Millennials More Likely to Support Censorship of Offensive Speech Than Older Americans

Libertarians must make the case that free speech is the cornerstone of civilized society.



While two-thirds of Americans correctly believe the U.S. government should not prohibit speech that offends minorities, a shockingly high number of millennials—40 percent—support such censorship. Young people, it turns out, are more likely to favor suppression of offensive speech than older Americans.

That's according to the Pew Research Center, which found the results "striking":

Even though a larger share of Millennials favor allowing offensive speech against minorities, the 40% who oppose it is striking given that only around a quarter of Gen Xers (27%) and Boomers (24%) and roughly one-in-ten Silents (12%) say the government should be able to prevent such speech.

The demographic breakdown was also interesting. Non-whites, men, Republicans, and the college-educated were more pro-speech than whites, women, Democrats, and people without a college degree.

American attitudes toward free speech are much more favorable, on the whole, than European views. Nevertheless, German millennials are actually less censorious than their American counterparts. British young people hold views that are about the same as Americans.

These results seem to confirm—at least in very abstract terms—the results of a recent survey of college students that found majority support for mandatory trigger warnings and censorship of hateful speakers.

It would seem that libertarians—and everyone else who values a free and open discourse—must do a better job to persuade young people that robust protection of free speech (including offensive, hateful speech) is the cornerstone of civilized society.

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  1. Ok, let the government censor millennials then.

    1. Leave them be, they’ll censor themselves.

      1. If only that were the case, but they try to shut other people up as well.


          But seriously, is free speech REALLY that big a deal?!?!?

    2. I find their pro censorship speech offensive and demand the government censor them!

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        1. ^^Speech that needs censoring around here.^^

  2. Libertarian moment! Woo-hoo!

    1. But those millennials support gay marriage! And play video games! AND HAVE AWESOME BEARDS!!!!!!!

      1. you left out weed and Mexicans.

        1. So, you mean millennials are libertarian like yokels are libertarian…

          They have some overlap on certain issues, but it has nothing to do with principle.

    2. But what do Millennials th….

      1. Dammit, you beat me to it.

  3. Libertarians must make the case that free speech is the cornerstone of civilized society.

    Or we could kill all the Millennials.

    Just saying.

    1. No! Please!

    2. You’re not thinking Libertarian. Put them to work in the orphan mines.

    3. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Let’s do a poll of the Millennials and ask them if that’s ok.

      1. In my orphan mines, I will make sure none of them are offended, because I will not allow them to speak. That way, none of them can offend each other and I get more work done, so more profit. After their 16 hour shift (yes, I realize that is soft), they go to their safe space, otherwise known as place to sleep and shut the fuck up. WIN/WIN.

        1. Please send me your prospectus – I would like to invest in this Orphan mine.
          I already invest in Orphan Drugs.

        2. 16 hour shift?

          You bleeding heart pussy. No one needs 8 hours of sleep!

          1. Sorry, dude, my wife was standing here when I typed that, and I didn’t want to sleep on the sofa tonight for being too mean.

              1. It’s too late, fuckhead, I’m already sleeping on the sofa for being too mean about something else! So there!

    4. Just say “G’wan home, ya fuckin’ retart” and they’ll run away crying to their safe space. Here’s a suggestion: we should get together and build them all a safe space. Make sure the lock is on the outside of the door.

      1. I’m think about ‘rent free’ shipping container tiny homes. We can paint them all the prettiest colors, stack them up, and invite everyone to live free in their very own ‘safe space’, forever, rent free.

        Then in the middle of the night after all the spaces are full of happy safe spacers, we chain the doors, load them all onto a barge, and ship them to Antarctica.

  4. Oh, “surveys”. What wonderful magic they are. Lots of smoke and mirrors.

    1. I’ve seen this first hand. A millennial I used to work with thinks that icky people shouldn’t be able to say terrible things anonymously. I explained to him that it’s a core element of free speech and that people in 3rd world shitholes who get beaten, disfigured, jailed or killed for their speech would love to have that anonymity.


      It’s too bad, as he’s usually fairly bright, but the you can drive a fucking aircraft carrier through some people’s blind spots.

      1. You don’t drive an aircraft carrier. You sail it. Even though it has no sails.Go figure.

        1. Those who don’t do it call it sailing.

          Those who man the helm are known to be driving the boat.

          1. if you can hold a drink in one hand and steer the boat, you’re driving. If you can’t, you’re sailing.

            1. Of course you can hold a drink in one hand – its an aircraft carrier.

              Except you can’t – because you’re on watch-what-the-hell-is-that-coffee cup-doing-there-shipmate?

              1. The proper form is: what-the-hell-is-that-coffee cup-doing-there-sailor?

                Or: what-the-hell-is-that-coffee cup-doing-there-lad?

                I don’t know too much about that kind of driving.though. I was down in the engine room yanking the rods. About 50 years ago.

                1. What the hell is that coffee doing there seaman.

          2. Its a ship, not a boat. My Navy Captain grandfather always corrected me on that.

      2. Some Nobel prize winning scientists believe in things like astrology; that’s enough to convince me that most of the time, intelligence is highly compartmentalized. Except for me of course. I’m smart about everything.

      3. “It’s too bad, as he’s usually fairly bright,”

        Your brightness meter needs to be recalibrated. I just ran my stupid meter and he goes to 11.

    2. Well taking survey results and making collectivist assumptions is pretty popular around here these days.

      1. That’s just like a millenial to say that!

    3. Survey sez: Surveys are full of smoke and mirrors.

      1. Chromium is heaviest metal, poll finds.

        1. Poll finds significant opposition to use of dihydrogen monoxide in industry.

          1. Those kinds of retard-expos?s are soooo depressing.

          2. That stuff really should be banned, in all forms, from availability in liberal arts departments across the land.

        2. Chromium is heaviest metal, poll finds.

          Maybe they thought the poll question was about the band?

  5. The demographic breakdown was also interesting. Non-whites, men, Republicans, and the college-educated were more pro-speech than whites, women, Democrats, and people without a college degree.

    Not necessarily more pro-speech in general, just less supportive of laws against minority-offending speech. Republicans tend to be more in favor of suppressing pornographic, immoral, or vulgar speech than Democrats.

    With respect to college education, did they correct for the fact that disproportionate numbers of millenials won’t have a college degree simply due to their young age?

    1. Republicans tend to be more in favor of suppressing pornographic, immoral, or vulgar speech than Democrats.

      – 1 Tipper Gore

      1. If Tipper Gore were alive today she’d be a Republican.

        1. Hell, nearly anyone who was a Dem pre-2000 would be a Republican today. JFK, what with is tax cuts and all, would probably be a ratfucking teabagger.

          1. People seem to be increasingly aware, in 10 years or so Harvard will be renaming it’s school of Government.

            1. Harvard will be renaming it’s school of Government.

              The Bernie Sanders School of Government?

              1. He’s already on the bubble with the BLM issues isn’t he? Plus he’s another old white man.

                I’m thinking Feinstein.

                1. President Chelsea Clinton School of Government.

              2. Only if Stalin already has a building.

            1. Wow!

              1. In fact, one scoring method published in the American Journal of Political Science named him the second most conservative member of either chamber of Congress between 1937 and 2002 (behind only Ron Paul).

          2. Hell, nearly anyone who was a Dem pre-2000 would be a Republican today. JFK, what with is tax cuts and all, would probably be a ratfucking teabagger.

            for verification of this see Richard Nixon, hero of the American Left and If Nixon Were Alive Today, He Would Be Far Too Liberal to Get Even the Democratic Nomination.

            I have to simply roll my eyes when Nixon’s enemies (and fans) refer to him as a “conservative”. Perhaps, yes, in the British sense of conservative meaning preserving existing class, social and political power positions I suppose Nixon was a conservative but on the Barry Goldwater/Wiliam F Buckley scale of conservatism Nixon was a liberal as they come.

        2. Tipper Gore is dead?

          Well, at least we still have Lou Reed.

      2. If Republicans don’t take Presidency in 2016, I’m expecting Anita Sarkeesian/Jonathan McIntosh GOP ticket in 2020!

        1. What ever happened with the investigation into Sarkeesian’s claim that someone threatened a college if she was allowed to speak there? I remember it being a “big deal” because those violent GamerGaters would totally open fire at an auditorium, I don’t remember ever seeing the result of the supposed police/FBI investigation.

