Obama Says No Terrorist Threat for Thanksgiving, Urges Europe to Step Up Fight Against ISIS, Surge of Unaccompanied Children Across U.S.-Mexico Border, Pope in Nairobi: P.M. Links


  • White House

    President Obama told reporters at the White House there was no "specific and credible" intelligence to suggest the U.S. faced a terrorist threat over the Thanksgiving weekend.

  • The president also met with France's Francois Hollande, urging Europe to escalate its efforts against ISIS.
  • Almost 5,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the U.S. border from Mexico this October, twice the number that came last October.
  • ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on a bus in Tunis.
  • Pope Francis arrived in Nairobi to begin his first trip to Africa.
  • As is common in the wake of protests over police violence, cops in Chicago issued a warning about potential gang violence.
  • Thirty five years later, a policeman in England continues to believe he was stalked by a UFO and may have been abducted by aliens.

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  1. President Obama told reporters at the White House there was no “specific and credible” intelligence to suggest the U.S. faced a terrorist threat over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    I guess we don’t need to distract from any scandals this week.

    1. Oh please, just because there’s nothing “specific and credible” doesn’t mean people won’t be getting rolled by the cops on Black Friday.

      1. Oh, and don’t forget all those extra cops on the road, pissed at working a holiday weekend despite the overtime and holiday differentials, just looking for DUIs, speeders, etc.

    2. Hello.

      1. Well hell, a shit stopper would know.

      2. Suck that dick. Take it. Take all of it.

      3. And Palin’s Buttplug == a silly, ass kissing troll.

        Obama has no idea whether there is a planned attack for the holidays. All he knows is that he knows nothing. This is a really stupid announcement and you are a really stupid troll.

      4. PB, do you seriously think you have any credibility whatsoever? Never once have you been critical of this liberty-killing president. Is he like your son or something? Can’t bring yourself to call a spade a spade?

        1. “call a spade a spade”


      5. Fuck off butthole. We need to do something. We need to combat terrorism where it is most likely found– suburbs in Begium and France and in homes with neglectful parents. That’s why I’m for declaring war on area inBelgium that have a population density between 2.4 and 40 people per acre and on homes everywhere where there is a television and toddler in the same domicile. Let’s hit terrorism where it incubates and hides.

    3. If Obama says there’s no threat, then it’s probably a good idea to have all your affairs in order.

      1. Only the JV squads are out there over Thanksgiving, silly.

      2. The guy who insists recent attacks are wholly unconnected with Islam looked us straight in the eye and said there’s no danger. That’s good enough for me.

      3. Why would he know about any threats that he hasn’t yet read about in the paper?

    4. No no no. There is no threat because daesh (I heard they hate that so I’m using it) is cowering in there sandals over the smack down of a rebuke they are going to get when they have climate change conference. The idea of increased carbon restrictions, affirmation of the KYOTO protocols, composting, recycling, etc., must be scaring them off. Wait until coal is outlawed, that’ll be the end of daesh as we know it.

  2. As is common in the wake of protests over police violence, cops in Chicago issued a warning about potential gang violence.

    Have the Crips and Bloods teamed up with the reverse vampires again like thy did in Baltimore?

    1. The answer according to policeone.com is yes !

      1. + WE ARE WINNING!

    2. I don’t know about gangs, but there’s always opportunists who decide that a protest against police brutality is an excellent opportunity to get in some early Christmas shopping.

      Or, failing that, to just burn some stuff. Because justice.

        1. Yes, Tonio, there are always opportunists, but I never claimed that there’s always *opportunity.*

          When the peaceful protesters are in control, and the violent people are deterred by threat of arrest, then the violent people probably won’t come out to play.

          Thank you for your insinuations, though.

  3. Almost 5,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the U.S. border from Mexico this October, twice the number that came last October.

    Lenore says don’t call Family Services just yet.

    1. Actually, that’s probably sound advice, given all the kids who are abused or die in family services.

      1. We should ship them to Syria where they will be safe.

      2. That article seemed to imply that the abuse/deaths were the result of not sucking more kids into the county system- that kids were left in dangerous homes to save some scrill.

  4. Almost 5,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the U.S. border from Mexico this October, twice the number that came last October.

    Ooh, are we going back to stories about the Children’s Crusade style immigration?

