Campus Free Speech

Why College Students Should Leave Yoga Alone

Concerns about cultural appropriation are overblown.



Yoga—or "mindful stretching," as we're calling it now—is the latest target of politically-correct campus censors. Since the practice originates outside the U.S., white people who engage in it are "appropriating" a culture that doesn't belong to them, according to the students who successfully shut down a yoga class at the University of Ottawa recently.

But, as I argue in a recent column for The Daily Beast, cultural appropriation is perfectly, well, appropriate:

Indeed, cultural appropriation, when done respectfully, has enormous social benefits. Part of the reason people are so much better off today than ever before in human history is that we aren't confined to the beliefs, cultures, resources, technologies, and traditions of the villages in which we were born. We can "appropriate" the best aspects of cultures from around the world, blend different ways of thinking, and produce something even better.

It's not even clear that cultural appropriation in the abstract is insulting to marginalized people. Marginalized people, in fact, have been some of history's most eager appropriators—borrowing status symbols from societies they admire in order to subvert their oppressors. As Charles Paul Freund wrote in Reason magazine, Russians toiling under the brutal despotism of the Soviet Union "appropriated" rock and roll music from the West in order to undermine the state-approved music scene, and Afghani barbers began administering illegal Leonardo di Caprio-style haircuts to customers in 2001 after copies of Titanic were successfully smuggled into the repressive country.

In their zeal to prohibit all potential offense, yoga's campus naysayers are aligning themselves with totalitarians who imposed cultural isolation on their people in order to keep them enslaved. If they want to encourage respect for other cultures, fine—but imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

Read the full thing here.

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  1. I haven’t done the yoga in a while, it’s time to dust off my DVDs, just to say fuck you to these annoying little shits.

    1. Filed away for future reference, when you need a good mocking.

  2. Overblown? How about swivel eyed howling at the moon full-on bats hit crazy?

    1. That’s not the polite cosmo like way of saying it.

      /how we got rid of Postrel.

      1. Reason was better when Postrel was in charge.

        Besides she is lot better looking than Nick with or without The Jacket

    2. Homple,

      Please consider running with Trump as his running mate-using your Reason username. His use of twitter and his almost uncensored expression would benefit from what I honestly describe as the clear, sensible description you have of this issue.

  3. I’m curious to hear from the anti-appropriation side of this argument, if it exists outside of a few loons in Ottawa.

    FWIW, I wouldn’t mind if my Yoga classes dropped the silly ‘Namaste’ at the end. There’s plenty of Yoga out there that no longer really has anything to do with Hinduism or meditation. You can make it everything from esoteric spiritualism to a great core workout.

    1. When I first got into yoga, I found that there is a yoga purist cult. I prefer that power style yoga stuff most of the time, about as unholy as it comes.

      1. This story has led to Hyperion outing himself as a member of the yoga cult, which is by far the most important part of this story.

        1. But how hot is he in yoga pants?

          1. Run. Run away.

            I guess we could ask for pics.

            Pics please.

          2. There is only one way to find out.

            1. Nuke him from orbit, that is only way to be sure

      2. I would do Power Yoga if I was good enough at the asanas to move through them that rapidly.
        The one time I tried a class, I was like the movie cliche about the one uncoordinated dancer who is doing the steps out of order.

          1. No. Why do I keep having to answer this question? Is it really that unbelievable that there could be female libertarians?

              1. You troll like a dude.

                I take that as a compliment 🙂

            1. Is it really that unbelievable that there could be female libertarians?

              There is only one way to end the un-cool actions of Playa, and that is to provide pictures, preferably in yoga pants. For research and stuff.

              1. TIWTANFL

                1. Exactly. I am doing my best to keep it that way. You’re welcome.

                  1. Your best isn’t enough. I see no pics.

    2. I am not here much any more but I presume someone posted this already?

      If Gandhi took a yoga class

      1. That’s actually pretty stupid. It would actually be MORE appropriative, not less, if the instructor played Indian music and claimed to have been taught by a guru, and the particpants wore Indian clothing.

        Yoga isn’t a religion, and it’s not even specifically Hindu, and people who practice it in India will say that. It is a general practice, it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or what music you play.

