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Interview: Mom Handcuffed, Arrested for Oversleeping While Her Son Walked to School

'I got arrested for not being awake.'


Maria Hasankolli

On November 18, Maria Hasankolli of Wallingford, Connecticut, came home in the early hours of the morning after visiting a relative in the hospital. She slept through her 8-year-old stepson getting himself ready for school—and missing his bus. The boy, Lucan, decided to walk to school on his own, two miles away, and was about halfway there when a business owner spotted him and called the cops. The cops drove Lucan to school, then went to his home, woke Hasankolli, clapped her in handcuffs, and arrested her.

She was driven to the police precinct, had her mugshot taken, and was given a $2500 bond. Her court date is this Wednesday. The charge? Risk of injury to a minor.

As WFSB reports:

A Wallingford woman has been arrested after police found her 8-year-old stepson walking to school by himself.

The elementary school student missed his school bus and decided to walk about two miles to school.

A business owner on North Plains Industrial Road saw the child walking by himself and called police.

When they went to the child's house, they found his step mother, 38-year-old Maria Hasankolli, sleeping.

"She had to be awakened and the officer asked her where the child was. She said he's downstairs and they went downstairs and she couldn't find him and said he's not there," said Wallingford Police Lt. Cheryl Bradley.

In an interview, Hasankolli told me that as the cop was taking her in, he said, "'It's despicable that you're sleeping while your child needs you to get ready for school."

"I wasn't arrested for letting my son walk to school," the stay-at-home mom told me over the phone. "I got arrested for not being awake."

Is it a crime not to cater to a child capable of getting himself dressed and fed? Does this officer know that just a couple of generations ago, a child of eight might not only have been expected to get himself up, but might have gone out, pre-dawn, without a parent, to deliver newspapers? Hasankolli told me that she herself did this daily alongside her brother when they were seven and eight years old, respectively. "We delivered 320 papers!" she said.

Hasankolli is now a mom of six: she has three children of her own and three step children. She admits that she's not a perfect mother, but nor is she the monster the local news made her out to be: WSFB's reporter dredged up past calls to Child Protective Services that were made by her current husband's ex—calls that are all too common in custody disputes (Hasankolli's husband has sole custody of his kids).

The news report also accuses Hasankolli of previously duct-taping her child to the floor. That sure sounds bad, but the mother says that charge was never substantiated. Cops described her as a convicted felon with a history of assaults, probation violations, and conflicts with child services, but Hasankolli says her felony conviction was for failing to appear in court after a long-ago fight with her sister. She also concedes that she was previously arrested for assaulting her husband's ex; Hasankolli claims the woman was verbally abusing one of the kids.

She had a rough upbringing, giving birth to her first child at the age of 16. She eventually became addicted to heroin, went into rehab, and has been clean for years.

"I never claimed to be perfect, nor have I stated that I've never made mistakes," Hasankolli told me in an email.

But these past mistakes have little bearing on the case at hand: Hasankolli was arrested for oversleeping.

When the cops picked up Lucan, they asked him why he was walking to school—as if that activity is so outlandish—and he replied, "Because my mom's asleep and I missed the bus." That's the reason they came to her home with handcuffs.

"I asked [the police officer] to show me something that said it was illegal for Lucan to be unsupervised in the morning and he just kept saying to me that he has to be 12 years old," Hasankolli told me.

But the law is this:

Any parent, guardian or person having custody or control, or providing supervision, of any child under the age of twelve years who knowingly leaves such child unsupervised in a place of public accommodation or a motor vehicle for a period of time that presents a substantial risk to the child's health or safety, shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor."

To me, that sounds like a parent has to deliberately leave a child in a dangerous area. If "substantial risk" encompasses a child walking to school and a passerby thinking "Ooh! That's dangerous!" then all bets are off. Parents can be arrested for trusting their kids, for giving them independence, and for oversleeping.

Talk about a nightmare. 

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  1. The world was a saner place when we focused our anxieties on global nuclear war.

    1. HAHA! Now I know how old you aren’t!

      1. Get off my fucking lawn.

    2. Yeah, it was nice to have bad guys to juxtapose yourself against. Now we are the bad guys. Cowardly, atomistic, paranoid bad guys.

    3. The world was a saner place when we focused our anxieties on global nuclear war.

      There may be something to this. Maybe humans need something to worry about and when there really isn’t anything, they’ll make shit up?