    1. I can hear the anti-traffickers salivating. Hell, the actual traffickers, may they die in fires, also.

    2. Them Syrians might start floating dead babies with bombs across the Gulf of Mexico. You never know.

      1. Don’t worry, Trump will build a wall around the Gulf.

        NO, he’ll have the immigrant children build a wall around the gulf. Think of all the HURRICANES that the MEXICAN gulf brings us. Nosiree, we shouldn’t be subject to the whims of Mexico.

        1. #toogreatforthisshit

        2. Finally ! Time a politician did something !!!!1!

  5. …cops in Chicago issued a warning about potential gang violence.

    Their gang colors are blue and they often wear military garb and use military-style weapons.

    1. They may use military style weapons but from what I’ve seen the employment is pathetic, even against small pets and children.

  6. Cow shot 24 times by police: Incident under review

    An incident involving a runaway cow that was pursued and shot 24 times by the Abbotsford Police Department is now being investigated.

    Police shot and killed the renegade cow shortly after 10 a.m. PT on Sunday, after it was spotted running across some of the busiest roads in the city. The cow was first spotted near Whatcom and South Parallel roads in Abbotsford, and soon made its way onto Highway 1, darting into oncoming traffic.


    1. ” Twenty-four shots! Hamburger on the hoof! Twenty-four shots! Hamburger on the hoof!”

    2. ‘It had a knife. I swear. It had crazy eyes. I feared for my life!’

      1. ^This. LOL.

      2. It’s coming right for us !!!1!!1! – police dash cam video.

      3. Why is there just a head, skeleton, and gut-pile at the scene of the incident?

    3. COW SALTZZZZZ!!!!!!!

    4. It made a furtive moovement.

      1. ?_?

        (Some English to get past the filter)

    5. “Oh, George, not the livestock.”

    6. Reputation for cop accuracy being what it is, I did not assume the cow died. It might have been just a few grazes and a hangnail until shot #22.

      (Plus two reflex fires. That missed.)

    7. I’m pretty sure that the bovines and the cops are on the same intellectual level, so it may have been a fair fight. I guess this one turned out well since the dumb cops didn’t shoot some innocent bystander this time.

      1. What the hell was the cow if not innocent and a bystander?!?

        1. Don’t kid yourself, Scarecrow. If a cow ever got the chance he’d you and everyone you care about.

          1. You have to remember that many cows live on top of a jenkem generator. You can’t reason with them.

    8. He was probably on Tomacco. Broke every bone in his hand and wouldn’t feel it for hours. There was this guy once, you see this scar?

    9. Baby Face Nelson approves.

    10. o/~ The crashed the gate in a great stampede
      Tipped over a milk truck, torched all the feed
      Sixty police cars piled in a heap
      Covered in cow pies, covered up deep o/~


  7. …a policeman in England continues to believe he was stalked by a UFO and may have been abducted by aliens.

    Turns out it was just Margaret Thatcher.

    1. After six seasons of X-Files your filter for this sort of lunacy kinda wears out.

      1. So no tolerance for seasons 7,8, and 9?

    1. Not gonna click on that. Wouldn’t be prudent.

      1. I’ve seen that on FB, it’s quite silly.

    2. My roommate sent that to me yesterday. I almost popped an aneurysm and immediately sent it to a friend who directed me to this. I figured I’d traumatized everyone enough with the vaginal thrush infection bread link though.

      Not gonna lie, I kinda like the picture with moss.

      1. I think it’s fantastic that they have such an all consuming hobby.

        1. I almost went home and shaved after seeing the glitter beard thing. When I had a bushy travel beard last year my aunt kept trying to convince me to put Christmas ornaments in it because she’d seen it on the internet, and was annoyed that I would have none of it.

          1. Who do I blame for that: the hipster menace or the gay menace?

            1. Don’t bother blaming groups. (That’s just what they want you to do!) Instead, go right to the heart of the matter and, when you see one of these idiots, laugh in his face.

              1. I have decided to blame the hipster, because the gay rarely tries to deny that they are gay.

                1. the gay rarely tries to deny that they are gay

                  Unless they are priests or politicians.

                2. If this is a gay thing, I’m turning in my card.

                  1. Wait, there’s a card? Why didn’t Canada just think of checking it?

      2. Where’s the one where they cover their beards in each other’s semen?

        1. Hmmm, I think you might be looking for a different blog (possibly NSFW)

          1. I thought shots of women like that weren’t sexy, but this is even unsexier.

            1. Shots of women like that!? That sounds degrading and sexist.

              1. I do not find photos of women looking satisfied or bemused to be degrading.

            2. Somebody has a low flow problem. And he’s projecting…

              1. Someone needs to see an allergist.

          2. LOL “possibly”.

            1. Hey, the guy could have been eating Cinnabons or something!

              1. Well, scroll down if you dare.

              2. If you scroll down there are a bunch of raging hard dongs, too. And a lovely pic of him with a used condom in his mouth.

