Mizzou Madness Continues, Trump Declares War on Starbucks, Another GOP Debate: P.M. Links


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    Reason TV

    The University of Missouri's School of Journalism is voting on whether to rescind Melissa Click's courtesy appointment. Click is the mass media professor who thwarted a journalist's attempts to interview and photograph activists at yesterday's rally.

  • The Federalist's Sean Davis went in search of evidence that the swastika incident at Mizzou actually happened. He came away empty-handed. Draw your own conclusions.
  • A Mizzou law professor: "Students, I support you. But I will not coddle you."
  • WAR ON CHRISTMAS ALERT: Trump suggests boycotting Starbucks. Go here if this matters to you.
  • Oh, yeah. There's a debate tonight.
  • Bush will take another swing at Rubio.
  • Bill O'Reilly and George Will are really going at it.

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  1. There’s a debate tonight.

    That’s debatable.

    1. That’s problematic.

      1. Letting them speak on TV is threatening and dangerous.

        1. consider this your trigger warning.

          1. Trigga please!

            1. *Roy Rogers approved this message*

    2. Hello.

      Extra, crispy, primo derp edition!

  2. A Mizzou law professor: “Students, I support you. But I will not coddle you.”

    Related: unemployed law professor will drop pants for food.

    1. But I will not coddle you

      Could he be any more triggering?

    2. Old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be…

      (wait, “Crazy old man dancers”? That’s ableist!)

    3. Someone is gonna get a rock with a note tied to it through their window tonight.

      1. Burning cross. They’ll have to climb down off it first, though.

        1. Well, she deserves it. Her words were threatening.

      2. A brick for his window weighted down with a note.

  3. The Federalist’s Sean Davis went in search of evidence that the swastika incident at Mizzou actually happened. He came away empty-handed. Draw your own conclusions.

    Did Sean go to Columbia Journalism School? Has he ever reported on anything in his life?!

    1. My conclusions are shaped like a swastika.

    2. “Has he ever reported on anything in his life?!”
      Nothing about nail salons, so, NO!

    3. Did he interview everyone who went to school with Ben Carson?

  4. The University of Missouri’s School of Journalism is voting on whether to rescind Melissa Click’s courtesy appointment.

    Seems like a can of worms the School of Journalism can’t possibly be equipped to handle.

    1. I expect Melissa Click to get a permanent position there.

      1. She’ll probably be the new president.

  5. Draw your own conclusions.

    But please. Not in poop.

    1. Can’t poop, I’m on hunger strike.

  6. Students, I support you. But I will not coddle you.


  7. The Federalist‘s Sean Davis went in search of evidence that the swastika incident at Mizzou actually happened. He came away empty-handed.

    That research seems like an aggression.

    1. Not sure if you’re being serious, but asking for evidence that something actually happened is definitely an aggression. Not even a micro one.

      1. Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but to force someone who’s been hurt to prove the thing that hurt them existed is like a second poop swastika right in the face, but this time drawn with cock.

        1. Some people will pay good money for that.

        2. Oh great. Now you’re aggressing by assuming that it would be drawn by a cis male.

          1. It’s not okay to assume only cis males have dicks.

        3. Ewww. Smearing poop with a cock? Sounds like a guaranteed UTI.

          1. This is an ignorant comment and it’s been flagged.

          2. Ugh, not another anal thread.

            1. Speak for yourself.

              Carry on, everyone.

            2. Yes but it has so many beads of wisdom on it

          3. You can go front to back, but not back to front.

    2. If it isn’t true, it should be. So there!

    3. Swastika in one hand, shit in the other.

      1. See which one traumatizes first.

    4. An allegation of racism is sufficient to prove its truth. If you demand evidence, you are quite obviously racist.

      1. Seems like in this case you’re an anti-Semite.

  8. Trump suggests boycotting Starbucks.

    Will an uncaffeinated Trump be as presidential? You decide.

    1. I’m cheap. I make an extra cup of coffee in the morning rather than buy one at the convenience store.

      1. Me too. Black coffee is black coffee. I like mine below ten cents per cup.

        1. It’s also why I have no desire to have a K-cup machine.

          1. I just can’t understand it. My co-workers have one of those K-cup abominations in their office. I have offered to make them a cappuccino any time they want (I have a cheap, but good machine, and grind beans from a local roaster in Tampa). But they still drink that K-cup swill.

            Some people just have no taste. But I can’t complain too much about that – without bad taste I’d probably still be single!

        2. *shudder*

          good coffee is worth the extra money. You don’t need to put in sugar, cream and whatever the hell else if you have good coffee. Starbucks is not good coffee.

          1. The Starbucks Americano is perfect.

      2. I only drink my own coffee because it tastes better than any thing Starbucks serves.

        Peet’s Sumatra in a Mr. Coffee with lots of cream.

          1. Miss Struthers. You can make your own apparatus with lab equipment. =)

  9. I really did look at the Missouri thing thinking “maybe some bad shit is going down.” But I haven’t heard of anything particularly outrageous.

    Even if we assume the poop swastika thing is real, that means that somebody is deeply mentally ill, not that there’s a climate of racial oppression.

    1. Wouldn’t that seem to be more a a slur against Jews? Maybe someone was only supporting the poor Palestinians?

      1. No coherent idea can be attributed to a person who purposefully smeared feces on a wall.

        1. No coherent ideas can be attributed to the idiots who are so offended by the supposed incident either.

          1. Especially petulant and irrational anger.

        2. Well, someone’s comfortable painting free expression with a broad poop brush of dismissiveness.

        3. “Spoonman.|11.10.15 @ 4:39PM|#

          No coherent idea can be attributed to a person who purposefully smeared feces on a wall.”

          Not so sayeth The national Endowment for the Arts.

          1. Don’t forget about Martin Luther, who *nailed* his feces to a *church door*.

            1. *nails narrowed gaze to Rich’s door*

      2. Or against those who are constipated.

      3. And isn’t it more humiliating for the perpetrator? You smeared shit on the wall, dude.

        1. Nah, they’re always kindaproud of it.

          Do you remember the pics of the OWS protestor with his pants down trying to lay one down on the cop car ?

