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NY Post: How the Gray Lady's Mis-Reporting on Nail Salons Is Ruining Lives

'The New York Times cost us our jobs!'


Nail Salon owners protest outside the New York Times, October 27, 2015. |||

About 250 nail salon owners staged a protest outside The New York Times building last Tuesday morning to complain that a series of articles that appeared in the paper last May grossly mischaracterized their industry.

The paper's coverage did much more than damage the reputation of nail salons. The day after the first installment appeared, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) launched a regulatory crackdown that's been damaging to many of these mom and pop establishments.

Tuesday's protest was the third demonstration in five weeks. Yet you won't read about them in The New York Times. And the paper isn't responding to its critics.

The protesters are correct to complain about the Times' coverage. Last week, I published a three-part, 8,000 word re-reporting of the original series at, which argued that Times reporter, Sarah Maslin Nir, violated the standards of responsible journalism. (Read the first installment of my series here.)

Today, I've got a follow-up piece in The New York Post, looking at how the government's new inspection task force is hurting nail shops—and undocumented immigrants.

An excerpt:

The day after the first article appeared, Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a multi-agency task force to crack down on these Chinese- and Korean-run businesses. Then he issued an emergency order requiring that nail salons purchase a special form of insurance to protect their employees from underpayment of wages. The Cuomo administration didn't bother with an independent investigation.

Today nail shops are being hit with big fines, and complying with the new insurance mandate is eroding their narrow profit margins. New nail salons have stopped opening. "I feel like the government forced me into a position with no way out," one of the protesters told me as he fought back tears.

Workers are also feeling the pain. Ironically, the undocumented immigrants who once found rare employment opportunities in nail salons — and whose plight the Times claims to be so concerned with — are now struggling to find work in the industry. Owners are afraid that if they hire undocumented workers, they could get in trouble with the state inspectors who've been dropping by their shops unannounced.

Read the whole thing.

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    Fucking Mongorians!

  2. Isn’t reading the Post practically like listening to AM Talk radio?

    1. And like AM Radio, it has a hell of lot more consumers than the NY Times, at least locally.

    2. Perhaps so, but it’s not like the NYT would publish that piece.

  3. I hope the nail salon owners sue for defamation.


    1. …and prevail.

      Does anyone know the status of the various announced lawsuits against Rolling Stone for the UVA rape hoax articles?

      1. The one by the Dean is kinda quiet. A stip PO a couple months ago. Probably going through discovery now. Trial is next July.
        No clue about the frat brothers

        1. A stip PO a couple months ago. ???

          1. Stipulated protective order. Generally speaking, the Parties agreed that that filings with the court will be under seal, so it will be hard to figure what’s going on problem public court filings. Also, discovery materials can’t be publicly disclosed.

            1. *problem* should be *from the*.
              Bad combo of phone autocorrect, clumsy fingers and poor eyesight.

              1. clumsy fingers and poor eyesight.

                That is my excuse to all the ladies, too.

  4. The paper’s coverage did much more than damage the reputation of nail salons. The day after the first installment appeared, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) launched a regulatory crackdown that’s been damaging to many of these mom and pop establishments.

    Tuesday’s protest was the third demonstration in five weeks. Yet you won’t read about them in The New York Times. And the paper isn’t responding to its critics.

    Make no mistake, somewhere in the background is a LOCAL waiting to swoop in. This is like the completely neutral reporting the Seattle Times did on a ‘study’ which showed how oppressed restaurant workers were. When you dug through the article’s precious few details on who was behind the study, it became clear there was a Union in the background waiting to pounce on workers’ newly discovered information about how bad they had it… if the workers kicked back a percentage of the wages to the group that did the study, the Union would provide protections.

    1. “Somewhere in the background”?

      Are you kidding? The “New York Healthy Nails Coalition” is organized by the *!#@ SEIU, AFL/CIO, AFSCME goon-squad.

      as far as I know none of the stories have bothered to mention this (tho i haven’t read parts 2 and 3 yet). As far as i can tell the entire story and cuomo crackdown is entirely orchestrated by union interests looking to slip their tentacles into a few small-business areas.

      1. Are you kidding? The “New York Healthy Nails Coalition” is organized by the *!#@ SEIU, AFL/CIO, AFSCME goon-squad.

        I’m trying to be fair and balanced.

      2. Somewhere on that list are my next mayor, speaker of the council, “public advocate” (a make-work job that is really just a stepping-stone to mayor), etc etc.

