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Video: Why Do College Kids Hate Free Speech? Because K-12 Schooling Is Repressive.

Free speech NOW!


I recently participated in Spiked magazine's Free Speech NOW! event at the Newseum in Washington, DC. The panel included Spiked editor (and Reason contributor) Brendan O'Neill and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education President Greg Lukianoff.

I talked about how over-policing in K-12 schools breeds hostility toward free speech among the kids who eventually become college students. Watch a stream of the panel here.

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  1. Why Do College Kids Hate Free Speech?

    Because they are pussies. That’s why.

  2. That vid is over an hour. Do you know how many stories about the NYTs’ lies about nail salons I can read in an hour?

    1. And it’s an odds-on bet that it doesn’t take an hour to make the point; there’s some flap-jawing in there.


      2. You’ve heard most of the talking points, SIV. The Rwanda radio station not being shut down during their machete party was the best question.

    2. Netflix and chill it, capitals.

    3. One half?

    4. Look at it this way = which do you think is more worthwhile? this? Or the GOP-debate undercard?

      That said = people reading their speech-notes off of smartphones (Lukianoff) is super-lame.

      It also makes for bad public speaking = they’re looking at their gizmo and rushing through their points and not letting their argument sink in w/ the audience. No one will remember anything he said.

      1. Reading off of the tiny teleprompter really was lame….

  3. Government-school teachers are employed and paid by the state.
    The state seeks to control the population.
    It should be no surprise that, given 12 years of exposure to such a bias, those who go through it end up with the same bias.

    1. Indeed, the father of American public education, Horace Mann, specifically designed the system, borrowing heavily from the Prussian system, to “calm” what he saw as unruly Irish youth. That’s how his reforms were marketed back in the day, and its goals were enthusiastically accepted.

  4. The term ‘today’ should be grasped at the ends and slipped as a condom over the turgid shaft of history trapping the spillage of continuum free speech cum.

    1. I don’t know what the fuck you’re saying…..but you say it so PRETTY!


      1. Your oxidation is burning my cheeks, love.

  5. Why Do College Kids Hate Free Speech?

    They don’t. They like being able to censor other people, and they don’t believe it will ever happen to them.

    There, that took less than an hour.

    1. The post does have a headline already.

    2. Every special snowflake…

  6. Why Do College Kids Hate Free Speech?

    For the same reason monkey’s fling their feces.

  7. But no, public schools are in no way like prisons. No siree Bob!

    1. The food is better in prison.

  8. First and foremost, I have to say that if you’re going to wear a pocket square, you have to also, if not wear a tie, AT LEAST BUTTON YOUR SHIRT. You’re not a gigolo, Soave. It’s like they handed you a jacket to eat at this fancy restaurant.

    “Toddlers of free expression” is probably as good a label as anything to put on the infantilizing/self-infantilizing that’s going on in higher education.

    1. The word you are looking for is louche, and Robby pulls it off with aplomb.

      1. When I think “Louche” i think Gavin McInnes

        Robby just seems like he hasn’t quite mastered his sport-coat game

        Jeff Rosen would have owned the room but for his cardinal sin of wearing a crewneck tshirt sans tie. Unless you are having drinks immediately after work, it is usually avoidable.

        1. When I think “Louche” i think Gavin McInnes

          Fair enough.

          1. The hair, however, cannot be challenged

            It would make Rimbaud jealous

      2. I think he’s going for the ‘David Spade’ look.

  9. Funny, but K12 schooling being repressive only made us more radical. I have a feeling if it attempted to be as radical as it is now, we just wouldn’t have taken it, there would have been true rebellion. Kids today are pod like creatures, just like big daddy govmint wants them to be.

  10. Two constructive statements: First, the closing remarks about the viability of the current higher education model in terms of simple economics and how university censorship will likely speed the decline is probably dead on, and secondly, Soave’s hands look too small in this video.

  11. How can a government entity like the FCC possibly even exist? It’s a blatant violation of the 1A.

  12. I wouldn’t last 24 hours in college today.

    I am mostly retired. Maybe I should go take a couple of classes and stir the shit just for fun.

    1. I had great experiences and practice with free speech issues in college during the early 80s. Some rock-em sock-em action with the Free-speechers coming out ahead on all of them.

      Now, I don’t think I could cut it either, Suthenboy.

  13. I totally disagree with the Twitter mob fear. I think the word ‘mob’ was used as the fear-element. How about calling it ‘Twitter counter-argument’? Is that less scary? Speakers who make offensive or very unpopular speech – on Twitter – have to have the fortitude and confidence to take the heat.

    1. I think there are 2 different issues with the “mobbing” thing =

      – one is that its used by the Social Justice gang to claim “harassment”… that the public sphere is full of bullies and stalkers and mean-tweeting juveniles and that their freedom to utilize a platform like twitter is being limited by “the mob” and therefore things like Blocklists are necessary and needed… that “censorship”, for lack of a better term, is needed to enable ‘polite conversation’.

      (*nevermind that these blocklists can throw people into a pool of “banned” users forever just for ever having read the wrong thing, or commented using the wrong hashtag)

      – the other is *when THEY do it*…when someone says something impolitic, and the mob demands blood. The Mob, in this sense, is the combination of public-outrage becoming a vicious cycle of Virtue Signaling…where one needs to express offense in order to avoid similar condemnation, and where institutions eventually need to disown a person lest they become associated with the tarnished character.

      There are probably other examples as well which put different angles on it…

        1. To his credit = Robby’s opening speech was the most compelling, coherent, and makes a simple solid point

          Everyone else seemed to “complexify” the subject, Robby simplified it. Kudos.

          1. sorry – this wasn’t meant to be threaded

            1. I’m waiting for the cold rain to stop so I can walk home from work….

        2. I’m on Twitter but I’ve learned long ago to have a nom de Tweet.

  14. ‘Kill all white men’ is too broad and vague to take seriously.

    If one is truly unnerved by it, then the 2A is the next option.

    1. Well, unless you’re a federal judge.

  15. I talked about how over-policing in K-12 schools breeds hostility toward free speech among the kids who eventually become college students.

    It comes with having government owned K-12 schools, which should not exist. Advocating to just change them a little is like advocating a change to who can get licenses that should not exist.

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