    3. The Book 4 brand of Yoga is the most rewarding and smells the least like bullshit.

        1. I’m waiting for someone to invent Objectivist Yoga, personally.

        2. I’m waiting for someone to invent Objectivist Yoga, personally.

  4. I can’t help but instinctively dislike any even the rhetorical question, “Should We Ban _______?

    Its just loaded with presumptions that affirm the collectivist culture-control narrative.

    i.e. the “We” presumes that collective-opinion ‘matters’, the “ban” presumes there’s a necessary mechanism for executing its will, etc.

    the answer to these stupid debates is always, “…if it ‘offends you’…then DONT PARTICIPATE”. Its no one’s business but the people who choose to do it. Same with ‘speech’ – oh, someone said something unpleasant on YikYak? stop using YikYak you hypersensitive cunt.

    These ideas need to be kneecapped, smothered in the cradle – not treated even faux-seriously for some rhetorical point.

    1. These ideas need to be kneecapped, smothered in the cradle – not treated even faux-seriously for some rhetorical point.

      One might even suggest dumping them into a woodchipper.

    2. I totally agree with you. Banning something should be a last resort, and saved for truly horrible things, like the “revigator”. But you can even own one of those, although your family will die if you use it.

      I am always amazed at the fact that the people who want to go around banning everything never consider the fact that once they set the precedent, other people are going to come along and use the very same reasoning to ban all the stuff that the current people are supporting.

      Telling the current group of crybabies that they don’t get to ban all of out stuff means that when we get new crybabies wanting to ban different stuff, we can tell them to stuff it, because we are not the kind of people who who allow that kind of “running around and banning stuff behavior”.

    3. And don’t forget that banning stuff doesn’t lead to some utopian outcome which perfectly matches what the ban-babies say they want as a result. Way more often than not the result is people finding some way to get around the ban in one way or another. If people are doing something they usually have reasons for doing it and saying “stop!” doesn’t change those reasons.

      1. We’re not doing yoga – that’s banned! We’re doing agoy!

  5. From slate:…..ctice.html

    In the case of yoga, it completely ignores the agency of Indians themselves, who have been making a concerted effort to export yoga to the West since the late 19th century.

    Pretty good article exploring how Yoga developed as a distinctly modern mixture of Western and indian sources. The Indians often “appropriating” western exercises and blending them into their Yoga styles.

    1. And I know Indians who don’t even exercise at all. Is there a micro-aggression somewhere in that? And if there is, who’s the guilty party?

      1. How dare they appropriate my culture.

        1. Actually, it’s the couches’ culture we’re all appropriating.

          1. The word sofa is from Turkish derived from the Arabic word suffa for “wool”, originating in the Aramaic word sippa for “mat”.

            This is problematic. Everybody just stand around uncomfortably until we figure it all out.

            1. Good thing I prefer the safely Western word “couch”.

              1. “Davenport” bitches!

                1. don’t even get started on Futon

                2. “Chesterfield” should be safe, too.

    2. Good point. Of course, I think that argument works in many areas: shouldn’t it be OK if I wear a sombrero and sarape to a Halloween party? They were made in Mexico and the makers made a concerted effort to sell them.

      1. It should be ok to were a sombrero but I don’t think it’s exactly analogous. Yoga was intentionally exported as a cultural practice by many Indian teachers, not to make money for specific people, but because they believe that doing so would enlighten the West. It would be as if Mexicans thought sombrero wearing was morally superior and spent decades attempting to convince Americans to wear sombreros. Also, I haven’t seen actual Indians or Hindus generally objecting to how Yoga is practiced in the West. This is some hypersensitive social justice group making hay out of something they don’t understand. Westerners didn’t go to India and see some Yoga and then just start doing it. Indians went to America on a mission and deliberately started teaching Yoga to Americans.

        1. It’s not quite the same, but it’s all foreigners trying to sell something.

          1. Imagine the chaos if we allowed people from different parts of the world to travel to other parts wishing to sell and teach things. My gods we might even end up with something as horrible as deep dish “pizza”! Or, even worse, our evil neighbors to the north exporting a progressive rock band called Rush!
            The horror!

            1. Oh, Deep dish pizza is definitely culturally appropriated. The Chicagoans stole the culture of New York and bastardized it.

          2. And you should wear your Mexican peasant outfit if you want to. All of th ecultural appropriation stuff is silly. The Yoga thing is even more silly than most.

  6. It has nothing to do with cultural appropriation, just like nothing the PermaOffended get offended about has anything to do with anything other than being a wedge for them to get offended and therefore now be able to go on the attack.

    These fucks are like a dude in a bar who is just itching to get in a fight. He doesn’t care if you didn’t mean to accidentally jostle him, he only cares that you gave him an excuse to get aggressive and start a fight. He just needed the slightest pretext–even if that pretext is asinine–to “justify” being far more aggressive than is warranted by the situation.