        1. a make-work job that is really just a stepping-stone to mayor

          It always seemed more like a bone the machine would throw base politicians with delusions of grandeur so these future candidates would provide the rope by which they would be hanged. I don’t think anyone ever expected a weasel like Comrade Bill to ever end up with real power.

    2. What the heck is this “wage insurance”? A business owner has to pay into a pool that pays for wage theft committed by another business?

      I don’t know, I think I smell a class action lawsuit. What would the NYT say if the undocumented workers couldn’t take a bite out of the cash prize?

      “If we passed immigration reform, these workers would have sued us and city and received the cash settlement they so justly deserved. We need immigration reform, and the republicans are blocking that, they’re worse than Hitler”

  5. What we really need are common sense restrictions on the 1A that allow for ruinous libel suits.

  6. “you won’t read about them in The New York Times. And the paper isn’t responding to its critics.”

    Any why *should* they!? Who cares what some out of work Chinese people think = everyone knows that if you want to know about the plight of the oppressed underclasses, consult a Park Avenue Socialite, duh

    1. Holy shit… is that a photoshop? She’s a staff reporter for the NYT?!!1!

      1. She’s a park-avenue debutante who went to freaking Brearley (*an all-girls high-school for the daughters of the most elite NYers – tuition, $42,000 a year), Columbia, and then spent her entire “journalism” career up until the nail salon piece covering “nightlife”…. ‘covering 200 parties in 20 months

        She’s a parody of a cliche of a stereotype. she could probably navigate East Hampton blindfolded, and her-horse-face is probably considered a genetic sign of descent from royalty.

        1. And she’s shaping regulatory policy for hundreds if not thousands of small businesses.


          1. Well, she’ll be doing that anyway as a future politician – might as well start early.

            1. And as a good proggie realizes that racist targeting of a demographic is fine as long as you are doing it for their own good… and “the poor”.

        2. So what you’re saying is she’s jus’ folks.

        3. I guess fact checking is for poories?

      2. Her father is Yehuda Nir.

        1. Wikipedia says her brother is political director of DailyKos.

    2. You think all nail shop owners are Chinese don’t you? You think ALL Asians are Chinese, don’t you!? And they all look alike, right, you CAN’T EVEN TELL THEM APART!!! Most nail shops are ran by Vietnamese. See you would know that, but U WACIST!

      1. Well, Epstein does mention Koreans in the quoted excerpt. Have not yet read the full article. /another joke ruined

        1. Koreans are pure evul. They kidnapped this guy in MD and made him run for governor as a Republican and win! Now there is a Korean grocery store and liquor store which never closes on every corner of every city in the state and they are controlling the GOP governor from their base in the hollow moon. Soon, Kimchi stuffed crabs will replace crabs with Old Bay. I for one have welcome our new Korean overlords.

          1. [golf clap]

          2. A Korean grocery on every corner, Kimchi in every pot!

          3. I’ve been married to my Korean overlord for 20+ years. I endorse all your observations above.

      2. No, the Chinese run laundry services because their ancient secrets give them a huge advantage.

    3. Horses in a ballroom? I pity the guy who cleans the carpets.

      1. It’s the stable ballroom. It’s okay.

    4. Like poor people can afford to live on a staff reporter salary in NYC.

    5. All I see is 3 horses. Do you have a better pic?

      1. Crusty still would.

        1. *nodding head*

          Additionally, I applaud Gilmore for linking to that photo again so that we can visualize the person who not only has the mentality to write the article that she did, but to help get laws passed in order to assuage her richer guilt.

          1. Oh, man. This must be the most excited you’ve ever been.

            1. It’s like a repeat of ninth grade Spanish class.

            2. If only rich people were into sheep instead of horses. A pic of her and two Montana blondes would have made the Crusty meter peg out at 11.

          2. If I’m reading this right, all she did was follow orders from Cuomo and his goon-squad cronies to write this “expose” in order to prop up the “task force” he already had in the works. So she’s just a useful idiot.

  7. Yet again reality turns out opposite of what progressives claim to want from their efforts. I don’t know whether they (progressives) are just not too bright or whether they really intend to destroy people’s livelihoods and lives. Maybe it’s both?

    1. If you pay attention, you quickly realize everything they say is the exact opposite of the truth. If they claim to want one thing, it is a virtual certainty their policies will result in the exact opposite.