    2. “Republicans tend to be more in favor of suppressing pornographic, immoral, or vulgar speech than Democrats.”

      Numero uno, I’m not sure if that’s true. Now that we’ve got the meme that porn and vulgarity are sexist, Democrats may be into censoring it, too.

      Numero two-o, it’s possible (even on H&R) to discuss political issues without porn or vulgarity. I’m not sure about immorality, because that’s a tad vague. Basically, do Democrats look over their shoulders when they say the Republicans are pushing Granny off the cliff, lest they be accused of granny-porn? In contrast, how can you discuss serious political issues without some group purporting to represent minorities saying you’re being offensive? Try discussing poverty, police abuse, the national debt, etc., without someone saying you’re a racist whateverphobe.

      1. “Numero two-o, it’s possible (even on H&R) to discuss political issues without porn or vulgarity.”

        But why would you want to?

      2. Most of life is not spent discussing political issues. Why should that (generally much happier) part of life be denigrated?

      3. Now that we’ve got the meme that porn and vulgarity are sexist, Democrats may be into censoring it, too.

        So, no difference between Republicans and Democrats, both are unprincipled pieces of shit? Where have I heard that before?

    3. Republicans tend to be more in favor of suppressing pornographic, immoral, or vulgar speech than Democrats.

      The majority of commenters here are GOP and goddamnit you will not besmirch their beloved party!

      1. I knew I smelled something.

      2. Or that it’s simply false statement. Does Catherine McKinnon look like a Democrat to you? One could argue that Republicans are equally against porn and vulgarity as Democrats, but for different reasons, but let’s face it buttplug, the top tier of anti-pornography activists are mostly left wing feminists these days, and when a law gets introduced to make “street harassment” illegal in this country (and sure as shit that day will come), it won’t be Lindsay Graham introducing it; it will be a McCaskill or a Gillibrand, and even you know it.

    4. college-educated were more pro-speech


    5. Republicans are less inclined than in the past to suppress pornographic, immoral, or vulgar speech, and Democrats are abandoning their support of “free speech” in that area because (among other things) it’s now less useful as a club with which to bash Republicans.

      After all, oogling pics of neked wimmen is a traditional male het-cis-normative thing to do, and “1950s household” is now a recognized thing in the fetish community. So as Repubs become more accepting, Dems do a “we have always been at war with EastAsia” about-face. Especially since the Dems can use a governmental crackdown on Pr0n as an excuse and a precedent: “First they came for…” as a blueprint, rather than as a cautionary tale.

  6. Surveys show: White wimmenz fuck up everything.

    1. Who is more evulz?:

      1. ISIS

      2. Soccer moms

      3. Congress

      4. Millenials on campus

      1. Some might say #1. However, since Millennials on campus are also morons, I will choose them (a two-fer)

      2. 3, hands down

        You can believe any fucking nonsense you want…I don’t care. Only 3 can force me to their will.

        1. +1 electing your own doom

      3. Millenial soccer Moms will be the vanguard of the marijuana backlash.

      4. 5. Deep dish Pizza

        6. Beer with too much hops.

        7. Steve Smith

        8. Nick’s fucking stupid libertarian moments.

        1. Seriously though, I’d say #3. They’ve delegated all their responsibility to either the executive or administrative agencies. Hopefully there are some industrial grade woodchippers because they are some big fucking pieces of shit.

    1. That term is problematic.


      1. Hand gestures aside, it’s also problematic because it’s arguably Wes Craven’s worst movie.

        1. Hey! I liked that one!

  7. Not all hope is lost. We have myself, Irish, Riven, Trshmnstr, and a few other libertarian Millennials right here!

    1. You’ll be the first in the woodchippers when the millennial revolution comes.

      1. WE ARE THE 60%!

        1. You are only 97% of the 60%.

    2. Illocust

    3. I’m a Millennial, and I think all of you should shut your traps!

      1. I close the trap door to my fortified bunker every night.

  8. Public education, everybody.

  9. Non-whites, men, Republicans, and the college-educated were more pro-speech than whites, women, Democrats, and people without a college degree.

    Is “cracker” finally starting to hurt white people’s feelings or what?

    1. White liberals are the first to get offended on behalf of minorities, even when no offense is warranted. Virtue signalling gives them prog cred.

      1. That’s actually a relief. I’d rather people bullshit about being offended to advance their status than actually be offended.

      2. You do know what PC stands for, right, bro?

  10. It would seem that libertarians?and everyone else who values a free and open discourse?must do a better job to persuade young people that robust protection of free speech (including offensive, hateful speech) is the cornerstone of civilized society.

    Good luck with that.

    After 40+ years of trying, things are getting worse.

    1. Shit, beat me by 15 minutes. I came here to say exactly this.

      1. WRT free speech? Hasn’t been worse in my half century. Can’t speak to the rest of US history, but…

    2. Get off my lawn!

  11. It would seem that libertarians?and everyone else who values a free and open discourse?must do a better job to persuade young people that robust protection of free speech (including offensive, hateful speech) is the cornerstone of civilized society.

    No, free speech is a codeword for racism, sexism, and rape culture. /prog

  12. Put them to work in the orphan mines.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. As a representative of the Orphan Cartel, I must protest. We cannot mine those orphans willy nilly. Flooding the market with orphans just because there’s excess labor on the market is bad for business.

    1. Fuck your cartel, old man! We have entire veins of fresh new orphans here, and we are going to get them to the hungry customers!

      What are you going to do, get together with environmentalists and make us keep orphans in the ground to combat global warming?

      1. I trust that they are all-natural orphans.

        And please, don’t give them antibiotics. China has just managed to produce E Coli resistant to EVERYTHING. Commies.

  13. While two-thirds of Americans correctly believe the U.S. government should not prohibit speech that offends minorities, a shockingly high number of millennials?40 percent?support such censorship.

    That 40% comprise a minority, so fuck ’em.

    1. You know who else fucked minorities?

      1. Thomas Jefferson?

      2. Me, in college?

          1. The crabs she gave me were at no charge too. Cutest little freshman girl around, barely 100 pounds soaking wet.

      3. Me?

      4. Who hasn’t?

      5. Bill Cosby?

        1. We have a winner!

          I would have also accepted Jared Fogle (oh wait, that’s minors…nevermind).

      6. Margaret Sanger? if you mean by “fucked” kill.

      7. Democracy?

    2. I’m curious, would this make it illegal to call me a Kraut or a Fritz?

      1. Not if your white, if your white and suggest this you are a racist.

        1. But I’m not white; I’m German-American.


  15. I’m triggered by trigger warnings. Can I have a law?

    1. Yes, but since you just triggered yourself, you have to report to the re-education center for diversity training.

    2. The law is, if my finger is on the trigger, that’s your warning. Interpret that quickly, you may not have much time.

  16. Whats this “Must” bullshit. I didn’t become a libertarian to have people tell me what I must and must not do, I became a libertarian because I rock the top-hat/monocle look like a boss, that and the the pot fueled ass-sex with Mexicans.

  17. Damn. My kid and her mother are watching Made: The Movie. A couple of drinks in I’m more insecure and lost than I’ve ever been. And who addresses students in a cafeteria like that anyway?


    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’ll have what you’re having.

      1. It took me 10 minutes to decide between Goldschlager, beer and wine. I went with the Possessioni (Veronese) Masi red wine.

        1. No White Russian? What kind of a slacker are you?

          1. I got wasted on multiple Black Russians once at the Jell-O bar. What a disaster. I think I can finally have one 18 years on.

            1. Wasted on BLACK!!!! Russians? Sounds racist!
              I recall having 3 white russians and shit, can’t think of the name but it has vodka, baileys and kahlua. Anyway, I blew chunks in the parking lot. Wife was driving.

              1. B52 or mudslide?

                1. That’s *barf* it!

              2. i dont see russians in color

            2. By the way, almost forgot: You Pussy! A fucking Jello-o bar? Are you Canadian, perchance?

  18. “We asked whether people believe that citizens should be able to make public statements that are offensive to minority groups, or whether the government should be able to prevent people from saying these things.”

    This is scary. How do millennials think the government would PREVENT people from saying these things? Sew our lips together?

    1. Screw them?


  19. That chick is hot. Actually, all the chicks in that thumbnail are hot. The lack of alt-text is racist and sexist. Bases covered.

    1. What does Lobster Girl think?

      1. No lobsters were harmed in my comment. Double win.

  20. So, what does everyone think about the EU moving right at the same time the USA and Canuckistan are sailing leftward? Is there going to be a collision somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic?