      Used to be the global threat was nuclear annihilation. Now it’s a couple idiots killing a few hundred (if they are very lucky) people. And our war machine is far more capable now than it was back when the threat was real.

    4. global nuclear war.

      *computerized voice*

      Would you like to play a game?

      1. “The only winning move is not to play.”

        1. I remember thinking how stupid it was that he broke the machine by having it play tic-tac-toe against itself. So a sentient machine can be broken by playing solitaire in a 2^9 gamespace? WTF?

          And then I thought maybe I should just relax.

          1. You were right to be irritated. The idea that any reasonably advanced Strong AI system can be broken by giving it a “problem” and that it wouldn’t have some sort of iteration-ending debugging going in its subroutines, is truly irksome.

            On the other hand, I think the idea was to get the computer to look at the end result of nuclear scenarios, so it would realize that it wasn’t actually winning, it was only “winning.”

        2. WOLVERINES!

          Uh, wait…I think I walked onto the wrong set. My bad.

    5. The Russkies could have snatched me up walking to school any time they wanted. But it was cheaper to just wait until I got INSIDE the school for communist indoctrination.

    6. We need a good (space) alien threat.

    7. Reason, install upvoting now!!

      (That’s actually an interesting point. Radical feminism successfully went mainstream only after the Berlin Wall fell. There’s also strong evidence that the safer women are, the more dread they feel…)

  2. Seems legit

  3. She slept through her 8-year-old stepson getting himself ready for school?and missing his bus. The boy, Lucan, decided to walk to school on his own, two miles away, and was about halfway there when a business owner spotted him and called the cops

    I wanna shake this kid’s hand. He’s a true badass. I love my daughter dearly, but at 8 years old, there was no getting ready, leaving the house, missing a bus and walking to school on her own.

    1. I started walking to school in 2nd grade (7) and riding my bike in 3rd grade (8). I’d be surprised if they even allow elementary kids to ride their bikes anymore.

      1. When I was in elementary school, kids who live within a certain distance (2 miles maybe) had no choice but to walk or bike (or have their parents drop them off, but that was pretty rare).

        1. That’s the way it was when I was in elementary school. I lived about a mile from the school. There was no bus.

        2. Same here. The limit was 1.5 miles. I got a ride to school only because my mom dropped off her boyfriend at work at the same time. I walked home.

        3. I was in a suburban area. I think they had a half mile radius where no buses were provided for K-6. Every morning you’d see hundreds of kids on the street. For 7-12 they upped it to a mile.

          When my kids were little I worked nights and my wife worked days. They’d get home from kindergarten or 1st grade in the early afternoon. I’d try to stay up, but frequently I wouldn’t make it out to the bus stop and the two of them would keep themselves busy at the neighborhood playground.

          I’d probably be in jail today.

      2. It’s not allowed where I live. The options are A) Your child rides the bus and B) You pick up your child. Option A is only available if you live more than 1.5 Miles from the school. If your kid is caught leaving the premises without you, they call CPS. Seriously. I dated a school teacher a while back, and once she smugly told me she had turned in a parent who literally lived across the street from the school.

        I was all WTF!? You’re a fucking psycho, and she just said “Hey, it’s school policy. I’m just doing my job”. Living in a small city in the rural midwest, I used to think we were immune to this madness. How wrong I was.

        1. So if you’re regularly not available at that hour, you have to hire somebody?

      3. Pretty sure my elementary school had us take a bike riding test in the first or second grade (which involved nothing more than “go there, turn around, ride back”), after which we could bicycle to and from school.

    2. Walked to school at 6, probably about 1/2 a mile. Ironically, in Hummelstown, PA, where that psycho cop recently killed a man for having an expired inspection sticker on his car.

      1. Seems harsh.

        What’s the penalty for an expired driver’s license?

  4. I walked to school in the 2nd grade. Was about 8 or so blocks. Somehow I survived.

    1. Have you reported your parents to the authorities yet?

      1. I really fear for my grandson, whos turns 2 today. Happy Birthday Grandson. Grandpa is going to teach you about guns, bacon, farting, tits, and the right to remain silent.

        1. tits, I’m gonna suggest you first expose him to your manssiere then to your manboobs. You might shock the tot.

          1. What if he prefers moobs?

            1. Don’t be silly. Chuck Schumer will be out of office and dead by the time that boy reaches 18.

              1. *uck Schumer will only be 81 when your grandson turns 18.

