Adam Ruins Everything's Adam Conover on Skepticism, the TSA, and Cultural Myths in the Information Age


"I want to do stories that are about the bits of cultural furniture that are sitting there that we're like, 'Oh yeah, that's been there for years! What could possibly be weird about it?' And then we're going to lift that piece of furniture and look at all the bugs scurry away," says Adam Conover, host Adam Ruins Everything.

Adam Ruins Everything started as a web series for College Humor. As the eponymous host of the show, Conover "ruins" widely held beliefs that just so happen to be wrong. His targets have ranged from the TSA, to forensic science, to engagement rings, to car dealerships. TruTV picked up the series, which is still airing its first season on Tuesday nights, and expanded it into its current half hour format.

Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller sat down with Conover to discuss his approach to debunking, why he believes there's a market for skeptical inquiry, what other shows influenced him, and why false cultural beliefs persist in the age of nearly unlimited access to information.

"You can't escape culture," says Conover. "You can learn about it. You can criticize it. You can try to move it slowly. But at the end of the day, you can't actually opt out of the culture that you're in."

"Adam Ruins Everything's Adam Conover on Skepticism, the TSA, and Cultural Myths in the Information Age" was originally released on November 23, 2015.

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    1. My guess is raiders or super mutants.

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          1. Signs you have spent too long playing Fallout 4, No. 324.

    2. It’s Batman.

      1. Spike Lee is Batman?

        1. He’s Blackmon.

    3. All I did for Thanksgiving was host dinner. Now I feel lame.

    4. The spikes shold have been screwed in further. It’s not as effective having the flat hex end sticking out further than the spike end.

      1. Meh, if TWD has taught me anything, it’s that zombie heads are soft and mushy like an overripe melon, pointy or flat end the lags will do the job.

        1. See I’ve never watched that. Good to know.

    5. “street art”, duh

      Wburg had this shit every week for years. After a while you see right through it like its just supposed to be there. The entire point of the project is to “get people to ask questions”. When no one gives a shit, its not working.

      1. What distinction (if any) is there between “get people to ask questions” and “annoy people”?

      2. One of the joys of living at the opposite end of Brooklyn is I get to enjoy the various charms of NYC without having to deal with the kind of shit that plagues Williamsburg (or the entire city of SF).

    6. “OT: Someone is trolling San Francisco.”

      Somebody bought 210 lag screws; Lowes is gonna remember *that* buy.

      1. The professional prankster buys his lag screws at McMaster-Carr.

        1. Next day delivery FTW

          1. Naah. MSC does that, and they CHARGE for it.

    7. Looks like Charlie’s rat stick

      1. You can bash up a whole buncha rats with one quick strike, so it’s more humane.

    8. I don’t know about San Francisco, but a sensible city and state would treat this as littering (leaving your stuff lying around) and defacing public property (chaining objects to utility poles and parking meters).

      The article hyperventilates about deadly weapons and felonies – really?

      1. Because San Francisco that’s why.

    9. This is art you cultural bubbas.

      If this art were looked into it would undoubtly have at a minimum some local or state and quite possibly some federal funding source.

      I think SanFranciscians are much better off than they were before they were enlightened by this thoughtful exhibit.

      I am sure the creator sees a deep meaning in this art that Bubbas can’t fathom.

  1. I think he’s a little off on the cereal masturbation thing at 0:15. I heard that claim about graham crackers twenty years ago, and Wikipedia agrees.

    1. Exactly. This why I skip breakfast.

    2. Wiki may agree but in the history world it’s more of the fringe of the “Sex Historians”, because most evidence points out otherwise for both cereal and Graham. Because both of those products came out off the “Muscular Christianity” movement, which also was against masturbation, therefore some people tried making a connection. But the evidence and most scholarly research points to those coming from the “natural health” part of the movements ethos.

  2. “continue to confuse police officers as to their intended purpose.”

    Not a particularly difficult task.

    1. Pin cushions?

  3. “Bullshit” for Millenials?

    1. Gotta keep things fresh and new for the next generation. I for one am disappointed the show isn’t in listicle format.

    2. I miss Bullshi!. I didn’t catch half of them.

  4. San Francisco specifically outlaws spiked bats? Or is it the whole state of California? Let’s hope no one has to clear a trench full of Huns.

    1. Given that an old man using a golf club as a cane was arrested on the spot because it was a dangerous weapon, I’d estimate that a weapon is whatever city officials declare it to be at the moment they declare it.

    2. A friend of mine got cited for having a plain baseball bat behind the seat as a concealed weapon in Los Angeles

  5. this article is just a repost of an article from a few days ago 2015/11/23/ adam-ruins-everythings-adam-conover-on-s
    Why is reason pushing this so hard, it’s not even that good a show (and wasn’t that good on CollegeHumor either). Many of his pieces are either ripoffs of others works (like Penn & Teller) or shoddily researched pieces (he alludes to this in the interview as a problem when he says that they are just “comedy writers”). He’s even used debunked myths in his pieces trying to debunk other stuff, because they don’t use scholarly sources but pop sources which are notoriously unreliable.
    It’s not a good show from a factual point of view and isn’t that entertaining either, and why is reason pushing it so hard that they posted this article twice in two different sections just days apart

    1. ” why is reason pushing it so hard that they posted this article twice in two different sections just days apart”

      either its a conspiracy between the illuminati, the kochs, and the reverse vampires…

      ….or they just regularly recycle the week’s video-magazine pieces every weekend for the people who missed them on the blog. Take your pick.

    2. I didn’t watch it, but I saw the other post, which I also didn’t read or watch.

      Guy looks like your typical cosmo. IOW, he’s one of their own, so they’re trying to push him on us barbarians.

  6. So, a policeman shot a guy in Chicago under dubious circumstances?

    Well, that does it – time to hold a protest outside police headquarters…or harass holiday shoppers, which is pretty much the same thing, right?

    “Protesters locked arms outside the doors of major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co., preventing shoppers from entering. To exit stores, shoppers often knocked on the glass doors and asked protesters to allow them out.

