German Intelligence Spied on FBI, US Arms Companies, New York City Man Claims He Caught Three-Eyed Fish, Researchers May Have Found New Tomb in Great Pyramid: A.M. Links


  • FOX
  • The foreign intelligence agency of Germany reportedly spied on the FBI as well as well as U.S. arms companies.
  • Two nephews of Venzuelan President Nicolas Maduro were arrested in Haiti by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, which was running a drug smuggling sting operation.
  • Police in Alabama have charged an 8-year-old boy for the alleged murder of a 1-year-old girl. The boy is accused of beating the infant to death because she wouldn't stop crying.
  • University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Melissa Click offered a public apology for bullying a student journalist away from a public protest.
  • A man in New York City says he caught a three-eyed fish in the Gowanus Canal.
  • Researchers in Egypt say they may have found evidence of an undiscovered tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Spoiler alert: it's full of grain.

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  1. The foreign intelligence agency of Germany reportedly spied on the FBI as well as well as U.S. arms companies.


    1. as well as well as U.S. arms companies

      I gotta hand it to those Krauts

      1. You know who else handed it to those Krauts ….

        1. Argentina’s national soccer team?

    2. Streng Geheim?

    3. Hello.

  2. Researchers in Egypt say they may have found evidence of an undiscovered tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Was it…

    Spoiler alert: it’s full of grain.

    Dammit Ed.

    1. Who wants spoiled grain?

      1. Hardcore alcoholics?

        1. Why does someone have to be hardcore to want some femented grain squeezin’s?

          Don’t be a hater.

    2. If aliens had built it, it would be full of stars.

    3. No, it wasn’t “full of grain”. The article doesn’t mention grain, nor does it mention Krayewski trying to be funny.

  3. This wine commercial got banned because this elegant and attractive woman said this tasty phrase

    The wine, this attractive young woman says, is so much like Australia that “some say you can almost taste the bush,” a statement accompanied by this photo.

    The Advertising Standards Authority said it received eight complaints.

    Five of those, including Wine Australia, a statutory body within Australia whose role includes promoting the consumption and sale of Australian wine overseas, challenged the ads because they were sexist and degrading toward women. Three complainants challenged whether the ads were in breach of the code because they linked alcohol with sexual activity.

    1. officials said that the campaign was targeted to a mature 35- to 45-year-old, wine-drinking, audience and was intended to be playful and tongue-in-cheek

      “‘Tongue-in-cheek’, if you catch our drift.”

      1. Err, if you’re tongue is in the cheeks that’s not the bush you’re tasting

        1. Shitty wine?

          1. Like a fine Burgundy, Bobarian.

    2. Pretty sure Alcohol is linked with sexual activity all on its own. A good amount of the worlds population owe their existence to it.

    3. Good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used. – Othello

      Guess we’ll just have to ban Shakespeare as well.

      1. Lots of PC feeltards would love to banish the Bard.

    4. Leftists like their whine to taste like booosh.

    5. “The wine is dusty, fruity, with traces of pubic flavor…”

    6. …challenged the ads because they were sexist and degrading toward women.

      A woman implying that she’d like to receive oral pleasure is sexist and degrading?

    7. Who wants tuna flavored wine?

      Goes good with fish, I suppose.

    8. Cuervo’s ad goes: So much like Mexico that some say you can almost taste the dirty Sanchez.

    9. I’m glad Wine Australia stepped in and squashed this disgusting ad. It is nice to know that someone is concerned about the pubic good.

      1. What you did there…

    10. That’s pretty awesome really. The banners are assholes.

  4. Spoiler alert: it’s full of grain.

    The pharaohs were the ultimate preppers.

    1. You know, if I were going to go out in public and make known my theory that the pyramid was built for grain storage, I’d probably check first to see if any grain had ever been found in said pyramid during any excavations. I mean, surely if massive amounts of grain were stored there in the past there must be a few kernels of this grain lying around in a dark corner somewhere, right?

      1. Maybe the rats at it all? *quickly exits the room*

        1. ate – jeezus the alzheimers is starting early today

      2. You don’t need any evidence when the Bible is on your side.

  5. Angelina Co. man, upset over sad song, shoots radio

    A daily activity report stated that an ACSO deputy responded to a 911 call about shots fired at a home in the 6000 block of FM 2251 at about 6:07 a.m. Sunday and found a man inside a vehicle in his own yard.

    The man told the deputy that he had gotten drunk and was in his pickup listening to music when a sad song he didn’t like began playing. At that point, the suspect allegedly shot the radio in his truck with a .22-caliber pistol.

    “Suspect’s wife took possession of the handgun and suspect,” the activity report stated.

    1. How many pickup trucks and dogs went missing in that song?

    2. All as it had been foretold by the philosopher-king Joe Diffie. PBUH

    3. Not a jukebox, but it’ll do I suppose.

      I once bit a 45 record to stop it playing a song that made me cry. Then again, I was 4 at the time, and didn’t have a .22.

  6. University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Melissa Click offered a public apology for bullying a student journalist away from a public protest.

    Still on staff despite the public assault on a minority student?

    1. You expected any different?

    2. No, she resigned.

      1. From the School of Journalism courtesy position, not from her position in the Communications School, unless that recently changed.

      2. No, she resigned her ‘courtesy appointment’ to the journalism school. She is still employed as a communications professor.


      3. She resigned ftom her teaching duties at the J-school. She is still a part of the faculty in the communications department.

      4. I hear she is still employed by the school in the Communications Department.

      5. Woodrow, you nincompoop, she resigned from her position in the journalism department, but she is still employed by the communications department.

        1. I like the word ‘nincompoop’. It is the best word to describe ‘nincompoopery’ that I know.

          Plus, it is fun to say.

        2. “Crusty Juggler|11.12.15 @ 9:19AM|#

          Woodrow, you nincompoop, she resigned from her position in the journalism department, but she is still employed by the communications department.”

          And that is the very reason behind the “resignation”

          To fool the nincompoopery into thinking she had atoned for error of passion.

          Yet her twits say she is #sorrynotsorry

      6. What’s that? You say she’s still working in the Communications Department?

        1. That’s what I heard! She’s still at the University in the communications department. She only resigned her courtesy appointment with the J-School.

      7. Not sure if anyone said this yet, but she only resigned from her courtesy appointment at the J-school. She is still a professor at the communication dept.

      8. She resigned from the Journalism courtesy position but she’s still on staff at Communications.

      9. *one long, continuous narrowed gaze at the lot of ye*

      10. *throws himself off of cliff*

      11. Yes, you’re exactly right, Chippenhaus.

  7. Took my car into the dealership this morning because I have free oil changes and I’m lazy. I’ve been forced to watch CNN for the last 45 minutes. People actually watch this voluntarily?

