Campus Free Speech

University of Missouri President Just Resigned: What It Means for the Campus Speech Wars

No competent educator can give students the false sense of security they desire.



University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe is resigning from office. A black student had launched a hunger strike in protest of Wolfe's failure to make the campus a "safe space," and the football team had decided to boycott games until the strike's goal was met.

According to NBC, Wolfe's resignation is effective immediately:

The president of the University of Missouri announced Monday he was resigning amid mounting criticism of his handling of racism on campus.

President Tim Wolfe said his resignation is effective immediately.

"It's the right thing to do," Wolfe said.

The move came during a special meeting of the Board of Curators, the university system's nine-person governing body.

Black student groups and activists have been protesting for more than two months about a spate of racist incidents on campus.

What were these racist incidents? Someone shouted a slur at the campus's black student government president. Someone smeared feces in the shape of a swastika on the wall of a residence hall. (In a letter announcing his hunger strike, student Jonathan Butler also cited "graduate students being robbed of their health insurance, and Planned Parenthood services being stripped from campus" among the reasons for Wolfe to resign, although these concerns don't really strike me as being tied to race.)

I can understand why students were upset about these things. And if they want to call on Wolfe to do more, they are well within their rights. Maybe Wolfe was doing a bad job, although it's difficult to say what he should have done differently; is there any policy a university could adopt that would prevent idiots from occasionally yelling immature, insulting things at people on the street?

This controversy, as with the current upheaval at Yale, suggests aggrieved students most desperately want administrators to acknowledge their pain and tell them they have a right to live free of emotional turmoil. But no competent administrator can provide them with this false sense of security, since the proper role of a university education is to help students overcome (rather than sidestep) challenges.

In any case, Wolfe's resignation also means that hyper-offended students are not as powerless as skeptics of the campus speech wars claim they are. I'm often told by these skeptics that the actions of outraged students are harmless because they never amount to anything, but this development at Missouri is a significant contrary example.

I would be disheartened, but not at all surprised, to see more professors and administrators driven from campus for the crime of failing to erect suitable safe spaces.

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  1. Someone shouted a slur at the campus’s black student government president. Someone smeared feces in the shape of a swastika on the wall of a residence hall.

    Has anybody verified that these incidents have actually occurred? Seems like we usually learn these types of things were self-perpetrated to gain attention.

    1. And your point is …?

      1. That the rash of incidents at Oberlin that drummed up a similar atmosphere turned out to be horseshit. It’s not like there isn’t political motivation playing out here.

        1. Yes indeed, they should call in the police to investigate, and anyone using deceit (or even worse, inappropriately deadpan “satire”) to foment an atmosphere of tension and unwanted controversy should be rigorously prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If they are uncertain about how this is done, they may want to study the example set by campus officials at New York University when confronted by inappropriate Gmail parodies. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal satire case at:

      2. fake incidents happened at College of Wooster in ’05 or so. Bunch of prog student defaced a campus building with swastikas. I think it was to create awareness of something. One student was son of a philosophy prof. TBH you can’t take all these events at face value.

        1. There was also that kid on the student newspaper who wrote a satire of SJWs, “Do the Left Thing” about how triggering it is to be left-handed in a right-handed-centric society. A bunch of progtards vandalized his dorm to demonstrate him how hateful he is and teach him some compassion and sensitivity or something.

      3. Lies matter.

    2. If they were self-perpetuated they still occurred. Self-perpetuated acts do discredit the perpetrators, and often by extent, the movement with whom the perpetrators are associated.

      1. If they were self-perpetuated they still occurred.

        True, but their meaning is completely different.

        A swastika put up by a skinhead intending to express his actual hatred of Jews is one thing, and can be pointed to as evidence of anti-semitism. A swastika put up by a proggy intending to create a backlash against xer enemies is something else entirely, and is not evidence of anti-semitism at all.

        1. don’t forget the third, and probably most likely, if not a proggy…. a person without an exaggerated racist agenda, who just hates those specific individuals, and knows this would REALLY piss them off.

    3. it doesn’t matter, no more than Robby’s attempt to have a rational discussion. You’re dealing with morons who make the shit-flinging monkeys look reasonable.

  2. Damn. This is a terrible precedent to set.

    1. Yeah, I’m really interested in seeing how that uproar at Yale over Halloween costumes plays out. This incident makes me less than optimistic for free speech.

    2. As someone with two sons currently enrolled at Mizzou, I’m setting a precedent, too, by pulling at least one out, possibly the other as well. I sent the Chancellor a nice, tart email this morning explaining why.

      1. Et tu, Brutus? Oh, yes, Brutus, I would be right with you!

  3. This controversy, as with the current upheaval at Yale, suggests aggrieved students most desperately want administrators to acknowledge their pain and tell them they have a right to live free of emotional turmoil.

    This letter-writer at Yale tells the most relevant story about this, IMO, when she describes how her dad, despite his own stubbornness, sometimes knows all he should do is comfort her, not debate her.

    He’s your dad. The message you should have already gotten from the world is that other people don’t actually love you. How have you not figured that out in 18 years?

    1. Is that a woman thing? I get bitched at by my wife and daughter when they complain about things and I give them back opposing views.

      1. It does seem like it. “You have to apologize to me even though I was wrong!”

      2. I’ve had my ear chewed off for being insufficiently empathetic even when I’m right. It’s like pleading no contest but wanting to be found innocent.

      3. Ditto. My wife gets pissed when I don’t instantly commiserate and reassure her. Most of the time shit is her fault. She always yells at me because “we’re supposed to be on the same team.”

        Now, when *I* do something wrong fuck the same team bullshit.

        1. It took me most of a decade, but i finally learned to just express empathy instead of trying to give actual constructive help.

          1. Traitor. You’re spoiling it for the rest of us.

            1. Seriously.

          2. Most people don’t want advice they didn’t ask for (men included) but women are more likely to want to vent. Incidentally I don’t like listening to complaining either, but it’s human nature to not be instantly accepting of advice.

          3. I learned to fake listening really well. And when she asks if I’m paying attention, I can usually recite everything she’s said for the last minute or two. Hearing without listening will get you through it.

          4. This. You have to take them at face value when they say they don’t want help, they want empathy.

            So, as stupidly pointless as it sounds, just make reassuring noises while they continue to make the same stupid mistakes and you will get a lot more sex.

          5. It’s Not About The Nail – YouTube

        2. Next time she says that reply “You’re completely right, we are on the same team and I’m the captain so shut up and go make me a sandwich”!

      4. It’s a guy thing to think everyone needs you to solve their problems 😉

        1. I’d agree that it’s a guy thing to want to fix problems rather than just bitch about them. That being said, I understand the need to vent. Guys just do it differently.

          1. Women can solve their own problems, just like men can. The bitching is unrelated to the act of solving the problem, not necessarily an indication that it will never get solved.

            That said, it’s just a generalization. I’ve known guys who are addicted to complaining and I’m a girl who doesn’t feel the need to complain.

            1. The guys perspective is that if you don’t want my advice, why are you complaining to me?

              Especially since women typically spend far more time complaining than actually solving the problem.

        2. That’s because most guys think, “If I fix this, maybe she will shut the fuck up.” Its a guy thing to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      5. Yes, it’s a woman thing. They want to bitch and complain, but don’t want to hear solutions that remind them they have agency and therefore at least some level of responsibility over their own current state of affairs.

      6. Not “a woman” thing.

        Most times when people close to us complain, they just want to be heard and acknowledged and maybe verified. When one offers them a solution, answer or alternative, they take umbrage.

        But, I have to admit, now that I reread what I wrote, women in my life seem more prone to this. I’ve learned to just shut up and listen…………most of the time.

    2. I saw that letter, too. My reaction was “Great, your father sounds like he was a compassionate guy. The rest of the world isn’t your fucking dad and doesn’t give a shit about you. Learn to deal with it.”

      1. The rest of the world isn’t your fucking dad and doesn’t give a shit about you.

        Yet. That’s what they’re after, and what they’ll maybe get: the paternal authority of the total administrative state.

