloom BRB

        1. Was that the caption on Robby’s top instagram pic?

          1. Not that I know of.

            I just threw some words together that I’ve seen on a hipster menu.

  26. Reuters = Run story focused on female-shooter Tashfeen Malik

    *lots of great pictures

    1. The story’s first picture is of some guns. I like guns.

      1. Oh, sorry… you were expecting something else?

        1. I was expecting to see a picture of the woman, but I see a picture of guns, so I’m OK.

          1. You’re really in luck this week. Its like they’re running “centerfolds”

            1. Nice! Thanks!

              The news folks think, “Show some guns! That’ll scare folks and bring them over to our side!”. I think, “I like guns.”

            2. Ruh Roh. I may or may not own some or most of those.

              1. Time for a boating accident.

      1. This is the real question that everyone is asking.

        1. He is not so I’m guessing she is not – assuming they were actually “married” married.

      2. ISIS is like an SJW group for Muslims.

        So no.

      3. I heard no.


    2. Just hours before the couple opened fire on Farook’s co-workers in a government building in San Bernardino, they had dropped off their daughter at his mother’s house, telling her they had a doctor’s appointment.

      they meant a coroner’s appointment.

      Boom. I’m here all ze veek.

  27. Boobs are my Prozac.

    1. Actually, pretty girls smiling is my Prozac. The fact that they have nice boobs is something else:)

      1. Then I guess you won’t like ampleboobscleavage DOT tumblr DOT com (really NSFW!).

        1. I’ll check it later thanks:)

          1. You’re welcome!


            1. I’ll check out the real women right next to me first. And when that goes to hell then I’ll hit website.

              1. Try both at the same time.

                1. Very nice:)

        2. Do those women really earn only 72% of the same money that men who do the same work do ?

  28. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    You mean the type of action that the Charlie Hebdo shooters took against CH’s anti-Muslim rhetoric?

    1. I just don’t think she’s up for it.

    2. She’s a fucking idiot.

    3. Dear Loretta Lynch,
      All Muslims should die. Also, fuck you. You know where I live cunt. That’s what I thought.

  29. Global Warming = PROOFED

    1. So, I guess global warming must have been really bad in 1899 too.

    2. The other day on NPR they were discussing the impending disasters of climate change.

      Their example you ask? Colder, wetter summers in Vermont leading to a shorter growing season and thus less food.

      Global warming is apparently causing the world to cool, which is bad. If we could just reverse the warming trend so that the world would heat up and produce longer growing periods, we’ll be okay.

      Or something.

      1. Like we get any fucking food from Vermont.

        1. Yeah – it felt a little . . . cherry-picked.

        2. I get a lot of cheese and butter from VT.

    3. The notoriously snowy city of Buffalo, which was buried under nearly seven feet of powder in a single storm by this time last fall,

      See how much Climate Change affected Buffalo since last fall?

      1. Oh is Weather climate change again? I can’t keep up. It appears that when the weather goes against the narrative of climate change, they aren’t related, and vice versa. Which is of course why they rebranded from global warming to CLIMATE CHANGE because now EVERYTHING IS CLIMATE CHANGE.

        1. Extreme weather!

      2. It’s an especially weird thing to pick since it has been a pretty cool year in the north east US.

  30. There is no evidence that the Islamic State directed Ms. Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, to stage the attacks, law enforcement officials said.

    The FBI made ’em do it, but they acted before the Feds could do their staged arrest thing.

    1. The thought has occurred to me as well.

      1. Between their and the media’s fuckery at the apartment and the fact that the explosives failed to work, I am at least a little suspicious.

    2. Will ALoretta go after the violent speech that led them into this violent action ?

      Farrakan and King Shabbab of the Nation of Islam say no.

      1. I insist they all have those mustaches that curl up on the end, and routinely tie women to train tracks. this is a known thing.

      2. Just apologize for what your husband did so we can move on.

    1. You know who I really hate?
      Martin Shkreli.

      I’ve had to deal with him on multiple occasions. If he’s in, I’m out.

      1. He seems a little young, and doesn’t have a top-hat

        1. He doesn’t deserve one. He’s not very good at what he does, in spite of being a cartoonish asshole.

        2. A little young? My 13 yr old daughter would totally take him in a fair fight.

    1. If they didn’t have that arbitrary starting point of 9/11, they could bump up the non-Islamic extremist numbers.

      1. You know, if you really think about it, Hiroshima’s REAL problem was Cancer.

        1. I thought everyone died from lack of oxygen to the brain. Everyone.

          1. and its really not the fall that kills people

        2. You know, if you really think about it, Hiroshima’s REAL problem was Cancer.

          That and organic vapor.

      2. I think you mean their arbitrary starting point of 2002

        1. The red line goes a little to the left of 2002, but that could just be my eyes or my monitor.

          Either way, it’s arbitrary.

          1. You think? imagine the scale on the left were in the “thousands”, as it would be if you included 9/11

    2. What’s non-Islamic extremism?

      1. people who frequent websites full of anti-government rhetoric

        1. That’s basically correct =

          the study that the NYT and others are using to claim that there’s any “Right Wing Terror” (or any non-muslim “extremist” terror at all) is this

          and the Methodology of the study basically does exactly what you’re pointing out = treat any incidents involving “certain kinds of victims” and treat them as “politically motivated attacks”.

          Ergo, any ‘gay bashing’ or ‘racism’ or anything that targets leftish targets is by by default “right wing terror”…

          ..even when, as the author confesses, 80% of the incidents are by Lone Wolf individuals with no group affiliations at all, and with no apparent political motive or identified goal or demand.

          So = Sierra Club worker gets killed? Anti-Environmental Terrorism.

    3. And what percentage of the population here is muslim? WHOOPS.

      I love when they do this stuff without thinking. Love it. Like the NY Daily News cover. They’re gonna sell more guns than newspapers this week.

      1. My first thought was ISLAMIC EXTREMISM MASS SHOOTING ALMOST AS HIGH AS ALL OTHER TYPES COMBINED! But yeah, per capita? Yikes.

    4. It’s really compelling until you consider that there are 99 non-Muslims for every Muslim. And also that the NYT are propagandists and so the chart is probably bullshit anyway.

      Not that the percentage of Muslims involved in terrorism is particularly high, at any rate. I would be more concerned with political attitudes, since that is where the average Muslim is going to affect people.

    5. This is pretty desperate even for them.

  31. Today PM Zoolander had Queen’s Pretend Puppet read his big speech, setting the tone of his administration (it’s like State of the Union, if it was a letter to Santa). Included was this gem:

    The address also promised a better future for Canada by being “smart and caring on a scale as never before.”

    “The times we live in demand nothing less,” Johnston read.

