Ben Carson

Ben Carson's Good Week

As the media intensify their scrutiny of the new Republican frontrunner, the candidate turns their attention to his advantage.



I read in Talking Points Memo this morning that Ben Carson just had a "very bad week." I must have been watching a different week, because it sure looked to me like the candidate came out ahead.

It's certainly true that Carson is receiving much more scrutiny now. That's what happens when a new man takes the lead in a contentious nomination fight—people start paying closer attention to his life and views, and suddenly we learn who Herman Cain might have hit on in the '90s or what sorts of notions found their way into a Rick Perry book. So that's the first piece of good news for Carson: He must be a frontrunner now, because he's getting treated like one.

Of course it doesn't do much good to be the frontrunner if you're immediately sunk by a scandal. But then Politico gave Carson an enormous gift: an exposé that instantly fell apart. Here, for those who missed it, is the story's original headline and subtitle:

This isn't the place to go through all the ways the article overreached. The short version is that Carson did not "admit" to "fabricating" anything; if you want more, The Federalist has a quick rundown of the piece's problems. The thing to highlight here is the effect. The sheer sloppiness of the Politico story has cast a shadow over every other bit of vetting that the candidate is getting. If you never were going to cast a ballot for Carson anyway, that shadow might not be visible. But among the voters he's aiming for, the media-persecution narrative writes itself.

The checks are practically writing themselves too. Carson claims to have taken in $3.5 million in donations last week.

I won't be surprised if we learn that some of the stories in Carson's autobiography are indeed exaggerated or false. (Is there any genre as unreliable as the "inspirational memoir"?) And I don't ultimately expect Carson to be the Republican nominee: He's the sort of candidate who soars in early polls and perhaps even does well in Iowa, but those aren't always the people who actually win the final prize. But I don't think anything that happened in the past week is going to play a big role in bringing his flight to an end. If anything, it could keep his lead alive longer.

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  1. Look, how can anyone take a person of color who is not a Democrat, serioulsy? Uncle Tom!

  2. SuderMAN. SuderMAN. Parrots Politico’s sloppy slam.

    1. We should be thanking him for so spectacularly trashing his credibility over something so minor.

      Cannot wait for his overwrought piece where he ‘reluctantly’ endorses Hillary because of all the ‘questions’ surrounding her eventual opponent.

  3. Carson is being treated like a Republican front-runner. See Hilary for the level of scrutiny the Politicos of the world test the Democrat frontrunner. You know, so what if she may have technically committed a few felonies.

  4. But among the voters he’s aiming for, the media-persecution narrative writes itself.

    And he seems to have known how to make the most of that. He gave a live presser the other night where he completely melted down and sounded like a crazy person, but in a way that his base will absolutely eat the fuck up. It was kind of amazing to watch.

    1. He sounded pretty extremist to me.

      1. He sounded like someone who would bitch that having red cups indicates Starbucks hates Christmas and Christians.

        1. That’s silly. Starbucks hates everything and everybody

          1. They’re from Seattle, so they’ll probably be nationalized soon. Wait, I mean stateized. That’s something new.

    2. Frankly, calling it a “narrative” strikes me as pretty arguable.

      I don’t think its just a fairy story. I think the are out to wreck him, as the DemOp media routinely does to Repub candidates, but never the Anointed One of the One True Party.

  5. They seem to be confused about what to do. Usually they’ll just say Republicans are racist, not too effective for Carson. They can always say it’s because he’s stupid, but that’s a tough sell for a neurosurgeon. So they’re left with “extremist” and war on women.

    Obviously one of those must be true to explain his republicanism.

    1. Now people are saying he’s mentally ill. It’s totally okay to make that diagnosis under such circumstances when the “patient” is on Team Red.

  6. I sympathize with Carson on this one. I’ve told people that if I hadn’t gone to GWU I would have been on a huge scholarship at UT Arlington. I didn’t apply, but I exceeded their guaranteed entry SAT score by quite a few points (concentrated in the math section) and I’m a crippled female interested in engineering. It’s normal to count a basic guaranteed entry as one of the option you turned down.

  7. I wouldn’t vote for Carson unless that was the absolute lesser of the evils, but the Media(including Suderman) did give him the boost he needed. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Rome is burning and they are breaking out the fiddles.

    1. Why vote for any of them?

    2. I wouldn’t vote for Carson unless that was the absolute lesser of the evils

      So you are saying that you plan on voting for Carson?

      I would prefer Rand, if it were up to me. That being said, the people who hate Carson I simply loathe, and I would welcome his Presidency for this fact alone.

      1. No…I mean if he gets the nomination and it’s him or Hillary/Bernie – I’m going for him. I was a Rand supporter but this looks time looks like his goal to be Prez took a dirt nap. Maybe next time.

  8. He’s the sort of candidate who soars in early polls and perhaps even does well in Iowa, but those aren’t always the people who actually win the final prize.

    Who you calling “those… people”?