    1. Yes, they do, but here’s the weird thing: they think that’s OK, and it’s actually good for them, and educational.

      1. Are you saying watching CNN Is Not Ok?

        1. CNN is problematic.

          1. As long as Ashleigh Banfield is on the screen I am pro-CNN.

            1. For enlightened feminist pro-womyn-in-media reasons, or for patriarchal cishet shitlord male gaze reasons?

              1. As an alpha male who approves of chicks with jobs, I will answer “both.”

                1. PROBLEMATIC.

            2. CNN is fine, if you watch it like Crusty, with the volume and your pants both turned down.

              1. Jerkin’ it to pictures of Syrian refugees is DEFINITELY problematic.

    2. They’re all terrible in the morning, because content is tailored to the soccer moms. THERE I SAID IT.

      1. How DARE you Fist soccer moms in general!

          1. Its actually Eugene.

            1. Looks to me like “of”.

              1. But it’s pronounced Eugene

              2. MSimon, you ignorant slut, ‘Fist of Etiquette’ isn’t his real name!

                His real name is Barnaby Eugene Etiquette, Jr.

          2. I thought of was your middle name?

    3. It’s the ‘most balanced’ news agency I’m told by progs.

      1. Try watching CNN International. It’s worse.

    4. Watch Touchvision lately? CNN is right wing fanaticism by comparison.

      1. How is “TouchVision” not a porn channel?

  8. British teenager brutally attacked by wannabe author after leaving bad review online

    A teenager was hunted down and attacked by a crazed wannabe author after she left a bad review of his book online.

    Paige Rolland, 18, was smashed over the head with a wine bottle by failed writer Richard Brittain in a brutal assault.

    Brittain traveled 500 miles from his home in England to the supermarket where Rolland worked in Scotland to confront her after she criticized his book “The World Rose” online.

    Stalker Brittain, 28, used social media to discover where she worked, before creeping up on her and smashing a wine bottle over her head, knocking her out.

    1. Good lord, poor girl.

    2. It’s what Hemingway would have done.

      1. It’s certainly not Hemingway’s final solution.

    3. An epic fairytale romance set in a semi-fictional ancient world, containing elements of action, adventure, poetry and comedy. The title has a triple meaning: the central character is a renowned beauty – ‘the rose of the world’ – while the rose flower features heavily in the plot, and it also implies that the world rose up. When Ronwind Drake discovers treasures in a distant paradise, a new golden age seems set to begin, but Ella Tundra will find that all which glitters is not gold as she faces many obstacles in her quest for true love.

      It’s hard to pick which of the three sentences makes me want to read this the least.

      1. “Suddenly a shot rang out.”

        1. It was a dark and stormy semi-fictional ancient world.

      2. Ella Tundra will find that all which glitters is not gold as she faces many obstacles in her quest for true love.

        She’s just like me.

        1. Ella Tundra ? Tundra ? Tundra ?

          That name rings a bell.

          Isn’t there a Tubdra that hangs out around here ?

          I’m wondering…..

      3. The need to explain the ‘triple meaning’ of the title does it for me. If you gotta explain your art, you are doing it wrong.

        1. The triple meaning of the title doesn’t even make sense because “The Rose of the World” does not grammatically mean “the world rose up.” It would be “The Rise of the World.”

          1. A Rose the World

            *dry heaves*

      4. In the game of love, you love or you die.

      5. Ella Tundra, daughter of Bob Permafrost, sister to Jason Ragweed, and cousin to Jasmine Desert, thought for a moment on the existential crisis she found herself in, “Do I am what we are altogether?”

      6. For my own shitty novels, writing the little blurb that describes the books contents is a painful exercise. I’ve seen plenty – troll through Smashwords for examples – that make me cringe.

        1. “He came, he posted links, he conquered, he came again.”

          1. he came again

            Good for him. Dude eats a lot of salmon, i take it?

            1. I’ve heard oysters are good, too…

        2. +1file labeled Working Title

      7. “The title has a triple meaning: the central character is a renowned beauty – ‘the rose of the world’ – while the rose flower features heavily in the plot, and it also implies that the world rose up.”

        Good God.

        1. I know. That’s stinky bad. That’s the kind of guy who drinks a cranberry lambic in public. Fuck that guy.

          1. [Quietly slides cranberry lambic bottle behind chair.]

      8. Needz moar DOOMCOCK!

        1. From the excerpts posted, I suspect the author falls firmly into the Healing Powers Of Sex trope.

          1. Fact: my penis cures micropsia.

            1. Mine is big in Japan. Or possibly just shaped like Japan, i forget which.

              1. Or possibly just shaped like Japan

                You may want to get that checked out.

    4. I’m kinda surprised more of these Internet warriors don’t slip their leash more often

    5. That’s sick. Let’s all go leave a bad review. See what the asshole does then.

      1. “Words cannot express how good this work is.”

        1. “I find this piece of literature staggering shattering all works before it…and after. And forever.”

    6. she got a taste of the bush if you catch my drift.

    7. Stalker Brittain, 28, used social media to discover where she worked, before creeping up on her and smashing a wine bottle over her head, knocking her out.

      You don’t say.

    8. Is his book more popular now?

      1. Proceeds from the cult following this engenders may pay off the steep legal fees.

    9. Didn’t Jay and Silent Bob end ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ like this?

      So, not even original.

      “Richard Brittain is fucking clown shoes. Fuck Richard. Fuck Him up his stupid ass.”

  9. Trump Was Right About TPP Benefiting China

    The TPP does indeed allow China and other non-members to reap benefits from the deal without having to abide by any of its terms.

    Here’s how it works: TPP and other free trade deals allow signatories to exchange goods without tariffs. But we live in a complicated world, with source materials derived from one country often traveling through a supply chain to another and completed in a third before moving to a retail market.

    To cope with this, TPP adds a “rule of origin” chapter to determine whether an amalgamated good qualifies for tariff-free status. This is particularly important in Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam or Malaysia, which get a significant amount of production materials from China.

    1. Actual free trade would be way too simple, I guess. As someone who exports things fairly frequently, I am often annoyed by the fact that supposed “free trade agreements” always mean more paperwork.

      1. Apparently the agreement doesn’t take into account the greatest weapon currently in the protectionists hands “currency manipulation”.

      2. Yeah. I’m skeptical of the TPP because like all supposed ‘trade agreements’ I suspect it’s just going to involve regulatory flattening so that everyone ends up with the same regulatory standards.