        1. It’s not a daddy they want, just a big brother.

          1. You know who el…hey, wait a minute?!

    3. Did her dad own a Rush Limbaugh baseball cap by any chance?

  4. Walkin’ down the street, smoggy-eyed
    Looking at the sky, starry-eyed
    Searchin’ for the place, weary-eyed
    Crying in the night, teary-eyed

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  5. If you don’t regularly explicitly state that you are against something, then you are for it.* In which case, good riddance to the racist scumbag.

    *I learned that right here on

  6. “I believe it is my duty to make you aware of the actions of one of your employees, Tim Wolfe.”

    [List of actions not perpetrated or alleged to have been perpetrated by Tim Wolfe]

    “Although these incidents individually are not his fault as a collection of incidents at the university they are his responsibility to address.”

    Whose responsibility was it to fail this semi-literate person out of college?

    1. “The revolting acts that are occurring at Mizzou are a result of a poisonous infestation of apathy that has been spawning from University of Missouri system leadership.”

      “has been spawning from”

      fail him/kill me

      1. I bet his high school English teachers praised him for that very incomprehensible, flowery style.

        1. I bet they did. I am sure they tolerated a level of incoherence that they would never have tolerated from a white student. It is ironic that that student really is a victim of racism and has no idea.

          1. You give far too much credit to HS English teachers, John.

          2. I’m not saying anything about race. I think H.S. English teachers’ expectations are low, so they’ll give an A to anyone who knows how to use a thesaurus. My college roommate (white) used to trot out all her overwrought English essays from high school until she realized we were making fun of her.

            1. I forget how poorly most English majors think and write. You are correct. The last place to learn how to write is in an English class.

        2. He learned it from Coates’ book on writing nonfiction, Between the Words and Me: the Definitive Guide to Deliberate Obscurantism.

      2. Don’t oppress them with your white grammar privilege Nikki.

        1. I found those sentences to be perfectly cromulent.

          1. Stop oppressing me with your vocabulary privilege.

            1. I thought we’re supposed to be on the same team.

              1. And stop othering me. Don’t you know how triggering the term “team” is? A lot of people have real emotional scares from being picked last in gym class. Okay?

              2. Also, “team” is an anagram of “meat.” Why are you trying to other vegetarians?

                1. That’s very meta.

          2. You embiggened that opinion very nicely.

      3. The particular words themselves are what matter, the construction doesn’t. How many people cheered when Matt Damon said “intrinsically paternalistic” without even really knowing what that meant? They just like big, fancy-sounding words.

        1. MATT DAMON!

      4. Not quite as bad as Oswald Bates, but close.

        First of all, we must internalize the ‘flatulation’ of the matter by transmitting the effervescence of the ‘Indianisian’ proximity in order to further segregate the crux of my venereal infection. Now, if I may retain my liquids here for one moment. I’d like to continue the ‘redundance’ of my quote, unquote ‘intestinal tract’, you see because to preclude on the issue of world domination would only circumvent – excuse me, circumcise the revelation that reflects the ‘Afro-disiatic’ symptoms which now perpetrates the Jheri Curis activation. Allow me to expose my colon once again. The ramification inflicted on the incision placed within the Fallopian cavities serves to be holistic taken from the Latin word ‘jalapeno’.

        1. Like I said, all they need is fancy-sounding words, meaning be damned.

          1. So, you demote to the commodity plague…..excuse me….colostomy bag…of the tangential referenda. This is acceptable delineation of Pythagorus. Or, as we say, disingenuous hysterectomy, my brother.

            1. Your disaffected colloquialisms cannot disavow the unambiguous feelings that are tangentially relative to my norm.

              1. Sa da tay, my daymee. Wah dah tah. Sine yo pitty on the runny kine. Yeah.

                /POotie Tang

                1. Chicka, chicka, chickabee. T’ee an me an t’ee an me. Ressa, ressa, ressa me.


        2. The fuck was that?

          And don’t tell me I’m illiterate because I actually read/slug through James Joyce.

          1. By the way, too bad Wayans is not above over the top tweets in real life.

        3. Of all of the In Living Color skits, these were my favorite. Right out of the Norm Crosby school of comedy.

          1. The thing that is fantastic about them is the replay value. I can’t imagine ever watching them and not laughing my ass off.

        4. Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        5. He has venereal diseases??????

          Maybe it’s syphilis and maybe it’s worked its way up to his brain?

      5. “”a poisonous infestation of apathy that has been spawning””

        Thats like a Red-Pen Trifecta

      6. “poisonous infestation”

        As opposed to all those positive types of “infestations.”

        1. I think Crusty likes his crabs.

    2. The administrators and professors, of which the President is one. I agree with the people who say that this sets a terrible precedent. At the same time, no one can say justice isn’t being served here. The Progressives took over the education system and created the generation of semi literate trousered apes who are behind this. They were warned this would get out of control and consume them but they did not listen.

      1. It kind of reminds of 1984 when the parents were scared of their children. The children were trained to rat their parents out to the government if they even had a contrary thought about the government and thus gave children absolute power over their parents. The same goes for the students at MIzzou. The students are further emboldened because they know that every professor who thought that their aims were bullshit will now fully fall in line or else they will watch their career being destroyed.

        1. And the university is being destroyed along with those careers. These people look and act like and want to be the Red Guards but the US isn’t Maoist China. They won’t flood into the streets and enforce this bullshit on the rest of us. Instead, they will enforce it on the universities and people will just stop attending them or valuing the people who have. College degrees are already over valued and people are starting to figure out there are better ways to obtain an education than going to a traditional college like MU. The more universities become Maoist hell holes, the faster the process of people moving to alternatives will go.

          1. To paraphrase the writers of South Park, “The world is not a fucking a liberal arts college.”

            1. ……yet

              1. It never will be.

                The only question is how much damage will these idiots inflict trying to turn it into one.

          2. It reminds me of a comment you made a while back John on a different topic, “Liberals destroy everything they touch.” This is just more evidence of that fact.

        2. And just like 1984, the real thought control was saved for the Party, because no one gave a shit what or whether the proles thought.

        3. Don’t unions work pretty much the same way?

      2. I sympathize with the schadenfreude but these kinds of things also ruin the educational experience for many, many people who want nothing to do with this nonsense.

        1. We had a great university system in this country while it lasted. I don’t how you fix it now.

          1. Don’t go to college? We’re screwed? I’m afraid I don’t have an answer.

            1. Burn it all down and build a new system. But that is a shitty answer. Why can’t we just have kept the old one?

              1. When entitled snowflakes start stomping out their demands, you tell them that they’re free to take their business elsewhere?

                1. They can just watch as those H1B visa holders get all the high paying jobs.

                  Then, their protests will fall on deaf ears.

              2. Online education is the answer.

                Rapid deflation in tuition will solve the problem.

        2. I don’t think it’s a terrible precedent. It seems completely predictable when viewed through the long lens of deteriorating higher ed standards and mission creep. This seems like a logical conclusion, in fact.

          As to it ruining the educational experience for many, yes, but that too has a purpose. Folks looking for a reasonable experience will run like their hair’s on fire away from this institution.

          Embrace the suck.

          1. Why would any normal person choose to attend MU at this point? And I wish them luck finding a new President.

            1. Competition is a good thing. There will be a beneficiary to MU’s implosion. Think of all the high school seniors currently re-thinking their applications. Think of how state funds are allocated. And so begins the death spiral.

            2. Most students attend class, go to bars, have no idea who the university president is, won’t know he was fired or care and could care less about the stupidity of the protesters and just want a degree to get some $.

              1. You can do all that at a lot of other places.

          2. It’s odd to me because being in college right now, I really don’t experience these sorts of things but then again, I am in the business school.

            1. My son attends a private liberal arts school in NY (2nd tier ivy) and just wrote an essay for his freshman English class defending the 2 A. He got an A. Apparently there are still fair minded educators out there.

              1. what is 2nd tier ivy? Cornell?

                1. Cornell is public. The other ‘C’ – the name of a toothpaste.

                  1. Ah, good old Crest U.

                    1. Ah, Crest U. I like how they offer a nice balance of peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon learning.

