Rand Paul Grows a Pair, Fear of Government Sparks Gun Purchases, Mizzou Student Arrested for Yik Yak Threat: A.M. Links


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Brickbat: The Long Walk —By Charles Oliver

The Real Sexting ScandalTeenagers who swap nude photos of themselves should not be branded as sex offenders. —By Jacob Sullum

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  1. Looking at the post-debate news stories, Rand was only there as a construct to enable discussion of Rubio.

    1. Take that, Fist!

        1. How petty.

          Running Down a Dream -level Petty?

          1. Don’t come around here no more.

        2. We take our victories as we get them.

      1. I think i speak for everyone when i say we’re glad you put a comma between “that” and “Fist.”

        1. What if he had also put a Walken comma between “take” and “that”?

    2. What have you done with Fist, OMWC?!

      1. The more pertinent question is, what have I done with Fist’s children?

          1. Hopefully not that.

            1. Thanks Juv – I left that fat, slow one over the plate, and I am glad someone swatted it over the fence.

              1. There is nothing worse that offering a nice easy joke for someone to grab and you lazy reprobates don’t take it.

                1. Sometimes you grab it yourself, that’s what I always say.

            2. I don’t get it. Is it because “touche” sounds like “tissue”?

    3. Hello.

      Much like here, the lunatics officially run the asylum on campuses.



    1. Was that a breech of etiquette?

      1. Once more unto the trousers.

      2. Brooch of etiquette?

        1. Brooch of etiquette

          I thought that was Fisty’s sister?

        2. My elven fighter-mage used to have one of those. I gives you +2 Charisma.

          1. Elven fighter-mage

            There’s your problem right there…

      1. And if it is too tight unTY.

  2. Three Tea Party success stories, three very divergent paths.

    Just revel in the fact that the anti-libertarian was at the kid’s table this round.

    1. “The”? I think there are more than one of those…

      1. Every one of them except for Rand is anti-Libertarian. And Rand tries to run away from libertarianism at times.

        1. He is trying to get elected.

        2. Cruz is closer to Rand than he is to Rubio. He should count as a half.

          1. That’s racist.

          2. Must mean Christie. Could be a tie between Christie and Graham

  3. Australian golfers scream in terror as they are chased from course by furious kangaroo

    James Macklin and Connor Reeves, who review courses on YouTube, were confronted by the angry animal at Queensland’s Hervey Bay Golf Club on the country’s north-east coast.

    The pair have been forced to defend themselves from accusations that they provoked the animal by hitting balls at it.

    “We didn’t hit any golf balls at the Roo,” Macklin wrote on Facebook.

    “I went to have my shot first and it chased me on foot so when Connor went to have his, I got my phone out just in case he chased Connor which ended up happening.”

    1. Australia is proof that the world itself is a living being, and for some reason it doesn’t want people living in Australia.

      1. Simply judging from the sheer number of innocuous but poisonous things living on and around that continent I would say that it never wanted people living there.

        1. Poisonous? Wha? Progressive are the majority there?

    2. That’s what the 5 iron is for.

      1. I prefer a niblick to a mashie when fightin’ roos

  4. A Texas grand jury has indicted 106 people in connection with the Waco strip-mall shootout last May.

    I assume none of them had badges.

    1. It said people, not pigs.

    2. I have yet to see a photo of all the guns confiscated.

    3. What were they charged with, conspiracy to having breakfast?

      1. Scarfing up all the donuts.

  5. Watching Squawk Box on CNBC this AM – completely flat as they avoid any discussion of the debate.

  6. “Fear of the government had the strongest relationship with buying a gun because of fear,” according to a new study.

    Fear of other governments has a pretty strong relationship for our government buying guns.

    1. Mostly though, its fear of its own people that drives the spending on guns outside the DOD. They didn’t stand up the Depart of Education’s SWAT team because they thought the Chinese would be taking out dodgy student loans.

    2. Fear of the government strongest motivation for colonists stockpiling muskets
      — Times of London 1775

      1. Interestingly, on a visit to Lexington and Concorde this past summer I was reminded that the British marched out of Boston to seize powder and shot.

        So, the first shots of the revolution were fired in response to an oppressive regime attempting to seize the arms of the citizens.

        It pains me to see how the Cradle of the Revolution has degenerated into something George III would be most pleased with.

        1. Even George III probably would wonder what the fuck is wrong with those people.

  7. The controversy-embroiled Mizzou University Police Department has arrested one student for making threats via the app Yik Yak.

    Meanwhile, the student body President lied about the KKK being on campus, for some reason.

    1. It succeeded in convincing the right people there was a crisis, and there will be no blowback.

    2. Has there been any confirmation as to whether or not the shitztika incident actually happened? I remain a Holocrap denier until there’s proof to the contrary.

      1. Bern is a poopstikta denier! HANG HIM!

      2. “You, sir, are worse than Shitler!”

        1. But what does Baby Shitler smell like?

          1. Bratwurst.

            1. Schnitzengruber (my limit is 15)

              1. Pics?

          2. “Would you wipe Baby Shitler?”

    3. *shocked face*

    4. Head posted on Facebook earlier in the night that the KKK was confirmed on campus and that he was working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.”

      Because of course when the KKK is in town, not only does the National fucking Guard get called up, but they immediately seek out the nearest elected student government president to coordinate their efforts with. Holy fuck these people are delusional.

      1. And would members of the KKK not have the same right as anyone to be on the campus? AS far as I know, the public areas of state schools are generally open to the public.

        This is really beyond ridiculous.

  8. Boston transit police: No rabbits on subway seats, please

    Transit police in Boston tweeted out an important “etiquette” update for subway riders: Keep your rabbits off of the seats.

    The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police tweeted a photo Saturday showing a rabbit sitting next to its presumptive owner on a Blue Line train.

    A pet carrier can be seen stowed under the seat.

    “#MBTA Etiquette: please keep your rabbits inside their carrier while traveling on the T. Thank you,” the tweet read.

    Duck Season!

      1. -1 “Wait til you get home”

      2. -1 Pronoun trouble.

    1. Am I the only one who read that as rabbis at first glance?

    2. Am I the only one who read that as rabbis at first glance?

      1. Maybe your double vision is at fault?


        1. *wabbits*

          1. +1 Elmer Fudd shotgun blast

            1. Not +2?

    3. Hey you never know, that could have been a Vorpal Rabbit just waiting to bite off someone’s head.

      I mean do you think your average T cop goes around carrying a Holy Hand Grenade?

  9. Oregon county votes to allow sheriff to ignore ‘unconstitutional’ gun laws after tougher state background checks are introduced
    Coos County voted to allow Sheriff Craig Zanni to veto state gun laws
    He will decide whether new laws are ‘constitutional’ and therefore enforced
    Any official caught enforcing a ‘banned’ state law could be fined $2,000
    Vote seen as a rebuttal of tougher background checks on gun ownership
    Supporters of the new county law admit it’s likely to be challenged in court


    1. Sometimes I open Daily Mail articles covering topics like this just so I can see all the derpy comments coming out of the UK commenters. There’s only one on this article and it’s from an Aussie.

      1. but it becomes much more likely, if everyone has a gun and is scared that the other person has a gun.

        Maybe, but most of us aren’t scared of every person who might have a gun on them. Are Australians all scared of each other or something?

    2. What’s funny is the same people who find this horrifying will largely be the same people that think Sanctuary cities are the greatest thing ever.

