Election 2016

Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee Won't Be on the Main Stage in the Next GOP Debate

Only eight candidates will compete in next week's primetime debate on Fox Business.


Fox Business just released the candidates who will be in the next GOP debate on November 10. There are some big changes. Only eight candidates will be in the primetime debate. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Fox News host and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee didn't make the cut. 

Donald Trump and Ben Carson, meanwhile, will still be center stage. 

Here's the Fox Business graphic showing what the main stage will look like. 

Fox Business

I can't say I'm too disappointed about the smaller cast. Fewer candidates will (hopefully) give the chaotic events a little more breathing room. And the two candidates to get the boot weren't exactly crucial to the events so far. 

It's not just that neither Huckabee nor Christie really had a shot. It's that neither brought all that much to the debate. Huckabee is a feisty, folksy talk-show type with a gift for just-inflammatory-enough rhetoric whose general unseriousness about policyand heavy appeal to evangelicals adds almost nothing on a stage with Ben Carson, while Christie is an authoritarian drug warrior whose message about the need to reform budgets and entitlements is carried as well or better by folks like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and even Jeb Bush. 

There will be changes at the undercard debate early in the evening as well. In addition to the inclusion of former main-stagers Huckabee and Christie, neither South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham nor former New York Gov. George Pataki will appear. 

Basically, we're starting to see the field shake out, with lesser performers either cut entirely or relegated to the smaller stage. And in the process, we're getting a better sense of who will be left standing as the field inevitably narrows over the next few months. 

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  1. Awwww, I haz a sad.

    It’s a fucked up affair though. In a sane world, Rand and Cruz would be center with Carson and Carly 3rd and 4th.

    Trump, Bush, and Rubio are shiny objects for idiots.

    1. Shit, you actually like Carson – the idiot-savant Bible-believing moron.

      And you claim you’re not TEAM RED!

      What a joke. You’re like John’s half-jack retard little brother.

      1. Considering your political leanings, is that comment supposed to mean anything? Presumably, in your view all of the R candidates are complete disasters, why does having Carson 3rd or 4th make him a Team Red partisan?

        1. All candidates this time are indeed complete disasters.

        2. I don’t think they are all disasters.

          Rand Paul is decent. Kasich actually had the balls and intelligence to say that Trump and Carson are full of shit right off the bat in the last debate.

          They are the two best of the lot although Kasich is a drug warrior asshole.

      2. Yeah. I got it bad. But I actually like Trump better than Carson these days.

        Of course of the top 8 I like Paul best.

        1. Well Duh.. Even Fuck-Plug-Troll above gibber-jizzed off something about that. Which I can only assume is to prove the Broken Clock Principle or was an anemic attempt at the functional equivalent of the classic – Stalin/Jeffrey Dahmer/John Wayne Gacy/ endorsement …Yes,yes got it now, a good clown can never die.. Rock on Wayne!!11… Apparently the real news now is the improved scaling system. No longer random (?) and on a scale of 1 to 8. With 8 being the best and least likely outcome and 1,2,3 etc being the worst and more likely. I admit I may be a Despairing Optimist. But what else can you be if you are a Realist ?.. A Fool? Another Cookie Cutter Useful Idiot?.. A Fucking Nihilist?…Say what you want Dude….

    2. You get just about that by sorting them by height ascending.

      ted cruz 5′ 8″
      rand paul 5′ 8″
      carly 5′ 8″
      rubio 5′ 10″
      ben carson 6′ 0″
      donald 6′ 2″
      jeb 6′ 3″
      kasich ?

      1. Yes indeed, the taller man usually wins. Which is why Jimmy Carter’s campaign refused to debate Reagan unless Carter got to stand on a glorified shoe box, er I mean “lift,” which was hidden behind the podium.

    3. The under-card should either fight it out – they could use a handicap system of some kind to try to even it out-or, have them due shots within 10 seconds of a specific buzzer if they just talk. Lets get this baby in tune!
      And if they talk, make it a round poker table. with drink and snack service, and cameras zeroing in on faces and putting them on big screens, focusing on quirks of behavior as they appear. Lets make this baby pop!