    And these far right extremists that are shortly going to rise to power in Europe, I mean le Pen, Wilders, all of those guys. How exactly far left of our progressives are the European far extremist right? I can’t keep up with this shit.

    1. You know the only thing that makes those people “right wing” is they oppose mass immigration from the Muslim world into Europe. Some oppose the EU, but on everything else they’re your typical European socialist.

      1. So, there is really is no hope for Europe?

        1. IMO, the best hope for Europe would for them to become more liberal (liberal in the open and classical sense) which they’re not gonna do. If they loosened up their labor markets, got rid of the powerful unions, tried to restrict the worst aspects of their corporatism they could offer more opportunities to poor Muslims. But, yeah, seems like they should also try to limit new immigration until they can more successfully integrate their second generation malcontents. Muslims are 10% of the French population but 70% of those incarcerated. What an awful situation.

          1. So, you’re saying that the leftists there are just as capable of creating inner city plantations as the Democrats in the USA?

            1. Yeah, their own kind of plantations. They seem like they’re driving in a cal de sac going round and round from left to right and ending up at the same illiberal end and wondering why there are no solutions. Most Europeans wouldn’t consider even for a moment the possibility that their social welfare state is really an exclusionary system.

            2. No, because those guys (and now it’s the third generation that’s causing problems) aren’t even a reliable voting block anymore!

          2. If they loosened up their labor markets, got rid of the powerful unions, tried to restrict the worst aspects of their corporatism they could offer more opportunities to poor Muslims.

            I don’t think “I will make sure you now have 5 euros an hour, 20 hours a week jobs you can be fired from at will, and all I want in return is to make sure you receive no welfare or government housing” will carry any party to winning “teh Muslim” vote, though.

            1. I agree and that is why they are fucked.

              And so are we, probably.

      2. Nationalist, and socialist? Can we export Bernie Sanders to lead the Fourth Reich?

    2. “Some” would say the Liberals pull ‘centrist’ but I don’t buy it. They’re more to the left than the NDP are.

      So I just wasted a sentence starting out being contrarian only to agree in the end.

      1. Are you talking about Britain or Canada? Was gonna say, the NDP is the German ‘neo-nazi’ party, so you confused me.

        To Europe’s credit, many countries seem to have major Classical Liberal themed parties that are actually electorally significant; a la the FDP in Germany, which was even in the ruling coalition for a while. In comparison with the US libertarian party, which will probably never be anything but a joke.

        The Brits use to have a Liberal party, but apparently it merged with the Social Democrats. Which I cannot for the life of me understand.

        1. Canada. And they flirted merging with the NDP. But Harper’s conservative prorogued parliament to prevent those scumbags from trying to usurp power.

        2. The US electoral system is not friendly to small parties. Part of this is due to the ridiculous ballot access laws that have prevailed since the Civil War period, but even in the early days of the republic we usually had two big parties trading places as majority and minority, not coalition government. The fact that so much power is invested in one person (who by definition can’t be a coalition), along with independence of that office from Congress (unlike Prime Ministers in parliamentary systems).

          1. Actually the PM has more power than the President.

            1. Silly Canadian

            2. Not necessarily. He or she can also be kicked out of office at any time by simple majority vote of one house of the legislature.

          2. Our winner-take-all political system tends to engender “coaltions” which drive people towards larger parties which encompass a wide array of beliefs.

            1. I would go so far as to contend that the electoral system doesn’t just politically disadvantage small parties, but that the inevitability of their failure plays a big role deterring people from even considering the ideas of the smaller camps.

              I think that people change their beliefs due to a sort of ideological osmosis; force a libertarian or populist or other ‘third partier’ into the Republican tent, and he’ll gradually become more thoroughly Republican over time, and the same with Democrats. I think Paul Krugman is a great example of this tendency, and the fact that even intelligent people are subject to it: he used to be a heterodox prog who disagreed with progs on a few things (minimum wage, price controls, etc.), but every day it seems one less thing he disagrees with them on. Slowly but surely, he’s falling completely in line.

            2. They’re not really coalitions in the sense of parliamentary government coalitions. It’s much harder for the Tea Party Caucus, for example, to bolt from the GOP than it would be in a parliamentary government.

      2. Are you talking about Britain or Canada? Was gonna say, the NDP is the German ‘neo-nazi’ party, so you confused me.

        To Europe’s credit, many countries seem to have major Classical Liberal themed parties that are actually electorally significant; a la the FDP in Germany, which was even in the ruling coalition for a while. In comparison with the US libertarian party, which will probably never be anything but a joke.

        The Brits use to have a Liberal party, but apparently it merged with the Social Democrats. Which I cannot for the life of me understand.

        1. o Europe’s credit, many countries seem to have major Classical Liberal themed parties that are actually electorally significant; a la the FDP in Germany, which was even in the ruling coalition for a while. In comparison with the US libertarian party, which will probably never be anything but a joke.

          Well, they don’t have a 2 party duopoly, so I’m sure that helps from time to time.

    3. The left-right spectrum is an illusion. In both places it is statism that is on the rise, as is the natural tendency of things.

      1. Well, the European far right extremists name themselves things like ‘Freedom Party’. I guess that makes sense, since that rat fucking baggers here call themselves the Tea Party.

        1. Lefties tend to think they’re fighting for freedom as well. The problem is, they keep using that word and it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

        2. Well, the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor really an Empire, so I guess it’s in keeping with their history.

      2. There is no spoon.

  21. I’m wondering about 23andMe. Has anyone here done their $99 DNA test? I’m wondering specifically about the racial/ethnic report they provide.

    1. I’m more interested in preserving my DNA and consciousness so I can come back in the future, after the millenial apocalypse, take over the world, and make the remaining millenials my slaves.

      I actually know a guy who did this (23andMe, not taking over the world) and he was telling about the results, but he was so all over the place that I couldn’t make any sense of it.

      1. I’m wondering how useful the results will really be. I don’t know my biological father – don’t know his ethnicity even – so wondered if this would give some useful info.

        1. The guy was telling me that his DNA traced his ancestry back to the middle east, south africa, Europe, parts of Asia… that’s when he lost me. I’m talking about a caucasion guy with blue eyes. Maybe they get their data mixed up?

          1. There have been so many mass migrations, barbarian invasions (full of rape and enslavement) all over the world that we all probably have a few genes from everywhere.



              I want derivatives and options too! The whole economy based on resentment! Lets short the Japanese and go long Hmong. Female putouts and Male catcalls. Blacks and Reds battling it out on CNBC. Let’s make intersectionality a diversified trading strategy rather than an academic doctrine.

          2. Sounds to me like a family that couldn’t keep a job.

        2. So, am I the only person who’s mainly interested in their DNA because he wants to know if he’ll, like, get cancer and stuff? Seems like the more practical benefit from sequencing.

          Only reason I’d care if it turned out I’m 1/64 Malaysian is that it’d mean I missed out on some scholarship money.

      2. I believe Reason’s very own Ron Bailey has written about his 23andme experiences.

        1. Yeah? I missed that. I’ll do a search and see what he found out.

          1. I did the dna thing. You can get notified of matches where they might say for example that there is an 80% chance you and some other person share an ancester in the last 4 generations or whatever. So then you can contact each other for info if you want. Pretty cool. There was also more general info about migration patterns out of Africa and which large group you likely shared dna with. I totally recommend it. Mine wasnt 23andme it was something else, I’d have to look.

            1. It’s just called Family Tree DNA.

    2. I think Bailey did. You can drop him an email.

  22. On topic:
    This email arrived today from the VC for Student Affairs. Emphasis mine.

    As we come to the end of another semester, and in light of current events in our world, nation, and community, it is important to be reminded of our responsibilities to one another in strengthening our collective commitment to an inclusive and socially sustainable community. [This school] expects members of the community to engage in conduct that contributes to the culture of integrity and honor upon which our University is grounded. Acts of harassment, bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexual misconduct, threats, intimidation, bullying, and religious intolerance jeopardize the health and welfare of our campus community and the larger community as a whole. In line with this expectation, community members are reminded that committing such acts through social media and digital communication tools is a violation of our Code of Community Standards and is antithetical to the values that define a liberal arts education. Fostering an inclusive and socially sustainable environment that is free from acts that threaten an individuals’ pursuit of academic and scholarly excellence, both in and out of the classroom, is paramount to our individual and collective success. Thank you for your continued attention to these efforts and your commitment to ensuring a safe, vibrant, and engaged community.
    [An asshole]

    1. Conflating actions that reveal one’s thoughts (a bigoted post on Facebook, for example) with actions that actually harm another individual (harassment) is a sly way to forbid wrongthink.
      Also, what does “socially sustainable” mean? It must be important, he said it twice.

