Hate Speech

University of Missouri Cops Tell Students to Report 'Hurtful Speech' to the Police

Mizzou admins, cops shouldn't censors hate speech.



Given the current situation, is anyone under the illusion that race relations at the University of Missouri would be improved by a more robust police presence in campus affairs?  In any event, the Mizzou police department sent an email to students on Tuesday morning instructing them to call the cops if they witness "hateful and/or hurtful speech."

Here is the text of the email:

To continue to ensure that the University of Missouri campus remains safe, the MU Police Department (MUPD) is asking individuals who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions to:

  • Call the police immediately at 573-882-7201. (If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911.)
  • Give the communications operator a summary of the incident, including location. 
  • Provide a detailed description of the individual(s) involved. 
  • Provide a license plate and vehicle descriptions (if appropriate).
  • If possible and if it can be done safely, take a photo of the individual(s) with your cell phone.  

Delays, including posting information to social media, can often reduce the chances of identifying the responsible parties. While cases of hateful and hurtful speech are not crimes, if the individual(s) identified are students, MU's Office of Student Conduct can take disciplinary action. 

While the message concedes that uttering hurtful words is not a crime, it clearly establishes that students who exercise their free speech rights could face any number of other, dire consequences—suspension and expulsion, presumably. This flies in the face of the First Amendment; students at a public university cannot be sanctioned for engaging in hurtful speech, though university administrators routinely forget this rule and flagrantly violate it.

Mizzou, however, is apparently taking the college war on free expression a step further, unwisely involving the police in clearly non-criminal matters.

I called the department for clarification on the policy; a spokesperson assured me that students who were reported to the authorities for hurtful speech could not be arrested, but an officer would nevertheless be dispatched to take stock of the situation.

"We are also university officials," said the spokesperson. "So we also take reports for violations of rules and regulations. There's no arrest."

The police department framed the policy as a way for students to report speech code violations. Indeed, many universities have "bias incident" reporting protocols, although these typically involve witnesses bringing allegations directly to administrators via an online system, and do not involve cops.

I gather Mizzou's police department wanted to assure students at this time of crisis that racist incidents are being taken seriously. But let's keep in mind that there is no modern American public institution with a worse record of treating black people humanely than police departments. If the black activists who forced MU President Tim Wolfe to resign actually want the police to monitor campus for possible speech infractions, they are remarkably short-sighted.

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  1. At what point can we go ahead and decide that calling 911 on someone is dangerously close to attempted manslaughter?

    1. Uh…what is swatting but exactly what you just described?

      1. Swatting is attempted murder, this falls a bit short of it.

        1. The basic fact is that bringing in the police will finally be a step in the right direction, exactly as I’ve been urging. Indeed, academic policy-makers in Missouri and elsewhere throughout the nation should study the competent actions of NYU officials, who have set the precedent for vigorous action when anyone engages in trigger-speech in an institution of higher learning. New York prosecutors, in their turn, are to be thanked for their firm and capable handling of the inappropriately deadpan Gmail “parodies” that offensively and hurtfully mocked a well-connected NYU department chairman. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal satire case at:


      2. Swatting is calling 911 + telling them there’s a very dangerous situation.

        Of course, every situation is dangerous (WAR ON COPZ), so all 911 calls eventually come to resemble swatting.

        1. Come on, we all know that speech is violence now. So hearing something you don’t like is basically the same thing as being raped or shot at.

          It’s only logical that the police be called in to respond in full force. Otherwise someone might die of hurt feelings.

    2. I’ve been calling it that for a while now.

      1. That was how the 6-year-old in Louisiana got killed. Someone called the police because his parents were arguing. Not fighting. Not him beating on her. Raised voices. Hope they like have that kid’s blood on their hands.

        1. Ha. As if they think they do.

    3. Perhaps “Assault with a Deadly Cop” as the minimum.

    4. I should enroll in school down there and set them up for a massive lawsuit. I could use a seven figure payout.

  2. I’m kind of fascinated at how insane this is going to get. I feel sorry for the non-retarded people on that campus, but this is just nuts. Report “hurtful speech”…to the police?!? Where do they think this is going to go?

    1. If I were a freshman there, I’d frantically be trying to transfer anywhere else.

      1. Yeah, but who would take you? Like…Brown? Isn’t anything better than that?

        1. I bet ITT Tech would take Tarran. If he’s got a Science and Math ACT higher than…12.

          1. tarran got kicked out of ITT Tech for partying too much. He was like Jeremy Piven in PCU except way, way less funny. Which is pretty bad because PCU isn’t that funny.

            1. PCU isn’t that funny


            2. Yeah, but….YES IT WAS FUNNY!

              Plus – George Clinton

              1. “Blow me where the pampers is…”

            3. tarran got kicked out of ITT Tech for partying too much.

              A vile lie! We had a mutual parting of the ways that was totally mutual!

