Challenge Grant Time! A Generous Reason Donor Will Double Your Next $25,000 in Webathon Giving!



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THIS JUST IN—Starting immediately (as in, right the hell now), the next $25,000 in donations from you, dear readers, to us, the Reason Foundation (which publishes the editorial real estate you are happily trampling through like so many cable-news reporters on a popsicle hunt at a terrorism crime scene), will be DOUBLED, by an anonymous Johnny or Janie Friendly, who loves Reason and freedom and Webathons and DOUBLING YOUR MONEY.

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Quick reminder/listicle about reasons (drink!) to give:

1) Woodchippers (I'm not easing up on this one).

2) Pictured.

3) Anti-hysteria (we're more High 'n' Dry types).

4) Judge-fuel (in a good way).

5) We jam econo.

6) In a world gone crazy….

7) Sweet-ass swag.

8) Because we do it in Bitcoin.

9) $25,000 challenge time!

You know what to do.

Thanks, Dr. Johnny/Janie Friendly! And thanks to the 363 of you who have donated thus far!