      1. Then christie would have to dress up like a sumo wrestler and no one wants to see that.

    4. Christie’s not included because the stage would collapse.

  2. It’s like, who gives a frack? But, in other news:
    “Exxon Mobile investigated for possible climate change lies”
    This is a real WTF story, since all the blamers will be able to point to this as an aw-ha moment.

    1. We typically, round these here parts, include links for ION. It’s our backwards ways I guess. We ain’t lurnt to click on all them intertoobz at the same time, yet.

    2. “Thus, any potential fraud prosecution might depend on exactly how big a role company executives can be shown to have played in directing campaigns of climate denial, usually by libertarian-leaning political groups.”

      1. Wow, you don’t even provide source, let alone links. Luddite?

        1. Damn Ipad, thingy.

            1. No, it’s not.

              OK –

              Whoomp, here it is!

              1. Oops, he posted it already.

      2. “any potential fraud prosecution might depend on exactly how big a role company executives can be shown to have played in directing campaigns of climate denial, usually by libertarian-leaning political groups.”

        Good thing I’m not a paranoid conspiracy theorist, otherwise I’d think this investigation could serve as a wedge to justify the government rummaging through internal documents of “libertarian-leaning political groups,” interrogating their officers and writers, and generally obstructing their activities.

        1. And don’t forget the IRS investigation into their nonprofit status.

    3. Covered….twice… in the PM links.

      “The New York attorney general has begun an investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether (a) the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or (b) to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business”

      2 separate issues

      Lying to the public is a bizarre claim; it pre-supposes that the company is somehow responsible to inform people about ‘climate science’; something which (despite what you might hear from the progs) has an enormous range of scientific views/theories about…. and in which no real single consensus exits. Regardless – if company communications varied from their internal ‘official view’, i’m not sure thats a crime either.

      There’s a suggestion that they seem to be relying on a prosecution strategy in a similar way they pursued Tobacco companies (which resulted in the Master Settlement Agreement); if the idea is that they ‘knowingly mislead the public’, they’d still have to show some kind of collective “harm”, which i doubt anyone could legally establish.

      The latter has more substance = disclosures would provide some measure of ‘risk level’ to any given regulatory threat. if they can prove that executives believed risk was far higher than they disclosed… that’s a violation. But again – measuring hard would be neigh impossible, as most recent losses to oil stocks are completely unrelated to ‘climate change’ risks.

  3. Check.

  4. That stage feels much roomier with Christie gone. Also smells better and less windy.

    1. Did he get his money back for that failed surgery?

    2. And less authoritarian thug-ish.

    1. Oh, NYT, well shit I thought it was going to be at least as reputable a source as New Republic or Salon.

  5. Still better than the Democratic debates, a.k.a. Grumpy Old Socialists.

    1. Does the SF represent a city in Cali?

      1. Yes, it does. I live here, among many grumpy socialists.

  6. For their sake, I hope they get a moderator that tosses them all underhand softballs after all the bitching about the CNBC moderators.


    1. When they ask your idol a question tougher than ‘What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream and did you get that from your marvelous wonderful mum?’, then we can talk.

      For now, get back to licking those cankles, butthead, lick em!


        This line is so funny! Keep using it, Dave! It still hasn’t gotten old!

      2. Speaking of softball Obama questions, I was talking with a local microbrewer yesterday and he told me a story of then he was really drunk in a radio interview and he went off on a rant about how shitty Obama’s homebrew recipe was shit and he should be impeached over it.

        1. That entire industry is full of wonderful outspoken people. I work at a Craft Beer Bar. I fucking love it. =D

        2. I also just started a batch of Cyser. Made from local cider, and local honey. Life is good. =)

          1. Ummm, mead. Brings me back to the good old days of pillaging and raping with STEVE SMITH.

  7. New Jersey Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Fox News host and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee didn’t make the cut.

    Sorry, tried to think of something amusing to point out this mistake, but I’ve got nothing.

    Perhaps my less exhausted commentariat peers can succeed where I failed.

    1. Its easy to confuse the asshole when hidden behind two bloated ass cheeks.

      1. Nah, we see you right here between Obama’s dick and Hillary’s cankles.

    2. The omnipresent Huckleberry was cast down to earth?

    3. “Lucy was let go for mistakes less severe than this.”