  10. “When school feels like jail.”

    This is a dark new joke premise for Jeff Foxworthy.

    1. I remember when I first got sent to jail thinking, this place strongly reminds me of my (extremely ghetto) middle school.

      1. That is funny because when I had to accompany a friend’s son to the government run medical clinic that place reminded me of a jail. It definitely had the feel of a jailhouse.

        1. A dorm at my college was rumored to be based on prison designs. Wouldn’t surprise me.

          1. I bet the architect was the same one who did Hereford College at U.Va. Same rumor, for very apparent reasons.

          2. +1 Red Jacket

            1. +1 Goodyear – a proper dorm for me

          3. The Panopticon?

    2. So… the teachers are (legally) beating students for the tiniest infractions and sending them either to an “isolation room” or basically juvie in all but name.

      “We absolutely wish we could use corporal punishment?that would be what works,” says one language arts teacher who did not want to be named. “If we don’t use real force, the transfer of power happens in an instant.”

      Yeah, it’s working swell in those other states where they beat the kids.

      1. Beat? Swats with a wooden paddle are not a beating. They are not even (usually) abusive. I got swats in every grade from 1st to 9th and look how I tur….oh, nevermind.

        1. Swats with a wooden paddle are not a beating.

          Well, it kind of is. I don’t want to criminalize parents who use any kind of physical punishment, or anything, but in a public school it is completely unacceptable.

          1. This. I would rule out living in those states for this reason – you do not have permission to hit my kids, period.

      2. Swats are nothing. Detention sucks.

  11. Florida cop caught body-slamming 13-year-old boy is charged with child abuse
    Mario Badia, 41, is charged with child abuse and battery for May’s incident
    Officer responded to dispute at school but ended up pushing student
    Mother Alexis Richmond said she felt ‘helpless’ as her 84lb son was thrown to the ground by the officer and his arm was twisted for 42 seconds
    Badia has reportedly earned $15,000 since being put on paid leave
    Kissimmee Police have given him notice of intent to terminate his job


    1. I blame the mother. If her child had shown the officer the respect he deserved this incident would not have occurred.

    2. A 13 yo boy? Every 13 yo boy needs his ass whipped.

      1. No they really don’t.

    3. That wasn’t a body slam. That was a completely gratuituous joint lock and pathetic throw. It is like the asshole cop took a few courses in hapkido or jujitsu and decided he was going to show off on a kid literally a third of his weight. Even if he was justified in subduing the kid, he could have easily done so with MUCH less force. Then after he lets the kid up, he keeps shoving him.

      But at least a hero went home safe!

      1. Fuck this pisses me off. In a perverse way it is worse than the cowards who shoot first (I know nobody died.) But this isn’t a case of nerves or training. This was nothing short of a fucking 200 plus pound bully picking on a skinny kid. And thinks he some fucking Steven Segal because he could “throw” this 80 lb kid to the floor.

        1. If the kid was any bigger he would have called for backup.

    4. I blame the kid for not reversing into a Facebreaker DDT.

  12. Modern Educayshun

    The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.

    Tl;dr YouTube version of Harrison Bergeron in the context of modern education.

    1. Heh. That’s pretty good.

  13. White House offers to trade immigration action for legislation

    A White House spokesman said Tuesday that President Obama would agree to take back his controversial executive actions on immigration if Congress agreed to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

    Spokesman Josh Earnest made that offer on the same day the administration said it would ask the U.S. Supreme Court to legitimize Obama’s immigration actions after two federal courts said they can’t be implemented until a lawsuit against them is completed.

    “The president would happily rescind his executive orders so that the congressionally passed legislation would be the law of the land,” Earnest said. “I think that highlights how unwise Republicans in Congress have been in trying to set a policy that … would be good for the country, would be good for our economy and be good for our national security.”

    1. hahahaha.

    2. So this means “I want to do something illegal, but if you do this (probably also overreaching thing) I won’t do this illegal thing.” Wait, wait, what about Marbury v. Madison. . . . I am confused.

    3. So Obama’s policy is being defeated in the courts so he’s now willing to let Congress make his policy law

    4. The King had graciously agreed to allow Parliament to pass laws for him.

      1. ***Corrected****
        The King had graciously agreed to allow Parliament to pass his laws for him.

      2. ^This.

        Goddammit that slimy fucker can’t be gone fast enough to suit me.

    5. After the courts struck them (some of them) down?! What nerve this guy has.

    6. IOW: “I won’t do what I can’t do if you’ll do it for me.”

      I do have to say, I admire the man’s chutzpah. Or does that mean I’m not allowed to sit in the seats?

      1. From what I have seen of the geniuses in Republican leadership, I fully expect them to fall for it hook, line, sinker, net, creel, and frying pan.

  14. Meanwhile, college students around the country are protesting racism on campus.

    Young adults around the nation debating honest grievances or rushing to show their immaturity and intolerance?

    1. Hmmm….Imma go with the second one, Fisty.

    2. Gotta love how they literally scream, “Get off my lawn!”

    3. I knew I was distinctly counterculture in the late 90s when Jesse Jackson organized a march — probably over then endless affirmative action admission fights — at UT and I looked into the counter-protest. And then went and did something by myself because I’m not really a joiner. HbR is about as much an organization as I can bring myself to be a part of. I’m definitely one of Bill Hicks’ “people who hate people” Party.

    4. are protesting racism on campus

      What racism, again?


  15. NY AG bans fantasy sports betting. This issue was so critical we couldn’t wait for legislation. The King has ruled.


    1. The King has ruled.

      Someone’s fantasy team must have been tanking.

    2. Look, it’s entirely possible someone made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    3. Please leave the NY market. Those commercials are really fucking annoying.

      1. Yeah, I’m thinking the sudden visibility and apparent huge spike in money for these fantasy sports site has all the earmarks of a scam, maybe even a Ponzi.

        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it turns out there is fraud going on.

        1. Well, there was that recent business where they were caught betting on each other’s site with insider information.

  16. http://www.12news.com/story/ne…../75541818/

    USA soccer bans heading.

    Yeah, this won’t end well.

    1. Only for under-11s. It’s probably a good idea. English FA is going to follow suit at some point.

      1. No. Not a good idea, JB.

        And for the wrong reasons; not that I buy them to begin with.

        1. We see what this sort of thing has done to hockey. There may be a legit argument to be made that the rise of injuries due to hitting in the NHL and the violent reactions to clean hits is correlated to the fact they banned body checking at various levels of junior hockey.

          Kids never learned how to give and take a hit properly.

          I’m in Don Cherry’s camp on this one.

      2. I’m surprised the Britts hadn’t headed this off already

        1. /motions to Swiss…

          1. Wha? You think they were waiting for the issue to come to a head?

              1. (jumps back feeling a painful burning sensation in my – fore”head”)

                1. You’re gonna get a red card for taunting.

            1. The only acceptable head to ban is a bishop’s collar

              1. Sorry, that went over my…

                …yeah. I should stop here

      3. It’s a stupid idea. Heading the ball is a huge part of the game. Maybe give them softer balls or something but they have to learn how to play properly.

        1. They aready play with a smaller ball until about U-11 anyways.

    2. Hey! Tell them to mind their own business. Soccer players deserve to get blow jo…..

      Oh. Not that kind of head.