            4. It may not have been all that funny, but in retrospect, it sure was prophetic.

          2. universityofphoenixonline.com/phd

      2. My son visited. He will not be going there on my dime.

    2. They think its going to wind up with their enemies tased, beaten, and bloody on the ground.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up that way for a bunch of people.

        1. I’m pretty sure that’s the plan.

        2. And most of those beaten and tased (and arrested for disorderly conduct) will be black – cuz cops.

    3. I feel sorry for the non-retarded people on that campus

      There are no non-retarded people there – it’s Mizzou.

      /Kansas grad

      1. I wonder what their alumni giving rate is? I wonder what it will be after this?

        1. I know my giving rate to my Alma Mater become $0 once the President signed on to support some “Gungrabbing College Presidents Against Teh Evul Gunz” type deal.

          May Mizzou be headed for less-stupid times. I won’t hold my breath.

        2. What scares me is a HS friend and Mizzou alum who is *praising* this whole debacle on FaceBook.

      2. Rock Chalk

        1. Dittoed on the retardation of Mizzou.

          – Another Kansas grad

        2. Although I have to admit that I’m somewhat torn on this story. The libertarian in me is horrified at just how ridiculously out of control schools are. The Kansan in me finds it hilarious that MU is imploding because it’s a horrible school filled with horrible people.

          1. Yeah, I agree with this.

          2. The libertarian in me

            Warty’s visiting you?


        3. I’m a TCU grad, but I heartily agree with the derpitude of Mizzou. I grew up in NW Arkansas, so I saw it from a safe distance.

      3. Precisely what I’ve been thinking this whole time.

        Kansas ’01

      4. I’ve rooted against Missou since they screwed up the big 12. I hope this kills their funding and team for a century.

        1. If their president wasn’t such a little pussy beta male, he would have shit canned the coach and gotten rid of the whole team. They are losers anyway, so recruiting scrubs on short notice wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    4. And the insanely subjective nature of “hurtful” speech. Any number of innocuous things are found to be hurtful my somebody. You’re sending out a squad of armed goons to do violence based on nothing but hurt feelings.

      1. Your use of the word ‘goon’ is offensive to those of us who are law-enforcement-americans. I’m reporting you for that!

        1. The police call themselves to deal with the hurt feelings I caused them.

          1. Any chance they’ll beat the shit out of themselves?

            1. You two arguing has hurt me. Badly.

              *dials 911*

            2. The really fantasy scenario is that they get a call for hurtful speech, employ their usual hurtful speech (“On the ground motherfucker! I will gun fuck you!”), someone calls for being triggered by that hurtful speech and a fresh set of cursing pigholes show up to arrest him, also screaming epithets and then someone calls, etc, etc, etc…

              A recursive cursing riot where everyone is offending and attempting arrest for that offense… and then Taylor activates the doomsday bomb with his dying act and wipes us all out.

              1. Wait, does Mizzou even have a cobalt bomb?

                1. Don’t all schools have a nuclear self-destruct?

                  1. If Mizzou is any indication, apparently so. It’s called the students.

              2. lololol

      2. I hope a student reports whoever sent that email to the police for threatening their First Amendment protections.

    5. Is it still too much to expect that police be called in on reports of rape?

      1. You point out an important irony. Crimes like rape are to be handled by the University. Non-crimes are to be handled by the police.

      2. You point out an important irony. Crimes like rape are to be handled by the University. Non-crimes are to be handled by the police.


          1. And flavor crystals!

          2. I am new to this. Does 2 ironies make a sardonic? I need a map.

        2. This could be a winning argument. Pointing out these kind of things forces the listener to wonder why activists want something that is so counter intuitive.

          1. Counter intuitiveness is hurtful so, there you go.

          2. It’s not counter intuitive, and you’re a racist for saying that.

        3. If I were an entrepreneurial attorney, I would be looking for the real victims of university bullshit ‘investigations’. Suing them for big jackpot settlements for their violations of my client’s civil rights. After a few of these schools paid out big, I suspect a lot of this cow-towing to faggot hippie progtard student whining would come to an end.

          Seriously, these punk hippies almost have me wishing for another Kent State. Just with more dead hippies.

          1. you are a man in an age of boys, Suicidy

          2. 40 dead in MSU tops the charts.

      3. Right? If Someone says mean words, call the police. The same police that executed Michael Brown. Get raped, call the University adminstration. The same Administration that you just ran out on a rail for saying mean words. The utterance of means they should call the police. The same police….

        1. The same police that executed Michael Brown.

          That stupidity never gets old.

    6. We have the number. I suggest we call and report our hurt feelings also.

      Some cab driver gave me the finger this morning; maybe the MUPD can help me out?

      1. Call and tell them that no one complimented the meal.

    7. Actually, I don’t think this will have much consequence. Since when are college students known for cooperating with police? I’m sure 90% of the student body deleted this email without even reading it, and, of the remaining 10%, most are either ranting about it or mocking it.