                    2. They are racists, though, because they also “whiten”.

                    3. + 4 out of 5 Dentists

                  2. what is 2nd tier ivy? Cornell?

                    Makes about as much sense as Mairsy Doats. It says less about the quality of institutions as it does their pretensions.

                    1. Yeah, “They” don’t actually call themselves “2nd tier”. That was my way of trying to identify the school without being explicit, assuming most people could guess.

                  3. Colgate is not part of the Ivy League. Cornell is. And yes, it along with Brown, Penn, and Dartmouth are ghetto Ivy League. Top tier Ivy is Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

                    1. Yes, thanks, John, or should I now call you Captain Obvious?

                    2. Top tier Ivy is Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

                      You mean the ones that keep producing our ruling class?

              2. I’ve always been fairly lucky to have professors from my liberals arts classes who were open minded and actually believed in academic and intellectual freedom. Last year I had a philosophy professor who taught a multiculturalism class and I thought that this was going to a SJW fuckfest. She proved me wrong because while she obviously is a progressive, she made sure that everyone’s opinions were heard and ruthlessly ripped apart those who tried to suppress those whose opinions they didn’t agree to in the class. And she was also a grammar Nazi.

                1. My ethics professor was like that too. Of course, this was at a community college and not some big name university.

                  1. Well, my younger son who’s still in high school takes classes at our local CC, and we’ve been really happy with the quality of instruction there. He takes mostly computer courses so no controversial content.

              3. I have a communist professor who regularly handed me A’s for arguing that positive rights shouldn’t be enforced by the government. I get the feeling a lot of professors are desperate for students that can think and write logically and coherently. They are at the point a lot don’t even care if you disagree with them.

                1. That’s not been my experience. Even in the masters program at a state college I started a while back.

                  Arguing a point that was contrary to the prof’s opinion garnered a ‘C’ at best. Reguritating the letty diatribe they presented in lectures garnered me an ‘A’.

                  And, that was after they admonished us to be argumentative because this was a master’s program. 🙁

          3. The inflection point might appear more quickly than many imagine.

            People are already looking for way to avoid such environments in favor of other approaches to education and training. As that pace accelerates the perception could begin to develop that most sorts who are graduating from college are the sorts who engage in, or prosper in this sort of grievance based environment.

            That’ll make those new grads real attractive to prospective employers… Or maybe not.

            The longer this sort of stuff is allowed to persists and metastasize the more damage it does to the entire higher education brand.

            One last warning – the one place where such graduates will continue to find lasting welcome will be government jobs.

          4. I avoided UC Berkeley in the 1970s for this very reason. Who would hire me post grad coming from an insane asylum like that? One that had become more famous for it’s radicalism than for it’s past, scientific accomplishments.

            But, when I got out in the work world of office work, I found myself, a graduate of another UC (Davis), being bashed by all the UCB grads I was surrounded by. They said I hadn’t gone to a “real college”.

            It would have been laughable if it weren’t accepted as fact by many execs I worked for back then. I was often asked when I would be leaving the firm to go farm somewhere. They were frequently ivy leaguers. 🙁

            One of the things that I love about the whole SV/techie/startup thing (I live near the SV) is that college doesn’t matter nearly so much in their world. Actual production speaks volumes. That’s why Asians and Middle Easterners are kicking so much butt down there.

  7. Every victory just empowers them more. Someone needs to tell them they don’t have a right not to be offended.

    They will be the same ones complaining they can’t get a job and are in huge debt, because they never learned any useful skill in college.

    1. Not will be, are.

    2. Yes, every little spoiled f***ing brat can’t have their way! That is the first lesson they should learn!

    3. People’s assumptions about “their rights” have been completely misguided and unrealistic since at least the 1960s. I encounter this in my professional and personal life almost every day.

      It does seem to be getting worse though.

  8. This is pretty heartbreaking. We live in a time where people who are easily offended can destroy other people’s lives simply because their feelings are hurt. The people who are cheering this on don’t realize that someday there will be a huge backlash towards this attitude and they will be utterly unprepared to deal with this backlash.

    1. No they don’t. Wait for their smug giggle if you ever point out to them “what happen’s when you’re not in charge, couldn’t your enemies do the same to you”?

      1. They are nasty followers. When that they comes, they will immediately switch sides.

        1. I just saw the new Minions movie ‘with my kids’ over the weekend. The two seem more than coincidentally related.

      2. Absolutely.

      3. They believe they will always be in charge.


        1. Well, they ARE the right-thinkers after all. People who wrong-think couldn’t possibly be in charge.

    2. I went long on wall space futures and popcorn for this very reason.

      Just look for the sign “Wall space available, no waits, firearm rentals extra”

    3. They’ll be eaten by people they thought were their own long before any ‘backlash’ gets to them.

      This is a monster none of them can control.

  9. aggrieved students most desperately want administrators to acknowledge their pain and tell them they have a right to live free of emotional turmoil.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that such a system is designed to fail in such a way, that it actually violates causality.

  10. What ever drugs these kids are on, I don’t want any.

  11. He should have said: “I’m gone, find someone else to deal with these spoiled assholes. Oh, to any businesses – NEVER HIRE ANY GRADUATES FROM HERE. Bye Fuckers”.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I caught a small bit of his press conference and he appeared pretty upset. Makes you wonder if he as made some kind of payout offer if he went peacefully.

      1. College president don’t actually go away. He’ll be “fundraising” within a year and being paid as much or more than he was.

        1. “College president don’t actually go away. He’ll be “fundraising” within a year and being paid as much or more than he was.”

          Which is what ‘presidents’/chancellors do anyway. They’re not there to run a bureaucracy. thats what faculty heads are for. they’re there to sell the school, pump the funding, and be the face man to appear at lots of gladhanding events. i.e. give speeches, make small talk, babysit egos

      2. Payoff? Don’t doubt it.

        I work in government. Boards do this all the time. That’s why city managers, general managers, etc. have lucrative contracts with buy out clauses.

        Colleges are quasi governmental at best. Even private ones.

        The theory is that these employment contracts are to avoid political patronage. But, I can definitely say, they are abused regularly. I’ve known more than one transit agency general manager who, upon getting tired of the whole thing, behaved in ways guaranteed to get them fired by their board. So that they’d get a three year contract buy out and could retire early or, even double dip by finding another GM position within the three years.

        This is analogous to “paid administrative leave” for the rank and file when they are accused of some wrong doing. Only, it’s much more lucrative in the exec’s contract.

    2. We already knew not to hire any law school grads from there.

      1. Yeah, been a bad week for Missou, eh?

  12. Something tells me that race relations at this college are about to get a lot worse. Who will get the blame next?

    1. My money is on some inanimate object, but “vague amorphous idea that essentially amounts to all white men” is another good guess.

    2. Next they’ll go after imagery – portraits and statues of old, dead, white guys.

      1. That brings out the racist in me.

  13. Thank God the guy resigned. Now these students can put all of this behind them and get down to the serious task of learning.

    Now that this is over they’ll be placated, not emboldened right? Then again, they might just make more stupid demands but I’m confident that won’t happen.

  14. time to cut public funding of these madhouses. End their football program, too. How many criminal acts have Missouri athletes committed lately?

    1. several on assorted Saturday afternoons and one Thursday evening this fall.

      1. They lost to Vandy, which is definitely criminal.

  15. Certainly the correct course of action is to surrender.

    America. The new France.

    Wine and cheese, anyone?

    1. They definitely already have the wHine!

      1. “Would you like some cheese to go with that wine?”

  16. why are universities seen as some all-important-place and “students” seen as some sacred species and so much credence given to the various on-goings? It’s just a bunch of people living off of the parents and/or tax dollars/government-guaranteed loans being indoctrinated for the most part with an overall declining and irrelevant curriculum.

    1. Close the damn school. Let people sign up for classes online.

    2. There is no “and/or” in this. “And” stands alone. At virtually any college in the U.S.

  17. (In a letter announcing his hunger strike, student Jonathan Butler also cited “graduate students being robbed of their health insurance, and Planned Parenthood services being stripped from campus” among the reasons for Wolfe to resign, although these concerns don’t really strike me as being tied to race.)