    That’s all this SJW shit is. Making endless reasons why it’s ok for them to disproportionally react to imagined slights (often not even on their own behalf, but the behalf of others) with far more aggression and even violence than the original “slight” ever had.

    1. “These fucks are like a dude in a bar who is just itching to get in a fight. ”

      This is the best analogy I have heard yet. That is exactly what they are.

      You should come to the south. You don’t have to jostle anyone in a bar here. Here it starts out like this: “Wha the fuck you lookin’ at?!”

      If you hear someone ask that question, don’t reply. Just go ahead and take your best shot. It is usually wise to go for the balls or a kneecap.

      1. No matter what you do, they are going to find a way to get “offended”, which then “legitimizes” them attacking you. That’s really all it is at the end of the day. All the bullshit surrounding it is just a smokescreen.

      2. They have appropriated bullying.

        1. Ha. You joke, but that’s really all this is. A really obnoxious way of legitimizing flat-out bullying by pretending the person being bullied “started” it.

          1. I was not joking, I was just piggybacking on what you said. South Park has been saying the same thing this season.

            As Gilmore states in this thread, lending any credence to their “complaints” brings legitimacy to their bullshit. That is what Yale and Missouri tried, and that did not end well for those universities.

            The only response should be some form of “mind your own business and fuck off.”

            1. “The only response should be some form of “mind your own business and fuck off.”‘

              Even that almost grants them too much credit.

              The reaction feeds their belief that their criticisms and insights must be all “You can’t handle the Truth!!”

              i.e. = When the “wrong people” dismiss you, its validation

              ergo, they must be hitting the right targets.

              My view is that they should be laughed at, and the people who passively tolerate them browbeaten so hard that they boot these morons out of the various “committees” where they hold court.

              Even in the case of the Yoga girl…. her only contact was some moron who appeared to simply be “passing on” the conclusions of the Star Chamber Student Federation… not advocating the decision themselves

              “”The higher-ups at the student federation got involved, finally we got an e-mail routed through the student federation basically saying they couldn’t get a French name and nobody wants to do it, so we’re going to cancel it for now,” Scharf told CBC.”‘

              Who exactly are these “higher ups”? Their names should be spread around and they should be forced to own this stupidity.

              1. Yeah, and that wafer-thin excuse about not finding a name for it in French??!? So nobody in France does Yoga? Or do they refer to it in oblique terms because nobody there has come up with a name for it yet?

            2. The only response should be some form of “mind your own business and fuck off.”

              I disagree. At this point, the only response should be “You’ve just proven you lack the emotional maturity for the college experience. Here’s your expulsion notice.”

              1. Either that, or “Here’s your referral for mental health services.”

                Seriously, if there ever was a condition crying for a new listing in the DSM, aggressive PC syndrome (APCS) would be it.

        2. So I’ve noticed the Buckeye Marching Band has been playing Shinedowns’s “Bully” when the defense is on the field. I’m surprised these perpetual victims don’t get offended by that since it’s about bearing up women. *I’m offended because it’s a terrible song.

          1. Beating up

          2. stop appropriating my bear culture!!

      3. “These fucks are like a dude in a bar who is just itching to get in a fight.”

        Seconded. Perfect analogy.

    2. the PermaOffended

      Someone called them the offencerati.

      1. I like cry-bullies.

      2. How about Permaffended.

        1. Permafrosted?

    3. Over 20 years ago a friend pointed out something he read in an alternative paper. The quote was along the lines of: “As a lesbian of color, I am always on the lookout for things that offend me.” It was clear that she had a chip on her shoulder, and was proud of it.

        1. That was an outstanding article.

          1. Yeah, if you mean the thing she was responding to.

            When I first read it, it had all sorts of “notes” attached to it where people would argue about specific paragraphs. Maybe that’s a “medium” thing i’ve failed to figure out. Anyway, the arguments-in-detail about his piece got pretty interesting…at least in how the ‘SJW’ attempt at rebuttal went. I don’t see it as much in the actual ‘comments’ at the bottom of the piece.

            1. Yes, the article. The website makes accessing the comments too difficult to read.

      1. “I am always on the lookout for things that offend me.”

        Reminds me of that chick who was complaining about most of her required reading being white authors. She said something to the effect that she was offended because one of her professors referred to primitive Afrucsn art as primitive but she didn’t complain because she was too worn out from bitching about all the other things she had been offended by that day.