  8. Fox Moderator – “A tough question for each of you. Do you love America more than Democrats hate it?”

    1. Wow, Buttfuck again has no idea where he even is, lol.

    2. C- …even when you invent stupid, cliched faux news questions they’re no less relevant to the issues than the average actual question fielded at the CNBC debate. Not that you care about the issues.

      1. C-?
        Perhaps we should take our clothes off, find some ganache, and discuss this further.

        I only suggest this because you seem so generous tonight.

  9. When do we start whittling away the libertarian-leaning candidates?

    1. Well if Rand can’t get a few good punches in there, probably by the next debate he will be kids tabling it if his campaign even lasts long enough to get there. Other than him…maybe Cruz next most Lib-leaning?….seems to be doing fine. Though once Bush and Christie are gone and the establishment coalesces behind Rubio, he is probably “conservative enough” to make the case for electability and start to pull support from Cruz.

      1. He’s at 2.5. he’s behind kasich, friorino and bush, he’s not going up anytime soon. The puppet masters are levitating toward rubio. He’s being bought and paid for. Can’t wait for that bill to come due, maybe he could charge it on the rep party credit, err, charge card.

  10. Last chance, Rand, to make an impact. You won’t be the nominee so why not call b.s. on the GOP’s smaller government mantra? Christ, I heard Bush on tv the other day and he was saying the kind of stuff I heard at LP conventions. Just purty words to be forgotten as soon as a GOPers’ ass sits down in his/her House or Senate

    1. Rand should pull a large bong from beneath the podium and take a large hit from it as the moderators ask him each question.

      1. I would prefer he make his last great stand on an issue of individual liberty more important than smoking pot.

        1. I’d say that ending the war on drugs is pretty f’ing important.

          1. Self ownership is a ginormous fucking issue.

            1. My point is that there are any number of violations of “self-ownership”: sound money, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, militarization of police, etc… that are more pressing.

              And before you go “WoD is one of the main contributors to police militarization”. Yes, but legalizing pot won’t stop that, only narrow the scope of its application, maybe.

              Also, legalizing pot won’t end the drug war at all. There are far less culturally acceptable drugs circulating that will still be illegal and so it will rage on, without a single dollar of funding redirected. And, since a good percentage of the non-libertarians voting for pot are doing it for the feels as opposed to a defining principle of individual freedom and responsibility, good luck legalizing the rest.

              1. Pot illegality also infringes on freedom of association and freedom of conscience.

                And, since a good percentage of the non-libertarians voting for pot are doing it for the feels as opposed to a defining principle of individual freedom and responsibility, good luck legalizing the rest.

                That’s hilarious since a good percentage of the non-libertarians voting for freedom of association and freedom of conscience are doing it for the feels.

                1. Who is voting for either of those things these days? All I see is them being voted against.

              2. Give it time. Statists going to statist. Until they face the Guillotine.

        2. Crashing Prohibition smashes the keystone in the arch of crap. It is no small thing. IMO

        3. Let’s see:

          Toddlers get flashbangs to the face
          Armed, masked intruders invade homes in the dark of night
          Property gets confiscated at gunpoint
          “Informants” are given free reign to terrorize neighborhoods
          ATF agents put guns into the hands of violent cartels

          But sure, the issue is just about “smoking pot”

          1. All of that was for the children, bagger.

          2. Well, considering it was couched with him doing bong rips between questions, sure sounds like it.

            1. Also, as I stated above, legalizing pot will not end the WoD. There are still plenty of other illegal drugs floating around to provide swat teams opportunities to flashbang toddlers.

      2. Then christie will run in and tell all of us, again, how he was the big bad prosecutor in NJ prosecuting all these bad guys and would prosecute paul for his drug addiction. Or florino will tell us again how her daughter died of a drug overdose that always starts with the first puff of the evil weed and if it were up to her he would be thrown in jail for this huge drug crime and that our children will be safer as a result….