    Sheesh, Robby, check your privilege!

    1. So he also bears the blame for the current political climate?

  18. erect suitable safe spaces.

    Sheesh, Robby, check your phrasing!

  19. “What were these racist incidents? Someone shouted a slur at the campus’s black student government president. Someone smeared feces in the shape of a swastika on the wall of a residence hall. (…Jonathan Butler also cited “graduate students being robbed of their health insurance, and Planned Parenthood services being stripped from campus” among the reasons for Wolfe to resign)”

    Kudos to Robby for doing what neither the WaPo or NYT bothered to do in their coverage of the “reason for grievance” of the protesters.

    Both strained to establish lots of “context” (e.g. Missouri used to be a slave state, donchaknow, and of course Ferguson is …in the same state, so…. proximity means something….) rather than simply enumerate the specific incidents that make up what they describe vaguely as a “Spate”…

    …because when you bother looking at the details, any sane reader is bound to ask, “But what could any administrator possibly have done?” The answer, as Robby correctly notes… is merely to pander to student feelings. The “demands” are for nothing tangible so much as for symbolic genuflection to collective feelings.

    For some reason i’ve seen this thing having a lot of similar resonance as the Keystone Pipeline. Its not about the merits of the underlying issue; its about “Winning” for symbolic purposes. Once the protesters had chosen their target, it no longer matters why or what they’d been demanding – it was just a matter of the “right side winning”.

    1. This is why people like this are so dangerous if they ever obtain any real power. They are completely incoherent and have no demands other than the base emotional demand of attention. So there is no placating them. The moment you give them what they are demanding today, the immediately move onto something else because the point is the emotional satisfaction of having attention paid to you and feeling part of the struggle. The game only ends when they finally murder you and not really even then because they then move onto another victim.

      1. You aren’t truly free unless you have the freedom to force your demands/beliefs/grievances down someone else’s throat.

        1. That is pretty much word-for-word Tony’s complaint about libertarians – that we want to rob him and his fellow travellers of the “freedom” to boss us around.

          1. Don’t forget we also like to steal our own money away from, poor, helpless, blameless and noble single mothers.

      2. I’m not sure i’d jump straight to “murder”…

        …but they have certainly got their hooks into things like the DoEd’s Office of Civil Rights…. and use it to help pump funding and give leverage to the kinds of Campus Advocates who thrive in a purely-politicized environment

        The M.O. for these sorts of activists seems to be endlessly repeating itself =

        – pump story of ginned up ‘scandal’
        – scandal used as evidence of ‘widespread institutional injustice’, vaguely described;
        – organize mob to demonize anyone who dares suggest that there either “isn’t a problem”, or even remains neutral
        – take symbolic scalps to remind everyone what opposition to the Narrative will cost you

        the purpose doesn’t seem to be to achieve any specific, tangible changes in any policy

        (e.g. the Missouri students want what…. ‘Cultural-Sensitivity Training’? More black professors?… which i doubt will ameliorate anything)

        …but rather simply to “take scalps” to show that They Can

        I’m reminded of when the NYC TWU went on strike in 2003(?); they had pretty much already had all their contract demands met, and yet went on strike for 3-4 days right before christmas… in their own words, “To show that we still can”. To show that they had teeth

        1. They wouldn’t jump straight to murder but they would inevitably get there if they ever get the power.

          .but rather simply to “take scalps” to show that They Can

          That is the point. The point is to take scalps. So what happens when they get everything they want and there are no more scalps to take? They just invent new demands and start the process over. Eventually it is not good enough that the President resign. Eventually no amount of self-flagellation is satisfying. That is when the killing begins.

          1. More than power, it will be about fear. When they actually start to fear for themselves because they have talked themselves into it, the violence will begin. For it is at that point they will feel justified in committing violence.

      3. What makes them so dangerous is how easily manipulated they can be by the right person, someone kewl with all the right feelz. They are incoherent, emotional, incapable of critical thought, but they are tireless in their demands for satisfaction for whatever petty grievance they perceive today.

      4. But they did have a list of specific demands. You really should read it – it is wonderful.

        Demand 1 was that Wolf had to write a letter of apology (handwritten!) and read it in a specific forum. In it he must acknowledge his white privilege.

        Demand 2 was that Wolf resign. Soooooo, why is he gonna do item 1?

        I think number 4 was “more mental health care clinics and better visibility of mental health care”. At least one demand was on target.

        1. lol I know

          I pointed the same thing out – the very structure of their first 2 demands shows the utter insincerity of their “negotiation” posture. The point of demanding an “apology” – in theory – is a willingness to accept one. If you outright state that you want the apologizing person to also suffer punishment regardless…. there seems no point in demanding the person “repent” if you’re going to burn them for heresy regardless.

          You don’t make demands that no one can satisfy. Its like Rule #1 in “negotiation ethics”. Doing so is intended to ‘end negotiation’ entirely. It reflects either epic stupidity on the part of the “demand authors”, or a combination of hubris and mendacity. There’s no generous reading of it possible. Like the actual “spate” of racism.. the mainstream press generously glides right past crazy-shit like this to avoid letting the Victim Classes seem unsympathetic.

      5. It’s the same as feeding the bears jelly beans. There is no problem…as long as you have jelly beans. But, what do you do when you run out?

    2. He’s the President! His prime directive is to DO SOMETHING!

    3. because when you bother looking at the details, any sane reader is bound to ask

      Did these really even happen, and if so, who did it and why?

    4. “But what could any administrator possibly have done?”

      I suspect it’s all about the reaction. He should have acted like it was some horrible threat and the first step on a return to slavery or Jim Crow rather than just some assholes trolling.

  20. I read in the list of demands from the Concerned Students 1950 group that Wolfe resign and admit his white privilege in his hand-written and publicly read announcement of his resignation. I am beginning to think this is a must in my daily walk out the door to work; wallet…check, keys…check, cell phone…check, white privilege…check.

    1. They had Wolfe by the (foot) balls.

      Seriously, if the football team’s black players had not refused to play, then this would have gone nowhere.

      1. Fine! Season’s canceled gentlemen.

        1. Ha! Tell that to the boosters.

          My guess is he was given a choice, resign and get taken care of, or get canned.

          1. No. To the reagents.

            Spending other people’s money while living on perceived glory is so much fun!

      2. Every single player who refused to play should have been kicked off the team.

        Every player who refused to play and who was on a football scholarship should have been expelled from the university pending a full tuition payment.

        1. Why bother? The boycott is its own punishment. Does MU football generate a revenue or is it subsidized? I’d bet it is subsidized by tuition and state funding. Let them boycott. They damage whatever hope the have of ever playing professional football and the school saves the cost of the program. Done deal.

          1. The entire athletic department at most universities is funded by the revenue from football. To the tune of many tens of millions of dollars. The big ones are over a hundred million per year.

            1. that is not what the most recent studies show. A handful of football programs fit this mold, but I seriously doubt Missouri is one of them. Think Texas and Notre Dame. Maybe 10 programs in total.

          2. I’ve long said, if colleges are the bastions of higher education they claim to be, then they should dispense with their minor league athletic programs and succeed or fail on their educational accomplishments.

            To do any less is disingenuous at best. They can’t be institutions of higher ed and semi-pro sports programs at the same time.

            Do libertarians support public financing of pro sports stadiums?

        2. Take away their scholarships but do not kick them off the team. Make them waste their eligibility riding the pine. If they request a transfer then allow it (but they atill lose a year of eligibility.)

      3. if the team was having a better season, this wouldn’t be happening. Not all the black players were on board and the Mizzou hoops team is not ready to skip games.

        1. Just a guess, but this whole incident probably goes a long way towards explaining why they are having such a bad year. Massive self entitlement doesn’t usually make for good football.

  21. the terrorists just won.

    these absurdly fragile yet relentlessly aggressive students are like some form of secular ISIS morality police.

    the roam about looking to be offended and demanding instant kowtowing submission from anyone they dislike (no beard? death!) while speaking about “safe spaces”.