        1. worn out from bitching about all the other things

          Hm… this suggests a possible line of attack against this shit.

          1. Offensive overload. I approve.

            1. We have the right people for the job around here.

    4. “It has nothing to do with cultural appropriation, just like nothing the PermaOffended get offended about has anything to do with anything other than being a wedge for them to get offended and therefore now be able to go on the attack.”

      With the Progressive Theocracy, it’s *always* just a tactic for Power.

    5. These fucks are like a dude in a bar who is just itching to get in a fight.

      …except that they’re pussies who fold up like a paper bag if they meet any determined resistance.


  7. Social justice dweebs are appropriating the cultural norms of North Korea. They’re cultural imperialists AND hypocrites.

    1. They’ll soon be led by a most excellent horse like woman and all of them will get the same haircut.

  8. Man, people are getting all bent out of shape on this issue.

    1. that’s a rather twisted thing to say.

      1. That’s a bit of a stretch.

        1. Mind fully what you appropriate there….

          1. No need to throw a tantra… mmmm.

            Are we really doing this?

            1. Yes, chakra privileges if you don’t agree!

              1. Well that was a punch in the kath.

        2. I stand by my position, and will go the mat over it.

  9. Michigan sucks. Ohio is ass-fucking them up and down their own field.

    1. And mercifully the butt-fucking has ended.

      1. Unfortunately for OSU, looks like Sparty is going the roll on Penn State

  10. Are you sure there is some movement to attack yoga on college campuses, Robby? I doubt it. A simple search shows it being offered all over, with nary a complaint. Illinois, Clemson, Albion, Vermont, Charleston, Cambridge…on and on.

    It’s easy to find one example of idiocy run amok on any topic, like this, but it’s not a movement. What’s overblown is the feeling that it’s a movement coming soon to a college near you.

    1. It’s easy to find one example of idiocy run amok on any topic, like this, but it’s not a movement.

      It’s self-aware! Run for the hills!

      1. I haven’t stretched yet!

      2. Speaking of running to the hills, fuck Iron Maiden and its appropriation of the experience of oppressed indigenous peoples.

        The micro aggressions, they’re everywhere!

        1. Nano aggressions are even more ubiquitous.

          1. However milli aggressions are more serious.

          2. I notice that atto- zepto- and yoctoaggressions are being almost completely ignored here.

    2. Yeah, taken in isolation, everything is an isolated incident.

      This article isn’t about yoga. It’s about the concept of cultural appropriation as a microaggression.

      Everything’s not a big enough deal to care about, right up until it is.

      Given what else I’ve seen in the news lately, I think it’s fair game, and I don’t get quite the paranoid “feelings” you refer to in the article.

      1. Good point. Fair enough.

      1. I emailed a couple of them and demanded equality for blacks..

        I suggested that the first step to equality for blacks is to demand an end to affirmative action.

        Do you think my demand will be well received ?

        1. that’s stupid

    3. It’s easy to find one example of idiocy run amok on any topic, like this, but it’s not a movement.

      That’s what we said about Mizzou.

  11. I agree with our friends on the left, there should be no mixing of the cultures. Like the Klan of old, we know that purity is essential for survival.

    1. Pressure fried chicken was invented by a white, southern, man, and I’ll be damned if any other cultures appropriate it as their own.

      1. goddamn chaulcasians stealin everything. next you’ll tell me watermelons were invented by a chalky, chalky-lover.

    2. I demand equality for blacks.

      I demand an end to systemic racism on college campus across this country.

      End affirmative action now.

  12. OT: Airport follies and something I saw:

    I flew out of Boston on Thanksgiving day. I was running late, so I decided to cave and go through the new-style porno scanner. I got a not very thorough pat-down anyways. Not very thorough? Yes. The guy patting me down didn’t notice that I forgot to take my belt off before going through the scanner.

    For my return trip, I somehow triggered the airline’s criteria for putting “PRECHECK” on my boarding pass. It was almost civilized going through security on the way back.

    Driving out of Boston, I saw a billboard off of I-93N for the Massachusetts’ government’s latest “public health” campaign. The slogan? “Addiction is not a choice, it’s a disease.” Fuck.

    1. Unless it’s nicotine.

      1. Heh. Yeah, if it’s a disease, I demand an indoor smoking area at work for the winter.

        1. You can claim SSI Disability if you’re a drug addict. So why shouldn’t smoking count as a disability?

    2. Addiction is PTSD.

      People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers

      1. addicted to not being in pain, like that’s a thing, psshhhh

    3. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Even if you want to call it a disease, which I question, it’s still a choice to get yourself into that situation. Even with something like alcoholism which seems to have a large genetic component in many cases, you have to choose to drink at all.