    “Police kept a distance from the protesters and blocked traffic from entering onto Michigan Avenue.”

    1. Remember that time a drunk off-duty cop beat up that black woman and his fellow-cops tried to cover up for him?

      Wow, that black woman looks really light-skinned.

      Anyway, the point is that the cops are singling out black people, not that there’s a culture of corruption victimizing people of all races.

      Because of it was a problem extending beyond race, then race-baiting might be construed as counterproductive, and we can’t have that?

      Baiters gonna bait.

      1. (these cases being cited are both in Chicago)

      2. Well, she’s still alive and in that picture she looked like there was no permanent damage. Not saying that the incident shouldn’t have sparked protest. Just saying that her situation wasn’t quite the same. And she got damages.

        1. Another difference was she wasn’t running around the streets with a knife attacking cars.

    2. A place where those spiked bats would have come in useful!

    1. Well, that is a surprise.

      1. Indeed, because the Sununus are all in for Kasich; I would have put good money on the UL giving its endorsement to him.

        The world has gone mad.

        1. The Sununus are all in for Kasich? I thought the Sununus had some functioning brain cells and would go for someone who is not a nobody.

          1. *shrugs*

            Politics makes strange bedfellows, I guess.

  7. Burger King manager accuses Chicago police of tampering with a surveillance video which might have shown part of the Laquan McDonald shooting

    A Burger King manager who accuses Chicago police of erasing surveillance video in the case of a black teenager shot last year by a white officer says he has testified before a federal grand jury investigating the shooting.

    Jay Darshane told the Chicago Tribune that the FBI also took the video recorder containing all of the restaurant’s surveillance images.

    It’s not clear what that video might have shown, but the accusation of tampering has fueled the anger of protesters who say the city, the police and local prosecutors have mishandled the case. After months of refusals, the city released police squad car video of the shooting on Tuesday in response to a judge’s order. But both the police chief and the Cook County state’s attorney deny the Burger King video was altered.

    The Burger King is just yards from where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald fell when the first few rounds struck him. It took just minutes for police to demand to see the restaurant’s password-protected video, Darshane said.

    “I was just trying to help the police with their investigation,” Darshane said. “I didn’t know they were going to delete it.”

    1. “I didn’t know they were going to delete it.”

      What? Are you 5 years old?

    2. I’m sorry you’re too stupid or na?ve to realize that the police are going to tamper with evidence that makes them look bad, Mr. Darshane.

    3. His livelihood is in the hands of armed trigger-happy men – if those men show up he’s going to want to do what they ask.

    4. I posted this a few days ago. It summarizes the cover up, including a link to a story written in May about the Burger King video deletion.

      Always remember, this is about race and not about corruption.

      1. Damn, I missed that post. Thanks!

        1. I see why I missed it. You posted it on the post with the video the cops released. I didn’t spend much time on that thread after watching the video the cops released.

          1. I don’t blame you. I think it is a pretty good summary, and goes to show that without a video there was no story.

            1. Thinking about “without the video there was no story”, I wonder how long it will be until the cops figure out camera tricks such that an entire incident is on film, but the film is useless to figuring out what really happened.

              Consider tricks of perspective that porn cameramen use to make porn stars’ cocks look bigger.

              Consider a trick Penn and Teller did when I saw them last May. They pulled someone out of the audience and gave him a camera which was hooked up to a big TV screen. Penn explained that some magicians incorporate cameras into their tricks but control the framing so that you can’t see what is really going on. Penn had the audience member follow what Penn did with some toy animals. Penn distracted him so that the camera never caught what Teller did, which was to rearrange the other animals such that they appeared to move. The real trick was that somehow Teller and the audience member switched places.

              1. You are giving them far too much credit. They will just delete footage, or the camera will malfunction, or the stored files will somehow be corrupted.

                Those strategies will eventually backfire because those excuses will only work so many times before regular people become incensed.

                Or, I could be wrong and they will continue to do whatever they want to do.

                1. They’ll take the easy way out until those ways won’t work.

                  Fuck it. I’m going out for lunch and a beer. There are still good things in the world.

      2. I just saw a woman crying on television crying over the death of the policeman last friday at the hands of the PP shooter. Then she lamented the ‘intense dislike of the police’ in this country.

        That that intense dislike is earned honestly is lost on her. People did not spontaneously distrust or dislike them out of thin air.

        *Disclaimer – Not every cop is a bad person. There are some good ones, brave ones, selfless ones. The institution is what is broken and makes it nearly impossible for those guys to operate without being complicit in the disfunctionality.

          1. Well, maybe they were rapists, but they were hero rapists!

        1. Except the PP shooter, to the extent we can attribute motive at this point, likely operated under an extreme dislike for Planned Parenthood. Not cops specifically. Cops showed up to end his spree, as cops tend to do. It’s not a huge intuitive leap to conclude that cops will sometimes die while interposing themselves between killers and the public.

  8. Aborto-Freak watch on, Peanuts.

    1. What does this sentence mean?

      1. The neural net broke down.

        1. It does seem to be just slapping together its usual catchphrases in a random manner.

          “Warren Buffett price of gold 94 libertarian purity score!”

      2. It means the buttface is not sentient.

      3. It means everyone is supposed to ignore the fact that the perp is batshit crazy….again. Cause we can’t talk about that.

      4. I believe it means that because someone said this lone wacko was a libertarian, that all libertarians are responsible for what he did.

    2. Bush’s fault?

  9. Jesus Fucking Christ.

    NBC to air President Obama’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode on Dec. 17

    There are no words. No, wait. That’s not true. There are these words:

    Without a doubt, President Obama has proven to be the coolest commander-in-chief that this country has ever seen

    1. If by “coolest” they mean “least dignified,” then I would totally agree.

    2. He is so cool.

      Crusty’s fashion tip: dark denim gives you a better chance to not like a total dork.

      1. *facepalm*

        I forgot about the pitch. That is…ugh.

        1. The terms “mom jeans” and “dad jeans” are stupid Gen-x/millennial tropes used by those obsessed with how they are perceived (A 50 year old father of two teenagers should be wearing dad jeans because he is 50 and who the fuck cares?), but when you are the coolest man alive, you should step up your game a bit.