    “hypocrite” barely even scratches the surface of this.

    we attack everyone but cannot be criticized is the mantra of totalitarian secret police. these “students” are a disgrace.

    this is not about “safe space” and equality. it’s about wielding the whip hand and lying about why.

  22. Whew at least the campus is safe now that the university president is no longer smearing feces on walls.

    1. Yeah, what’s up with that shit?

      1. I have gazed upon a thing being done there.

        1. …and observed actions being performed by another.

  23. And fuck the social activists. I used to blindly give social activists the benefit of the doubt and thought they actually wanted to help make the world a better place even if their methods are wrong. As I got to know more of them, these people want the world to always have some sort of division because it gives their meaningless lives some sort of meaning. They can’t produce nothing of value so they instead stir up trouble and list vague grievances so it can be impossible to rectify any situation and thus keep them employed and relevant.

    1. They are all emotionally broken misfits, every single one of them. To be a social activist is to have no normal life or sense of proportion or humility.

    2. I finished college just nine years ago (December 2006). It doesn’t seem like that long ago to me, but when I read about colleges today, I feel like an old man because it seems to me like the world does not at all resemble how things were when I was there. It’s like the world has gone utterly insane. Maybe it’s because of things like social media, which were only just appearing toward the end of my time in school. Maybe it’s that this is the first generation to be completely raised in the super-coddled, helicopter-parenting, internet-era world. I don’t know. I feel like even the derpiest of progtards I knew in those days were well-intentioned, though stupid and misguided, but I don’t get that impression anymore.

      1. You’re making me feel unsafe. I’m going to rock back and forth in the fetal position while looking at Bernie Sanders memes until I feel better.

        1. Children are being aborted and you have the nerve to use the word fetal? I need some puppies to hug.

          1. Aborting children is OK. You knows what’s not? OTHERING womyn who choose abotion – as is their right. You are hereby banished you The University of Misery (formerly Univ MO).

          2. Dogs are being shot, and you have the nerve to use the word puppies?

            1. Gun violence kills 400 million people a day, and you have the nerve to use the word shot?

    3. There is no end goal for SJWs. There’s nothing in their agenda that’s remotely attainable, and that’s by design. Why do you think they’re always so upset when data shows income growing, or income inequality shrinking, or third-world economies competing on a global scale? I’ve said before – it’s like the dudes on Steve Wilkos who are upset when the polygraph shows their girlfriends aren’t cheating on them.

      1. Having an end goal would require that they can coherently articulate what they believe. They can’t. It’s all just screeching and foot-stamping when something gives them a sad.

        1. Every time I read someone talk about their feelz it gives me an almost uncontrollable desire to smash something.

      2. Well, the (semi-) attainable part of their agenda is “everyone must do exactly what they say and express no views that differ from their own.”

        Of course, that’s the secret agenda, not the overt one. Seriously, I kept reading article trying to find out exactly what the overt demands were, and I couldn’t find much. I kept reading pretty much what Soave says, and thinking, “But there has to be more, right?” I mean, seriously – the college president didn’t say the right thing about the Mike Brown case? It didn’t have anything to do with the university! Why should he have had any official opinion at all?! I agree that in the case of incidents taking place on campus, the president does have some responsibility to at least take a rhetorical stance, but to jump directly to “hunger strike” from there…?!?!

      3. having an end goal would mean having to do something productive when that goal is reached. It is the same philosophy that guides govt programs and non-profit groups.

    4. Victimhood is a profession.

  24. Power and control. They found a lever that works and by God, they’re going to wear it out.

    1. They found a lever that works and by God, they’re going to wear it out.

      Then whine that it’s broken and bludgeon people with it until someone shows up to bolt it back on and slap a new coat of paint on it.

  25. Also part of this story, these kids want a safe space from the media:

    The University of Missouri student protesters who demanded the resignation of university president Tim Wolfe were surprisingly adversarial toward the press Monday, setting up a “no media safe space” for protesters and harassing reporters who were trying to take photos.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s sports writer Benjamin Hochman tweeted out images of protesters linking arms to create the “safe space,” and also tweeted out a video of protesters clashing with a reporter who presumably infringed upon the safe space.

    1. That’s almost unbelievable, almost.

    2. This whole thing is beyond parody.

    3. The first last comment nailed it:

      These Idiots are in College and haven’t realized the Media is as left wing as they are? How STUPID are kids today?

    4. I’d love for some legislative bigshot to introduce a bill to sell or privatize the university in its entirety.

      My guess is, so long as you made sure it kept its current name, the bill would get a lot of support amongst the general public.

    5. So the students have realized they look like idiots to even friendly reporters, but they haven’t realized that harassing the media will just make their coverage worse. Seriously, don’t piss off the guys who can publish your mistake to all future employers.

      1. No. They are actually smart enough to realize that, if their face shows up in the media when they are acting out like this, daddy and mommy will cut off their funding and they might have to give up their avocation of perennial student.

        Get a job man!

    6. Uh. what is the point of a protest other than to attract media attention?

  26. Oompa loompa doompety doo
    I’ve got another puzzle for you
    Oompa loompa doompety dee
    If you are wise you’ll listen to me

    Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
    Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
    Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
    You know exactly who’s to blame

    The mother and the father

    Oompa loompa doompety da
    If you’re not spoiled then you will go far
    You will live in happiness too
    Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do

    1. Nowadays the Oompa Loompas would be fired for creating a hostile work environment and Wonka, especially the Depp version, would be on a sex offender list (just in case).

    2. Counterpoint:

      One and only rebel child,
      From a family, meek and mild,
      My Mama seemed to know what lay in store.
      Despite my Sunday learning,
      Towards the bad, I kept turning.
      ‘Til Mama couldn’t hold me anymore.

      And I turned twenty-one in prion doing life without parole.
      No-one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried.
      Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading, I denied.
      That leaves only me to blame ’cause Mama tried.

      1. I love the Hag. Even if I don’t agree with his politics. 🙂

    3. RE: The Oompa Loompa Song

      It should have a verse blaming the vaunted American public education system as well as the parents.

  27. Our mere presence makes the world unsafe for people like them. What have they accomplished? There is no goal for them, no victory. Even if every demand were achieved what would these people do with absolute power?

    1. You know *exactly* what they would do.

  28. You know you are dealing with a bunch of assholes when a State University President is a sympathetic figure. They are usually somewhere between KGB spymaster and rest home arsonist on the likability scale.

    1. At my alma mater, we protested to keep the President when the Board of Trustees wanted to pay him a cool mil to go away after he got caught making prank sex calls to various women.

      1. That’s like a sexy sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

  29. I’m confused. I thought we ended racism earlier this year when we hid all of the Confederate flags? How can it be back???? Did someone secretly keep one?

    1. It was me. I have a Confederate flag t-shirt. It was emanating it’s racist rays all the way to Missouri. I had no idea it was so powerful.

      1. Didn’t you ever see that Jet Li movie? The fewer there are of something the more powerful. If you have the only one left it’s probably spreading its emanations worldwide.

        1. What about the penumbra? Will no one speak up for the penumbra??!!

          1. Triggered! Penumbra sounds like umbrella and one time my umbrella flipped inside out and I got all wet and was embarrassed. I may have cried!

      2. Hey, I don’t own a shirt but I drove through Columbia on a road trip this summer. My racist thoughts no doubt contributed to this.

      3. I had no idea it was so powerful.

        Are you kidding me. That shit’s like an infinity-stone.

        1. Maybe I should stop wearing it…


    There is the list of “demands”. It is essentially don’t kick us out for being poor students and give us lucrative jobs as “counselors” and “diversity administrators” when we graduate with worthless degrees and no useful skills. The entire thing is nothing but a shakedown for cash.

    1. The Legion of Black Collegians’ demands are slightly outrageous, even if they don’t take inflation into account.

      1. So, they are saying that black professors must be paid whatever salary they ask for? What could possibly go wrong?

      2. Slightly outrageous? It’s naked, pure, unfilitered racism.

    2. I. We demand that the University of Missouri System President, Tim Wolfe, writes a handwritten apology to the Concerned Student 1-?9-?5-0 demonstrators and holds a press conference in the Mizzou Student Center reading the letter. In the letter and at the press conference, Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white male privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1-9-5-?0 demands. We want Tim Wolfe to admit to his gross negligence, allowing his driver to hit one of the demonstrators, consenting to the physical violence of bystanders, and lastly refusing to intervene when Columbia Police Department used excessive force with demonstrators.