    And what are the priorities, you may ask?

    Much of the speech mirrors promises from the Liberal election platform, including:

    Electoral, democratic and Senate reforms.
    Putting a price on carbon and making investments in clean technology.
    Enhance the Canada Pension Plan and creating a new Canada child benefit.
    Getting handguns and assault weapons off the streets.
    Legalize, regulate and restrict marijuana sales.

    1. Zoolander is gonna start going to work bare foot if he keeps this Doug Henning shit up.

      1. The first item could be good, but since it’s totally undefined and couldn’t be more ambiguous, how the hell would anyone know?

        The last item is good.

        Everything in between is a heaping helping of shit sandwich.

        1. “regulate and restrict” are good?

          1. Look, Swiss, it’s not like Canada has a thriving black market in cigarettes or firearms! Regulate and restrict is GOOD!

          2. Compared to throwing people in a cage, it’s pretty good.

        2. The first item is bad.
          Right now, Senate (as designed) is filled by Prime Minister on his whim. Harper refused to appoint unelected Senators, and provinces (except Alberta) refused to elect them.
          His change is to create a Panel of Reasonable and Right-Thinking People who will appoint (with PM’s approval, of course) Reasonable, Right-Thinking People to the Senate.
          It’s another way to ensure filthy yokels who sometimes get accidentally elected don’t upset the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal Axis of Reasonable Rightthink.

          1. The TOM Axis.

            I *like* it.

        3. The last item? They already ‘regulate and restrict’ marijuana there. Legalizing it would mean they would be doing *less* regulating and restricting. And how often do you see a national government do that?

          1. Not as often as state (provincial etc) govts

            Federalism is good

            It’s legal here in WA

            and way way less regulated than Canada

            I still get a kick out of walking into a house to take a report and seeing a bong sitting on the living room table

            It’s like UCSB flashbacks

    2. Welcome to Canada?, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Liberal Party of Canada (which is a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Laurentian Elite).


      We’re gonna make sure the Yokels never take power again!

    3. The worst part is that it is certainly better than what PM Harper would be giving us right now, which is a police state.

      1. So much for your “Trudeau doesn’t have a national energy plan!”

        Not to mention I recall when he was first chosen you were convinced he would be some sort of libertarian.

    4. caring on a scale as never before

      Head for the hills.

      1. Oh Lord.

        Putting a price on carbon

        That ought to help the middle class.

      2. Caring is scaring.

  32. The FBI is now treating the San Bernardino mass shooting like a terrorist attack.

    One of the suspects “pledged allegiance” to ISIS.

    UNPOSSIBLE! The trustworthy MSM has been assuring me all along that no one knows why they did it and that it probably will never be known. Except guns, guns are bad, Mmkay?

    1. It’s like the Invisible Man is going around shooting people, they can’t see anything but the gun.

      1. They made some pretty feeble attempts to erase all the electronic traces. ‘Smashing cellphones’ and such

        Interesting in light of the fact ISIS and sympathisers usually make haste in taking credit

        Interesting a case where (alleged) ISIS related/sympathetic perps went to lengths to conceal motivation

        Heck, we didn’t even get the ‘Allahu Akbar’ exhortations?

        1. “Interesting in light of the fact ISIS and sympathisers usually make haste in taking credit”

          ^ This.

          This is what makes me think these were just sympathizers who weren’t really tied in with anything very organized. Some organization would be having a “ha ha” moment by now.

          1. Maybe they didn’t want people to know they liked ISIS before they killed people. It tends to keep you off the Christmas card list.

            I’m not sure ISIS is “affiliated” any more than Marxists.

        2. ” we didn’t even get the ‘Allahu Akbar’ exhortations?”

          Who says they didn’t? its not like the media would be printing that even if they did. As already noted = they’re doing their best to ensure people know that GUNS DID THE KILLING, and that the people pulling the triggers on those guns are basically arbitrary and meaningless.

          1. “Who says they didn’t?”

            Really? We have to prove the negative? Pretty sure we would have heard about it.

            1. Like we heard about the 3 shooters, and the ‘fight’ at the party that ’caused’ the shooting, and the other completely-accurate details that have been disseminated and turned out to be wrong thus far?

              there’s no ‘proving a negative’; the claim was that people “didn’t” say something. There’s been almost zero actual detailed reporting on what happened during the period of the shooting itself aside from the obvious “omg it was horrible” comment from victims.

              1. Reporting on other shootings have been choc-a-bloc with garbage and nonsense. They’ve never omitted the Allahu Ackbar shouts before. Maybe they did this time I just don’t see evidence of it. Are you trying to summon the SugarFree Inquisition? Unlike the Spanish counterpart, this one IS expected.

                1. i’m pointing out that making any firm claims of what did/did-not happen are baseless speculation

                  We DO know the perpetrators were devout muslims on a random killing-spree – is whether they said, “allahu akbar” OR NOT during the moment something that you really think makes some definitive fucking difference?

                  And do you really think the sound of rifles going off in a closed room makes witnesses go, “Gee, I wonder what those people are saying?”

                  “you know, while i was being shot at by the masked terrorist, i think i might have seen their mouth-cloth moving … and while my lip-reading-while-under-fire-skills are a little rusty….”

                  1. “my lip-reading-while-under-fire-skills are a little rusty”

                    Yeah, don’t use that and it just goes away. Quickly.

                    Of course, I never saw more than “Oh shit!” and “That’s a fucking mortar!”

                    1. Speaking of their ski-masks…

                      i wonder if wherever they bought their guns also had a “winter sports” section…

                      “Yes…yes….. these fleece balaclavas are indeed truly precious, but the wife and i were looking for something more…. well, Black”

            2. C’mon Cytotoxic, you aren’t going to try and call this what it isnt to support your ‘let all of ’em in, there is no reason to worry. Immigration is never anything but positive” narrative?

              1. No my issue with what Gilmore was saying is very specific and pretty much resolved. This does appear to be an Islamist terror attack just a very weird one in the target chosen and the incompetency of the attack compared to the planning.

                ‘let all of ’em in, there is no reason to worry. Immigration is never anything but positive”

                Outside of nations you’re at war with and highly transmissable pathogen outbreaks, that’s not a narrative that’s fact.

                1. God knows you cannot bring enough Anjem Choudary’s and Taj Din al-Hilali’s in!

          2. BTW, NY Times, now that the guns are in the hands of the cops, they’re “patrol rifles”.

            1. Noted = San Bernardino police seemed to have Mini 14s as their weapon of choice.

              California Compliant, baby

              1. I prefer the mini-14 over the ARs. A piston in the gas block is far more reliable than the direct gas system in the ARs.