  9. Agreed. As someone who is not thrilled about Carson’s candidacy, I jumped the gun by posting the Politico story and was forced to spend the rest of the day defending Carson.

    At the end of the day, Carson got good publicity. He buried the pyramid story (which is legitimately strange), cast doubt on future stories debunking his biography, and gets to portray himself as a legitimate victim of a media hit job.

    As for Politico, they got a lot of clicks for now. But they had been a pretty reliable go to for me as a relatively credible source to corroborate stories I saw on more ideological outlets. It is no longer that, and won’t be for any other non-progressive.

    1. With the way most people get their news now a days, this won’t hurt Politico. A lot of people get their news from Facebook posts by friends. They barely look at who wrote it as long the name sounds vaguely familiar. It hard to have backlash for bad journalism if people aren’t going directly to you in the first place.

    2. ” But they had been a pretty reliable go to for me as a relatively credible source to corroborate stories I saw on more ideological outlets.”

      Ok, now that’s how you do sarcasm.

  10. I can’t say anything. All the hurt feelings last time got really boring.

    1. Don’t you know, SugarFree, that in the service, one must *always* choose the lesser of two weevils.

      1. I hate you. I hope you have the meat gnawed off your pelvis by beetles.

      2. He who would pun would pick a pocket.

        1. +1 Irish Doctor

          1. Jack, you’ve debauched my sloth

  11. The latest scoop I read was that he has a painting hanging on a wall in his house of himself side-by-side with (black) Jesus.

    1. I just can’t even with his house. It’s all hideous and insane. Mostly hideous.

      1. Ah ha ha. That Jesus picture looks like he got a boardwalk caricaturist to draw it, I’m surprised it’s not of the two of them on a tandem bicycle.

      2. Holy crap. It’s like a shrine to himself.

        1. Gawd it’s even worse than I could have possibly imagined. Please tell me he lives by himself.

      3. I… uh… never mind.

        1. Are you not inspired? Or is this finally a bridge too far for your sick, sick muse?

          1. But the hurt feelings… They got feelz all over me last time I didn’t Dr. Jesus super-cereally.

      4. God, that’s just horrible.

        Wonder what Jeff Gordon’s house looks like….oh….

        Yeah – guys with a lot of accomplishments show them off. The horror.

        1. He went with the Ricky Bobby look.

        2. I am quite certain I wouldn’t unless the process itself is what turns you into an insufferable narcissist.

        3. Dude, the shrine room is the least of Ben Carson’s house’s problems.

          1. I enjoyed how he’s wealthy enough to build such a garish monument to Jesus and himself but too cheap to fix the egregiously terrible bible inscription.

        4. I’m unclear on why “it’s no worse than a NASCAR driver’s house” is supposed to fill me with newfound respect for Carson’s choice of decor.

          1. I’m sure Tom Brady’s house looks the same! And Justin Bieber!

            1. And Justin Bieber!

              Why would you do this to us? May God have mercy on your soul.

              1. I have a sick urge to look up picture of Justin Bieber’s house interior now

                1. It’s full of hair care products and antibiotics for this plethora of std’s.

          2. I didn’t realize that it was.

        5. Does Jeff Gordon have a poverb about humility inscribed on his wall?

        6. Is Jeff a braggart, or just putting up the metal that verifies his claims?! He worked to win those trophies! He is proud of them. It is still different than putting up your picture next to one of Jesus. Which, by all of our rights, we are free to do, as well. Who would criticize it, anyway?! So much for liberty to do as we please, as long as it harms no one else!


      5. The Carson White House is going to look AMAZING.

        1. Hey, at least it’s going to have a black jeebus, you rat fucking flea tagger!

          1. I wonder how much it’s going to cost to get Carson’s face sanded into one of those Remington bronzes in the Oval Office. And more importantly, will his face replace the cowboy’s or the horse’s?

        2. Hillary’s White House would look worse.

      6. And I have a dozen patent award plaques on the wall. I can’t figure out where to put the other 18. But they are in a place where I can see them, but where visitors would rarely would take notice.

        1. You could have a space, like a man cave, but just call it a ME cave.

      7. I have no problem with the house. He earned every one of those accolades, and he has a house big enough to hold them. In a country that extols mediocrity, it’s impolite to take pride in one’s achievements. That is what’s wrong with this country.

        1. It’s true that he’s taken tackiness to levels far beyond the mediocre.

          1. I’ll say this much, it looks reserved and tasteful next to Trump’s idea of high class.


        2. It is what it is. I would never hang out with such a person, though. It speaks volumes about his personality.

      8. At least the no one has accused the dude of taking selfies while making duck faces.

          1. D u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u d e!

      9. Nice “I love me” wall. That in itself should disqualify him.

        1. Bernie Sanders’ “I love me” wall would be worse.

          1. Sadly, Bernie’s idea of an “I love me” wall is a bathroom shelf with a single stick of Soviet-era deoderant resting on it…

            1. +1 FEELZ DA BERN

            2. I assume Bernie uses that hippie crystal deodorant.

              Of course, a horrifying number of people on here admitted to using it the last time I made fun of it…

              1. It’s only horrifying if you have to be around them in person.

              2. We have a hippy crystal deodorant cult here? I wonder how many of them also belong to the hummus cult.

                1. Don’t laugh. That shit works like magic.

                  This is the one I use. Zero stench and they last over a year.