    2. Look, you rat fucking bagger, proggressives have the moral high ground. Progressives know what’s best for these Asians, who are almost as bad as white people. They might hurt themselves or some other person with these dangerous nail supplies. Who knows what’s in these nail products? Do you? WELL DO YOU!!??? These people are better off at home on welfare where the government can keep them safe.

      1. Ruining the lives of people is something we all do together.

        1. For the children.

      2. Sorry. Must’ve lapsed.

        *shuffles away, sniffling and looking at the ground*

  8. These ingrates should be thanking the Times for giving them the honor of being one of the eggs that makes the omelet of a better future.

    1. Yes, because were it not for labor unions we’d all be working 14 hour days, alongside small children, in nasty, dangerous sweatshops, for a pittance.


      1. If it weren’t for those fuckin’ meddling unions, I’d have more small children to work in my nasty, dangerous sweatshops, for a pittance.

        1. Wait a minute… you’re paying your orphans? You have much to learn…

    2. being one of the eggs that makes the omelet of a better future.

      You mean egg drop soup. AMIRITE?

      Where’s Anonymous when you need one? I’d love to see a dump of NYT management and BoT dirt hit the net.

      1. I would love to see their personal emails made public. I bet dollars to doughnuts there are some pretty embarrassing and distinctly un PC things in them.

  9. “I feel like the government forced me into a position with no way out,” one of the protesters told me as he fought back tears.

    Well, there’s only one thing to do. Prog harder! Not progging hard enough…. gotta… PROG MOAR!!!

    1. Speaking of Prog harder, we were talking on the other thread about how the Democrats keep losing one state election after another. This is one case where the Republicans benefit from media bias. When the Republicans lose an election the media stands on its soapbox and tells Republicans how the country is totally alienated from them and how hated they are and how if they don’t change the party is doomed. Of course the media is lying and exaggerating but the underlying messege of hey you fucked up and you better change if you want to ever win again is what any losing party needs to hear. It is of course debatable whether the Republicans ever actually do change but they at least pretend to change and try and give the public a different message after they lose.

    2. When the Democrats lose, the media blames the country. It is never because the Democrats fucked up it is always because the country failed them. When the Republicans took the Congress in 94, it was because a bunch of angry white men had a temper tantrum for example. It used to be the Democrats enjoyed hearing that but didn’t really believe it. At some point during the 00s, they started to believe it. So after they got their asses kicked in 2010, their response wasn’t “wow did we fuck up passing Obamacare and giving Obama and Pelosi everything they wanted”. Instead it was “the electorate is just racist and need to be shown how stupid they are”. And that has largely been their response to losing in 2014.

      They seem to have retreated so far into their own cocoon that they no longer can make any kind of honest self assessment. The solution to every setback is just to Prog harder.

      1. Any failure of prog policy is because of one of two things:

        1. They didn’t go far enough.

        2. The peasants just don’t understand their plan, it’s a messaging issue. Got to dumb it down so even the simpletons understand it.

        1. It used to be that the nuts thought that but the actual Democratic politicians who had to actually win elections knew it was bullshit. At some point after the turn of the century, the politicians started believing it as well. If Hillary doesn’t win in 16, what will the Democrats do? They will be totally out of power at every level of government outside of California and a couple of other one party blue states. And they will have no national figures waiting in the wings. At some point you would think they would wake up and realize “PROG HARDER” is not the solution to every problem, but maybe not.

          1. That’s never going to happen. It’s all about the narrative. Facts, logic, reason, truth, all of that is unimportant. If there were only 15 of them left in the entire country and the USA entered a period of prosperity never before seen in all of history, they would sit around moping and lamenting about how things are so bad because no one understood their great ideas.

            1. You may be right. If you are, the Party is doomed. It will just get smaller and smaller until at some point the GOP is too big to remain united and splits into two new major parties and the Democratic Party becomes like the Greens.

            2. That would be part of the narrative as well. Their biggest liability IS their ideas.

              1. Only because they didn’t have the right people, next time they’ll have the right people, you’ll see.

      2. We’ll see if your theory is correct in the presidential election. If you’re right, Hillary will lose handily to whatever the GOP throws at her.

        1. Not necessarily. It could be that the dynamics of Presidential elections or this Presidential election, allow a “just PROG harder” candidate to win. That however won’t change the underlying dynamics going on in other elections. Hillary winning would be better than the alternative of being completely out of power. It would not however do much to reverse the long term decline of the party.