      1. *Cut to shot of grinning, stylish La Liga player*

        1. It’s interesting. I know Liga is often seen as ‘stylish’ but in all my years of watching soccer some of the most brutal soccer I’ve ever seen (outside South America – those guys are plain nuts) was in Spain; not Italy, not Germany, not England. Spain.

          1. I meant as in fashion and looks – I gave up on soccer in 1984. Discovered rugby and never looked back.

            1. ^^THIS

              Rugby: A hooligan’s game played by gentlemen
              Soccer: A gentlemen’s game played by hooligans

              1. at least when someone in rugby is slow to get up, it’s a good bet that real pain is being felt. And absent a bone sticking out, maybe not even then, the guy won’t roll around for ten minutes nor will he willingly come out.

            2. I could never quite get the subtle gist of rugby. Or maybe I do but don’t realize it.

              Sometimes I watch it like Homer watched ‘Twin Peaks’.

              1. Pantless.

          2. some of the most brutal soccer I’ve ever seen (outside South America – those guys are plain nuts) was in Spain

            I think the game could use a return to more-permissive tackling. Some of the cautions I see lately are just ridiculous.

    3. When are they going to ban flopping?

      1. Everybody knows it’s a huge problem but nobody wants to fix it. Today’s generation is full of spoiled rotten players who are taught how to cheat from an early age – it’s disgusting.

      2. Premier League is getting better. The refs are still not giving simulation penalities, but they aren’t giving bullshit PKs away as often as in previous years. Flopping in the box needs to be a red.

        1. Agreed – some consistency from the refs would be a start. But many players are so skillful at faking it that the refs are afraid to send them off.

  17. University of Missouri staffer who confronted photographer is not available for comment

    Basler is the university’s assistant director of Greek life and leadership. After a celebration at the university over news of the resignation of university system President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, Tim Tai, a senior and a photographer working on an ESPN.com freelance assignment, encountered resistance from protesters to his attempts to photograph a tent encampment. Basler got in his face and hassled him: “Sir, I am sorry, these are people too. You need to back off.”

    Asked whether Basler has received threats, Dahman responded, “Yes.” In an interview this morning, Tai said, “I did hear that they are getting threats and stuff which to me is kind of shocking and troubling to me,” he said. “That’s not at all what I want them to be experiencing.”

    1. The professor issued an apology letter which actually sounded sincere and contrite. But when you check her Twitter, you’ll find a sarcastic tweet about it which ends with “#sorrynotsorry”.

    2. I wonder if these “threats” are ever investigated. I hear this all the time from people who make controversial public statements: “I’ve received threatening phone calls and e-mails.” Probably sometimes true but I suspect a lot are BS.

      Of course, several thousand protesters filling the Wisconsin state house and confronting legislators is democracy in action.

      1. “I’ve received threatening phone calls and e-mails.”

        plus, someone saying ‘You suck’ gets translated as ‘I will kill you’ by the super-sensitive, safe space snowflakes.

      2. I hear this all the time from people who make controversial public statements: “I’ve received threatening phone calls and e-mails.” Probably sometimes true but I suspect a lot are BS.

        These kids act like extremists and then are stunned when they get an extreme reaction. Of course, to them saying “you suck” is an act of violence.

        1. In this day and age, if you’re in the public eye and not getting at least a couple of anonymous threats by e-mail each week, you’re probably doing something wrong.

      3. Maybe some are real. I’d bet a lot of money that none are serious threats, though. It’s trolling and that’s all. The protesters are giving them exactly what they want.

    3. I did hear that they are getting threats and stuff

      As ever when a proggy/SJW claims something happened, I want to see corroboration before I give it any credence.

  18. Remember that guy who wanted to pay all his employees a minimum 70k salary?



    1. the complaints were first signed a month before that gesture

      But that won’t get in the way of an Occupy Democrats meme.

      1. My Facebook feed has become a slightly better place ever since I muted everything shared from Occupy Democrats.

        1. Better yet, take a facebook vacation. I deleted the app from my phone . . . so I don’t have to page through ads, insane leftie re-posts, and other bs from people I almost never see.

          1. The Unfollow is wonderful. I don’t have to get flak about deleting friends and I don’t see jack shit.

        2. I left FB last year. What a fucking time waster it is.
          (H&R is enough of a time suck, but much more fun)

  19. “Fear of the government had the strongest relationship with buying a gun because of fear,” according to a new study

    According to the most recent data available, in 2012 the US had 20,666 firearm suicide deaths, 8,342 criminal gun homicides and 548 fatal unintentional shootings. There were just 259 “justifiable homicides” in which a private citizen used a gun in self-defense, according to data from the FBI and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited in a Violence Policy Center report released in June.
    It doesn’t make a lot of sense to prepare for self-defense by buying a tool that’s 79 times more likely to be used for suicide, and 32 times more likely to be used in criminal homicide, than it is to be used against a criminal attacker.
    If Americans are too quick to act in this instance of fear-driven behavior, they under-prepare in response to other dangers. More than half the respondents in the survey say they fear a natural or manmade disaster, and 86% believe an emergency kit would improve their chances of survival. But the vast majority?72%?have made no effort to put together such a kit.

    That’s just like your opinion man.

    1. notice how the “if it just saves one life” line of thinking doesn’t make it into this editorial.

      1. Nor how many crimes were stopped by a private citizen showing that he was willing to shoot someone engaged in a criminal act. Petty criminals may not be brilliant, but they are smart enough to realize that it’s better to pass on this opportunity and just move on to the next where the victim is not quite so well prepared.

        That’s always the problem with “negative data”; there is no way to count it.

    2. “…32 times more likely to be used in criminal homicide…”

      No. If I buy it that gun is infinitely less likely to be used in a criminal homicide.

      1. You don’t understand. Guns cause criminal homicide. They’re magical totems that compel people to do bad things. Well, unless the person also has a badge, in which case the good magic of the badge overcomes the bad magic of the gun. That’s why only cops can be trusted with guns. Magic.

        1. I am certain that there are some number of progs out there that, if they knew the truth, would tell me that it is because I keep my guns stored in a safe in New Mexico while I live on the other side of the Pacifc ocean. Therefore I don’t spend enough time in close proximity of my guns for them to take possession of my soul.

          It is becoming clearer…

      2. Yeah, but it makes you 79 times more likely to kill yourself. Science!

      3. “No. If I buy it that gun is infinitely less likely to be used in a criminal homicide.”

        I always tell anti-gunners that I’m on a mission to ensure safe, responsible gun use and secure storage by sequestering guns one at a time in my safe.

    3. That comment omits the massive amount of guns used for … nothing.

    4. It’s irritating how anti-gunners always claim that gun owners are acting out of some irrational FEAR. As if taking a precaution against an event that is known to happen (violent crime) is tinfoil hat lunacy. Nobody accuses people who use seatbelts or installs smoke detectors of living in a delusional state of fear.

      Besides, it’s THEM who are obviously acting out of irrational fear – fear of inanimate objects, fear of certain guns that they believe are somehow more dangerous than others, fear of people carrying guns (who are statistically less likely to commit a crime than anyone else).

  20. Finland readies to house asylum seekers in tents

    Finland is preparing to house asylum seekers in tents and shipping containers as the inflow of refugees has accelerated after slowing down last month, the interior ministry said on Tuesday.

    The Nordic country took in just over 7,000 refugees in October – about 3,800 fewer than in September – but just last week more than 2,000 asylum seekers arrived.