                Keep your mags 20 rounds or less and you can bang all day with your Mini-14. The higher cap mags tend to be less reliable. Try that with an AR and see how fast it gums up even with clean ammo.

                1. I like you Suthenboy and your arcane knowledge.

        3. They’re changing tactics. Face it, blowing yourself up and encouraging backlash is not a winning strategy. They’ve started to learn this. All they need to do is keep doing this. The MSM and the president will cover for them so there’s never any backlash. All that awaits is victory.

          1. ” Face it, blowing yourself up and encouraging backlash is not a winning strategy. They’ve started to learn this.”

            So…they’re going to avoid backlash by….shooting people? What?

            1. No, dummy, by not yelling Aloha Yakbar and claiming responsibility. Fuck, they have the US president willing to be their apologist, how much better does it get?

        4. They made some pretty feeble attempts to erase all the electronic traces. ‘Smashing cellphones’ and such

          I believe that they planned to go on a murder spree, a la “DC Sniper”. (I wonder if the DC Sniper is included in the NY Times list of Islamic Extremist shootings.)

          Destroying cell phones was their plan to ensure they couldn’t be tracked as they continued hitting whatever targets they had planned. They knew that they would eventually be connected to the office shooting, but they hoped that by that time that happened, they would be done with their further rampage.

          The flaws in their plan were that 1) they didn’t realize a police training exercise was going nearby which caused the area to be sealed off faster than they expected, delaying their escape and 2) Their bombs didn’t work, which made it easier for authorities to catch their scent.

          As in France with both the Hebdo and follow-on events, we are seeing a change in tactics. The baddies are not just doing one spectacular death, they want the impression that there are people killing and melting back into the background.

      2. For a moment I thought you meant Ralph Ellison, and it almost made sense from the minority angle.

  33. Yep, I think it’s official, Robby posted and left for the day and is now sitting at his favorite hipster bar.

    1. Paul, that was just RUDE

      1. You’re just jealous that you aren’t there too.

  34. The velvet-voiced Robert Loggia is dead at 85.

    Abe Vigoda still lives.

    1. oooooooo – who’s gonna be #3???!!

    2. “Abe Vigoda still lives.”

      The Great Woo took the island and all its people with it into the abyss, yet even its self-consuming anger failed to kill Abe Vigoda.*

      *According to the original script, Abe Vigoda’s character survives the volcano’s wrath and sails away with Joe and Patricia.

    3. So is the Velvet Revolver dude, at 48.

  35. Have the usual suspects who referred to anybody even considering immigration restrictions on refugees as ‘pantswetters’ used the same terminology to refer to Rand Paul?

    1. why dont you go to the previous thread on the topic and find out, you illiterate monkey

      1. Why should anyone be forced to enact labor at your request/demand, GILMORE ??


    2. I think I have. For the record, I am.

      1. You are just trolling at this point.

        1. If you want to believe that you are free to.

    3. No one here talks about pantswetters. Learn your memes.

    4. It’s “pantsshitters”.

      Jesus, you can’t even get THAT right.

  36. Once again, absolutely nobody is even considering common-sense Islam control, like waiting periods on Koran purchases.

  37. It appears as if Democrats ARE going to engage in thoughts and prayers: http://freebeacon.com/national…..al-mosque/

    1. “Beyer told the Times that the visit could help diffuse tensions with the Muslim community “

      The writer apparently doesn’t realize that the phrase is actually “Defuse Tensions”…

      or were they simply avoiding obviously awkward-phrasing?


      “To defuse (something) is to make a threatening or dangerous situation safer. For example, you might defuse a violent argument by calming the people involved, or you might literally defuse a bomb by deactivating its fuse. Diffuse works as both a verb and an adjective.

      To diffuse something is to disperse it or spread it out. When something is dispersed or spread out, it is diffuse.”

      I doubt the idea was, “lets take the muslim tension as spread it as widely among the populace as possible”

      1. But they’ll all just have a *little* tension.

        1. Equality!

    2. Well, it will be a boon for political ads. [Candidate X once attended the same most mosque as Al Qaeda spokesman such and such. Can we trust him to put America first?]

  38. Jeb looks like he has fairy wings in the photo.

  39. Hey Robby. Have you listened to what the GOP says about climate change? Krugman gets none of that wrong. They have their heads in the sand. They aren’t taking part in any discussion on solutions.

    In fact, forget the GOP. Stick with your own. Have you read Harsanyi, or Stossel this week? Libertarians aren’t any better. Read the comments here.

    Doomed? Who knows. But science is saying we might be in for a catastrophe. You might listen to them, rather than Krugman

    But you have a great weekend!

    1. ‘science’ doesn’t say anything. ‘Scientist’ do. And scientists have been wrong before. Often.

      1. For that matter, “the GOP”doesn’t say anything. And plenty of Republicans do believe in anthropogenic climate change as a serious problem.

    2. “Dammit! they aren’t DOING ANYTHING!!!1!!111!!”

        1. Go to war with China and India.

    3. “But science is saying we might be in for a catastrophe. ”

      No it isn’t.

    4. I suspect Krugman has the same acumen on climate science that he does on economics.

    5. Poor Joe.

      He probably wouldn’t be so worried about the sea levels rising if he wasn’t a fucking hobbit.

    6. Jackand Ace|12.4.15 @ 7:11PM|#
      “But you have a great weekend!”

      Isn’t Jack’s passive-agressiveness cute?
      Hey, Jack! Get screwed with a running chain saw!

      1. I thought it was “get fucked with a frozen swordfish…sideways” – at least when it came to failed urban planners from Massholia?

      2. Hey, Jack! Get screwed with a running chain saw!

        In a world of ceaseless change, it’s good to know that popular Bay Area entertainments remain the same.

    7. Good grief Jackass. The disaster is always just around the next bend. It has been for almost fifty years, and it always will be.

      Not one single accurate prediction. No warming for 20 years. No climate change that isnt statistically normal.

      Honestly, how dumb do you have to be to keep falling for the same scam over and over again?

      The sky is falling. Give us your money now!

      1. This is what happens when you stop going to church and trade one tried-and-true religious scam for a much more dangerous one.

      2. “No warming for 20 years.”

        To be accurate, there is one data set from NOAA that does find some warming. It is well below the mode forecasts.

  40. OT: This article refutes the notion that Bernanke learned from the ’30s Depression. You’ll just have to ignore the monetarism clownishness that infuses it.