    2. The party of fiscal responsibility:

      Over the summer, the Senate agreed to help pay for the highway bill by eliminating $17 billion in payments that the Federal Reserve makes to banks. But on Thursday, House Republicans will try to reverse that move — voting on an amendment that would preserve the bank payouts. The money would be recouped by draining an account that the Fed uses to conduct monetary policy.

      So the Fed can pretty much print money from nothing, but somehow needs a $17 billion surplus fund provided by taxpayers.

      1. It is interest on excess bank reserves and the Fed is not complaining nor do taxpayers really pay it.

        1. Buttface is drunk on cankle juice again.

        2. Of course the Fed isn’t complaining. Neither are the banks since they get a nice payout when they get things wrong. These aren’t paid back right?

          1. The banks collectively have over $2 trillion in excess reserves. It only earns .25%.

            Safe to say they won’t need a TARP loan again.

            1. Hard to believe they leave that much in excess reserves, when there’s so much money to be made investing in the unstoppable bear market that Obama’s wonderful management of the economy has given us.

              1. unstoppable BULL market dammit!

                  1. Bull, bear, who cares. Let’s just say “sloth”.

      2. But it is interesting that the GOP wants to tap the Fed for money to pay for shit.

        1. $17B pales in comparison to the treasury bills the Fed has bought with printed money since QE2 began.

          You do realize what the purpose of treasury bills is.

  11. Too bad Jeb isn’t doing better so the RNC and DNC could sign a “We won’t nominate Jeb, if you don’t nominate Hillary” pact.

  12. Alright, you fucking Peanuts. I started playing Fanduel a few weeks ago and suddenly I care a lot about the Browns/Bengals game.

    1. Game? Lol. You think the Browns can beat the Bengals? Gawd you are even dumber than I thought you were. Well, no, that’s impossible. Lick those cankles, dumbfuck, lick em.

      1. I really don’t care who wins. I just want the Browns to score enough points to make my Bengals players score more.

        1. Oh, I see, your Bengals right after they went 7-0. Like your Obama and your Hillary. I get it. *barf*

          1. No, you dense jackass.

            I am betting on a composite team in Fanduel that I made up and several of my players are Bengals.

            I would be fine if the Browns won as long as Green and Eifert score about two TDs each.

            1. You sure love your team sports. Lick those cankles, lick em!

            2. You should stop gambling. It seems to have ruined your life thus far.

              BTW, I bought 50 calls on Monster Energy Drinks at a strike of 130 today at lunch. How do you think I’m going to do, friend?

    2. Every time you talk about football the Bengals seem to be involved. Seems to go against your claims of being in dogdick Georgia.

      1. He thinks that Cincy is the capital of Georgia.

      2. Buttplug really lives in Oxford Ohio. Think about the similarities…

  13. Where the hell are Tulpa and his sidekick Botard? Buttface holding down the idiot fort all by himself?

    1. He’s coming down off of a bender. He can’t run 3 socks at once right now.

  14. I’m sure the Fat Acceptance activists will be up in arms at this blatant discrimination.

    1. Claiming to be Republican voids all your victim class rights. Jersey the Hutt is on his own.

  15. This is probably Rand’s last chance to use a debate to raise his poll numbers to at least 6th place. I’m not optimistic about his chances but there’s still plenty of time for some wild swings in support (and we’ve all seen how worthless political polling is turning out to be). If he gets dropped from the debates before Iowa that’s game over though.

  16. How terrible that they’re censoring the voices of Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, and Lindsay Graham. Especially at such a critical time for our nation’s safety.

    1. Silence is golden. At least from that crowd.

    2. I didn’t even know Pataki was still around, sort of. I kind of miss the old coot – he wasn’t a totally horrible governor. He just has zero charisma.

      1. If Pataki and Jim Webb pair up and run on a third party ticket, the GOP will be in trouble.

    3. A non invite is not censorship, it’s a blessing.

  17. I just took a look at each of the varsity republican candidate’s election web site. (I am staying in a motel tonight and am a bit bored.) Just the opening page. Every single one has huge a photo of the candidate and almost no text. This one for Rubio is typical.

    http://tinyurl.com/q23dnuo (the url isn’t that long but the squirrels got mad)

    The Donald’s web site helpfully preselects the ‘donate’ button for you. They all have a ‘who are you’ form. No, who the frack are you?