  13. OT

    Wife’s mom has advanced MS and is in a nursing home. Her mental faculties are not good and she’s confined to a wheelchair.

    Lately, she’s been dialing 911 when the nurses aren’t doing what she wants them to do. So the wife calls Verizon to see if we can disable the 911 function on her phone. Nope. Federal law. All phones must have the capability to dial emergency numbers at all times. The only other option is to take her phone away.

    So in summation. The Federal Government, in its infinite benevolence, has seen to it that Mrs d’Anconia’s mother is to be deprived of the single thing she can still derive any joy from, calling her relatives, to solve a problem that didn’t exist to begin with.

    Congress/FCC, fuck every last one of you, and the whores that bore you, with a rusty wood chipper!

    1. I’m sorry Francisco.

      Fuck the Feds.

      You might have to take your mother-in-law’s phone away. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and decided that a dead branch on a tree outside her window was really a little girl tied up in the tree. She called 911 three times about the “girl”. Three times the cops and fire company showed up, only to see there is no little girl tied up in the tree. My grandmother denied calling 911. So, some relatives took her phone away.

      Fuck the Feds, and fuck diseases that take your mind away.

      1. I’m so glad my mother never tried to call 911 for things like that.

    2. Francisco

      Is it possible to get her a cell for old people with big numbers and break the 9 or 1 key if that doesn’t interfere with good numbers she can call ?

      1. That might work. If we could disable a key and make her use only her contacts.

        Good suggestion, thx.

      2. I’m wondering if there isnt an app that would, like, kinda hide the keypad in favor of contacts? I mean, can she program a VCR? how much of a challenge do we need here?

    3. Here’s a solution. Get a phone with speed dial, program all the numbers that she might actually need to call into it (I’m sure there can’t be too many). Then superglue the 9 and 1 keys on the phone.

      1. Unless it’s a smartphone. Then you’re screwed.

  14. I am the world and can appropriate nothing.

    1. I agree.

    2. One-upping Diogenes.

  15. UCLA has decided to wear their practice jerseys today for some reason.

    1. I’m having a Double Bastard in honor of Sarkisian.

    2. BTW, what’s up with the picture on ABC? It doesn’t even look Hi Def…

      1. I’ve seen that before. I think it was with espn2 broadcast on abc.

        1. It’s horrible. Looks like stick figures running around.

          1. You can maybe adjust your screen stting to work better with the non hd picture. Try different res.

            1. There’s nothing I can do, other than drink. It is an ESPN 2 broadcast. They crank down the bitrate.

  16. There was a lot of talk about pork shoulder earlier.

    I’m on the bandwagon now.

    1. Nice. I have one in the freezer. Maybe have to thaw it for next weekend.

    2. You gonna smoke it?

      1. I got 2. First one is what I’ll call “souvlaki carnitas”. Should be ready by dinner.

        I think I’m going to do al pastor with the second. That’ll take 2-3 days of marinade….

        1. Sweet. You’re going to be eating good:) do you have a SousVide cooker?

          1. Yup. I have all the toys. I’m just doing the carnitas in a saucepan.

            I’m doing my flat iron steaks in the sous vide, though. That’s for a lunch party tomorrow. The pork is all for me.

            1. Assume. That is one thing I have yet to get.

              1. Awesome I meant to type

  17. Are they going to protest Muslims for appropriating the God of the Jews?

    1. I demand that all demands from Black Lives Matter be delivered only in indigenous African languages. No cultural appropriation of the English language!

      1. Oh stewardess, I speak jive.

        1. One of the all-time funniest movies.

          1. It is a great one. And basically a guide to how PC has neutered comedy.

        2. I Talk Hip. Learned it at Second City (now Third City IIRC – but they have failed to change the name – lies in advertising).

  18. Om gonna get you, sucka!

    Thank you, I’ll be here all night, try the herbal tea.

  19. Just call this shit what it really is: Segregation. That’s what we call it when cultures aren’t allowed to mix, right?

    1. It’s called “divide and conquer”.

  20. I have a friend who seems to get the word “yoga” into every conversation and has invited me to come to her class many times. As this is insufferable behavior, and as I have no desire to look at fat women in skin-tight clothing, I think she needs to be made aware of the horrible offense she is committing. She’ll have to ditch the belly dancing class too, presumably.