                He’s held elective office since the election of 1974.

          2. He may have a vestigial memory of tits.

    2. I walked to school starting in the 1st grade. But it was difrn’t times, yo.

      Cops were nowhere near as trigger happy.

    3. Yeah, but the kids who didn’t survive aren’t here to post about it.

    4. I walked to kindergarten.

      1. Yeah, but you were 15 at the time. Not a big deal

        1. five at the start of the year; six at the end.

    5. I too walked to school in the 2nd Grade. One one of the days it was snowing. The school was closed. After looking around a bit I walked home.

      1. OMG… You….like….let me get this straight. You were cast into a novel situation, and somehow managed to review your situation and make a decision? Without and adult? Without a law? Without a government agent to guide you? Unpossible.

        1. Clearly that’s a false memory implanted by rhe agents of ungoodness.

    6. I’m with you – I started in first grade. It was a block and a half, across a major street (although we had a crossing guard). I was by no means unique as all the kids did it.

      1. Same here. My path to school was two blocks down, and across a busy four-lane street. I was walking there by myself starting in the 2nd grade.

        My son didn’t start walking to school on his own until the 4th grade, and his school was just down our street, maybe three blocks. Even then my wife was antsy about it.

      2. Sure, but how many got kidnapped and sold into slavery? You were just lucky!

    7. Always walked, before I rode a bike! That was 58 years ago! My twin brother and I walked to kindergarten! Had to cross at the lighted crossing where there was a “patrol boy”. Later served that function as a ten year old! Why are kids so stupid, now?! Or, is it the adults?!

  5. Parent shaming. Everyone can join in! Even the arresting officers. Oh what fun, taking a cheap shot at someone to make yourself feel superior. Who can resist?

    1. Parent shaming? Nicole is going to want a piece of this.

      1. Furtive movement!


        1. Sorry Epi – you were about 5 BLAMs short for that to be a real cop!

          1. [mag dump implied]

            I didn’t feel like typing out 17+1 BLAMs. Sue me!


            1. *reloads*


              1. “We’re gonna need backup”

              2. The gun then discharged!

  6. A business owner on North Plains Industrial Road saw the child walking by himself and called police.

    Why call the cops? Why? I just don’t understand that mindset.

    1. If the owner approached the boy to talk to him some other buybody would’ve called the police to report a pedophile attempting a kidnapping

      1. Sad but true.

        I was at the park with my 3yo, and it got super cold and started pouring rain. We ran to the car and barely escaped the downpour. Then, I see one of the neighbor boys running by, trying to get home (about a mile away).

        I called his mom first to get permission to offer him a ride.

        The slightest misunderstanding can ruin lives.

        1. This is why I don’t mess with other people’s kids unless they are 1) family or 2) really, really good friends of mine. My wife’s co-workers? Get that fucking kid away from me.

          1. You really don’t want to be know as the guy who offers rides to little boys.

            1. You really don’t want to be know as the guy who offers rides to little boys.

              That train left the station a long long time ago.

              1. I would have been in trouble! I love kids and could never have let one suffer in the rain. Luckily, my kids were taken by a vindictive ex, so I was never exposed!

        2. God, I hate that shit. I don’t have any kids. But kids are awesome and I like interacting with them. It sucks that if I am not really sure where i stand with the parents I have to think about how it might be perceived if I talk to them.

          1. Don’t be too paranoid, Zeb. I used to coach elementary school track when my kids were that age and those kids would routinely want to sit and talk or bum a ride home if their parents didn’t show or even give somebody a hug after they had a good (or upsetting) race in a meet. The teacher I had doing it with me would stare in amazement when I actually let the kids hug me or when I said id take them home (against school policy of going to the office and calling a parent to get them and holding them until somebody came). I did all this without so much as a questioning look from a single parent.

            And many of those kids thanked me 4-5 years later for being such a good coach and person for caring about them. Their parents always did the same and were grateful.

            The world has busybody assholes in it. But not that many.

            1. Only takes one, unfortunately.

            2. No, he needs to be very worried.

              I used to go to a UU church and my wife worked in the nursery as a paid sunday school teacher there.

              After several weeks of them begging for more adults to sign up and work with the kids in the Religious Education Program, especially for males to volunteer I agreed to be one of the counselors for the teen group.