    “Between December 2007 and September 2008, the Fed sold over $300 billion in Treasury securities, withdrawing a like amount of reserves from the banking system, or just enough to make up for reserves it created through its emergency lending, chiefly through its Term Auction Facility. ”


    1. I didn’t know Laplause Transforms could save the world economy.

      1. Just you go back to the Mother Ship and tell the rest of your scaly brethren!

  41. Carl’s 18 Day’s of Star Wars: the Woodchipper Awakens

    Today’s will be of particular interest to a certain Star Wars-loving gourmet among us…

    Day 4: There’s an official ‘Star Wars’ recipe blog, and it shows you how to make Stormtrooper butter

    There is an entire recipes section devoted to food inspired by or shaped as “Star Wars” characters. So there’s butter shaped like Stormtrooper helmets, Rebel Alliance pumpkin pie in a jar, Barriss Offee cupcakes with hidden gummi candy, Cad Bane cupcakes and BB-8 doughnuts.

    1. I went to the barn to get some milk for stormtrooper butter, but the cow’s milk kept missing the pail.

  42. Long-time legendary rowing coach doesn’t abide by 2014 “body image stigmatizing” rules for women adopted in 2014, is fired.

    I don’t have much of an opinion on this guy’s coaching style, but I can guarantee he didn’t become “this way” three months ago.

    Others described Ernst, conscious of keeping his boats light and fast, warning coxswains to stay below the NCAA minimum weight of 110 pounds or he wouldn’t let them race. He also weighed other team members, a routine practice in rowing but a violation of a new (2014) UW policy that allows only football, men’s basketball and baseball players to be weighed.

    The no-weigh-in policy applies to non-coxswain male and female rowers alike, though it was implemented primarily to prevent body image stigmatizing for women. One current rower says Ernst made “cruel” comments such as “put your beast on a leash!” to rowers he felt were overweight.


    1. The team is called the Huskies. Nice.

    2. Oh, college athletes, how pathetic you have become. Body positive mantras (not relevant to you thin privileged freaks)

      1. I wonder what Joe Rantz would say about this body positive mantra crap?

    3. “They’ll stop laughing when they’re drowning and have to cling to me for dear life!”

    4. Hey, Santa Claus can go *very* fast in his sleigh, and his chin alone weighs more than 110 pounds!

    5. The weird thing is that it’s OK to weigh baseball players, where there a few larger than average guys playing in the majors, but not rowing, where being overweight would be an actual issue. It looks like they agreed to accept some SJW policies, but only for sports that the athletic department doesn’t make money off of.

    1. I’m always happy. was there a Sad Gilmore movie i missed?

        1. They still haven’t proved I had anything to do with that.

            1. BITCH SET ME UP

    2. A coworkers once gave him a book, and after he read it , his heart grew three sizes just like the Grinch.

      1. Is “heart” some kind of euphemism?

        1. He learned to listen with his heart instead of his ears. It’s really a circus-freak-like talent.

      2. its true! The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, by Ron Jeremy … totally changed my life.

    3. but seriously… what are you talking about?

      1. Bit late getting back, but I spent an hour on the elliptical. Anyway, MSNBC had the photo of the wife splashed up every ten minutes nearly the whole time. Wasn’t my fault, they have a TV devoted to the network next to the one with Seinfeld on, plus it’s right over where the girls love to stretch, so what am I supposed to do, not occasionally get snippets of progressive derp between scoping out yoga butt and watching Seinfeld? You tell me.

        1. i still don’t know what you mean about me being “happy”

          i’m not surprised all the news media suddenly decided that images of the shooters suddenly “mattered”…. right after the FBI has announced it was terrorism around 3PM

          My point yesterday was that there appeared to be a concerted effort by all the major news orgs (NYT, WaPo, Reuters, AP) to avoiding publishing images of the perps. The ‘proof’ of this was readily apparent – there wasn’t a single pic anywhere on 4 front pages, or any of about a dozen stories. Do you really think it actually took them over 36 hours to get the guy’s DMV photo?

          Contrary to some moronic accusations…you don’t have to be a 9/11 truther to note that the media continues to have a particular spin they want to sell here. The continued effort to downplay the “Islamic” angle isn’t exactly subtle.

          That chart there on the front page was the subject of some commentary above.

          1. Anyway, I wasn’t critiquing your point.

            1. Just think of Gilmore as Encyclopedia Brown, and let him talk. It’s faster in the long run.

              1. “Just think of Gilmore as Encyclopedia Brown”

                Thanks for forcing me to now go find one of these

            2. Also, i think the shooter-wife is kinda homely to be honest. the hijab is not super-flattering.

              1. I was really worried she’d look like one of the super hot second-generation Persian girls I spent half my life around courtesy of my Baha’i friend (who himself went on to marry a white Catholic girl, so, you know, no accounting for taste). I realize I am a remarkably shallow man.

        2. but I spent an hour on the elliptical. … so what am I supposed to do,

          High-intensity interval training?

          1. Bah! I go hard. I’m down fifteen pounds since June!

  43. OK, who said this: “Pray for those who have fallen, the sons of our homeland who went out to defend their mother country, to reclaim what is theirs of the homeland, that which was usurped from them”

    (a) Vladimir Putin, about the Russian troops who died in the invasion of Crimea

    (b) Pope Francis, about Argentinian troops who died in the Falklands War

    (c) The head of ISIS about soldiers who died in the takeover of Syria

    (c) President Lincoln about Union soldiers who died in the Civil War

    1. Since the Pope wouldn’t need us to pray for x, given that he’s the direct theological descendant of Peter and has God’s ear in all things, I’m going to go with Lincoln.

    2. It is so wildly inappropriate to the Falkland war that I have to think the chances are good it was the idiot commie pope. Also, it fits with the narrative of the left, i.e. Obumbles is sympathetic to Argentina with regards to the Falkland war.

      I will go google it now and not reveal what I find.

      1. Yes, you’re right, I seem to have scored an own goal by mentioning this.

        This was shortly before he became Pope, back in Argentina.

  44. “Here’s just some mixed nuts” sums up MSNBC’s existence.

    1. “I want you to be super careful when you use the words ‘hard worker’.

  45. PM links as the overnight again?!
    *Kicks out Reason’s cane*

    1. Meh – makes it easier…as I drink more, I need only return here!

      1. It’s 11am here. Too old to drink before noon. Here’s a delayed “cheers!”

        1. Too old to drink before noon

          Those words are English, but when arranged in that order, make no sense to me.

          1. I recommend stopping at this fine establishment for breakfast (yes, yes, I know Mahlzeit is lunch). I recommend their Brewer Breakfast with a glass of Alt. They’ll serve Alt (or at least they did when I was there) at 9:30 AM.

            1. Malhzeit just means “meal”. Can be any time.

      2. I had beer at lunch and decided on no drinking tonight. There’s a few things I want to get done around the house. Tomorrow is another day.

        The beer at lunch was this beer and it was most excellent. What are you drinking?