          1. They might be but the first time I heard the term I knew exactly what it meant. It is the same as the term ‘granny panties’.

          2. I always thought it meant “Dude, that’s been like out of style since like before I was born and stuff, you know?”

          3. However, if your dad is wearing mom jeans, there might just be a problem. And the problem isn’t that your dad is the coolest man alive.

      2. Those are obviously photo shopped.

        Several NBA players have been quoted as saying Obama got game and would have been an NBA level player if he had tried.

        The world can only marvel in his unselfisness in forgoing a NBA career and to have devoted his awsomeness toward righting all the worlds wrongs.

        Uh Huh. They said it after being invited to the White House’s new basketball court built ‘specially for him.

    3. *gag*

      What is so cool about him? Mom jeans? His barely hidden swishy twinkiness? His inability to take any responsibility for anything whatsoever? That he looks like a woman with muscular dystrophy when he works out?

      Fitting that our first twink president would hang out with a guy named Bear. Will they be sleeping in the same tent?

      Hands down the worst president in history. He has made a complete clusterfuck out of everything he has touched. He shows disdain for the citizenry, the military, and American values. His behavior and decorum has demeaned the office. He politicizes every issue without regard to the interests of the country. He dabbles in matters where he has no place and ignores those where he does. He is racist as hell. He stirs shit and has divided the country with the worst partisanship in my lifetime. At least Jimmy Carter, though he was wrong about nearly everything, had good intentions, love of country, and was a moral man. Jimmy pissed me off but I never hated the guy or thought he hated his country. I even leaned towards liking him in the periods between his spouting progressive nonsense. This despicable shitbag doesn’t even have that.

      1. Yeeeee-up.

      2. Anyone who wants to “radically transform” their country does not do so out of love.

        1. Now I can see lefttards reacting to that statement by saying libertarians want to radically transform the country by getting the government out of everyone’s business, as if letting people do their own thing constitutes forcing something onto them.

          Bastiat already covered that one though. Leftards are socialists who are too retarded to see the distinction between government and society, or between force and liberty.

          1. “Leftists are socialists who are too retarded to see the distinction…”

            I posit that they are socialists and see socialism as the only rational form of government precisely because they can’t see that distinction. They cannot fathom any other way. This is the real root of my claim that anyone who subscribes to socialism is by virtue of that alone an idiot.

            Leftists aren’t the only ones unable to distinguish between government and society. There is a lot of that going around on the right also it just isnt as chronic and manifests as nationalism or hyper patriotism.

            1. In many cases yes, it comes down to downright stupidity. But there are many otherwise intelligent people who don’t get it. For them I think it is a lack of imagination. They can’t see the unseen because that requires imagination. They can’t imagine someone doing something without asking permission and obeying orders. They can’t fathom rules without violence. So they can’t imagine anything happening in society without being directed and controlled by men with guns, and if something does happen without the direction and control of such men, then is must be terrible.

      3. I decry this series of homo-phobic microsuggestions.

    4. Don’t forget, he’s also the greatest basketball player in the history of mankind. Even better than Kim Jong Il was at golfing.

    5. I think a picture of Obama shirtless and astride a horse would go a long way to show Putin who is the real boss in the Mid East.

      I’msurprised his handlers haven’t looled into it.

      Or prehaps they have and decided….uh no, that won’t work.

    6. ” receiving some tips on how to last more than a few hours in the wilderness.”

      The first episode of Bear Grylls “Man vs Wild” show was an instruction manual in how to *die as fast as possible*. Whether it was purposely lowering himself into a crevasse, or shredding his raingear sliding down a rock-fall, wading through a river at dusk, then hiding in a ‘cave’ – Nature’s Refrigerator – instead of building a fire… his first season of the show was a series of “worst case scenarios” intentionally caused…and then *ballsed through*, because Man is Tough. Not “you’d be hypothermic at this point”, or “eating this would result in immobilizing cramps”, or “always stay somewhere visible”…. No, he would go from one suicidally-stupid idea to another, endlessly upping the ante, lending the impression that “Survival” is about constantly making horrible snap-decisions then demonstrating superhuman fortitude recovering from them.

      Forget the fact that he was repeatedly exposed time and again faking his stupid scenarios within eyesight of his hotel. The Lava Walking bit was a particularly fun one. I also enjoyed his “playing with downed power cables” during his “Urban Survival” episode.

      1. You are spot on with one exception; always stay somewhere visible. This makes you a target.

        I deliberately stay as invisible as possible as often as possible. Dark, unscented clothes, cover, quiet, vigilance.

        *Twice I have had people take pot-shots at me, both times just because they thought they could get away with it because we were in a remote area and no witnesses. I had a panther stalk me once. I prefer to be invisible and know everything going on around me before I show my face.

        1. “”I prefer to be invisible'”

          the people in the rescue helicopter will just look for the vultures then

          1. Oh. It never crossed my mind that I would need rescuing.

            If you are mobile the simplest, easiest way to be rescued is to walk downhill. Follow the traces of water flow until you reach a flowing stream and then follow that. You will come to a river. Where there is a river, there are people.

            1. From what i remember from my NOLS experience =

              The most common causes of death in the wilderness are hypo/hyperthermia & dehydration.

              (* the other big one is ‘heart failure’ but its usually old/fat people who over-exerted themselves; tho not always)

              Both of the above are often preceded by ‘a fall’ or something that hinders mobility. maybe snakebite, concussion, whatever;

              i..e. first is some kind of physical injury, and then what happens is a misguided attempt at ‘self-rescue’ which results in a person getting either lost or trapped somewhere, where they die from exposure and/or dehydration.

              if you’re actually injured, its generally a mistake to try and move yourself away from any ‘last known location’ or trafficked trail/path. Almost every person who has died in the wilderness has someone looking for them within 48 hours, and the ones who ‘vanish’ and bodies are found a week later are the ones who crept off not knowing where they were going. hence the “wear bright colors” thing.

              most of my experience is on mountains and the ‘downhill’ thing is actually a frequent way people are killed. Descending into an area/niche they can’t be seen or climb back out of. whenever possible you backtrack down your known ascent, and stay visible.