          He was a hero with his shiny white ass hovering over the cop car rear fender.

          As you can see I still can’t get the inage erased.

    2. Here’s the real question: if the Poop Swastika was such a terrible crime, why can’t the DNA in it be extracted and sent in for PCR typing? They might not get a match but shirley such a terrible crime deserves the effort.

      1. Don’t call me Shirley.

        1. How do you know he was serious?

      2. Oh wow. Poop Swastika is a thing now. Capitalized. I just can’t get over how the news can report on Poop Swastika and Poop Swastika can get a university president to step down. Wow. Behold the power of Poop Swastika.

        I don’t think a culture of racism can create Poop Swastika. No, this is the product of a disturbed mind. Sugarfree?

        1. #Shitstika

      3. Because there was no poop swastika, any more than there was a racist pickup incident?

  10. “Fast-food workers flood SF streets as part of nationwide protest”
    “While low-income workers in cities across the country walked off their jobs to push for a $15 per hour minimum wage, in San Francisco outcries over skyrocketing housing prices eclipsed the wage issue.”

    Well, the SEIU must not be paying well for thugs; according to the TV feed, the ‘flood’ is maybe 50 people, along with a particularly brain-dead SF supervisor and what looks like his entire office staff. And our own suellington gets in a telling comment!
    And then:
    “Fast Food Workers Strike Nationwide for $15 Per Hour
    “NEW YORK — Hundreds of fast food workers are striking nationwide Tuesday, joining other workers in pressing for a more livable wage.”

    *HUNDREDS* of them! Nationwide! Why it’s a veritable, uh, sorta?????
    ‘Hundreds’ of people? We can get hundreds of people to whine about the cost of tin-foil hats, for pete’s sake.

    1. Let’s go robots! Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap Let’s go robots! Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

      1. Let’s go lobot rabor force!

    2. A dozen or so of these dip shits were protesting in downtown Charlottesville. “We can’t survive on $7.25!”

      I do agree with them that it is unfortunate that their publicly paid for education doesn’t give them skills worth more than $7.25 an hour. I also want to ask them what is the point of EITC, SNAP, Medicaid… don’t those exist to subsidize workers whose value isn’t worth a “living wage”?

      But then they turn it around and call those benefits corporate welfare.

      It’s a never ending circle of derp.

      1. I also want to ask them what is the point of EITC, SNAP, Medicaid…

        Interesting how publicly funded benefits are good until … somehow, they’re not.

        Funnily enough when all of these programs were originally sold to voters, it as with the proviso that these were for the “working poor” who recognized the value of work but could not make enough to get by. See also WIC.

        It’s also interesting that these programs have, in fact, given many people the “breathing space” to overcome the mistakes they have made in life and get on the right track. I’m not sure if that number is enough to justify the existence of these programs but they do exist.

        The fact that the left insists that there is something wrong with businesses hiring at competitive wages – the fact is that there are plenty of entry level takers of these low wage jobs and that raising the minimum wage would deprive those people from those opportunities – just shows the rank opportunism of the left in favoring one group over another that they value more highly as electoral fodder.

        1. I’d eliminate all these programs and roll them together into some sort of equivalent cash transfer, and make it paid out monthly instead of only once a year like EITC.

          1. And then tax it !!! 11 !!

          2. Unfortunately, your “roll them together into some sort of equivalent cash transfer” clashes with the whole reason these people need welfare in the first place.

            The fact is that most of them do not have any ability to forego immediate consumption and defer wants so that they can plan for future medical expenses etc. This is exactly why they are in the position they are in in the first place.

            When I first explained food stamps to some Australians I met in the early 90s their reaction was “that’s wot we need, somethin’ that’ll stop the bludgers* from spendin’ their money on beer and cigarettes and buy food for their kids.”

            *a general epithet describing those who rather than doing honest work and paying their own way chose to live on government benefits. The whole Australian notion of the “fair go” is based on the idea that one pays his own way but also give the other bloke a chance if he has fallen on hard times and is also given the same chance when he falls on hard times as well. Like most generous welfare states there has now appeared a number of people who feel that they are not getting the best deal out of this arrangement.

            1. Probably true, but by having that welfare system in place I get to wash my hands of having to do anything else to help these people.

              1. This is one of the most nefarious things that the welfare state has done. The poor have been looked down upon for eons, but now they’re doubly looked down on because 1) they’re seen as parasites; and 2) the common belief is that their needs are covered by the government. I wouldn’t be shocked if resentment against the poor is at an all-time high.

    3. Funny, this was the movement I was most nervous about and kind of still am. They’ve got like political impotence right now. Even Portland said no to their BS!

  11. The Federalist’s Sean Davis went in search of evidence that the swastika incident at Mizzou actually happened. He came away empty-handed. Draw your own conclusions.

    I too find it odd that if someone found a swastika made out of poop, nobody bothered to photograph it.

    1. When I was 10, somebody vandalized the synagogue I went to. There were plenty of swastikas, and also the text “You worship cows”, because apparently Jews are Hindus. But anyways, there were a ton of pictures. This was 1987, long before every person in America had a high-definition camera with them at all times.

      I somehow doubt such a thing could have happened without SOMEBODY taking out their phone, snapping a picture, and posting it to Facetwittergram.

      1. Is “poopswastika” trending yet on Instagram?

        1. Instagram is a poopswastika, much like Tweeter is a shit sammich.

      2. Hindjoooos!

    2. I too find it odd that if someone found a swastika made out of poop, nobody bothered to photograph it.

      Also, my intermittent reading has gone from;

      In poop on a wall in a dorm.
      In poop on a bathroom wall in a dorm.
      In poop on a bathroom stall in a dorm.

      Frankly, I’m beginning to get a little concerned the other way; The entire campus and no swastikas, racial slurs, or even dirty limericks on the bathroom stalls in any medium? That’s even creepier.