    Anyone accustomed using the Internet to look for information will find this type of website design gag-inducing. And I understand political campaign consultants make some big bucks.

    1. We in the Bay Area have the pleasure of H. Clinton’s company this evening. Well, at least some of us do. Her visit was briefly mentioned in the local rag (paper and e versions); you’ll need a checkbook to see her.
      Zero public appearances; all $X/plate meet-and-greets.
      Not so much as a presser when she gets off the plane; she doesn’t give a shit. It’s her turn and if you want on the train, buy the ticket.
      Those web-sites are the same; the purpose is fund-raising, not distribution of information.

      1. That’ll show those rich fat cats!

        1. Funding Obo was a pretty public event; you got your name in the gossip page the next day. Nobody is bragging about funding Clinton.
          We’ll see if there’s a mention tomorrow morning.

        2. Hillary for President! Causing less traffic gridlock in West LA and SF than Obama.

    2. Wow! Bernie Sander’s election website does have information on the first page:


      Really, all caps.


        1. I’ll keep you posted. Repeatedly.

      1. Such a kulak, widget, why do you hate the starving children?

        By the way, your armpits smell all nice and sweet like.

    3. Politician’s issues page is always vague nonsense anyways. I suspect that the inability to find information is a feature not a bug anyways.

    4. Politician’s issues page is always vague nonsense anyways. I suspect that the inability to find information is a feature not a bug anyways.

      1. I suspect that the inability to find information is a feature not a bug anyways.

  18. More CA OT:
    Moonbeam’s acting like he owns the place, a little testy about being questioned:
    “You might recall that in a speech last spring to local water officials the governor told tunnel opponents to “shut up” unless they’d studied the project ? as his administration had ? for 1 million hours. “Because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”
    In July, you might also remember, Brown spoke at a climate-change conference in Canada and called U.S. politicians who refuse to act against global warming “troglodytes,” or cave dwellers.”

    The ‘tunnels’ are to move water from Nor CA to the valley farmers and So CA; moonbeam has decided it’s a ‘legacy’ project of his, since his last one (the SF Bay Bridge) is one he’d rather forget. And he’s also got his choo-choo toys…

  19. (cont’d)
    Well, an old fart has designs on getting moonbeam questioned a LOT:
    “Cortopassi’s proposal would require any revenue bond project exceeding $2 billion to win voter approval. About the only current projects that would be affected are the twin tunnels and possibly the $68-billion bullet train. Voters already have approved $9 billion in general obligation bonds for high-speed rail, but that’s far short of what would be needed to complete the line.”
    all from http://www.latimes.com/local/p…..olumn.html

    Dean Cortopassi’s already got some of my money because of this:
    “How Big is California’s DEBT PROBLEM?
    Today, California has $120 BILLION in authorized bond debt and $328 BILLION in unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities, which together means that Californians (and tomorrow’s taxpayers) owe $448 BILLION!”
    He’ll probably get more.

    1. That’s why I have an exit strategy. I would have pulled the trigger already, but I’m a huge pussy.

  20. Keep on waiting for Rand to cut the pandering to the GOP base, but then again, it’s really starting to look like it isn’t pandering. He may really believe some of the crap he says *ahem Syria*. The guys he wants to support him won’t and the people who want to support him are recoiling.

    1. I have this fantasy…

      Rand is waiting. In the last GOP primary cycle each of the 69 candidates had their 15 minutes in the sun. They’d spike and then get killed off (by forgetting their third point). Trick is to be the last guy to peak. I’d love to believe that he’s keeping a low profile, waiting for most of the idiots to kill themselves off before making his move and making himself the true anti-establishment option.

      And then…reality intrudes.

      It was a mistake to attempt to appease the Republican base. He should be criticizing the Republicans for their obvious shortcomings. Hate to say it, but he should be like Trump in this regard.

    2. “He may really believe some of the crap he says *ahem Syria*.”

      Rand has always been in the foreign policy realist camp and has been saying so for a while. He quite rightly rejects his Dad’s historically illiterate fantasyworld.

      1. His Dad received much more support than Rand has gained. Iraq handed Obama the WH and Obama got lucky Putin tossed him a lifeline in Syria.