              Also, most of the places i’ve gone are places where its both remote (*you’re not going to ‘find help’ by wandering), and gets cold enough to kill you at night, so there’s a very different attitude about ‘survival’ beyond a few days.

      2. faking his stupid scenarios

        Yes, I had heard that he is a fraud. Why does he still have a show? Saw it once or twice but the Canadian dude he stole his routine after (I wish I could remember his name) is much better, seems legit, and isn’t constantly blathering about Jesus.

      3. I have actually done the same “walking on lava” bit. On my honeymoon we hiked up Kilauea in search of flowing lava. The field was blacker than asphalt and we chased the heat shimmer of the flowing lava. As we neared the freshly flowing lava, it got hotter and hotter out there. I thought it was just the sun getting higher and heating the black rock. I was standing astride one of those cracks as I remarked at the heat – she told me to look down. I looked into the crack between my feet….. it was glowing red. The lava I was standing on was only hours old. My boots did melt a bit.

        I had hoped to actually collect some fresh lava… but it was way, way too hot where the lava was flowing. I got to within about 15-20 feet of a small lava fountain. I could only stay there long enough to snap a photo. Any closer and I would have gotten burns just from the radiant heat.

        Anyway, his tips sound completely stupid and needlessly ignorant to anyone who has been there. He’s clearly just walking in the same area that thousands of tourists walk every year.

  10. Stay classy CNN.

    “Climate change is a form of terror”…..index.html

    1. The author’s autism: mild or severe?

      1. The level of insufferable prick-ness necessary to compare mass executions of civilians and systematic war rape to the White middle-class progressive’s Chicken Little-like Green hysteria is cosmological in order of magnitude. John D. Sutter should be forced, under pain of death, to look a raped and enslaved 10-year-old Yazidi girl in the eye and tell her that soi-disant “climate change” is akin to what she experienced daily at the hands of men.

        What a fucking insufferable prick! He makes Eric Liu and Dean Obeidallah seem like pretty chill guys in comparison. Un-fucking-believable.

        1. See below. It gets worse.

          But apparently it isn’t some conspiracy to foist these sjw-handwringing-narratives on people = it was blamed on Reader Demands

          “In 2013, more than 30,000 readers voted for columnist John D. Sutter to cover five social justice issues as part of his Change the List project. Rape in the United States is the second of five issues selected for the series. Upcoming stories will focus on water scarcity, childhood poverty and wildlife trafficking. A sixth topic will be chosen by CNN’s editors, based on your suggestions. This is journalism as democracy. “

        2. ‘soi-disant “climate change”‘?

          What the fuck? Climate change is plugging itself now?

      2. It is both curious and alarming that in spite of this

        and this

        the beat goes on………….and the beat goes on.

        The money to be made by enacting Climate Change policy must be so immense and entrentched at the top that no facts must be allowed to stand in the way.

        1. Isnt The Goracle worth around 200M these days?

        2. The warmists are already saying this won’t even slow down warming. Of course, they’ll be wrong, again. But they are planning on raping the world economy before then, so they don’t really care.

    2. I used to think that there might be something to the global warming theory. No longer. Claims like this betray their growing desperation. I wonder how irrational they will become before it is over.

      It is clearly a con by those pushing it and a religion to those who buy into it. No amount of climate change staying within statistical normal, i.e. climate is the same as it always was, will cause them to admit they are wrong. Doom is forever just around the next bend.

      1. Had to snicker and shed a tear at the same time for a headline in the paper today: Russia in denial about climate change.

        I mean, there is so much wrong with that statement, besides the fact that climate change is a myth. It assumes that government and society are one, so if a ruler of some nation says something, then everyone in the country assumes it is so.

        1. It assumes that government and society are one, so if a ruler of some nation says something, then everyone in the country assumes it is so.

          Reminds me of a TV forum I went into about 10 years ago. Someone posted a story with a post title that went something like “Florida Proposes Anti-Gay Legislation” – which left the impression that a wave of homophobia was sweeping the Hold My Beer State.

          In reality, one member of the Florida legislature proposed attaching a rider to a bill that had some sort of defense of traditional marriage clause, in a bill that had nothing to do with gays. In other words, it was an empty gesture that had no chance of passing, probably throwing socons in his district a bone. But to that poster, the End Was Near.

        1. Thanks, HM, I think you’ve given me my afternoon’s entertainment. This is even better than the Bosnian pyramids!

        2. Read the forums here for a while. Especially the alternate history forum. It’s derptastic. Some people cannot be dissuaded from their stupid by any means whatsoever:

          Unexplained Stoopid

          1. Unexplained mysteries…as opposed to explained mysteries?

            I stopped right there. Also, I saw the word ‘cryptozoology’ and averted my gaze.

            1. You should read the forums, I’ve laughed harder at some of the posts on there than I ever have anywhere else on the web.

              The best one ever was the Bosnian pyramids. Peak derp will never again be so nearly achieved.

        3. They have a website! With a forum!

          According to your flat earth wiki … “The sun is a sphere. It has a diameter of 32 miles and is located approximately 3000 miles above the surface of the earth.”

      2. I had a long talk with my dad (a very wise man) about it a few months ago, and we both have pretty much the same take on it. I believe in science and evidence based policy. It looked like this whole “climate change” thing was headed in that direction. And by that, I mean that AGW was real, provable, and most likely not a very big deal. It looked like legitimate scientists were on the verge of proving that man made CO2 could slightly warm the planet.

        But that never happened. We should have seen an exponential rise in temperature (according to their theory), but there was no warming at all. In science, that is a failed hypothesis. But instead, it was called a “pause”. That’s not fucking science.

        1. You are dead on the money.

          Any time you hear someone say ‘the science is settled’ you know you are listening to someone who doesn’t know what science is. The very nature of science is that nothing is ever settled. Everything is questioned. Skepticism is the very heart of science.