                1. He just really wants to get into Canada.

                2. I’m not going to pretend that I scrolled down. I didn’t. And now I’m definitely not going to.

            2. Understatement for the sake of emphasis is my jam.

    3. I hate everything about this. Just give me five minutes with glitterbeard and a rubber hose, please.

      1. Don’t do it, waffles!

        If you’re even in the same room as glitter you might be infected.

        As a comedian once said “The thing about glitter is, if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever ’cause glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”

  8. The regression produced a vivid account of an odd room which included a bearded man called Yosef, who questioned him telepathically, a black dog, and strange small droids.

    *** thinking ***

    Why do you think he ‘s called Yosef?

    1. Cause he was given his dad’s name?

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    1. I don’t feel us Canadians should be without AM/PM links because of YOUR Thanksgiving.


      1. Hi, Rufus, I had thought about putting in a shoutout to our Canadian and Australian commenters. At least you have a Thanksgiving, dude, even if it’s on the wrong day. In Australia all they have is Poisonous Fauna Avoidance Day, aka Thursday.

        1. Well, everyone else will be drunk or napping. They had to do something, and Beer already had the Fri-Wed slots.

        2. We thanksgave first.

          1. ‘murca does it better

        3. I thought Australian Poisonous Fauna Avoidance Day was celebrated on days ending in ‘y’.

        4. What do you do for the holiday? Have a barbecue on your roof?

      2. Why can’t you guys celebrate the burning of Washington or something, and let us have *our* holiday?

        1. It’s generally bad form to celebrate a victory you had nothing to do with. 😉

      3. Maybe Reason contributor and my man-crush Brendan O’Neil can provide some for us working slobs in the rest of the world?

    2. And to you too. I have some tricks up my sleeve this year.

      I’m meat glueing black forest bacon onto filet mignon as we speak.

      Next up, dark turkey roulade with sausage, shallot, and mushroom.

      1. Dare I ask what meat glue is?

        1. When a mommy and daddy love each other…

          1. One of the products of the reaction is ammonia. Doesn’t that kinda ruin the taste?

        2. And the recipe that I’m doing is based on this.

          But with a dark meat roast, stuffed with finely diced bacon, sausage, shallots, and button mushroom.

        3. I was afraid to myself.

  10. …urging Europe to escalate its efforts against ISIS.

    Europe doesn’t have a Congress Hollande has to beg for permission?

    1. The entire rest of Europe is like the do-nothing RETHUGLIKKKAHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNS!

  11. “Almost 5,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the U.S. border”

    Have they tried land mines?

    1. The real question is why haven’t they been polled on Syrian refugees yet?

    2. You ever tried to buy landmines under-18?

    3. Tell the Rainbow Warriors that those children are running blindly through the habitat of some endangered critter.

      1. I’m pretty sure they are. But not that endangered and virtuous economic migrants don’t cause the damage that roadz do.

        1. No way, roadz are good, cause the government made them all, it is roadz being used by giant Koch Industries semis running over endangered species on purpose all while intentionally spilling billions of gallons of toxic waste created by the burning of immigrant children to fuel their oil wells inside the Arctic circle that causes the damage.

          1. Well, the chief goal of capitalists is not getting rich, it’s destroying the planet! Never mind that they live on the planet, they’ll just build this big wheel shaped thingy in the sky and all live there while everyone else dies, especially children and women, and people of color. Don’t you watch movies? There’s this one where there’s some blue people living peacefully in the forest and along comes these capitalists and they shoot down the biggest tree in the forest, just because! I think it’s based on a true story also.

      2. Cause Jeff Gordon’s pit crew has time now that the NASCAR season is over?

        I like it…

    4. Now you see what happens when you let a 4-year old named Tomahawk play outside without supervision? Next thing you know you have 5,000 free-range kids just lollygagging across borders!! This is all Lenore’s fault.