    3. +1 Japanese antitank rifle

  21. No Lindsey Graham? NO LINDSEY GRAHAM?


    *falls to knees, shakes fists at the heavens*

    1. +1 My first real laugh of the day.

  22. I’m honestly surprised Rand outlasted Huck, with Huck’s built-in religious right advantage and Rand’s general lack of delivering any watershed moments. I mean, good for him. Honestly. It’s better for libertarians that the only presidential candidate who isn’t fleeing from us with all haste be a “persistent fringe player” than a complete embarrassing flameout.

    1. It could be worse.

  23. Update on the stabbing story

    “Faisal Mohammad, a computer science and engineering major from Santa Clara, California, began stabbing people Wednesday morning in a freshman general education class…

    Mohammad was angry because he’ had been kicked out of a study group, said Warnke, dismissing speculation that the freshman could have been motivated by anything political….

    The note was recovered from Mohammad’s body during an autopsy. It included names of specific students…

    Mohammad apparently “had far greater intentions to do harm,” the sheriff said,… his backpack contained zip-tie handcuffs, two clear bags of petroleum jelly, a night vision scope, a safety hammer to break windows, and two rolls of duct tape

    Warnke said Mohammad wrote about his plan to handcuff students and ambush a responding officer to get his gun. The petroleum jelly was apparently meant to squirt on the floor to cause people to slip.”

    The mystery to me is… he had *night vision*… in broad daylight…but couldn’t afford a gun?

    …and his plan involved ‘trying to make people slip with Vaseline’?

    his engineering-dreams may not have gone well.

    more boringly…is the use of the passive-voice in their description of his demise

    “”When the suspect turned toward the officer, an officer-involved shooting occurred and the suspect succumbed to his injuries,” Vasquez said.”


    1. A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

    2. You know what the fuck the petroleum jelly is for.


        1. ^^Winnar !!!!

      2. …to prevent chafing?

      3. Well if you mix it with gasoline…. And I am going to stop right there.

        1. I don’t think he was planning a buddhist barbecue

          1. For you Gilly my own special recipe. 2 parts gasoline 1 part petroleum jelly. Xantham gum to taste. Decant into a colt 45 scuba tank, and garnish with a diesel soaked rag.

            1. Also. This a very bad idea. =)

              1. You have a choice between making salad dressing, or napalm. I choose salad dressing.

      4. To protect skin from hair dye? White privilege made him want to go blond.

    3. No passive voice there.

  24. Linked earlier:
    “A racist message posted to a computer at Berkeley High School set off a 2,000-student walkout and protest Thursday.”

    But update:
    “A student at the school admitted to posting the message, which referred to the Ku Klux Klan, used derogatory language related to African Americans and threatened a “public lynching” on Dec. 9, officials said.”

    OK, I don’t know if it was a prank or a serious statement, but:
    “”We really understand the students’ pain, their anguish and their fear and are doing everything we can to work with Berkeley police and other agencies to figure out what happened,” Coplan said. “Our students are hurting tremendously. They’re weeping. They’re crying.”
    Well, boo-fucking-hoo! I hope you snowflakes never live somewhere with temps above 32*F!

    1. Fertile soil for trolling.

    2. The progressive school canceled all classes for a day in a mad scramble to address the alleged hate-related incidents the campus. The saga culminated in a report of a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit near the Afrikan Heritage House, according to Oberlin’s president Marvin Krislov in a letter also signed by three deans

      LOL !!!

    3. “They’re weeping. They’re crying.”



      1. And shitting blood.

  25. In all honesty. Throughout history the majority of Humankind is to busy trying to make a living, and saving/investing Capital to care about politics, and Government.

  26. Christie looks really really hungry in that glamour shot for the kids’ table. I’m not even joking.

    1. If there’s not enough food, he can eat the children.

  27. Hard not to be happy with any of these changes. Getting Huh-huh-huckabee and The Bloviator off the main stage will only give slightly more tolerable people more speaking time. And Graham and Pataki are both jokes, good riddance.

  28. This is actually great news for Huckabee. Since he’s just there to sell his shitty books anyway, he can now reach a new audience.

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