          And yes, to cling to a hypothesis that fails to make even a single accurate prediction is the antithesis of science. How this can be overlooked by non-scientists and so many scientists alike is stunning to me. Instead of discarding the hypothesis altogether as true science requires they simply fiddle with it to make it unfalsifiable.


      3. Oh, I think there is something to it. It’s not just a big hoax. But of course it is being used for political purposes, for personal gain, as an outlet for personal anxieties, etc. And a huge issue is that the supposed “fixes” cost trillions of dollars and lower future temperatures by fractions of a degree.

        1. It quacks. It’s a duck. It has the exact anatomy of a scam because it is one.

          Malthusians cooked this shit up in the early and mid seventies. They explicitly said they wanted a fake climate crisis and needed the scientific community on board with it.


          That is my first google hit.

    3. Look at the author’s stories

      the theme isn’t exactly subtle.

      The terms, “Rape”, “Inequality”, “Slavery”, and “Gay”” are prominently slapped on story headlines…that on closer inspection…. don’t seem to actually justify the terms.

      The “gay” story is him inventing a drama out of a ‘county where there are no registered same-sex couples’. What follows are a bunch of narrative-establishing rhetorical questions followed by the foregone conclusion

      ” Can there really be such a thing as an all-straight county? If so, what is it like to be someone who never has met a gay person? Do you just watch “Glee” and figure it out? If there are gay people in Franklin County, what keeps them hidden?…I spent a few days searching for answers before I realized I was making the wrong assumptions: It’s not that gay people here (or anywhere really) want to be in the closet, necessarily. It’s the rest of the world that pushes them in and shuts the door.”

      Rest of the world. So, no need actually investigate “this” county… but hey! it provides backdrop. why not use rednecks as furniture for your stage-drama about Cultural Oppression.

      He’s a cookie-cutter Social-Justice-Hack. There’s an entire profession built around this shit. GamerGate may have been fucking stupid, but when it comes to these people infecting online media, they do actually have a point.

      1. I remember that story. What an execrable man.

    4. It is if you look at it as the ultimate excuse for governments to increase their power and terrorize citizens.

    5. Clickbait headline.

  11. I am awaiting out libertarian momement:

    Arm all Planned Parenthoods

    1. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of overlap of those demographics.

      1. What? By Nick’s rigorous quantitative reckoning 11 out of every 9 Libertarians are so pro-choice that they just fucking dropkick pregnant women in the belly, daily, even if she wanted to bear the child or not!

        1. Nick’s… uh … opinion aside, I’m going by what I’ve seen on Facebook, which is admittedly a small sample size.

          The people who are all bent about this “right wing christian extremist terrorist” are the same ones who favor full gun confiscation. It’s almost 1 to 1.

          1. Well, I saw a picture on CNN where it shows there’s a stick stuck to the side of his cabin that might be a cross. I mean it sort of looks like one, or just a stick, one of the two. So it’s obvious, right wingnut libertarian terrorist!

            1. Who was that most prolific abortion clinic bomber? Too lazy to Google it… Richard Rudolph? He was a follower of Nietzsche and not a christian, but got uncritically called a christian in the media?

          2. “The people who are all bent about this “right wing christian extremist terrorist”…

            …are the same ones who refuse to talk about the fact that dozens of people were shot in New Orleans or Chicago this past weekend?

        2. I see a lot of this with Reason writers. Ask them what a libertarian is and they will answer “Simple. The people who agree with me.”

          And then Bailey, Gillespie and a couple of others use shameless appeals to emotion to plug for bringing in Syrian refugees on the taxpayers dime.

          1. The writers here are not libertarian in the same sense as the commentariat. To them, we’re like the wild barbarians who must be kept on the fringe, lest we ruin the libertarian moment which is about to occur at any time now… really, soon, … well eventually.

          2. and borrowed taxpayer dimes at that

            1. I would say that someone borrowing money in your name, money that you will have to repay, is theft.

              Stolen money.

      2. That idea might make an interesting Elizabeth Abortion Brown article: Why Libertarians Should Support Federally-Funded Assault Rifle Giveaways for Planned Parenthood Guards.

    2. My running joke for awhile has been, “Bipartisanship in America is the belief that all abortions should be legal, provided they are performed with AR-15s.”

  12. Is this thread the one where we discuss the Cal game?

    1. No, we continue to discuss your mom’s jeans.

      1. Any further discussion about a post-menopausal woman and her jeans should stay between you and your court appointed therapist.

        How about that last second field goal, huh? Nice.

        1. I’m gonna go with your mom’s jeans.

          1. You guys can do yoga together. Maybe you can even trade pants.

            1. Too late, your mom left her pants here last night, so they’re already mine.

  13. Isn’t it about time we talk about banning Christmas, because racism? My wife is watching some Christmas film, you know, one of those where everyone is happy and merry and cheerful to the point you get sick? And all of them are WHITE! 100% white people! They even talk about how they want a ‘WHITE CHRISTMAS’!

    I ask, how does it get more racist than this?! And even the food they eat on these shows is racist. Eggnog? What the fuck is that stuff? Let me ask you this, do people of color eat this eggnog? FUCK NO!

    It’s time to BAN CHRISTMAS, the racist holiday, now!

    1. It was a possibility not 10 months ago. But the pope came out as a full blown commie, so there is some remaining use for xmas. For now.

      ThinkProgress is generating their Christmas Dinner talking points as we speak.

    2. do people of color eat this eggnog? FUCK NO!

      You, my friend, are so, so wrong. So wrong.

      In fact, I think I’m going for a bit of postprandial Nog (alcoholic, of course) this afternoon.

      1. You don’t count, Mulatto! Your white privilege is showing!

        1. What I’m saying is that the Nog is so good that even a brown Jew can’t resist.

          1. How many orphans does it take to make this nog?

              1. It’s almost certainly time we changed the name to frothy spiced egg concoction, since the original is in no way niggardly about its connotations.

    3. This has me scratching my head.

      The blacks in louisiana make up a very substantial portion of the total population and are largely family oriented, christian, and love christmas above all holidays. Also, they drink the hell out of eggnog.