      Watch campus police get a rash of calls reporting things like, “The big, ugly man called me a dummy,” or “My roommate said my hair wasn’t pretty,” or “There are a group of fascists walking around on campus, picking on minorities. They’re wearing blue uniforms with really big belts that hold guns, and flashlights, and pepper spray…”

  3. The U of M has just gone completely insane over this, hasn’t it?

    Good. Here’s hoping it spreads. Higher ed needs a good enema, and this sounds like it should fit the bill.

    1. These people are going to ruin a large number of lives and do millions of dollars of damage before their movement consumes itself.

      1. Consumes itself is an optimistic position to take.

        “What comes out one end, we feed to the other.”

        1. Like a human centipede, but the ends are connected.

          1. Human ouroboros.

          2. So, the Sociology department?

  4. I called the department for clarification on the policy; a spokesperson assured me that students who were reported to the authorities for hurtful speech could not be arrested, but an officer would nevertheless be dispatched to take stock of the situation.

    Maybe they can’t be arrested for their bad-speak, but they can and likely will be arrested if they fail to show sufficient respect to the disrespectful police officer who illegally detains them for their non-crime.

  5. Robby is just jealous because he did not attend another vaunted school of journalism.

    Also, someone let Melissa Click know that I am more than willing to be her muscle and push around nosy Asians.

    1. Don’t you do that anyway?

    2. She is one ugly bitch. In many, many ways.

      1. An entirely punchable face. Truly.

  6. I think most of us here would agree that you never call the police unless you’re prepared for somebody to die.

    Now think of that in the context of calling police for hurt feelings.

    1. Given what I’ve heard from these student types, I think your inference is reasonable.

      Translation: I don’t think they would be upset with someone (they dislike) dying. They seem to be THAT ridiculous and insane.

  7. “Wrong thinking is punishable; right thinking will be as quickly rewarded.” …. the Keeper, from the Star Trek pilot later re-used in the episode “The Cage”.

    Good name for the episode; good name too for where these over-aged infants want to live.

    1. I don’t know, wasn’t The Menagerie a better title for when they recut it for the two-parter?


        1. (smashes bottle, holds it by neck)

          1. *sets phaser to “Kill” – zaps Epi the Techno Loser*

            1. Well, it was my fault. Never bring a broken bottle to a phaser fight.

              1. Just like a wop….

                /Sean Connery….before he got Phasered to death

                1. De Palma is fucking great, man. And now I want to watch Body Double again.

                  1. Your mention of Body Double makes me want to watch a bunch of porn clips of Holly Body (who took her porn name from that movie). Maybe selections from the Babewatch franchise.

              2. *looks around for potassium nitrate, diamonds, bamboo and sulfur*

            2. I call force field!

  8. Take a stand against bullying and incivility.

    And, by that, I mea, sic the brownshirt thugs on anybody who disagrees with you.

    1. Better yet, let’s take up a collection and pay to bus all those bikers and veterans who broke up that hippie flag burning rally in NY a while back down to deal with this hippie trash. Hilarity will ensue!

      1. I see the miserable old white gun-fetishizing male caricature is commenting again.

  9. Has there been a photo posted anywhere of the dookie swastika? Has the dook been tested? Did the dook contain wolf hair, or bits of credit card?

    1. Scientist: This appears to be a piece of a credit card.
      Frank: Inconclusive.
      Dennis: How is that not specific to one of you?
      Charlie: I wish it was, man. But that’s inconclusive.
      Scientist: Oh boy. There’s a good deal of blood in this stool.
      Charlie: Of course there is.
      Scientist: Whoever’s it is should see a doctor.
      Charlie: Well, don’t give us judgments. Just tell us what’s in there.
      Scientist: Is this wolf hair?
      Frank: Also inconclusive.
      Dennis: Jesus Christ!
      Charlie: Dude, there is so much wolf hair in our apartment.

      1. A guilty pleasure. Horrible, horrible people. Seinfeld on crack.

    2. Nope. See my link below. They can’t find any evidence of a poop swastika.

      That didn’t stop the media from reporting that there was a poop swastika, and that it was definitely human feces.

      1. Give me a minute. Taking a lot longer to come up with the right lengths than I thought it would…….

    3. Has there been a photo posted anywhere of the dookie swastika?

      *Picks up phone, dials 9-1-*

    4. The “dook” might also contain enough DNA to make it possible to ID the perp. Of course they’d need to have the perp’s DNA. Wonder if they could trick the person reporting this to provide a DNA sample, “just so we can eliminate any traces of you since this was found near your dorm room.”

  10. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can get you beaten or killed by the police.

  11. I see Carrot Top is doing his part.

  12. The bastinado will make them confess to unmutual thoughts in a fair and efficient manner.

    1. Better the fusillado.

  13. Where do I report hateful and hurtful photo illustrations? You should know to give a trigger warning before flashing pics of Carrot Top roid raging.

    /calling as soon as my testicles re-descend after looking at that pic

    1. You have terrible taste. In this photo, provided to us by the always classy CNN, we can look up her nostrils, which I certainly appreciate.