      1. Also, what does “socially sustainable” mean?

        It’s group think jargon that means you can’t disagree with us, or else.

        1. It damned sure doesn’t mean what they think that means, but trifling details, amirite?

          If words had meaning, a “socially sustainable” community is nothing more than a group which has evolved rules to normalize interaction and stabilize relationships. Hell, the commentariat is socially sustainable. Progs and staff might not like what’s sustained, but that’s a personal problem.

      2. “What does ‘baffled’ mean?”

        “What does ‘incompetent’ mean?”

        /Greatest movie ever.

    2. socially sustainable

      I hate these fascist pigs.

    3. “Community” ranks only second to “culture” in the “MOST POPULAR CONTEMPORARY BULLSHIT-TERMS”-list. “Values” probably should be included there somewhere.

      The shorthand here seems to be,

      “A committee of your Betters will use the powers of this institution to punish and destroy you if you are determined to have engaged in WrongThink. Of course, we won’t tell you what WrongThink is until you’ve done it.”

      I certainly don’t think ‘religious intolerance’ is going to be used to defend Southern Baptists from criticism. Or that language disparaging “zionism” will suddenly be frowned upon.

      These people don’t understand anything about the “values of a liberal arts education”

      They seem far more interested in the “values” of The Inquisition than The Enlightenment

      1. They seem far more interested in the “values” of The Inquisition than The Enlightenment

        Isn’t Islam as practiced in the ME like that?

        Fortunately I’m long out of school.

        1. I wonder if these people realize that they are giving Donald Trump the tools to do things like establish “a special data base just for Muslims in the U.S., special surveillance of them, based on their religious beliefs, IDs and warrantless searches of mosques”?

    4. “…our responsibilities to one another in strengthening our collective commitment to an inclusive and socially sustainable community.”

      This made me puke. And want to smack a motherfucker.

    5. sustainable = good

      For example, running trillion dollar deficits every year for the next 30 years is sustainable because it keeps renewable energy projects funded and provides government jobs which are not dependent on the whim of corporations.

        1. Then fuck them. 1A.

          Fucking government school thinks it has the authority to regulate your social media and off campus activity? Fuck them with a wood chipper!

  23. Hell hath no fury like a millennial scorned…

    1. well, what do you expect? theyre being asked to pay for college, and run the risk of making less than fifteen dollars an hour. this is definitely like the worst time to be alive

      1. Point of order, I’M being asked to pay for their college.

  24. Watch and see, the Democrats will get this right up front in the debates before the convention. There will be a full attack on offensive speech. At the Dem convention, the nuts will really be coming out of the woodwork with full attacks on the first amendment. The sensible Republicans will say we have to have a common sense debate about limiting speech.

    1. Common sense speech control.

      Common sense money control.

      Common sense travel control.

      Common sense property control.

      Common sense electricity control.

      1. But not common sense Muslim refugee control….

    2. Hopefully we can come to a compromise on congress making no law.

      1. They’ve already thought of that, and made their own version:

        Congress shall make no law that doesn’t give them an advantage and fuck over those who elected them.

  25. The future of our children under the steel claws of millennials is dire, man. Other than the lovely aura that swims at the edges of merging suns and moons the rest of this millennial ilk has fallen under the tutelage of worthless philosophies which is the stone cladding on the dragon temples with dungeons that will run deeper than ever before. When we all fall into the deepest sleep bros and 3.4 sisters the future will grapple our babies into the hungry vile mouths of a brutal generation clacking at the screens entirely disconnected from even existence itself.

  26. Of particular concern to Millennials (and Robby, I’m sure): Gravity Falls is ending. 🙁 #No SMH bai

    1. My daughter will not be pleased.

    2. But now what will I make the kids watch when I’m bored!

    1. So when that reporter was asking Trump about a theoretical database of Muslims, he was really testing the waters for taking the helm of the existing one.

    2. These horrible dumb shits at that fucked up bureaucracy are like a thousand fucking dumb suburban teens asking mom or dad to buy them 6 months on a fucking Minecraft server host and having not a single fucking idea how to use a fucking whitelist or utilize super basic server security to keep out horrid 8 year-old pukes from emptying all their goddamn fucking chests and fucking blowing up all their crap with TNT grief mischief.

      Yea, America is run by motherfucking geniuses. NOT!

      Fucking Putin could fuck this should up by now and the only reason I refuse to do acid and trip on that exact world is because if I came back I’d cry for a goddamn year and be a worthless human self-fellating prophet with only my goddamn brain to eat.

  27. Not to underpin the other marvelous voices in this spectral resonance, Rob Soave is a fucking cliff-edge scribe deserving of the sanguine respectful long glance from the journey men and women. Keep ticking the pen bombs, Soave.

  28. Who the heck comes up with that crazy stuff?

    1. I thought I asked you to not follow my fucking face in this world, JoWa? WHAT the FUCK is wrong with you? Your sweet tits were awesome last month in Indonesia and that tiny metallic pink skirt was way fucking more than my tongue could handle and we did cocaine on that bamboo bench together and I confessed that I fucked a lot of European pussy and 3 German dudes and you FUCKING promised you’d not show up here on my fav place even after I slid my fat cock into your horny Asian pooper and you screamed and your pussy peed a million streams of feverish demons like edgy lightning setting my goddamn feet on fire and this went on and on until I collapsed with my limp dick in your Asian pooper and I only popped out when you actually shit a turd because we both fell alseep on that fucking bed under a moon that was too fucking orange. I woke up because you shit a turd and my dick popped out and no big deal. Pooping out a penis happens when you do crazy shit late into the night where the sun dances like a rainbow bitch.

  29. Im 43-years-old and in college. We had this discussion the other day in English class. There were students who believed that “hate speech” should be censored. I asked the class to whom would they give this power? I referenced Sen. Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism. Not one kid in the class new anything about this moment in our history. We are so F****D as nation.

    1. The Buchanan Commission is a wonderful, perhaps better example.

    2. The bitches you learn with realize nothing about literature, man. A vast universe of history and powerful mind-altering literature is evidently not being taught in modern America and I believe I am witnessing the death of my motherfucking soul on this cliff-edge of existential displacement. However, the fact that your goddamn Highgeared arrangement of letters popped up in this place indicates that the energy of the universe is sparky on your fingers. So keep that shit turning and burning. Lighting and flighting. Swerving and dervishing- right into the ethos of worlds orbiting with cognitive explosions and trips and traps and surprised and swings and then your motherfucking brain rocket breaks through the barrier of fucking shit and you freefall right the fuck back into your own goddamn self writhing with tentacles and beams of broken lights and the sizzle and fizzle of yourself wakes up on a bench in the middle of a park under the moon all alone.

      And you walk to your cave and sleep with mysterious adventures that will require many nightmares to understand.

    3. There go your chances of getting some tail this weekend.

    4. “I referenced Sen. Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism. Not one kid in the class new anything about this moment in our history. “

      During the Occupy Wall St. thing (fall 2011?) i was working down there…and getting lunch, some protesting kid asks me if I realize how the Evul Financial Industry was destroying America..

      For lulz, I say, “No” and ask him to explain it to me. he smugly notes that “deregulation” caused the financial crisis of 2008 and that all the Rich People used that crisis to steal all Main Street’s money… or something to that effect.

      I asked him if he knew who FINRA and the SEC were, and what the differences were. No. I asked him if he could name any of the regulations that were removed and why they mattered. No. I asked if he could explain how the ‘bailouts’ affected equity versus debt-holders. No.

      The more he talked the more uncertain he became and increasingly insisted i “look it up” if the details were so important … (*noted: anytime you press people for actual ‘knowledge of details’, they assert that you should “google it” or “look it up” because…well, they dont have time for that, they’re too busy Drum Circling)

      After about 3 questions he had decided i was “un-saveable”. I laughed and said, “its sad, you know. Abbie Hoffman would be so disappointed. You guys aren’t fit to carry his jockstrap”

      and he blurts out, “Oh, Who’s ABBIE HOFFMAN = your Corporate Overlord!?”