      If someone tried to ban christmas down here they would be hanged and the blacks would likely be leading the charge.

      1. I’ll be amazed if the college students and SJW crowd don’t go after it next. They really don’t have any sort of compass for measuring the idiocy of their ideas and the possible scope of the backlash. Which is why they eventually will destroy themselves. The prog elite have lost control of their useful idiots.

        1. Creating useful idiots in a country where you can just round them all up and shoot them after they are no longer useful is one thing, but creating them in a place where you can’t really get away with that is just plain dumb as hell. It was inevitable that they would get out of control.

          1. When you are in a position of power this is exactly what you want. You want the people you rule to be divided amongst each other. That way they will not unite against you. Furthermore you want people coming to you asking you to use force to fix their problems, because that increases your power. This keeps the one-way-ratchet of government tightening its grip towards every powermonger’s dream of a totalitarian state.

        2. Like the Rapture, the “War on Christmas” is something that the Christian Right believes is just around the corner, yet it always fails to materialize. Thus we’re left with the spectacle of 2 weeks of media-manufactured outrage that a Jewish coffee shop magnate chose not to adorn his stores’ cups with images of Santa Claus and crucifixes.

          1. I wouldn’t call it an outright war, but there certainly is a concerted effort to incrementally get rid of Christmas and replace it with some neutral holiday.

            1. Yes, this is what we talk about in smoke-filled rooms over latkes and brandy. How to incrementally replace Christmas.

              1. I didn’t say you were part of that effort.

              2. Though your comment betrays a dirty conscience, as if you are aware of this effort and quietly cheering it on.

                1. and manger scenes are under legal attack almost ever time one goes up.

                  After the last wave of Syrians hit Germany I saw several headlines about the Muslims already complaining about Octoberfest.

                  Any truth to this or was it just clickbait ?

          2. I remember, a long time ago when they somehow started to replace Christmas with Xmas. That must have fallen out of favor and now they’ve managed ‘Winter Holiday’. So they’ve had very little success because of the huge popularity of the holiday. But they’re going to go for it, watch and see. In Latin American countries trying to take away a holiday, any holiday is the most likely way to get your head put on a stake in the town center. Here is the USA, we don’t have many holidays as it is. But just wait, they’re going to go full out attack before Christmas.

    4. There does seem to be some disdain for Christmas in proggie circles. I always wondered why that was. It hit me just now…christianity is responsible for popularizing the ideas that are the foundation of the enlightenment, even if they did it unwittingly. Christianity gave birth to the antithesis of progressivism.

      I will have to look into this further.

      1. Christmas has everything, it’s like the one great white privilege and racism gift all wrapped up in one convenient package.

        First of all, Christian holiday. And Jesus was a white dude and a Jew to make it even worse. Then the more secular aspect of the holiday which we celebrate most, originated in a white culture and portrays a fat white dude who has reindeer slaves and forces them to fly around the world pulling his fat white ass in a sleigh. And a ‘WHITE’ Christmas is always being called for. Then, there’s the tree, which celebrates the white mans rape of mother Gaia by tree genocide.

        How could there be a more worthy target of SJW wrath? Go for it, proggies, go full on for it, just do it!

        1. I got a BB gun for Christmas once if that helps your position.

          1. You didn’t shoot your eye out, did you?

  14. Why the media doesn’t call a collaboration between a private organization and politicians which lines the pockets of said organization ‘corruption’, I know not.

    Determined immigrant drivers, a hard-charging union and an ambitious City Council member have pushed the city close to enacting the groundbreaking legislation.

    Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s ordinance would give drivers the ability to bargain collectively despite their status as independent contractors. It could pave the way for independent contractors in other sectors and cities to unionize, and it also could get the city sued.…..spotlight/

    1. “Why the media doesn’t call a collaboration between a private organization and politicians which lines the pockets of said organization ‘corruption’, I know not.”

      Because it is corruption when Bush and Halliburton, not socialist politicians and their cronies. How dense do you have to be to not see that? Sheesh.

    2. When they like the organization then it is a wonderful public-private partnership. If they don’t like the organization then it is corruption caused by libertarians who keep the government so small that it can’t control the corporations that control it.

  15. How ’bout moonbeam, the drought and climate change?
    First, moonbeam is CONVINCED the drought has something to do with climate change; few others are (……html?_r=0 ), but let’s give it to him ’cause we’re nice guys.
    Now he was also gov ’75 – ’83; pretty serious drought years in CA, so droughts are no surprise to him. Note the population of CA has pretty close to doubled between ’75 and now.
    If the government is to do anything, you’d think things like roads and water storage infrastructure might be part of that and given that moonbeam’s a ‘forward thinking’ sort of a guy (at least according to his boot lickers ), you’d expect that he’d have taken some real steps to avoid the damage droughts cause, right? I mean, this is the guy who’s begging us to turn the problem of climate change over to him and his fellow statists.
    Well, as noted above, the CA population is near double what it was when we got stuck with that asshole the first go ’round, and his efforts at that time and since have given CA exactly ZERO additional water storage capabilities.
    What we get is hair-shirt reminders that ‘nature is telling us something’ instead of any productive efforts and I see no reason to expect anything better in the future.
    I wish that old fart was dead.

    1. Technically, he’s correct, nature is telling us something.

      1. How else would you know when it’s time to take a dump?

      2. Don’t elect idiots to be your leaders?

        1. When only idiots seek public office, there isn’t much of a choice.

          1. I keep voting Nobody for governor, but he keeps losing.

            1. Did you ever see the western “My name is Nobody”?

              1. Nobody watched that movie.

                1. It’s a really good movie

                  1. It’s a really good movie

                    Nobody agrees.

    2. Soon enough.

      Here’s what irks me (in advance). We are likely to have one of the wettest winters on record here. There could be enough rainfall to flood most of the central valley again.

      It won’t change a goddamn thing. There will still be drought shaming next year. More conservation bullshit and lawn rebate scams than this year. More water usage fines.

      California has managed to assemble the most retarded state legislature in the history of democracy, and they have to keep things in a state of perpetual emergency to distract from their own incompetence.