      1. I blame Bush

        1. Global warming, er, sorry, climate change.

      2. I hope that Tomahawk grows up to lead an apocalyptic war against the authoritah and that he grows to be best known by the long coat he wears, made totally from the scalps of CPS employees

        1. How I wish his mother’s name were Sarah Conner…

        2. Oh, Hyper, that’s a lovely vision.

          1. One can dream…

        3. His sidekick will be known as the Woodchipper. Fear will go before them wherever they tread… oh no, here comes Tomahawk and the Woodchipper, ruuuunnnnnn!!!!!

          1. Sounds like the making of a new superhero franchise to me.

    5. Wait a minute. If parents can face felony charges for letting their kids play outside unsupervised, how come the parent’s of these unaccompanied minors don’t have to face felony charges? Seems to me letting your kid travel to another country is a bit worse than letting them play outside.

      1. Quiet! These kids aren’t priviliged, yet! We have to make them real Murikans before we make them criminals for playing outside.

      2. You know who else sent thousands of children to another country?

        1. Delta Airlines?

  12. Is Donald Trump really a ‘fascist?’

    Some in the GOP are beginning to use the term ? evocative of the dictatorships of World War II ? to describe the billionaire presidential hopeful.


    1. Well he is a nationalist and a demagogue. He’s a mixed bag on the racial purity thing – anti-immigrant, but not against any folks who are here. And no snazzy uniforms.

      1. He wants take over countries for their oil.

        1. That is not inherently fascist, ‘Plug. Lots of wars have been over resources. I’m being nice to you because it’s a time of thanksgiving and goodwill.


            1. Is it wrong to laugh each time I read that ?

              1. No

        2. When did we start talking about bush?

      2. Think about all of the textile manufacturers that would benefit from faux-military uniforms for his followers!

        1. And designers, seamstresses, garment workers, etc.

          1. You know who else wore Hugo Boss?

            1. some nameless runway model?

              1. Not me. That shit’s above my price range. I don’t have the aryan twink body to pull it off, any ways.

            2. A Jewish guy I went to high school with?

            3. Niles Crane?

            4. Russell Brand ?

            5. Khadafi didn’t. He wore Sargeant Pepper’s.

          2. And I’m sure all of these people will be AMERICANS!


              1. +1 Sidney Hillman

    2. I just thought he was a circus monkey

      1. Don’t talk about Obama like that!

    3. Trump is just a mouthy dipshit, but the social attitudes he’s relying on for support could easily birth a true fascist movement. The left has been dedicating itself to infiltrating and subverting public institutions, and has done so successfully enough that a large portion of the populace feels not only powerless, but directly targeted by the establishment. The socioeconomic chaos they are creating is inevitably going to create a violent backlash against the left; it is not guaranteed, but quite likely, that any groups seen as affiliated with the left, or as being given preferential treatment by the left at the expense of other groups, are going to catch a lot of that as well.

      It seems almost inevitable in Europe. Terrorism aside, welfare and immigration are combining to create a situation where in many cases, there is essentially a second unassimilated nation which lives at the expense of the host nation (which, being native, doesn’t have somewhere else to go), openly despises the host nation that provides for it, and which seems intent on perpetrating acts and advancing policies seen by the host nation as barbaric. The pan-European voices are generally elitist and out of touch with the needs of the European people, which will only make anti-Brussels attitudes (inherently nationalistic) more appealing. The fact that terrorist acts in Europe are tied to the operations of foreign powers and the US is an apathetic ally at best will encourage calls for remilitarization.

      1. Once such a movement does get underway in Europe, they’ll not only legitimize similar attitudes in the US by their very existence, but they will probably directly attempt to cultivate them through propaganda, as the original fascists did.

    1. Death by blue screen.

  13. policeman in England continues to believe he was stalked by a UFO and may have been abducted by aliens

    What’s a matter, officer? Being a cop in the Limey kingdom boring? You should migrate to the US of A, here cops get to do fun stuff like shoot puppies, beat up kids and old ladies, and occasionally just kill someone in cold blood, with absolutely no accountability! This is why cops here don’t see little green men, they’re having too much fun!

    1. Yeah, our cops have real guns.

    2. Winners like North Vietnam? I’m tellin ya baby, they kicked your little ass there. Boy, they whooped your hide reeeal gooood.

      1. Don’t call me stupid!

    3. Abducted by aliens? Those damn aliens, wait until trump hears about this.

  14. Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in a video posted Tuesday that he believes people of faith should ignore laws that violate their religion.

    Rubio told the Christian Broadcasting Network that no law is “settled,” making reference to Supreme Court decisions that legalized same-sex marriage.