    1. I have a friend

      BULL. SHIT.

  21. “Indeed, cultural appropriation, when done respectfully, has enormous social benefits. ”

    This story gives the lie to the Progressive Theocracy’s multi culti propaganda. If you believed the propaganda of the multi cultis, the wonder of diversity is that it enriches all our cultures – cultural appropriation would be the *goal*.

    And yet when they get it, they hate it.

    Which goes to show that “diversity” isn’t about enriching anyone besides Progressive power brokers. It’s just another tactic in attacking the legacy of the dominant culture of Whitey, the dominant *freedom* culture, so that their culture of Power can replace it.

    Any actual inclusion of other cultures into the freedom culture is bad, as it makes it harder to divide the various cultures by identity politics, and thereby conquer them all.

    1. If you believed the propaganda of the multi cultis, the wonder of diversity is that it enriches all our cultures – cultural appropriation would be the *goal*.

      Good point. Actual “diversity” is a great thing but like so many other words, the left has hijacked it for their own evil ends. “Freedom” is another example.

  22. Have you seen those commercials for The Wiz? Cultural appropriation!

    1. Hiw many times are they going to do remake woz?

      1. They need to remake “Beastmaster 2” before anything else.

      2. Hey, now aren’t you appropriating Wozniakan culture?

  23. In case we have any Kiwi reasonoids, make sure you get out and vote in the New Zealand flag change referendum, which ends on Dec 11.

    The choices: a fern, a swirl cookie, a triangular thing that looks like a scrap from cutting out a different flag, a fern plus Southern Cross, and fern plus Southern Cross with different colors.

    They are really pushing the fern! But I like the triangular thing. Keep in mind that if you choose the swirl cookie the rest of the world will laugh at you.

    1. Model it after the Welsh flag.

      (80% likely to be SFW, but reactions may vary)

    2. To represent its “location in the antipodes”, I suggest a flag showing half a stylized globe with people hanging from its bottom like bats. How about it?

      1. people hanging from its bottom like bats.

        Even hanging from its bottom, I’m not fond of bats.

    3. I like the Kiwi bird with laser beams shooting out of it’s eyes.

    4. I vote for the swirl. Not enough flags that look like ice cream cones.

  24. Not one of the news articles on the Colorado Springs shooting mentions the type of weapon that was used. At this point, 36 hours after the shooter surrendered, the police know what kind of gun he was using, and the hospitals treating victims’ bullet wounds probably know, but the media refuses to report what it was.

    Which presumably means it was NOT an “assault weapon” or an AK-47 as had been claimed originally. That also lines up with the fact that people with multiple gunshot wounds walked through the parking lot to the grocery store… no way they would be able to do that with multiple wounds from 7.62x39mm bullets. It was probably a souped-up 10/22 or the like. But that doesn’t fit with the media narrative so don’t expect to hear it any time soon.

    1. To the media-sphere, they’re all Assault Rifles (TM).

      I’m just waiting for them to completely lose it and call them Murderdeathkillsticks. It would fit with the animism.

      1. “Assault rifles” are the real thing that is used in the military. “Assault weapons” is the made up category. I think I have that right.

  25. If you’re confused, let me explain:

    When Westerners learn/admire/adopt non-Western cultural practice, it is “cultural appropriation” or “cultural genocide”.

    When non-Western cultures learn/adopt/admire Western cultural practice, it is “cultural imperialism” or “cultural genocide”.

    Either way, the West is guilty! It’s really simple! Someone just needs to progsplain it to you!

  26. Why the hell do you want to try and justify yourself to these campus idiots. The modern versions of yoga were brought to America for the benefit of all people by Hindus. If anyone one on college campuses had one working brain cell they would spend their time getting an education for there $100,000.

    1. The campus idiots might not be open to any ideas, but some of the people who listen to them might be.

  27. Several commenters above have noted that this is really a tactic for power.

    What is amazing, is that if you follow through some of these ideas, and remove the “good intentions” part, they seem to be wishing to create a new racist order, where people of color are dominant.

    See cultural appropriation of rap music, to keep whites out = no black baseball players.

    Black lives matters / no racism possible by blacks = license to do whatever you want = special treatment = white privilege.

    This is where they are taking identity politics. They are acting like Red Guards, so expect some really out there things to happen. I suspect this will peter out, but if t doesn’t, America could change a lot.

  28. I assume none of these heroes of culture protection have never eaten a taco or drunk a beer.

  29. Being anti-cultural appropriation is simply another form of racism.

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