              3. hippie crystal deodorant

                What is that I can’t even.

                  1. I’d think it’d get uncomfortable lugging those things around in your armpits all day.

            3. Whatever it takes for children not to be hungry in this country. Why do you hate children so much?

          2. Bernie’s “I love me” wall would probably be a little less Jesus and a little more gang rape fantasy porn.

      10. The Jesus picture is a little weird, but everything else seem pretty normal. Especially the achievements. I keep all the awards I got over the year and the only reason they aren’t on my wall is because I bump into them too often to be able to keep them in my personal areas.

          1. I’ve figured it out. That’s not black Jesus. It’s Jim Kelly with long hair.

          2. Everything else seems pretty normal?

          3. I’ve got a picture on my wall of me and my siblings dressed up a Deadpool posing with my great grandmother by holding a toy gun to her head. The Jesus picture probably has a story behind it.

            1. Yeah my first thought was that it was a gift

        1. It’s hard when there are just so many of them, amirite?

          1. Not really. I’m just disabled and tend to use the walls for balance. I keep them because I’m proud of them and there are stories behind them. I’d show them off because I’m proud of them and they are good conversation starters for those stories.

    2. So does Michelle Obama. And they’re both wearing wedding attire. It’s pretty creepy.

    3. That should score him some points with the proggies. Would have been better if it was black transgender Jesus holding a ‘I’m a socialist’ sign, but it’s should count for something towards his thinking correctly points.

    4. It’s tacky but he still seems less narcissistic than Hillary or Obama (which may not be saying much)

      1. Obama’s last act as POTUS will be to order a full scale Sphinx erected on the National Mall, with his personal likeness as the head.

    5. he has a painting hanging on a wall in his house of himself side-by-side with (black) Jesus.

      A painting of him and Obama together?

      What a sick fuck.

  12. I am not a big fan of Carson for president (though he has certainly done amazing things as a neurosurgeon). But I think that one of the big things is the fact that Politico not only botched the story, but that the entire media complex (except Fox, talk radio et al) didn’t do ANY of this with Obama. And is actively helping bury shit for Hillary. Those of us who are libertarian or conservatives don’t need any convincing. And the left-wing nutters won’t believe the truth if it hits them in the nose. But maybe some low info voters who are somewhere in the middle might start to see the light in terms of how much the MSM is in the bag for the Dems.

    One can hope!

  13. He buried the pyramid story

    Really? So he never said that he believes the pyramids were used to store grain?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, to me that’s not something that’s going to decide for me whether to vote for a a guy or not. I can’t really understand how anyone could believe such a goofy theory, but it’s ok with me if someone wants to believe that, it’s not really important at all.

    What’s important to me is Carson’s stance on the the important political issues. Does anyone know what any of those are? Because damned if I can figure it out.

    1. No no. He buried it by saying, “The media is mean to me!”

      1. So he pulled out his best Hillary impression?

        1. Pretty much, except with Hillary she was getting legitimate criticism and with Carson the politico story was made up so its more like not the same at all.

    2. No, but the pyramids story is no longer a story. He said it, but it is not longer in the public consciousness. Hence, buried.

      “Does anyone know what any of those are?”

      He is pro 2nd amendment, wants to fundamentally eliminate the DOE, but keep part of it to monitor professor speech at public universities, wants to end Obamacare, wants to keep Gitmo open, is pro-life, and wants to end the IRS and transform the tax code so that completing taxes takes 15 minutes.

      More or less boilerplate conservatism.

    3. I mean, don’t get me wrong, to me that’s not something that’s going to decide for me whether to vote for a a guy or not. I can’t really understand how anyone could believe such a goofy theory, but it’s ok with me if someone wants to believe that, it’s not really important at all.

      What occurred to me the other day is that technically, any observant Christian (or Jew or Muslim, for that matter) believes much nuttier stuff than the pyramid/grain silo thing. “the pyramids were for grain storage” = ZOMG HE’S SO CRAZY “God knocked up a virgin, and the kid subsequently walked on water and came back to life after being killed” = “eh, that’s just his religion, I guess.”

    4. In 2009 Carson wrote an essay for his now deleted Livejournal account claiming that the Great Sphinx of Giza was not a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human, but instead “an ugly cat with a hat on. The confusion stems from the fact that anything looks human with a hat on. Put a hat on a turtle, a monkey, a bat, tell me I’m wrong.”

      fucking genius

      1. So the Cat in the Hat was not invented by Dr. Seuss? Hmmm.

      2. Shit like that makes me wonder:

        Which one of you is Ben Carson commenting here under a handle?