    It expects 30,000-35,000 migrants to arrive this year, mostly from Iraq, compared with just 3,600 in 2014.

    “Even with new centers being opened, the reception capacity will not be sufficient, and authorities are preparing for the use of tent and container accommodation,” the ministry said in a statement.

    Finland… in a shipping container… in winter… where do I sign up?

    1. Bedoufinn?

      1. Shut the interwebz down for the day!

    2. That’s one way to disincentivize them.

  21. Seventy-five percent of U.S. foreign military financing goes to two countries

    American taxpayers doled out $5.9 billion in foreign military financing in 2014, according to the government’s Foreign Assistance report — that’s roughly the GDP of Somalia. But where did the money go?

    To the usual suspects, mostly — Israel ($3.1B) and Egypt ($1.3B) received roughly 75% of all foreign military aid money handed out by the U.S. last year.

    This map from the cost-information website howmuch.net shows the relative size of countries based on how much U.S. military aid they receive.


    1. ISIS didn’t make the cut?

    2. But if we cut spending by one cent, TEH RUSSIANS and TEH CHINAMEN will overrun us!

      1. By one red cent then?

        1. *begins to narrow gaze, gives up and wanders off*

    3. We are basically just paying Israel and Egypt not to fight, you know.

  22. The First Amendment Is Dying
    The growing illiberalism we see on college campuses is dangerous. But it’s not unique.

    That’s pretty much the state of the First Amendment today. Climate change. Abortion. Gay marriage. Race. Taxes. What have you. Even in mainstream political debate, these interests outweigh your piddling concerns about the First Amendment. So the notion that a bunch of students and leftist professors would agitate to shut down free expression in a public space in Missouri because they feel their special issue trumps your antiquated list of rules is not particularly surprising.

    Now, we shouldn’t overstate the problem. Most of us are able to freely engage in arguments and express ourselves without worrying about the state interfering. This will not end tomorrow. But it is difficult to ignore how creeping illiberalism has infected our discourse, and how not many people seem to care.

    The thousands of other University of Missouri students, for example, could have held a counter-protest against dimwitted fascists cloistered in safe spaces. Where are those student groups? Why was there no pushback from those kids ? and really there was none as far as I can tell, either at Missouri or Yale ? against the bullies who want administrators fired for thought crimes?

    1. Why was there no pushback from those kids ? and really there was none as far as I can tell, either at Missouri or Yale ? against the bullies who want administrators fired for thought crimes?

      Two things come immediately to mind:

      1. When you see faculty leading the protests, self-preservation dictates discretion.
      2. A lot of students just want to get degrees and get on with their lives.

      Oh, and a third reason for Missouri: it’s fucking Mizzou, they’re all morons.

      1. I thought the rest were busy chanting SEC SEC SEC since that’s what you do down south when your football team sucks.

        1. you may be surprised at how many folks in the conference questioned the wisdom of inviting Mizzou in the first place. This incident just provides more fodder.

          1. Not sure this is the year for Auburn fans to be looking down on other teams. But I do appreciate y’all taking TAMU down.

    2. I think the country gave up on free speech a while ago. It’s virtually impossible to find people who don’t think bad words should be a crime.

      If you listen to sexual harassment and diversity policies they tell you saying something someone may find offensive is a crime. I don’t know if it is, but people certainly believe it, and are on board with it.

  23. Tax cut skepticism: Polls suggest traditional GOP economics is a tough sell to voters

    Let’s put aside whether or not cutting top tax rates will boost economic growth and broadly raise incomes (and, if so, to what degree). Do American generally believe high-end tax cuts are a sound pro-growth strategy ? This from a January YouGov poll:

    YouGov’s latest research shows that Americans tend to be skeptical of the idea that lower taxes on the wealthy stimulates the economy, with the end result of greater wealth for everyone. 45% of Americans say that they disagree with the idea, while 29% say that they agree with it. Most Democrats (62%) disagree, while most Republicans (50%) agree with the theory. Independents tend to disagree (42%) rather than agree (28%) with the idea.

    1. Never mind the moral case for letting people keep their own money because it’s, you know, their own money.

      1. Oh yeah? Take a look at that money, buster. It says right there “The United States of America” – NOW who’s money do you think that is?

    2. The premise appears to be a straw man regardless. The democrats have been claiming for a while that Republicans want to cut taxes for the rich to help the poor.

      Virtually all tax decreases will effect the rich more, even progressive ones. If you made all taxes $0 tomorrow the democrats would still claim its targeting the rich for a tax break. There is no tax standard which could ever satisfy them outside of instituting a maximum income.

      1. You mean that people who make a lot of money and pay a lot of taxes will benefit more from tax cuts than people who don’t make much money and don’t pay much taxes? No fucking way!

        1. yet look how this escapes so many people out there.

      2. It’s been the problem since at least the Clinton years. Tax cuts, to not be enjoyed predominantly by the rich, have to be wildly progressive in nature. And the Republicans have gone along with it. So, you wind up with a system where tax increases or cuts are meaningless for most people since they pay so little.

    3. Because the Democrats have done a good job of appealing to people’s jealousy by translating “tax cut” into “tax cut for the rich”.

      Instead, Republicans should say: “reduce the amount of money that the federal government sucks out of the economy.” They should remind voters that a dollar to FedGov is a dollar not invested in jobs that produce goods and services. This would counter another great lie that the Democrats tell, and that is that government expenditure is “investment.” If Republicans (and Libertarians) could turn these two notions around: that tax cuts are for the rich; and that governments invest; then they could get some traction. Otherwise these words just go right over the heads of envious voters.

      1. ^^This. The Heffalumps are terrible at marketing.

    4. Most people disagree because most people are paying little, if any, of the tax burden. Most people are deluding themselves that they can vote themselves ever more largesse by taxing “the rich”. As I tried to explain to someone yesterday, it simply doesn’t work. The math doesn’t work out. There aren’t enough rich. So, we borrow.

  24. Hey y’all, watch out! The Klan is back!

    1. They gonna put y’all back in Wu Tangs.

  25. “The controversy-embroiled Mizzou University Police Department has arrested one student for making threats via the app Yik Yak. Meanwhile, college students around the country are protesting racism on campus.”

    My optimism is dying a painful death. Everyone on both sides of the aisle seems to be pretty much agreeing that the students are acting ridiculously but nothing is happening. If nothing happens except them getting exactly what they want, then we’re fucked. They’ll graduate get jobs and bring this insanity with them. The first couple batches could be deprogramed by life, but they have successfully changed the colleges to be a factory for new batches. Fuck.

    1. Yeah, about those jobs. Some will, but your digital footprint is hard to erase. If one of these showed up as a candidate at my door, they would not be hired out of fear of being a walking lawsuit.

      1. Sure, but what are you going to do when those are the only candidates. Plus it only takes one to get in a hiring position and suddenly your only hiring these types.

    2. This isn’t some cutting edge, developing situation. It’s been going on for 25 years. I’ve said plenty of times that the naive, stupid “residence hall federation” fucks I knew in college ARE ALREADY RUNNING THINGS. Obama, at BEST, is one of these silly, stupid asshats. He was a “community organizer” whatever the fuck that is. These ignorant, feely, vapid dolts are running the show. We ARE fucked. My old college roommate (and childhood friend) is arguably the second most powerful Republican Pol in my state, and HE is of this ilk. He hates the tea party, he hates wal-mart, the list goes on. He knows how to sell the smoke and mirrors of fiscal responsibility etc, but he’s a slightly more socially conservative Democrat.