          Hillary very well might win. It is extremely unlikely however that her winning will do anything to change the Democrats’ woeful position in Congress and at the state level. The best the Democrats can hope for at this point is that they can somehow get their base to hold their nose and show up and vote for Hillary and drag her ass over the finish line. Even if she wins she is not going to get any kind of a mandate or be in any position to accomplish anything beyond whatever she can via brute executive power.

          1. Except that she’ll team up with the GOP war mongers and probably start WW3.

            1. I am pretty sure she won’t need any help from Congress or care to get it even if she needed it to start a war. If Hillary wins, she will be even more lawless and unaccountable than Obama. The Democrats will be basically powerless in Congress. So Hillary will just ignore Congress and the law and do whatever she wants to knowing that as long as her own party and the media are willing to back her there is nothing anyone can do to stop her.

              A Hillary Presidency would be an unaccountable rule by executive. Notice how since 2010 Obama just gets more and more brazen. The Democrats are coming to terms with the fact that they likely will never hold congress for the next generation. But they think they might have a lock on the Presidency. So they are just pushing the bounds of executive authority further and further every year with the goal of making Congress irrelevant. A Hillary Presidency would likely get there or get damn close.

              Think about it. Give me one scenario where the media and the Democrats in Congress would actually turn on Hillary and demand any accountability much less impeach her. I can’t think of one. Can you?

              1. The only infighting in the Democratic party now is about how far left they should go. That’s pretty much it. And that’s not much of a fight, the general consensus is ‘how far does left go, are we there yet?’.

                Hillary will make us reminisce about the good ol days of Obama.

                1. She would. She would start at the level of lawlessness and unaccountability that it too Obama 8 years to obtain and then go further from there. Hillary is nothing but an American version of the Perons. Her administration would be a giant orgy of theft and criminality.

                  1. Corruption on a scale never seen before in this country, from day one, guaranteed. In a few years, Latin American countries will be condemning us for our levels of corruption.

              2. Give me one scenario where the media and the Democrats in Congress would actually turn on Hillary and demand any accountability much less impeach her.

                Well, maybe if she did something so egregious to European lefties that they condemned her outright, then the Democratic party and media elites would be forced to turn on her. Otherwise their fate would be so entangled with hers that they could not even consider reducing their support for her. Sort of the way it’s been with Obama. Even though the PPACA is an obvious boondoggle for the largest insurance companies, the media will not question ‘Bama’s For-the-People credentials.

                1. Maybe. But I honestly can’t think of a concrete set of circumstances where that would happen. I thought for sure they would Johnsonize Obama over the wars in the Middle East, especially after they lost so badly in 2010. It is one thing to stand by your President. It is something altogether different to do that when doing so is causing politicians to lose their jobs. A politician having to become a regular Joe is fucking serious. Or at least it used to be. The Democrats keep getting slaughtered in one election after another and they will not walk away from Obama. I can’t see how they would ever walk away from Hillary.

                2. Holy shit, Carson is beating Hillary 50 to 40 in the latest Quinnipac poll. Maybe it is an outlier but ten points is huge.


        2. She won’t lose to Trump.

          1. I don’t know about that. People grossly underestimate Trump and especially his appeal to minorities. For example, not every Hispanic is pro amnesty. In fact, Hispanics are the ones who stand to lose the most with more immigration since the immigrants will be competing for their jobs. People are delusional if they think Trump wouldn’t get a third or so of the Hispanic vote.


            And Trump because of his celebrity and stance on immigration would get a few more black votes than people think. I am not saying Trump will win or that would be a good thing. But, you are damn right he could win. The same people who are saying he can’t win were saying he wouldn’t last through the fall back in August. How did that work out?

            1. I have no doubt that the minorities thing is going to backfire on the Dems. Look at here in MD for an example. A large Korean population helped elect a GOP governor. I work with several Koreans and all of them equate Democrats with higher taxes, which is why they’re Republicans or independents who vote Republican. It really is most reprehensible in an evil sort of way how Democrats think that any minority or new immigrant automatically owes them some sort of unquestioned loyalty. For what, higher taxes? For ruining people’s businesses like in this story?

              1. Asians have always been pretty solid Democrats. I can’t believe that is not going to start to change. The Democrats openly advocate discriminating against Asian kids in college admissions. They loath any kind of entrepreneurship. How could any Asian vote Democrat? The Republicans are crap weasels but at least they are not saying justice demands colleges discriminate against your kids. .