    “In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin ? violate God’s law and sin ? if we’re ordered to stop preaching the Gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that,” Rubio said. “We cannot to abide by that because government is compelling us to sin.”

    “So when those two come into conflict, God’s rules always win,” he added.


    1. Wiiiiiiiinnnggnnnuuuuuuttttzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. As cloying as I find it that he insists on making the argument in specifically religious terms, he is correct that there is no moral imperative to follow unjust laws, and is in company with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. on that point (which should not be construed in any way as a commentary of Rubio’s merits as a presidential candidate or human being).

      1. Don’t conflate “unjust” with “because my astroger/stoneage-goat-scroll/magic-crystal said it’s wrong.”

        Also, ministers have an absolute right (under civil law) to refuse to marry anyone. Government officials, not so much.

        1. And that “under civil law” is meant to highlight the difference between civil (government) and canon (church) law, not to imply that there should be criminal penalties for minister refusing to marry, say, an already-married woman to a second husband.

          1. Unless the ministers are government officials?

            Civil law isn’t meant to mean anything but the laws of society. If the society at large codifies religion into law it simply means that’s law reflects the morals of society. That is true for outlawing murder or outlawing adultry. Both are religious concepts, but only one is illegal. There’s no test to tell you murder must be legal or we’re in a theocracy, and no test for adultry.

            The only way you’ll get to some laws being okay to ignore and others not is with an objective moral code.

        2. Unjust is the same as because my astrologer says so. You’re particular morality isn’t anything special, it’s your opinion. Saying NAP is just as mystic as anything else.

          1. Saying NAP is just as mystic as anything else.

            No, saying NAP maximizes liberty. Nothing mystical about it. It draws a line at the only logical point, that point being where your liberty infringes on someone else’s.

            1. NAP maximizes liberty is an opinion. Liberty being good, is a moral.

              It’s just as mystical as anything. Liberty is good, why? Because you feel it’s good. Okay, other people feel it’s good and moral to tax other people and spend it on health care against the wishes and liberty of those taxed.

              More to the point, he’s suggesting there’s a set of secular morals, and a separate set of religious morals. Among those sets you can violate the law if they violate the secular morals, but not if it violates the religious morals. And only the secular morals can be laws. It’s nonsense, MLK used riligious moral arguments as to why he could violate laws he felt immoral. By Tonio’s example he is using is witch doctor to get to that conclusion and so he’s wrong. However if he came to the same conclusion under a secular moral he’s okay. He is only free feel that way, but he can’t actually violate civil law using his stupid religous morals.
              So if I don’t want to give out gay marriages for a secular reason I’m good.

              It just comes down to “I disagree with those morals”, which is fine but a completely different point than saying those are wrong mystical morals, and mine are super smart scientific secular morals that are truly true because they were etched on the nucleus of an atom or some shit making them universal. No, they’re just your opinion, based on your feelings, all morals are.

            2. And I happen to agree that the NAP is good, and liberty is maybe the most important moral. But by no means is that provable, and certainly not a widely held belief.

    3. MLK didn’t respect the laws either.

    4. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in a video posted Tuesday that he believes people of faith should ignore laws that violate their religion.

      So he’s fine with sharia law then?

      1. I and I agree.

    1. That’s just crazy talk.

    2. The level of incompetence this administration displays is truly remarkable.

    3. No treaty is worth anything other than the paper upon which it is printed. But, yeah, bad form to not even go through the motions.

      1. That’s not technically right.

        The issue of “legally binding” is a matter of linguistic art. What “Law” are we talking about, again? US? Iranian? and what laws are being enforced, exactly?

        International agreements are mostly a matter of “who is party to the agreement” & what mechanisms of compliance people have agreed to, who is going to arbitrate or monitor the process. The “law” is in the details of the agreements themselves, and the will of the parties involved to sustain the agreement.

        The issue about “signing” is mostly symbolic and provides some kind of political means by which signatories can be later held to their word.

        Pompano is basically saying that Congress would prefer this “deal” be executed like a treaty, with more layers of formality. The administration wants to keep it as a bi-lateral set of “ongoing issues to work through” so that they retain diplomatic flexibility. There are some advantages of the latter esp. with ‘former adversarial relations’ – as they open up a process whereby nations engage in more frequent dialogue and exchange before holding one another’s feet to the fire about the fine-print of agreements.