        1. NPR’s planet money had a hard on simply because of the number of pages in it.

        2. And we’ll all be named Beverly.

    2. No doubt he had this in mind.

    3. C’mon guys, this is insane okay, look these people, no offense are stupid. I’m smart. Have you seen my wife Melania? Anyway, these people think they can walk all over america they can’t okay. I will personally make the chinese build a wall preventing them from beating us because I’m a winner, I’m worth like a toooon of money like something like 15 billion. Anyway. It will be HUUUUUUGE.

      1. You laugh, but when the kaiju get here, you’ll be glad we go those TrumpWalls!

  10. A man in New York City says he caught a three-eyed fish in the Gowanus Canal.

    How will this affect Monty Burns’ Presidential election hopes?

    1. in the Gowanus Canal

      Is that near coney island?


      1. Gowanus Canal is a right off of Taint street.

        1. Must be pretty close to where I drink my bush flavored wine.

          1. You may have been drinking Felchberry’s Farm.

            1. +1 Doctor Seegood

      2. Coney Island Whitefish have only one eye, and it’s blind.

  11. These occasional stories about who is spying on whom always seem rather uninteresting. Don’t we already pretty much know that everyone spies on everyone (including allies) to the extent that they can get away with it?

    1. “This just in, Germany spied with their little eye something that begins with F.”
      “In other news, the Kardashian transmission system, CAIT-L11n, has been approved for underage use. Installation rates among children have never been higher. This Is Who I Am industries has also been offering “penis back guarantees” to those children who, transmissioning from male to female and who experience the sudden sensation of patriarchal oppression due to their new womanhood, would rather have their old nob reinstalled, donated by third world child soldiers, inmates, and Guantanamo detainees.”
      “More news at 11.”

  12. Promised Bipartisanship, Obama Adviser Found Disappointment

    “I do not believe the White House ever committed fully to a genuine bipartisan approach to policy making, despite the president’s words to the contrary,” Mr. LaHood wrote in the book, which he produced with Frank H. Mackaman.

    While he said he believed that Mr. Obama was sincere when he said he wanted bipartisanship, the president was hamstrung “by mistakes in judgment and political calculation that prevented cooperation between the political parties and sacrificed vision too easily for short-term gain.”

    The book is the latest from an administration insider to publicly air criticism of Mr. Obama, after memoirs by Robert M. Gates and Leon E. Panetta, who each served as defense secretary. By the seventh year of an administration, such books become increasingly common, and the White House had no comment about the latest on Wednesday.

    1. Mr. LaHood is about six years late to the party and, if he honestly believes Obama was sincere, terribly na?ve, as well.

    2. Obama probably did want bipartisanship in his administration. It’s just he defined it as everyone doing what he wanted to do. He failed to understand that he would have to sacrifice things he wanted if he wanted the other side to sacrifice things they wanted.

      1. ^This. No one ever challenged Obama’s way of thinking during his early years as a student, law student, or politician. From this, he apparently concluded that “I’m right and if someone disagrees with me, it just means I need to explain myself more slowly and condescendingly.”

        1. so like an American tourist in France? 😉

        2. . From this, he apparently concluded that

          No. He believes that because he’s a malignant narcissist. If you’ve ever lived with someone suffering from one the personality disorders in the BPD NPD cluster, you will recognize the signs.

          The only thing he hasn’t done to signal his disorder is to parade around in a sandwich board with the words “I am a narcissist” written on it in big block letters.

        3. He’s just like real folks, then.

      2. Well, to be fair, most leftists and journalists think bipartisanship means doing things their way. Republicans, bless their hearts, seem to think calls for bipartisanship are sincere.

      3. Yep. When the myth of a post-partisan president died when he sat the team red leaders down about a month after he strolled into office and said Mandate, bitches. It might have been true at the time, but times change and there is nothing more butthurt than the ego of a congress critter who is treated like that.

        1. He and his fan club were still saying MANDATE in 2012 after he beat Romney by 2%.

        2. I was under the impression he said “Man date bitches.” Which is true on a number of levels. His wife fer instance.

    3. Damn. I was so looking forward to the sparkles that is the NYT comments.

  13. Researchers in Egypt say they may have found evidence of an undiscovered tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Spoiler alert: it’s full of grain.

    Spolier alert: The Egyptians drank a lot of beer before Mohammed enlightened them.

  14. “University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Melissa Click offered a public apology for bullying a student journalist away from a public protest.”

    Heard about this. It’s not nearly enough to rehabilitate their image, though. They’ve let these students run a good professor out of school because he wouldn’t cancel midterms. I’m hoping that students applying for college are looking at what happening on this campus and applying elsewhere. Until their enrollment number drop they aren’t going to do anything.

    1. I’m hoping employers in Missouri and nationwide are watching these protests and dropping any applications from current Missouri students into the trash.

      1. dropping any applications from current Missouri students into the trash.

        Seems like a pretty ham-fisted way to categorize 30,000 individuals

        1. Your comment microagresses the overweight. As a thin person who identifies as overweight, I, too, am offended. Apologize now!

          1. Not mention people with ham fists.

            1. If I had ham fists, i would literally sit on the sofa all day and chew on my fists.

            2. HAM FIST sounds like the superhero we need to take on ISIS.

            3. go on.

          2. This morning has been an historic day for HnR! ? full of emotion and confusion. I have reviewed and reflected upon the statement I made to Bern-o-Matic 5000, and have written this statement to offer both apology and context for my actions. I regret the language I used, and sincerely apologize to the BoM5000, the HnR community, and people of large, er, I mean ‘well endowed’ stature for my thoughts and that they have shifted attention away from the those campaigning for weight justice.


              1. #sorryyoutookoffense

            1. gaijin, you have satisfied the first of my eight-point demands list. I expect you to resign, provide a more inclusive space for marginalized fatties and fatty-identifiers, offer greater mental health facilities and safe spaces full of delicious bacon, and give us all cush jobs in academia.

              And do something about Shitler and the Turd Reich. That also violates my safe space

              1. “The Rise and Fall of the Turd Reich”

                1. by A. Kohler

                2. +1 Heil Shitler

        2. “ham-fisted”? That is not kosher.

      2. I’m hoping the Missouri legislature are watching these protests and reconsidering whether they want to continue spending the hard-earned tax dollars of their constituents to finance this nonsense.

    2. Actually, I hope professors are looking at what’s going on. I think an inability to attract faculty would hurt far worse, and is more likely.

      1. Job market is far too tight. They will fill the job spots and poor faculty hires can take years to do the damage to the reputation that the university deserves.

        The retention rates will kill their rankings faster. The follow-up article on transfers and turned-down early acceptances will be harder to write, but I hope it gets out there. Mizzou doesn’t have a name to fall back on like Yale, and most people going to a state college aren’t trust babies that will be fine with a diploma from a laughingstock.