        1. Oops.. . I linked to the wrong beer. It was this one.

          1. “Hmmm…this beer tastes better than Bud, but it’s a tad warm for my taste…”

            1. That’s an interesting way to admit you are into watersports.

              1. Yes, I like water-skiing…OMG, that’s disgusting!

        2. I am making some Gl?gg (a quasi-Viking friend of mine made it) disappear at a rapid pace.

          1. Yummy. Gl?gg reminds me that Gl?hwein season is here.

              1. I remember Gl?hwein in Deutschland maybe being the tastiest thing I have ever drunk.

                1. On a cold night, nothing better.

                  1. Perfect in a Weihnachtsmarkt on a cold, clear December night.

          2. I am making some Gl?gg (a quasi-Viking friend of mine made it) disappear at a rapid pace.

            My thoughts and prayers are with you.

            1. I only laughed because I am partly drunk, I swear!

        3. Let me risk creating mortal enemies. Over lunches recently, I go with non alcoholic beer.

          1. More beer for me.

          2. Beer or beer not…there is no nonalcoholic beer.

            1. I huff glue in the parking lot first. Kinda similar effect.

  46. OT: Vegetarianism makes you cray-cray.

    The article cites an Australian study from last year which found that vegetarians reported that they were less optimistic about their future more often than people who kept meat in their diets. That same study found that vegetarians were 18 percent more likely to report having depression and 28 percent more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety.

    Not really. The study is shit but, nonetheless, fun.

    1. I suspect cause and effect are reversed there.

    2. How is it crazy to be pessimistic and depressed?

    3. i remember this being talked about 20 years ago…when i was in college.

      particularly that the high-incidence of certain kinds of depression in young women was directly related to iron & b-vitamin deficiency from lack of red-meat. I also think smoking made it worse (or reduced metabolic intake of certain vitamins)

    4. Can we get a vegetarian show of hands?

      No, I understand, too weak to raise your arms…

    1. It looks too much like Ahmednutjob in Iran.

      Or maybe Ryan will rescue the reputation of that particular facial-hair style.

    2. I approve

      That photo isn’t fair because he game a speech today and he was rocking a much more full-grown beard and it looked good.

      1. *”gave a speech”

        He also had mad game

      2. I have a rule about beards: It’s a beard only when you have to trim or wax your mustache to keep it from interfering with your ability to eat. Until then, it’s stubble. He looks like a slacker.

        1. Not everyone can have a beard like Thomas Cooper.

          1. How did he eat through that thing?

        2. I had to apply that rule to an Italian girlfriend I had in college.

      3. Full beards are disgusting. I fully approve of the “scruff”. It says “I don’t give a shit” which is my style too.

          1. Excuse me, I didn’t see you down there.

    3. Dammit, the Muslims got to him.

  47. So.

    Have they blamed the murders on a video yet?

    1. I would defer to HM to provide an appropriate one…

      1. Hmm… not what I expected. No twerking.

          1. Nice. Thanks!

          2. *applause*

            /wobbles back to glogg bottle

          3. You comment on your Thai wife and her crazy jealous heritage, but you have a strangely replete inventory of twerking videos.

            1. Discretion is the soul of valor.

              1. Who cries to Fear, ‘Stand off?aloof,’ And talks as he were cannon-proof;
                Would be deem’d ready, when you list, With sword and pistol, stick and fist,
                Careless of points, balls, bruises, knocks, At once to fence, fire, cudgel,box,

                But at the same time bears about, Within himself, some touch of doubt,
                Of prudent doubt, which hints?that fame Is nothing but an empty name;
                That life is rightly understood
                By all to be a real good;
                That, even in a hero’s heart, Discretion is the better part;
                That this same honour may be won, And yet no kind of danger run”

                (Charles Churchill, The Ghost, 1762).

                1. I learn something every time I read stuff here.

                2. the ‘original’ is Henry IV

                  ” The better part of
                  valour is discretion; in the which better part I
                  have saved my life”

                  … but i like the above version the best in its context.

      2. I was expecting a different sort of video from you.

        1. Or maybe a video with some fine, fine asses.

          1. OK, sorry about those, but seriously, if you watch this video through to the end, you’ll be glad you did.

            1. In all seriousness, all this wiggling and jiggling should get anyone excited.

              1. OMG. I remember those.

                Now I’m depressed.

                1. You see the news about Real Madrid?

                  1. No. Lemme go look.

                    1. About being thrown out of the SC?

        2. With the sweatshirt, he looked like Bill Cosby.

      3. Fell for that once, HM, and now am an apostate. Is there extra killing for leaving the religion twice?

          1. “I’m a Muslim. I quit.”
            *Repeats 10x whilst drawing stick figures of Mohammed*

            What the Koran say about trolls?

            1. “O trolls, thinkest thou that thine Internet postings are private? For Allah hears all and sees all.

              “Thy jokes will not seem so amusing after you are cast into the flames of Hell…a bummer of a fate, indeed!”

              1. IOW, keep your word or to your room without dinner?

              2. I’ll have to take your word for that.

    1. I’m confused. I thought Chanukah was one of them made up holidays, like uhhh that African one, what’s it… Ramadan.

      1. They’re all made-up holidays.

        1. Some are more made up than others.

  48. I can’t watch a chick twerking without imagining her trying to snap off a stubborn loaf.

      1. Well, Judge Napolitano does, doesn’t he?

  49. Speaking of Star Wars libertarianism:


    I wonder if Lucas would oppose “nationalizing Commerce” today? Is Obama a TOP MAN when compared to Nixon?

  50. So is the San Bernadino shooting proof of the libertarian moment?

    1. No, it’s a women’s equality moment. Lean forward, brah

    2. The victims were public health bureaucrats.

      1. So blowback to Obamacare?

      2. It was the mujennyhideen!

  51. I wish one of these fucking links would exclaim that a goddamn comet got pissed off and shot up some fucking planets. Spread the tragedy space. It ain’t as if you aren’t killing goddamn stars out there torturing them with fucking super imposition triplex quantum midget moons, you FUCK!


  52. Quasi interstellar realities on a fucking double wide with my dead aunt’s 50 year old moonshine in fridge whilst floating through space is something this bitch wants to experience before I die a third time.

  53. I want to stick my hard cock into the ass of an asteroid whilst donning pink ear plugs painted with pig prints listening to Conway crooning about his jobs and cunts he lost after fucking them hard forever and a dog.

  54. Agile Cyborg ought to make a movie of him making his ramblings. Should win all of the critics awards and film festivals.

  55. Fact is, if space existed within the ass gape of a hippo and this hippo ass gape shat a million rainbows and these rainbows were frozen by a fucking… never fucking stop tapping and clacking if your fucking brain is shitting fuck spongers.. because if you stop… this is what happens…. I fucking don’t know the FUCK what happens after hippo ass gape rainbows… I needed a beer and bong and shit… and brain streams smashed up and got killed on typewriter highway. fuck this shit and all.