  12. “Group helps pot smokers come out to their Asian-American parents”
    It was hard for Tiffany Wu to tell her conservative, first-generation Chinese American parents she was quitting her high-paying job at a Silicon Valley law firm. It was even harder for the Harvard Law School grad to tell them that she was quitting so she could advise clients in the cannabis industry ? and that she smokes weed regularly.

    I’m really trying hard to work up some sympathy for these poor women, especially compared to those lucky black and brown kids who are in the slammer for the same thing.
    I’m failing….
    And the writer, Garofoli, is one of the most pathetic of a sad bunch; there is no lefty victimhood that he won’t recognize.

  13. Bush will take another swing at Rubio.

    The tortoise can’t possibly beat the hare at this point.

    1. Are the campaigns not stage-managing these attacks? Bush is just trying to raise Rubio’s profile because “he’s the next best thing” and Bush is done for.

      1. Rebuttal: Are the GOP campaigns that competent?

  14. Would you rather:

    1. Be forced to watch the Republican debate, Clockwork Orange-style.

    2. Be forced to spend an hour hearing aggrieved Mizzou students talk.

    1. 3. Go home and play with my kids and happily ignore both. Maybe catch an episode of Superwings and watch my almost 2 year old imitate Jimbo and shout “go,go, go, go!” It’s great for my blood pressure.

      1. My evening sounds the same, but with Paw Patrol instead of Super Wings.

      2. I do those things, plus beer.

        1. Right. Gotta stop on the way home and spend my work NFL pick’em pool winnings. The fucking Bears won it for me. Daddy’s deinking the good stuff this week.

          1. I’ve had Golden Draak 3 times this week. It’s depressing, because there’s nowhere to go but down.

            I’m wondering what will pair well with a 20 piece mcnuggets tonight.

            1. Syrup of ipecac?

              1. Don’t be a snob. The market has spoken, and McDonalds wins.

                Guess who loses? It starts with a “Ch” and ends with a “ipotle”.

              2. +1 Buick

            2. A Park Lane Cigarette?

            3. I’ve never tried Gulden Draak. I just looked it up on BA and it sounds awesome. I’m going to pick some up on the way home from work… if it disappoints I’m holding you personally responsible.

              1. It’s a sipping beer. Very rich.

                1. Oh, and a bit pricey. It’s on sale at Ralph’s this week, which is why I’ve had it so much recently.

                  1. Yeah, looks like about $5.50 per 12 oz. However, at 10.5% ABV it wont take much.

                    1. FYI- I don’t know if you have ever tried Trappistes Rochefort 8? If not, it’s awesome!

            4. Is Gulden Draak better than Purple Drank?

              1. *glares balefully at Rich*

          1. Play with my kids, ignore the debate. Not the other way around.

      3. Listen to a hockey game on the radio. Maybe play a game of go over the internet, too.

    2. When you say Clockwork Orange style how do mean that? Cause I’m cool with dressing up like the droogs.

      1. +1 milk plus!

      2. I think he means strapped into a chair with lidlocks on your glazzies and doped with something that makes you nauseous.

        1. That reminds me of my last trip to Jack-in-the-Box. Not fun. I should shriek at you for even bringing it up.

    3. NO! Please Sah! I am cured! I have seen the error of me ways! I know now that social conservativism is against people!

      *The lovely strains of Ludwig Van’s 9th Symphony play in the background*

    4. Can I get a slow eight-count instead?

    5. That is Sophie’s Choice…

    6. Stab whoever is trying to impose this false dichotomy on me.

  15. Bill O’Reilly and George Will are really going at it.

    I don’t know what they’re on about, but I can only assume O’Reilly is extremely wrong.

    1. That’s a safe assumption to make at any time.

    2. O’Reilly is a giant pile of dung. If he’s for something, I’m sure I’m against it.

    3. I can’t make it past “O’Reilly brought Will on his show to confront him and loudly call him a hack” because I’m laughing too hard.

  16. I tried to poop out a swastika once, but when I looked in the bowl all I saw was the Amerikkkan flag!

    1. Recent vacation at Warty’s?

      1. Vacation is a really odd, some would say triggering, word to use in conjunction with Warty.

        1. You tried to poop a swastika. You don’t get to judge me.

    2. You taking over for Sandi?

    3. Stop trying to DIY with your shit. Just fork out the money for the Turd Twister

      1. Even though that’s a gag gift, I really want to try it.

        I won’t though, because there’s no way it won’t be a disaster.

        1. Maybe we could create a similar product that goes on the output of a wood chipper?

          1. Sure. It’s softer than whatever is coming out of me.

            1. Eat less cheese. What are you, French?

              1. I’m the opposite of French.

                1. As in horrible fashion sense and never surrender, or Chatham Islands?

        2. Playa I have a used one for sale that I will let go for $3.11 as is .

          Do you Pay Pal ?

  17. “Bush will take another swing at Rubio.”

    James Taranto would have put this in the “Bottom Stories of the Day.”

  18. The venn diagram depicting Trump voters and routine Starbucks customers has a sliver of overlap smaller than that between Hillary voters and sport shooters.

    1. #dunkindonuts

      1. Dunkin donuts has great coffee! I’m not a big donut person though. If I must, I get an old fashioned

        1. McDonald’s is my place for coffee.

          1. Both are good.

            If you like the mixed coffee drinks that hide the burnt coffee Mickey D’s is the go to place unless you’re a pretentious social signaling twit. I poured one into a Starbucks cup and made an insecure twit who had a Starbucks card do a taste test against it and a Starbucks mixed coffee drink in a Starbucks cup. It created a riot at a poker game when he was shamed and he still holds it against me and still looks for revenge.

            In Texas we have a fast food Mexican place called Taco Cabana that is worth the drive through for a good cup of coffee. It once was a great place for a fast food meal as well. For about $6 you got a quarter of rotesserie(sp) chicken , beans, rice, tortillas with a salsa bar. Healthy , fast, and cheap. They redid their menu and left it off though so I never go there anymore even though I didn’t eat that every time I was there. My loss is their loss in this case.