        1. I am Ben Carson!!

  14. Carson looks like he’s *always* on quaaludes. In other news: Fallout 4 ma?ana. Bye bye social (lol) life.

    1. I noted that too. Every time I’ve ever heard him talk, even during the debates, It’s like he’s doing a Ted Talks on valium.

    2. Did you pre-order? I didn’t. I’ll probably pick it up later this month, but I’m too busy with Elite Dangerous right now, with what precious little gaming time I have.

      1. I did. $10 off with Amazon Prime, so even though I paid $4 for release day shipping, it still came out cheaper than buying at the local Game Stop. I will be hocking my FIFA 16 (fucking terrible) and The Witcher 3 to cover some costs for Battlefront.

        1. Oh, you’re console. I’m strictly PC guy, digital download. This one probably will not be on sale for a while, so I’m sure I’ll wind up paying full price. Fallout NV is one of my favorites of all time. I hope this one is half that good.

          1. Really can’t go back to Bethesda, not after Witcher 3 was so damn good. I’ll have to give it at least a year before I can embrace the mediocrity again.

            1. In my opinion, Witcher 3 is not that great. It’s the longest movie I’ve ever played, I’ll give it that.

              1. I am a sucker for story, I’ll give you that. Still, better that than the floaty combat of Skyrim or the staid gunplay of Fallout; hopefully the Fallout 4’s gunplay is a little more like Borderlands.

                1. Wow, I thought that the combat in Skyrim was far better than in Witcher 3.

                  In Skyrim, I was once chased by an ice troll from the top of a mountain all the way into a village. I then did combat with the troll for about 45 minutes during which every single person in the village were killed. I finally got him stuck on a fence and killed him with repeated fireball spell. I was only level 10 or so and no match for the troll. That was epic. Nothing like that ever happened to me in Witcher 3. How could it, I had to watch another cut scene every 5 seconds.

            2. Can’t we all just sit around in a prayer circle and ask for KOTOR 3 to happen?

          2. Why not wait a few months? At least until the major glitches are fixed and all the pre-order DLC is sold with the order.

            1. This is my attitude towards anything that’s big, expensive Event Game. Smaller games – sure, I can get those fast. AAA stuff is only acceptable in GotY Edition.

              Exception: Witcher 3, which is the first game I pre-ordered since Xenoblade. But that’s because a) I like CD Project Red/GOG and b) they gave me 30% off. I still waited few months to start playing it because I didn’t want to deal with bullshit.

              Only other upcoming game that looks like I’ll get on release is Overwatch, because when Total Biscuit, Jesse Cox and Dodger geek out for an hour over the same game, it’s gotta be good.

              1. I’m waiting to see how this XBONE back-compatibility thing works out. The only reason I was thinking of getting Fallout 4 was that they offered F3 with it. But I’d rather hold out for Saint’s Row 2 to come out again.

            2. “Why not wait a few months? At least until the major glitches are fixed and all the pre-order DLC is sold with the order.”

              That’s perfectly reasonable advice. That I utterly failed to follow. First pre-order I’ve ever made for a game was Fallout 4. Steam got to my weak spot by offering Fallout 3 and Fallout NV with all DLC for $10 each. I started playing both of them again a month ago (previously I’d played them on console). After a few weeks, I gave in and bought Fallout 4.

              Knowing Bethesda, I’ll be in crash hell for 6 weeks. On the other hand, time off is scarce anymore, and if I waited till next year, I wouldn’t have much time to play.

  15. Politico gave Carson an enormous gift: an expos? that instantly fell apart

    But not before being uncritically regurgitated by Reason 3-4 times.

    Eh. It’s probably a sign of a campaign’s appeal to the grassroots when Reason decides to dog it; with any luck we’ll get a couple dozen pieces bitching about Rand Paul to get his poll numbers up.

    1. Who takes Politico seriously in the first place?

      1. The people who write for this site, apparently.

        Something that is in all probability due to laziness rather than partisanship, but that doesn’t help Reason’s credibility any.

        1. If only they never said anything bad about the GOP. Reason would be so dreamy.

          1. I’d rather they said more bad things about Republicans, if that’s what motivates them to write good, original content. Thing that brought me here in the first place was Balko’s beat, which was arguably more critical of Rs than Ds (and rightly so); I’ll take a hundred more Balko-type original advocacy and reporting pieces over lazy reposts of politically-motivated crap I can see on Politico or PJM.

          2. If only Reason would mindless repeat the claims of left wing rags more than they already do.

            1. If only Reason would mindless repeat the claims of left wing rags more than they already do.

              I get it, John. You GOP fans are just really fragile. Like soap bubbles. Kids glove from now on, I swears.

              1. I get it SF, you come here to have your world view affirmed and for a safe space. Whether creating that safe space for you involves actual facts or lies is immaterial.

                1. Oh, yeah. I’m the one looking for a “safe space.” You don’t even know what that means, do you? It sort of sounds like an insult, so you throw it out.