    1. May you get what you desire, Agile one.

      1. Swiss S gold is printed on a deep space planet and this gold is shipped on a very large intricate beast of metal. It hauls special golds across waves of dangerous fucking qigantic quantum paper thin realities called parallel gigamensions… Swiss S gold never reaches humans. EVER. only reaches NASA dreams

      2. Don’t you have an apple to shoot off of some poor bastard’s head?

        1. Bah, that would be no challenge – I happen to be an expert shot. Of course, with as much as I have had to drink tonight….I would NOT want to try that right now.

          1. -1 Mrs. William S. Burroughs

            1. +1 Lady Bertram’s new handle

  56. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has vowed to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    You Know Who Else?

    1. Some douchebag in Syria?

      1. Assubtract?

        1. Babylonimonial?

    1. well shit

      1. My fucking face ate space ass and a FUCKING moniker posted ‘reply to this’

        never saw that in this place

        1. The squirrels are evolving.

    1. She is a tiny mental socialist offspring of the gun control old hen home.

    2. Film at 11?

    3. The combination of insanity and ignorance that your average CA politician shows re: guns is perpetuated by media…

      …who try and explain the details of legally-required firearm-stupidity… and also explain how those legal requirements are ultimately useless and ineffective… and then blame “gun manufacturers”

      to wit

      “California law bans assault-style, semiautomatic rifles with the capability to accept a detachable ammunition magazine… But in California, an ammunition magazine isn’t considered detachable if a “tool” is required to remove it from the weapon… Gun owners, though, can purchase an assault weapon if it has a tiny device called a “bullet button.” It is a release button for the ammunition magazine that is activated by using the tip of a bullet as a “tool,” still allowing the detachable ammunition magazine to be removed and replaced quickly. One of the rifles used in the shooting, the AR-15, had a bullet button.

      “The gun industry is expert at marketing military-bred weapons with a wink and a nod, and they’re constantly working to skirt the law, as we’ve seen in California,” said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center.”

      1. “The gun industry is expert at marketing military-bred weapons with a wink and a nod, and they’re constantly working to skirt the law, as we’ve seen in California,” said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center.”

        IOWs, you go right ahead and outlaw left-handed spoons; we’ll make right-handed ones with ‘special adapters’.
        I’m not sure the ignoratii such as Sugarmann are truly surprised, or just angry at being straight-armed one more time.

  57. Odd is a value, loves. reality is a value. Queer is a value. A distinct equation of your world in the now and your reality squared by new experience. New experiences can be quantified if this existential connection to overwhelming experience is adjustable until the experiences overwhelm the quantifier. This is the value of the odd. Oddness that hits like a goddamn tsunami on the tragic big city streets you walk on every fucking day don’t quantify samely on rural lonely poetic Ohio unpaved roads, man.

    A fag in Manhattan is not the same as a fag in small town Ohio, man. A gun in small town Ohio will NEVER be the same as a gun in Manhattan.

    Guns are like fags. And fags are like guns.

    America is being broken in 2016 on fags, guns, and pot. I love all three.

    1. I was driving my truck on a road around here the other day. And the fucking shadows were so goddamn long, man. So goddamn long. I was noticing the lovely plainness of the shit I drive on and I stopped because the government told me to. And I took a right turn and down the long road of this gray afternoon I noticed some odd shit for these roads I drive on… fuck, down the road was these shadows on the left so like all us farmer fucks we slow down for all the road noise unlike those fucking horrid shits driving and pounding the big city roads… out here… unless you are on meth or like to kill living things with your truck because you are a turdfuck… we slow down… wave and hope their fields do well.. and so these shadows and shit were in front of me got larger and I slowed my truck down because my FUCKING AGILE brain loves any goddamn thing that isn’t stupid or boring and this wasn’t stupid or boring and in front of the woods a big bear of a man was pushing his little man down the road wearing a CSX jumper which anyone who lives around here hates CSX because their trains always tie up shit on Cable Rd in Lima Ohio all the time and I would like to jam a steak knife into the eyeballs of the dude that runs the railways around here… but… and anyways a humongous big bear man of the railroad has a problem I can see….

      1. He is struggling constantly with shit in the mist of the quiet Ohio rural day… fucking bending down and shit with his neon green CSX crap jacket and bullshit but Big Bear dude is pushing a stroller I realize and his little fucking horrible monster keeps throwing his 3 year old shoes outside the vehicle he is being peddled upon….. Fucking shoes are being tossed and big bear dad dutifully bends down and plucks that crap up and then dark shadows thrown from the chariot… repeat… I slowly rolled my truck by and glanced at big bear CSX dad and the fucking tears ran down his big beard on that lonely street and I looked into his eyes and fucking gang dad signaled with macho motherfucking dad fingers- all is well, bro… I understand. I love you. You will make it through this hell. I did. And you will.

        and I drove away as that little fuck threw his shoes into the field again but Big Bear CSX stood tall and looked at the back of my goddamn Highlander and I saw strength in him.

        1. tears ran down his big beard on that lonely street

          Damn….poetry, man, poetry.

  58. Also comets splash into fields and can be picked and are but most don’t realize this.

  59. The face of earth is an actual face and I wish my fucking fingers didn’t type that.

    1. I like you, Agile. I want to have coffee with you, preferably early as we watch dawn or some other significant and low-stress environment conducive to open conversation.

      How do you take your coffee? Just looking for a hint of the man behind the fog of shrooms.

  60. Clouds roll so sweetly and casually and the science of clouds is actually connected to actual dough if the fucking atomic structure of clouds can be paralleled with the atomic structure of dough you will find them similar in practice.

    Earth eats are similar to the heavens and the compex coilings and heavings and puffings in the furnaces and coolings and radiations.

    Heaven above is a massive oven for cloud biscuits, man.

  61. People die like stars.. except people die faster. Stars die slower because their race track is fucking so goddamn longer because the living have long cameras pointed at their long lost fade trails…

    If we did this to humans we would need a million space miles to pull this confusing bullshit off and fuck it…

  62. Time is every now and nothing more. Time can be explained with the next more. More is next.
    Scientific trillion dollars of your Harvards and Yales ultimately matter less because time ultimately will be repressed and condensed and humanity as we know is moving toward a dull throbbing fat cock fucking a short tender pussy.

    It is this simple.

  63. Space will be explored by fucking temple people. People who dance in the clouds. While the rest of the earth people kill each other and make shit for capitalists. Fucking temple people who live on old tall stones create metal giants with volcanic assholes. man< I am tripping, bro so FUCKING HARD….