        2. You get handjobs at dunkin? Address plz

          1. I knew as soon as I wrote that there would be some kind of controversy

            1. If you are so worried about controversy you should stop talking about hanskies.

  19. Nope. Not a cult.



    1. That’s some true d’oh.

      1. They were soooooo oppressed. He’s Canada’s Light Bringer. Our very own Derek Zoolander.

        Props to John for calling him Zoolander. It’s perfect.

        1. The thing is Derek is a likable person. Self-absorbed idiot sure, but basically good hearted. Truduex is only the former.

          1. Are you saying that John isn’t?

            1. John is not a lot of things.

      2. Notice the handsome young Politician surrounded by women fawning over him.

        I guess the femenists would be happy that these Gals are voting with their lady parts !

    2. This is all good though, right? Canada is going to be interesting again, more entertaining should we say. For the longest time, I’ve forgotten that our merry neighbors to the north even exist.

      And we could be equally interesting down here, but Uncle Joe has dropped out and Bernie isn’t looking too good these days.

      1. Yeah but I gotta live in this derpshit.

        1. Don’t despair comrade, we’ve been living in this derpshit for 8 years. If you’re going to flush your economy down the crapper, just get it over with. I’m thinking about joining the Bernie campaign to hasten the process here.

    3. Thanks Harper for not firing these people. I understand it was necessary to avoid things that could risk your re-elect-oh. Oooohhhh. Awkward.

    4. We’ll see just how justified that euphoria is. Trudeau has a majority government he can do what he thinks feels is necessary or is told is necessary by his advisors. The economy could go to shit at anytime, and these people might wait a while for the gravy train they want.

    5. Notice they’re all unattractive women.

  20. Christmas season starts on November 27 this year. This war is premature

  21. My daughter has a project. ‘Because it’s 2015’. And a new vapid term was born.


    Ask me how I feel about this. I have to figure out a way to teach my daughter quota systems are not necessarily good lest you become a victim of it. But it’s going to be hard. My wife, like most people, just don’t see the problem with this. They just ‘assume’ Sparkles took the best people for the job but how can this be true if he was already planning to split the cabinet along gender lines?

    1. You want to hold an affirmative action bake sale.

      1. And then sell these.

        I know you people were expecting a penis cake, but I’m classier than that.

        1. Are you?

          1. I’m whatever I want to be today.

    2. I foolishly clicked on your link before realizing it’s just a bunch of Canadian gobbledly-gook.

    3. How do you feel about this Rufus ?

  22. Breaking news:

    An angry band of conservative protesters entered a Starbucks and started screaming at the manager, insisting that he step down immediately for not being sufficiently sensitive to their Christmas feelings. When he tried to reason with them, they screamed some more, snapped their fingers, and spit on the manager and all the customers. Then…

    Oh wait, that didn’t happen…

    1. That’s because the name of the place has the word “bucks” in it and conservatives and Republicans so worship money that they cannot insult even a colloquial version of their God.

      1. Fucking Starbucks are commies, they don’t even have any Duck Dynasty mugs, pinkos!

  23. I am impressed if a person can control their asshole good enough to shit in the shape of a swastika. I’ve been trying now for a couple of days and all I get is stuff the looks like bad cursive writing.

    1. Not enough time doing kegels.

      1. I loled.

  24. It’s time for The Good News with Cytotoxic.

    The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey indicates that the world is getting better and better for business, with the worst showing more improvement than the best. Africa has a very large proportion of the ‘most improved’ category.

    Of course, I’m not sure how much I trust the World Bank and its rating.


    India is lifting a raft of regulations and restrictions. It’s good but they need to go further.


    1. And Justin Trudeau is dear leader of Canuckistan! Stop talking about the little good news and get to the good stuff, weedhopper!

      I hope when they legalize weed, he makes Rob Ford the new Minister of Weed.

      1. I hope Rob Ford isn’t dead by then. The guy’s more full of cancer than our new government.

        1. Sad to hear, I actually like the guy, all kidding aside.

          1. He mostly blew it as mayor.

            1. That’s only because people are boring and aren’t looking for the right attributes in a mayor. I want him for mayor of Baltimore. He doesn’t do anything, shows up drunk occasionally for public appearances? Perfect!

  25. Officer is a terrible shot This ended a few block from where I live.

    1. I’m very sympathetic to people who have no other option than shoplifting, especially for bare essentials like Christmas trees.

      1. Yeah, I mean anyone willing to hide a 8′ Christmas tree in their anus, you sort of just want them to get away with it.

        1. Feel-good story of the year?

      2. Playa

        In general I think most rational people are.

        But it’s early in November. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. A Christmas tree isn’t a bare essential even if you have little children.

        If you’re strapped for cash wait until the day before Christmas and they will almost give you one. If you still don’t have the $ then still one IF you have little kids.

        Stealing a Christmas tree on November 10th I have no sympathy..

  26. He came away empty-handed. Draw your own conclusions.

    Well played, sir.

  27. I spoke to a friend who works at VW earlier. He said something interesting about the whole emissions thing (and claims the government is checking other automakers who did the same thing). When they were buying diesel, they were economic. When the story broke, they suddenly became environmental. When the company started lowering prices they were economic again.

    1. Huh curious what you mean by this exactly? sorry i dont understand. who is they

      1. I’m thinking Rufus is saying that the owners felt intellectually smug about saving money when the reason to own a diesel VW was owner cost.

        Once the story broke they were indignantly smug over VWs enviromental rape of Gaia.

        Now that they are super cheap again they are once again smug in their economic decision making and forgive VW even though Mother Gaia is dying ?

        Maybe ? I dunno.

        1. Yes. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

          Was it that bad?

          /smells arm pits.

        2. My 85 year old man bought a Jettta because he wanted good mileage and performance. While visiting him I drove the car, when you punched it , it went, I was impressed. The bullshit EPA shit will kill this company, that’s not a good thing.

  28. Conservatives should open a competitor to Starbucks for conservatives. Put a US flag and Fightin’ Jesus on the cups.

    It worked for Fox News.

    Didn’t work out so well for Conservapedia though. And Liberty University.