      1. Now that’s a 1000-yard stare.

        1. more like the shove people in the ovens, or starve a few million stare

            1. or this Twitter

      2. Lose the grant glasses, and she looks exactly like a Problematic.

      3. Welp, there went breakfast.

      4. Oh God why did I click on that

        1. You only think that because of impossible standards of female beauty that the patriarchy has brainwashed you into believing.

          1. I don’t care about female beauty unlike you meatheads. That was just heinous on any level.

            1. Even gay men are the patriarchy.

              1. Too bad I’m not in fashion or (behind the scenes) Hollywood.

            2. Meatheads?!? And Warty isn’t even here!

              1. huh huh, huh huh – Rhywun said “meat”.

                huh huh

                And then he said “HEAD”….huh huh, huh huh, huh huh, huh huh, huh huh, huh huh…

              2. Fun fact: Warty’s neck muscles are so huge and bulgy that his earholes point straight up. He has to wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever it rains or else he gets swimmer’s ear.

                1. Warty has a flap that covers his anus to prevent heat loss.

                  1. Well, you would know.

                  2. Do these flaps also prevent blood loss? Asking for a friend.

      5. What’s with all the tents in the background?

        1. dudes got morning wood?

          OH! You meant actual tents….riiiiiiiiight

      6. needs moar hi-def

  14. The university is embarrassing itself at this point.

    1. A president resigned, a chancellor resigned, and a football team boycotted themselves all over a poop swastika that nobody has even seen.

      Maybe this school just plain sucks and everybody wants to leave really badly.

      1. Can you imagine if someone actually burned a cross on their campus? Or better yet, if some neo Nazi organization staged a demonstration there chanting ‘niggers go home’ or some such bullshit? Those kids would stroke out and die.

  15. I’m glad that my alma mater (Syracuse) now has the least insane major journalism school.

  16. You know, all of this sounds to me almost like The Manchurian Candidate in reverse.

    If I were a right-wing social conservative authoritarian and wanted to figure out how to go about restoring “good, traditional God-fearing Christian values” on the American campus, pushing this shit is exactly how I’d go about it. Each and every rule you’d want to impose, the social justice cadres are paving the way. Want to be able to kick the “undesirables” out? That’s done. Want to tell students what they can and can’t say? Handled. Want to say any fraternization outside of approved channels is unacceptable? They’ve got you covered.

    At the same time, this shit is probably already getting to the point where increasing portions of the student population are getting sick of it. Sooner or later, they’ll be happy to go along with restoring “sanity”.

    1. It’s payback for whichever Democrat *cough*Hillary*cough* persuaded Trump to run for president.

    2. Well that’s like saying October Revolution was a monarchist long-con to make people sick of republicanism.

      1. Czar Putin agrees.

    1. Well – Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper went looking for America….


    2. Oh that’s going to be hilarious. Not only does the alleged incident not justify the reaction. The alleged incident may not even exist. This is like the absolute fucking worst way this whole thing could go down for the progs. I imagine it will go down the memory hole very soon.

    3. This shitlord needs to back up and let these students heal. He needs to shut up and LISTEN to their lived experiences.

      1. Their lived experience of something that never happened?

        Yeah, there’s a reason why “safe space” and “insane asylum” are indistinguishable in practice.

      2. The Dead Experience is pretty good.

      3. Funny how lived experiences are supreme until they counteract the narrative. No one considers my lived experience of being harassed by feminist for failing to fall in line as unquestionable.

  17. I especially get a kick out of that “emergency” provision:

    (If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911.)

    What the hell is an emergency hurtful speech — butthurt in the first degree?

    Good Grief.

    1. “You are hereby charged with aggravated sniveling. The punishment, if you are found guilty, is one titty twister or two Indian burns.”

      1. He said “Indian!” [9-1-1]

        1. “All right, no one is to stone *anyone*, until I blow this whistle. Even–and I want to make this absolutely clear–even if they do say, ‘Jehovah.'”

      2. In the hierarchy of punishment, where do we place swirlies?

        1. They’re worse than a Charlie horse but better than an atomic wedgie. I think that’s reasonable, no?

        2. Spins With Head In Toilet would like a word.

          1. That’s called a “swirly,” Sug. A treatment with which I’ve often threatened Hinkle since we used to drink at the same place.

  18. it’s like that crazy person who is at all the city council meetings is running the show.

  19. This feels like the Mizzou PD telling the snowflakes to piss off. I’m sure the Columbia PD will follow up on any promising leads.

  20. “Hi, officer. I’d like to do something to that mean man over there. He said I was ugly.!”

  21. Seriously though, get a bunch of burner phones and wreck havoc on campus.

    1. I don’t think you’d even need a burner phone. They’re inviting this to happen out in the open.

      1. Yeah, but let’s be honest… some hurtful speech will be taken seriously, and other forms will not. The burners are for calling in the latter, repeatedly.

    2. Someone seriously needs to go on a streaking spree at this point.

      1. Flaunting their male privilege?

        1. I didn’t specify gender. Streaking, like all naked sports, should be played co-ed. It’s the natural way.

        2. Flaunting their male privilege?

          Kinda chilly, so I doubt it.