      1. Isn’t Cali supposed to be having some sort of cash reward research challenge in hope that someone will find a solution to the water problem?

        What happens when someone actually does find a solution? Like desalinization that is economically viable on a commercial scale? They block the solution because of some made up environmental concern? Because they sure are not going to let this good crisis be snatched from them.

        1. CO2. They’re going to claim it uses up too much energy. When they say “sustainable development”, they mean no development at all.

          1. It reminds me of the low-budget IT guy my startup-company hired to manage its network in the late-1990s.

            He’d periodically shut the network down, then go office to office to tell people “I think i’ve figured it out and will have it up and running shortly”.

            Then he’d go to lunch, come back, and turn it back on again.

            One day i went and asked him about this, saying it was getting kind of annoying.

            He looked at me with dead seriousness = “Job Security, brother. Job Security”

            If there’ aint no problem to fix, why would we need so many (expensive) problem solvers?
            (aka = government)

            1. Dude, was that on Thursday? Everyone in IT understands that on Thursday you stage a false crisis that you then resolve after a couple hours of everyone freaking out. I think your guy was on top of things. I think he’s probably a high ranking executive by now.

              1. It’s 1999 all over

        2. Isn’t Cali supposed to be having some sort of cash reward research challenge

          You mean like build enough reservoirs to sustain the population?

          They are doing a fairly decent job of running people out of the state, so I guess we should give them some credit.

        3. Like desalinization that is economically viable on a commercial scale? They block the solution because of some made up environmental concern?

          like using waste heat from nuclear *BZZZZZT*

          awww, i lost, didn’t i.

    3. Yes, Brown is an idiot on this topic (and others). Don’t forget the idiotic multi-billion dollar “high-speed train” that will forever run at a loss between Who Cares? and Nowheresville.

      1. His water plan was even worse. It was a 20? Billion dollar tunnel under the delta that would do exactly nothing.

        1. I would hardly call a $20b hole in the ground ‘doing nothing’. Did that hole not keep union contributors in catnip?

    4. Choo-Choo priorities.

      Kalifornia Uber Alles!

  16. FO4 gets better!

    The FapBoy!

    1. I’m just about to finish my first playthrough… and if there’s any low-resources mods i’d think would make playability more interesting…. one would be =

      – Make Artillery faster, more functional and gratuitous. unlimited number of fire-missions. have overlapping bases double/triple the ordinance delivered.

      – Additionally – introduce random legendary/boss enemies that can only be destroyed by artillery/nuclear strikes DANGER CLOSE!!!

      I suppose this would require different faction versions of the same capability as well. Institute could provide satellite-strikes like in Fallout NV…. Railroad could, uh, introduce suicide-bomber hippies? BoS could have kamakazi vertibirds (which! they already sort of have in the game. I’ve nearly been killed by crashing choppers on 3 occasions)

      In short = expand on that game mechanic, because the way the “artillery” was implemented in the base game was nothing but a teaser blowjob. After the ‘demo’ they have, its effectively never-used, nor provided any decent opportunity to use it in missions. Same with building new artillery capability at settlements. Totally wasted resource.

      The other thing would be = Underwater Missions. Obviously going to be a DLC thing IMO

      1. I’m about 15 hours in. It will take me forever though because I always do every little quest and spend too much time exploring. I had 130 hours in NV and didn’t do any of the DLCs.

        What do you think about the crafting? I haven’t even tried it yet. I didn’t really want a new Fallout so I could craft furniture, I was sort of intent on blowing shit up and looting.

        The funniest and most awesome thing for me in the game so far was when I was sneaking around a building and there was a deathclaw standing in the street grabbing raiders and hurling them around like rag dolls.

        SLI doesn’t work in the game, but it still runs pretty decently.

        1. “What do you think about the crafting? I haven’t even tried it yet. “

          I like it but it was poorly integrated into the game-play.

          It takes you 2 hours to figure shit out for Sanctuary… and you use it as your “test settlement”, building a base, farm, defenses… and you probably do a moderately shitty job the first time out.

          Then you eventually decided to build your “home base”, which is the actual motivation behind getting 3-4 thriving settlements to start proving you extra resources. As you go, you get faster and smarter about building stuff and locating things.

          but then once you get your crib together, there isn’t a whole lot of motivation behind developing and expanding your settlement network. Instead, the more you add, the more babysitting they fucking make you do, where there’s always “Clear Raiders from X” or “ghouls from Y” and you start to hate the fucking farmers and hope they all get eaten by bears.

          1. “”start *providing* you””

            – the above re: settlements also informs my point about Artillery

            if your settlements were also all *valuable fire-bases*… it would totally change their importance. They’d become Offensive assets. You’d totally care about keeping your settlements fat and happy. Because anytime someone fucked with you within their range? BOOM, you could drop a fucking barrage on them.

            Also = why not allow the settlements to deal with their ‘raider and ghoul’ problems themselves? Fuck going to the SuperDuper mart again: SHELL IT and call it a day.

            the short of it is that the settlement network thing is poorly integrated into the larger game. they become a burden that doesn’t “help you back” in any tangible way. Anything that helped those settlements become more useful would make the entire game more interesting.

          2. That’s where I’m at right now. When I left off, I was supposed to be making hippie mama a fucking chair. And I’m thinking, WTF? A damn chair? I want to kill something!

            Another reason I can’t progress in the game is that I keep playing Rebel Galaxy. That game is so damn addictive.

            1. “And I’m thinking, WTF? A damn chair? I want to kill something!’

              Look man, you have to remember the old maxim =

              “”When life gives you demanding-old ladies who insist on you making them a Comfy Chair…

              …make them A Comfy Chair OF DEATH

            2. What in the fuck are you nerds talking about?

              1. FO4. Please don’t tell us you don’t know what that is?

                1. And if you don’t, here’s a link for you.

                  It’s just turtles all the way down

              2. What in the fuck are you nerds talking about?

                Dude-bros complaining that a game featuring 150 hours of killing shit might also contain something other than killing shit.

                1. a game featuring 150 hours of killing shit might also contain something other than killing shit.