                  1. You are the one who is happy with Reason repeating Politico’s lies as long as those lies tell you what you want to hear. So, yeah, I would say you are coming here for a safe space. If you are not, why are so keen on hearing lies?

                    1. Oh, John. You are never better than when you truly have no idea what you are talking about.

                      I’m talking about the huge explosion of hurt feelings from the pyramid story the other day. Rather than just ignore that I thought Carson was insane for holding–and doubling down–on his pyramid beliefs, everyone had to jump all over me for daring to make fun of a politician. I mean, really. The audacity!

                    2. What hurt feelings? My feelings were not hurt. All I said was that I don’t give a shit what he thinks about the subject. Why do you think my feelings were hurt?

                    3. Did I say it was your hurt feelings? GILMORE has been whining about it for days now.

          3. If only they would hesitate in swallowing clearly biased “breaking news” about GOP candidates from places like Politico before posting eighteen different reasons why Ben Carson is the WORST.

            There are plenty of bad things worth posting about the GOP without resorting to flamebait like the Politico hit piece.

            Journalism requires you actually do some research n’ stuff.

            1. Of course, the thread that got everyone all pissy was the pyramid stuff. Because pyramids are off limits.

              1. It’s not about people getting pissy, it’s about our disappointment with Reason in falling hook line and sinker for the MSM’s bias in going after Carson.

                As I said back in that thread, one doesn’t have to support Carson or the GOP to believe that the MSM blindly praises the Dem candidates whilst tearing down the GOP’s using lies and obfuscations.

                I don’t like any of the GOP candidates but as usual I know more about them in terms of their history than I ever do about the left. Barack is the classic example. He was NEVER vetted the way Carson has been already and we are a year out from the elections.

                THAT should be the story Reason covers, that people don’t trust the media because they are picking the candidates they want to win and protecting them.

                1. The media is the media. The best thing a GOP candidate can do is seek to minimize the things that they can attack him on, not fan the flames.

                  You can try and win the primaries without fucking your chances in the general totally in the ass. And the people who love Carson for them now were never going to vote for anyone else but the GOP nominee anyway, whatever sort of establishment turd they put up.

                  1. Maybe so, but it would be nice if Reason would vet these things better before jumping so gleefully on stories like this.

                    I like to think Libertarian rags are more skeptical.

                    I would hope they would be more skeptical if it was Paul who was being sandbagged this way.

            2. Journalism requires you actually do some research n’ stuff.

              On what planet?

              Here on earth, ‘good jouranalism’ means repeating bullshit that confirms the biases of other journalists.

          4. “If only they never said anything bad about the GOP. Reason would be so dreamy.”

            This is a bad story to take that kind of stand on. Politico wrote an obviously shitty piece. So bad, that they changed the title before the day was out. Reason doubled down on stupid and was immediately called out for it in the comments.

        2. Politico is a left wing rag where the commentariat constantly bitch about how right wing it is.

      2. “Who takes Politico seriously in the first place?”

        CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and every other news organization that wrote their own takes on the same piece.

        1. Who takes CNN seriously?

          1. Who takes CNN seriously?

            Those of us into Ashleigh Banfield’s hair and eyeglass frames.

            1. *slaps Crusty’s hand*

              Get in line, perv.

          2. People stuck in airports?

    2. “But not before being uncritically regurgitated by Reason 3-4 times.”

      Suderman should have written the piece Walker wrote.

      It’s embarrassing to get taken like he did, but owning up to it makes it look a whole lot better.

      Otherwise, people think you’re still on the bullshit bandwagon.

      We all get taken sometimes. When I read the story the first time, I thought it was all true.

      1. “…, but owning up to it makes it look a whole lot better.”

        Except Suderman has not owned up to it. The closing lines of his article still read “But Carson’s story that he was offered a West Point scholarship was exaggerated and poorly, misleadingly told. .”

        It is not misleading to note that every person who attends a Service Academy does so under a full scholarship, since this is exactly how the Academies describe/offer it in their own words.

        Suderman persists in blaming Carson for his own ignorance and confusion.

        This ain’t like landing under sniper fire in Bosnia.

        1. That can’t be said often enough.

          Plus, its pretty clear that a lot of prospects got pretty much the exact same pitch that Carson says he got.


          At worst, he misremembered the dates by a few months.

          At this point, there is zero reason to attack Carson at all for this passage in his bio. There is no reason to think it was exaggerated or misleading.

    3. “3-4 times”

      Mmm, always make sure to inflate the numbers.

  16. Not completely OT: Speaking of shitty media stories, the DC CBS station has uncovered the shocking news of Lottery clerks selling themselves winning tickets! and how suspicious and statistically improbable it is – suggesting there’s some sort of funny business going on with the security of the lottery itself. No, you morons, lottery clerks don’t have some secret way of knowing which tickets are winners because the lottery clerks did not sell themselves those tickets. They bought those winning tickets from the original purchasers at a discounted rate because the original purchaser knows when he goes to the state lottery office to claim his winnings the state lottery office first checks to see if he has any unpaid back taxes or child support orders or reimbursible public assistance debts – and the original purchaser knows damn well what the state is going to find. Better to sell the ticket at half-price to a lottery ticket seller than take it to the state and wind up collecting nothing.