    3. YES! Follow Rule 4 for Radicals:

      “* RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)”

      this is the only way to make these assholes stop. Every time you “#blacklivesmatter” report it as racist hate speech. Every time one of these activists say something about white privilege, find it offensive and report to the school and police as hate speech that marginalizes your existence or some other such nonsense. They need to be overwhelmed with paperwork and wasted time and effort. Remember, the process is the punishment. Make these people demanding these things go through the ringer and they’ll change their tune or be proved hypocrites.


  23. No, they should call the police on the Obama Youth mob instead. Then we can sit back and enjoy the Iran-Iraq war on campus.

  24. I remember having to attend classes and do work in college. Is that not a thing anymore?

    1. Depends. Were you getting a degree in Gender Studies or some other BS? Because this is apparently work for that.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if students were getting, or will be given post facto, credit for these activities.

        1. Q) How many college athletes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

          A) Only one. But they get three credits for doing it.

        2. Better, give them cyanide capsules.

  25. Google News’s top article on this:

    Missouri players provide template for powerful athletes to spark change


    1. Good, good.

      I really want this to metastasize like weaponized herpes all over higher ed.

      1. The MSM coverage is universally insufferable – more that I even expected.

  26. This hullabaloo is why those of us on the coast refer to Missouri as flyover country.

    1. Well-played. Now duck.

    2. Really? Most of the coast is worse than this.

  27. This is one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever read, and Bernie wants to make it free for everyone. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. This is worse. This is about the Dookie Ghandi.

      1. TL;DR but

        Butler is a graduate student at Mizzou, where he also did his undergraduate work.

        For someone who doesn’t feel safe at that school, he sure has spent a lot of time there.

        1. “My undergraduate years were 8 of the most-stressful of my life….”

          1. “Lane… I’ve been going to this high school for seven years… I’m no dummy.”

            1. He only speaks French, NutraSweet. He doesn’t speak imbecile.

              1. That still never stopped you from groping him with your testicles.

        2. “and is pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy.”

          Ladies and gentlemen, behold the future!

          1. Seriously, what nations are left for me to emigrate to now ?

            1. Hong Kong is nice.

  28. I do like the way the self-reinforcing storm of derp has completely distracted people from the fact that there were likely no racist incidents at all on this campus.

    None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    I certainly haven’t seen any credible, corroborated evidence of such incidents.

    1. They feel like those incidents happened. That’s all that matters.

      1. The important thing isn’t whether or not anything did or didn’t happen.


        *bursts out crying – calls 911*

    2. when i first heard about the story of the human-feces Swastica… i gave it more benefit of the doubt. They alluded to “other incidents” which surely there must have been substantiation of.

      Now, all i see are repeat references to “some people heard someone say the N word” in what seem to be dubious circumstances…

      …and the shit-swastika – which, aside from the fact that there’s nothing particularly hateful to *blacks* about it – is reminiscent of the ‘pile of glass’ Jackie was raped on… maybe a bit too gratuitously dramatic. One would think if there were people out there committed enough to *collect human poop* and use it to smear-hate-symbols on walls…. that they’d actually have made one or two less labor-intensive efforts in the past to communicate their racial animosity

      I mean, did Shit-Hitler just come out of the woodwork at this very-convenient moment?

      1. So what you’re saying is that you’re a Holocrap denier?

      2. Any pix of the swastika? Any contemporaneous reports? Anything?

        1. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw a picture of the Swastika. I guess it’s pretty serious.

        2. What, you want evidence?! Someone claimed they saw it and it’s Missouri, which we all know is racist, so it must be true. It’s racist of you to even question it.

        3. I do have some contemporANUS pics of this very hANUS crime.

  29. …it clearly establishes that students who exercise their free speech rights could face any number of other, dire consequences?suspension and expulsion, presumably.

    Tasering, beating and arrest are also distinct possibilities. To claim that you’re dispatching police and declare that arrests won’t happen is ludicrous.

    1. There won’t be arrests for the offending speech. There will be arrests for failure to show sufficient respect. So technically it is a correct statement.

    2. And wild spraying of fire towards the “offenders”.

      I’m sure involving armed authorities trying to control unpopular speach could never end badly…Nah….


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  31. I’m triggered by trigger warnings. That is hurtful. Can you make it stop?

    1. *calls 911*

  32. I’m sure the middle class parents of Missouri (whereeverthefuckthatis) are watching this clusterfuck with interest (who were counting on sending their snowflakes to the local subsidized university to certify them as adults).

    And the legislature’s Education and Appropriations committees too.

    First lesson: How To Destroy a Brand 101

  33. When I did a brief stint as a telemarketer selling Septic Helper*, I always dreaded calling Missouri. To the point where I referred to it as Misery. Wow those people were jerks. Almost as bad as me when I get calls from telemarketers.