      2. That’s unlikely to happen though. Too many of these special snowflakes want to become professors when they grow up. This devolution of the school will probably increase their applicant pool.

        1. Well, you can’t run a non-liberal arts college with nothing but liberal arts professors.

          1. You can’t run any college with nothing but liberal arts professors. The humanities departments don’t support themselves.

      3. And when this nonsense spreads to every other college in the country, what then.

        1. We’ll start our own college! With blackjack and hookers!

          1. And monkey butlers! It’ll be like Swiss Family Robinson, but with more cursing!

            We’ll live like kings! Damn hell ass kings!

        2. You can divide micoagressions infinitely. It’s like Bitchcoin.

  15. Ithaca college joins the protest game

    “Our hearts are heavy with the pain of Mizzou and Yale and Smith and every person of color on a college campus simply because of the color of their skin, the texture of their hair or their ancestry. This a problem of the nation. However, how can a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world not actively foster growth to our consciousness of oppression and privilege?”

    We realize that it’s Veterans Day, a day to celebrate people who made this country free, but as we stand here today we are not free.

    1. However, how can a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world not actively foster growth to our consciousness of oppression and privilege?”

      Serious question: Can somebody translate that into English?

      1. “College is here to make us dumber. I don’t feel endumbmuranted enough yet.”

        1. Nailed it.

      2. “I hope people notice that I am expressing large amounts of white guilt.”

        1. What kind of cleaner can be used to eradicate it that will not destroy carpet?

      3. “Before we arrived on campus, we did not realize that oppression and privilege were so widespread in our society. However, our learned faculty have taught us that, in fact both oppression and privilege function everywhere. Unfortunately, although we know this, we are still not able to recognize it. Our college needs to continue to train us to recognize these twin evils. Only then will we be prepared to ‘make a difference’ in the real world.”

        1. “They expect us to get assignments done on time, take exams and act like mature adults. They even expect us to respect the views and opinions of those that disagree with us and not spit on them! How dare they! Oppression!! Repression!! Racism!!”

          1. “See the violence inherent in the system!”

          2. When I was in college, I had a professor make me take one of the mid-term tests even though I had a note from a doctor stating that I had suffered a bad concussion the night before – another student even had to show me where the class was when they found me stumbling around the halls. Professor said that we were allowed to drop our lowest test score, so this would be mine. Ended up with a C in the class because of this, but I accepted it as being primarily my fault as I didn’t do well on the other tests.

            And these special little flowers are complaining that they should be excused from their studies because their feelings were hurt? I’m very happy that I have chosen not to breed – I don’t know if I’d want to subject another living being to this world…

      4. ‘I’m an idiot please ram an object up my ass.’

      5. “Protesting is fun!”

      6. a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world

        Followed by pure fantastical fiction?

    2. “Our hearts are heavy with the pain of … every person of color on a college campus simply because of the color of their skin”


      1. So, they have a beef with affirmative action?

        1. English, motherfucker.

    3. Too bad they are demanding to be less free.


        1. I think it’s spelled EXTORTED?

    4. Whelp, there is another college off the list of recommendations.

    5. Our hearts are heavy with the pain of Mizzou and Yale and Smith and every person of color on a college campus simply because of the color of their skin, the texture of their hair or their ancestry.

      Something’s not right with this sentence. “Our hearts are heavy…simply because of the color of their skin”? I don’t think that’s why they wanted to say, but hard to tell.

      1. It’s implying that every POC is only on campus because they are a POC and they are in pain because of it, causing in turn the writer to have a heavy heart. They seem to have left out a number of words, because I doubt that’s what they meant.

        How did these people even get into college with such poor writing skills?

        1. I’ll just leave this here.

          WARNING: Turn down volume before clicking..

          1. ….and they WON.

            That’s the macabre beauty of it all.

          2. Dude, I think that really is Rerun.

          3. Wait, I thought the whole point of competitive debate was to practice arguing things that aren’t necessarily your own point of view? This seems completely contrary to that idea.

        2. During my stint as a college prof, I hated grading lab reports. I think of the ~1,000 students that I taught maybe 5 could consistently produce grammatical sentences, and only 1 really could write decently.

            1. Nope! Future pharmacists!

          1. Keep your sentences short. Don’t repeat yourself. If it sounds clever in your head, don’t write it down. If it sounds clever after you wrote it down, delete it. Read it out loud when you are finished.

            It’s really not that difficult.

            1. Did that sound clever in your head?

              1. The rules for blog commenting are different when narrowed gazes are sought after.

                I bet you thought that was clever too.

        3. Watching that Yale video of an angry irrational mob confronting some administrator for not policing Halloween costumes really made me wonder how any of those people made it into an ostensibly ivy league school. Diversity for it’s own sake I guess, but if you look at the amount of courses they offer in “critical race theory”, “critical gender theory” and other identity politics topics and you can see that the university has kind of done this to themselves.

          1. A lot of people think that activism is a reason to go to college. And a lot of colleges promote this idea for some stupid reason.

            1. Some think it is a reason to attend college, some others think it’s part of the college experience. You’re in college? Well it’s your responsibility to protest something. If not now, when?

        4. It amazed me how badly people write when I was in college. Seems only to have gotten worse since then.

          If you go to college, in whatever field, you should at least come out able to write coherently and clearly.

          1. I tell this story a lot, but I BSed my way through the first essay exam in my freshman Lit class. I really just slapped together this essay about… something, I don’t know, without much effort. I turned it in expecting, at best, to get a B. I was given an A and asked if my essay could be circulated as an example to other students about how to write a 5-paragraph essay.

            This was at NYU. In the liberal arts college. The students were all paying $40,000 a year. Yet they didn’t know how to write a goddamn essay. Not even the basic structure of thesis-statement, 3 paragraphs supporting arguments, and conclusion. It amazes me to this day.

            1. And you should come out of high school knowing how to write a basic essay like that. Describe what you are going to say, then say it, then say what you just said. And keep it simple and precise. Those basic principles served me very well.

    6. “We’re so stupid we’re voluntarily spending four winters in Ithaca, and not even getting a degree from Cornell out of it!”

      1. This. You’re already in Ithaca, don’t give prospective students any excuse to go somewhere else. Might as well hold high school visits in February.

    7. This is not going to end well for any students and staff who are independent-minded enough to reject this bullshit.

    8. Aside from the stupidity of the ideas,

      The unholy shittiness of the actual writing may be a bigger indictment of the alleged education being provided to these idiots.

      If you can’t write better than that by the time you’ve been in college a few years, you should be flunked out. You’re just not college material.