      Four reels, sevens across, three
      fifteen-thousand-dollar jackpots? Do
      you have any idea what the odds are?

      Shoot, it’s gotta be in the millions,
      maybe more.

      Three fuckin’ jackpots in twenty
      minutes? Why didn’t you pull the
      machines? Why didn’t you call me?

      Well, it happened so quick. Three
      guys won. I didn’t have a chance to
      call you.

      You didn’t see the scam? You didn’t
      see what was goin’ on?

      Well, there’s no way to determine
      that, Sam.

      Yes, there is. An infallible way!
      They won!

      Well, it’s a casino. People gotta
      win sometimes.

      Hey… Ward, you’re pissin’ me off.
      Now, you’re insulting my intelligence.
      What do you think, I’m a fuckin’
      idiot? You know goddamn well somebody
      had to get into those machines and
      set those fuckin’ reels.

  17. I think this played well for Carson–in terms of winning the nomination–which is the only thing that matters at this point. And it’s important to remember that the people who decide who wins the Republican nomination are Republicans.

    Republicans (right or wrongly) are already extremely distrustful of the mainstream media (whatever the hell that is). Part of it is because they feel like they’re getting shafted and lied to over issues like Benghazi and global warming, and part of it is because they saw the way the progressives used this playbook against Sarah Palin. Regardless, to Republican primary voters, if the mainstream media doesn’t like him, then he can’t be all bad.

    Really, it feeds into the Republican persecution complex, and I think Carson being black actually helps him with Republican voters in the same vein–because they want to stick a black Republican in the faces of progressives for always calling them racists.

    Carson is not my first choice–he’s third or fourth on the list, at best. But I think the nomination is his to lose at this point. And if he wins the nomination, he’s a shoe in to beat Hillary. I think he’s the candidate Hillary fears the most.

    1. And if he wins the nomination, he’s a shoe in to beat Hillary. I think he’s the candidate Hillary fears the most.

      I actually farted I was laughing at this so heartily.

      1. Did it trigger you?

        Carson is ahead in a matchup with Hillary in every poll but one according to RCP. And he is tied in that one. Hillary isn’t ahead in any poll. And Carson leads outside the margin of error in three of the five polls, including 10+ in two of them.


        Is this no longer a safe space for you?

        1. Oh, look. Another word you sort of understand and try to insult me with. It’s cute. Like a dog dragging his ass across the floor.

          Carson is doomed in the general. His stance on abortion will have money pouring into Hillary’s campaign. The media will kill him with the War on Women narrative. And when people really start paying attention to Carson, the eccentricities you don’t care about will be very important to undecideds and milksop right-moderates.

          1. How can a person who is killing her in the polls be “doomed”? It is hardly a lock. A lot of things can change in a year. But the polls are what they are. There is no rational way to claim any candidate who does as well as Carson does in the head to head polls is “doomed”. There just isn’t. You are only claiming he is because the thought that he might win is too horrible for your fragile pschy to contemplate.

            So yeah, Ken’s claim and the polls justifying it most certainly violated your safe zone.

            1. OK, John. Sure. Safe Space. Triggering. Mumble-mumble buzzwords.

              Doomed. I’ll stand by that. Bookmark it.

            2. How often in the past half century has the US elected a President with no previous political experience?

              Carson would be a severe underdog against Hillary.

              1. He would only be an underdog if you think the past is the perfect predictor of the future. The past is a good predictor but it is only good up until it isn’t.

                The lack of an outsider winning is only relevant if 2016 is like the previous elections. Maybe it will be. The polls, however, indicate it is not like previous years.

              2. “Carson would be a severe underdog against Hillary.”

                Only if you ignore the polls.

                1. Okay, I dug up the post:

                  Ken Shultz|11.3.15 @ 9:48AM|#

                  The most interesting part of the WSJ/NBC survey is the part (Page 9) where they subtract the percentage who see a candidate as negative from the percentage who see the candidate as positive.

                  Ben Carson +13
                  Bernie Sanders +6
                  The Democratic Party +2
                  Barack Obama +1
                  Marco Rubio +1
                  Paul Ryan -5
                  Hillary Clinton -7
                  Ted Cruz -10
                  The Republican Party -15
                  Jeb Bush -24
                  Donald Trump -29


                  There are a couple of interesting things about this. One of them is that Bush or Trump would almost certainly lose to Hillary if the election were held today. The second is that not only would Carson trounce Hillary if the election were held today, he’s the only Republican candidate that’s more popular with the American people than the Democratic Party.

      2. I broke out the last poll that came available in a thread last week

        Ben Carson is actually more popular among the general public than the Democratic Party–and the Democratic Party is far more popular than Hillary Clinton.