      1. Did you tell him to google him?

      2. “and he blurts out, “Oh, Who’s ABBIE HOFFMAN = your Corporate Overlord!?””

        This story is a little to good to be true. Tell me you exaggerated it.

        1. I was at Occupy Denver, and not as some random person walking by, I was AT Occupy Denver. For weeks. Got dug out from under ten inches of snow one morning.

          I believe it. Having wallowed fully in the shallow mental ditches of Occupy, I can confirm that the most bizarre, “people don’t really talk/act like this” shit is exactly what happens, with disquieting regularity. Not having (as much of) a political bias as is common, I has the fortune (AHAHAHA) of seeing it coming from both political extremes.

          On the one hand, having spent most of my time in the company and culture of red-state rednecks, and most of my employable hours in the testosterone-pump man’s world of commercial kitchens, I had never seen such rampant, unapologetic misogyny as I did at Occupy. First time in my life that my being female was genuinely, openly a huge impediment.

          On the other, entire conservative demographics who know the bullshit media attention the Tea Party received, and have yet to question whether everything said in the media is wholly reliable when it came to Occupy.

          I have concluded that humans are largely hopeless idiots, and now we’re merely quibbling over the means of our extinction.

          1. “I have concluded that humans are largely hopeless idiots, and now we’re merely quibbling over the means of our extinction.”

            You’ve clearly been reading too many youtube comments. People are pretty awesome but sadly the internet is a global-stupid-amplifier and some people get way too sucked into it such that their perspective becomes damaged.

            1. How did the topic change from Occupy to the internet? *flags the play*

              1. Oh, it was just my best reference for “hopeless idiocy” that makes one feel the human race is doomed.

                the aforementioned conversation was the sum total of my interaction with OWS so I don’t know if its that much worse or not.

        2. “This story is a little to good to be true. Tell me you exaggerated it”

          The Abby Hoffman line was a verbatim quote. it was so priceless i was stunned into silence and couldn’t even laugh until later.

          a little sad = the first person I related the story to was a girl who worked with me… The punchline went over her head because she didn’t know who abby hoffman was either. That possibility hadn’t occurred to me.

          1. On the bomber project I am working on I consciously tried to avoid Abbie Hoffman, which worked for less that five minutes. That Leftardian hack was literally everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s. The bomber I am writing about was on the ground floor of YIP, but not a founder.

            The thing is, I don’t see anybody of any age expressing any interest in the project because of Hoffman, or YIP. Hell, even people in their 50s don’t remember YIP. They never heard of Weatherman either. When Bob Dylan comes up, there is a glimmer of familiarity.

          2. My favorite Occupy Berkeley moment: the “Stop Star Wars” sign that must have dated from the Reagan administration. I imagined a dialog:

            “Honey, where are my old protest signs?”

            “I think they’re in the basement. Why do you want them?’

            “There’s a protest downtown!”

      3. I’ve definitely observed an inverse relationship between opinionated-ness on a subject and detailed knowledge of that subject, in most people. HnR excluded.

    5. That’s because modern pedagogy stipulates that content is useless, theory is all that matters. Many humanities classes are essentially like taking a year long course on how to write poetry without actually reading a single poem.

    6. Joe McCarthy, wasn’t he the guy with the puppets, had his own show?

  30. What do you guys and gals think of this:…..errorists/

    1. He reads what he needs in the papers…

    2. “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis. And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense, George.”

    3. Bratfart? TEAM RED! assholes.

      HuffPo for semi-fascists.

  31. Wud I miss?

    1. Agile once fucked anonbot. Still wrapping my mind around it.

      1. Heathen Machines

      2. Or a better band name

        Machine Heathens

      3. I thought everybody fucked anonbot?

        1. Fucked with, not fucked.

      4. Dayum. That is news.

  32. OT from TrulyPusillanimous: The protector of the first amendment speaks:…..n-mosques/

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) seems to be going further than even Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in advocating the crackdown of U.S. Muslims. He doesn’t just want to consider shutting down mosques, as Trump says, but wants to shut down “any place where radicals are being inspired.”

    “It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down any place ? whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an internet site ? any place where radicals are being inspired,” Rubio said on Fox News’ The Kelly File on Thursday night when asked if he agreed with Trump.

    1. Lil’ Taco is a Little Mussolini.

      1. but according to him, his parents came over after castro took over, although it was actually two years before. They were visionaries.

    2. Oh yeah, when it comes ti the security state and the MIC, Rubio is as just as bad as the worst of them. But Rand is the “crazy” one. Fuckin’ people

      1. It looks like it’s the fascists dems against the fascist GOP. Yeah, freedom!

        1. Fascists to the left of me, facists to the right….

          1. Stuck in the middle with you.

    3. Including radicalism in the defense of liberty. Maybe especially.

  33. It’s shameful that censorship of even unpopular speech is above 12% among any group in this nation.

  34. Seriously, what happened?

    I grew up with Harvard Lampoon – (later National) which made it their duty to offend everyone. Their “Guide to People of Other Countries” would get the banhammer anywhere today.

    I blame in part – feminism, Reagan, the Christian Coalition, patriotism, the failure of the liberal arts, and the weak-kneed progressive culture that can’t tolerate bullies on the right.

    1. This is largely the left eating the left. It’s not a result of political policy, it is rather a generation who was never allowed to fail. They got their participation trophies and a mommy who hovered over them at the park. They have little in the way of coping skills. Hence, they lack identity and fear challenge.

      1. Wasn’t the ultimate participation trophy the TARP bank bailout program by Bush 2008?

        “Hey, you guys fucked up! Here is $700 billion until you can get your act together!”

        1. So is he a bully on the right or a progressive coddling pussy?

          1. Right-wing because he favors a landed class otherwise unfit in a free market.

            In a meritocracy Bush would have no friends.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|11.20.15 @ 10:06PM|#
              “Right-wing because he favors a landed class otherwise unfit in a free market.”

              So Shrill is a right-wing criminal. Good to know.

            2. Your understanding of the world surrounding you is grossly limited to contemporary political rhetoric. Here in the real world Dubya is left of center and a long-long way from right “wing”. Millenials are the result of parents and communities that did not give their children opportunities to fail. That is neither right or left. It is equally pervasive. The result of that is micro-aggressed snowflakes who focus their energies mostly against the left in schools and media. Bullying is a non-sequitor in the discussion. The bullying is in the mind of these ” victims.”

              1. You don’t know what “right wing” means.

                1. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a vagary you throw around in lieu of something of substance to say so you can pretend people who think they shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s ergonomic keyboards or whatever the fuck are basically like Hitler.

                2. Pfft, which definition?

        2. Whereas the post-2008 bailouts were just and appropriate. Could you be more of a sycophant?

  35. Fuck those guys.

  36. I’ve got the sure fire movement fucker for the perpetually racially offended crowd.

    We need to start a movement and I’m serious.

    Pretty much 100% of people from European and Asian ancestry have Neanderthal genes.

    What happened to the Neanderthals? GENOCIDE! At the hands of the racist Homo Sapiens!

    Therefore as a person who has Neanderthal genes, I want reparations. And we aren’t talking about some petty little reparations from being marginilized or even being slaves, but of FUCKING NEAR 100% GENOCIDE!

    Now pay up bitches! Pay up until your ass BLEEDS SOCIAL JUSTICE!

    Do I need to write a fucking book?

    1. I stroke my occipital bun as I approve your message and subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. fucking park avenue and its gliding skirts on the early 19’s killed the goddamn massive mouth chomping biters of massive crouching tigers. Tigers in America realized that between skull cutting cyborgs and European monsters of demonic drool that slivers of reality inserted between attic space of dirt vagina midget mouths eating moth burgers and comet butts.

      1. You bring a sort of W.S. Burroughs nostalgia to mind, AC. Have you published anything?

        1. Hyp the tornado that wrecked tons of shit in middle America and then sat back on a gliding comet and ate a million angels for a nuclear sammich,,,,

          1. Dude, I have a friend who lives southeast of Iowa City in a sleepy little town near the Mississippi. The guy, if you ever met him, looks like your typical Iowa farm boy, looks like he just got off a John Deere tractor, hat and all. He’s one of the greatest fucking writers I have ever read, bar none. And I’m an avid reader, and I’ve read a lot, A LOT. He’s never published anything because he doesn’t think he’s that good. And see here, AC is not gonna tell me if he’s ever published anything or even tried, but it’s all ok.