  16. Goldman Sachs: Health-Care Costs Are About to Start Pushing Core Inflation Higher

    “Health inflation typically outpaces economy-wide inflation, but over the last couple of years the health sector has actually been running well below the rate of core inflation,” wrote economist Alec Phillips.

    The Fed uses the core personal consumption index as its primary metric for assessing the upward pressure on prices, and medical costs are a substantial factor to this metric.

    These disinflationary pressures, which have been emanating primarily from the public sector, are nearly at an inflection point, Goldman says.

    Phillips outlined the four policy tweaks that have weighed on this segment in recent years:

  17. University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Melissa Click offered a public apology for bullying a student journalist away from a public protest.

    I thought EVERYONE deserves a “safe space” because equality. This journalist was a victim of macroaggression.

    1. This comment is out of line. Can I get some muscle over here?

    1. Doesn’t Ithaca College just exist to give something for people at Cornell to laugh at?

      1. Either way, students from both schools have been known to commit suicide by jumping off bridges into the gorges.

        1. Winters there were a serious detriment to my mental health. I made some other not-so-smart decisions at Cornell that made it hard to handle myself, but those winters were awful.

          I only seriously considered the gorge twice, and it’s not like I was on the bridge railing or anything.

          1. Can’t be as bad as the winters in Canton, NY. Thank God (or whatever) we were young and full of anti-freeze much of the time.

          2. We had 3 jumpers during my Cornell years. One was really an accident. Drunken Frat boy was showing off how he could do a handstand on the railing – his body was recovered about a week later further down Fall Creek.

  18. Dems want to tighten limits on federal aid to for-profit colleges

    Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Dick Durbin (Ill.), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) and Jack Reed (R.I.) are backing legislation that would require for-profit colleges to get 15 percent of their revenue from non-federal sources.

    Currently for-profit institutions can get 90 percent of their revenue from taxpayer dollars and 10 percent from non-payer sources, in what is known as the 90-10 rule.

    Durbin said that the ratio “allows far too much federal money to funnel to an industry that often provides a greater return on taxpayer investment to its administrators and investors than it does to its students.”

    The legislation would also require that federal aid for veterans and military benefits?including the G.I. bill and tuition assistance from the Pentagon?is classified as federal aid under the 90-10 rule.

    1. Too bad the Repubs are too limp-dicked to pick up this legislation, and amend it to apply to every college, sit back, and watch the pearl-clutching, panty-bunching hilarity.

      They can’t lose. If it passes, they are starting to gut the financing of their enemies. If it doesn’t pass, well, that’s nearly always a win regardless of the bill.

      1. You’re wasting your talents, RC. If I was running for political office – stop laughing! – I would hire you as a staffer.

    2. Somebody watched The Good Wife last week, and found it problematic.

  19. I just pooped a circle-a, so I think I may be your new leader.

      1. You do not trust me? RACIST.

        1. I trust you only if you claim the circle-a was smeared on a dorm wall!

          1. That is racist against Statist-Americans!

  20. Greece strike disrupts transportation, services; large protests expected

    Greek workers stayed at home on Thursday to protest austerity measures, in the biggest domestic challenge to Alexis Tsipras’s government since he was re-elected in September on a promise to cushion the impact of years of economic hardship.

    Public transport was severely disrupted Thursday, with the Athens metro not running, bus and trolley routes reduced and ferries tied up in port. The strike shut down museums, schools and pharmacies, while state hospitals were functioning with emergency staff.

    More than a dozen domestic flights were cancelled, while journalists also walked off the job, pulling news bulletins off the air except to report strike news.

    1. Now if the government workers would just stay home every day, I think Greece could be on the road to recovery.

      1. But… but… who will run the buses and museums?!

        1. Thomas Bruce the 7th Earl of Elgin?

  21. Ms. Magazine: Institutionalized Rape: It’s Not Just an ISIS Problem

    While ISIS endorses sexual assault, American college administrations similarly facilitate and perpetuate the rape of women on campuses. Sexual violence becomes institutionalized through complicity. Recently published survey results show that as many as one in four women experience sexual assault on U.S. college campuses. The American Association of Universities surveyed 150,000 students at 27 colleges and universities in the spring of 2015. More than 27 percent of female college seniors reported that, since entering college, they had experienced some kind of unwanted sexual contact. Nearly half of those, 13.5 percent, had experienced penetration, attempted penetration or unwanted oral sex. A significant percentage of students say they did not report because they were “?embarrassed, ashamed or that it would be too emotionally difficult” or “?did not think anything would be done about it.”

    1. Well at least they are being honest about what their bullshit statistics imply. I hope more draw parallels between real rape cultures like ISIS and America. No one but the fully converted are going to take them seriously when they say living in a warzone is less dangerous than a college campus.

    2. If universities have higher instances of rape than most war zones, why are people still going to college?

      1. To protest?

      2. To get laid?

        1. You win

      3. To earn their victim status

    3. And if any of this were true, college women would stop attending parties. They would demand segregated dorms with security at the door and bed checks at 9 pm. They would not attend tailgate parties. They would never travel alone on campus.

      Their actual behavior disproves the statistics.

    4. Ms. Magazine lead Propogandist Gloria “the Righteous” Steinem

      “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”

      cue dramatic music, and fade to Hammer & Sickle Party Logo

      1. I thought the way we raise our daughters was supposed to be the big problem?

      2. If only more men wore dresses.

        1. I’d wear more dresses if it were socially acceptable. Much more comfortable than pants if you don’t need the freedom of movement and protection that pants provide.

          1. As a kilt-wearing Scot descendant, I can say unabashedly, real men wear kilts. Nothing like a cool breeze on your nether regions on a hot day. Plus, ladies can’t help themselves… the feMALE gaze!

    5. Shark…. jumped

    6. Yes, colleges are hotbeds of rape and racism, likely worse than the society at large.

      Everybody should go into debt to spend at least 4 years at these retrograde hellholes.

      Nobody believes this bullshit, especially not the people peddling it.

      1. Nobody believes this bullshit, especially not the people peddling it.

        Yup. It’s one of those special lines of bullshit that the people peddling it don’t believe it. The people they’re ostensibly trying to convince don’t believe it. The people peddling it know the people they’re trying to peddle it to don’t believe it. And yet everyone involved is expected to not be so rude as to actually say that they don’t believe it.

    7. “experienced…unwanted oral sex” – how does this happen?

    8. Given how many crazy social events college students are likely to attend… only 27 percent of women experienced unwanted contact over 4 years? I’d think everyone but total shut-ins gets some unwanted contact at some point. I had my ass slapped once, and I was a shlubby loser!