      So much wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin. Handwritten? Really? I don’t think they know what “gross negligence” means. Or “consenting.” And his driver ran someone over???? What the fuck?

      1. If he resigns, how is he supposed to fulfill the rest of their demands?

    3. Lots of thought-police stuff too. My god, Wolfe was smart to quit. The environment is toxic there if people are taking these wannabe tyrants seriously.

      1. I wonder what would have happened if he had gone to his Board and said:

        “OK, we have a crisis here. I see two ways out:

        (1) We give the football players one chance to revoke their boycott or walkout or whatever. Any who don’t take us up on it, are kicked off the team and lose their scholarships. Any students who persist in disrupting campus activities with these protests will be given one chance to knock it off, or they are expelled.

        (2) We give in to their demands, and I’ll resign.

        Either this place is run by you, or its run by them. You choose.”

    4. II. We demand the immediate removal of Tim Wolfe as UM system president. After his removal a new amendment to UM system policies must be established to have all future UM system president and Chancellor positions be selected by a collective of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds.


    5. III. We demand that the University of Missouri meets the Legion of Black Collegians’ demands that were presented in 1969 for the betterment of the black community.

      I’m too busy copy-and-pasting the demands to bother looking up what this is.

      1. See my link above. It’s money and preferential treatment.

        1. Ah, thanks.

    6. IV. We demand that the University of Missouri creates and enforces comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff, and administration. This curriculum must be vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board comprised of students, staff, and faculty of color.

      That first sentence doesn’t mean anything. Can you have racial awareness in Differential Equations? Organic Chemistry?

      1. Newton and Euler were both part of the patriarchy.

        Out they go!

        1. Those slave owning Greek mathematicians…


        1. A branch of “whiteness studies” no doubt. Funny though, how “whiteness studies” is all about calling ‘whiteness’ evil and claims ‘whiteness’ a social construct designed to oppress brown people. Meanwhile “africana studies” is all about celebrating black people, culture and ‘blackness’ itself which is apparently some sort of naturally occurring brotherhood of justice and equality that has every right to exist.

        2. Yeah, math is just for white people. There have never been any good Indian or East Asian or Arabs or Persian mathematicians.

      2. Can you have racial awareness in Differential Equations? Organic Chemistry?

        Yes, You do it by passing anyone of color who takes the course regardless of their abilities.

        1. That’s not racist at all.

    7. V. We demand that by the academic year 2017-2018, the University of Missouri increases the percentage of black faculty and staff campus-wide to 10%.

      They don’t specify how that should be distributed. A trolling administration might, for example, hire all-black janitorial, maintenance, and cafeteria staff…

    8. VI. We demand that the University of Missouri composes a strategic 10 year plan by May 1, 2016 that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.

      1) Stop kowtowing to the emotional demands of barely literate children
      2) Remove all departments/classes that will leave students unemployable and with tens of thousands of dollars of non-dischargeable debt.

    9. VII. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding and resources for the University of Missouri Counseling Center for the purpose of hiring additional mental health professionals — particularly those of color, boosting mental health outreach and programming across campus, increasing campus-?wide awareness and visibility of the counseling center, and reducing lengthy wait times for prospective clients.

      1. We are insane and need help with that.

        1. I mean, I like that they acknowledge their severe need for professional counseling, but I don’t think it’s really the college’s job.

    10. VIII. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding, resources, and personnel for the social justices centers on campus for the purpose of hiring additional professionals, particularly those of color, boosting outreach and programming across campus, and increasing campus-?wide awareness and visibility.

    11. Translation =

      I Make your leader kneel before us, confess your sins, beg for mercy
      II. Then we demand he be executed anyway
      III. We couldn’t think of anything new beyond that, so please reference some other group’s batshit crazy demands
      IV. Oh, the Activists want permanent gigs as Campus Overseers in case we need to for when we do this again
      V. More Black Students and Teachers, As Though There Aren’t Already Quotas
      VI. And make sure they graduate, because Math is hard
      VII. Did we mention we want permanent gigs for Activists and Counselors and Stuff? More of those. And a social justice headquarters. With a huge budget and shit.
      VIII. SEE # IV and # VII

  31. I heard Dan LeBatard claim what we’re seeing develop is actual social justice propelled by the powerless develop before our eyes.

    It feels as though they take what happens on campuses at face value. If they were reading more into it, I don’t think he’d make this remarkable comment.


    The lunatics and luniles officially control campuses now.

    Find yourselves a good, private, quiet conservative university and stay the hell out of this mess until it (hopefully) remedies itself.

    But Dark Ages take a while to recede.

    1. I would love to hear LeBatard’s old man give his honest opinion on all of this. Not only is the old man a hundred times smarter and more funny than LeBetard, he experienced real “social justice” in communist Cuba and likely sees this bullshit for what it is.

      1. Yeah but it’s been my experience you can’t take that for granted. There still are Cubans who will stick to the ‘well he did do good things’ angle. Not my friend though. His family lost everything in the revolution before moving to Miami.

        I do find his show funny though. Stugotz (do people realize what the word means?) I like his irreverence and ability to scoff off sports media who take themselves too seriously.

        1. I don’t mind him but I really like his dad. His dad is hysterical. If it were up to me I would fire Wilbone and Kornheiser from PTI and replace them with Bob Ryan and Lebetard.

          1. I would call for the PTI duo to be put in a woodchipper.

    2. The modern higher education system has a cancer growing within it. The tumor itself is called cultural marxism and it’s fed by the state.

      1. and the tumor has erupted and begun feeding on the host in a virulent way.

  32. I can understand why students were upset about these things.


  33. Just a guess but I doubt many of the voters in the state of Missouri are too impressed by this. For that matter, I bet most of the donors and season ticket holders for the 4-5 sorry ass football team are white as well. I wonder how many boos there will be at the next game.

    1. I wonder how many season tickets will not be renewed next year and how many donors are self-selecting.

    2. Convert it to an all black college. Problem solved.

  34. The first graders in my son’s class are more emotionally mature.

    1. Unless your kid is in SPED, I would certainly hope so.

      1. even those kids are ahead of this curve.

    2. Did you see the Daily Mail article featuring black social justice warriors standing outside the University President’s office literally crying because of his white privilege?

  35. This is the story in a nutshell, as far as I can understand it.

    + Idiot college students rebel due to unsubstantiated “incidents”
    + Idiot students want the president of the college to resign
    + The bigger idiot president of the college resigns, instead of telling these students to go fuck themselves and go back to mommy and daddy.

    Do I have it right?

    1. Good summation.

    2. Yeah. I just don’t see why the college president would capitulate so rapidly. I mean, if you’re getting chased down by a mob that will settle for nothing less than disgracing you for no good reason, why go through the motions of validating their little feelings? You want to fire me? Fine, I’m going to put on some fireworks while I go, let the national media have a field day quoting my vehement rebuttal to the mob’s pissy little problems, their pissy little entitlement attitude and the entire SJW movement’s cancerous affect on society and culture. Fuck em

      1. Football is sacred. Football is money. Football.

      2. ” I just don’t see why the college president would capitulate so rapidly.”

        again – see below. The President isn’t an elected position with great personal power. He’s hired by the board. obviously they told him to amscray posthaste before this shit started to cost real money.

        1. Again- that’s not the issue. I’m not disputing that he was going to get knocked out of that job whether he liked it or not. I’m critical of how he did it. He went down like a fart in the wind. He tucked in his cock and balls and crawled out of office, to satiate the mob.

        2. And, he had a lucrative severance package as well.

          The holders of these positions are amoral mercenaries. Their self interest is almost as bad as though whining students.

      3. This fellow would likely agree with the sentiment if it was directed at someone else so he feels a bit of empathy, despite the fact that he’s the target.