      What’s happening now is these ignorant dolts have breed a generation of radicals who are now eating them up. They are eating those closest to them – the ones who created them. And they will soon chew their way out of the womb and come at us. The touchy, feely, residence hall federationy dildos have breed a rabid, ignorant generation, are getting eaten by them, and will turn them outward on society.

    3. Well, I said it before, but there is a solution. They got rid of Wolfe. Okay. Fine.

      As far as I’m concerned, the Misery legislature should give them every last little thing they want – speech codes are in, students can be thrown out on accusation, the whole gamut.

      Give it a couple of weeks.

      Then stick the most petty, vindictive, hardline socon asshole you can round up to be Wolfe’s replacement. Then sit back with a tub of popcorn while he uses every last one of those new rules to stick it so far up the protesters’ collective ass that their grandchildren will be seeing stars.

      1. I see it playing out differently. These loons are going to drive every single person who has the least bit of common sense right out of academia. Then the lunatics are going to be running the asylum. You don’t have be some type of visionary to imagine the disaster that’s going to be.

        1. I wasn’t saying that it will be stopped. Only that it can be stopped.

  26. Milwaukee police fold American flag burned by protesters

    Milwaukee Police Officers Joel Rossman, Jedidiah Thompson and Jutiki X gave honors to a flag tattered and burned by a protester.This evening brought thousands to downtown Milwaukee for the theater, basketball game and the debate. During one demonstration, a protester set an American Flag on fire.Milwaukee Police Officers, seeing the burning flag in the crowd, immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. The plume from the fire extinguisher prompted reports of tear gas being used. These reports were false.The flag was taken to be inventoried for possible charges against the protester.Milwaukee police officers later conducted a small, dignified ceremony to properly fold the flag before placing it on inventory.

    1. Did they perform CPR on it?

      Too soon?

    2. At this point the proper protocall for a damaged flag is to, well, to burn it.

      1. We had to burn the flag to save it?

        1. +1 counterinsurgency strategy

    3. Jutiki X

      I’d love to see the nametag on his uniform.

      1. People think he is one of the X-Men?

        1. That’s more of an NFL name.

  27. Accused Illegal Voter Was “Confused” Says Attorney

    The attorney for Rosa Ortega says she has legally been in the country for more than a dozen years.

    Domingo Garcia says when Ortega had a child she applied for assistance under the Women Infants and Children program. That’s when Garcia says she was handed a voter registration form and told to fill it out. Garcia says Ortega was confused by it all and if she had known better, she would never have voted.

    In fact she voted in the Republican primary because she’s actually a conservative and evangelical woman. And she didn’t know anything about what she was doing was improper until afterwards.” Said Garcia.

    1. were Domingo Garcia’s lips moving?

    2. The key info that should be gleened from the article is this..

      This illegal alien was pushed to register to vote when she was signing up for WIC.

      So contrary to Democrat claims, Illegals do have access to government benefits and they are abe to vote if motivated to do so.

      Increased sign ups for benefits is considered productivity by bureaucrats in those offices.

      The are numerous fake ID companies openly advertising their services in Houston. Drive around the different little Mexico neighborhoods and they operate in the open.

  28. Negative Interest Rates the New Normal Next Time Economies Slump

    ow that Sweden and Switzerland have shown that negative benchmark interest rates don’t necessarily result in flights to cash, asset bubbles or banking strains, the global giants of central banking may be more willing to embrace sub-zero borrowing costs the next time their economies slide.

    “There’s a very real chance unorthodoxy becomes the new orthodoxy,” said Alan Ruskin, global head of Group-of-10 currency strategy at Deutsche Bank AG in New York.

    While financial markets are focused on the Federal Reserve’s looming rate increase, policy makers and economists are already changing their attitude toward negative rates.

    European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is open to reducing the rate he charges banks to leave money in his coffers overnight further into negative territory. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has also revised his thinking to say the U.K. benchmark could fall below 0.5 percent if needed having previously worried deeper cuts would roil money markets.

    1. Sub-zero inflation is a confiscation of your cash by banks.

      I’m not sure what agreement I signed with my bank that allows them to charge me a fee for having cash on their books.

      1. Its a pass-thru FDIC charge. You’re paying them to insure your money against theft by non-governmental actors.

  29. Apparently the kid who started the whole protest in Missouri comes from a family with a net worth of $20 million. His dad’s a railroad executive making 7 figures. I wish I was that oppressed.

    1. That’s it, I’m going on a hunger strike.

    2. Kids from poor or middle-class families who go to college can’t afford to dick around with protests. They’ve got scholarships to keep and/or student loans to minimize.

      1. Or are too busy working three jobs to pay the rest of the bills (those not covered by student loans). At least that’s what I was doing my last two years at college.

        1. Good point.

    3. That’s just your white privilege talking, JB. You don’t understand oppression like he does.

      1. Where people dress in black…

    4. Do you have link/source for that? I believe you. just want to share it.

      1. Here you go

        I was off by a bit. His dad made $8.4 million last year.

        1. executive vice president for sales and marketing


          I work in insurance and you can be sure none of our executives are pulling in even a tenth of that.

          1. Sales and marketing for a fucking railroad?

            What sales and marketing do they need?

            1. I think the layperson word for it is “lobbying Congress.”

    5. D’Agny Taggart?

    6. Why would someone like that go to college? What a fucking moron.

      1. To be flashy with his money and get laid, probably.I don’t know the story behind it, but I’ve seen a Maserati in a student lot at FSU. At first I wondered, why not buy your way into an Ivy League?

        1. Because the tail in the Ivy Leagues isn’t insanely high quality like at FSU? I mean the average is good, but the highs are amazing.

          1. My thoughts exactly.

            Ivy League chicks would find his Maserati ostentatious and unimpressive. They come from older money and do things like poverty tours of poor nations to flaunt their wealth. And they are probably dour feminists by the time they graduate.

      2. College was fun. I can’t imagine how much more fun it would have been with a generous spending budget and no care about needing to actually learn anything and getting a job when I was done.

        1. Agreed. I went to undergrad in New Orleans where you can engage in a decent amount of reckless debauchery with a full-time job, a full class load, and a shoestring budget, but I can only imagine the sort of adventures I could have had with no job, an easy schedule, and no cash concerns.

      3. Daddy probably told him he needed to go. And without Daddy, well, what’s he got?

    7. He’s been at Mizzou for EIGHT years.

      1. He’s no dummy!

  30. Not fear.

    Loathing, and a deeply rooted distrust.

  31. OK, I found how I am spending Veteran’s Day, heh heh… look at what the place right down the road has on tap…

    Backwoods Bastard – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale – Founders – 11.6%
    Big and delicious for your ‘perty mouth. Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark cherries. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the pallet.

    1. I’m honoring our veterans by promoting America’s ethic of hard work and contributing to our great nation’s GDP. (In other words, I don’t get the day off.)

      1. I took a day of my PTO – I don’t work for the G, so I don’t get the day off either.

        1. You’re going to watch Patton while wearing your American flag boxers, aren’t you?

    2. what are you, Swiss, a postal worker??