  64. i just eat sugar beating the teeth out of my mouth because a demonic shop of hell smashed into my face and broke my head and my teeth and the front of my skull was broken into a million shards and my sharp lonely spine that had a lonely spike kill my goddamn head rise above and gain motherfucking power and.

    even GODDAMN all DEITIES on THIS FUCKING EARTH are NOW owned BY FUCKING AGILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    )move from def leppard to Metallica on this story…) it might go deeper

  65. my keyboard is a grave of my dead selves man..letters are a core doorway into the next self of nothing…

  66. I just watched Trump’s speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition


    I’m not seeing the outrage. Looks like he worked the crowd and no one was offended. Reason ran a headline in one of their PM links saying he used every jewish stereotype in the book (paraphrasing). Am I the only one not seeing it?

    1. And its not only Reason. Its a bunch of different news sites saying Trump offended Jewish people.

    2. Well, He did kind of joke about Jewish Stereotypes, and Jewish Republicans can take a joke.

      Now if they had focused on Hillary’s “I don’t feel no ways tired” or Uncle Joe’s “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains” with the same focus, I might contribute a bowel movement towards caring.

  67. I hope you all don’t t mind if I pick your better brains than my own.

    I’m in a new role in my company. My boss and his boss have different agendas. My boss wants detailed oversight of the topic we analyze. His boss wants me to deliver a story. We do investment risk management of a portfolio.

    The problem is, trying to satisfy both of their agendas is becoming hell on earth. I’ve got one person reporting to me. And that’s a new thing. He’s good. I’ll give him that. But I know there’s limits to what I can expect from him. And I’ve been working 60-70 hour weeks and just keeping up. And the guy reporting to me means they think it’s open season for new demands. Now, I’m getting told I’ve got to deliver an analysis in January about the portfolio at year end. I’m not going to even get the data to analyze until a couple of calender weeks before the report is due to the CRO. My boss is telling me use November data. His boss is telling me do a “special topic”.

    Christ , one guy fills out my review. The other guy is his boss and sits twenty feet away from me. My girlfriend is telling me get them to communicate. But, they do communicate. They just disagree. I built a model of high yield defaults. The CEO loved it. And I’m getting fucked because they can’t agree on the level of detail to present.

    1. All your words equal a tasteful negative no one can explain because we are all fucked up on booze, morphine derivatives, cocaine, or variations of rainbow brownies…..

      List the pros, cons, and in-betweens…

      Are you FUCKING on cocaine? You’ve provided no solid mathematics, man.

    2. I would say you have to meet with both of them and get them to agree on agendas. That’s their job and how chain of command works. You shouldn’t be answering to two people. It sounds like there is potentially a management issue here.

      1. Yeah, I always clear stuff with my boss before I tell an underling what to do.

    3. Thats tough

      I know the scenario somewhat.

      I’ve been an equity analyst off and on (sell side, buy side, independent) and there was always conflict between the demands of doing the comprehensive boilerplate due-diligence stuff…

      ….vs. doing “high level thought-pieces” which cut information in new ways and try and tell more of a “thematic story” – something the ‘bosses’ can throw around to show off their ‘forward thinking’ once a year. Help them sell the team as “different”

      My only recommendation for you is when given conflicting mandates, and tight timelines and you know you’re being put in a “can’t please everyone” situation…

      is 1) “Template” everything in advance to save time in execution,
      2) try and manage expectations by getting buyoff on your ideas as they develop,

      The idea is to map out the skeleton of the deliverable, and gradually flesh out parts “where the numbers are going to go” before you even have the data. Write arguments you might use. Show the drafts to each boss separately and get feedback. when the final product comes they’ve already put their own $.02 into it, and can at least reduce their willingness to bust your balls, because they know they were part of it.

      One big risk with this approach is “scope creep”. Once they see something they like, they go MORE!! and suddenly the scale of the work gets out of hand. With 2 people to please, that danger is multiplied.

      1. Having been in a situation with two bosses, two sets of demands and one boss outranking the other…

        … What Gilmore said. The last sentence is the operative phrase. Open communications with the next boss up the chain of command. If that does not achieve resolution, aim for the demands of the higher boss while undercutting the lesser via office politics OR making it clear that you have different goals than next-highest but are above petty undermining of the management chain.

        And prep a resume.

        I’ve won this fight a couple of times, lost it once. Do your best, man, its all anyone can do.

        1. Addendum: The one I lost, the higher boss had no clue, no coherent vision, and no intentions of backing his demands with authority. He basically requested the moon without giving us any means to deliver, and communication was a one-way route with no street markers.

          Some of these office hijinks are best categorized as, “Would you like to play a game?”

          The only winning answer is to leave.

      2. So bring both sugar AND Equal with the boss’ cup of coffee?

    4. Bill D,

      Purpose. They need a common purpose.

  68. that horrible fuck that broke my arm when i was twelve I wish I could fight him now. I would not break any of his bones even tho I can. I am large enough and educated enough to ply his muscles for hours with strategic crushings and pulsings and eventually, bitch, guaranteed…. i will break you… I broke that Escobar bitch with my geek anger.

    FUCKING 1985 goddamn Escobar FUCK was known in Toledo for high powered gangster shit even the cops were tentative of… fucking Escobar family was deep hardcore gangster and is probably still to this day…. BUT in my day FUCKING Paul Escobar spat on my sweater and I was raised poor and he spat on my KMart cheap shirt….

    So, a side story… all of me and my cult forced worshipping youngsters in old-school old town Toledo under 80’s grunge were forced to appreciate Kenpo Karate culture like a religion alongside another strange religion of branhamism….

  69. So, I’m looking at how do I play the politics. Who’s back do I choose? I can’t keep trying to satisfy them both. The math, increasingly, just doesn’t work out. I ask you all because you’ve proven my trust in you as men and women of character. You won’t insist. You’ll demonstate.

  70. So, I’m looking at how do I play the politics. Who’s back do I choose? I can’t keep trying to satisfy them both. The math, increasingly, just doesn’t work out. I ask you all because you’ve proven my trust in you as men and women of character. You won’t insist. You’ll demonstate.

    1. You are plinking keyboards that have few data, Mr. B.

    2. It is your boss’s job to set clear requirements and if his boss is giving you flack then that is again your boss’s responsibility to clean up.

      1. Your boss’s boss should even be asking you to do anything. He should be telling your boss what he expects. That make sense?

        1. Shouldn’t

    3. I would also say don’t be too quick to jump into the politics of it since its a new job role. Every time I’ve seen that term used in a business setting they never really call it what it is, “corporate throat cutting”. Be careful who you back in a new position. I’ve seen people lose their lively hood over backing the wrong horse.