    3. Exactly.

  36. So a new college ranking needs to be made for these kind of things. Incidents like this reduce your ranking.

    1. Rank the schools by per capita diversity spending. You’ll get pretty close

    2. Dunno. If you want to learn to be a thug and a bully, why Mizzou has your number!

  37. Wolfe’s resignation also means that hyper-offended students are not as powerless as skeptics of the campus speech wars claim they are.

    Just because Wolfe ?the idiot? is worse than these hyper-offended students doesn’t mean they have power. It only means Wolfe shouldn’t be president of ANY organization on Earth. One can avoid the sharks by not jumping into the water. Wolfe did that right after throwing them chum to feast on. If he had any virility in his Marxian body, he should’ve taken a revolver to his head but, alas, not even that. What a coward.

    1. You seem to be under the impression that the president’s job isn’t held at the discretion of a board of trustees (or some similar group)

      His departure was a foregone conclusion. His personal choice in the matter probably had nothing to do with it at all. Once the board realized that they were going to have to pay millions in penalties for the football team’s boycott… capitulation was inevitable.

      1. But then why get down on your knees and bow before the mob? If you’re going to get chased out of office, (figuratively) scorch the fucking the earth. Leave no SJW skull unfucked.

        1. Getting down on his knees and bowing before the mob led to a greater severance package.

          1. Exactly!

            What would you do? Resign and shut up taking a $$ on your way out or, fight for what is right with the potential for losing your job and your lucrative severance?

            For posters here who want to make a difference in our country, you might want to review the contracts that your local city councils, school boards, etc., are signing with their top administrators. There is a commonality here. And, you and I are the losers in this game. Every time. It involves serious money. Legal payoffs.

        2. Getting down on his knees and bowing before the mob led to a greater severance package.

          1. Did it? I’m certain that compensation is spelled out pretty clearly in his contract and I’m sure there’s a morals clause that the board of directors would be hard pressed to prove that he’d violated in court or binding arbitration.

            1. Could be. I just always assume money is a motive when someone is willing to cut his own balls off.

          2. “bowing before the mob led to a greater severance package.”

            Close, but unlikely.

            As noted = there are generally ‘extraordinary circumstances’ agreements in place when you hire someone to take a leadership role. If they *caused* the problem (e.g say, misconduct of some kind) then those agreements would be null.

            If the board agrees that the clauses apply – then the president/leader can often resign with full bennys and the full payout of their contract to the end of term. Its a way to “Fire” people without anyone ever being fired or losing face.

            What they certainly don’t do is make ad hoc agreements and throw money at disgraced people to “just go-away” as various conditions change. That can sometimes happen at private companies / corporations in certain cases, but with a State University with a governor-appointed board? No freaking way.

            1. What they certainly don’t do is make ad hoc agreements and throw money at disgraced people

              Exactly. His compensation is spelled out clearly in a contract that in order for the Board of Directors to squelch on, they’ll have to prove that he violated the terms, probably some kind of morals clause in the contract. Take it to a court or binding arbitration and see if they find owrding in the morality clause stipulating that you must castrate yourself at the first sign of an SJW insurgency.

              He could have just resigned and moved on. He could have even done so quietly. But he didn’t. He issued a fucking apology and validated all of these non-grievances.

            2. “What they certainly don’t do is make ad hoc agreements and throw money at disgraced people to “just go-away” as various conditions change.”

              Local government does this all the time. I don’t know why you think that a state university can’t.

              For reference, see all the articles about Dorthy Dugger’s $1M plus payout from the BART board a few years back.

        3. “But then why get down on your knees and bow before the mob?”

          Because its a condition of your agreement with the board?

          People seem pretty dim here re: the politics of leadership jobs. He obviously was a victim of circumstances here, and making some stupid personal-ego stand (e.g. your ‘scorched earth’ desire) would simply make him un-hirable elsewhere and ruin his reputation.

          Presidents, leaders, CEOs, etc. – unlike ‘owners’ – are above all supposed to show deference and respect to the institution. Its *why they get hired*. if their presence becomes a political problem for the institution, part of their job is to fall on the grenade. Its part of the script and the job often even has golden-parachute clauses accommodating for these kinds of circumstances

          1. This episode damages MU’s reputation so that it will be difficult to hire a high quality individual to replace this guy. By high quality I mean capable of fund raising at an appropriate level.

            His resigning in this way is a “Fuck it” editorial on his part. It sends a clear message to possible replacements. “This place is fucked up and not worth my effort.”

            The next hire will be less capable and less able to bring money into the school.

          2. Because its a condition of your agreement with the board?

            His agreement with board is, I’ll resign don’t fire me. That doesn’t seem to preclude telling your side of the story.

            making some stupid personal-ego stand (e.g. your ‘scorched earth’ desire) would simply make him un-hirable elsewhere and ruin his reputation.

            You seem to be a little dim about this. No, that’d be the lynch mob outside of his office that did that.

            Presidents, leaders, CEOs, etc. – unlike ‘owners’ – are above all supposed to show deference and respect to the institution.

            The university itself and it’s board of directors weren’t outside of his office clamoring for blood. The mob was. “Presidents, leaders and CEOs” don’t owe lynch mobs deference or respect.

            Its part of the script and the job often even has golden-parachute clauses accommodating for these kinds of circumstances

            I’d love to see the part of his contract that says he is supposed apologize for unsubstantiated grievances that had nothing to do with him.

            1. boo hoo, the college president didn’t join gamergate and make a scene

              1. AGAIN- he apologized to them, he didn’t just go quietly. He went licking the boot of this mob, validating their bullshit. I understand that you may be a bootlicker yourself, but there’s no reason every has to be.

          3. How do you salvage a reputation that’s already been ruined? He’s going to be known as that university president who had to resign because he’s a racist. Fairly or not, that’s what others will remember.

            1. I don’t know. Boards of Trustees probably will know the real story and that he was driven out over some bullshit and did a good job playing the part expected of him.

          4. Gilmore gets it!

      2. Once the board realized that they were going to have to pay millions in penalties for the football team’s boycott… capitulation was inevitable.

        Hmm. Hadn’t thought of that angle. I suppose not showing up for televised games would trigger some kind of penalty clause, but those kinds of contracts typically have “force majeure” clauses so you can’t be penalized for things outside of your control.

        1. Missouri on hook for million$ bill to BYU over players strike

          “The Kansas City Star shared a copy of the contract for the series between Missouri and BYU back in January. In it are details of what happens in the event either school has to cancel the game. While exemptions and alternate plans are outlined, one thing that is seemingly pretty straightforward is what happens in the event of a forfeit, for whatever the reason may be. The school in need of cancelling the game would be contractually be obligated to pay the other university a sum of $1 million within 30 days from the date of the cancelled game.”

          Multiply that by the week, you might see the issue

          1. Why forfeit?

            Show up with an intramural squad, and go for Cumberland College’s record.

  38. Perhaps we should agree that University Campuses aren’t having a libertarian moment, and just move on.

    1. Maybe if university campuses weren’t churning out our next generation of lawyers, doctors, scientists et cetera.

      1. Perhaps we should agree that lawyers, doctors and scientists aren’t having a libertarian moment and move on… to another country.

        1. I have been trying to figure out what country that might be. The whole world is pretty fucked up from what I can see.

          1. China. I can tell you from personal experience they understand capitalism and free enterprise more than we do. Sure, they’ve got their problems, big ones, but China seems to be moving in the ‘free’ direction, we’re moving away from it.

            1. Not really. This is a place where if you lend money for less interest than the government lends money, they’ll literally execute you. If they’re “moving in the direction of free”, good for them. However, the US could start to move in the direction of “less than free”, then hit the accelerator and in 50 years they’ll still be less free in China in all the important ways.

              Not that our new SJW overlords won’t try to outdo them.

            2. Interesting. I have an open mind and (hopefully) another 20-30 years of breathing.

        2. I have been trying to figure out what country that might be. The whole world is pretty fucked up from what I can see.

        3. Yeah so our options are; Somalia (for irony’s sake), Antarctica or the Moon.

          1. Wasn’t there a patch of swampland between Serbia and some other shithole? Whatever happened to that?

            1. Syriac Hordes have renewed the former Yugoslavian countries interest in border security, for one thing.

          2. I’ve heard the Moon is a harsh mistress.

            1. I read that somewhere yes. Probably because your average libertarian tends to boil and explode when trying to live there.