      2. As a Neanderthal, you have triggered me by your talk of tigers, especially the ones with the big pointy teeth.

        1. The rainbow colored sabertooh dude becomes your friend towards the end of the film.

          1. Can anybody trust Hollywood anymore? #Microagressed

        2. Q is the brush of demon jizz on the dripping broken rusty walls behind that thing called NYC.

          1. I am not the not the guy tagging subway cars, whatever AC says.

            1. The ones with SEVO on them? That’s me; I did that. He, he, he, he, he……..

    3. As a proud Neanderthal descendent I heartily agree. Friggin Homo sapiens killed our ancestors off and kept a few comely specimens as sex slaves.

  37. Millenials are early teens to early twenties, right?
    There’s a reason most places restrict voting to a bit later than the median there; most people of those ages are still trying to work out some ordering of reality, and most are not getting a lot of the details right.
    So 40% of an immature group holding an opinion that suggests they haven’t thought it all the way through isn’t gonna make me lose a lot of sleep.
    I’m more worried that a sizable portion of adults finds Trump’s populist demagoguery acceptable.

    1. I’m more worried that a sizable portion of adults finds Trump’s populist demagoguery acceptable.


      No, GOP voters.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|11.20.15 @ 10:14PM|#
        No, GOP voters.”

        Yer right turd; I didn’t waste key strokes on the fucking idiotic D’s promoting a criminal.

        1. Why are you conservatives so fucked up, Sevo?

          Trump, Carson?

          Fucked in the head party.

          1. Whereas the Dems are going full blown socialist. Party of sanity!

            1. Don’t worry, there will be democracy in this socialist utopia. That makes it all good.

        2. Dude, quit responding to it, please? It’s not sentient.

          1. It’s kind of enjoyable to watch it flop around like that catfish you caught as a kid.

    2. Not the way I understand it. They’re 18 to 34 years.

      1. I think we need some definition here. I just did a search and picked a couple off the top.

        1. Ah, it’s sort of like Boomers. I’m not a Boomer, but I was almost one. I think you can sort of move these things about a little, depending on where you want to fall.

        2. Well the Pew survey is defining it as 18-34 year olds.

          1. In that case, ooops!

      2. The generation definitions are fuzzy as hell, which invites dishonest manipulation of the statistics. A 16 year long generation is a joke.

        1. The idea that members of generational cohorts share characteristics due to when they were born is nothing more than an updated version of horoscopes. It is psuedoscientific bullshit. Variables such as socioeconomic status or level of education have much more predictive power.

    3. For the non-student millenials, in this economy, most of them are too busy working two jobs to give much thought to this shit.

  38. And sorta related:
    “Experts: Black studies programs facing campus challenges”
    “Protests by University of Missouri black students that forced the school’s administration to address racism and other problems mirror efforts decades ago that led many majority white schools to create African-American studies and other programs.
    But those programs and some ethnic studies departments across the country are struggling with funding, low-staffing and dwindling student enrollment, according to some experts.
    “Detroit-area attorney Naomi Oglesby minored in the program while a student at Missouri and argues that the field of study remains relevant.
    “This curriculum has shaped my perspective, ideology, interpretation of other races and cultures, gratitude for my past, self-determination for my future, and my identity today,” said Oglesby, who says she is biracial but identifies as black.”…..=popular-5

    Maybe if she hadn’t wasted that time, she’d identify as, oh, human.

    1. That didn’t work for Mr. Lizard.

  39. All the monitors on the asses of super viruses swimming around the bloodstreams of the fucking scourge.

    just wait. hack the fucking network and then die because Barbecue Jesus arose from the digital beaches and decided his tongs need to roast your fat shit on his super hell coals while demons sit about bleeding tears from their gums/

    1. I’ll have a bratwurst, please? And some potato salad.

  40. Hey, Peanuts! Have you sold your gold like I told you to back in 2009?

    Gold is still going down – on the way to $700!


    US DOLLAR is King!

    1. It doesn’t matter what the price is other than when you’re going to sell it.

      That’s why I laugh at people who crow about having made 50% returns in the stock market 2009-13. I ask them, “are you selling your stocks and pulling money out of the market now?” They invariably answered “no, are you crazy?” To which I replied, “well then you haven’t made any profit yet.”

      1. Sorta like the TREMENDOUS!!! losses in 08.
        Were you dumb enough to sell low? If so, you took that loss. Did you keep ’em? In which case, there was no loss.

      2. You’re new here. You don’t get this topic.

        Cliff Notes – Goldbugs are idiots.

        1. “Cliff Notes”
          Pretty much defines you, turd.

        2. If they followed your advice and sold in 2009 they were. Prices increased 70% in the subsequent 4 years.

        3. of all the things that incite an antipathetic obsession in people, purchasing of gold is a rather bizarre one. Did your dad fuck you with a golden dildo when you were a kid or something and now you’re acting out your aversion?

    2. Interesting–it’s around the same level now as when I bought my 1/10 ounce pieces in 2009.

  41. While two-thirds of Americans correctly believe the U.S. government should not prohibit speech that offends minorities, a shockingly high number of millennials?40 percent?support such censorship. Young people, it turns out, are more likely to favor suppression of offensive speech than older Americans.

    Soave – you’re doing the bog standard ‘throw out two statistics in the headline/opening paragraph that have nothing to do with each other’ tactic.

    As you point out in the second paragraph quote, only “a quarter of Gen Xers (27%) and Boomers (24%) and roughly one-in-ten Silents (12%)” support restrictions on speech. *That’s* the number to compare that 40% with if you want to get shocking. Otherwise it looks like you’re saying 33% (1/3) of non-millennials support restrictions compared to 40% of millennials – which is not shockingly high.

    1. Whatever, brown shirts are trending at the A&F.

    2. it looks like you’re saying 33% (1/3) of non-millennials support restrictions

      Is that so?

  42. In other words, the group being hailed in Reason as the Great Libertarian Hope is MORE likely to espouse ideas that wouldn’t be out of place in the Cultural Revolution that China is still recovering from.

    1. Libertarian moment, dude …. Cosmos!

  43. It would seem that libertarians?and everyone else who values a free and open discourse?must do a better job to persuade young people that robust protection of free speech (including offensive, hateful speech) is the cornerstone of civilized society

    I’m afraid there’s only one way to achieve this and that is to scrap the current public education system and ALL, including public and private university level education for new alternative sources. And that certainly is now not only possible but inevitable with the internet, virtual reality and other ascending technologies.

    These luddites are going to get the old fashioned ass kicking that they deserve and will make their way, as always before, into the dustbin of history.

  44. “It would seem that libertarians?and everyone else who values a free and open discourse?must do a better job to persuade young people that robust protection of free speech (including offensive, hateful speech) is the cornerstone of civilized society.”

    Or simply refuse them both a platform and access to authority until they unfuck themselves.

    1. “Or simply refuse them both a platform and access to authority until they unfuck themselves.”

      How would this be accomplished?

      1. By literally stealing ALL the podiums. No podiums, no speeches. Washington will grind to a halt.

        1. I LIKE it!
          But it’s gonna be tough…

      2. Simply tell the special snowflakes “Fuck you, Don’t Care.” Or FYDC. The only reason that all the special snowflakes antics work is because the people in charge pretend that it matters. The special snowflakes tactics only work because the people in charge let the snowflakes get away with it.

        It’s like PETA going after old ladies in mink, but not bikers in leather.

        Students should be afraid of pissing off a University president. Some kid wants to go on a hunger strike for some SJW reason, let it slide. FYDC, set up a fully catered meeting on the fourth day of the hunger strike, and listen to xer grievances while eating a sandwich.

        If some football players want to boycott some games, FYDC, withdraw their scholarships for breach of contract, there’s a hundred benchwarmers happy to take their spots. If they don’t like it they can transfer to another school. Of course, they would be ineligible to play in the NCAA for a year after their transfer. But hey, I’m sure every football coach in the NCAA and NFL would love to have a SJW on their team.

        1. You’re making the assumption that the people in charge disapprove. It’s increasingly obvious that that’s not the case. If I recall correctly, the football boycott happened with the coach’s backing. The number of instances of administrators supporting the protesters over the rest of the student bodies is growing too large to count.

          And really, why would they object?

          Do you think this shit will mean less money for administration, or more?

          Will it mean less power and prestige for administrators vis-a-vis their faculty peers, or more?