    4. In addition to the other advice, I’ll toss out an alternate route. I’ve been in a similar no-win scenario where I had the ear of the CEO. I just matched my agenda to the company’s agenda (as communicated by the CEO). I did my best and bulldozed any opposition, with the knowledge that the CEO was getting the results he wanted. This worked perfectly for many years, although it created much unnecessary stress. When people at the top can’t get on the same page, it sucks for everyone in the organization.

      In short order the CEO cut out the middle man and had me reporting directly to him.

      Of course, this route also requires that you have a plan B if your boss decides to get rid of you and nobody up the food chain actually has your back.

      Years down the road the CEO became much less involved in operations and hired an inept COO and had me report to him. His directives were impossible to follow, because they were inane and written in sand, shifting as the winds blew. We bumped heads a few times as he tried to set me up in board meetings to take the fall for his failures. Luckily I always had the data to refute his assertions and he always wound up red-faced. It didn’t make them dump him though. He did a good job of “rightsizing” our billion dollar company into a tens-of-millions of dollars company. And 80 percent of us were on to other jobs within 2 years. Bad misalignment in upper management is a symptom of real disease.


    1. So right, my brotha!! So right!!

  72. Bill is fucking eating his mother’s panties. licking sniffing and rubbing that shit all over his cock. C/mon bill…

  73. You know if you hear ghost voices your legs run toward the mountain? Even heroine lovers learn this the hard way…

  74. The bottle at 90 degree in front of the monitor in the dark is the best way to gauge
    the next trip to the fridge, bro

  75. AC,

    My hat is off to you, my brother! You’ve stood righteouslsy as the example of what it means to be a mensche.

    1. What the fuck, love. My angels want to eat your entire body and then shit you out as a gods upon the streams of time. Is this Ok?

      1. I couldn’t ask for more, AG. I couldnt’t ask for more

      2. I couldn’t ask for more, AG. I couldnt’t ask for more

  76. No. AG. We must talk. How do I manage I and II?

    1. You are a ghost, B.

    2. Bill is more than i and ii.

      1. Bill is the gills of massive gods.

  77. I want to find the keeper of the beginnings, man. I am seeking the origins of us. The pin prick of space velvet that all the FUCKING colleges seem to spend hundreds of years avoiding…

    FUCKING SINCE PYTHAGOREAN loves!!!!!!!!!!!! SINCE GODDAMN ORIGINAL GREEK GENIUS.. we can’t figure out how we came about….

    It’s been like thousands of years of genius? Fucking geniuses are worthless unless they get lucky with underpaid work involving killing poor people in innocent towns. GO ATOM BOMB SCIENTISTS!!!

    Fucking amazing genius of humans are cool until they sell out to… human government….

    Bertrand Russell loves you all and he is my intellectual FATHER you fucking horrible hellacious fucks… jesus CHRIST
    the planet should revert to loving itself and creating peace.

    This is the better womb.

  78. I am broken between reality and existence, man.
    m,y own brains fall like syrup on my tripping fingers
    because i lost how to live but I live and am lost but how
    do I live lost so well? when I know I am lost amoung the living?
    I do this so well but everyday my flower wilts and In the morning I am strong
    and in the evening my drugs and booze make my fly so morning?

  79. if you melt you should melt with the melting because
    melting is like melted tears like the brain erased its space
    and the spaceships of your brain melted into the bologna
    of the sandwhi==ich of your screaming lunches and weekend picnics
    where on that saturday you connected under the glowing light of who you
    imagined yourself to be.

  80. If I can say:

    Rhywun? Lunch. Please? My Treat.

    AC.: Please alert me when you’re in NYC. I’ll find a group to take you to dinner, son!

  81. if you walk on white pages from your mind fingers
    the world doesn’t work
    it is blank and horrible when you pause and peruse it.

    I fucking LOVE my reason throbs but HATE this canvas.

    I must die and eavesdrop on my pause.

    1. The world definitely works walking on white pages. How can it ever be different?

    2. Fuck it, I’m going to vape some weed and peruse some tube8

    1. “[Nicholas] Thalasinos [the Jewish colleague] reportedly objected strongly to Farook’s claim that Islam was a peaceful religion.”

      I was going to make a joke, but I really don’t know what to say.

      1. I guess Farook got killed in a contradiction.

      2. To prove to Thalasinos that Islam was a religion of Peace Farook killed him.

        1. That’ll learn him.

    2. According to Chesley, Rafia “was picked up in a traffic stop? and taken into custody. They brought her in for questioning and basically held her into the night and said we are not going to let her go unless the rest of the family comes in for questioning.”

      Yeah. I know. War. Terrorism. Still.

      Is that legal?

      1. Does legality matter?

        At this point, a very honest question. We can be all, “Oh , ha ha , Hamster’s being pithy” but frankly, I’ve heard any number of arguements on this board that “legality” hasn’t got a damned thing to do with Wat Public Wants, nor should it.

        Just checking. Do we still give superficial fucks about constitutionality, or is that only when we identify with the exploited, harassed demographic?

    3. Just to be clear, Mr. Thalasinos was a Messianic Jew, which is a type of Christian.

      A Jewish periodical about Mr. Thalasinos says his is a “religious group that identifies as Jewish but considers Jesus to be the messiah, combining elements of Judaism with core Christian doctrine. Jewish religious leaders and denominations do not consider Messianic Judaism to be Jewish.”

      If you wish to consult a less reliable source, here’s an article in the New York Times.

      1. About 35 years ago I worked with some Christians who observed Passover and other Jewish holidays. It was interesting.

    1. I could be all sorts of depressing and link to my son’s obituary. I like to think that he was quite a fine fellow. He died on his last day before graduating to high school. He had just gotten his very first girlfriend. The local paper ran a story about Anna, a sixth grader at Dave’s middle school whose family could not afford her own yearbook, and so Dave paid for it on the quiet out of his pocket money. No one knew until this girl showed up, absolutely gutted, to to the school counselors provided to deal with his death.

      Good, decent people die. Life is a terminal STD. What’s the fucking point of this article?

      1. This sounds far more bitter and less ironic than I was aiming for, on a re-read.

        I am bitter. Just not toward y’all. Read and interpret accordingly.

      2. I think the point is to provide counterpoint to Farook’s bio – which will be repeated far and wide.

      3. Lost my younger brother in ’74. Gun shot. Excellent fellow. I still miss him.

  82. My brothers, thank you! We come into the season. Please, let’s feast. My treat.

  83. My brothers, thank you! We come into the season. Please, let’s feast. My treat.

  84. Salp Sammy Jojo is not going to like that.


  85. Cui custodiet ipsos custodes?

    In America, it gets increasingly difficult to distinguish the “terrorees” from the “terrorists.”

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