    *I can still remember the script, though it was over two decades ago: “Hi, my name is sarc, and I’m calling on behalf of the Miller-Plante corporation. I was wondering if your home is connected to a septic system. It is? Well, our company sells a product called Septic Helper that helps to prevent problems or backups in your system. Would you be interested in some free information about our product?”

    If they said yes I’d send their number to a high pressure salesman who would do his best to scare them into buying the stuff, which was little more than freeze-dried sludge from some New Jersey wastewater treatment plant. I didn’t last long, though it appears they’re still in business.

    1. That was when I lived in Colorado. One of the restaurants I worked for here in Maine was connected to a massive septic nicknamed Mr Stinky, and the owner had a pallet of Septic Helper in the basement.

    2. Betty Crocker’s moved beyond Hamburger Helper and Tuna Helper.

    3. I live in Illinois and that is how Missouri is commonly/comically pronounced: Misery.

    4. Well, let’s be fair: if you were working on cold-call sales, you deserved to suffer.


  34. there were likely no racist incidents at all on this campus.

    Oh, come on. It’s Missouri. They’re all racists.

    1. Yeah, it was a slave state 150 years ago! Therefore, all whites there are TEH RACEIST now

  35. Thought photo was of a dude. Fuck. Can anyone say ‘bubble in higher education?’ This is the tulip-mania before the crash.

    1. “‘ This is the tulip-mania before the crash.”

      I agree that many people would benefit from a read of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

      This is one of those historical moments where huge numbers of people are swept up in delusional belief in fabricated crises… and the demonization of anyone who fails to come along for the ride.

      1. Wonder if a semester in highschool on all the mass panics and bubbles of the past would help? Have students actually read the articles written by those caught up in the panics and relay how they destroyed innocent peoples lives. It wouldn’t stop the worst from rushing to star the next one, but it might give some people some pause.

        1. You know what. I need to start writing this crap down and lay out a lesson plan for my eventual kids. Lay out the stuff I need to make sure they learn about so they aren’t complete babes in the woods to be taken advantage of.

        2. I read that book in high school myself… it was lying around, had a cool title, and was made up of short ‘mini-stories’. Took me a few months (some sections were boring) but the bits on the Crusades, Witch Hunts, South Sea bubble, etc. were all extremely helpful historical background that i was unlikely to have picked up elsewhere.

          the most important thing about the book was the author’s perspective as a rationalist; the overarching theme seemed to be that he was leery of society’s vulnerability to being swept up in self-created “panics”. Basically, he pointed out that it hardly mattered who was ‘Smart’ and who was ‘Stupid’ – that crowd-dynamics would sweep everyone up in a populist tide which no one would dare question until long after it was over and the wreckage was around.

          1. FWIW – people in finance would benefit from the book as well; basically… the book is “The Black Swan”/”Freakonomics” of the 19th century.

          2. Sweet, thank you for the recommendation. I’ll have to pick it up.

      2. This book is currently free in Kindle edition on Amazon.

        link to amazon here

  36. Related: if any of you lurkers need a safe space to feel comfortable away from the likes of SugarFree and Almanian, I would be happy to provide it.

    I am only one person and thus only to provide limited safe space, so we are going to have to operate on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

    As always, pics are helpful.

  37. Scripty Scripterson ?@scripterson 58m58 minutes ago
    @seanmdav @pmjones Half your football team walking out is evidence you’ve done a pretty shitty job building a safe place for non-whites

    Sean Davis ?@seanmdav 53m53 minutes ago
    @scripterson @pmjones When you say “walking out” are you referring to the boycott, or the 4 consecutive losses?

    1. Half your football team walking out is evidence you’ve done a pretty shitty job building a safe place for non-whites

      … are we not allowed to point out how incredibly racist the assumptions underling this statement are?

      1. Of course, the football team walking out is evidence of precisely nothing.

        1. Well, it’s evidence that the football team walked out. Why that wasn’t followed by a cancellation of the season and the players’ scholarships, I don’t know.

          But that wasn’t what I was getting at. If generic white racist grandpa said “all they’re good for is playing sports”, that would be the most racist thing ever. If an SJW tweets more or less the same sentiment, that’s empowerment. Huh?

  38. “” involving the police in clearly non-criminal matters.””

    Ah, but they’re POLITICAL matters.

    Do you expect the police to rush out to protect any theoretical critics of the protesters? As far as the state and media are concerned, there’s only one possible side to this issue.

  39. So many racists on this site! WE NEED SOME INTERNET MUSCLE HERE!

    1. All you spicks, micks, kikes, dikes, niggers, krauts, gypsies, pollacks, camel fuckers, whores, and faggots need to straighten up. You’re upsetting the professor.

      1. I see no nips, gooks, etc.

        Oh, I get it. This is (obviously) liberal arts, and slopes only know math.


  40. This should have been predictable. It should remind all of us of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

    The students are insisting on public apologies and public humiliation to enforce their orthodoxy and everything–just like the Cultural Revolution.

    And it’s based on the same group identity and class conflict ideology that launched the Cultural Revolution, as well.