                  What’s the point? I don’t get it.

                2. When I get in the mood for some Fallout, there are 3 rules.

                  1. If it moves, kill it.
                  2. If it ain’t moving, kill it just to make sure it wasn’t alive.
                  3. Find weapons that cause more destruction and repeat 1 and 2.

                3. “Dude-bros complaining that a game featuring 150 hours of killing shit might also contain something other than killing shit.”

                  Ugh. So uninformed.

                  For the record, my character is a transvestite albino who’s exceptionally high-intelligence has been focused on training synthetic apes…

                  …to kill everything. But!! Its really about the science.

                  1. Dude, I like totally pictured that as being you in the game! I’m a psychic!

  17. No dedicated Sunday thread? What kinda outfit you running here Gillespie?

    1. Too many cocktail parties with their cosmo friends got the better of them.

  18. Pulled pork hash and eggs. Almost wish I were terribly hungover to enjoy this cure even more.

    1. I went and got 2 shoulders yesterday. One is gone.

    2. You don’t need to be hungover to enjoy that meal.

      1. He’s a beginner, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  19. Horrible.

  20. Whew, it was tough to find a real Civil War link while wading through all that Captain America crap.

    “What were the Native Americans fight[ing] for?

    “”Probably the same thing that African-Americans were fighting for that Irish-Americans were fighting for to show that they were Americans. To show that they believe not only in this country but where ever they supported, if it was the South or it was the North””

    1. Any criteria you choose to define religion will quickly reveal its shortcomings.

      Indeed. Like proper use of “criteria”.

      1. My one fun Crossfit story: a friend of mine does Crossfit, and I saw her in a bar with her Crossfit friends. One of the lady Crossfitters was challenging men to get on her shoulders so she could squat them. She was squatting men, and everyone was cheering.

        1. “Squatting”, eh? So that’s what the kids are calling it now.

        2. She is going to regret that.

          1. There are women strong enough to do that, but given how often Crossfit folks are ignorant of proper form, you’re probably right that she will regret it one day.

    2. Psalm 19:5 – “…rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.”

      1 Cor 9:24 – “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?”

      Galatians 2:2 – “I went up in accord with a revelation,[a] and I presented to them the gospel that I preach to the Gentiles?but privately to those of repute?so that I might not be running, or have run, in vain.”

      Hebrews 12:1 – “let us run with patience the race that is set before us”

      1 Timothy 4:8 – “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

      Ecclesiastes 9:11 – “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong”

      2 Timothy 2:7-8 – “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

      1. When is Auric’s marathon? I will have to check.

      2. 1 Samuel 18:11 – “And Saul cast the javelin; for he said, I will smite David even to the wall with it. And David avoided out of his presence twice.”

        1 Maccabees 11, 14 – “In those days there appeared in Israel transgressors of the law who seduced many, saying: “Let us go and make a covenant with the Gentiles all around us….Thereupon they built a gymnasium in Jerusalem according to the Gentile custom.” (NABRE)

        1. There should have been a close-quote after “around us”

  21. Steven Spielberg, while promoting his new spy movie, becomes possessed by the spirit of Lew Rockwell:

    “What happened in Guant?namo Bay is not unlike when Abraham Lincoln suspended the rights to habeas corpus in the national interests in trying to keep this country united. So there is precedent in American history for the kind of stuff that’s happening.”

    1. “So there is precedent in American history for the kind of stuff that’s happening.”

      Indeed. Like the 99% being enslaved by the 1%.

    2. What the hell does that mean? There is a precedent for every form of tyranny. We have precedents for genocide too.

      1. he’s confusing legal precedent with “this sort of thing happened before”.

  22. “A mass circumcision with 1,201 children of various ages organised by the Pekan Umno division’s religious bureau today created a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) as the circumcision event with the most number of participants.”

  23. Deep Dish Pizza invades China.

  24. I’m dusting the smoker off. 6 people coming over for dinner and it needs to be good. I have tenderloin filets and flat irons. I’m thinking a quick mesquite cold smoke, and then grilled.

    1. I like your thinking although I pity those lessor friends of yours who don’t get a filet.

      I buy the whole tenderloin and cut my own steaks.

      It works out not much more costly than hamburger and less than boney t-bones and tough ribeyes at the grocer.

      4 to 6 ounces of meat that can be cut with a fork is more to my liking than a macho man 16 ounce T-bone that leave one’s plate full of bone and grisel.

      1. Even though the filets are costco prime, they don’t have enough fat. So now I’m fuddling around with a pan sauce, consisting of bacon, shallots, and whatever other fat I have in the fridge.

  25. I have heard Christmas music on the radio in my local brewpub. It is now Samichlaus season.

    1. Yeah Ive been hauling stuff up from basement. Just put up tree. Now dealing with lights. 2 strings worked, 2 don’t:(

      1. I think my wife has somehow, miraculously, temporarily forgotten that Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time for her opportunity to torment me for a few days with Christmas decorations BS. I’m playing it cool, like flyin under that radar so down low…

        1. Well I get to to go out and watch football next saturday while the women do the rest of the decorating so getting my part out of way:)

          1. Guess I won’t be done tonight since the new strings the wife picked up at the store are white strings for a green tree. Really?

            1. drape those silver iciles on it and proclaim it good

              1. I’m not allowed to put icicles on the Christmas tree which is why I refuse to participate after I throw up the tree and string the lights.

  26. I hope I’m not ringing the dinner bell but has The Tony Troll been around lately ?

    Maybe it is down for a scheduled reprogram ?

  27. Thinking back on this story now, after the fact obviously… I don’t know how we can come to the conclusion that Adam has ruined everything. In fact, in order to ruin anything, wouldn’t at least someone have to know who Adam is and to have heard something he has ever said? It seems clear to me after over 200 posts, not one of which even acknowledged the existence of this Adam dude, that this is not the case. Try harder, cosmos.

    1. I thought it was a biblical thing, no?

  28. I watched a few episodes, he claims to cite facts but some of those so called facts have been debunked and some facts are actually opinions so I won’t be watching it anymore.

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