  45. I thought the details seemed sketchy. That woman didn’t blow herself up after all.…..42666.html

      1. Thar? Joe? An .08?

        1. The correct answer was “Way, hey, the man down!”

          1. If you knew the answer, why ask? *falls head first into own bear trap*

    1. Why did that chick cross the road? And the sidewalk, the stairwell?

    2. Well, THAT’s a wonderful piece of journalism right there. She didn’t have the vest, and asked for help as she was on fire and then? And then??? And then????????
      Even non-inquiring minds would like to know WIH went on.

  46. Robby Soave broke a seal between generations and his mining pick cracked open waves upon waves of pent up gold and silver in rapturous verses, loves, trips, and adventures no modern now can possibly understand.

  47. Agile thinks Robby Soave is the Mona Lisa of modern Millennial samurai standing in the gap like a motherfucking scribe ninja looking down at the cold scrabbling anger of modern lost weak collegiate dim songs across the nation.

  48. Modern children walking the streets
    of what?

    of what? they exercise their paths of chosen vocation on what?

    What path in super scared and tense literature? Should the libraries
    be burnt to make all these scared fuckers happy?

    Should the goddamn motherfucking libraries be emptied like all the old wars did and all the great
    books burnt because your motherfucking salad wilted because a hummingbird breathed on it you
    fucking braindead parasitic heel of horse shit?

  49. That 40% advocates holding a gun at your head while pilfering your wallet, justifying it by claiming some fuck head centuries ago shared some superficial physical characteristics with you. Chucking you into a rape box for making disagreeable clucks with your pie hole is hardly a moral dilemma for them.

  50. I fucking was so goddamn poor and white. My mom fucking made my two WHITE poor sisters for years leave a goddamn shitty school filled with horrid motherfucking niggers who HATED whites aside from a couple of NON niggers who were black and were so pissed at being poor like us we gathered on a street corner and color didn’t matter until the bus took us all to that very fucking strange old building in the dead of winter for years where my black brother and my little white brother all piled under a counter in a bleak fucking place and my sisters had to pound out surprisingly great shit from the wizrdlke almost dead lady on the bench… but it was so cold , man. we froze while Mom paced and the superwoman old lady with the big head trained my sisters to play piano for no fucking reason ever. really. so that little black fuck ran away when mom couldn’y afford to pay for super old lady piano lessons in the dead of fucking winter.. and I never got the name of that little black fuck.

    1. Poor and white. Up against the wall! We anal your type first.

      1. except that your ‘we’ is ‘me’. and your ‘anal’ is drive down a very lonely road next to the CVS outside Wapak and pull in silent and knock 3 times on the fourth house next to the park and maybe your straff can walk into lucky village under the moaning town/ where priests and judges love to fuck their farming lovelies. I always punch the judge in his asshole while his dick is sucked by the girl he sentenced to way too many months in prison and maybe since I know this he might end up lost on his trip to Nevada. No judge in America should be sucked and not have his dick head bitten off or clit snapped off. All American judges are the shittiest humans ever created… fucking tigers are brutal out there.but not as brutal as American judges…

  51. Modern millennials grasp what? What is their apex? What nature do they nurture?

    Have they actually been offered keys into the books of the greats like Bukowski or Bertrand or Sartre or the confusion of Nietzsche or the Alan Moore or Elias Canneti

    also, if you are young you will never wake up on cocaine searching your Amazon list and realize it is 15 fucking years worth of history…jesus FUCKING christ

  52. Like, you can actually get old on Amazon, bros and sistahs….
    like fucking that goddamn book you bought in 2001 was when all these shitty nasty college fucks were actually ginning up weird machines that not a single fucking ghetto bitch can understand.

    1. How’ve you been, brah?

      1. man, super threatz goddamn earth space whore piss kissing cock hell so sucking clouds!!!!!!
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  53. FUCKING check your goddamn last purchase on goddamn motherfucking amazon.

    my fucking last purchase was before the birth of my lovely man who is eleven.

    Amazon is a canyon of tears… a river of life stream illustrating a field of years…
    much like reason and our years of interaction brothers and sisters….

  54. fucking eyes are dribbling tears
    on time.
    time is now tied to reminisce and
    agile is uncomfortable with this because time
    should be tied to old trees and broken anger
    and fallen moons and scared raccoons.

  55. I will go into and away, loves , into the old groves of my acres but…
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    agile is entered gone fucking hell bongs and boat spaces.
    play it nowsweeet diamon man

    1. I’m going to have “Sweet Caroline” stuck in my head now.

  56. More SF politics.
    Amos Brown is the mucky-muck of some church-of-what’s-happenin-now in the (largely black) Bayview district of SF. As such, he can deliver enough votes to affect the district elections for supervisor. And so, as such, he gets appointed to various boards and agencies, sufficient to keep him in spiffy clothes and nice cars with out a whole lot of effort on his part. Among other sinecures, he sits on the board of the African American Art and Culture Complex, a gimmie to buy votes in the (formerly black) Western Addition district; now ‘gentrified’.
    Anyhow, there seems to be some ‘stuff’ going on there; some ‘family stuff’, and in spite of the fact that it’s largely tax-payer-supported and exists in city-owned property, well, ol’ Amos says “No reporters!”
    This manages to piss of the notably lefty rag, the SF Chron!…..644474.php

    We’ll see what happens now; the current mayor is named Lee, not Brown.

  57. Somewhat on topic:

    At Emporia State University (Kansas), the media are thrown out of forum on diversity.

    The university’s lawyer says WTF and says the media can go back in – though the meeting is mostly done by then.

    “Provost David Cordle had mixed feelings about the decision.

    “”You know, I don’t know what to think about that,” Cordle said. “I’ll admit to being conflicted about it. I think there was a well-intentioned effort to make sure there was a safe space. Exactly how that should interface with the public’s right to know, I’m not sure.” “

  58. James Madison Visit our HTML tutorial“had our back

    “…one purpose of the Second Amendment was to prevent the adoption of the gun licensing laws like those imposed on the Catholics in England and Ireland. These laws are the opposite of the Second Amendment, at least in Madison’s view.”

    Curiously, a pro-gun-control lawyer cites the anti-Catholic laws as precedents for American gun bans:

    “A person was required to obtain the crown’s license to go armed in the public concourse. The status quo remained after the adoption of the 1689 English Declaration of Rights “have arms” provision. For instance, on December 21, 1699, the following proclamation was published in The [Dublin] Post Boy:

    “”Whereas, We have received Information That several Persons not Qualified by the Laws of this Realm, to carry Arms, have nevertheless in contempt and Violation of the Law, taken on them to Ride and Go Armed…We have for the Remedying the said Evil, thought fit to Re-call all [gun] Licences whatsoever . . .”

    The lawyer leaves out the fact that the gun licenses in question, the ones being revoked, had been issued to “Papist[s].” Now the Papists were to be denied guns altogether. Who could imagine that the Irish government would do that in 1799!

    1. Oops, link

    2. Oops, 1699.

  59. Long time listener, first time caller….why do they always think group all of us millennials together?

    1. Minus think* ????

      1. “Group think” works there.

    2. I so much wanted to be a boomer. But I was too old for it. I was born in 1944.

      1. I’m in the same boat. I’m too young to be Gen-X, but apparently three years too old to be a millennial.

        I’m old enough to remember back when a teenager with a trunk full of shotguns wasn’t a cause for alarm, but normal for hunting season.

        1. I’m in this same boat, age-wise.

          The sad part is, this same “shocking thoughts!!!” happened with the last two generations to come of age. The late 80s and early 90s were full of news articles about how Gen-X culture was going to destroy America. As soon as the 00s started, it was how this new Millenial generation was going to destroy america. The Gen Zs are probably going to destroy us in a few years, now, too.

          It seems to follow Winston Churchill’s axiom: “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 30, he has no brain.”

          1. The late 80s and early 90s were full of news articles about how Gen-X culture was going to destroy America.

            No they weren’t.

            1. They were. You have either selective or poor memory, as GenXs were labelled variously as: too lazy to take over positions of power; too apathetic to use power appropriately if they had it; and/or too “counter-culture” to keep America’s allies close on the world stage.

      2. More power to you for wanting to be one of “us”. I have nothing in common with those Beatles sucking crybabies, other than being born within that magical 1946 to 1964 range.