                1. I can’t believe that is not going to start to change.

                  My prediction is that the GOP is going to see gains within East Asian pops over the next generation, but South Asian votes are going nowhere.

                  1. By South Asian, do you mean Indian? That is an interesting prediction if that is what you mean, because the only prominent Indian politicians in this country, Haley and Jindal, are both Republicans.

                    1. I also work with several Indians and have for more than a decade. I find Indians to be curiously apolitical. Most of them don’t much like to talk about politics or seem to really care much about the subject. On the few occasions that I’ve had them ask me about the subject, to ask my opinion on who to vote for, I’ve asked them one question ‘Do you want to pay more taxes?’ They always say no, of course. And then I tell them ‘then don’t vote for Democrats’. What they actually do, I dunno. Never heard one of them actually talk about voting.

                    2. The best explanation I have heard for Indians and Asians voting Democrat in such numbers is that as new comers who want to assimilate they pick the side that is most inline with what they view as the mainstream culture. And that is the Democrats.

                  2. Speaking of India, my wife is into the latest BBC soap opera Indian Summers. It is about the British in India in the 1930s. It is Dowtown Abbey meets the Raj. Anyway, one of the lead actors is Amber Rose Revah.


                    If you like the Bollywood type, and really who doesn’t, she will do quite nicely.

                    1. There’s a soap opera (novela) on my wife’s Globo channel Caminho das Indias. To me, it basically looks like Indians acting like Brazilians, lol. I seriously doubt it portrays life like it really is in India. But like all the Brazilian novelas, there is lots of eye candy.

                    2. I can tolerate the BBC soap operas. They are a bit over the top but still well done. The British Birds can be hit and miss. A few of them are hot but a lot of them are just skinny and horse faced. But damn, is Revah good looking. She is half Polish and half Indian. How could such a genetic combination go wrong?

                2. Asians often leaned GOP up until recent years.

              2. It really is most reprehensible in an evil sort of way how Democrats think that any minority or new immigrant automatically owes them some sort of unquestioned loyalty.

                They see all minorities as poor collectivists which, for most of the past fifty years has been close enough to truth for their purposes. Unfortunately for them, many immigrants (especially Asians) are entrepreneurial individualists for whom collectivist policies are a hinderance.

                If we look at western society before the Renaissance, European Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution, there four classes of people.The elite, serf and warrior classes were mostly collectivists, leaving the town dwellers, burghers or Bourgeoisie as the only meritocratic individualists. While the the rising tide of revolution and enlightenment raised all boats, it prospered the Bourgeoisie more than the collectivists, and they have sought to return to a Rousseauian paradise of their design ever since. Although they’re abandoned the warrior class, the elites and the serfs have remained very tight politically. And that is why the elites assume that the minorities–whom they see as serfs–will stay on their side.

            2. I agree. I think people have been underestimating Trump. See Scott Adam’s blog. He’s predicting not just a Trump victory, but a landslide. I think a landslide is highly unlikely, but a victory over Hillary is quite possible.

  10. Like the New York Times and that hack reporter care about people.

    1. He means well Rufus. Can’t you understand that?

    2. “All the Ideological Sadism Fit to Print.”

    3. It’s the paper of Walter Duranty. They’ll tell any lie, cover any number of deaths up, spin any story to be able to sniff the jocks of the powerful.

  11. OT =

    I have a new Hero

    1. Nice. I didn’t know about this.

    2. I wonder if he was smart enough to put some money away.

  12. Once progressives become convinced that they’re doing something for the downtrodden, they can be persuaded to support ANYTHING.

    That’s another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

    1. Consider the Times’ effort to be… nation building at home!

    2. I bet we could convince them to support outright fascism that way?

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    1. Thanks, Taint.

    2. It’s the tater, tater tot.

  14. “We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops. They ought to go. I’ll just say that right now, you know. But we need African American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

    1. That isn’t racist at all. It would be if a Republican said it.

    2. Juice. You cause one shop to get burned down killing an innocent person and you never hear the end of it. Why can’t you just give Al Sharpton a break once in a while?

  15. Nice industry you got there. It’d be a shame if something? regulatory happened to it. You remember what happened to the nail salons, don’t you?

  16. the government’s new inspection task force is hurting… undocumented immigrants.


  17. Democrats – the party of and for immigrants!


    Can you imagine the UPROAR if a republican governor or mayor did this.

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