      2. You give them too much credit. Is there a “diverse” med school program that will qualify this losers as MDs?

  39. The students protesting are giving a press conference right now, but they don’t want to be on film during the press conference, so they’ve formed a human wall to block reporters from the scene:

    Because the best way to spread awareness for an issue you care about is to kick out all the people who do the actual spreading of awareness, right?

    1. It’s the pure purging the impure. Don’t worry, they’ll turn on each other soon enough.

    2. RE: I See?.

      ?.a re-make of Lord of the Rings, in the offing?.. 😉

    3. your link is dulcis liberos

  40. RE: Mizzo U

    I have to wonder if the kids are going to turn the campus into a land-locked, state-side Lord of the Rings ‘island’.

    It’s beginning to look like that. And not just in public-funded colleges. Look at the fiasco going on at Yale.

    1. “Lord of the Rings ‘island’.”??

        1. I hate Lord of the Flies so much that I didn’t even think of that.

          1. You hate it because you know it addresses the thin veneer we call civilization for what it really is. You hat e it because you know that these students are on the verge of making it reality.

  41. Once “higher education” simply became 13th-16th grade (about 40 years ago) – instead of a foundation for those who would continue to learn throughout their lives (professors, professionals) – the system was broken. Part of the system always was about the youngsters of the rich to get educated (but not in to flashy a style -that would gauche) taking it all with a grain of salt, but it also gave the basics one would need to continue navigating through a scholarly world of information. Now, higher education is simply – again – 13th-16th grade, and now much of the time is through 18th grade. It moves a lot of money into to the pockets of the suppliers and gives people a couple of sheets of paper to wave around, and it becomes the end of having to think. People think they’re supposed to go through the education process from 5-25, graduate, get a six figure salary starting, and not have to think too terribly much (certainly not have to put much more than 40 hours in per week).

    And if the President is the CEO of one of these paper factories, he was a part of the system. He got eaten by that which he either agreed with or long made his pact with the devil with. I assume Missouri is a lot like my own state, where State Schools were subsidized, forced out competitors, and opened the doors to a flood of students going on to 16th grade. He was a party to the destruction of the system of higher education and I won’t be shedding any tears for him.

  42. RE: So Wolfe Is Gone

    I wonder who the ‘fool’ will be who replaces him.

    And just how they intend to overcome people exercising freedom of expression by showing a Confederate battle flag?

  43. Has anyone at anytime in this incident brought proof, any proof of these allegations?
    No today you don’t need any proof to have this mob and they are a mob to get what they want.

    Someone smear a swastika with feces and no one takes a picture of it?

    Someone yells a racial slur at the student president and he can’t define their description as just “white”.

    You see mob rules don’t need proof they just need rage.

    “Treyvon Martin was killed in cold blood!!!!”
    Physical Proof and eyewitness shows he was bashing Zimmerman head while he was straddling him when he was shot.
    Just scream the lie over and over and over. Louder and louder until it becomes the message becomes yours!

    “Micheal Brown was shot with his hands up!!!”
    Physical proof shows that his hands were out towards Wilson and not in the air.
    Just scream the lie over and over and over. Louder and louder until it becomes the message becomes yours!

    Envension slights in your paranoid mind. Justify shooting people because of said delusions because they were racial.

    Get caught doing a crimes throw the RACE CARD.
    Get caught doing something in getting fired RACE CARD.

  44. I would not hire anyone from a US university who graduated after about 2005

  45. I work at a private, mid-sized university. Several years ago, the black student body president placed a noose on his office chair, took a picture of it, and claimed a racist act. The AP picked up the story and published it in a nearby metropolitan newspaper. After a short investigation, the campus police found a great lack of evidence to his story, all the evidence pointed to a staged set-up, and his roommate said he had admitted setting it up himself. The black faculty and students who found this out “moved on.” Meanwhile, he wrote an entrance essay to law school, using this “experience” as an “obstacle he had overcome.” He is now a practicing attorney.

    You may ask why he was not prosecuted for the various acts of misleading police, etc. His roommate would not go on the record with his comments, so there was no corroboration. Period. The Police decided to let it go.

  46. I graduated UCLA in ’92 during the 1st Wave of political correctness. As Freshmen the kids mixed freely. By our Junior year, self segregation by race was much more prevalent. It pisses me off to this day. Now we are saving about $1,700 every month for our 3 kids to go to college and I can only the pendulum swings back to sanity and actual liberalism before they turn 18.

    I disagree with Robby on one point: I would like to see more professors and administrators sent packing under similar circumstances. Because they are largely to blame for the current campus environment; and when the Revolution eats enough of its own children, it burns itself out. When their jobs are threatened, I would expect due process and pluralism to become fashionable again.

  47. like the commercials always tell us we’ll get what we deserve…credit, service, education…I just hope we can survive these new, upcoming masters.

  48. Would someone please define “safe space” as in making or failure to make a college campus one such.

  49. The irony here is that the football players are probably the most privileged people on Earth.

    And if anything on any campus resembles “rape culture”, it’s the MU football team. There have been numerous complaints and incidents over the years, including one from a tutor the college hired for a player, saying that the school, football team, and players expect the tutors to serve as prostitutes for the players.

    1. Search for Sasha Menu Courey and it should give you a bunch of articles

  50. Not a “Profile In Courage”.

  51. Trouble with these kids is that they’ve been largely raised in a managed coccoon, free from anything resembling stress or competition. Grades largely do not exist any more, showing up earns a “pass” grade….. few know anything about the hazards of ife. So when something does ruffle a few of their feathers, they want someone else to “fix it” and remove the pain. This sort need to grow up.

    1. I have staff like that at work. I have one who has cried, literally, when her annual review didn’t beget her a “well above expectation” score overall.

      In my private sector days, I’d have soon terminated her after this and some similar incidents. She’s throw a hissy fit a couple of times, packed up her office and stormed out. She is emotionally challenged and a possible liability.

      But, I work in the public sector these days. Termination, unless the person seriously pisses off our also emotional exec, is virtually impossible.

      I have run out of ideas on how to handle this. There is no winning in this Well, except for me following Wolfe’s example and moving on. Which I’ve been trying to do. But, I’ve found it to be more difficult than I expected. Getting hired when pushing 60 isn’t so easy. Besides, I keep running into this perception that, I’d be jumping out of the pan and into the fire in many of the alternatives I’ve explored. There is a commonality in public sector employment.

      My staffer holds all the cards. And, she knows it.

  52. Over and over, the point is driven home. IF you value freedom, STOPPING GIVING THESE LEFT WING PC COLLEGES MONEY!

    Too many people donate to their “alma mater,” based on a hazy recollection of their halcyon college experiences. Whatever you remember — real or sanitized — ain’t what’s happening on almost ALL of today’s campuses — public and private.

    Stop funding these anti-freedom, anti-American, totalitarian-oriented, brainwashing reeducation camps! Target your donations to nonprofit groups that support freedom.

    Perhaps more important, revise your charity donations in your wills and trusts to fund institutions that support the liberties and Western classical liberal values that at one time supposedly were the standard at American colleges and universities.

    I have. I’ve shifted my donations and my charitable remainder trust beneficiaries (a modest trust, to be sure) to the nonprofits defending liberty — CATO, REASON, Institute for Justice, etc.

  53. By the time you enter the thirteenth grade, it’s time to grow up, kids.

  54. Great point. Overcome, rather than side step. God help them.

  55. lol, i dont even really support this, but it’s just hilarious how not-right-wing campuses are. ts encouraging.

    1. it’s encouraging, i meant to say.

      1. I don’t think anyone had any doubt as to what you meant. Why anyone should care what you find “encouraging”, on the other hand, remains unaddressed.

  56. If Wolfe resigned for his failure to make the campus a “safe space,” then Obama should resign for his failure to make the USA a “safe space.’

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