    1. When I say that Tony and his ilk would march us libertarians up against the wall, I’m not kidding.

      They’d do it gladly if they could.

      1. He’s said as much in his rare moments of honesty.

        1. Well, the proffs seem to be leading some of this too, not just the children.

    2. It should remind all of us of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

      Goddammit Ken, you’re going to summon mtrueman. I hope you’re happy.

    3. Is this the Libertarian Moment? Should we get Gillespie to poll some millenials?

    4. I think its was pretty much the linear end of the trend that the PC/SJW crowd started.

      What’s surprising is how fast we got to the end of the line.

      1. Unfortunately this is not yet the end of the line, you sweet summer child.

  41. You know who else wanted all hurtful speech reported to the police?

  42. Re: poop swastika – I learned a new word. Shitler

  43. There’s at least an anecdotal connection between sociological studies and Socialism/Leftism. Most everybody, it seems, teaching or studying sociology is also a socialist. Did the socialists take over sociological studies or were these groups joined at the hip from the beginning? I find sociology somewhat interesting, so I’d like to think it was the former, but I suspect it’s the latter. And I would include Media Studies and the like in with Sociological Studies.

    Now, what if this conflagration at MU (and other similar situations at other institutions) is like an extra-credit exercise for sociology students? Maybe it’s a research project by Ms. Click and her colleagues. It would certainly be apropo for grievance studies students to pretend demonstrating to see what they can wring out of authority figures. I mean, just how bad can race relations be at a leftist university, anyway? Aren’t they the most racially enlightened of us all? Therefore, this must be an exercise, since universities are way too advanced to have problems with race relations.

    1. Did the socialists take over sociological studies or were these groups joined at the hip from the beginning?


      1. Self-selection sounds right. But there’s more.

        Because those graduates who don’t land a job in academia can only hope to find employment at Starbucks or other service oriented outlet, they become embittered at the Bourgeoisie and convinced that they too, are victims. It all fits. Just what they learned at university. They deserve credit and pay for their labor but are getting paid only for the value that they add. Something is wrong.

        1. Self-selection sounds right. But there’s more.


    2. It’s almost universal. Scientists are pretty socialist, too. Higher Superstion came out almost twenty years ago, was written by two self-described lefties, and has described the same phenomenon.

      1. Read it when it was first published.

        One of the most important and relevant books I’ve ever read, cannot recommend too highly.

        Also check out the Social Text/Alan Sokal incident post publication which confirmed the main thesis of Higher Supersition.

    3. I mean, just how bad can race relations be at a leftist university, anyway? Aren’t they the most racially enlightened of us all?

      My personal experience has been that those most vocally congratulating themselves for how not-racist they are while accusing anyone who thinks differently from them of being racist are, typically, racist liars with a projection issue.

  44. that cs1950 twitter feed is sad. i usually find humor in the SJW stuff but not that one. don’t bother.

  45. Give a call at 573-882-7201 and let them know what you think of encouraging the perpetually aggrieved to snitch on speech that upsets delicate sensibilities.

    Just did, you’ll quickly be transferred to the voice mail of some campus police officer, give him your thoughts on this piece of garbage Orwellian policy.

  46. Caught you on the Dianne Rehm show today Robby. Congratulations on more or less holding your own.

    1. Just tried to watch the npr feed on that. Godamn, I had heard DR was bad, but I had no idea (my mother has been a DR fan for years but then she is also part of the clueless East Coast Establishment).

      It was interesting to hear one of the guests talking about UM’s racial history going back to some 2000 incident which seems to ignore the whole history of the state going back to pre-Civil War times thru years of KKK activity including liberal (and certain conservative’s) darling Harry Truman’s membership in the 1920s.

      WTF, racism is a part of the country’s history, the more you know about that the better your will be able to handle new surges of it. And furthermore realize how much better off you are that there are a mere handful of morons are only yelling “nigger” and smearing shit on walls rather than whole mobs of people trying to lynch you and burn down your homes and businesses.

  47. I am enjoying these people fleeing social media as soon as they are identified. Twitter mobs can come from anywhere, and go after anyone. Who knew?

  48. I’m still wondering what anyone can learn about observation and writing in a university journalism school that they can’t learn by paying attention in high school.

  49. It’s 1984 all over again.

  50. I am willing to bet that the ugly bitch in the photo has a fat ass.
    It’s ok, she’s white so I can say that, right? if not, then I meant it as a compliment.

  51. Liberalism is a form of fascism. The more liberal a community is, the less freedom of expression is permitted.

  52. Hurtful words? For the love of Pete! Who gets to say what’s hurtful? I bet the cops just LOVE getting involved in this crap.

    1. Re your last, I expect that the cops await such situations, “with baited breath” as that old saying goes.

  53. Hurtful words? For the love of Pete! Who gets to say what’s hurtful? I bet the cops just LOVE getting involved in this crap.

  54. Did the university actually define the “hurtful speech” that is supposed to be reported to the police, and if so, exactly what are the police supposed to do about such speech?