    1. Well goodness it’s not like their coffee could be shittier.

      1. Shitty overpriced commie pinko coffee.

        If there was a conservative alternative, you’d have Duck Dynasty mugs and Caribou Barbie Blend. With little rebel flags for stirs.

        1. I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at SB’s, but their regular coffee always tastes of burnt.

          1. I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte

            I should’ve known.

              1. Says the guy eating chicken nuggets for dinner.

                I’m sitting down to a delicious chicken burrito from Chipotle. This means I’m classier than you.

                1. You are all fucking disgusting. Almost as disgusting as coffee that isn’t three parts whipped cream to 1 part brown liquid containing caffeine.

                  1. IT CONTAINS NO PUMPKIN!!!!

                    1. Neither does pumpkin spice

                2. McNuggets. I have no idea what the chicken content is.

          2. My wife got that twice, but didn’t care much for it. She’s hooked on the green tea frap. I don’t drink any of it, I have a Bunn machine at home and really good coffee.

            1. You should try out a Moka pot sometime… It’s technically not espresso due to the lower pressure, but it makes a very bold, delicious brew that is something like it.

              1. Yeah, I’ve heard that. Used to work with a guy who swore by those.

          3. tastes of burnt…

            Of burnt what? OF WHAT??

            1. My guess? Bigfoot’s burnt public hair.

              1. pubic

            2. Coffee.

          4. “I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at SB’s”

            Low T

            1. FUCK YOU

              Testosterone is cardiotoxic anyway. Who needs it?

              1. Ummm, men need it to produce sperm for reproduction.

                1. One word: cloning.

                  1. I like fucking and then seeing my kids pop out.

    2. Yeah, where else are all the peckerwoods gonna go for their free trade pumpkin spice lattes?

      1. Oh shit, I didn’t even read the rest of that thread. Lol.

    3. 8%, fuck off, dolt.

  29. I don’t know the rules of these things but after the primaries but before the start of voting at the Dem convention could Biden declare himself a candidate?

    If the other two are no longer viable in the eyes of Dem leadership could they let that happen?

    That way Rock n’ Roll Joe skips the bits where he gets beaten up by other Dems, has saved a bunch of money, and not committed as many Joerrors as he probably would have on the campaign trail.

    Plus he would be the pseudo-incumbent. Obama could let him be more visible to increase his standing and convince O voters to carry over and vote for Joe.

    1. Uncle Joe and Lieawatha have already been informed that there’s going to be concrete overshoes and a swimming adventure in their future if they even think about ruining the queen’s turn again. Bernie doesn’t care, he’s a true revolutionary willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for all comrades.

    2. Yes he could, but it would pretty much require the release of a scandal that Hillary couldn’t recover from. Like say the FBI releasing iron clad evidence that she committed multiple major felonies with her handling of her email server and arresting her for it.

      In other words Barry could sink her and set Joe up as the only viable alternative by waiting until after Hillary smacks Bernie around to the point where everyone knows he can’t win to do it.

      It also requires the Republicans to nominate a nutjob like Carson or Trump that Biden can realistically beat even after the damage arresting Hillary will do to the party

      I don’t know that it will happen but it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility

    3. Technically, the national convention is meaningless. Ballot access and the naming of electors is under the control of the individual state parties.

  30. Since the debt ceiling got raised ten days ago, the national debt has already shot up by an astonishing $460 billion. That’s about what Jack Lew, the CBO, and the Obama worshipping media led us to believe the entire year’s deficit would be.

    It’s almost enough to make one suspect that we’re being lied to or something.

    1. Link?

      You’re known for making shit up.

      1. The irony….

      2. “You’re known for making shit up.”
        That’s rich from a turd who can’t post without some cherry-picked crap to support his daddy-issue love of Obo.

      3. You’re known for making shit up.

        “Way back in the heady days of ’15 we bore witness to the greatest instance of pot-kettling known to mankind. Truly, it was a thing to behold”

        1. I use links, you fucking retards.

          (see below)

          Except for my predictions – which reminds me to rub King Dollar in all you “BUY YER GOLD! HAPER-INFLATION IS COMING!” types’ faces.

          Gold headed to $700. US Dollar to gain 5% again in 2016.

          1. Gold headed to $700.

            I see you’ve mastered the art of doubling down on retarded predictions that don’t pan out.

      4. Shouldn’t you be smearing a swastika made up of your own shit on a bathroom wall somewhere or something, like your fellow SJW Obama stormtroopers?

        Here you go Weigel; read it and weep, bitch!


        1. U.S. deficit now lowest since 2007


          Don’t get all weirded out on a week’s worth of Treasury offerings.

          1. IOW, it’s still massive and that’s despite interest rates that are a lot lower than they were in 2007.

          2. ButtPlug.

            Do you not know the difference betwenn debt and deficit ?

            If yes why are you changing the topic ? (as if we don’t already know)

            If not why are you commenting at all ?

            ButtPlug, calling someone else a liar ?

            I have a smilez.

            1. Take it easy on poor Shreek. We’d hate to have this happen!

          3. ButtPlug the only reason the deficit has resettled to near the level when he took office is because Congress won’t give Obama any more shovel ready stimilus money not because he has taken steps to lower it.

            In fact there is a hidden deficit time bomb with a fuse burning called Obamacare.

      5. “Palin’s Buttplug|11.10.15 @ 5:14PM|#


        You’re known for making shit up.”

        This is priceless. Absolutely priceless.

        I love Reason. This one idiotic self expression of self delusion has made my entire Reason experience worth all the time I have wasted here.

        Thank you ButtPlug. Thanks you indeed.

      6. PHucking phunny, piss off twit…..8%

  31. As US auto sales hit 10 year high its worth remembering the words of one Mitt Romney:

    If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.

    1. Cool story bro.

      1. Yeah, based on autos purchased with no money down on a 7 year note for a depreciating asset.

        “Subprime auto loans are fantastic and NOT in a bubble!!!!!1111”


        1. He also conveniently cherry picked the “10 year high”

          1. Should have said “all time high”.

      2. (Reuters) – The U.S. auto industry is on track for a record year of annual sales, General Motors Co (GM.N) said on Tuesday, as the top U.S. automaker and its rivals reported October sales that far exceeded expectations.