      1. Sometimes I do daydream of working for Swisspost https://www.post.ch/en …..but I just took the day off to nurse strong ale and reflect. Then I will go and clean out my parents garage, move furniture and visit old hometown friends. I am endless glamour.

        1. Wait, shouldn’t the guy be holding the box?

    3. That does sound good. I’m drafting some interrogatories (a job I really hate). I may drink some red wine later.

      1. If ti makes you feel better, I’m answering some.

        1. +207 “Respondent neither affirms or denies, but demands strict proof thereof”

          1. “Interrogatory No. 8 is so unintelligible and so far beyond the scope of this action that a response is impossible.”

            1. “Interrogatory No. 12 microaggresses against my client. Our response is contained in the counterclaim attached hereto as Exhibit 43.”

              “Interrogatory No. 18 appears to be authentic frontier gibberish. Respondent requests a translated version of this interrogatory before answering.”

          2. I try not to make mine so soul-killingly filled with definitions, unless I really hate opposing counsel.

        2. Thank you for the sympathy, and virtual hankie to dry my nose on.

    4. Noted.

    5. I think I’ve had that one before, or something very similar (pretty sure it was Founders). Twas good.

    6. Beer Snob !

      *Crushes half empty camo Bush Lite can on forehead grabs another out of the ice chest and rebaits hook*

      1. +1 can out, 1 fish in

  32. I read the comments to this U of Missouri tweet saying that there’s no immediate threat to campus. Now I’m in favor of nuking Missouri from orbit, because both sides are so insane it’s not worth keeping the state around. Maybe we can put a bubble around Kansas City, but that’s it.

    1. Clearly the Missouri compromise was a great mistake. Grandpa Simpson had it right.

    2. What are “both sides”?

      It looks like there’s a side that thinks white privilege must be stopped by a gestapo, and a side that thinks they’re spoiled children.

    3. All of these children are in severe need of psychiatric help

    4. As a transplant to the Kansas side of the KC area (Olathe), I can honestly say that when I cross state line, the change is palpable. I also get depressed on the MO side. Not only that, but almost everytime I see an asshole in traffic, he has a Missouri license plate.

  33. Ok. Inspired by Justin Zoolander up here I’ve decided we need a strict quota system to ensure diversity. Please disclose your race, creed and gender so I can better gauge who gets to comment around here. I think it’s high-time we become civilized ‘because it’s 2015’.

    Who’s with me?

    1. Actually I’m curious, do we have any non-white commenters? I know we have a surprisingly high female commenter population, but no one has volunteered skin color.

      1. I ate soul food once.

        1. I was once known as the “White Eminem.”

        2. I like to listen to that Kanye West, or “Yeezy” as I call him.

      2. HM to the Courtesy Phone of Color, HM…

        1. +1 don’t call me Shirley.

      3. o one has volunteered skin color

        I don’t identify as my skin color

      4. I asked that in the PM links yesterday.

        /prepares pillow.

      5. Define “non-white.” Does that include Dravidians, Semites, Han…? One-drop rule?

        1. Getting technical are we?

        2. Defined by the audience viewing you. If we are at a meet up would the rest of H&R think you aren’t white.

          1. Well you’re a ginger, so I’m certainly several shades darker than you. And then there’s Nikki…. and I’m darker than she is.

            1. Oh, a ginger.

              I thought we were talking about real people. You know, the kind with souls.

              1. So, no Welsh or Chinese either?

        3. Literally everyone qualifies by one drop rule.

        4. ” Does that include Dravidians, Semites, Han…? One-drop rule?”

          Branch Dravidians ?

      6. We do not. If any of our commenters do have dark skin, they can’t be “real” black people or “real” Hispanics because they are libertarians. Having strayed from the Democrat plantation disqualifies them from their “minority” status.

      7. I’m descended from Finns and Irish, and have never eaten soul food. Wait, I did have a black boyfriend – once.

        1. So black-by-injection.

      8. I am the only DJF in the world. I am one of a kind.

      9. I’m as NA as Elizabeth Warren. My mother once told me that my father that I haven’t seen in 50+ years was part Cherokee.

    2. White, Atheist, Male.

      So that’s a negative, postive, negative, giving me a grand total of -1 points.

      We should add some other categories – GED, high school, college, or post-grad, with a weighted scale based on degree. eg, an education degree is actually higher than engineering since the former will allow the commentator to have a higher level of understanding

      And income….

      and weight…

      and height…

      plus the Warty test: how much can you squat?

      1. But Warty can not only out-squat you, he’s got a doctorate.

        1. Well… yeah.

          I figure I am .62 Warties on the lifting and education scale.

          1. I’m 0.1 on the lifting scale, but 1.5 on the education scale. That always attracts the ladies.

        2. Warty has a doctorate? …and a girlfriend? …like a voluntary, no-roofie girlfriend? It just gets scarier and scarier.

          1. His girlfriend doesn’t count unless she’s been inflated.

      2. Oh crap.

        White, Christian, male, income too high, normal BMI, 6′ 1″…………..

        I’m at like a negative 10.

    3. Race? Norse
      Creed? Assassin’s
      Gender? Yes

  34. My theory? There was a second shitter. Let’s get Oliver Stone on this.

    1. +1 Grassy dungheap

    2. Back, and to the left…back, and to the left…

      1. “That’s one magic poopie.”

    3. The #PoopTruth is out there!

  35. Finland… in a shipping container… in winter… where do I sign up?

    Much better than a cardboard box.

      1. +1 Hit Wonder

  36. Meanwhile, college students around the country are protesting racism on campus.

    And not one of them can cite some evidence of widespread racism that isn’t anecdotal at best, and not one single identifiable instance of systemic racism. That is unless you’re counting the systemic racism brought on by leftist policies like “affirmative action”. This is like some sort of mass hysteria where the outcome, eventually, will be draconian hate speech laws and even more “affirmative action”.

    When I attended a university, in four years I never heard another student say the word “nigger” (except the black ones of course). I never saw a student being openly put down because of his race or ethnicity (except for the white ones of course). But apparently it’s raining klansmen on college campuses of all the unbelievable places.

    1. That’s what microagressions are for.

    2. it’s raining klansmen


    3. WHOA WHOA WHOA, please provide a trigger warning next time.

  37. Backwoods Bastard – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale – Founders – 11.6%


  38. OK, I agree that school look a lot like prisons – as they themselves seem to admit by talking about “early release.”

    But as for the linked article about the Simon Legree Southern schools punishing those oppressed black kids: Their poster child got assigned to a disciplinary school after making what could well be construed as a threat against a teacher (this wasn’t one of those pastry gun things).

    And there’s this, which could be deemed burying the lede:

    “The punishments Rock received?the paddling, the in-school detention, the stints in alternative school?are not new. Corporal punishment is a traditional practice in the rural South, and alternative schools were established by the state of Mississippi in 1993. But according to teachers and parents, use of these methods is growing around the state, in part because of increased pressure from both advocates and school administrators to lower suspension rates and keep kids in the classroom?and in part because there is no money to implement less-punitive alternatives, which would require training or hiring new staff.”

    1. So looking at that last sentence – activists and bureaucrats and politicians have been hammering at the schools for “unacceptably high suspension rates” for years, especially for the black kids. They look at the raw numbers, without doing anything so racist as to look at comparative offense rates, and decide that black kids are getting “too many” suspensions. And if they try to put misbehaving kids in disciplinary classrooms in the same school, the courts say they aren’t spending enough money to bring these disciplinary classrooms up to standard.