  55. …asking individuals who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions to:

    Call the police immediately…

    Seriously? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  56. Re the above article, I’m given to wonder re the following. Who or what might it be that wound up, more likely over wound university officialdom? Also, WHY??

  57. They must be aching for an excuse to shoot someone.

  58. I was thinking when I heard about the idiot students basically purging the university leadership, ‘what exactly did they expect the president to do? Organize a campus Gestapo to go around knocking down doors to find someone to hang for these alleged race crimes?’ I mean, considering what we know about these activist types, the racial slur incidents were as likely as not done by those very people just to get attention.

    And they actually did it. The university police are now being used as speech police. I guess that is exactly what they would have had the now former president to; it’s the logical conclusion of their actions, and yet still somehow manages to be surprising.

    Btw, I think we need a name for the threshold at which progressives stop trying to explain how their ideas are different from those of Ingsoc from 1984 and start trying to argue that Ingsoc’ actually isn’t that bad. Speaking which, I’m curious to see how Tony is going to rationalize this.

    1. people act like theyve never read 1984 (maybe they actually havent) but he was so right about pretty much everything

  59. School to prison pipeline….. or something.

    Why not call the police every time there’s too much noise? Or if you see kids smoking in non smoking areas (which happened in broad daylight when I was in college)? Smoking pot? Drunken revelry? Riding a skateboard in places where it’s not allowed? It’s okay, since they’ll be no arrest, right?

    I cannot believe that the Missouri police (of all the police force in the nation) would take this kind of initiative. All it takes is one slip up with a cop, and then the entire campus mob will be against them.

    If I was running the cops in that police I would sternly remind the school to take care of their house without involving the police on chippy little situation that could snowball out of control.

  60. Can anyone tell me what Carrot Top is doing there, and what he’s pointing at in the picture at the top of the page?

    1. That is one of the professors telling journalism students with cameras that were covering the events that they were no allowed in some areas of the Quad. She was screaming at them to get out and finally called for some ‘muscle’ to force them to leave. It was all caught on camera. There are demands to the university that she be fired immediately by students, other faculty, and civil liberty groups.

      You would think a journalism prof would have heard of the first amendment.
      She must be one of those ‘special snowflakes’ we hear about.

  61. It is the end of the Republic. This hysterical millipod is frighteningly stupid and silly.

  62. Dunno if it’s posted upstream or not, but “Professor” Click apparently resigned:


    So this group is truly consuming itself at this point.

    1. Actually, she sort of resigned. She is still an employee at the school, but she gave up her role at the journalism school. She is still teaching in the communications dept.

  63. Was The Poop Swastika Incident At Mizzou A Giant Hoax?

    It seems there is no one who actually saw the poop swastika, no police report, and no photographs (other than a picture that was first posted online a year ago).

  64. African american athletes every where can use there power as economic generators to stop police violence on african americans. Sports programs on college campuses pull in billions of dollars where the athletes get nothing. The school and couches get paid but the students get basically nothing but a worthless education that may or may not payoff. This is what even paid black athletes can do in football and basketball take a stand against the assassination by the police on african americans since our elected official and the justice department, ignore blacks being killed by the police.

  65. wow i got my associates degree when i was 27 (a couple years ago) and it seems like i just barely got out before free speech became an anachronism at colleges. I still think it’s awfully important. I also think it’s in reality more polite to be honest about what you’re thinking/feeling than to just smile and stew on it, but I gave up a long time ago on most people ever agreeing with me about that

  66. “But let’s keep in mind that there is no modern American public institution with a worse record of treating black people humanely than police departments.”

    So, “hands up don’t shoot” really did happen and the 99% of interactions with cops that go off without a hitch never happen? And isn’t the Democrat Party a public institution? Seems their plantation model for lifting up black people and driving down the unemployment rate (2X vs other demos) is pretty inhumane.

    1. “So, “hands up don’t shoot” really did happen and the 99% of interactions with cops that go off without a hitch never happen?”

      –When it comes to dealing with the guys with guns, “99%” is not the number you’re looking for.

  67. I wouldn’t be surprised if the school tell the police that only officers of color can respond to calls at the school.

    1. What about slurs against GBLT etc.? How about slurs against Asians and other non-whites? How about slurs against Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

      We’ll all be safer when the police show up and shoot someone for using words like nigger, faggot, kike, or slope.

      1. If we go with the odds, the likeliest slur on a college campus will involve “white” or “male.”

  68. Sending an officer to ‘assess’ the situation.
    These days having an officer called by one party is intimidating, just as it always was.

    Sometimes, too rarely, the cop will listen to both sides and then tell the person that called them
    “You had no good reason to call for police.
    Don’t do it again for this sort of thing.
    If you do I will come back and write you a citation”.
    Too rare.

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  70. Isn’t that the same insane asylum that has a “professor” that said “whiteness is a disease”?

  71. “I gather Mizzou’s police department wanted to assure students at this time of crisis…”

    I’m optimistic this is sarcasm.

    I’ve had to remind myself there have been no ACTUAL injuries. Not one.

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