              After a few weeks people started asking my wife weird questions and making remarks about how strange it was that an adult male like me would spend so much time around teenagers and when that “didn’t stop me” some of them even went to the Director of RE with their concerns.

              At that point I resigned because it was pretty clear that their next step was going to be to go to the police because it just wasn’t right for a man to spend that much time hanging around with kids.

              1. Sorry you had to go thru that.

                Our Youth Minister is a guy in his 30’s with three young kids of his own, and has supervised the 7th-12th graders for several years. They all love him and no one has said anything.

              2. That’s just not a surprise with those nitwits. I used to go to a UU church growing up, and it was the only “sane” one in town, where enough 60s radicals held sway so that people could hold divergent views. I would not be associated with it or that organization again though, because of the level of derp that exists among them. Some folks take the Puritan origins of that faction way too far (and I’m not talking about strictly spiritual religious dogmatism).

      2. I can attest to that probability.

    2. Shouldn’t the charge have been on the business owner for ‘wasting police time’? Or is that only a crime in the UK?

      1. Yeah! The only people who get to waste police time are the police!

    3. If these charges are outrageous, imagine the charges if the business owner had tried to drive the kid to school himself. That is why they called the cops: only option open to the probably male business owner.

      1. only option open to the probably male business owner.

        Or let the kid continue on his way as he seemed to be doing fine.

        1. I cannot imagine the mindset where seeing an 8 year old walking on his own is reason to call police. I wouldn’t think anything of it at all.

    4. I do. There is a large, if not a majority, percentage of the population who exalt cops to a pathological degree. The ease with which many, if not most, American submit to authority with such alacrity should no longer surprise you anyone. Americans will surgically enhance their throats to accommodate more cock.

      1. I am *still* seeing tourists taking selfies with random NYC cops – it’s unbelievable.

        1. Documenting their brush with death.

      2. those who worship the state view police and government agents in general as a variety of angels. So of course they call upon for assistance whenever they can.

    5. Why call the cops? The truth is that some people really get off on interfering in other people’s lives. It makes them feel powerful, and they get a frisson of superiority usually too. Traditionally people called people like this busybodies, and tried to ignore them. But now the busybodies have a willing accomplice in the police and CPS and the like. So of course they’re abusing the shit out of that.

      And remember, it only takes one busybody to call the cops and ruin people’s lives. Just one.

      1. Like my neighbors. Most of them have nothing to do all day so they keep a sharp eye out for strange happenings around the condos. A couple of weeks ago I had to borrow my dads car while mine was in the shop but there was some overlap on time after I got my car back before I was able to give his car back. Within a day we had a note (because why actually talk to someone face to face) complaining that I was taking up too many parking spaces.

        1. Oh, there is a huge passive aggressive element to busybodies as well. That’s why they love to report people and tattle on them; they get to get them in trouble, but without having to do any of the dirty work themselves.

        2. Did you draw a dick on the note and tape it up on a signpost?

        3. There was a woman who lived a few doors down the street that complained when I parked in front of her house on a public street and she didn’t even own a car. I had to repeatedly explain to her that she doesn’t own the street.

      2. raditionally people called people like this busybodies

        “Busybody” used to be a pejorative term. But now some people seem to almost take pride in being a fuckwit who can’t mind their own God damned business.

    6. Some people seem to have a pathological need to fuck with others. That and too much free time on their hands.

  7. This travesty and reckless endangerment never would’ve happened if we allowed the government to raise our children!

  8. Pretty sad to see people with such poor judgement. But enough about the guys with the guns and badges…

  9. Only one bad thing happened that day. Because of the government.

  10. There is a little cemetery in the small town that I live near. It goes back to the late 1800s. It was not uncommon to see graves for infants with no names (you didn’t bother to give them a name until they were a month or so old) and lots of graves for kids under 6. People generally didn’t get that attached to kids until they were teens and had some realistic chance of growing up to be adults.

    Now people shit their pants when an 8 year old walks two miles to school all alone.

    1. but they don’t really care about the eight year old, because if they did they wouldn’t call the cops.

      1. I dunno. There’s a lot of willful ignorance out there. And a lot of people don’t seem to get what a blunt instrument CPS is. I bet they thought they were doing the right thing. Which is almost more disturbing.