      1. Yeah I’ve gotten groped at parties… and asked by girls to show my penis… plus kissed without asking.

        *trembles in the dark, afraid to go out in the world*

        1. She didn’t say “Show your penis”, she said “Show you’re a penis”.

  22. The Trump Way on Immigration Suits Republicans, Poll Shows

    Republicans need to make gains with Hispanic voters in 2016, but that reality is complicated by the fact that more adults support Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration, a new Economist Group/YouGov Poll finds.

    A whopping 49 percent of Republicans and independents who lean to the GOP say Trump is the presidential candidate who can best handle the issue ? well ahead of Marco Rubio with 10 percent GOP support, Ted Cruz with 7 percent and Jeb Bush at 5 percent.

    The divide in the GOP over how to address issues stemming from illegal immigration spilled over in the fourth Republican presidential debate Tuesday. The opt-in, Internet survey was taken Nov. 5-9, before the economy-focused debate in Milwaukee.

  23. The postal workers union delivers an endorsement to Bernie Sanders

    The backing comes at a time when more national labor groups are breaking in the direction of Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite long-standing relationships with Sanders in many cases.

    “Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution,” Mark Dimondstein, president of the postal workers union, which represents 200,000 workers and retirees, said in a statement Thursday. “Sen. Bernie Sanders stands above all others as a true champion of postal workers and other workers throughout the country. He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.”

    1. “The politics of failure have failed, Bernie Sanders will make them work again.”

      1. “Bernie Sanders: the success of failure.”

      2. We must move forward, not backward! Upward, not forward!

    2. I never understood what this politics as usual has not worked. What would be considered working?

      1. The more postal workers there are, the better it is working. Obviously.

        1. Last election I saw an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on a postal delivery truck… I should have taken a photo. I always wondered if that was legal or not. The sticker, not the photo, I mean.

          1. If those were actual USPS-owned vehicles, then yes it was illegal as hell. Should have been reported. Now, if you live in a rural area and are on RFD service then your mail is most likely delivered by a part-time employee using his own vehicle, so not an issue. Also not sure about the status of those contract carriers who move truckloads of mail between cities.

      2. There is nothing that ‘working’ and the ‘postal workers union’ have in common.

    3. Yes, what we need is a “political revolution” that empowers and hires more government workers. So revolutionary.

      1. Don’t worry, Truman just got his postal worker endorsement last week. They should’ve used FEDEX.

  24. Black Friday’s Losing Its Mojo and Retailers Might Be Relieved

    Black Friday’s death has been greatly exaggerated before. This year, not so much.

    True, crazed bargain-hunters will never give it up, hooked on middle-of-the-night queues for blenders and fisticuffs over beds-in-a-bag. But the shopping day after Thanksgiving is growing less appealing for all involved. Retailers like Target Corp. and Best Buy Co. are spreading discounts through more of November, skimping on costly race-to-the-bottom tactics geared to getting people in the door as soon after the holiday meal as possible. And surveys are finding consumers are less interested in participating in the industry ritual.

    1. Online sales have really dropped the appeal. I could go stand in line in the cold for hours, or I could just make my purchase online from my desk on Monday.

      1. Who doesn’t enjoy dodging Rascal scooters and fighting with super-heavyweights for deals at Walmart? I always look forward to being suckerpunched by a 5’2″, 280 lb woman over a TV I don’t need.

  25. Record share of young U.S. women living with relatives: research

    The Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data showed that 36.4 percent of women ages 18 to 34 lived with family in 2014, mostly in the home of mother, father or both.

    The number tops the record set in 1940, when 36.2 percent of young women lived with relatives, the analysis said. 1940 is the earliest year for comparable data.

    Among young men, 42.8 percent were living with relatives last year, below the 1940 high of 47.5 percent.

    “The result is a striking U-shaped curve for young women – and young men – indicating a return to the past, statistically speaking,” Pew said.

    1. “a striking U-shaped curve for young women”


      1. “a striking Uterus-shaped curve…”

        That’s what they really mean.

        1. * a striking narrowed gaze*

    2. That would explain the falling spot prices on Seeking Arrangement…

    3. There’s another rape epidemic hiding somewhere in that story.

  26. Video emerges showing unarmed Virginia man being tased by three police officers while shackled before dying in custody – and all three cops have been PROMOTED

    Linwood Lambert was taken into police custody after he was found behaving in a paranoid and delusional way in his hotel room
    Cpl. Tiffany Bratton, Officer Clifton Mann and Officer Travis Clay of the South Boston Police Department decided to take him to a hospital
    Video shows Lambert becoming agitated during the ride and kicking out the window of the squad car when they arrive at ER
    The 46-year-old ran towards the door of the hospital, and the three officers began tasing him a total of 20 times over half an hour
    Lambert was placed under arrest but was unconscious when he arrived at the police station
    An ambulance then drove him back to the hospital he had just left, where he flatlined upon arrival…..MOTED.html
    Obey or die.

    1. He was a danger to himself no longer.

    2. Well, it is South Boston, “an interstate runs thru it” is their motto.

      1. More like “an interstate runs about an hour east of it.”

        South Boston is so rural that people there refer to Danville as “the city.” I knew a guy from South Boston in college – he had a consuming, abiding hatred for cows that he was never able to really explain.

    3. tasing him a total of 20 times over half an hour

      That’s just vicious, depraved sadism, is what that is. Doing it because they can, and because they enjoy it. A lot.

    4. Cpl. Tiffany Bratton, Officer Clifton Mann and Officer Travis Clay of the South Boston Police Department decided to take him to a hospital

      Oh, well that was gracious of them.

      1. Blech, I misread that. They took him to the hospital at the start, then tazed him. NEVERMIND!

        1. They took him to the hospital, then tased him to the point where he was almost dead, then drove around until they were sure that he was dead, then went to the jail to drop off his corpse. Then they all got medals.

    1. “We plan on fully integrated your children into our ecosystem, so that you the parent with have up-to-date information on your adult child’s habits at all times.”

  27. Chances this will actually come to anything? nil.

    FBI expands probe of Clinton emails, launches independent classification review

    The FBI has expanded its probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails, with agents exploring whether multiple statements violate a federal false statements statute, according to intelligence sources familiar with the ongoing case.

    Fox News is told agents are looking at U.S. Code 18, Section 1001, which pertains to “materially false” statements given either in writing, orally or through a third party. Violations also include pressuring a third party to conspire in a cover-up. Each felony violation is subject to five years in prison.

    This phase represents an expansion of the FBI probe, which is also exploring potential violations of an Espionage Act provision relating to “gross negligence” in the handling of national defense information.

    1. Huh, maybe they are going to charge her whether they are asked to or not. There is only so much evidence they can collect of crimes before they risk their investigators going rogue if they don’t prosecute.