        Carson gets a tremendous amount of support from minorities who normally vote Democratic.

        And he gets Republican support, too.

        Hillary’s negatives are really bad–but Republicans get a 15% negative hit just for being Republicans and Trump and Bush’s negatives are even worse than the Republican Party’s negative 15%. In other words, Trump and Bush’s negatives are so negative that half the Republican Party won’t even vote for them.

        Carson’s positives being more popular than the Democratic Party mean that he’s not just popular among Republicans. He’s popular with people who are Democrats. That’s why the Hillary hate machine is going after Carson right now. They don’t want to go up against him.

        1. Carson is something neither Trump nor Hillary are; a nice person. People want to like the person they vote for.

          1. Carson does not seem like a nice person at all. The times his temper comes out, he really does not seem nice.

            1. All the nice people I know have stories about trying to stab people that may or may not be completely made up.

            2. I agree with Nikki *shudders.*

            3. That is because you don’t like him Nikki. I think Obama is a complete asshole. Yet, the typical low information voter thinks he is the nicest guy ever. The same thing is happening with Carson. Whether he is a nice a guy or not is irrelevant. What matters is if people think he is a nice guy and they clearly do and that is unlikely to change.

              1. You claimed he is in fact nice, John, not that retards might think he seems nice.

                I used to not like him but also think he seemed perfectly nice. I don’t actually think everyone I don’t like is mean and bad-tempered.

                Carson, however, seems to be very bad-tempered and prone to angry outbursts.

                1. Carson, however, seems to be very bad-tempered and prone to angry outbursts.

                  So am I. But I think I am a very nice guy.

            4. “Carson does not seem like a nice person at all. The times his temper comes out, he really does not seem nice.”

              I don’t think he’s polished.

              Seeming like a nice person while the media, reporters, et. al. are barraging the world with lies about you isn’t something that comes naturally.

              Ronald Reagan was an actor, and that helped him a lot. Barack Obama learned how to seem nice early.

              Carson needs practice how to seem nice.

              I’ll say this, too, having worked in a hospital when I was younger, and maybe RC Dean can back me up this…

              There are two kinds of surgeons. There are the ones with a great bedside manner–and then there’s the really good ones.

              Cutting into conjoined babies and cutting their brains apart takes a certain amount of…confidence that some people might call arrogance. Starting quarterbacks, fighter pilots, commercial real estate developers, closing pitchers, entrepreneurs, prize fighters, and brain surgeons. I want them all to have a certain amount of arrogance. I suspect it takes some of that to be a good President, too.

              1. RC Dean can back me up this…

                I think there’s something to it, yeah. I can think of counterexamples, but that’s definitely the pattern.

                I struggle with it – you pretty much have to be an arrogant a-hole to do what some of these guys do, but I sure wish they could turn it off when they leave the OR.

              2. I’ve noticed the arrogance-skill correlation in the various industries I’ve worked in too. Part of it is if someone in a position of leadership is hard on other people, it’s because they’re twice as hard on themselves and it’s the only way they know to get better.

                1. I don’t think it’s just a question of skill; being a surgeon involves being able to cut another human being open without being paralyzed by fear, revulsion, or empathy. I think you have to be a little bit sociopathic, or at least train yourself to be.

        2. We are 364 days away from the next election, so there is plenty of time for Carson’s popularity, or the popularity of anyone else, to plummet. There also is so much media who apparently have nothing better than to do than to obsess over the smallest, most insignificant detail about a person’s past that Carson, and everyone not named Hillary, will be in the shitter (and potentially back out of the shitter) before the next election.

          1. Juggler,

            I don’t think the media going after him is going to hurt him. The media pissed away all of their credibility with the country at large by cheer leading for Obama. They won’t admit it but everyone knows that Obama was a fraud and got elected because the media lied so much to get him there. The fallout of that is that people are not going to listen this time when the media tries to destroy someone. The media hasn’t laid a single glove on Trump and won’t lay a glove on Carson.

            1. I think you are underestimating the coverage that will be on whomever wins the Republican nomination. Hillary has been around long enough that she has been “vetted,” which is ridiculous of course, but that will be their mindset.

              Carson or Trump or whomever else will undergo a bombardment of allegations and half-truths, and some of it will stick, like the Romney dog strapped to the top of the car, etc.

              1. I think you are under estimating how much people have tuned out the media and the 24 seven nature of media coverage. There won’t be anything new to say about the Republican nominee and people won’t be listening anyway.

          2. “We are 364 days away from the next election, so there is plenty of time for Carson’s popularity, or the popularity of anyone else, to plummet.”

            The percentage of Republicans who have negative views of Trump and Bush are still high. Almost half of registered Republicans said they would not consider voting for Trump.

            You always hear about it when he’s in the lead–that he has 25-30% support in the Republican Party. What they never mention is that almost 50% of Republicans will not consider voting for him.

            Bush is like that, too, only it’s not so extreme. A huge chunk of Republicans won’t vote for Bush–because of his name.