    2. So you’re saying kids used to keep dying because they walked to school unsupervised?


    3. If I stand with my back facing Mom’s grave, there’s a tombstone marking the graves of six siblings, the longest lived of which died in his 20s in World War I.

  11. We need to bring back trial by combat for the worthless idiots who makes these calls.

    1. With the appropriate music, of course.

      1. How dare you link the anthem of Decapod 10?!

        I challenge you to Claw-Plach!

        1. “My fellow fish monsters, far be it from me to question your stupid civilization or its dumb customs, but is squeezing each other’s brains out with a giant nutcracker really going to solve anything? Dr. Zoidberg is my friend, and though a woman has come between us, I say we’ll always remain friends. You know why? For one reason…”

          1. [Cuts off Episiarch’s arm]

            1. “You bastard! I’ll kill you! You bastard!”

          2. She enjoys being *between* you?

      2. My wife heard the first few notes and said, “Spock/Kirk fight.”

        I married well.

        1. But, she failed to recognize the Zoidberg/Fry fight.

          You will never get rid of your male jelly.

    2. We need to bring back trial by combat for the worthless idiots who makes these calls.

      That could backfire. What if they are good at combat?

  12. It takes a village to arrest innocent parents for not conforming to the whims of the villagers.


  13. OT: Submitted for your approval:…..rthy-fired

    Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has been fired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the mayor confirmed Tuesday.

    McCarthy was called into City Hall on Monday and when he left City Hall he still had a job. But overnight, the mayor called McCarthy to tell him he was out, the Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed first reported.

    Headlines from the Laquan McDonald controversy, as well those following the gang execution of Tyshawn Lee, had become too much, according to sources.

  14. Terrible what happened to this lady.

    I hope she fights this and doesn’t end up with a record.

    1. You can beat the charges, but you can’t beat the ride.

    2. The logical/necessary ramifications of big government are thus.

  15. The police are just trying to make sure the woman has more money to spend on the kids.

  16. Lt. Cheryl Bradley:

    Wallingford’s Public Information Officer makes transparency a priority.

    “I think it’s important for us to be transparent and I think it’s important with what’s been going on in the country the last couple years that the public know what we do… We’re highly ethical, hardworking and I think we need to show that to the community so they trust us.”

    The reason community is thankful for your efforts [in hopefully creating an 8 year-old libertarian].

    1. If he’s getting up, dressed, and out the door without parental supervision, and then after missing the bus deciding “fuck it, I’ll just walk the 2 miles to school” I’d say he’s probably well on his way. I wouldn’t expect that kind of self sufficiency from a future prog-tard.

      1. Sometimes, when my tinfoil top hat isn’t on quite straight, I find myself wondering if this isn’t what this is really about: stomping out even the smallest vestiges of self sufficiency so as to ensure a good supply of future prog-tards.

        1. You can’t be serious. The most dangerously authoritarian types in the US are always on the right. The left has its share of idiots who want to limit speech to protect people’s fee-fees, but it’s always the idiots on the right who think the guy who ends up getting shot by cops had it coming because, hey, it wouldn’t have happened if he’d just been following the speed limit.

      2. Let’s hope this hasn’t spoiled his good start. Could go either way.

  17. This would not have happened had Lucan rode a bicycle to school. You can buy a bike for $5 at a neighborhood garage sale.

    I am at my wit’s end trying to convince my 7 yo boy to ride a bike to school. A confederacy of dunces, include his dear mom, are aligned against me.

    1. Depends. Round here it is a crime for kids under fifteen to ride a bicycle without a helmet. State law. But we all know that most kids will take the thing off as soon as they are out of sight because they ‘re uncomfortable and dorky. However if a cop sees a kid without one it’s an opportunity to be a dick to the kid and potentially get violent with the parents in front of the kid, so of course they jump on it.

      1. My problem with riding to school was that I have a big head, and the helmets never fit in any lockers at the schools close enough to ride to. My elementary and high school were actually in the next town over, about 12 miles each, and the middle school and junior high lockers were too long and skinny for a helmet to fit into.

  18. a business owner spotted him and called the cops … as the cop was taking her in, he said, “‘It’s despicable that you’re sleeping while your child needs you to get ready for school.” … WSFB’s reporter dredged up past calls to Child Protective Services that were made by her current husband’s ex…

    *fires up a woodchipper*

    Sounds like there’s some folks in Connecticut in need of a good ‘chippin’.