    2. “The agents involved are under a lot of pressure and are busting a–,” an intelligence source, who was not authorized to speak on the record

      Uh, huh. You know whose a– will not be getting busted.

    3. The fact that they are still working on this is pretty significant, though. I suspect you are probably right about its chances of coming to anything. But I’m going to put the odds as slightly higher than nil.

      1. The fact that they are still working on this is pretty significant, though.

        Right. The administration is “still working on” closing Gitmo.

        1. So, one thing is not actually happening, therefore no other things will happen?

          I said Humongous was probably right about nothing coming of it. But let’s keep something to hope for.

        2. The difference is the administration doesn’t like Hillary. They could easily have killed the investigation and had the FBI say that while the email server was handled incorrectly there was no criminal wrongdoing. The fact that they didn’t means that Barry is holding it over Hillary’s head like a sword of Damocles and if he decides it suits his interests he can drop that sword at any time.

          I don’t know that they will, as a practical matter he has until the Convention to decide what to do with her because up to that point she could be replaced with another Democrat, likely Biden, possible Michelle or Lieawatha, and still have some chance at beating the Stupid Party. But up to the point where she is named the Democrat Presidential candidate there is a very real chance that she will be arrested and charged with felonies over this because it all comes down to whatever Barry thinks is in his political interest.

          1. Sorry to be all pedantic, but that’s not what the Sword of Damocles is.

            1. +1 Rocky Horror

          2. “They could easily have killed the investigation and had the FBI say that while the email server was handled incorrectly there was no criminal wrongdoing”

            At one time this was true but I don’t think it is any longer.

            The investigation has spread too far within the FBI itself. Too many non team members are involved. Now I admit that it might still happen that was but at this point not without much screaming and nashing of teeth.

            The FBI just announced today the broadening of the investigation.


      2. There may be an enterprising prosecutor out there who sees the writing on the wall. The guy who knocks off team blue’s leading scorer will have quite the opportunities if team red ultimately wins.

        Conversely this same guy should probably hide his family in the iterim

      3. It seems a lot like they are trying to gather so much evidence of so many crimes that the prosecuting attorney won’t be able to weasel their way out of charging her. I think an investigator wants her to go down really badly. I can’t tell if its for political reasons, agency pride reasons, or career advancements through taking a huge fucking scalp reasons, but it looks like they are eliminating reasons that could be used not to charge her.

    4. Fox News is told agents are looking at U.S. Code 18, Section 1001, which pertains to “materially false” statements given either in writing, orally or through a third party.

      That one’s a favorite of federal agents. It’s why you should never, ever speak to a fed without an attorney. It’s basically a catch-all that gives them an excuse to charge almost anybody with a crime.

    5. Sorry, but the words “probe” and “Hillary” should never be used in the same paragraph.

  28. Smokers who live in public housing may soon be forbidden from lighting up inside their homes.

    I’ll make the popcorn.

    1. Get ready for some ***dons sunglasses*** “lighting up”.

    2. “I have rights as a tenant. I pay my rent every month like everybody else. I live peacefully and I have no issues with anybody so why would they violate my right as a tenant to smoke in my apartment that I paid for?” noted another NYCHA tenant.

      How quaint.

      Seriously, it will not go well when the NYPD starts to enforce the ban.

      1. You noticed this is nation-wide, right? It’s going to be a clusterfuck of massive proportions.

        1. It is going to be a disaster, you are right.

          This may be the plot for third installment of The Raid movies.

          1. More dead schizophrenics who are notorious tobacco users.

    3. War on the poor!

    4. I heard that on the radio today. Some proponent was saying “Second-hand smoke is settled science.” Anyone who says science is settled knows nothing about science.

      1. “Oh, ‘settled’. I thought you were saying ‘Seattle’!”

      2. ^or has a political agenda re: Bill Nye

  29. A shit storm be a brewin’

    Utah judge orders same-sex couple to give up foster child, says baby would be better off with heterosexual parents

    So the pair ? who married in October 2014 and were licensed as foster parents earlier this year ? were caught off guard Tuesday when 7th District Court Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen ordered the child removed from their care.

    “He said he has research to back that children do better in heterosexual homes,” Hoagland said.

    Johansen did not provide specifics of that research in court despite questions from attorneys for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services and the Guardian Ad Litem Office assigned to represent the child, Hoagland and Peirce said.

    A copy of the order was not publicly available Wednesday, but a court spokeswoman confirmed its contents.

    1. “But, but, … the child is transgender!”

    2. Even the Deseret News (aka the Mormon Church’s propaganda news arm) seems to have a problem with this one.

      1. Only because it’s going to blow up in their faces. You’d have thought they’d have wised up and sent the word out to stop fucking with the homos. They can’t make things better at this point, but they can damn sure make things worse for themselves.

    3. That’s pretty awful. Seems like completely inappropriate legal reasoning to use a statistic about people similar people to make judgements about these particular people, unless the research shows that all children in all cases do worse when cared for by same-sex couples, which is absurd on its face.

    4. If the research shows anything, it’s probably that children do better with their own parents… which is never the case in foster care…regardless of the sexual preferences of the parents. He’s being incredibly obtuse.

      1. And in any case, research like that says nothing at all about the specific situation of these people.

  30. Every litre helps! Tesco pioneers new sweet-free ‘healthy’ check-outs – but replaces confectionary with bottles of cheap vodka and whisky

    Tesco store replaced sweets with alcohol at its new ‘healthy’ check-outs
    Supermarket giant came in for criticism from customer who saw display
    Sign behind read ‘At Tesco we’re helping you make healthy little changes’
    Tesco said it was a mistake to advertise bottles of vodka and whisky at till…..hisky.html

    1. A lot of US stores have had the candy free checkouts for ages. But didn’t have the good sense to put liquor there instead.


    Boondoggle gonna doggle.

    The Air Force has not, to my knowledge, explained how the F-35 is going to “replace” the A-10’s close air support ability. The Warthog was designed specifically for that role and no other airframe comes close.

    1. “Here’s your gun. Now build a plane around it.”

      1. +100 milk bottle-sized rounds a second

      2. I fucking love that cannon. It sounds like God farting.

    2. The F-35’s cannon holds 180 shells.

      The A-10’s holds over 1,000.

      1. Yeah, but the F-35 is more expensive, so it’s got to be better.

    3. The A-10 may be the baddest ass plane ever made. Why you’d want to replace it with an F-4 is beyond me.

      1. I remember hearing about one during Gulf War I that lost an engine and most of a wing, and still made it back to base.

        1. I heard about an F-15 making it back without a wing.


    4. The Air Force has pushed Congress to retire the A-10 over the past two years as budget sequestration strained the service’s ability to continue to pay for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. Air Force leaders said they need to free maintenance crews to train on servicing and supporting the F-35 as well.