        Think of it as international-relations “girlfriend”-status, rather than “fiancee”

        1. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

          1. So what?

          2. … as in, “Your point being…?”

    4. It’s not legally binding because it’s not a treaty.

      1. Shorter = what Paul said

        1. Paul is nothing if not succinct.

          1. If he’s not succinct, he can’t be nothing. Nothing is more succinct than anything.

      2. Executive agreements are not treaties but are legally binding, at least until one party withdraws. But, from the article:

        “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.

        The deal’s supporters, including Reason, were characterizing it as an executive agreement before.

    5. He hopes to achieve similarly remarkable statesmanship in the upcoming climate summit.

      1. He tells me he is a remarkable statesman and also an excellent driver.

    6. Deal? Deal? we don’t need to sign no shtinking deal.

  15. Fuck the government, yo.

      1. Chipper

        1. Chippin along

  16. The president also met with France’s Francois Hollande, urging Europe to escalate its efforts against ISIS

    Well that shouldn’t be hard.

    1. Hey, he’s already waging a merciless war! Didn’t you hear?

      1. Don’t diminish the importance of their half-cocked angerbombing?

      2. pitiless. I believe Hollande said pitiless.

        1. Whichever one he said, neither would make him less full of shit. I can see why Obama likes him so much.

          1. “Now GO AWAY, ISIS, or I shall TAUNT you a SECOND time!”

            1. Your mother smells of hamster berries and your daddy is a towel!

      3. You mean the war against a changing climate?

    2. Our Chaimberlainesqe president makes Francois Hollande look like Charlemagne.

      1. His plan includes supergluing rifles to the soldiers’ left hands.

    3. The current European plan appears to be:

      1) Invite millions of Syrians (and “Syrians”) into Europe, including unknown number of ISIS supporters and agents.

      2) Fight them in Europe, because of home field advantage.

      1. In fairness Papa that seems to be our government’s plan as well.

      2. I thought that part 2 was: Do nothing, but say you’re going to wage a merciless (pitiless?) war.

      3. I think their thinking is that, with enough terrorism and fear, the left will be allowed to establish a police state and deal with its domestic political enemies along with enough of the foreign threat to reduce it to a manageable level. The more likely scenario is that the right takes control and does the same thing, but more viciously.

        1. And more successfully….

  17. Am I the only one who finds Obama saying there is no terrorist threat this weekend worrisome? This guy has the Midas Touch for incompetence. Him saying there is no threat virtually guarantees there is.

    1. I’m taking the over on this one, cause – yeah. He’s wrong about so much so often – this one feels like money in the bank.

      1. I had no reason to think there was a threat any more than usual until I heard the Chocolate Jesus going out of his way to assure us there wasn’t. When I heard that,my blood went a bit cold.

        1. “There *might be* workplace violence though…”

    2. I was completely unconcerned with the possibility of terrorism happening this Thanksgiving until he said that.

      1. I’ve seen no commentary anywhere about those Anonymous warnings re attacks last Sunday turning out to be a bust.

        1. I was kind of hoping they would take on that WWE event in Atlanta. Something tells me that would not have gone as smoothly as shooting up a rock concert in Paris.

          1. Jihadists getting chairs across the back and body-slammed?

            1. If the Iron Sheik was there, it would definitely have turned in to more than they bargained for.

              1. Not if Sgt. Slaughter was there too.

          2. I gotta say, I’m way disappointed in the French death metal fans for turning out to be such pushovers.

            Had the goatfuckers tried that shit at a Black Sabbath concert, Ozzy would have personally gnawed their heads off.

            1. It’s not actually a death metal act…

        2. Did anyone (non-retarded) think they wouldn’t be?

    3. He doesn’t want to make a dent in holiday sales. It could hurt the Democrats next November.

    4. Besides, with all the mixed messages going on I can’t expect he is keepin git all straight. What with ISIS/ISIL-linked terrorists, and the Russians-in-Syria thing spilling over into Turkey, and then it happens to be Turkey-day in the US – it’s a veritable “Who’s on first” in the tiny little world-view space in his brain.

  18. Who is wearing their Reason beanie to Thanksgiving dinner?

    It’s cold enough to pull it off here this year.

    1. Is that how you plan to deal with your crazy uncle who is ranked up on Vox and Huffpo talking points?

      1. My family is normal. Even the extended part. Except for my SIL, but she knows to shut up or she’ll get destroyed.

        1. So is mine. I seriously wonder what kind of freak shows journalists’ families must be if they sit around and argue about politics at holidays. Who does that? No one I have ever know.