            When the field starts narrowing down, the people who were supporting those other candidates aren’t going to Trump or Bush. Those guys are topped out. They’re too popular to quit and too unpopular to win. As the field narrows and those other candidates drop out, we should expect those other candidates’ supporters to go to the Republican they not only don’t dislike but actually like. And that guy is Ben Carson.

            He’s not my favorite. But just because he isn’t my favorite doesn’t mean I have to pretend it isn’t the way it is. People are going to start losing donors when they don’t win Iowa, and then candidates are going to start dropping out. And the beneficiary of that is likely to be Carson–so long as he didn’t cheat on his wife or rape somebody. And the chances of Carson having done that are pretty slim.

    2. I think you are right about that Ken. All of the conventional wisdom that Jessee buys into about Carson being a flash in the pan is fighting the last war. 2016 is going to be different. I have been saying for a long time that Carson was going to be a dangerous candidate. And I think he has at least a fifty fifty shot at the nomination.

      And yes, he would destroy Hillary in a head to head matchup.

    3. the mainstream media (whatever the hell that is).

      The mainstream media includes everyone but Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and probably a few others, and that is pretty much it.

      My parents are pretty conservative and I had them going about George Will yesterday. They have turned on that highfalutin,’ douche George Will!

      1. Conservatives hate everyone associated with Washington right or left. And frankly, I don’t blame them.

    4. Even the pyramids thing works in his favor. It’s a quite clear signal that Carson isn’t just a Sunday Christian. He’s a true blue believer, and that’s going to be appealing to a lot of people the lefty elites like to make fun of. Some of those people are even going to be Democrats, maybe even little old black church ladies.

      1. The only thing the media could do to hurt him might be to embrace him. The more they attack him, the more supporting him because a way to tell the media to go fuck themselves. And nothing outsells the “tell the media to go fuck themselves” brand among GOP voters.

      2. “Even the pyramids thing works in his favor. It’s a quite clear signal that Carson isn’t just a Sunday Christian.”

        Adventists go to church on Saturday–not on Sunday like the Beast worshiping Catholics and other Protestant denominations that were fooled by the Pope.

        One of the reasons the pyramid thing works in his favor is because if the MSM really knew anything about Adventists, they’d go after him for a lot worse than the pyramids!

        It’s offensive to Catholics and other Protestants. And that isn’t the worst of it either.

        The MSM is so inept, they go after him for all the things they shouldn’t and completely ignore all the things that really might score points against him–with his core voters. And now that the MSM has cried wolf, people are going to be even less likely to believe it when the MSM finally figures out what they should be screaming about.

        Walker can probably tell us something about how conspiracy theories work this way. They’re excellent distractions. When people are screaming about Obama being a secret Muslim or not being an American citizen, it takes away from what they might be hearing and saying about his policies. This is working the same way. Walker’s right about it being a good week for Carson. Let the MSM talk about Joseph’s coat of many colors and Carson’s pyramids full of grain. Hopefully, they’ll still be talking about that during the general election, when they otherwise would be countering his pitch to swing voters.

  18. Done right, Carson can play this game forever.

    “Tell you what: you get me an answer on how much money the Obamas gave to Rev Wright, and I’ll tell you what I think about the pyramids.”

  19. I’m not too bothered about the whole thing. Most likely the exchange went something like this:

    High school student meets Westmoreland.

    High school student asks about West Point.

    Westmoreland mumbles something noncommittal like “There is always a place at West Point for talented young minority men. Did you know that students there do not pay tuition?”

    High school student hears: Dude just offered me a scholarship!

    1. According to Carson,

      “”Dr. Carson was the top ROTC student in the City of Detroit,” campaign manager Barry Bennett wrote in an email to POLITICO. “In that role he was invited to meet General Westmoreland. He believes it was at a banquet. He can’t remember with specificity their brief conversation but it centered around Dr. Carson’s performance as ROTC City Executive Officer.”
      “He was introduced to folks from West Point by his ROTC Supervisors,” Bennett added. “They told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance in ROTC. He considered it but in the end did not seek admission.”

      The idea that Westmoreland might have attempted to recruit the top ROTC student from Detroit doesn’t seem particularly far fetched. It might not be true, but Politico’s story doesn’t make a persuasive case that it’s a fabrication.

  20. Somebody refresh my memory…

    Wasn’t it the Hillary Clinton campaign that first came up with the questions about Obama’s citizenship?

    1. Yes, and the secret Muslim accusation. She fights dirty, and it’s amazing she stays as clean as she does.

      1. it’s amazing she stays as clean as she does.

        She has a lot of help.

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  22. (Is there any genre as unreliable as the “inspirational memoir”?)
    You mean like “Dreams Of My Father”?

  23. It’s not like he published a fake birth certificate or used someone else’s Social Security number, or lost a sexual misconduct verdict! We can no longer be human, but only ideological. So be it! Humans are dreadful. If they can destroy a planet, why not each other.

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