        GM said U.S. auto sales are on pace to end 2015 topping the 2000 record of 17.35 million vehicles sold, according to WardsAuto figures.

        At a seasonally adjusted annualized rate, October sales were 18.24 million vehicles, according to Autodata Corp, which is the highest October level since 2001, when automakers offered zero percent financing in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the company said.


        1. Cool story bro.

        2. By the way, how’s Jeb Bush doing, fuckface? Still standing by that prediction?

          1. I have a bet with Florida Man. $20.

            Yes, Lil’ Taco has moved in front of JEB! in the RCP average. It is a long campaign and the GOP loves the Bush family.

            1. HA HA HA HA HA you gave away $20 you numbskull.

            2. Lil’ Taco ?


              You are truely pathetic.

              Your lack of self awareness is unbelieveable.

        3. The Autodata numbers are total U.S. sales, not just “domestic” manufacturers, and is still down 4M from that October 2001 peak.

          St. Louis Fed data that reason won’t allow as a direct link

          I don’t believe those numbers are adjusted for population growth, which makes those numbers even less impressive.

    2. Do you have another mode besides “repeat talking points”?

      1. Obama goooddddd, Booshhh baaadddd. There’s nothing else to see.

      2. It’s not sentient. Its only mode is “use vague talking points that deflect all blame on everything happening in this country anywhere other than the President”. PB would never be able to pass a Turing Test.

        1. Its only mode

          There is also “coke bender” mode but that one gets activated at random…

          1. Lil’ Taco

            Oh, right, I forgot about “racist” mode, although that’s more of a constantly running subroutine.

        2. “PB would never be able to pass a Turing Test.”

          Hell, forget the Turing test; that dingbat would never be able to pass the mini-mental status test.

    3. Palin’s Buttplug|11.10.15 @ 5:10PM|#

      As US auto sales hit 10 year high its worth remembering the words of one Mitt Romney:

      If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.

      HaHaHaHa You are priceless you dumb shit even if you don’t realize it yourself. You make Reason worth the time for the lulz.

      I want a link please because you are known for making stuff up.

      Salon and HuffPo don’t count as they are known for making stuff up just like you.

  32. Boy, the mattress chick must thinking she got massively short changed…

    1. I have viewed the movie countless times and I concur with your statement.

  33. I don’t even drink Starbucks(no Starbucks near me and I’m a tightwad anyway), am a Christian, and think this cup thing is the dumbest “war on Christmas” bullshit I’ve ever heard.

    1. At this point the number of people complaining about people complaining about the cups seems to outnumber the complainers about a million to 1.

      So far it all seems to stem from one pastor on TV, outside of that I can’t seem to find people upset about it.

      1. That group sees the progs sucessfully make this move and theyr are trying to copy it but can’t get it right.

  34. Reading the Twitter fight between Robby and the brave SJW I’m struck by how white these speech facists always are. Can these fearless white warriors hurry up and decide how I’m supposed to talk to blacks or can I just carry on being nice to nice people, and an asshole to assholes?

    1. No, you’ve got a bank account filled with white privilege and you have start making up for it by not only being nice to assholes, but actively apologetic to them.

      1. What’s the currency translation for Hispanic privilege to white privilege? If it’s anything like the peso to dollar I’m making out!

    2. I’ve never asked but is anyone black here? We seriously could use some diversity.

      1. That’s not the diversity this sausage-fest is in most dire need of-not that we don’t need that too up in this Snowball City.

        1. Snowball City!

      2. I always go by the one-drop rule, which is to say a single drap of white man blood make somebody a white man. In this way, very easily, my entire social omraade is maintained th’utmost white and pure.

        Curiously, my wife’s mother is obviously of Negro extraction, but claims to be part American Indian (and it seems gets away with it effortlessly with everyone but me), whilst my father, who during my childhood I thought was black, obviously bore some strong admixture of indio blood and never claimed anything of the sort.

        1. Not only that, but my father who was the darkest man in town (which included some black Americans) was a number of times accused of being a white supremacist and it wasn’t immediately dismissed as laughably absurd by everyone that heard it.

  35. This is what you get when you cross the Michelle making gang:


    University of Missouri communication professor Melissa Click canceled classes Tuesday, citing death and rape threats against her, according to an email obtained by The Huffington Post.

      1. WTF does Michelle Malkin have to do with anything?

        Also, these threats are going to be substantiated so they can be investigated by the FBI, right?

      2. Your singling out Malkin with no evidence, an Asian American?

        That’s so racist of you.

    1. What is “the Michelle making gang”?

      1. He has no idea.

    2. 1) She might very well be lying.

      2) Boo fucking hoo that happens to anyone who gets a lot of views online. Maybe she should tone down the ‘tard factor.

      1. Might?

        Would you like to make a bet?

    3. The fact that you believe her claims is just fucking precious.

      1. No kidding, like she’s going to be raped teaching her regular classes.

      2. The irony of course is that the only threats we have 100% incontrovertible proof of are the threats of violence she made against that poor Asian kid.

    4. Claiming to have received rape and death threats is a pretty well worn out tactic by the SJW crowd.

    5. I saw the video of this hag.

      She did not get any premeditated rape threats.

  36. “America’s great now — it’s never been greater,” Buffett said on Tuesday while speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference in Washington, D.C.

    That’s almost the exact opposite of Trump’s slogan: “Make America Great Again!” The phrase is splashed all over the billionaire businessman’s website as well as the red hat he wears on the campaign trail. Trump even recently received a trademark for the “Make America Great Again” phrase.

    But Buffett, a persistent cheerleader for the U.S. economy, isn’t buying into the assumption America isn’t great right now.


    1. I’d love any country that bails me out and kills the competition to my oil-ferrying train cars.

      1. No one bailed Buffett out, you imbecile. He was sharking loans to Goldman Sachs and others during the crisis.

        Buffett\’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. brk- is about to receive $2 billion through Goldman Sachs warrants bought in the darkest hours of the financial crisis.