          1. It’s been a tradition of ours to go see my parents in flyover every year since my wife and I were married. We can’t go this year so it’s just the 2 of us this time at home. Anyway, I’ve never been at a Thanksgiving dinner where politics were discussed. And that goes all the way back to my childhood. I don’t really have any leftists in my immediate family.

            Leftists cannot shut their fucking mouth for 5 minutes about their faith. They have to constantly go on about their holiness to the cause. So if you have religious fundamentalist in your family (I have plenty of those) or you have leftists, you have to hear about their devotion to the gods. The religious fundies can be annoying, the leftists fundies can and will be annoying and usually rude and hateful as well. I probably offend my religious family some, but if there were leftists, I know I would offend them and I would enjoy it, a lot.

            1. Yeah, depends on who’s there, but usually a certain uncle says some snarky stuff about “mean Republicans” and everyone else completely ignores it.

              1. Like I said, political discussions do not happen at get togethers with my family. Someone might ask you if you’ve accepted Jesus yet. I just tell them that I’m going to hell and am beyond redemption, lol.

            2. Ha. My husband just told me not to stir the pot tomorrow. My FIL is a yuuuuge Trump fan while my SIL loves Bernie. My standard practice is to drop a seed into the conversation and see who blows a gasket first.

              1. My husband just told me not to stir the pot tomorrow

                Fuck, if there was going to be some pot, I would probably enjoy it a lot more. We don’t even have much alcohol at those things because the religious fundies think it’s going to send the childins to hell.

                1. So sorry. 🙁

                  The best thing about my IL’s is that they’re all terrible lushes (they’re Irish), so someone will get drunk and cry at some point in the evening. That said, they’re a thousand times classier than my family who cannot have a family function without the cops getting called.

                  1. “That said, they’re a thousand times classier than my family who cannot have a family function without the cops getting called.”

                    I like you. Do you like me?

                  2. Like my family, but replace “cry” with “fistfight”.

                2. We don’t even have much alcohol at those things

                  Do not want.

              2. Thanksgiving is just going to be the conservative side of the family. I’ll be called a leftist for not wanting government-backed faith based initiatives which are only managed by people my family agrees with or something crazy like that. I’ll explain why I don’t think they’re good for the church, everyone will agree, panic that they’re agreeing withe me, a *known* leftist and then start screaming again. They’ll also scream at each other because they can’t help but tell each other why they don’t love Trump ENOUGH.

                My cousin the lawyer will end up making the same point I do, but using words they don’t understand and they’ll talk about how wise he is.

                I’m suddenly second guessing going tomorrow.

                1. Don’t go. Thanksgiving is just the cover for a huge conspiracy headed by Big Cranberry anyway.

                2. My communist sister-in-law will ask my Engineering major daughter if she’s taken any Women’s Studies classes yet – everyone will roll their eyes. My daughter will make excuses about curriculum requirements instead of answering honestly – that she has no interest in that kind of bullshit.

                  1. What, that she wants a real job?

                    1. Exactly – horrifying, ain’t it?

            3. I’ve pretty much declared war on extended family Thanksgiving. I’m having my libertarian brother over, my libertarian partner, and his non-political sister. Lots of homebrew, cognac, and a big fucking turkey.

              1. I must envy you now, Krabappel.

          2. Proglodytes get super paranoid around the holidays because they are exposed with people who don’t already agree with them on everything.

            I don’t think the talking points are for arguing so much as they are affirmation that they are thinking the correct things and holding the correct opinions in the event they are exposed to different views.

            1. A very good point sir !

          3. I don’t recall ever having a political discussion at the family table, ever. Thank god for that.

            1. You are fortunate.

          4. It is not a real holiday until my mother threatens to throw me out.

            1. I’m surprised she let you in the door in the first place.

              1. I am her favorite at this point, which is really telling about the other two (who do not have a criminal record).

            2. You live at home? Where do you take your “conquests”?

                1. 24/7 gamboling?

              1. Eff that, where does he get his conquests, and to they have sisters or friends?

                1. Jezebel, and yes, if you’re sure you’re interested.

          5. I seriously wonder what kind of freak shows journalists’ families must be if they sit around and argue about politics at holidays. Who does that?