    1. I would have been riding my Stingray to school and stopped at his store to buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m not kidding. The wirld changes so quickly. So now I am going to make a full effort to listen to an Adele song.

      1. Don’t do it. You’ll hate yourself.

    2. “‘It’s despicable that you’re sleeping while your child needs you to get ready for school.”

      Me: “Actually, Officer Dickhead, My child got up, got dressed, ate, and was halfway to school when you stopped him, so how badly could he have needed me to get ready?”

      Officer Dickhead: “Furtive movement!” BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM

  19. A:) The kid should have know better that it wasn’t worth the effort to walk to school. A 1 day absence wouldn’t have killed him.

    B:) If the mom could “afford” to stay-at-home, then she could have avoided all this bullshit by homeschooling.

    C:) The kid’s step-brother seems to be an adult, who also seems to be more than capable of getting his younger siblings ready for school in the morning. So the claim that she was negligent in care is bullshit.

    1. Free babysitting is hard to refuse, even with all of the bullshit that comes along with it.

      1. I can sympathize when one needs the “service” because one is a productive member of society. I could be wrong, but somehow I doubt that Hasankolli works night-shift.

        1. I’m inclined to believe that everyone in this story except for the kid is kind of a worthless piece of shit.

          I could feel bad about the mother’s job prospects given that she’s got a record, but I’m not giving her too much sympathy.

        2. Visiting a sick relative in the hospital was the genesis of this crime spree.

  20. This is why lazy crack whores shouldn’t have children. Nobody needs six children.

    1. My LTR had 4. All by me so I’m told.

    2. It’s the Brady Bunch you un-American phucker.

  21. Just remember, Maria- I’m out there. And waiting.

    1. The previous comment must be read with this playing in the background.

      1. This is probably better.

  22. Even if one buys into the absurd idea that this is a “crime”, why is it necessary to do the Rough ‘n’ Cuff? Couldn’t something like this be handled by writing a ticket, at least for the first offence?

    1. Not parenting to the mores of the White middle-class is terrorism, if you think about it.

    2. The process is the punishment.

  23. So, the cop entered her house and woke her up? Warrant? Or did someone else let him in? I suppose I could RTFA.

    And the charge is such a load of shit. If letting a kid walk somewhere on his own is risking injury to a minor, then so is taking him for a ride in a car. Or pretty much anything. People get injured all the time. There’s always a risk.

    1. Exigent circumstances; “the child reported he couldn’t’ wake his mother. I feared that she was suffering a medical emergency”.

      Shit, I’m not a cop and even I know what bit of testilying will do the trick.

  24. From what I can tell, the statute above wasn’t even close to being broken, and the cop was just making shit up when he said “he has to be 12 years old”.

    I predict she will lose all her kids, and wind up spending time in jail.

    1. Well you can’t blame the cop for not knowing the law he was supposedly enforcing.


    2. Freddie Gray was arrested for having a legal knife. The cop can always claim he really, really believed something was against the law and the courts will smile at him and tell him it’s okay.

      And that’s assuming the judge isn’t the same kind of self-righteous, ignorant jackass. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  25. well, the quality of education in this country a child receives is basically a crime, so there was a form of child abuse at play here.

  26. Do I even have to mention that riding in a car, which would have happened if the kid had woken her up, is a bazillion times more dangerous than walking?

  27. “had her mugshot taken”

    Excuse me, where in the Connecticut statutes does the term “mugshot” appear?

    The correct legal term is “photograph.”

    I am shocked that a respectable publication would make such an error.

    Would you refer to Rafael Edward Cruz as “Ted,” even though that isn’t his legal name?

    Would you refer to “Lady Gaga” rather than using her correct legal name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?


    1. Why refer to John Ellis Bush as Jeb? Maybe it should be J.E.B.

  28. Who is this “business owner”, what is his name, the name of his business, and its location?
    Perhaps people should be looking at what laws he’s being negligent of?
    I myself, at the age of 9, would get up at 0500 twice a week (Thursday & Sunday) to deliver a local paper on my bicycle, after first unbundling, and then rubber-banding, the papers; then get ready to go to school.
    Of course, it was very destructive to my upbringing: I became a Republican.

  29. The greatest threat to our children is not lax parenting. The real threat is from an over-protective, over-regulating, nosy, over-grown government. It is we citizens who can never be left alone in any place, public or private, and the government expects us to pay every bit as much attention to our children as it is paying to all of what we do.