        Goldman asked the Oracle of Omaha to invest $5 billion in 2008 to boost its capital and shore up confidence, after shares dropped following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, when the stock market went into free fall.

        The investment by Buffett came at a time when the federal government was scrambling to stabilize not only the financial system but the economy, including pumping money directly into the banking system. The $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs from the country\’s most revered investor was taken as a signal to the market of confidence in the firm.


        1. Buffet didn’t get directly bailed out, but he benefited massively from it.


    2. What do you make of bernie sanders statement that the middle class is being destroyed and run by oligarchs?

        1. And Hilliary is all honest and likeable and she identifies with the comman man.

          /buttplug derp

          1. Even with a liberal layer of sarcasm shoveled over that statement I was nauseous just imagining trying to repeat it. You must have a stomach made from a machined titanium billet.

      1. Well, I guess you could call Uncle Sam a bunch of oligarchs.

  37. I remember asking yesterday why Canada doesn’t seem to have this Reign of Terror shit on campuses (yes there is stupid leftism but it’s not the same no Gilmore your example doesn’t rise to that) and the most convincing answer is that not nearly as many students in Canadian campuses live on campus. Why is that? What is up with American colleges and students living on them? Seems like a stupid idea anyway. They’re just going to fuck around and ‘have fun’ instead of studying when there’s too many of the young and stupid so concentrated.

    1. “no Gilmore your example doesn’t rise to that”

      It wasn’t given to try to convince you of anything. It was to point out to Others that you’re not actually aware of what is or isn’t happening on college campuses in Canada, and that any assumptions you make are probably wrong.

      1. You’re not going to convince anyone of that with a 40 min video with no helpful descriptor. Thanks Area Douche but no one has time to sit through 40 minutes of YouTube so you can pretend to be smart. Next time, try to just make the point. Also, be sure that 1) your link says what you think it says and 2) that it is actually addressing the specific phenomenon I am talking about. You have previously exhibited sloppiness in both areas and it is not okay.

        1. Sure. You still don’t know what you’re talking about.

          1. You can’t come up with an example to bolster your point, and I don’t know what I’m talking about. You know, a STFU pill would really help a guy like you.

            1. Your point was that canada is different. I gave an example showing its not. If you want to bolster your claim, the burden is on you.

              1. No you didn’t. You still don’t understand the point I made, and I am tired of trying to explain it.

      2. But it does happen in Canada.

        It’s just that, surprise, we’re busy focusing on ‘dumb’ Americans.

        1. Could you and Gilmore please point to an example of the student body doing this kind of thing in Canada? Recently or at all?

          1. Is it really necessary, Canadian government punishes hate speech. They don’t need to work the student channels, they already won’t the government ones.

            1. Worked the government ones.

            2. THAT’S NOT THE SAME PHENOMENA as the student lynch mob.

    2. I can take a stab at some ideas…

      1. “The college experience” — a lot of people mythologize their “college years” and want their children to experience the same

      2. Get the fuck out of the house — this was my primary motivation, although I doubt it’s unique to Americans

      3. Student loans pay for it — although there are some restrictions, you can’t get a loan to pay for room & board if your parents live in the area

      1. This was in answer to “What is up with American colleges and students living on them?” not the general question of “why doesn’t this shit happen on Canadian campuses?”

        1. Noted. I lived with my parents during university. It was fun frugal.

          1. It’s a rite of passage thing like sports teams.

            1. Yup, it’s a cultural thing.

    3. Americans are far more mobile and transient than Canadians are. There are more university choices to boot. And if you want to specialize in a particular discipline or profession sometimes the best schools are in another part of the country.

      And leftism is pretty strong in Canada and this crap is happening here.

      1. Canada is not as left-wing as it is made out to be and America is not as right-wing as it is made out to be.

        “This crap is happening here”-where? Where are the baying mobs of insane shitheads? Yeah I’ve seen dumb activism on campus aplenty before, but nothing like The Yale Terror.

        1. I guess you never heard of UQAM or ASSE in lovely Quebec.

          Mobs of insane shitheads is a good description.

          1. Quebec is…the other Canada.

        2. Dude. Concordia.

    4. Well, first, there’s a straunge thing I’ve noticed with United States Folk about school. I’ve arsked variously people going into school in the US why they want to go live in campos. They invariably defend the decision on the basis that it’s “part of the college experience”, which seems to satisfy everyone but me. I always say I though the XP was supposed to be learning a skill or at least acquiring necessary documentation for something. Rooming in an anteroom to hell doesn’t seem like an essential part of it. Then everyone acts confused or pissed off and I’ll never get ne where.

      On the other hand, it could be the Canadians tend to be more standoffish more simply because there’s no reason two people need ever stand closer than twenty metres to one another, since nobody lives there and the country is almost entirely uninhabitable except by les petits esquimaux and handface dog brothers. Really, it’s suprising they don’t speak as many dialects of English (or is it “French”?) as there are people in the country, though it seems like they starting to getting on it already!

  38. From: https://reason.com/reasontv/2009 /02/17/paul-ryan-a-new-era-of-stagfla

    “Highlighting the New York Times op-ed, Sean Hannity speaks with Congressman Paul Ryan about the long-term consequences of a global borrowing binge. Regarding the inflationary concerns from the unprecedented borrowing and spending across the world, Ryan states: “I hope that I am wrong. I hope that history and evidence are not the right guide.”

    He’s Speaker of the House now and, fortunately for us, a libertarian-leaner. What I like about America is that it’s a forgiving land filled with 2nd chances.

    1. 404

      Voted for TARP = not libertarian.

      Calling for inflation + low growth = not wrong. We’ve seen massive asset inflation and poor growth since then.

      1. Hi peter schiff,

        How are your investments in gold doing? Your phone calls with your investors must be pretty interesting and, I would say, almost exclusively forward-thinking and hopeful.

        1. You don’t technically ‘invest’ in gold.

        2. Hi AMSOC,

          Have you paid any amount of your mortgage yet ?