            Scene at Thanksgiving dinner, family of leftist journalists:

            Family member 1: Well, I just want to know why Republicans want to let women and children die because of no health insurance?

            Family member 2: I know, I know, and did you hear that Donald Trump is going to sell women and children immigrants to the Koch brothers to work in those sweat shops in China?

            *gasps all around table*

            Family member 3: I don’t understand why everyone don’t vote Democrat!

            1. Me: “Fewer people will help solve climate change, amirite?”

    2. I’m wearing a Klingon costume to the opening of the new Star Wars movie, does that count?

      1. That is nerd cultural appropriation. You monster.

      2. No. You have to wear it at Thanksgiving dinner.

    3. Fuck, I didn’t think of that! I’m looking for it now. Right now I have on my camo cap from Army surplus on backwards with the flaps down. It sort of looks like I’m hunting for deer and I’m going to cook them in the field with a nice vegetable medley. My wife is sort of eyeing me like maybe I’m going to be drunk later on tonight, or already am. It could happen…

      1. My wife sent me out on a beer run because we aren’t going anywhere until Saturday.

        $150 later, I think I’m squared away.

          1. Yes. $135 worth. I got my wife a 10 pack of the Stella fridge cans. And a cider or 2. The rest is for me and my friends.

            1. Hah, I’m working on my Stella fridge can 10 pack right now. We have a turkey in a pan marinating in something my wife basted it with, I don’t know what it is, but I don’t ask questions, she’s a fantastic cook. I’m going to try making dressing for the first time evah tomorrow. We have 2 cornish game hens also and other stuff and we aren’t going anywhere. I don’t go back to work until Tuesday, weeehaaa, drank and be merry!

    4. I’ll be wearing a suit in a banquet hall filled with rich country club old people so I’d be delighted to wear it if I had one.

      1. I’m also going out. I believe I’ll have more prime rib than turkey.

  19. NPR did a long and surprisingly sympathetic piece on the Invisible Institute tonight during drive time, just after 5:00 ET. Those are the people who sued Chicago to get the police misconduct reports and have been analyzing the hell out of that data. They run the Citizens Police Data Project.

    1. That damn Institute…everyone can see right through them

      1. They’ve got am exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.

  20. Here is a group of hacktivists I can get behind.

    1. The dark web is a subsection of the deep web – the part of the internet that does not show up in searches or on social media.

      I’ve been working in IT for 19 years now. I have no fucking idea what this so called ‘dark web’ is and neither does anyone else that I’ve worked with over those 19 years. It’s just another media scare mongering routine … oh noes, the dark web, it’s gonna get ya, it’s gonna get the childins! Be afraid, be very afraid!.

      1. Have been curious to ask for a couple years- Is your name derived from the novel, the tallest tree in the world, or both?

        1. The novel.

      2. You’ve never heard of Tor?

        1. Tor is an application that lets you get to public ips running services described in my next comment. It merely attempts to hide your origin and destination.

          The dark/deep web isn’t a thing, it’s a concept which categorizes activities.

      3. Yep. Its a server on the internet with a public ip running invite-only services. I used to run a…*snorts* deep dark web server myself.

        1. Racist !!!1!

      4. I think they have rainbow parties there.

        1. Wrong still. That’s the “Fabulous Web”.

  21. http://www.dispatch.com/conten…..-joke.html

    “Offhand comments about overeating and elastic waistbands. Platters of treats at every turn. Offers to have one more helping of stuffing. Holidays and their food-centric traditions can be rocky for those with eating disorders.?

    “Culturally, we focus a lot on food. Food is all around. It’s sitting out, and it’s food that typically is not comfortable to eat for some clients, and for other clients it’s very ‘triggering’ and they want to overeat it.”

    If I ever came with some bullshit like this with my family, they would laugh me right out of the room.

    1. You insensitive digestion-ist.

  22. It Was All a Lie

    German Scientist Confirms NASA Fiddled with Climate Data. My shocked face is in the shop.


    1. Obviously, this so called ‘scientist’ is a rat fucking tea bagger plant. Everyone knows that 97% of all scientists agree that if we don’t do something right now, we’re doomed! This is your last warning, bagger, we really mean it this time!

  23. President Obama told reporters at the White House there was no “specific and credible” intelligence to suggest the U.S. faced a terrorist threat over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    Even terrorists like to eat obscenely large amounts of turkey and then fall asleep in front of the football.

    1. Thanksgiving is a time to get together with their families and kill their sisters for being too slutty.

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