      So assuming you’re a school district which wants a climate where the kids who *want* to study aren’t being interfered with by the kids who don’t. But you can’t use suspension and in-school detention. So you can send your problem kids to a stricter school (for a brief cooling-off period), or you can channel your inner penguin.

  39. I’ve been having a great week. I paid off the my student loan and am debt-free. I also had a date with real live libertarian woman. If only I kind find 4 more, I could form a libertarian girl band which I would call the Derp Girls. Posh Derp, Sporty Derp, Scary Derp, Baby Derp, and Ginger Derp.

    She had a really funny story about a friend of hers who bought a Nailin’ Palin sex doll, which he popped from overuse. So, they decided to have a funeral for it. They tied a bunch of rockets and a gunpowder bomb to it and blasted it into the sky.

    1. I like your date Derp. Gratz on the find.

    2. a Nailin’ Palin sex doll, which he popped from overuse

      Sounds like shriek’s basement…

    3. They tied a bunch of rockets and a gunpowder bomb to it and blasted it into the sky.

      That’s a keeper. Don’t fuck it up, dude.

    4. I also had a date with real live libertarian woman.

      Did you show her derpy links to test her? “Now watch this…how does it make you feel? Hmm, interesting”

      1. We were playing minigolf and out of the blue she says “so I’m a libertarian”. Me too, said I and mentioned that I hang out at reason.com, which she had not heard of.

        Her other hobbies include fireworks, video games, and fixing cars.

        This could be the start of something great.

        1. Bring her to H & R.

          We’ll behave. You can trust us.

          [strokes white Persian cat]

          1. Dude if she comes here she will end up like Banjos, pregnant 24/7; or Niki, the worst 24/7. KK is just well armed so I guess she could go that way.

            /full inventory of libertarian women.

          2. What R C Dean refers to when he says “white Persian cat” does not mean what you want “white Persian cat” to mean.

        2. “she says “so I’m a libertarian”. Me too, said I and mentioned that I hang out at reason.com, which she had not heard of.”

          She’s Libertarian and hasn’t heard of Reason Foundation or the Mag ?

          *alarm bells going off*

          Maybe this chick isn’t a Libertarian but digs you and has done her homework with your friends. I dated a woman one time who didn’t know one end of a football from the other. Our first date was outsoors and she showed up in a Troy Aikman jersey.

          Either way is cool though. Good for you.

    1. It’s not going to change any of the protestors minds. Unless it can convince people its not life ruining to voice alternate opinions it won’t cause any change. I’ll wait to see if this guy gets death threats, assaulted, or his property vandalized.

    1. Democratic Underground?


    2. Dude you ain’t have to read Democratic Underground

      Please you had so much to drink

  40. From Humungus’ link-

    The aim of negative rates is to spur spending and lending by penalizing savers and banks sitting on cash. It also helps that they tend to weaken currencies.

    No shit. Saving and investing? That’s for suckers.


    1. The result of negative rates is to damage capital formation, by keeping money out of the financial system where it can be aggregated and applied as capital.

      Now, in this digital age, the question is: how do you get your cash out of the financial system? The old method (withdraw a box of $100 bills) won’t work, because there aren’t enough $100 bills.

      So cash seeking to exit the system will find other ways. Hard assets are historically popular (precious metals, jewels, art, land, etc.), but we also have digital currencies now.

      When the negative rates get high enough, things could get interesting.

  41. Derpy’s Army Countdown: 1 week and change left
    Motivational song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkW-K5RQdzo
    Motivational thought: It is far better to dare mighty things and fail than to live in a gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

    1. Good on ya Derp. Welcome aboard! I am looking forward to hearing how your linguistic endeavors go in the Army.

      The 24th of this month will make 40 years since my first enlistment – with a big chunk out of uniform in between.

      In a few weeks I will be going on my first drill where I will interface with foreign counterparts whose language I speak. I expect it will be interesting but have no idea how it will go.

    2. +22nd Regiment “He who dares, wins”

  42. Bill Nye was on Bloomberg this morning. What a maroon. And the credulous idiots just lapped it up.

    “Three page tax code? That’s ridiculous. The government needs to earn money to pay for all those traffic lights.”

    1. Three page tax code doesn’t make sense. We could absolutely get the individual income tax sections down significantly (or we could just completely abolish them) but things like the formation, merging, and dissolution of the myriad types of business entities are necessarily complex.

      1. GAAP it all. That takes about a line.

        Much of the tax code consists of either (a) social engineering tax breaks and penalties or (b) creating alternative tax accounting rules.

      2. It doesn’t have to be if there’s no tax on income…

  43. Pay wall alert, but did you know that not having a college degree leads to early death?

    “White, middle-age, high-school educated and dead at an early age”
    “They may smoke or wear extra-large clothes, but they also may take narcotics for their physical or emotional pain. They are middle-age and white, people in the background of American life, who only make the news when brief obituaries note their tragically early deaths.”

    The reason they do all that stuff is that they didn’t get a free college degree!
    I’ll bet this guy thinks that cars skidding on the street causes ice to form…

  44. Interesting history

    In Prussia in the early 1800s, the king asked the women to donate their gold and silver jewelry so it could used to modernize the country and pay for the war against Napoleon. The campaign was successful, in part because women who donated received iron jewelry which became fashionable.

    It’s more honest than inflation, I’ll say that much.

    1. To me, the amazing thing is that that kind of campaign could actually work at one time. Today, our military budget is approximately $600 billion/year. The Wittelsbach diamond, one of the most expensive diamonds in the world, sold for about $23 million. $600 billion / $23 million =~ 26,000. There sure as hell aren’t 26,000 Wittelsbach-type diamonds in the US, and I doubt that raiding all the Zales and Kays in America would net you $600 billion either. To look at it another way, all the gold in Fort Knox is worth less than half of what we spend on the military every single year.

      1. all the gold in Fort Knox is worth less than half of what we spend on the military every single year.

        Impossible to verify to any degree of confidence, and god knows the gold biz draws more than its fair share of loonies of all stripes, but I have read a number of articles pointing out that them math on gold supplies doesn’t work.

        Far more gold has been claimed by various big central banks and the gold dealers over the last decade or so, than has come out of the ground. Looking around for other sources that could provide that much gold, and you are pretty much left with Fort Knox and the other Western sovereign supplies. One way, maybe the only way, to get the books to balance is to posit that the West has sold all its gold already, and there’s nothing in the vaults.

    2. “There will be peace when the schools are adequately funded, and the Air Force has to have a bake sale for a bomber”

  45. Top men

    Young professionals willing to stretch their budgets now should consider Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., among other cities, according to a new report from Trulia. In New Haven, Conn., the typical millennial (defined by Trulia as an adult between ages 25 and 34) can expect to spend 37 percent of her income on housing in the first year of her mortgage. Three years later, though, the same homebuyer’s monthly payments will fall below 31 percent of her income, according to Trulia’s estimates. By the last year of her 30-year mortgage, she’ll be spending 11 percent of her income on housing.

    One of us is crazy, and I’m pretty sure it’s not me.

    1. Don’t buy until you can lay 10% down minimum 20% is preferred. Pay less in mortgage and property taxes than you do currently in rent so you can afford home repairs.

  46. things like the formation, merging, and dissolution of the myriad types of business entities are necessarily complex.

    None of that matters if you have a consumption tax and fee-for-service government.