          Or are you still putting your crushing debt upon the working class ?

          1. I’m sure your debt is not lost on the backs of working people while you jet set across Eastern Europe. =)

            1. It’s more like the money I saved is going into the kids’ 529 accounts. I want them to be able to read Ayn Rand books in their original language.

              1. That’s the best you got AMSOC ? Not only are you pathetic at Trolling. You are pathetic at gathering information on your targets. and exploiting their weaknesses.


                Stalin gives you an F for FAIL.

                1. “529 accounts.”

                  “The earnings portion of money withdrawn from a 529 plan that is not spent on eligible college expenses will be subject to income tax, an additional 10% federal tax penalty, and the possibility of a recapture of any state tax deductions or credits taken. For example, if you contribute $50,000 into a 529 plan and it grows to $60,000 over time and you make an unqualified withdrawal for the entire amount, you are taxed on the $10,000 gain plus a 10% penalty on the $10,000 which would be $1,000 penalty.”

              2. Into WHO”S kids 529s ?

                You call yourself an American Socialist yet you fuck the collective and hoard for your own family.

                American Kulak Wrecker seem to be a more apt name for you.

                1. “He cannot even Steal for himself, or his offspring without help from the government”

                  Thrice pathetic.

          2. As the socialist* has carefully explained, he’s just taken advantage of bankruptcy like all the cool rich kids do. The fact that he doesn’t know what bankruptcy is or how it works is irrelevant. That rich people and profitable businesses can’t declare bankruptcy by definition is just a right-wing lie.

            * = still unclear on this point

            1. Big K. He is a pyrate that does not have the balls to engage in voluntary trade, or steal for himself. He needs someone else to do his business for him.

              1. “He cannot even Steal for Himself”

                Just let that sink in. =)

    2. I don’t understand, are you a socialist or a neoliberal?

    3. …..

      You made more sense when you were randomly calling people racist.

    4. You are a statist asswipe….fuck off guy that won’t honor his mortgage.

  39. A Canadian company has been shitting up the entire bio-pharma sector for about a month:


    Valeant – VRX.

    1. “The Sequoia Fund dates back to 1970, when it was co-founded by William Ruane, a friend of Warren Buffett from their days at Columbia University.”

      “Warren Buffett”

      That’s your guy is it not Turd ?

  40. Here’s my new Trump theory:

    He’s not a DNC catspaw designed to mess up the Repub nomination process and possibly even win to set up a crushing Hillary victory.

    He’s a Repub false front. He’s there, with the support of the GOP, to burn off these early media cycles, which can only hurt their candidates. He takes the focus off the rest of the field, to let them campaign without being subjected to a relentless DemOp Media bombardment.

    1. That makes sense. It’s like paying someone to start a fight with the front door bouncer so your freinds can sneak into the Club. =D

    2. My Trump theory is that he got in the race to get attention, could not believe that he was doing so well, and then hired some people to come up with policy ideas, none of which he has any intention of following up with.

      1. It still is a decent distraction considering the actual election is a little over than a year away. The social media derp is mostly focused on Trump, and Carson buffoonery.

        1. I do not think it was intended to be a distraction, though. I think the Trump support is as real as it gets because it would have been impossible to predict that conservatives pissed off with the Republican party would support him out of spite. All he has to do to stay relevant and/or win is to continue to be himself. Additionally, as much as I dislike Trump, I would watch with glee while he would pester Hillary Clinton with every question that she has never answered, but should have.

          1. “Additionally, as much as I dislike Trump, I would watch with glee while he would pester Hillary Clinton with every question that she has never answered, but should have.”

            I agree. =)

              1. I need to watch this season, thank you for the reminder. Goodness.

                1. No worries. =)

              2. I just want the electorate to squirm in fear of the authoritarian shit show they have created.


          2. /\/\/\ This, oh this!

            The media has and conitnues to shelter Hilldog from scrutiny to such an extent that if/when Trump looses a broadside volley of pointed questions at her she probably won’t respond very well. If we’re lucky the mask will slip completely and she will have her “Howard Dean moment” on live TV – all hackles, fangs, and spittle-flecked vitrol.

    3. “He’s not a DNC catspaw designed to mess up the Repub nomination process and possibly even win to set up a crushing Hillary victory.”

      He totally is. My theory is that he, along with Bill et al, were implicated in Jeff Epstein’s kiddie fucking scandal, and in extricating the former president and covering up his involvement, the Clinton Foundation also managed to acquire blackmail info on any number of influential people. Trump is expected to win the primary and throw the general, or else the world gets video evidence about how much he liked to roleplay fucking his daughter with a fourteen year old hooker.

      1. Not outside the realm of possibility.

  41. I look forward to the Will/O’Reilly debate about Bruce Campbell’s Ronald Regan impersonation, which I thought was tremendous.

    1. + 1 BOOMSTICK !!!

      1. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

  42. Good evening Reasontariat,

    I’m a longtime reader, first time commenter.

    I was wondering, since it is now useless, what should I do with my Mizzou JD? I was thinking woodchipper, but I’m open to suggestions.

    1. Welcome to the Safe Space for the libertarian-minded.

      what should I do with my Mizzou JD?

      Drop a fresh, steamy dump on it like like it’s Epi’s mom.

    2. #PoopSwastika, just sayin’

  43. So why would the University of Missouri President want to resign?

    I can give you one reason. He suddenly realized. “WTF, my pension is fully vested, I have all kinds of contacts in the real world that I can use to get any number of income opportunities that don’t have anywhere near the kind of bullshit i have to endure here. FUCK IT!!!”

    Look for further “brain drain” episodes* until the entire academic world becomes the lower class caricature of itself that has existed from time immemorial. Of course, if the resigning UM prez is the general moron of lower clas expectations he maybe has just figured that the game is up and he needs to get while the getting’s good.

  44. A janitor who cleans the school’s bathrooms would have noticed something like a poop swastika on the wall.

    That probably didn’t happen. But a group of students claim someone yelled racial things at them while they were trying to rehearse for a play. That story should check out, right?

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