      Pork program implementation successful.

      1. The AF has been going on about cancelling the A-10 for +30 years.

        It has always really been about budget wars. The Army supports the program, so they get them on their side by dangling a program that is really a miniscule portion of their budget.

        The Army made an actual effort to take over the program in the 80s, and the AF had a shit-fit.

    5. They won’t admit it because the Army would use the admission against them but they are basically eliminating the close air support role and replacing it with the use of stand off guided munitions.

      It is possible, just barely that it is the right decision even.

      Precision munitions have gotten accurate and reliable enough that they might have eliminated the need for having someone fly right over the troops heads and shoot up the enemy with a big gun by having a plane loaded with standoff PGM orbit a battlespace from 30,000 feet and still have the capability to drop a bomb within 15 feet of the target.

      You can see they have done the same thing with the latest generation of the AC-130, they’ve stripped out all but 1 of the guns and that is just a single barrel 30mm autocannon, not one of the multi barrel gatlin guns and not the 105 howitzer and in their place added bomb racks for precision guided small diameter bombs

      The problem with this however is if this is the correct path forward for close air support the F-35 is still the wrong airframe for the role. We should be building a larger B1 sized aircraft that can carry dozens of the bombs and loiter for 8 – 10 hours not single seat fighters than can carry 8 – 10 and loiter for 80 – 100 minutes

      1. Or they could use Super Tucano.

        Or just update the A-10s.

        1. Yep exactly.

          The argument the Air Force uses against the A-10 works just as well against the F-35 and given the cost differential of the two in a lot of ways it works better against the F-35.

          The combination of improved MANPADS (man portable air defense systems) and improved precision guided munitions may just mean that the era of the low and slow close air support fighter is over however that still does not justify the use of the F-35 in the ground support role.

          The same holds true for the air superiority role. the Argument the Air Force uses for why the F-35 will be superior actually applies equally to the F-35 as it is an argument against the manned fighter.

          Either way, if the Air Forces arguments are valid (and it is possible that they are) then what we should have been building in place of the F-35 was a large B-1 sized airframe to work as a missile truck to be paired with a small stealthy single role dogfighter/sensor platform.

          If however the Air Forces arguments in favor of the F-35 are wrong the the aircraft is less than worthless as it’s negatives far outweigh it’s positives.

          Either way you cut it the F-35 was the wrong airframe and never should have been built

          1. I think the Air Force could end up having to purchase some f-16s with upgraded avionics so that there is not a “fighter gap.”

      2. But the boms take longer to get on target from 30,000 feet.

        *ducks and runs out of room*

        1. That all depends on how close the A-10 is.

          When the need for CAS arises the odds that the A-10 you need is less than 2 minutes away are pretty small and it makes little difference whether it takes an A-10 5 minutes to get to your position and start raining hot lead on the enemy or it takes 5 minutes for a PGM launched from 20 miles away and 30,000 feet up to get there if both can get the job done

    6. The F-35 is stealthy. The A-10 isn’t. As sophisticated SAM systems (S-300/400, whatever the PLA equivalent is) percolate down from near-peer adversaries to countries like Syria, the A-10 won’t be able to stay alive, whatever its ability to take punishment.

      The dirty little secret is that I don’t think the F-35 will be able to stay alive in those environments either. We’re going to have to go to smaller drones for the networking/forward deployed AESA/CAS role.

      Moreover, while the A-10’s gun is delightful to write about and watch youtube videos of it farting away, it’s not all that effective against dismounted infantry. At least not as effective as the hype would indicate. It’s also debatable how effective it’d be against newer generations of MBTs, though I can see it still causing all kinds of mobility kills.

    7. “We do not like that mission, so we hoped nobody would notice until it was too late.”

  32. Alberta Judge Apologizes for ‘Keep Your Legs Closed’ Comment at Sex Assault Trial

    He asked the alleged victim, a 19-year-old homeless woman, why she couldn’t “keep [her] legs closed” and said that “sex and pain sometimes go together [and] that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

    Camp has now apologized for those comments, and for asking the woman why she hadn’t moved her “bottom down into the basin so [the man] couldn’t penetrate [her]” during the alleged assault. He will also undergo sensitivity training, at his own expense. On Monday, Camp was put under review by the Canadian Judicial Council.

    While he is under review, Camp will avoid judgment of any cases involving sexual assault.

    1. True story. After our geography teacher in high school threw three of us out of class, we sat in the hall way outside the class. When a 4th member of the posse got tossed one of the guys sitting – and I kid not – rolled over like a spec-ops soldier, landed on his stomach, placed his chin in the cups of his hands, raised his legs up and shouted, ‘Miss, close your legs. It smells out here’. He grinned and rolled back into position.

      Good times.

    2. [Canadian joke deleted for reasons of taste]

  33. “The foreign intelligence agency of Germany reportedly spied on the FBI as well as well as U.S. arms companies.”

    I’m sure someone is surprised that intel agencies open other peoples’ mail. I’m not.

  34. A man in New York City says he caught a three-eyed fish in the Gowanus Canal

    This is amazing! There are fish in the Gowanus again! An environmental come back story for the ages.

  35. “Mamdouh el-Damaty, the Egyptian minister of antiquities…said the team found “that there is something like a small passage in the ground that you can see, leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area with a different temperature. What will be behind it?””

    Oh, please, we all know what lies behind it.

    EL-DAMATY: Look, a secret door leading into the passage which has never been seen by living man for thousands of years. Now all we need to do is to turn the secret handle and see what’s behind the door. You there, Ahmad, open the door!”

    AHMAD: But why me, boss, I’m just a supporting character, surely you yourself should have the honor of…

    EL-DAMATY: Silence! I have my reasons.

    AHMAD: Look, if it’s about that time I spilled the tea on you, I’m really sorry…

    EL-DAMATY: Less talking, more opening. First let me move back a couple hundred yards. Now do it!

    [Ahmad opens the secret door – a hand wrapped in bandages reaches out and pulls Ahmad inside the passage]

    AHMAD: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

    [A mummy, covered in Ahmad’s blood, comes out of the secret passage and faces EL-DAMATY]

    MUMMY: Who dares disturb the ancient yada yada yada?

    EL-DAMATY: Mr. Mummy, this is your lucky day, soon you will be richer than all the Pharaohs put together. Let me introduce my friend Oprah, she’s dying to have you on her show…

  36. Start making cash right now… Get more time with your family by doing jobs that only require for you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $8596 a month. I’ve started this job and I’ve never been happier and now I am sharing it with you, so you can try it too. You can check it out here…

  37. I demand a trigger alert on all links to the nytimes.

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