    And my preferred solution, a gross receipts tax.

    1. The transition rules alone would keep us tax lawyers employed until the end of the century.

  47. One question for the American people. Did the French, Germans, Russians or any other country fight for independence from England. No we the people did. When you are a country of religious zealots sometimes a Dictator is the best option. Everyone cries about ISIS but is Saudi Arabia any better. ISIS is no threat to the USA except when they can get some religious zealot to be a terrorist. Probably less than 1% of Muslims in this country want to be ruled by a Iman and I am pretty sure the American people can deal with them.

    1. “when you are a country of religious zealots” And therein lies the problem, which has this habit of extending with those who wish to export their zealotry. Ask the English and French and some others how much the Muslim populations are for the locals. Ask those dealing with the current influx of immigrants. At least the majority of hispanics who come here illegally do so for the purpose of economic improvement; there is no built-in demand that everyone else assimilate to them.

    2. I agree, but if I lived in Europe, I wouldn’t be as optimistic.

    3. Did the French, Germans, Russians or any other country fight for independence from England.

      I wasn’t aware that England ever ruled Germany or Russia.

      Now, the French did kick out the English back in the day, when the English kings claimed chunks of France. And they also pitched in when we were kicking out the English.

      1. From George I until Victoria, England ruled Hanover.

        1. “Look, i’m as British as Queen Victoria!”

          “So your father’s German, you’re half German, and you married a German?”

    4. Did the French, Germans, Russians or any other country fight for independence from England.

      Well, the French helped the revolutionaries and the Germans helped the British.

  48. Casting of white actor as Martin Luther King prompts outrage

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    1. When I said that it was dumb to cast Idris Elba to play a Norse god, I was explicitly told that having racial expectations of the portrayal of certain characters was racist.

      1. The most ironic thing about it, is that Heimdall is refered to in the Eddas as the “whitest” of the Aesir.

    2. That is trademarked. Did you get persmission? I think you owe someone some money.

    3. That’s worse than getting Glenn Close to star in “The Life of Rachel Dolezal.”

    4. Is it even possible to judge an actor by the content of their character?

      1. My 25 yo daughter wants to be an actress. She was in the top of her ChemE Class at a high end university.

        Go figure.

        As to her character? She is too moral to have much of a chance as an actress.

        Kids are idiots.

    5. I think on MLK day everyone should talk like him. It would be fun. Sort of like Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  49. protesting racism on campus

    This is a serious question. But what does racism look like today? What are these whiny, entitled spoiled fucks talking about? Is here any evidence? What… is someone asking a black guy if he plays corneback? Asking a black guy if he wants to go to Popeyes? Who the fuck doesn’t love some tasty fried chicken? I grew up with stories of black men being hung, churches being burned to the ground, men beaten to death for being seen with white women, white pieces of shit screaming at little girls for going to school.

    I’m skeptical. If I was a rascist, I don’t have to do anything. Between the black male on male homicide rate and the black female abortion rate, blacks seem to be doing all the work killing themselves off.

    1. But what does racism look like today?

      Dog whistles and microaggressions.

      1. So….pussies?

        1. Pussies and liars. I’d be willing to bet that most of the accusations are about as truthful as the average police report.

    2. You mean when black men were being “hanged”. As far as I can tell, they are still “hung”

      1. Penis jokes? Really really mature there!!!!!

        1. Yeah, this is fucking Hit’n’Run, not the brothel where your mom works. Class it up, cockstain!

        2. Mr. grande boner, I congratulate you on your plainly visible doings.

  50. I don’t get this new format. Are new stories being placed somewhere other than HampR?

    1. Holy crap, I just went to the homepage for the first time in months. I have a headache.

      1. Yeah, no shit. It is like Reason is trying to be MSNBC circa 2005.

    2. At least the squirrels are somewhat under control now. There for a while it was nearly impossible to post.

  51. The transition rules alone would keep us tax lawyers employed until the end of the century.

    I didn’t say that would ever happen.

  52. OT: I don’t know but I’ve heard tell/That 420 is mighty swell:


    David Bass, who served 21 years in the U.S. Army, says he tried medical marijuana in a moment of desperation. He suffered from chronic pain and PTSD as a result of multiple active duty tours in Iraq, and his doctor at the VA gave him intense narcotic and psychotropic drugs.

    “I was getting really addicted to Hydrocodone,” he told ThinkProgress. “And my other drugs gave me side effects like suicidal ideation, sexual impotence, and just left me feeling really drugged out like a zombie. When I talked to the doctor at the VA hospital, he said I had to keep taking them for at least two years. But I just couldn’t see going through that for two more years before even discussing getting off them.”

  53. Rand needs to step it up some more and tell the neocon dimwits (that would be all the rest of the candidates) that defense doesn’t include running all over the globe and making messes and spending billions of dollars. That does not make us safer. Where the hell was the terror attacks before we started fucking around in the ME all of the time? What has any of that gained us?

    Step it up, Rand. Forget about the SoCons, they’re a dying breed, this war mongering is not at all popular and your libertarian stance on defense is going to go over well in the general election. You can’t out neocon these fools and you shouldn’t be trying to.

    1. Pax Americana sux.

      Pax China or Pax Russia would be worse.

    2. Unipolar world orders have fewer wars. At least I think so until proven other wise.

      In a multi-polar world some one always gets a wild hair to knock of the current barely #1.

      Peace through superior fire power is a reality. Ask the American Indians.

      1. We already have superior firepower. We don’t have to use it on primitive tribes all over the world, all of the time, to show that we have it. No one is advocating not having superior firepower. I’m talking about not running around the world being a small time bully and destabilizing places and creating a giant mess.

        1. We don’t have to use it on primitive tribes all over the world, all of the time, to show that we have it.

          That is one of the sad facts of life. You not only have to have it but show a willingness to use it. Otherwise “Paper Tiger”.

          Se e Carter, Jimmy. Or Reagan’s Granda Adventure.

        2. Look. You either want to expand the military and keep kicking ass, or you want the terrorists to win. Those are your choices. Why do you want the terrorists to win?

          Seriously though, any substantial cuts in the military are political suicide. Most people have friends and/or family who are either in the military or employed in the military industrial complex. Serious cuts in defense spending will result in people losing their jobs, and no one wants that for themselves or for people close to them.

          1. If those people have skills, they can get other jobs. There are more types of ‘sfuff’ to be made than stuff to blow people up with. If they have no skills, what use are they anyway? Just put them on the welfare, it would probably be cheaper than to keep subsidizing their useless jobs with tax payer money.

            1. Oh, they have skills. Thing is, work in government contracting long enough and you end up with a government worker’s work ethic. Then nobody wants to hire you.

    3. “Where the hell was the terror attacks before we started fucking around in the ME all of the time?”

      You know you might have something worth saying about foreign affairs if you were capable of critical thinking on the subject or knew anything. Rand is not down for noninterventionism because noninterventionism is incompatible with reality.

    4. “Where the hell was the terror attacks before we started fucking around in the ME all of the time? ”

      America fucked around in lots of places with no or little terror attacks. The terror attacks happen because the USG refuses to end states that sponsor terrorism.

  54. It wasn’t a Mizzou student, it was someone at Rolla, which is about a 100 miles south of Columbia (where MU is).

  55. -“When school feels like jail.”


    RHS class of 2010
    I got paddled numerous times, but deserved every one.

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