  30. She went to sleep knowing the kid was home with her and expecting him to still be there when she woke up, not “in a place of public accommodation or a motor vehicle”. The law as written doesn’t apply. If interpreted the way the cop is trying to do it all parents would have to put padlocks on every door and window in their houses.

  31. When I was six (06) my routine in a foreign country was to wander a half mile down to my friend’s house for target practice with his pellet gun. We’d then climb a tree to a height of about 40 feet and scan the surrounding boroughs before deciding where to explore. About a mile away was an old man who sold firecrackers able to blow a tin can into shrapnel. Older boys (8 years old), attracted by the noise would try to mug us for our remaining firecrackers. But there were other forms of entertainment available, like poking sticks into a bumblebee hive. This was a good introduction to elementary physics and chemistry. It turns out running uphill is not a good way to escape bumblebees, and failure to escape really smarts. Sure enough I got a scolding from mom (not the police) for arriving late for dinner covered with bee stings. But the most shocking thing about this Reason article about “die Hoverstaat” is that it is not a work of fiction.

  32. I’m kind of torn on this one. In an ordinary circumstance, I’d say the police officer ought to drive the kid to school, talk to the school principal or guidance counselor about the kid’s home situation, and then maybe visit the kid’s parents to see what’s up.

    But in this case … the mom already has a record, so I’m not entirely sure the authorities’ course of action was incorrect.

    1. Fuckwit would be a more appropriate name for you. Please do not ever serve on a jury. Your logic is fucking dangerous.

  33. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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  34. Ok like everyone else I’m with mom and kid on the main issue. However this caught my eye.

    “The news report also accuses Hasankolli of previously duct-taping her child to the floor. That sure sounds bad, but the mother says that charge was never substantiated.”

    What kind of person says “never substantiated” instead of “didn’t happen”? A person who did it but doesn’t think there are any photos, that’s who.

    1. How about a person who has been investigated by CPS and was sent a letter telling that her the allegation was “unsubstantiated.” And the word “Substantiated” was not in quotes either. Got it Dick Tracy. Stop over thinking it.

  35. The local news report this by Leigh-Tauss at the Record-Journal omitted the names of the businessperson who called the cops, and the cops who made the arrest. It is the standard local media practice of covering the asses of people with power. The reporter should be called to task, and her Twitter ID is @LeighTaussRJ.

  36. Why does Reason use a dismal posting method which doesn’t allow for editing ones own posts or flagging spam? Either Facebook or Disqus offers a better approach.

  37. Vote Wood Chipper 2016

  38. it seems that the purpose of the arrest is not sinking into many of your heads. If your child/step-child missed their bus, something they ride on a regular basis, wouldn’t you want the kid to tell you? This kid is afraid of his stepmom and took action to walk to school so he wouldn’t get in trouble. This kid fears this woman. She is an abusive woman towards the stepchildren. This is not the first time police were called to this home. There is a history of abusiveness. Ask where this kid’s sister is living and how she got there and WHY she is where she is. God bless that Lucan didn’t get killed while walking on that busy street.

    To all who keep saying “I walked to school when I was 6” – we are in 2015. This is a whole new world than back when you all were in school. For fear of just a pedophile, I wouldn’t want my child to walk to school. We live in a completely different society than back when.

    So please, before you start taking the side of this stepmom, think of it as YOUR child in her care. She is the guardian to this child. An 8-year old child. She should be on her game whether or not she got a good night’s sleep “visiting” a relative in the hospital. This is a CHILD. Poor thing is now grounded not because he went to school but because she was caught being an unfit guardian.

  39. Well at least she could not duct tape him to the floor again if she is in a jail cell. I wish you did a little more research before writing this article, it is a shame that the readers only have this disillusioned biased nonsensical false perception to go by. This is my sister-in-law, yes thats right, and problems started with the kids literally 3 weeks after she moved in to my brothers house, who by the way was married to Maria’s “best” friend at the time. This boy is not her son by the way, probably a point worth mentioning in the article if anyone here was actually worried about facts. She has an extended history of fighting off DCF charges and a long record to boot, but somehow is being portrayed as the victim here. The kids in this house are the victims, period. So if you want this woman to continue to duct tape my nephew to the floor, by all means, keep standing up for her rights, otherwise lets think about the kids, their rights, and their safety.

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