    3. It’s because it makes for easier headlines.

    4. because you all share the same brain

  60. NYPD Chief Speaks Harsh Truth About What Islamophobic Policies Really Accomplished

    When New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton faced questions Thursday about security measures targeting Muslims, he gave a simple answer:

    We tried that before. It didn’t work.

    From 2003 to 2014, the NYPD housed the controversial Demographics Unit, dedicated to surveilling the Muslim communities of the New York metropolitan area. Plainclothes officers were dispatched to mosques, bakeries and community centers to eavesdrop and seek out intelligence that might hint at future terrorist attacks.

    In those 11 years, the squad learned as much about terrorism as most people who hang out in mosques, bakeries and community centers do: nothing. So when Bratton disbanded the unit in April 2014, it was with the embarrassment of a department hanging over his head.

    On Thursday, when asked why he had killed the program, Bratton confirmed the unit’s ineffectuality, stating, “not one single piece of actionable intelligence ever came out of that unit in its years of existence.”

    1. Er, Islam hasn’t conquered, what, 1/3 of the planet by being stupid

      Like you are going to hear someone at the bakery say “Hey, Abdul, we’re going to shoot up the local Jewish deli, want to c’mon along?”

      “No Mohammed, I’ve got some explosives cooking in the oven, maybe next time”

      Presumably they use a cell like structure for their activities and don’t talk about them in public.

      1. Fair enough. The point is general Islamophobia is a waste of resources.

  61. Rest easy my friends. We have lost the public commitment to free speech and private property, but we have gained intersectionalities and gender neutrality in English.

    1. The Chinese making fun of our Charmin.

      1. When your country is being lectured about freedom of speech by the Chinese, ………….I got nothing….. I am still trying to wrap my head around this………..

  62. Did Reason cover this?

    In this decision, the West Virginia Supreme Court said that the prosecution has to show helpful exculpatory evidence to the defendant during plea negotiations. In the particular case, the defendant, as part of a plea deal, admitted breaking into an old woman’s home and raping her. His lawyer urged him to take the deal. What the defendant and his lawyer *didn’t* know was that a guy at the crime lab had said that the semen wasn’t from the defendant. So the defendant gets to withdraw his plea.

    What’s interesting is that *the courts are divided* on this question. Hmmm…should a defendant be told before he enters a plea that the prosecutors have access to evidence calling his guilt in question? That’s sure a tough one.

    The NY Times has an article about it.

    1. I thought it was already established law throughtout the country that prosecutors were required to share all their findings with the defense, including exculpatory evidence.

      1. Not if it might hurt their batting average.

      2. A plea deal happens before the discovery stage of proceedings. That stage is reached after you enter your plea because if you plead as guilty, it’s considered un-needed.

        So, if you agree to a plea deal in Law & Order-type circumstances in the interrogation room, you plead as guilty at the arraignment, and the rest of the legal proceedings are dropped – including discovery.

        The courts are divided because, procedurally, discovery would likely have been followed had the plea not been guilty, so it’s not like his rights were violated – he simply abdicated the right by accepting the deal offered. A similar option is rejecting the advice of council. If you say you don’t want a lawyer, you don’t get to file an appeal after you lose and say you were denied legal council, right?

        On the other hand, police are allowed to lie to get a confession, so if they say “We have alllll this evidence that connect you and only you….” weren’t you coerced into accepting a lesser charge as a part of a plea that might be far more palatable than whatever they are saying you’ll go away for?

        1. Therefore, seeing that justice is done is second place to preserving the batting average of the prosecutor.

  63. Hip-hip-hooray, “global warming” returns to the midwest as Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and South Dakota get slammed with a blizzard of up to 18 inches in some places.

    Still waiting for that horrible day when snow disappears from our lives forever, because apparently it hasn’t arrived just yet.

    1. I say bring global warming on. I am a skinny fuck with thin blood. If it is so cold that when I get drunk and pass out on my lawn, I have to worry about hypothermia, it is too cold.

    2. We got about 6″ in Rockford, last night. Chicago gets lake effect snow which often doubles the amount or more.

      1. Shit, our weather in Columbus is usually about 2 days behind yours.

        1. Well enjoy what you have coming. Usually we don’t see snow until we are in December. And the first is usually just a dusting.

          1. We had bitter cold and snow last November. It was crazy.

      2. Well the weather map says Rockford got 7.3″ I just used my calibrated eyeball with a look out the window.

      3. Sunny and 52 in NYC 😛

    3. Global warming refers to average temperatures among all seasons and all places on earth. It does not mean that every place on earth gets warmer during all times of year.

      In fact, one of the consequences of global warming is that the jet stream more easily moves south over North America during the winter, causing the Northeast and Great Lakes regions to share more weather with the Arctic and less with the Gulf of Mexico. Even with the Arctic getting less cold, that means the Northeast and Great Lakes get colder.

  64. Kids are being taught that free speech causes violence. For example, on many campuses they must take a VAWA training that claims that ‘disrespectful speech’ like catcalls causes rape. Of course, it doesn’t. Not teaching kids that rape is wrong (and relying on Law and Order reruns and Barney the dinosaur and VAWA training to educate them) is what causes rape.

    1. Nobody ever “taught” me that rape is wrong. It seems kind of obvious.

    2. “Not teaching kids that rape is wrong … is what causes rape.”

      Entirely wrong. Basically, what Rhywun said.

      Societal norms of Right & Wrong aren’t things that have to be actively & specifically inculcated, but are things which children and adults absorb over a lifetime, through a mix of natural instinct and passive social reinforcement.

      There’s a million basic ethical things I was never “taught” that i know. How i know them is partly human nature (‘the golden rule’) and partly just awareness that my social self-interest isn’t served by being a violent criminal.

      Human beings are not blank drives that need to have their entire operating system programmed into them from the outside. People are not driven to become rapists or serial killers by the environmental stimuli, and no amount of ‘censoring’ of society will ever be particularly helpful in ‘preventing rape’. Porn doesn’t ‘create rapists’ and neither does Misogynist language, etc. Rapists emerge from a tiny 1% of the population that for whatever reasons develop sadistic, sociopathic tendencies. They aren’t “made” from otherwise-normal people through exposure to hooker-murder in GTA IV or whatever. And no amount of Classroom Pedagogy instructing them to Not Force Sex on others is going to undo a person with a broken moral calculus. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded and has an inflated notion of the actual value of “Teaching”…

  65. Close the schools. All of them. K-12-PhD*

    *SLD: defund them, if you prefer*

  66. Millennials speak much more freely after being properly poled.

  67. Hundreds of comments and not one to point out that Robby misreported the results by race? Whites are less in favor of speech restrictions than nonwhites, not the reverse as stated above.

    1. I expect this sloppy sort of “misreporting” from Reason editors.

      Reason should put Robby out on the street to sell apples, or pencils, or matches or whatever it is Lucy has to do to earn a living these days.

    2. “Hundreds of comments and not one to point out that Robby misreported the results by race? ‘

      I think people have gone above and beyond their duty just by reading the actual post; actually reading the *link*, and cross checking for accuracy?… seems a bit much to ask.

      Also: accurately reporting results by race is like totes problematic.

      That said = the data seems mainly to suggest that “Free Speech” only remains popular with “old white republican males who went to college” – ergo, Patriarchy! naturally *they* want their freedoms to oppress people and cause verbal violence.

      Also amusing: was the pro-government-Censorship popularity in… Germany and Italy? You know who else ….

    3. Something to be expected. Goes right along with Ron Bailey’s report parroting a claim that no refugee ever committed terrorism in the US, then when called on it he jumped through semantic hoops to ignore the fact he was completely wrong.

      Then there was the Shikha Dalmia’s parroted claim that the US took in “America took in about 800,000 boat people after the Vietnam War.” In reality, the total number of surviving boat people never got to 800,000. Under the Orderly Departure Program from 1980 to 1997, a total of 458,367 Vietnamese were resettled in the US. That is not even “almost” 500,000.

      Certainly there is one of these gems in almost every story.

  68. Lots of humorous comments but the reality is this is not a funny issue. There is a reason why the First Amendment was first. It is a cornerstone of a free society.

    1. If you read the First Amendment like the statists read the Second Amendment, none of the words mean what you think they mean.

  69. So this is where Donald Trump is getting his support.

  70. All speech seeking to censor speech is offensive and should be banned.

  71. It should be noted that German law as applied is much more restricitive than first amendment case law. And hate speech is a criminal offense.

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