Los Angeles

The Public Be Damned


City of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department barred a youth running club from practicing in O'Melveny Park, the city's second-largest park. After the group complained, department officials said they could use the park's running trails but only if they paid $25 an hour. After local media picked up the story, department officials said the club would no longer have to pay the fee but did not return the money they'd already paid. And officials say they haven't made up their minds if the club can use the park next year.

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  1. …a Recreation and Parks employee, who lives in a city-owned house in O’Melveny Park, came upon the team and issued a warning.

    Mystery solved. The employee lives for free inside the park and considers it his property. He was being disturbed by kids running on his lawn. When his arbitrary rules were challenged, the city struggled to find something to back them up. “Public safety” was settled upon, and naturally the thing that will make kids safer is $25.

    1. get off my lawn?

      1. Goddamn kids should be sitting at home playing on their x-boxes and their u-tubes like normal kids instead of running around out in all that dangerously fresh air like some kinda freaks.

  2. Some animals are more equal than others.


  3. Eminent Dope-Pain; Gov’t is so kind to let us walk on its property…

    Right? Right?

  4. The public is everyone except any individuals that anyone in government deals with. So by keeping individuals out of the park, they’re saving it for public use.

    1. But that is not sarcasm, sir. That is actually how they think.

      Sort of on that topic, my wife and I were buying some building materials at Home Depot. I was gathering the stuff and she went up to start the paperwork for renting their truck. The clerk said she couldn’t rent it to her, it was for customers. She explained that she was a customer. Husband is getting the stuff right now, let’s start the paperwork. Nope, what if a customer wants to rent the truck. Wife: I AM that customer. The clerk seemed to think that if she rented the truck to an individual, it wouldn’t be available for customers.

      1. “We’re going to Lowe’s”

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